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[Fic] Runaway

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Postby Snakeman Santana » Fri Aug 07, 2015 6:32 pm

So, this is my first Eva fic. Well, it's kind of an Eva fic, it uses the show more as a framing device than anything. The basic premise is that a guy is frustrated with his life and wants to start over somewhere new, i.e. the fictional universe of his beloved Evangelion. He uses peyote, known for its mystical properties and supposed connections with other worlds, in order to get there, and tries to live out his dream life as a badass Eva pilot and Rei's lover, but to try is not necessarily to succeed. What fate will befall this stranger in a new world? Find out in...bum bum bum...Runaway.

The first chapter is set mostly in the real world, but expect some crazy Eva action soon.


"A number of porcupines huddled together for warmth on a cold day in winter; but, as they began to prick one another with their quills, they were obliged to disperse...A man who has some heat in himself remains outside, where he will neither prick other people nor get himself pricked."

-Schopenhauer, Parerga und Paralipomena

Chapter 1

A handsome pubescent boy slid out of his plugsuit. Finally, some air. His battle with the Fifth was an intense one, and he worked up quite a sweat. Normally, he wouldn't just take off his clothes like this, but he was hot and nobody was watching. Nobody he couldn't handle, anyway.


Startled, the boy began to cover himself, but relaxed when he saw who it was.

"Rei? What are you doing here?"

"I just wanted to make sure you were alright. You took major damage in the battle.", she said in her normal monotone. He knew she was sincere. With Ayanami-san, was not the way she spoke, Tony learned, but what she said that was important.

"Oh, don't worry about it. The Eva's a little messed up, but I'm fine. I did what I had to do."

"You saved us. If you hadn't jumped in front of the Fifth's positron beam and reflected it back, Asuka and I would not have survived the battle. Thank you." She cracked a radiant smile and kissed Tony on the cheek.

Taken aback by her sudden display of affection, Tony blushed. "Really, Rei, it was nothing. Either of you would've done the same for me." Sensing weakness, a redheaded German-Japanese darted in their direction.

"Pfft. Me, do that for you? Anta baka? Yeah right. I would have done it to defeat the angel, but I certainly wouldn't have stuck out my neck for you like some sort of bodyguard." Asuka replied, in an obvious ploy for attention. "And put some clothes on! It's not like I like you or something, pervert!"

"Whatever you say, Asuka. Look, let's get back home without killing each other, okay?"

As he was about to go, Rei put her hand on his shoulder.

"Tony-chan, I have something I want to say."

"What's that?"

"I have never loved anyone before. But I think I...love...you." She kissed him again, this time on the lips.

He took his plugsuit fully off. "Oh, Ayanami-kun..."

Then, Rei unbuttoned her shirt, and....BWAM BWAM BWAM

"Oh shit! It's ten o'clock" BWAM BWAM BWAM

Anthony Whittaker jumped out his bed. He attepted to put his pants on, but was having some difficulty.

"God Damn morning wood!"

He tripped over a large body pillow, bearing Rei on its cover, her faced marked unrecognizable by so much nighttime slobber. Attempting to stop his fall, he grabbed a shelf, only for dozens of wall scrolls to come crashing down on him. A sudden ringing punctuated the cacophany.

It was the phone, which probably wasn't good. He braced himself for the inevitable.

"Hi Tony, this is Tom, from Safeway...Listen buddy, we're gonna have to let you go. Sorry, but you can't just not show up for work and expect to keep your job as assistant produce manager. Because I like you, I decided to let you know before you got here, so I wouldn't have to do it in front of everyone. Your last check's in the mail. Just get back in bed, don't bother to argue this. Bye."

"Yeah Tom, fuck you, bye." He knew it was going to happen someday, but why did it have to be now? And where did Tom get off talking to him like he was his boss or something? They promoted him literally two days ago! What a prick.

Life had always shit on him, but this was the last straw. Now he just didn't care what happened. Whatever came his way, it would only be more shit, but not worse than what he had right now.

This newfound pointlessness somehow made him restless. He was already at the bottom of the barrel...why not go deeper? Why not do something memorable, like jump naked off the belltower of the Catholic school? Sacrilegious! Or maybe smother himself in pig blood and go swimming with the sharks at the aquarium? It would sell tickets, that's for sure. But, well...

He looked at Rei. What would she think? Yes, she wasn't real, but she was, in many ways, real to him. He was a gangly, somewhat ugly 26 year-old, with more acne scars than most teenagers and an already receding hairline, and she was a 14 year old Blue haired albino, but he always felt it could work between them. Tony wanted to be as close to her as possible, and he felt like doing what she would want would bring him closer, if only a little bit. She was all he had, and he didn't want to give her up, too.

If she was all he had, then why not just give up and be with her forever? Maybe live in the woods or off welfare or something. But that would be kind of depressing, not to mention socially unacceptable, and he couldn't live like that for long. So where does that leave him? Just like Shinji, he couldn't have his cake and eat it too. He couldn't withdraw from the world while still being in it. There were consequences, unlike in his dreams.

The only way, then, that he could live the dream...was by living the dream. Withdrawing from his own world to Rei's. But that was literally impossible. As low as he was, he wasn't about to try some crazy otherkin bullshit; if the jocks beat up the nerds, then nerds beat up the otherkin. He wasn't that delusional.

Screw that, he thought, I need to smoke.

He went to get some of the Snoop-hailed herb from his stash, but couldn't find any. Reluctantly, he decided to go to his weed-man, Julio.

"Hey Tone, you look like ass that crawled out of another ass. What's up?"

"Been a hard week. My usual, please."

The husky Puerto Rican handed him a dime-bag, but with an unusual quickness for the leisurely man that he was. An opportunistic glint hit his eyes. "Say, Tony, don't you ever buy anything else?"

Knowing Julio, Tony was quick to rebuff him. "No, I already told you I don't smoke crack. That stuff is expensive, and I live on a budget."

"Bullshit, you don't know how much drugs are supposed to cost. What I'm giving you is practically free."

"You're not giving me anything."

"No, come on, man! It really is free! Ever heard of Peyote?"

"What's Peyote? Is that some designer drug?"

"It'll take you higher than a Learjet, man. It's what the Indians use in the sweat lodges. I've taken it, it's good! But my guy, he wants to see if people like it, since this is the first time he's putting it on the street. So I'm giving free samples."

Tony would always brush Julio off at this point. He was a friend, sure, but he was also a drug dealer. Those guys don't have the greatest regard for human safety. However, this one piqued his interest. It was free, after all, and he didn't have much in this world to live for anyway.

"What does it feel like?"

"Like you're going to another world. Hallucinations, but they're coherent. Sort of like lucid dreaming, you know?"

Julio pushed the right buttons. "Another world?"

And Julio knew it, too. "I guess." For a moment, Tony was frozen in place, as though he was about to cross some great threshold over which he could not cross back. Just as soon, he relaxed, and the indecision in his eyes was replaced by content resolution.

"Okay, I'll try it." He finally understood how he could be with Rei.

Julio was glad at the sale. Tony's "another world" comment said much about what he really wanted. He was sure to be a loyal customer.

"Good. If you like it, give me a call." He handed Tony a little cactus bulb.

"Sure thing."

I'm coming, Ayanami-san. I'll be home soon.

That's it for the first chapter. Feel free to critique, no mercy!

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