[Fic] Rebuild of Evangelion 3.3 - to prevent confusion

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[Fic] Rebuild of Evangelion 3.3 - to prevent confusion

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Postby Legendary » Sat Mar 06, 2010 2:52 am

Because twice now people have thought I was the real deal, I'm posting this now. It'll never be finished. I don't really want commentary, though that probably won't stop anyone. Still, let this show that THIS ISN'T REAL.

I'm flattered though.

Rebuild of Evangelion: Q: Quickening
You Must (Not) Run Away


The four Adams begin to glow brightly.

The 'camera' pulls away further and further from them, revealing Antarctica is cracking up and the seas are turning red.

Finally, the brightness overcomes the screen and there is a sound of an explosion.

-Nerv HQ exterior-

A wall is pushed into position by heavy machinery.

Eva-01 is now completely surrounded by architecture, and after a few seconds the pillars begin to glow.

Eva-01's eyes go dark.

-Inner Space-

Shinji and Rei, floating in a sea of blue, clasping hands.

Shinji: "Mother? Mother, what's happening?"

The sea changes colors to green.


Shinji: "Mother!"

A shattering sound, like glass.

Shinji and Rei's hands slowly unclasp, and Rei drifts away from Shinji.

Rei's eyes widen in fright.

Rei: "Goodbye, Ikari-kun."

Shinji: "What? Rei? Where are you going?"

Rei becomes more and more indistinct as the sea becomes red.

Shinji: "But... Mother, what's going on? What are you doing to her?"

Rei: "Goodbye, Ikari-kun. I will not see you again."

Shinji: "Is it because she's Father's favorite? Mother, don't!"

Rei: "I'm nobody's favorite... I see that now."

She completely disappears.

Shinji: "Mother, please stop!"

Voice (OFF): "I am not doing anything."

Shinji's eyes, widening in shock and fright.


The city sits in ruins. Not a single thing is seen moving.

The camera pans in closer and closer, until it comes to an entrance to Nerv.

Two men stand outside it, one is holding a walkie-talkie.

Man 1: "The evacuation is complete."

Fuyutsuki (OFF): "Good."

-Seele Chamber-

Gendo and Fuyutski stand in conference with Seele.

Pillar 07: "Eva-07 is completed. How comes Eva-08?"

Fuyutsuki: "The upper armor has been completed. We will start growing its legs immediately."

Pillar 03: "Good. Now, to more pressing matters."

Pillar 01: "Third Impact."

Pillar 04: "We do not believe you have been entirely honest with us, Ikari."

Pillar 05: "So we 'request' that you send us an eyewitness."

Gendo nods. "Lieutenant Colonel Katsuragi will be sent immediately."

Pillar 02: "Excellent."

-Healing Chamber-

The healing chamber shimmers with heat and energy.

Ritsuko stands by an unknown individual, who is unconscious. Ritsuko is holding some sort of device.

The camera focuses on the right half of the victim's face, revealing it to be Asuka.

Ritsuko (thoughts): "I hate this stuff... The contract with Lilith might have given us powerful technology, but I don't understand how any of this works."

Ritsuko: "Well, let's try this again."

Ritsuko presses a button.

The healing chamber stops glowing.

Asuka's right eye snaps open.

Asuka: "Wha... what happened? Dr. Akagi! I'm awake! I was having such horrible dreams... dreams that my legs were..."

Asuka's right eye looks down.

Asuka screams.

The camera reveals all of Asuka, who *is* missing her legs, and her left eye.

Doctor Akagi presses a button.

The healing chamber glows again.

Asuka's eye shuts, and she stops screaming.

-Inner Space-

Shinji: "Mother, who was doing that?"

Yui (OFF): "Your Father."

Shinji: "What? Why? What's going to happen to Rei?"

Yui (OFF): "I don't know. Does it matter? Wouldn't you rather stay here, with me?"

-Nerv Command-

The three technicians sit at their posts.

Ibuki: "This is just getting worse... None of our pilots are still here... We have two new mystery pilots... Lieutenant Colonel Katsuragi is being sent away..."

Hyuga: "We've gone through how many Evas now? How many more can they build?"

Aoba: "And an Angel could attack any minute now... the Tenth sure showed up quickly enough. We won't survive at this rate."

