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Postby Ryjin » Mon Mar 08, 2010 11:29 pm

After leaving town we made a stopover at the gangs hideout using Vans nose to track it down and after we cased off whoever was left of that gang loaded up on not only on some more weapons and supplies but we were able to totally up-armor our van and with the knowledge gained from working on the Johnsonmobile this one was made even better maximizing the armor while minimizing the weight and more then doubling the firepower, not only did it have a torrent mounted duel .50cal machine guns on the roof (though I did make a failed attempt at adding an automatic grenade launcher in-between the guns but it proved to weigh it down to much and I even tried to motored the turret hoping it would elevate the problem but it ended up turning the turret even slower then if it was done manually so I kinda had to ditch that plan) I also set up two crane arms “hard points” by the rear and side sliding door that fold up neatly against the ceiling when not in use that we could mount either that grenade launcher, some more .50cals or even a minigun on for some cover fire and lastly and my personal favorite we put in two more .50cals in the hood wired so that the driver could fire them at the same time or one at a time, it was a bitch to set and wire this up and you have to get out of the car and pop the hood to reload them but man Lord help whoever got on the business end of this little set up and of course to carry on the tradition and in honor of my late brother in arms (and much to the cringen of old Chunk) I named this fine tuned instrument of death the JMII though I got to admit I did kinda liked the name Chucky came up with so I conceded and used it as its sub name which became JMII: The Pimpageddon. Well enough of that, after we got the everything we needed and finished up the last details on the JMII we headed out for the last leg of the journey over to this fabled gunsmiths place, which according to Chucky was a cabin located around the northern edge of Mt. Fuji near a waterfall that in his words was “All quaint and shit.”. It took us another day and a half to get over there (partly do to Chuck getting lost on which sideroad to use to get to him) and needless to say we where all a bit shocked when Mt. Fuji finally came into view and the entire southern side of the mountain was basted off and a grayish column of smoke was raising out of the massive wound that left us thinking that it must of erupted and hoping that the smith was ok but as we got closer we couldn’t see anything that pointed to an eruption such as dried lava flows or signs of mass fire, instead it looked more like something inside it exploded but thankfully outside of the massive ruble pile at the south end it didn’t seem like any of the surrounding area at the base of the mountain took any real damage after we finally pulled up the right road that had Chucky stating, “Yeah, yeah I remember this place; this shit is it.” we found ourselves in a little alcove with a stilted cabin that looked like a stretched “T” to our right which was at the edge of a forest which waterfall poured into just like Chucky described.

Sitting outside indian style in the grass apparently sunning himself was an old Asian man with well leathered skin and steely eyes smoking on a long stemmed pipe who casually glanced around only to raise an eyebrow at our maybe a bit overkilled van as it came to an stop. I hopped out and walked up to him asking, “By any chance are you or do you know of the gunsmith that is supposed to be around these parts?” As I got closer there was something a bit familiar about him that I couldn’t place.

He let out a puff of smoke that smelled of opiates and then cashed his pipe and then answered, “I believe I’m the smith that you are looking for and despite what the man who brought here may have said I am a smith of many more things then just guns, I make the weapon you truly needed.”

And so I hear I finally am; now I could only hope he was everything Chucky said he was. I step around to the side of the van and opened the door while replying, “Well that’s good since I sure need a weapon and I am most definitely hopping you can deliver.” and then grabbed one of the duffel bags filled with the gold and silver bars we “liberated” from that bank during which he replied back, “I’ll make you a weapon yes, but I will only make you a gun if that is what is needed and I must say my work does not come cheep and I only take gold and silver.”

“Got you covered I assured him as I almost pull a muscle hefting the heavy ass bag up for him to see.

“Alright, follow me.” He nodded and then led me up into the small front section of the cabin. The room we entered was over all kinda sparsely decorated with nothing more then a rack to the left and right that housed a verity of weapons I assumed he made, a simple iron top stove in the left corner and a rice mat in the right one and another mat in the center of the room where some incense burned on a holder and in extreme contrast to the rest of his belongings an extremely well decorated gold with silver enlaced scale sat with a verity of measures and a door way cover only by a drape that lead into the larger section at the rear of the cabin the provably housed the smithery. He then walked to the other side of the center mat and kneeled down and motioned for me to do the same and then he told me, “Show me your hands.” and I did so extending them out for him to see, he grabbed them, moved them around and seemed to kneed their muscle and bone structure with his thumbs and then he let them and then told me, “Ok now, let me see your eye.”

Given my condition his request but me some what aback and asked, “Why do you to do that?”

He gave me a raised eyebrow and answered, “How can I make you a weapon if I can’t see your soul? Oh and the patch needs to come off, though the eye is gone the soul still resides.”

I reluctantly compiled and took off the eye patch and fought back the memories that it brought back and looked dead into my eyes and his took on an almost brilliant intensity and I started to feel…. It was kind of hard to describe, but I guess I could say that it was like those times I had in my life were everything for seamless no reason at all took on an almost surreal dream like tone and I felt “floaty” but that still didn’t quite describe it but anyways he finished up and I put back on my patch while he remarked, “Hmmmmmm, so your target is a monster who you seek revenge upon taking something from …” I would of asked how he would know that but this fact didn’t amaze me anymore, “Yes, I see your weapon, I see just what you need to complete your journey but the cost you will have to give will be much. “ He then started to put weights onto the scale and when he seemed satisfied with the amount he looked back at me and told me his price, “The weapon will cost you 5 pounds of gold and three of silver.” Shit, he was asking a lot, the equivalent of him asking over 111,000 dollars for this thing before the fall and I remarked, “That is a hefty price for a gun sir, hope it’s worth it.” as I stacked the gold and silver bars on to the scale until they balanced. Well I guess it comes down to it and he gives me some bullshit I think it won’t be all that hard to get my money back. He then took the bars and put them into the satchel and said, “As I said you will get the weapon we need, whether or not it is gun you will have to wait. Well this concludes our business for now, it will take 13 days to finish your weapon and you are free to use my grounds to train with your comrades- well just so long as you use sound digression.”

“13 huh? I like that, I like that a lot.” I reply as I stand up and make my way over to the door and before I walk out I hear him reply, “Indeed, it is a number that suits you well.”

And after that was over with I gave everyone some time to stretch out and relax and then we got to work for the rest of the day and most of the next setting up the training grounds, using some the gear we grabbed form the base I set up some simple moving and pop up targets with some using motors and batteries but most of them relied on weights and pullies which we used every day for two hours for the rest of time here to increase our reaction time and accuracy while engaging fast moving targets, which will be a must if they hope to land solid hits on Manticore when we get to her. But before that we would work out and stretch for 45 minutes and after the shooting I would go over hand to hand combat and disarming techniques with tem for another hour and after that I went over my battle plan and the art of war (with a couple of my own chapters) ad nauseum for another hour after that they were free to do as they pleased which Chucky would use to try to get his “hoes’ to “act right”, Van would just lunge around but I wasn’t able to let my self to relax, I wasn’t super powered like the rest of them so I needed to go the extra mile an push myself; I needed to turn my soft flesh into hard steal so I would train even more punching and kicking a tree for an hour to harden both bone and skin and after that I would ask Anneliese to help me harden my whole body by hitting me across my body with a “pole’ made up of 3 large braches tied together, of course it took some convincing for her to agree to it but this was something I need; granted it took martial artist years of this training to get any real results form this kind of training but at the lest this would condition me to ignore pain giving me a better edge.

It was now the night before my weapon was done and I couldn’t sleep, I had that restless feeling you get both after finally getting a responsibility you thought you wanted but after getting you then realized how much weight you now have on your shoulders and back when you were a kid just before Christmas and I was sitting by the mouth of the waterfall trying to clear my head. I heard someone walk softly behind me but before I could look back a pair of soft silky feeling arm wrapped themselves around my chest and pulled my head to rest against a pair of warm and pillowy breast. I looked up to see Anneliese looking down at me with the softest smile I’ve seen her give as she says, “Tomorrows the big day.”

“Yep.” I reply with a giddy tone to my voice enjoying me current predicament very much.

“Hmmmm.” She mouthed as she tilts her head, “And soon we’ll be on your way to defeat that traitor and this world will be safe.”

“Well outside of the tyrannical maniacs that are trying to take it over that is.” I reminded her; this world had far more to worry about then a demon and a bitch trying to pull some shit off.

“Well.” she replied as she leaned in closer just short of a kiss only to pull back in a tease before continuing with her point, “If, if we stop this demon form her opening up that portal and kill her God will be most gracious for your help and he will want to put this world under his benevolent guidance so he will send you help, an army of angels to help you restore order to this world.” I was only partially listening to this however; I was focusing… and remembering how Naomi would do the same thing……

“Hey, are you alright?” She asked after noticing the melancholy look I probably had on my face right now. I look back up at her and relate, “Yeah, it’s….. Just remembering Naomi, how we would have talks like this, well sans waterfall, not to many of them in Chicago –well further down south around Pope County there are but…. ok I’m getting off point , you get the point So…. your god is going to help me fight the Overlord?.”

Her eyes almost twinkle at that and she answered, “Yes and not only that, he will help you restore order and you will put in its rule. We need some body wise and just as you are and my lord will want someone who has proved his self worth to help mediate between our two worlds.”

“Uuuuuugh!” I groan, “Why does every girl I meet want me to be a king? I don’t want to rule anything; I just want people to learn how to rule themselves.” First Naomi and then her? After hearing this her demeanor grew more serious and she replied, “Well, we’ll talk about this later; you got a big day tomorrow now let’s go to bed.”

The next morning……

I was once more kneeling one the floor in front of the weaponsmith as he pulled of the cover concealing the weapon he made for me and before me laid three of the most beautiful guns I’ve ever seen. Two of them where a matched pair of revolvers with gold and silver fine detailing and inlays done in the style of the late 1800’s with an handle that extended into a stock each with their own leashed bound holster and the third was a shotgun with an elongated rifle like barrels whose opening was extremely large, much bigger then a 10 gauge that left me wondering if I could even fire this thing, a bayonet that was almost a sword in it own right and it ever looked to be balanced so I could use it as such and it had a large drum magazine that hinted that it was semiautomatic or even possibly fully automatic and on each handle on the left side was an engraving of man standing before a cliff with his arms outstretched under a sun with 13 rays coming a small foot at his feet and a stylized “13” in the lower right hand corner and zero on the bottom, on the reverse side was a larger versions of that same 13. It took me a mount to realize I’ve seen that figure before; it was in the tarot, the Fool card.

