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Re: The Macross Legacy Thread (Incl. +/DYRL/Zero/Seven/Frontier/Δ)

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Postby soul.assassin » Sun Aug 11, 2019 2:50 am

View Original Postcyharding wrote:So my question is, why are the fans treating this as practically the end of the world? I mean, the original show is easily acessable these days.

"Accessible" might as well HG's own heavy edits and inserts instead of as originally aired in Japan. For most it feels like the end of the world because with HG and damn Tatsunoko cockblocking it further and wanting to keep it a cash cow while distorting the facts, this consortium prevented fans from obtaining legitimate and licensed copies of the saga on a worldwide scale -- they're becoming older (now in their 40s and 50s), getting tired of trying to put up with fansubs when they want the real deal, uncut and unblemished, on a Blu-Ray, and earnings and recognition go to the original and legitimate Japanese creators and producers. It's still pure injustice, a blatant land grab.

It's a terrible, long story of what is one of the worst intellectual property rights complication in anime history; see under entry "M" in this page: ... meAndManga

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