A door opens. Kaji walks in.

Kaji: "I've found out the truth about those two Children. They're back-up pilots who were being sent here yesterday to replace Asuka... They weren't expecting to be the entire front line, though."

Aoba: "Where are they now?"

Kaji: "The boy went back to his Eva... He seems really attached to it. The girl is undergoing some physical tests to make sure she didn't get hurt in the battle."

-Hospital Room-

Ritsuko is examining Mari, who has returned to her school uniform.

Mari: "I told you, I'm perfectly fine."

Ritsuko: "You do seem to be..."

Ritsuko puts her medical equipment away.

Ritsuko: "Alright, you're approved. Tomorrow afternoon, when Eva-07 arrives, we'll test you in it."

Mari: "Thank you, Doctor Akagi. I'm really looking forward to it, but... I kind of like Angel fights better."

She smiles.

Ritsuko looks slightly taken aback.

"Yes, well... I'd rather we didn't fight any more Angels."

-Eva Mark 6's Entry Plug-

Kaworu smiles and lays back in his Entry Plug.

Kaworu: "Just one more day, Ikari-kun. One more day and then you'll be free."

-Aircraft Carrier-

An airplane lands. Misato gets out.

Misato: "Lieutenant Col-"

Misato is roughly grabbed by two JSSDF soldiers and dragged away.

-Inner Space-

Shinji: "With you? But Mother... what about the Angels? I must not run away again!"

Yui (OFF): "They're nearly all dead. Why were you fighting them?"

Shinji: "They're my enemy!"

Images of the Angels flash by, intermixed with fast, almost unnoticable images of Gendo.

Yui (OFF): "Are they really who you think of as your enemy?"

Shinji: "They nearly killed me! Rei! Asuka! Toji and Kensuke!"

Pictures of Gendo, all antagoninstic.

Yui (OFF): "What about your father?"

-Healing Chamber-

Ritsuko and Maya are in the healing chamber. Asuka is asleep.

Maya: "How many times have you tried this, senpai?"

Ritsuko: "I've been trying this for the past twenty-four hours, Maya. Every time, she begins to scream.... I think whatever is in here is making her repress the memories, so each time it's like she's waking up for the first time..."

Maya gulps.

Maya: "Poor girl."

Ritsuko presses the button again. Asuka's eye snaps open.

Asuka: "Docto-"

Ritsuko: "Shh... Pilot Shikinami... you..."

Asuka sees her lack of legs again and begins to scream.

Asuka: "No! No!"

Maya reaches out to put her hand on Asuka's shoulder.

Maya: "Asuka..."

Asuka pushes her away.

Asuka: "I've lost everything! Everything! My Eva! My piloting status! My... me..."

Asuka begins to sob.

-An Unknown Room-

Misato sits alone. She looks exhausted, and is bruised and cut.

Misato: "When are you going to let me out o-"

Voice (OFF): "No questions. What happened last night against the Final Angel?"

Misato's eyes widen.

Misato: "Fin-"

Voice (OFF): "What happened last night?"

Misato looks down.

Misato: "It all started when Shinji started piloting again..."

-Nerv Hallway-

Kaji stands across from Gendo.

Kaji: "You sent her?"

Gendo nods.

Gendo: "There was no other choice. They would have picked someone."

Kaji looks away.

Kaji: "Yes, but why her? What if another Angel attacks? We're already shor-"

Gendo: "It will not be an issue."

Kaji turns and pulls out his gun. Gendo doesn't react.

Kaji: "It won't be an issue? You're down three pilots and your Tactical Officer! You've thrown an important member of your crew out to the lions? Who knnows what they're going to do to her?"

Gendo: "Then go rescue her... and while you're there..."

-A Nerv Room-

Asuka sits on a bed, playing with her doll. A wheelchair is lined up to the bed.

Asuka: "I'm so beautiful, all the boys except that dumb Ikari Shinji notice me. And who needs him? What has he ever done?"

Asuka's eye widens.

Asuka: "What did he do? Why are he and the First missing?"

Asuka pushes herself into the wheelchair, taking the doll with her.

-Inner Space-

Shinji: "He... he's my Father!"

Yui (OFF): "He's hurt you."