I picked up one of the revolvers and moved it around in my hand checking it weight and balance both of which felt perfect and then I turned the gun so the picture of the fool was facing the smith and I asked him, “So what’s up with the fool?” to which he responded rather cryptically, “Because all journeys such as yours start as such.” He then pulled out a box containing bullets, for the size of them they looked like they belongs to the revolver, and took one out and held it up to me where I could tell it was a “saboted” round, that is a casing holds in place a bullet smaller then the caliber normally fired by the gun but made of a metal more massive then the normal bullets so that it dumps the most energy on the smallest space possible to increase penetration, and he then explained his reasoning behind how he designed it, “I call this a hanabira and it is designed to take down a enemy that is both hard like armor and soft like flesh. When this strikes the target and digs into her skin the impact forces the penetrator to break off and to continue throw the body but the body of the hanabira and this causes it to open up like the flower petal it is named after increasing the cavity of the wound and then finally a two part explosive is in its body that combines after casing it is in breaks.” Impressive, the man just invented an armor piercing hollow-point that explodes! He then puts the bullet back in its box and before I could ask if a similar bullet is used for that huge ass shotgun he asks me, “So are you prepared to face this demon?”

“Yes” I reply, “This is all I have left.”

His expression becomes even more serious and he asks, “Then do you have the conviction?”

“Yes, I fear not even death.” I reply starting to get angered at him asking me this.

“That is a lie.” he rebuts me with starting me with his steel like eyes.

“And how would you know that!” I snapped back, he was starting to cross the line, how dear he call me a liar.

He emptied out his pipe and set it down and then went on to tell me, “No, it’s not that you fear death but rather that it’s you fear life more.”

The shear truth of what he just said hit me like an uppercut and it left me almost speechless and was barely able to get out, “And why are you telling me this?” to which he gave me another cryptic answer, “This is not your end, but rather your beginning. You are not the first to be down this road nor will you be the last, there are no new things under this sun. But what you need to understand what you are fighting.”

“I know all too well what I’m fighting, that’s why I asked you to make me these guns.” I assured him, after all I’ve seen her action, watcher her, studied her.

He then put out the burning incense with his fingers and replied, “That you most certainly do not understand but you will in time but rest assured that by the end of it your demon will be slayed.”
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Postby Orichalcon » Tue Mar 09, 2010 10:40 pm

I looked down at myself. A barely pubescent body in a yellow dress looked back. I looked up, shocked. “Holy- What did you do to me?!” Masquerade chuckled slightly.

“It’s what I do. For all intents and purposes, you’re Asuka Langley Soryu now. Every hour or so, I’ll need to recharge that mask, so you’ll be sticking with me,” she said, her tone slightly cross, as if she didn’t really want to be stuck with me. I couldn’t blame her, not really; I was practically hyperventilating right there. How could I have killed someone, much less one of the Otakus. They were annoying, but they were friendly enough… And I had EATEN one. Shit, that was just wrong. Masquerade just sighed. “You know, all of this would have been so much easier if we had the EVAs…” she said, fatigue mixed in with her usual bored tone. I sat down, remembering how Manticore had mentioned the EVAs before. She hadn’t elaborated much. She almost seemed… scared to. I looked up, thinking.

“What ARE the EVAs, anyway?” I asked. Masquerade shrugged.

“Very few people know for sure. I think Demiurge may know, but…”

“Someone call my name?” asked Demiurge, suddenly appearing behind us. I screeched, and kicked back, striking him in the chest. He didn’t move, but he looked at me, surprised. “Surprisingly good reflexes. I’ll have to keep that in mind. Anyway, you want to know more about Evangelion?” he asked. I nodded through a massive stream of apologies. He nodded, and sat down. “Evangelion was-and is-the most advanced creation ever dreamed up by man. They were artificial angels, engineered by mankind from the cells of ADAM… Mostly.” I raised an eyebrow, confused.

“Mostly? What do you mean?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you right now that all the EVAs reachable by man are from ADAM. However, the most powerful EVA of all is lost to us. Evangelion Unit 01, born from Lilith, and the house of the soul of Yui Ikari. It participated in almost every Angel battle, and was responsible for the deaths of most of them. It was truly the mightiest power, in all senses of the word.”

“OK…” I said. “But you said it was lost to us. Did something happen to it?” Demiurge’s mouth twitched in a smirk.

“Sort of. It caused Third Impact.”

I fell out of my chair, just as the mask fell off of me, and I changed back. Masquerade moved to charge the mask back up and place it on me, but I smacked her hand away.

“Wait a fricking minute. Are you telling me that we BUILT the apocalypse?!” I screeched. “That’s beyond stupid! Most of humankind is still SUNNY D because of that thing! Why on EARTH was that thing built?!” Demiurge sighed.

“Because, if there had been no EVAs, humankind would have died in a far more painful way, thanks to the Angels. And there would have been no coming back. Understand?” This shut me up. I hadn’t thought about that. I had never gotten a good look at the EVAs, but I had seen Sachiel’s attack when the UN forces were taking it on. (And getting their collective asses handed to them.) I stood up, embarrassed.

“At least Unit 01’s gone now. If humanity rebuilds, it won’t be able to do anything against us,” I said, my voice quavering. Demiurge just laughed.

“I said Unit 01 is lost to us. I didn’t say it was gone.” I stepped back in fear.

“W-what are you saying?!” I asked. Demiurge thought for a moment.

“The moon’s in the right place tonight… Go see for yourself.” I ran to the window, looking for the moon, and was greeted with a shock. The silhouette of a massive robot could be seen against the white of the moon. I stepped back again, but not because of the robot. Well, not because of that robot. I turned to Demiurge, my eyes wide.

“Do all the EVAs look like that?” I asked.

“Yes. With the exception of head and color, all 5 EVAs look like EVA-01. Not that it matters, since the Overlord has them all,” He said bitterly, giving me a look. “Why do you ask?” I gulped.

“Well… Last night, I dreamt of a 6th. And it’s a real monster. 4 legs, and a piercing arm of some sort. And… And I think it spoke to me. It told me where it was. I think it was the reason why I… Did what I did. You have to believe me.” Demiurge thought for a moment.

“Well, I have heard of EVAs exerting an influence on their pilots in the past, so it’s not impossible. But 4 legs? The EVAs were intrinsically biological in nature. Why would one look like that? Hmm... I can't see anything... Well, it doesn’t matter. Let’s take you to Professor Gaylord. Maybe he can help figure out if your dream was reality.”
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Postby Defectron » Wed Mar 10, 2010 11:43 pm

Chapter 3.333: Showdown at the House of Mouse

About six hours after the incident

I sat in my room waiting for the reports from Professor Gaylord, Demiurge and Masquerade. To be honest, the suspense was killing me.

I had just set a 667th domino up in a line across the floor, spiraling around the legs of chairs, under my bed and around the Naomi Mk II. Naomi herself had gone back to her fortress to attend to some business leaving me alone to sort this matter out. I was about to put the 668th domino down when I felt a familiar presence next to me. “Demiurge.”

“That’s the 668th?”

“I needed something to kill time until you guys found out what happened to Undine. And given the internet no longer exists it’s either this or blow stuff up in the microwave, but given that I can generate my own microwaves now that’s kinda lost some of its novelty.” I flicked the last domino knocking the entire line over. “I hope you two have good news for me. Speaking of which, where’s Professor Gaylord?”

“He will be here in exactly five seconds.” Demiurge said only to have the doctor burst into my room five seconds later.

“I think we have a solution!” The Professor shouted as he burst inside. “What’s with the dominoes?”

“I was pretending to be Near from deathnote. Who cares about the stupid dominoes, tell me what you found!” I said as I stood up to look at him.

“Well as I suspected it appears Undines metabolism did play a part in causing her episode. But it was not the primary cause, as to what that is I think Demiurge would be able to explain better. I think you’ll find what he has to say to be most intriguing.” Gaylord said as he seemed to barely contain his enthusiasm.

“Yes Demiurge…it was your actions that brought her here in the first place. You intentionally withheld the information on Phoenix’s whereabouts so that we would run into her. Why did you do that?” I asked him as I walked around him, my tail slowly moving back and forth as I did so.

“ I saw that she would play a very important role in the coming battle for the fate of this world. However even I didn’t see all the details of how she would do so. Not until now anyway. An outside entity is the primary trigger behind her episode. And that entity is an evangelion.” Demiurge said nodding as he sat down at the foot of my bed.

“An evangelion? You’re serious? Well which one is it then? According to my reports only two of the original evas are on earth. Then there’s also knock offs like that mecha with the tentacles and those other freaks the overlords got. Which one is it? It couldn’t be unit 01 could it?” The possibility of that monster taking any sort of interest in coming back to earth wasn’t something I liked to think about. If that were the case we could have bigger problems then the overlords forces.

“It’s none of those, its evangelion unit 05, not the winged evangelion that was destroyed in third impact. There is another that shares its number. No one has laid claim to it yet.” Demiurge said nodding. This was big, the overlord had most of the evas save for unit 00 which I had plans on aquiring. But if there was yet another eva, then we’d have a total of two once we got 00. Right now the one big advantage the overlord had over our forces was that they had evangelions, even if most were just freakish knock offs, they still were not a threat to be taken lightly. But with this we’d be on equal footing. This could be the turning point of this war.

“I see…do you know where it is then?” I asked him.

Demiurge simply nodded “Yes I do…but before that…I think there’s something else you should be attending to isn’t there?” He said as he placed a map on my bed. Written in bold letters near the top were the words “Phoenix’s location”. “You can feel free to take your new friend with you. I placed a mental block on her which should prevent her from going out of control again.”
“Fuck that, I want to find the eva! Phoenix can wait!” But no sooner had I said this Demiurge vanished once more. I sighed and turned to Gaylord before saying “Have I ever told you how much I hate it when he does that?” But as irritating as it was, there was most certainly a method to Demiurges madness. Last time I did this I found Undine. It would seem that at least in Demiurges opinion, something of greater importance then the new eva would occur if I went out to find Phoenix and took Undine. The only question was how much I could trust Demiurge. He had access to any knowledge he wished to take into his grasp. You could have the power of a god, but if your opponent knew more then you did you could still lose. Excluding his ability to make illusions Demiurge had no other powers, all he had was knowledge, but that easily made him the most dangerous person on the planet. He knew how I would react, what I would do even before I did. I could only hope that he was really on my side. I took a glance at the map Demiurge had given me “Hmmm…to think she’d be in a place like that…hiding in such a high profile area. When this is over I’ll have to have a nice long chat with Mickey Eisner about harboring fugitives from the empire.”

A bit later

Undine sat in Gaylords lab, Masquerade was at her side, she was no longer wearing the mask. “Alright Undine, I’ve gone over what Demiurge and Gaylord told me and apparently this incident wasn’t your fault. Gaylord says he’s working on a solution to your metabolism problem. But the main issue, the entity which influenced your actions has been blocked by Demiurge so you shouldn’t go out of control again.” I explained.

“I can’t tell you how sorry I am that all this happened!” Undine said frantically.

“Don’t worry about it, you weren’t in control.” I said trying to reassure her.

“That’s lovely and all but do I still need to be here? I’ve got some things to take care of…” Masquerade began to say but I cut her off.

“Actually Masquerade, I was hoping you would accompany me on a reconnaissance mission. You see, we’ve found Phoenix. If your up to it I would like you to come too Undine.”

