EVA-303 is BACK!!! Chapter 21 ONLINE NOW!

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Re: EVA-303 is BACK!!! Chapter 21 ONLINE NOW!

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Postby FelipeFritschF » Fri Jun 28, 2019 1:57 am

View Original PostGrummanCat wrote:Thank you!

Right now, I'm pacing myself hoping to coincide the final chapters with the release of the last Re-Build movie. Over the years of working on this comic I have observed that the time around the release of a Re-Build movie is one of great activity in the fandom. Everyone is coming to places like this, DA, Pixiv etc. looking to share or see fan art. This period typically lasts from the release of the first trailers until the release of the film on US DVD. That can be many months. During that time, I plan to crank out the last few chapters of EVA-303.

Good thing Khara is also releasing the first 10 minutes of 3.0+1.0 in just 8 days, too. This oughta bring even more attention.

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