Shinji: "Mother! How can you say that?"

Yui (OFF): "It's true."

Shinji looks down.

Shinji: "I'm afraid of him."

Yui (OFF): "He's afraid of you."

-Aircraft Carrier-

Another airplane lands, this one much larger and clearly outfitted to carry an Eva. and Kaji steps out. A Seele goon approaches.

Seele Guy: "Ah, Agent Kaji. Are you here to get Eva-07?"

Kaji smiles and nods.

The goon leads him deeper into the ship.

S.G.: "We're surprised you arrived so soon. Your Commander was only informed of Eva-07 a few hours ago."

Kaji: "After those last two Angels, we decided it was best to act quickly."

S.G. chuckles.

-Nerv Command-

Various Nerv staff including Ritsuko and the Bridge Bunnies stand at their positions.

Hyuga: "Dr. Akagi, why aren't we testing the Fourth Children in Eva-02? She can pilot it."

Ritsuko: "An analysis of the Eva shows that modifications were made to it for her to be able to pilot. They seem to have done quite a bit of damage, however, and they shouldn't have been there in the first place."

Ibuki: "Modifications? But... who could have made them? And why?"

Ritsuko shakes her head.

Ritsuko: "I don't know..."

-Audio-Visual Room-

Asuka sits in front of dozens of cameras, watching. The screens show the battle. Her doll is clutched in her hands.

-Eva-07's Construction Site-

Eva-07 stands in its temporary cage. It is brown and green, and functionally identical to Eva-02.

Kaji (OFF): "So this is Eva-07, eh?"

The Seele Guy nods.

S.G.: "Isn't it beauti-"

A gunshot rings out, and the Seele Guy collapses.

Kaji smiles, holding the gun.

Kaji: "Time to find Katsuragi."

-Eva Mark 6's Cage-

Eva Mark 6 sits in its cage.

Fuyutsuki (OFF): "You're being called back so soon? But-"

Kaworu (OFF): "I apologize, Subcommander Fuyutsuki. I will return as soon as possible."

Fuyutsuki (OFF): "Well, have a safe journey. Are you sure your Evangelion will-"

Kaworu (OFF): "Yes. Goodbye."

Eva Mark 6 pulls away from the Cage and begins walking.

-Inner Space-

Shinji: "What about you, Mother? Is he afraid of you too?"

Yui (OFF): "Yes."

Shinji: "Why?"

Yui (OFF): "Because I'm an Eva, now."

-Audio-Visual Room-

Asuka finishes watching the videos and begins backing away.

Dr. Akagi walks in.

Asuka freezes.

Ritsuko: "Asuka! You don't have clea-"

Her glare softens as she looks at the monitors.

All are frozen on the image of Eva-01 being speared.

Ritsuko: "Oh..."

Ritsuko sighs.

Ritsuko: "Are... are you feeling..."

Asuka nods.

Asuka: "Better? Oh yes, I'm *wonderful*, thanks for asking. Never better."

Ritsuko looks away.

-Prison Room-

Kaji opens the door. Misato, even more battered than last time, looks up.

Misato: "K... Kaji?"

He nods.

Kaji: "Come on, 'sato. It's time for you to go home."

He holds out his hand. She takes it and he pulls her up.

Kaji: "Let's go."

The two run out of the room.

-Central Dogma Shaft-

Eva Mark 06 descends.

Kaworu (OFF): "They won't even pay attention. I have clearance from Seele..."

Eva Mark 06 hits the ground.

Kaworu (OFF): "By the time they notice anything, Shinji will be happy..."

-Audio-Visual Room-

Ritsuko turns back to Asuka.

Ritsuko: "You said you'd lost your Eva... it's out of suspension"

Asuka: "I saw it! It's completely wrecked!"

Ritsuko: "We managed to repair most of it."

Asuka: "Besides, someone else piloted it! It's not *mine* anymore!"

Ritsuko sighs.

Ritsuko: "How would you feel about another Eva? The last Eva."

Asuka blinks.

Asuka: "The *best* Eva?"

Ritsuko: "Yes."

Ritsuko wheels Asuka out.

Asuka's doll is left behind on the floor.

-Inner Space-

Shinji: "How did you become an Eva?"