“You want me to come? But why?” Undine asked in confusion.

“Oh I just figured that it would do you some good to get out. I’m not expecting this to be a dangerous mission since were only gathering intelligence. And even if there is danger we’ll have a squad of beastmen with us. “

“Wha-why is she coming?” Masquerade said in confusion asking me under her breath.

“Don’t worry about it, all you need to concern yourself with is choosing a good mask.” I said in irritation.

“Ummm…if I go where exactly will we be going?” She asked timidly.

“Disney world…Neo Disney world actually.” I stated as if it were a normal place to go on a covert mission to.

“Huh?” Undine looked like she was confused by what I just said.

“Hmmm…yes I guess you aren’t familiar with most post third impact history. Don’t worry I wasn’t either until recently. Neo Disneyworld is an independent city-state which remains neutral in the conflict between us and the overlord and caters to both sides for profit. It was founded by a man who calls himself Mickey Eisner, he’s a real weirdo, but he has good organizational skills. “ Well the report on the place I read said it was supposed to be neutral, but after the incident with the vampire town I wasn’t taking any chances. This time we’d be ready if Mickey tried to pull anything funny, I would show the pitiful mouse his lowly place in the foodchain. “Anyway if you decide to come with us, meet me down in the weapons armory. Even though I’m not expecting this to be a dangerous mission you’d probably do well to take something to defend yourself just in case.”


After arming ourselves and going over the plan we left for Neo Disney world. I took the monowire shotgun and the phaser which I had used on the last mission, strapping the shotgun to my back and putting the phaser in a hip holster. As we left , Undine who had taken up my offer got on the back of the Naomi Mk II behind me as we rode off leading a squad of beastmen on motorcycles behind us. Moeblob and masquerade both flanked my from the sides. Socks had split up pieces of his body into six parts hiding among various motorcycles. Originally I had planned to have him infiltrate Jetalone during the kidnapping mission, but if we could find it before then , that would eliminate an important step in my plan early on. I would have liked to have brought Demiurge too but he had vanished yet again.


Magdalene woke up with a start as someone entered the prison block, it was Demiurge. "Hello, Magadalene, today is your lucky day." he said with a smile

Awhile later

Like its predecessors, Neo Disneyworld was visible in the distance as a picturesque fairytale style castle. Although its purpose had changed from amusement park, to a trading/convenience center for the various factions that existed in the area. That wasn’t to say that it wasn’t filled to the brim with all sorts of weird entertainment. It still had many theme park style rides likes its predecessors, but it also had things like casinos and even brothel houses , which disturbingly were filled with women who looked like really sexy versions of Disney characters. Yeah Mickey was one weird guy….

As we entered the gates of Neo Disney world Mickey himself came out to greet us. He was a tall handsome looking man who almost looked like a goth pale version of Touga from “revolutionary girl utena” only with mouse ears. At his side was some sort of bizarre anthro woman who looked like an extremely sexy version of Daisey duck. A beastman who looked a bit like a giant wolverine man growled at her causing her to back up a bit in fear.

“Welcome! Welcome! Lady Manticore we can’t begin to express how much you honor our presence!” the two of them acted as if the shogun himself had just shown up at their establishment. I could practically smell the fear trailing off the pathetic man. He had attended Naomis party earlier this week and knew who I was. It also may have occurred to him why I was here since I had put out a rather high reward to anyone who could get me good info on Phoenix.

“Ohhhh…this place looks fun! Can I go on the rides?” the usually angry Moeblob asked looking excited.

“Maybe after we finish the mission. Speaking of which, Socks, you know what to do.” I said as the silver man who had just formed dissipated into a cloud of nanites flying off into the sky. I then turned to the brown nosing man before me “Mickey…Why don’t we have a talk inside.” I said to him.

“O-Of course! Right this way.” He said as he lead us in, all the other visitors quickly got out of the way. Even without knowing who we were, truly we must have looked to be a pretty imposing force. Mickey then lead us to his private office. The place was literally plastered wall to wall with Disney paraphernalia. I motioned the others to wait outside the door.

“So Mickey…from what I understand you have a special visitor here. Why didn’t you tell me about something this important? Don’t lie to me, I’m sure you’ve heard of my subordinate Demiurge? He can tell when you’re lying…and he’s waiting outside the door, you can’t see him because he’s using illusions to hide.” That of course was a bluff, but based on Mickey’s behavior I figured it would be a good bet to get him to spill the beans on Phoenix.

For a moment he just looked at his feet and then got down on his knees pleading “I’m sorry! But she paid me so much, she said she’d pay me even more if we helped repair her robots! I’ll never do it again!” So Phoenix was really here, but where had she gotten the money to bribe the mouse with?
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Postby Ryjin » Fri Mar 12, 2010 1:35 pm

I had to calm myself; the anticipation of the hunt was starting to get to me. I could tastes, I could feel the fear she was going to have on her face as she sees me standing over her broken body smiling. I wonder what will be going through her head when she realizes she missed one. It was almost time to head out and track her down but before that could start I had to try out the guns, get feel for them, adjust for their sights. I took out my left side revolver from its finely crafted lather holster weighed it my hand, it was just right; just heavy enough to have a good feel and to keep it from flying out of my hand when I fired it but at the same time surprisingly light for the caliber of this gun; it was a fine piece of workmanship alright but now I needed to know how it fired. I flipped out the cylinder and grabbed one of the 6 finely crafted speed loaders he had included; I took a moment to look at the massive 13 by 66 millimeter "Hanabira" rounds that I was about to load, not only were they technical marvels combining armor penetration with expansion, two thing that normally would be contradictions, with an explosive core but the round was just fucking massive dwarfing both the desert eagle action express and the Smith and Wesson .500 and while it wasn't as big as rounds Chucky uses in his gun (they were smaller in caliber but where longer rounds containing more gun powdered) I was still worried that the kick they gave would be to much even for me throwing off my aim. For the first shot I held the gun two handed and took aim at one of the empty cans I had set up about 100feet from me cocked the hammer and then fired; the round exploded out of the barrel with a thunder and absolutely shattered the can with out even slowing down finally blow a large chunk out a tree another 100feet down range and while it had a nice kick to it the guns design somehow perfectly disturbed the recoil down my arm; guess he really did make a weapon only you could fire. I then went to trying out both one handed and duel yield and found not only that I could still handle the recoil but this thing was sighted dead on to my preferences, I didn't have to do a single adjustment, and then moved one to the shotgun which like the revolvers was finely balanced and perfectly weighted, in fact it almost felt two light to realistically handle the even more massive 21 by 96 millimeter 8 gauged (just a reminder for the non-gun nuts out there the smaller the gauge the bigger the shotgun) version of the "Hanabira" round it chambers (which technically made it a shot-cannon) and if this was another time and I was a different person I would have been almost afraid to fire it. I loaded up one of the three 20 round drum mags I was given as well and checked it actions with could either be fired semi-automatic or in standard pump action which would be useful to clear jams and then I charged the weapon, lined up the sights and knowing that I would need a much bigger target then a tin can I took aim at one of the large rocks I had the cans set up on and with a pull of the trigger it seemed like the world exploded as the muzzle flare mushroomed and the rock I shot at exploded into gravel but much just like the revolvers the kick was just right, hell just to test it I fired it off one armed and while it felt like I just wracked my forearm against an iron bar my shot still landed true. Well it looks like I got what I paid for; these guns were going to do splendidly.

I slung the shotgun over my shoulder and took a moment to do something I haven't done in a while and stood over the river took a look at myself and I was a bit surprised to almost not recognize who was looking back at me. I had not only changed physically but just my.... just how my look "felt" changed as well. I took a deep look at my face, it was now aged and my hair and now grown out beard were laced with many grey hairs do to..... to every thing that had happened, it had taken its toll on me both mind body and sprit and now here I was nothing but a vengeful shell..... and then there was that patch that covered my missing eye, my lesson that every action I take will always, always have a reaction. Well at lest my grown out hair looked good on me, had to straiten it up but it gave me a "wild" look but my beard was out of hand, I had to get myself cleaned up before we headed out; can't go showing up to my dance looking like thing could I?

"What's the matter?" I heard Anneliese ask form behind me as I went to turn around and head back.

"Nothing much it's just my bearded." I answer back rubbing my mishappened chin fuzz.

"Well I think you look very good with a beard." She replied with a sing-song ring doing her best to make feel better.

'Yeee-ah, but this isn't a normal beard.... it's like a hobo beard." I remarked back, "I'm gonna head back and shave before we go; don't want to show up facing Manticore looking like this now do we?" and we both made our way back to the van so I could grab a saver but it then dawned on me since I haven't used one since we jacked some from that gangs hide out so I had no clue where they were.

"Yo Chuck, do ya know where the shaver is at?" I called out to our resident vampire "pimp" who was currently sitting on a log polishing his nileated gators, he looked back over at me and can called out, "Yeah, it's in that bag we keep the bathroom shit, under the side bench." He then paused for a mount before throwing in, "Bout time you asked for that mutha fuckin' thing; you look like a God damn hobo with that fucking beard!" Gee thanks.......

Well anyways, I looked back as Anneliese and teased a, "See, told you." before hopping in the van and finding the bag and grabbing some new clothes and about ten minutes later I now had a full neatly beard and my hair styled back to my normal look but with it being a bit longer it gave me a bit more of an mature feel and by the time I threw on my brown trench coat which nicely concealed my hostlers and shotgun I had slung on my left shoulder Suddenly Van hopped of the log he had been lounging on and began franticly sniffing the air, looks like he's was on to something, and then shouted, "I got her!"

The excitement was building again, soon, soon I'll have that bitch, I yelled back to him, Where she at?"

He took another second to sniff the air a few more times to be absolutely sure and then answered, "To.... the north-north west."

"Ok Van, give me her exact location!" I piped out as I grabbed a map from the vans dashboard and laid it out. He took a few more sniffs as everyone, including the hoes even, now drew in around the map and waited in anticipation, he then glanced down at the map and replied, "She's about 60 miles from hear give or take...." He then looked over then map and then thumped his index finger down on it proclaiming, "Which places here! Heading for Tokyo-2, that's where she's heading."

"Well fuck this all, I say we get this bitch!" Chucky shot out as he got up and starched out read to roll. It's been over two weeks since I began this little quest for vengeance but now it was time to end it so yeah; let's get this bitch.

Some time later.....

