"Gainax Interviews" book translation possibilities

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"Gainax Interviews" book translation possibilities

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Postby deleuzean » Tue May 09, 2017 11:21 am

Hi, everyone. I just got a copy of this "Gainax Interviews" book in the post yesterday, and am looking for translation resources.

I did a forum search here before starting this topic and was not able to find what I'm looking for already posted.
Basically, I am wondering—before I start hunting for translators here at the university where I work—are there any people here who would be interested in doing translations of chapters/interviews in this book?

Obviously, If anyone knows of existing links to such translations, by all means, please post them on this topic. I did some searching, but could not come up with any such links.


I would love it if someone here would be interested in doing this translation work (rather than a random graduate student) because someone here would more likely recognize names and jargon and other odd words. I would provide high-resolution scans of chapters, then you could do all the really hard work, and we could make this material accessible in English to the fan community, and to people doing scholarly work on Eva/Gainax as well.

Maybe this isn't sufficiently Evangelion-specific for anyone here to want to do what I know would be some very hard work, but I just wanted to ask.

Thanks for considering it.
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