Yui (OFF): "I entered it when it had no soul, so it took mine. And now, with its AT Field, I protect you from the world, because I love you."

Shinji: "Was that... was that his plan all along? Then why... why did he abandon me?"

Yui (OFF): "It was not his plan. it was mine. I didn't know he would leave you, my son. He didn't know I would leave him."

-Eva-07's Cage-

Kaji places an explosive in a part of the room.

Kaji: "That's the last of them. We can't let Mari pilot an Eva again."

Misato: "Why not?"

Kaji: "Because she's working for Seele. They want Third Impact, Misato. They want to wrap us all up into one body and to live together in harmony forever."

Misato: "That doesn't sound so bad."

Kaji: "But what about choice? What about being able to be alone, or to have a secret? They'll take all of that away."

Misato frowns.

Misato: "So that's why Gendo is destroying the Eva?"

Kaji shakes his head.

Kaji: "He doesn't know that. He wants the Eva destroyed because he doesn't want anyone else to have the resources. I didn't see the need to tell him. It didn't sound like they were going to want to use Eva-02 again."

Kaji looks around.

Kaji: "The thing is... I don't know who is still on this ship... I have to stay here with the explosives, make sure no one turns them off and gets Eva-07 to Nerv HQ. Ikari said you could fly a plane, so-"

Misato: "What? I can't pilot!"

Kaji: "The bastard... Then..."

Misato hugs Kaji.

Misato: "I'll stay here... You go back."

Kaji shakes his head.

Kaji: "I stayed here to rescue you! Misato, I want you to get to an lifeboat and to get away from here, okay?"

Misato looks down.

Misato: "But then..."

Kaji nods.

Kaji: "I know. Go."

Misato nods and runs off.

-Central Dogma-

Eva Mark 06 approaches the Second Angel, and pulls her face mask off.

Kaworu (OFF): "My old body. It's been a long time since I've seen you..."

-Central Dogma, Ten Years Ago-

Kaworu, fourteen despite the ten years, stands in a red room. Four shadows stretch long, one longer than the other.

Kaworu (v/a): I'd just come out of the LCL.

The camera pans at an angle, revealing a fifth, shorter shadow, next to the tallest.

Then Gendo, Fuyutsuki, the two Akagis (Naoko is not identified), and Shinji, clinging to his Father.

Gendo: "Lilith."

Kaworu nods.

Shinji clings tighter to Gendo, who ignores him.

Kaworu: "Why are you so sad?"

Dr. Akagi (senior): "His mother... recently passed."

Kaworu nods.

The LCL on both sides of the room begins to ripple.

A wound in Lilith's left hand appears, and a red sphere floats out.

It approaches the LCL, and dives into it.

Kaworu: "A soul I never had a chance to use... A body sufficiently similiar... Not quite his mother, but she will love him all the same, I promise."

Kaworu smiles.

Rei, aged fourteen, emerges from the water.

Kaworu: "So be happy, little child."

Gendo smirks.

Gendo: "We need to fight the Angels. We'd like to make an agreement."

Kaworu: "Children of the Fruit of Life?"

Gendo: "Yes."

Kaworu: "What do you need?"

-A Lifeboat-

Misato, bloody and beaten, looks up at the aircraft carrier. Somehow she looks very much like the little girl she used to be.

An explosion is heard.

Misato bows her head.

-Eva-08's Construction Room-

Ritsuko leads Asuka in.

An Eva, half completed and hanging upside down from the ceiling is in the center of the room.

The rest is in darkness, although a brief shot shows Gendo holding his hand to Eva-08's core.

Ritsuko: "Your new Eva."

Ritsuko (thoughts): "It's doubtful the soul inside will ever accept you though..."

Asuka's eye widens.

Asuka: "It's disgusting! I'll never pilot something like this!"

Ritsuko looks like she is about to begin yelling, but gets a call and answers her phone instead.

Ritsuko: "What?"

Ritsuko: "Eva-07 has been destroyed? Unfortunate. Put Makinami in Eva-02, then."

-Central Dogma-

Eva Mark 06 looks at the mask.

Kaworu (OFF): "The mark of Adam... How cruel of them. But enough wasting time."

Eva Mark 06 drops the mask.