We drove non-stop making our way to the former city of Matsumoto desperately tracking our prey, that green skin devil who had wrong us all in some way or another and we were about to make sure she learned that she fucked with the wrong group of people. As we drew in near it turned out she her destination was Neo Disneyland, I still remembered all the buzz about this place; it was supposed to mark Japans recovery and was dedicated to "the people of the world" and all that shit but it was never originally finished but now it seemed like someone had as to my surprise it was now an open fully functional amusement park now , well it seemed to be more then that since out side of the vaguely European style gothic castles that was a hallmark of each or the Disney theme parks the rest of it had this Blade Runner meets Japanmation look to it but in all reality I could really care less about this place or why Manticore would come to this Micky Mouse fucking place but this is where she was now and that was all that mattered but the first order of business was to pin-pointing her location so my plan was simple, we (well except for Tsubasa, there was now way I was going to put someone this young in on this) each took a pair of binoculars, a radio and an large caliber sniper rifle and we would each take to the top of separate abandoned building in town that gave us a good vantage point of the park and would give us all a wide angle of fire and make it hard to figure where the shots were coming from and we would only break radio silence when we spotted her and so here I was on top of an long abandoned office complex scanning this God forsaken place which just got more fucked up the move I observed it, I mean given what I new about Walt and his connections to the CIAs programs such as MK Ultra and MK Monarch and not to mention his notorious "33" cub (Walt was a high ranking Scottish rite free mason and their highest official rank is called 33 degree hence the name) I mean I would never have taken any child I may have had to any Disney park but this one took the fucking cake with its casinos and brothels filled with what seemed to be women and men that came back as Disney's animal characters which was kinda sick though I wouldn't mind a night with a Jasmine ... wait... what was that? It was over by some building that advertised to be a "Fantasy Adventure" that I saw her walking next to someone who matched the description of the demon Magdalene that Anneliese gave me and it looked like they had quite the entourage with them, a group of half man-half animal hybrids that were big but not to bright looking; looks like we might have to put them down first.

I switch on the radio and then relay this to the rest f my group, "Ok, spotted her, follow the front walk way up to the teacups rides and then look north eastern; she's with her "friend" and seems to be a with a group of man-animals hading towards a building that says "Fantasy Adventure" on it."

"See that bitch, now what sarg." Chucky chirped back.

I then laid out the plan of attack; we were going to take done her furry guard first and I assigned a different one to each of us so we didn't waste shots all fringing at the same one with my taking the hyena looking mother fucker who looked to be the leader of that pack and immediately after firing off our shots me, Chucky, Van would target and fire at the green skinned bitch while Anneliese, The Widow and The Countess took on Magdalene and after me and Anneliese took our first shot at our respective target she would fly over and pick me up and the two of us will head down and finish them off up close and personal like which old Chuck didn't seem to care to much as he piped in with, "Man, why do you get to finish that bitch off. Greedy mutha fucka." in protest so I deiced to put him in his place by coming back with, "One, I know how she fights, two she didn't kill the closest thing you had to a family. When she does that to you then you get dibs. Ok enough chatting, let's end this."

I feel it build over me, the anticipation, the satisfaction. I was about to hit this bitch hard for all that she's done and teach her the hard way what I had learned myself. I lined up my .50cal M500 first on Manticore anticipating my the shot I was going to lodge in her oh so soon then moved them over to back of the head of that hyena fucker behind her and when I was satisfied I had a shot I pulled the trigger...........
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Postby Defectron » Fri Mar 12, 2010 11:46 pm

" I know where she's staying! I'll take you there right away!" Mickey said as he walked out the door.

"Actually, we aren't going to make our presence known to her just yet, I just need to see the location of her robots." The time for revenge on Phoenix would come, but there was still a role she had to play before then.

"Y-yes of course!" Mickey said as we began walking past a crazy looking colorful building with the flashing letters in front advertising it as a "Fantasy Adventure". However before Mickey could lead us any further I saw something very unexpected. It was none other then Magdalene! The sexy demoness was walking right towards us completely oblivious to how we had taken her prisoner not long ago.

"Magadalene! What are you doing out here?" I asked as I took out the phaser, half expecting her to want revenge on us for locking her up. She quickly raised her arms placatingly however.

"Wait! I'm not here to fight!" She said, but I didn't lower the weapon. "Demiurge let me out of the prison, he said..." However before she could finish explaining I cut her off.

"He did what? What the hell is that old mans problem? Can't he at least consult me once in awhile? But wait he probably had a good reason for letting you out..what is it?" I asked getting a little worried, first he had Undine tag along with me and now this? What did he know?

"Well the thing is...." Magdalene began to say, but before she could even finish her sentence I heard a gunshot , moments later I felt something wet splatter all over my body. Spots head had just exploded sending bits of skull, blood and brain all over Undine who only looked on in complete shock of what happened. Reacting as fast as I could I knocked her to the ground as several more bullets came raining down on her, none of them reached her though as I sheilded her with my body. Naomis nanotech suit protecting my vitals while my tentacles intercepted several others. Magdalene quickly darted away as several more bullets narrowly missed her.

"Oh shi..." I began to say as I realized we had probably walked into a trap, but moments later another hail of bullets began raining down on us. About half the beast men fell immediatly as the rounds hit home. One of those explosive rounds struck Moeblobs head blowing the top off of it clean away leaving only her mouth as her body was showered in red mist. But she didn't fall. Instead she only grinned with glee.

"Hehehe...and here I was thinking this would be a boring mission!" Moeblob said happily as she leapt away quickly scaling the wall of one of the nearby buildings even as several more bullet rounds pegged her body without slowing her down. Masquerade quickly pressed the nose of her mask as her body seemed to fade away into smoke.

"Everyone, activate your stealth and torch the surroundings!" I shouted as I fired my phaser in a horizontal arc, setting the nearby buildings ablaze. If the snipers were nearby, the fire would force them from their hiding places, if they were further away it would obscure their shots. Several other surviving beastmen did the same. I turned to Tiny whose hulking armored form still stood even as he was being pegged with bullets. "Tiny, take Undine and get out of here! I've got to go flush out a rat!" I said as I watched Mickey running away.

"Wait, I can help!" Undine said looking at me worried.

"You got no experience in the battlefield, and if I'm fight were up against the overlords forces, the mouse sold us out."

"But..." She tried to voice a protest apparantly worried about me but I cut her off.

"Heh! Who the hell do you think I am? I wont be beaten by a mouse, so dont worry about me. It'd be better if you get out of here. You here Tiny, don't let her talk you into letting her go ok?" The large beastman just nodded as he took the struggling Undine over his shoulder and activated his stealth before lumbering away with her. I then turned activating my own stealth as I followed Mickey.

On the rooftops

Van watched as I vanished "She's on the move, I'm leaving to follow her." Van said as he leapt from the roof landing as lightly as a cat on the ground as he took off.

"W-wait a minute!" Ryujin began to shout, he had to follow him! But before he could he heard a stifeled scream. Crimson Widow staggered about , she seemed to be struggling with something. That weird little girl who had her head blown off down there was on top of her , grabbing her into a choke hold.

"H...Help....ARGHHHH..." Crimson Widow shouted in pain as she fell to her knees. She partially morphed into her spider form but Moeblob still didn't release her.

"Another spider? Aw well you'll still provide the nessecery noureshment to patch up my face." She said with a smile. But before this could go on any longer Ryujin and Chucky both blasted the imp as soon as they got a clear shot, their combined firepower, ripping her tiny body to shreds as Crimson Widow fell to the ground coughing. Just for good measure Ryujin fired a round into one of the larger chunks of her body which was still twitching obliterating it. Even as she was blasted apart Moeblob just kept laughing insanely with a smile on what was left of her face.

"Daaaamn! that was some fucked up shit! What the fuck was that?" Chucky commented. Crimson Widow slowly got back up as she morphed back to her human form. "I...I'm ok...just don't let that bitch get away." She said, Ryujin nodded, she was right, he had no time to be distracted by this. However, though no one noticed it, the bits of flesh and blood from moeblob that were covering her body were slowly being absorbed into her flesh.


"I'm ruined! Ruined!" Mickey mumbled to himself in a panic as he ran as fast as he could. He quickly ducked inside of a fun house taking deep breaths and fumbling with a small bottle of pills. He dropped them on the floor as they spilled all over the place. It was wall to wall mirrors as multiple reflections scrambled on the floor trying to grab the pills. He then froze as he heard a footstep behind him.

"So, you sold out huh? You greedy little rodent, what exactly did the overlords forces promise you for killing me?" I asked as I disengaged my stealth, appearing behind him with my monowire shotgun pointed at the back of his head.

"Y-you have to believe me...I knew nothing.....nothing about all this!"

"Bullshit! That attack was organised, it was planned out, you had to be in on it. But you knew what would happen if you crossed us, the only one who could back you if you did is the overlord. Admit it, you sold out!"

"WAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! Blease dont gill meee!!!" Mickey began crying, it was really a pathetic sight, especially as a puddle began to form beneath him. I couldn't even make out what he was saying anymore through his blubbering. But it was then I heard something else coming through the Shadows. This person emerged and I recognized him immediatly, it was Van! I froze, so this confirmed it, the overlord had a foothold in this theme park as well and we had walked into his trap again. Well this time we were ready, as soon as we were clear we'd burn this place to the ground with the Abbaddons firepower.

"Manticore...thanks to you and that friend of yours I was turned into a human pin cushion...perhaps its time to return the favour." He said as he aimed his weapon at me.

"Well now, fancy seeing you here again." I said as I got behind Mickey placing my phaser against his skull causing him to let out a scared squeek.

I didn't know if he would make a good hostage or not, it depended on how valuable he was to the overlord. I knew this park was important to the overlord and Mickey was its official ruler. Though I didn't know how much that counted for. If Van didn't hesitate in attacking, I still had another surprise however, behind my back one of my tentacles had coiled around my monowire shotgun, its tip going through the trigger. Since he couldn't see it, he wouldn't expect the attack. That wouldn't be enough to kill Van, but it would slow him down anyway.
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Postby Orichalcon » Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:01 pm

I just gaped as Spot’s head exploded onto my body. Manticore protected me from any further bullets, but the damaged had been done. I had really liked Spot, and now he was dead… I heard Moeblob say something about this not being a boring mission, before Manticore screamed for everyone to turn on their stealth.

“Tiny, take Undine and get out of here! I’ve got to go flush out a rat!” she yelled into the crossfire, turning to run after the fleeing mouse man.

“Wait!” I yelled, grabbing Manticore’s hands. “I can help!” Manticore shook her head.

“You’ve got no experience on the battlefield, and we may be up against the Overlord’s forces, since the mouse sold us out.” I gulped, worried for Manticore.

“But…” I started to say. I never got to finish my protest, as Manticore cut me off.

“Who the hell do you think I am?” she said jokingly. “I won’t be beaten by a mouse, so don’t worry about me. It’ll be better if you get out of here. Tiny, don’t let her talk you into letting her go, OK?” Tiny nodded, and Manticore took off. I frowned. I wasn’t going to let her get hurt. This body was stronger than she thought. As Tiny went to grab me, I slid under his legs, and took off after Manticore, climbing up a building. I mouthed a quick apology to Tiny, who was looking at me indignantly, and grabbed the weapon I had made from the strap on my back.

Earlier, in the armory…

Manticore walked down to see Undine messing with a plasma rifle.