-Nerv Room-

Asuka lies on a bed, asleep.

Someone enters, and a shadow falls over Asuka.

Mari (OFF): "The Second, huh? Just another of Nerv's dogs."

Mari reaches and shakes Asuka a bit.

Asuka shifts a little.

Mari (OFF): You'll be up soon enough.

-Inner Space-

Shinji: "So... Father is trying to bring you back?"

Yui (OFF): "Yes."

Shinji: "But you won't let him?"

Yui (OFF): "No."

Shinji gulps.

Shinji: "Is it because of Rei?"

Yui (OFF): "No."

Shinji: "Then why? Why did you leave us alone like that?"

Yui (OFF): "To save you."

Shinji: "Will you come back when the Angels are defeated?"

Yui (OFF): "My dearest Shinji... it's not that simple..."

Shinji sighs.

Shinji: "Fine, but what about me? How do I get back?"

Yui (OFF): "When I'm ready for you to go back. Remember this. Once you've come this far, lost this much humanity, you are at the mercy of whoever brought this about... So be careful, for soon..."

Shinji: "Soon what?"

Yui (OFF): "You'll see. It's beginning now, so pay attention to what I'm about to tell you. It all began when..."

-Nerv Corridor-

Mari pushes a wheelchair holding Asuka down a corridor, taking further and further into Nerv.

Asuka groans again, and opens her eye.

Asuka: "H... huh? What... what's going?"

Mari: "Shh.... you'll see... very soon you'll see."

Mari pushes Asuka into a room. It is Eva-08's construction chamber. Mari turns around and locks the door, and then turns the lights on.

Asuka gasps.

All around the room, Rei Ayanami clones walk around. Their eyes are dull and lifeless.

Asuka: "Wha- what is this? The First? What-?"

Mari cleans her glasses for a moment and straightens them.

Mari: "They're here to be replacements... Replacements for her. Replacements for *you*.

-Nerv Command-

Voice (OFF): "Pilot Makinami, please report to Eva Cage 02. Pilot Makinami, please report to Eva Cage 02."

Ritsuko: "Where is she? For someone so enthusiastic about piloting, she..."

A computer beeps, and Ritsuko bends down to look at it.

Ritsuko: "She's in a private conference? Where? With who?"

-Eva-08's Cage-

Mari abruptly tilts the wheelchair over, knocking Asuka onto the floor.

Asuka reaches out a hand to pull herself back into the chair.

Asuka: "Hey, caref-"

Mari kicks Asuka's hand away.

Mari: "Uh, uh, uh. That was for making the Seventh Angel die such a painful death. You have to be quick with them."

Asuka lies on the floor, looking up at Mari in confusion.

Asuka: "Uh... what?"

Mari: "The Seventh Angel. The one you personally killed, without any help."

Asuka: "But... haven't you... killed Angels... too?"

Mari: "Only one, to put it out of its misery. Now... look around you. This is a human work. Soulless automatons in the shape of you... But at the end of the day, that's all you can make. See the Eva?"

A close-up of Eva-08, dangling from its support.

Mari: "It doesn't have a soul."

Asuka: "Of course it doesn't! It's a machine! No more than a doll!"

Mari: "No. It's alive. Your Eva has a soul... Well, your old Eva. It's mine now."

Asuka's eyes narrow.

Mari: "Now, aren't you curious as to what will happen next? Third Impact will begin again, and all humans will be destroyed and merged into one mind. All except you, of course. And the other two. The Angel killers."

Asuka: "What? Third Impact? But why would you want tha-?"

Mari: "Don't you get it? I'm the First Angel. I'm Adam."

Asuka: "You're human!"

Mari: "No. You see..."

-Antarctic Sea-

Mari (OFF): "When Adam exploded, every human at the site melted away, except two. One of them was Misato Katsuragi."

An Entry Plug floats in the sea.

Mari (OFF): "The other was me."

Mari, looking identical to her modern form, floats on the sea. Nebuchadnezzar's Key is clutched in her left hand.

Mari (OFF): "Seele found me when they came to investigate... They knew, of course. The experiments they were performing on Adam were designed to create me. An Angel in human form."

-A Mountaintop-

Two men with binoculars look down.

In the valley below them lies a white giant in a crucified position, a spear holding it to Earth.

Yui (OFF): "We realized that Adam's children were going to wake up soon and that we'd need a weapon against them. We did the only thing we could do."


A reused shot from 1.0, featuring a chalk outline of where a second Adam hit.

Mari (OFF): "Four Adams. Each Evangelion required half of one. One was split up into Eva-00 and Eva-08, another into Eva-03 and Eva-04, the third into Eva-02 and Eva-07, and the last was used for Eva-01 and Eva-05."

-A Desert-

A base, being constructed.

Yui (OFF): "We didn't know about certain things at the time, so we made the Vatican Treaty to ensure that no country could hog the resources."

-Central Dogma-

The Second Angel, being cut into three pieces. A younger Gendo and Yui watch.

Mari (OFF): "Later, of course, it became apparent that the Angels wanted to attack Japan, and the Vatican Treaty was nearly annuled.


Eva-02 being put into suspension.

Mari (OFF): "But your Eva had had... modifications made to it by Seele so I could use it. So Nerv Europe delayed and when Eva-03 was sent to Japan, they demanded Eva-02 be put into suspension so that no one would notice the changes.

Asuka (OFF): "So that's how you piloted my Eva."

Mari (OFF): "Yes. Beast Mode. Designed to put the Eva in so much pain it had to accept me."

-The Moon-

Eva Mark 6, being constructed.

Yui (OFF): "We also built one other Eva. Not from the First Angel, Adam, but from the Second Angel, Lilith."

Mari (OFF): "Eva Mark 6. Meant to be the "true" Evangelion, built from something a bit closer to a 'human' than an Angel.

Yui (OFF): "Meant to make the hearts and souls of man into one."

-Central Dogma-

Eva Mark 6, pulling the spear out of the Second Angel.

Mari & Yui (OFF): "And now he has begun."

Mari (OFF): "He doesn't even know Seele's role for him.

Yui (OFF): "He is trying to accomplish something else."

Mari (OFF): "But he will fail."

Yui (OFF): "And you must stop him."

Mari (OFF): "And you can't stop him."

-Eva-08's Cage-

Mari laughs. Asuka is holding herself up on her hands.

Mari: "You can't even get up. You can not advance past a self-centered girl who tries to rip her own eyes out to stop seeing herself as the incomplete human being she really is."

Asuka: "So... what are you going to do?"

Mari: "Once he merges with the Second Angel... I will merge our two Evas together, and initiate Third Impact. Your kind stole my world, and now I'm kicking you back out."

Asuka: "I'll... I'll..."

Mari: "Run up all the way to Nerv Command and tell them not to let me pilot?"

Asuka stops holding herself up.

Mari: "I thought so... I'll just leave you here, locked up with a useless Eva."

Mari bends down and rips away Asuka's eyepatch, revealing her scarred eye, and then leaves.

-Eva Mark 6's Entry Plug-

Kaworu sits in the Entry Plug. His eyes are glowing.

Kaworu: "The first time I saw you, Shinji-kun, you were crying."

Kaworu pushes a button.

-Eva-02's Entry Plug-

Mari sits in Eva-02, dressed in her pink plugsuit.

Mari: "I'm ready, Dr. Akagi."

Ritsuko (OFF): "Excellent. Let's begin this test."

-Central Dogma-

The Spear of Longinus is tossed to the side.

Kaworu (OFF): "But you won't cry any more. I've been through so much, spent so much time just waiting in that coffin, all for you. Creating all those Rei's... I thought it would make you happy. Seems it just made your Father happy."

-Inner Space-

Shinji floats in the sea, blurry and indistinct.

Shinji: "How do I stop him?"

Yui (OFF): "There are two ways... You could do what you did to the Final Angel..."

Shinji: "But that will leave me here."

Yui (OFF): "That is the price of an S2 Engine. The loss of your humanity. Your other method... the Spear. Find one and impale Eva Mark 6, but..."

Shinji: "But what?"

Yui (OFF): "Be sure not to touch it. The Evas are of different forms. You will just cause Third Impact again."

-Eva-08's Entry Plug-

Asuka crawls into the seat. She begins running through start-up, but her mind is clearly elsewhere.