“What are you doing? I told you to pick a weapon up, not pick one apart!” she said, a little miffed that her new guest was taking apart an advanced weapon. Undine, a pair of goggles on her head, a sautering iron in her hands, and some metal and components on the workbench beside her, looked up.

“You know, I was an engineering major before all this happened. This isn’t that hard, you know. I’ve got some ideas to make this thing a better all-around weapon,” Undine said. Manticore looked at her with interest.

“Oh really now? Well, show me what you make when you’re done,” she said, walking back upstairs.

Back in the present…

I never got to show Manticore the weapon, I thought as I climbed onto the rooftop.

Weapon Data: Blade Rifle

The Blade Rifle is a heavily modified plasma rifle. In order to solve space issues, the barrel was shortened 90%, allowing the plasma to be slightly guided before flying out in a much more powerful stream due to there being no barrel to leech energy away. The handle has been changed to a gauntlet handle, resembling the guard of a rapier, with the gunbarrel located past the knuckles. The main modification is the addition of a melee weapon. There are two halves of a double-sided blade on each side of the firing apparatus. Pressing a second trigger (located next to the pinky finger) will cause these two blades to combine, covering the barrel. This blade can not only vibrate like a human-sized progressive knife, but a 3rd trigger by the middle finger can cover the blade in a magnetic field. The plasma beam can then be fired to coat the blade in plasma, effectively creating a plasma sword.

I saw a group of people running away.

"Wait!" I yelled, running after them. However, they were too far away, and I began falling behind. All of the sudden, everything stopped and went grey. The silhouette I had seen in my dreams reappeared, looming over me. "EVA..." I mouthed silently, transfixed.

Let me in, child. You will never be able to catch them if you do not let me in. Don't you want to make Manticore. Just let me in...” said a voice emanating from the EVA. I gulped, and nodded. The EVA nodded as well, and everything went black as it ran to me…


Undine opened her eyes, which were newly orange

It is good to have full control,” she said, a second, demonic voice layered over her normal one. She clenched her fist, and the rifle went into plasma blade mode. “I told the girl I would catch of you… But I didn’t say that I wouldn’t make you suffer first. Now, prepare yourself!
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Postby Ryjin » Mon Mar 15, 2010 3:09 am

Shit. Things are going wrong, all fucking wrong. First Van takes off trying to make a claim for glory which is portably going to get himself killed fore, Widow then almost gets her self killed by some blob monster and then we lose track of our target. FUCK! I was about to chirp on the radio if anyone saw where the bitch or Van ran off too when I heard, “Grab my hands!” from above me.

It was Anneliese flying overhead, I reach out and she grasps my hands and with a hard jerk that felt like it was going to pop my shoulders from their joints I was soaring down towards this God forsaken park. “I saw which building Van ran into!” Anneliese informed me doing her best to yell over the whooshing air current. Alright, some good new; let’s just hope the bitch is there too. We where now almost to the ground and I got my shotgun ready while Anneliese leaned in and whispered to me, her words, they put the knives in me and suddenly everything became clear and sharp; everything slowed down and everything became so perfect.

Anneliese let go of my wrists as soon as we where only a few feet from the ground and I landed bending down into a kneel to absorb the impact as she glided into a landing a few feet ahead of me. The side of the building behind me exploded outward sending unsuspecting park patrons flying as a massive rhinoceros like beat-man clipped it as her turned the corner lunging at me before I had even the chance to stand up as two more beat-man darted past behind it; it brought its tree trunk like arms up balling his two fist together to drop a wrecking ball like blow on top of me and as it did so I quickly stabbed my guns bayonet deep into its abdomen and sliced it up word as a shower of blood poured out from the wound and the beat grunted out in pain I then jammed the barrel into the wound I made and fired twice and blasting it open even more raining ickor and fragment onto me as a belch of smoke erupted from its mouth followed by a gush of blood and I jumped out of the way as the beasts corpse started to fall upon me. From my left I caught one of the beat-man, this one resembling a cheetah, who came from behind the now fallen behemoth; he swipes at me dating out with his paw like right hand trying to catch me off balance from dodging the falling body but I’m able to shift my body weight to my left duking out of the way, I throw out my left arm and catch its paw twisting it while forcing it down locking it while I pivot into him knocking out several of its teeth as I use my momentum to crack against its muzzle with my right elbow. I then unfold my right arm placing my hand under it elbow and I push up while I force down on its wrist ripping sharps of its ulna bone though its skin and as it howled in pain the second beat-man, this one shark like, came at me only to end up with its spine being blasted out it back as I whip out and shot it with one of my revolvers then finish off the cheetah-man with a quick jerk of its neck. I holstered the revolver as I turned to check on Anneliese to find her cleaving her sword through yet another cat like beast-man.

“He went this way!” She informed me motioning both for me to follow as she took off running and to point out it was around the next bend of tastelessly neon color buildings that we ran around as hapless park goers scattered from us in fear.

As we passed by a nautical themed building called the twilight bay Anneliese suddenly closed her eyes and she came to a stop, she looked around and looked back at me telling me “I feel her, Magadalene is near.”
“Good!” I shot back, “Maybe that means that the bitch is near by too.”

And sure enough as if the Lord almighty was delivering a gift to on tome that green skin freak dated out of a building ahead of me completely oblivious to my presence, good! I raise and aim my shotgun right at that horned little head of hers and prepare to take the killing shot…… but no…. why should I make it so easier for her, she needs to see me killer her, she needs to fell the pain of everyone she took from me and instead I extend out my the shotgun in my left hand and reline up my shot and pull the trigger exploding the round the round out at mach speed which flew just her head past coming with n a fraction of an inch of her eyes so she could see the round that almost ended her and the best part, the most savory thing I could of asked for is that look, that look of both knowing and not knowing who I was she had on her face as she turned to see where that shot came from as she saw me standing there gun at the ready smoke ring still billowing out into the air from its barrel. Oh her face said it all, it couldn’t be, it shouldn’t be but oh so it is! And I called out to her, “Maybe next time you turn on and kill your friend I their sleep you should be rally sure that you don’t miss one!”

She was barely get out a disbelieving, “Ry-Ryujin?” as I took my second shot at her, she was quick to respond though sacrificing a tentacle by throwing it out in the rounds way blasting it off squirming around on the ground. She then dated back as she whip out another tentacle, this one holding something in it and I stepped in towards her pulling out my other revolver with my right hand and shooting off its tip which hit the ground holding a gun of some kind. I brought up my shotgun again only to have to dive out of the way as she shot out a burst of electrical energy to force me back as two of remaining non-regenerating tentacles latched into the side of the building she rand out of and she pulled herself up and stared to scale it up towards the roof and I looked the building over for anyway I could follow and…….. AH! There! I see it; my mind in a raid fire session calculated my path up to the roof. I just needed to get on that urning.

I look back at Anneliese and tell her, “Go get your demon, I’ve got mine!” and then I kicked up and leapt up on top of a ticket both from which I jumped onto the urning that held the sign that announced what ever pointless name the building had and promptly climbed up the letters and made my way up to the roof just in time to catch her spreading her wings and starting to take to the air, I aim my gum and hit her dead in the back sending her falling to the ground with a thud and I charged as Manticore shot out her tentacles but I could see them come, the path they would take; I threw up my gun to block the first one in, sun it around to slice off the next and I shot off the third as I made my way in, I lined up my shot but before I could fire she was able to double back one her tentacle to block my shot so I ducked under it and with all my weight in my right arm I delivered a haymaker into her right cheek with a satisfying crunch as she staggered back after which I brought my knee up slamming into her stomach forcing her down on to the ground as I cam down on her forcing me knee just under her sternum knocking the air out of her lungs as she let out a silent gasp of pain he air wide with shock and her face twisted in such a way I didn’t know if she wanted to scream in rage, pain or tears. I then scream out with all of my might, ‘This is for JOHNSON!” as I bring the butt of my shotgun down on her face smashing I her nose, I bring it back up and yell, “This is for Rei!” and I slam it back down again and again as I yell out, “This is for RANA!” feeling her skull crack and fracture on my blows reducing her face to a blooden pulp with any twisted beauty she once had long since gone not giving her the chance to regenerate, I bring it up once more raising in into a higher arc then before as I put everything into this one, this one was going to be special for taking HER form me and I look into her shocked glazed eyes went to bring it down like the first of some ancient and angry war god only for to snap out of it and send me flying off with an eclectic burst. I hit the ground rolling and my muscles spasming but no, they can’t fail me, not now and I use ever once of will I had to force them back into control as I leapt up bring my gun to bear as she raised as well launching out another tentacle in retaliation…….


Magadalene stalked around the park doing her best to stay out of sight trying to make scene of what was going on, wondering why that strange goat like man sent her here. She went to make her way over behind a tilt-a-whirl ride with an Alice in Wonder Land them to it when she cringed as a hail of rifle round land in and around her, she look up as an angelic figure came down on her wit its flaming sword just missing her but splitting the strange dress the gat man gave to her which remended itself a split second later. She looked over at her attack as she jumped back and recognizing her she yelled out, “Anneliese?!”

The winged warrior looked at her prey with a smirk proclaiming, “I here to finish this demon, Pazuzu memory ends here and now!” as she came down with a great swing of her sword just missing the nimble demon as she took to the air in a bid of escape and her angelic pursuer soon followed……
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Postby GasmaskAvenger » Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:27 am

Mr. Johnson

Well...I and my lovely lady Leslie "LadyDevimon" Tachikawa and right here, in some kind of zone of pure blackness, looking chipper.

"In cause you're wondering where have we been, I just took a dump", I gleefully announce to you all

However, a sharp elbow jab by Leslie knocks the wind out of me a little, in which she then snaps "Oh come on. Tell them the truth."

"Okay, okay", I replied. "We had been doing...well...nothing but walking"

"and talking", Leslie added in

"but something odd had been surfacing on our trails", I tell you readers

"Well....it's not that weird, but just a bunch of dead bodies and wrecked cars", Leslie noted

"But that's not the fuckin' point", I replied

"So? And so is us fucking? We haven't even gotten a chance to get intimite yet, William?", Leslie complained

"But we got a kid with us. We can't fuck in front of her.", I replied

"Yeah, yeah. That's right". Leslie replied

"However, as we keep walking, we spot a place that not I, you, Rei, Scab and Rana could expect seeing", I added

Leslie turned towards me and asked "So we put it into focus now?"

"Yes, though we both of us have to try our best. It's kinda heavy", I replied back

"Yeah. Let's do it", Leslie muttered.

We then walked towards the corner, grabbed this pannel, then started to pull it into view. We both pulled the pannel with all of our strength and dragged it into view.

With that said...the pannel comes to life, becoming an actual view of some scenary and it zooms into view to reveal...that we have been walking through the desloated land of Japan.

Just me, Rei (Still inside Zero), Leslie (Who, I guess just be careful in case of an attack, remained in her LadyDevimon form), Scab, Rana and Lil' Z, walking through desolation road, full of corpses, wreck and such.

But then...Leslie asked "Well...how has this place been to ya, Willi-O?"

"Chaotic", I jabbered back with my head turned towards her. "Though before you came, I met a bunch of new folks...or shall I say...friends."

"Well...aside from little miss Ayanami and her giant...thing, Rana, that Mummy Thing and Mr. Disfigured Beefcake, who else you are friends with, eh?" Leslies asked with a sort-of chuckle to her voice

"Well, there's this green skinned gal with tentacles and a scorpion tail that goes by the name Manticore.", I remarked, putting emphasis on certain key words.

"Green skinned, has some tentacles and a scorpion tail? Well...okay, i'll buy it, as stupid as that sounds", Leslie gawked at my response, giving me some slight funny looks.

"Good, though the last time I saw her was that she and this kid called Phoenix were into yet, since me, Rei and Rana had a hunch that another one of our friends is still alive, we decided just to abandon ship and look for it. In between then and now, Lil' followed us, Scab ran into us and joined us after revealing his true nature, then we found you and here we are", I described in a way that my voice sounded half excited and half bored as hell.

"So...who's this 'friend' we're looking for?" Leslie questioned us.

However, Rei then immediately responded via loudspeaker in her EVA by calmfully replying and asking "You mean Ryujin-san?"

"Who?", Leslie asked, looking like she just saw a bathroom that had a giant animated piece of shit that sang Frank Sinatra tunes for no reason except....shit, what I am saying? Never mind.

"Ryujin...though his real name is Erik Michalik. He's a real soldier of a person.", Rana easily explained.

"Though I don't really agree with some of the comments he makes, he's a cool cat. Problem is that after we failed by assassinate The Overlord, due to having this...shield-like thing called an AT Field, he just vanished. Some of them were stupid to jump to conclusions by saying he perished in it, but me and the rest of us you're being accompanied by refuse to belive that, because he's one tough son of a bitch and a son of a bitch that is way too smart to die that way", I elaborated to Leslie.

"Hmmm...well, any idea we could....the fuck?", Leslie started to converse, only to stop dead in her tracks by seeing this place we have stumbled across.

"Leslie, what do you...holy shit!", I replied, only to have my own jaw drop after seeing the unexpected sight (Well...as much as my jaw can drop within my gas mask)

"Dis...Dis....Disney Land? The hell?", Rana sputtered while sounding rather speechless

"Tokyo Disneyland, to be more accurate.", Leslie replied "Though it looks absolutely nothing like the place I went to back when me and my sis were still living in Japan as little kids...though how I got to America is a miraculous, but painful tale of its own I rather explain another day"

"Yeah..don't ask Leslie to go tell all on her life story until we can get to a safe place", I told the others while pointing my index finger on my right hand towards the air.

However, we then heard a clusterfuck of gun shots and voices illuminating from Tokyo Disneyland, thus we had to go in to see what was all the fuss about.

So I got my Magnum ready, Leslie got her Uzi and claw hand ready, Rei, who is inside Unit 00, is pretty much ready to begin with, Scab got his Ramboesque combat knifes out and Rana had her AK ready and we all ventured into Tokyo Disneyland ala how the principle cast of Dawn of the Dead (the original, not the remake) got into a mode in which if they had their guns out, it was "Shoot to kill unless you saw something that you knew you could trust", with Lil' Z floating with us.

As we progressed through the labyrinth that was like if the set design of Blade Runner, Walt Disney's famed amusement park and Japanese culture got into a ménage à trois and this very place we are in is the hideously deformed result, we found bloodied, bullet ridden corpses of beastmen and other faggot shit that fans of retarded ass Middle Age fantasy jerked off to (Sorry guys, but i'm not into that kind of shit. Feel free to punch me in the gut as a way to get back at me, but please..don't kill me. I still got a lot of shit to accomplish in life)

However, Rei then radioed to us (Who has decided to stay by for guard with Lil' Z, since Zero is too big to make its way into the building we have entered, remarking "I feel somethings that we lost is fighting each other. I just can feel who they are, but I can't put any names to them."

"Don't worry..we'll see who they are.", I responded.

But as we made our way through the building and got close to a door that was an entryway to a roof, I suddenly heard some familiar, yet not so familiar voices yelling at each other.

"This is for JOHNSON!”, a voice screamed out, with what sounded like the sound of fist meeting face was faintly heard.

"Huh...I recognize that voice, but I can't quite...yeah", I replied, sounding a little confused and yet befuddled at the same time.

“This is for Rei!”, he screamed again. Wait...

“This is for RANA!”, he screamed yet again.

"Oh shit, its Erik! He's still alive..yet..", Ran screamed with joy, but then got a puzzled look after realizing the tone of his voice.

"That's it! We're busting in!!", I screamed, only to kick the door open to see Ryujin, who's beard has seemed to get longer and is sporting an eye patch, fighting Manticore, who's hair has changed a bit and is wearing some kind of combat body armor suit.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!!", I screamed out.

All of a sudden, both Ryujin and Manticore turned their heads to see us, only for their eyes to bug out in utter shock.

Not only that, but they are both speechless (Especially Ryujin).

"When the fuck did you went from being all friendly to all hating?", I questioned them, urging for an explanation of this odd sight.

"You..you left me to die, you bastard!", Manticore screamed out.

"Uhhhh....excuse me? The last time I saw you, you and Phoenix were arguing like a married couple, so please...explain to me how the hell did you suddenly get like this?", I growled in response

"Phoenix amputated me and left me for dead, then Naomi found me and saved me, made me felt alive again", Manticore growled back

"Naomi's still alive?!?", Ryujin screamed in surprise "I...I...I thought you killed her and you guys over there...is Rei still alive too?"

"Duh, though I haven't ran into Naomi as of late. In fact...what kind of drugs did you get into? I mean, both of you! You two are starting to make even less sense than The fuckin' Box.", I barked out in response

"The what?", Manticore asked.

"The Box. Richard Kelly's shittiest movie..but that's not important now...what's important is how the FUCK did this happen to you two?", I yelled at them both.

"And you said their you're friends, eh? Too fuckin' coked up, it seems.", Leslie jabbered out in a sardonic tone

"Wait..", Manticore barked after she heard Leslie's voice and got a look at her "...you gotta be kidding me. You made friends..with some sick fuck that decided to come as fuckin' LadyDevimon?"

"WHAT DID YOU SAY!", Leslie screamed out, in which she made a major 180 turn of emotions "Oh wait...you're the green chick with the tentacles and scorpion tail. Makes sense, then"

However, all of these sudden developments were too much for Ryujin to handle, in which he just seemed to pass out, due to information overload.

Manticore then turned her head back towards me and said "Fuck. You ruined my plans! I never liked you, William. You and your filthy, animal hating self-righteous bullshit!

"Wait...you're still holding a grudge towards me for killing Talon? Well, i'll be honest with you...I regret that I did that. We could've used him right now...in fact...I can't even explain WHY I killed him in the first plac...", I explained, only for me to suddenly get my necked wrapped by one of Manticore's tentacles.

"LIAR! You Lie! You all fuckin' lie!", Manticore barked out in a very pissed off tone. However, the always reliable Leslie managed to amputate the tentacle, which caught Manticore off guard and saved me from being asphyxiated to death.

"You dare try to kill William, you have get through me first!", Leslie viciously remarked, with holding her Uzi up towards Manticore's head in one hand and her claw hand morphed into a piercing lance on the other, making her look like a black, S&M loving modern day Knight of King Arthur's Court (Well..the whole look of LadyDevimon seems to be S&M derived, but whatever. It's sexy as hell)

With all of this animosity towards her, Manticore, rather than fighting, simply took a run for it, jumping right off the top of the building. By the time we walked towards the the edge of the roof, Manticore had vanished into thin air.

With Ryujin passed out, I then asked Scab "Hey Scab...can you do me a big favor and carry Ryujin?"

"Sure thing, William", Scab replied.

However, as he lifted Ryujin, something flew (or glided. pick your poison) right into view, only this time, a face I haven't seen in a while.

"By god's order, I am here to exterminate you, William J. Johnson", the winged blonde bimbo from heaven replied with a masturbatory echo to her voice.

"Eghhhh. See, I guess we found out the mystery being why Ryujin is acting like a cokehead. It was you and your self-righteous, doing god's dirty work crap, Anneliese", I scoffed out.

"I am here to exterminate not only you, but Magadalene as well, to prevent her from poisoning this world with her demonic agenda.", Anneliese added.

However, right when she mentioned Magadalene's name, both me and Leslie bursted into a fit of laughter, with Leslie yoking out "Hah, she's so incapable, she probably can't even manage a fuckin' gentleman's club for all I can care"

But after we finished laughing, I then turned towards Leslie and whispered to her "So...do the honors, or should you instead?"

However, Leslie shrugged while giving me a "who gives a shit" kind of look by whispering back "I'm too lazy to have the urge to waste my energy on her"

"Alright", I replied.

So with that said, Anneliese kept spewing some more bullshit about how great god and Jesus are and I should convert into christianity. You know, that kind of garbage, but at the right moment, I just did a very "Indiana Jones" like manuevar and just shot Anneliese in the head with my Magnum.

Knowing that won't be enough to kill her, I told Lelise "Well...take her too. We need her to show Ryujin that she isn't to be trusted."

"Yeah...I know. So should we beat it like Michael Jackson?", Leslie asked

"Yeah...but let's ask Rei to put us on top of Zero. That should make the load easier.", I replied

"Great...now let's get the fuck out of here and find some place to crash. I need to get back into my real form to rest up.", Leslie remarked

Thus...yeah...we all went on the yellow brick road to find an abandoned building to make temporary shelter of, because we got a friend to fix...BIG TIME!
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Postby Defectron » Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:57 pm

Without a moments hesitation Van fired, his bullets ripped through Mickey and then struck me though they were unable to pierce my combat suit. As I tossed Mickey aside who was apparently still alive and screaming, I whipped out the monowire shotgun, firing on Van. He tried to get out of the way but it was too late as the monowire caught him, slicing his body in half.

“You think this will be enough to stop me? Your friend with the arrows isn’t here to save you this time!” Van growled out as his body began to change, his two halves quickly fused together as he began to grow. He was transforming into the same gigantic wolf I had seen back at the vampire village. The mirrors all shattered as his now gigantic black form stood and let loose an ear splitting howl. He then leapt at me only to shatter the mirrors behind me as I got out of the way. Whipping my phaser around, I fired. The beam blasted a gaping hole in the side of his huge body but this rapidly healed. I fired a couple more shots from the monowire shotgun, but even as this cut off his limbs, they almost instantly healed.
“Hmmphhh…looks like I can’t rely on these…” I said as electricity began to crackle around my body.

“Fool, your lightning cannot harm me!” The wolf growled as it prepared to leap at me.