Asuka (thinking): "I can do this... Baka-Shinji saved the First somehow... I can..."

A shot of the Eighth Angel, plummeting to Earth.

Asuka gulps.

Asuka (thinking): "I... I can't do this! Not alone! How am I supposed to stop the mother of the Angels all by myself if I'm not strong enough to take out one of her kids?"

Rei (OFF): "She was wrong. You are not alone."

Asuka's eye widens.

Asuka (thinking): "What?"

Rei (OFF): "I am with you, like your mother was with you in Eva Unit-02."

Asuka looks uncomfortable for a few moments, but then she nods, smiling.

Asuka (thinking): "Okay, First. Let's do this."

Ritsuko (OFF): "Pilot Shikinami, what are you doing?"

Asuka: "Piloting."

Ritsuko (OFF): "Impossible! The Evangelion unit- What? It's accepting you?"

Asuka: "Yes. You said it would!"

A pause.

Ritsuko (OFF): "Please, get out of that thing! It doesn't even have its legs yet!"

Asuka: "Like that's a problem for me."

Ritsuko (OFF): "You risk losing what's left of your human form!"

Asuka takes a deep breath.

Asuka: "Some things are more important than that, Dr. Akagi."

-Central Dogma-

Eva Mark 6, arms spread out, backs into the Second Angel.

The Second Angel begins to bubble, and spreads around the armor.

The armor falls to the ground, bits of the Second Angel still sticking to them. Only the helmet remains intact.

The Second Angel/The Sixth Evangelion steps away from the cross.

-Inner Space-

Blue water.

Shinji (OFF): I understand now. I won't use the Engine any more than necessary.


Shinji (OFF): Mother, is... is everyone going to be okay?

The water turns red.

Shinji's eyes widen again.

The sea turns into a stream of stars.

Shinji (OFF): Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-

Shinji disappears.

-Composit Shot-

The heads of all four Evangelion units are arranged in their respective areas clockwise, with Eva-01 in the upper left and continuing numerically.

Their eyes light up simultaneously. Eva-08 develops a halo around the horn.

Kaworu (OFF): "It begins."

Shinji (OFF): "-ah."

Asuka (OFF): "Synchro start!"

Mari (OFF): "Beast Mode!"


Rebuild of Evangelion: Final: Resolution
You Will (Not?) Survive

will be playing in fifteen minutes.

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Postby Reichu » Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:47 am

Something about the formatting feels vaguely familiar. Coincidence, or--? :ninja:

Sailor Star Dust
Kept you waiting, huh?
Kept you waiting, huh?
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Postby Sailor Star Dust » Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:54 pm

I've given my thoughts before; as you know I like this.

It's hard to get over the weirdness factor of Lilith=Kaworu, Adam=Mari, but it fits the purposes of this fic. Hopefully you can complete this one day? I'd love to see where you planned to take it.
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Postby Shogo-Kun » Tue Mar 23, 2010 12:20 pm

NGE was a damned good anime
EoE was an anime masterpiece
And Rebuild is nothing short of epic
Long live the EVAs!!

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Postby Seele00TextOnly » Sat Mar 27, 2010 3:45 pm

This is incredible. Thanks for making it!
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Postby duexmachina » Fri Apr 09, 2010 3:18 am

I know you wrote it would never be finished but i think it would be a shame for you not to finish it.

Thanks for writting B^)
So knives out.

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Postby SEELE-01 » Fri Apr 23, 2010 2:56 pm

Curse you!
I rang 3rd Impact-class alarms for this fan fiction!!!
Which is only further prove of how good it is...
Still... Unit 07 must have a better ending than the one shown here...
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The Beginning and the End
The Beginning and the End
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Postby UrsusArctos » Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:16 pm

Strange stuff, but I like the way it's going.
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Postby JKun76 » Mon Apr 26, 2010 11:20 pm

That was...excellent.

Movie writer quality excellent.

If that was the true script for 3.0, I woulda fangasmed the moment I saw the movie.

It was just that good.

Sgt. Griff
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all for nothing

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Postby Sgt. Griff » Fri Oct 14, 2011 3:53 am

still thinks it kind of sucks to almost destroy the world for a girl, who then instantly get's killed off. ;(
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