“Heh…” I only smiled slightly as he leapt, within the next moment his body was enveloped in a white flash as he spontaneously combusted. With a yelp of pain the huge flaming wolf tumbled backwards through the wall. The flaming beast quickly scampered away , unfortunately he wasn’t the only one. In the confusion Mickey had also ran.

“Damn them…damn them all! They’ll all pay!” Mickey squeaked to himself as he tried to stop the bleeding before he opened a secret door, ducking inside one of the castle walls.


I had emerged from the fun house looking for Mickey, he had left a trail of blood so he shouldn’t be too hard to find. But before I could continue after him I heard a loud bang as a gunshot barely missed my head. I turned to see who exactly it was. When I turned I saw the last person I had been expecting to see. Though he looked a bit scruffier and had an eyepatch it was definitely Ryujin, how the hell had he survived
“Ry-Ryujin?” I asked in surprise.

“Maybe next time you turn on and kill your friends in their sleep you should be really sure that you don’t miss one!” He shouted out, wait what? I didn’t really have time to think about what the hell he was going on about as he fired again, I quickly blocked it with one tentacle, but surprisingly the bullet was able to penetrate blasting it off, what the hell kind of rounds was he firing. No matter, I’d just beat him into submission and find out what all this was about later. I brought the monowire shotgun around with another tentacle intending to shoot off his feet with it but this was also blasted away as he brought out a revolver. I’d have to find out what the hell he was shooting later, not even that crazy vampires gun had been able to damage these. But for now I had to get into a better position. I forced him back with a barrage of lightning before harpooning the side of a nearby building with my tentacles and leaping up onto the roof. I was about to take to the air, but just as I was doing so I felt something slam into my back as Ryujin took another shot knocking me to the ground with a thud. I could see him coming up to the edge of the roof getting ready to attack again. That bastard was determined. I hadn’t had a lot of time to think about it, but from the look of it he thought I killed the others, this was an obvious lie as this morning when I checked our surveillance everyone was still alive and kicking. One of t if it wasn’t he overlords cronies must have somehow gotten him out of there before it blew and fed him a false story…but what if it wasn’t one of the overlords cronies? What if the overlord had survived too, and he was the one who did this? It would make sense, I was a high ranking member of his opposition, what better assassin to send then someone who knew me? Though I still wondered what he could have done to convince Ryujin, he may have been brainwashed like Shinji or even Talon, I had to take him alive and find out the answers.

Ryujin leapt from the roof charging down at me, I tried to stop him with my tentacles but, but he blacked the first with his gun before shooting off the next . He then brought out his revolver but I blocked his shot , however he then ducked under the tentacle before slamming into the side of my face knocking me off my feet. Before I could retaliate he then brought his knee into my stomach knocking the wind out of me. I doubled over unable to stand up , dammit, I couldn’t give this to him. I wouldn’t let him win! But I didn’t have time to retaliate as he slammed his shotgun into my face shouting “This is for JOHNSON!” he screamed as I felt it smash my nose he repeated the action again and again , each time he brought it down smashing my face as he shouted a name of one of our former comrades. Before he could deliver another blow I delivered a powerful electrical shot to his body throwing him off me.
I forced myself to get up as I spit out a bit of blood looking over at Ryujin as he was forcing himself to his feet. It looked like he wouldn’t go down unless I didn’t hold anything back, oh well as long as he could still talk, with our tech we should be able to bring him back from anything I might inflict on him. As he ran towards me I lashed out with my tail and tentacles, once he got up next to me though, he’d get a plasma fist right in his gut, if that didn’t stop him then he wasn’t human. But before either of us could do anything more I heard a voice shout
"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!!" Even that crazy brainwashed bastard snapped out of it somewhat as he turned to see Johnson. What was he doing here? He wasn’t supposed to be here? I had wanted to take Ryujin alive so I could find out what was going on, but if he was here that could complicate things.

"When the fuck did you went from being all friendly to all hating?" he asked. That bastard, he never even thought to go back and check on us after he left that day and now he’s asking why I’m going this?

"You..you left me to die, you bastard!" I said as I glared at him.

"Uhhhh....excuse me? The last time I saw you, you and Phoenix were arguing like a married couple, so please...explain to me how the hell did you suddenly get like this?" he asked apparently oblivious to what I had been through.

"Phoenix amputated me and left me for dead, then Naomi found me and saved me, made me felt alive again" Yes, Naomi had been the only one who cared back then.

"Naomi's still alive?!? I...I...I thought you killed her and you guys over there...is Rei still alive too?" Ryujin looked like he had completely lost it as he was looking around like he didn’t even know where he was.

“Ryujin you brainwashed dumbass, I don’t know what sort of propaganda the overlord few you but I didn’t kill anyone! Not even Phoenix….not yet anyway…”

"Duh, though I haven't ran into Naomi as of late. In fact...what kind of drugs did you get into? I mean, both of you! You two are starting to make even less sense than The fuckin' Box." I wanted to facepalm at him, he was completely oblivious to what I’d been through and now he was talking about some kind of box.

"The what?" I asked.

"The Box. Richard Kelly's shittiest movie..but that's not important now...what's important is how the FUCK did this happen to you two?" Johnson asked.

"And you said their you're friends, eh? Too fuckin' coked up, it seems." A woman at Johnsons side commented, I recognized her from our intelligence reports, though I had never actually gotten around to watching dijimon we had ran her appearance through our database and her appearance most closely matched Lady Devimon from the dijimon series.

"Wait, you got to be kidding me. You made friends..with some sick fuck that decided to come as fuckin' LadyDevimon?" at this point I was so pissed at them I just felt like picking a fight, apparently it worked.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY!", Leslie screamed out, in which she made a major 180 turn of emotions "Oh wait...you're the green chick with the tentacles and scorpion tail. Makes sense, then" before we could continue though Ryujin finally passed out from too much shock and stress.

I then turned back to Johnson and said "Fuck. You ruined my plans! I never liked you, William. You and your filthy, animal hating self-righteous bullshit!

"Wait...you're still holding a grudge towards me for killing Talon? Well, I’ll be honest with you...I regret that I did that. We could've used him right now...in fact...I can't even explain WHY I killed him in the first plac..." I didn’t give him a chance to finish though as I grabbed him around the neck with a tentacle.

"LIAR! You Lie! You all fuckin' lie!" I didn’t know what the deal was back in his universe, all these demons struggling against a single human. I could break him so easily, just like a doll. But before that Leslie transformed into Her Lady Devimon persona cutting him free and leveling her gun with me.

"You dare try to kill William, you have get through me first!" She said, I’d almost lost sight of my plan in my anger. Damn emotions were harder to control since I came back. Nothing would be gained by fighting them right now. I then unfolded my wings, taking to the air and activating my stealth in the process leaving them behind.


“Yes! Yes! Now we’ll make those ingrates pay! HAHAHAHAHA!” Mickey laughed manicaly as he activated something large beneath the park.

Above ground

Undine was faced with a tough situation, Chucky, The Countess and Crimson widow had all caught up with her. “Well..well…well lookie what we got here, you a friend of that green skinned bitches aintcha? Too bad, you one fine foxy lady, but if you hanging with that ho, all you getting from Chucky Brown is a cap in yo mutha fuckin ass!” he said as he cocked his gun, but before he could try to shoot two things happened. The first was Crimson Widow suddenly screamed as she fell backwards, the sound of cracking bones and tearing muscle filled the air as her shirt was ripped open, emerging from between her breasts was a little girls head attached to a long snake like neck. It was Moeblob! “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT FREAKY SHIT?” Chucky asked whirling his gun on her.

“Oh god…oh god….” Countess said moving back in fear of what she was seeing.

“Hehehehe…you thought I’d die that easily? You don’t know who you’re dealing with!” The head declared before Chucky unloaded another around blasting her face clear off the long snake like neck.

“And you better stay dead bitch!” But Moeblob did not stay dead as Crimson Widow suddenly sat back up, her body moving unnaturally. Her face and body then morphed as she began to shrink, she was changing into Moeblobs usual form. Chucky fired again, but with amazing speed she leapt out of the way landing atop a nearby building, her body contorted into a crab walk position just like the girl in the exorcist. Moeblobs head twisted around unnaturally as her body stayed in the same freaky position so that she was looking at them right side up.

“Blowing up is fun but it gets old.” She said before her mouth opened unleashing a projectile stream of venom. Chucky tried to get out of the way, but it touched his arm causing him to scream as it rapidly ate through his flesh and bones burning it clean off his body.
But before this fight could proceed any further several buildings exploded behind them as something large emerged from beneath the park. It looked just like the black dragon Maleficent changed into in Sleeping Beauty! The mighty beast then gave a roar of fury as it began to advance on Undine, the vampires and Moeblob.

“F-Fuck this shit! I’m getting out of here!” Chucky shouted as he began to run away.

The dragon then reared back its head before unleashing a stream of green fire, Undine panicked as she saw the flame heading towards her, had she been thinking clearly she may have used her dirac sea, but as of now she was stuck like a deer in the headlights. But the flame never hit her, someone tackled her knocking her out of the way. When she landed she saw the area she had just been standing in blackened to char coal. And beside her was none other than the demon Magdalene.
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Somewhere in Tokyo-3...

"You mean you fucked her? What the hell gave you the idea to fuck our sister? Do you even know what kind of consequences that would bring us?", an angry and pissed off Aloisia barked at Oskar, who is actually one of the impefect Asuka clones, except that due to getting bitten by Tsubasa, which changed his sex into what he is today and since he's always surrounded by women, he has remained as such.

"Uhhh...I just wanted to see how the male sex organs worked and since i'm a boy now, I could really be intimite with our sister.", Oskar confessed with a whimper

However, Aloisia backhanded Oskar in response hard enough to knock the taste out of him and screamed back "You moron! You fuckheaded moron. Father told us to not fuck her if Tsubasa bit one of us and here you go, all acting like a horndog and fucked her!"

"But it was splendid when me and siser made love. Why is such a beautiful thing was a bad thing for me to do?", Oskar whined, with blood dripping out of his now-cut and fat lip

"Thing is that unlike you and your other sisters, father told me that unlike me and your other sisters, big sis can get pregnant and since we're made up of the same genetics as her, fucking her and getting her pregnant can wield a child...a child that should not and probably wouldn't make it in the outside world. And since you didn't wear a condom...you got her pregnant and the unholy child is being carried in her womb. That's why you're a fuckin' moron, Oskar. A completely fuckin' moron!", Aloisia screamed again, this time just flat out socking Oskar right between the eyes, knocking him down, complete with a hard thud.

Surrounding Aloisia and Oskar are numerous imperfect clones, all cowering in fear of their sister (and only perfect clone of Asuka) turning her attention to one of them and inflicting pain on said clone instead.

"Should we try and stop her before she could end up killing our brother?", one of the imperfect clones whispered to another

"Don't interfere or she could start hurting you instead. She won't kill him, though. As mad as she can get towards us, we're all siblings. None of us can.", another one affirmed

"Except big sis", a third clone added

All of the clones and even Aloisia and Oskar paused at what they were doing and stared at that clone that stated those words.

Aloisia then stood up, shoved Oskar out of her way and walked up to that clone. She then grabbed her sister/fellow clone, pulled her close to her face and rather than beating her up, she sternly growled at her sister "You're right. I've speaked to father's superior and he's said that he's got a very good friend planning to kidnap big sis and her two fellow EVA pilots. Once she's here, we can all be together like the family we are...understand?"

The imperfect clone then nodded, in which Aloisia then let her sister down, only to sternly tell her and the others "I need to talk to father...the rest of you...behave!" and proceeded to walk out of the room.

After Aloisia left, Oskar stood up, rolled his neck and walked up to his sisters, in which all of them opened their arms to hug him and each other.

"When you're all going out to combat again?", Oskar asked his sisters

"We don't know. Aloisia doesn't know. Only father knows. But we hope you will defend us with your EVA the next time.", one of the clones replied.

"And I wonder if big sis will help us lead the way when she comes..." another adds

"I await the moment I see her again. With me being a daddy, I need to help her as much as I can and prove Aloisia wrong", Oskar noted.

In another room, we see the rear end of someone wearing a labcoat, accompanied with the sound of a zipper being zipped up.

"Well...that felt good, but soon enough, you'll be doing stuff again, my little Mana. Soon enough."

He then walks away to reveal the pale corpse of former Triden pilot Mana Kirishima, completely stripped of her clothes, with her vagina appearing to have been roughen up a little and traces of a certain white fluid on her. She also appears to be hooked up to some kind of gizmo that is doing something to her that is currently unknown. Also to note, her head has been fixed up now, with no signs of cranial damage from any bullets

After Biomancer did those...things to Mana's corpse, he started to take a look at the machines Mana is hooked to, apparently to see if they're working correctly.

However, Aloisia then barged into the room, shouted "Father?!?", then saw Mana's corpse, which caused her to groan out "Father! Have you been fucking the Trident bitch again? What exact plans you have for her?"

"She's one of my many pet projects...though one that isn't making a pet, per say.", Biomancer informed Aloisia

"Bullshit. I saw that lizard beast that bares her face. First, you thought you can make another sister, but as a cat, but now you had made THAT monstrosity! Why do you have to indulge in such depravity, father. Why?"

"Well...as you, your sisters, your brother and you stepsister know...I can get a bit overboard at times, but its nothing that big of a deal.", Biomancer explained

However, right before Aloisia could reply, Moeblob rushed into the room and locked the door behind her. She then saw both Biomancer and Aloisia talking, which caused her to yell "Why are hell are you talking to her?!? I thought I was the only independent one?!?"

"Runa, honey. You and Aloisia are my world. In fact, you two, Oskar and the other clones are all my children. I love you all equally", Biomancer kindly replied.

Yet, a loud shotgun blast hit one of the walls, makig a hole in it, with a crazed voice screaming "Vlad..your damn daughter assimilated the Sailor Moon clit I just obtained today! The Cadaver God is not pleased that she did that!"

"Steven...don't worry. I'll tell the boss to get you another one. Hell, he can do a far better job than you can.", Biomancer rasped back

"No way, Vlad. The Cadaver God requires me to collect the parts I need alone and just myself. Now I have to shit some more bricks to see if I can trap another Sailor Moon!", Steven screamed back.

"Fine...fine. Go on your merry way", Biomancer rasped in reponse, in which he and the others can feel footsteps walking, followed by the sound of a big, metal door shutting.

"Dumb shit. He's too fuckin' insane and stupid to even be able to kill half to the people he has attempted to do so. Still...I ponder how he was able to obtain that set of Goku testicles and that Psychlo chin.", Biomancer pondered.

Moeblob then shouted "Why do you even allow that sick fuck to be on our side dad?"

"He's a valuable asset.", Biomancer inquired.

"I agree, father. A gross man, much like you, but he helps us a lot", Aloisia nodded "But now...I must go. I need to visit Two. She needs me.", in which she walked out of the room, leaving Moeblob, Biomancer and Mana's corpse alone.

Moeblob then noticed Mana, put her hands on her hips, gave her father a dirty look and barked "Still fuckin' the dead bitch?"

Biomancer then dropped his arms and head to shrug "Yes."

Mr. Johnson

"Well...what shall we do? He's your friend, after all.", Leslie asked me.

"Ummm...ehhh...how about you turn into your human form, strip down to the nude and put my coat on. Once he opens his eyes, show him the money. That should get his attention.", I asked her.

"Normally, I would say no..but since this a good friend that Goldie Locks messed with, I shall do so.", Leslie remarked back.

in a split second, a bright light and a cloud of smoke bursted out of nowhere, replacing LadyDevimon with the very attractive, well-built and curved, fit, thin, black haired Japanese-American lady in her 20s (Though facially she looks more Caucasian than Asian), wearing some metalhead babe attire, some goth makeup, black fingernails and light red lipstick. I have come to love a lot (trust me, its easier to bone her in her true form than her LadyDevimon form).

So I then tossed my trench off and Leslie started to strip down to her birthday suit. After that, she then walked up to my trenchcoat, picked it up, then put it on my trench, in which she then concealed her sexy bits.

I then took several steps back and told Leslie "Alright Les. Our friend Ryujin will be waking up here in 5..4..3..2..1!"

Right ater I said 1, Ryujin, who is tied up to a chair just in case he gets all freaky deaky started to open his eye, in which Leslie opened the trench up to expose her sexy bits to Ryujin.

After she did so on cue, I begin to hum John Williams' iconic Superman theme, which caused Leslie to turn her head towards me to give me a cute smile and a boner inducing wink.

However, all my buddy Ryujin could muster out was "whoooa. Am I in heaven, Anneliese? Is that you?" as he oogled at Leslie's sexy bits

Then, I walked up to him, looked him in his face and told him "Hey man. Welcome back. I knew you were alive. You're a too tough son of a bitch to have died in that."

"He then asked "William..is that you? Who is the sexy babe?", sounding tired and a bit confused

"Oh...this is Leslie. My..girlfriend.", I explained

"Wait...I thought your girlfriend's name was Michelle...and wore an eyepatch. What's going on?", Ryujin asked me with a concerned tone.

"First off, its nice to meet you Ryujin.", Leslie told Ryujin "And second...you're thinking of Johnson's other 'significant other'. She exists, but I frankly am better for him. Third, we are dating, since he and Michelle split up sometime before he ended up in your universe and last but not least...wait till you see me in action. I kick a lot of ass all the time"

"Well....damn...but still...where's Anneliese?", Ryujin asked in a somewhat dopey tone.

I then looked at him and frankly informed him, "To be honest, buddy ol' pal. We got a lot of things to say and very little time and if you can show us that you're not under her control, we'll be able to get back to basics the way we're used to before this separation bullshit happened.'
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OOC: This takes place around the same time as Gasmasks last post and is one day ahead of the events at Neodisney World, this is another side story post.


After the events of the previous day Moeblob had taken a leave of absence while we plotted our next move. Apparently she was going to be spending some time with her dad. I thought it was nice to have such a kind and understanding father, but I did wonder what they did when they spent time together. Moeblob came back as something even weirder then me so it must be at least a little awkward, if it wasn't that man must be one of the most understanding people on the planet. Shame Moeblob always seemed so angry, she should be nicer to him.

In Biomancers lair

Moeblob gave a sigh as she left her father’s lab, her dad had the most disgusting hobbies. As she walked down the corridors a giant worker ant scurried out to greet her with a chirp.

"Oh, hey Pochi. How's it going?" She asked the ant as she petted its head, most of the ants weren't allowed in here, but some of the better trained ones like Pochi were. Unlike most of her father’s creations Moeblob was pretty fond of Pochi, she was like a loyal friendly family dog to her which she would sometimes play with.

The giant ant made some screeching noises as it waved its front legs in the air. "My father did what? He made another pet? I hate that damn cat and now a lizard too? Where are they?"


"Here kitty....where are you?" A playful sounding girls voice sang out. "Come out Asuka tan...we can have fun..." The Asuka kitten shivered in fear as she hid under Biomancers couch. "I want chicken, give me liver, meowmix meowmix please deliver!" Suddenly a huge curving blade shot through the couch barely missing her head. Mewing in fear she scampered out from under the couch as her assailant leapt into the air before landing in front of her, cutting her off with a hiss. It was a bizarre looking girl, she looked a lot like Mana, but her skin was covered in fine glistening scales like a snake. She looked at the terrified kitten with red predatory eyes. She slowly opened her fanged mouth, instead of a tongue a small head poked out, it looked like the head of a black mamba snake, one of the most poisonous snakes in the world. It flicked its toungue before giving a hiss. Instead of a regular tongue, she had this snake growing from the flesh in her mouth. The kitten bolted , but before she could get away Lizard Manas tail lashed out smacking her tiny body causing her to let out a small scream of pain. "You won't get away....Dad tells me your my older sister...I won't accept it! I'm stronger , smarter and more dangerous then you, your only fit to be food in my stomach!" Biomancer had been tinkering with a 2.0 version of the learning program he had used to educate Moeblob in her 1 year of life. It had been tested out on the two week old Lizard Mana, but unfortunately it seemed to have a strong side effect in that it caused severe mental instability.

"Only fit to be food in your stomach? Shouldn't that be my line?" Lizard Mana heard a little girls voice say as the door closed. She turned to see a cute pink haired girl looking at her. The kitten trapped in her vice like grip looked even more terrified as she saw Moeblob and began struggling in terror.

"MEW!" Asuka kitten clawed her hand causing her to drop her as she bolted , scampering back under the couch.

"Gah! You little rat! You scratched me!" Lizard Mana shouted in anger as she was about to go after her. But before she did, she felt a tiny fist with overwhelming force behind it strike her in the stomach causing her to vomit all over the floor. Moeblob looked down to see the remains of a half digested rabbit she had probably stolen from her father’s lab to eat.

"Urghhh...How dare you! I'LL KILL YOU!!!" Lizard Mana screamed insanely as she grabbed her huge curving blade lopping Moeblobs head off with a single strike.

"That'll shut you up!" She said with a smile.

"Oh I think it might take more than that. Hehehehe..." She looked down to see Moeblobs head sprout a number of large spider like legs before scuttling away.

"What the fu..." The headless body reached out grabbing her hair, pulling her downwards and then kneeing her in the throat causing her to fall to the ground gagging as her windpipe had just been smashed in.

"You act pretty tough don't you? Looks like you don't know your place, lizards and kittens have no business thinking they’re my equals. I am Runa, the strongest warrior on earth! I'm at the top of the food chain! The only reason you rejects are still around is because my old man likes you for some reason!" Moeblob said as her head grew back, her old head still scuttled about the room peering under the couch where the terrified kitten hid. Before Lizard Mana could get up she placed her knee on her throat. "Now...what were you saying to me before?"

"Urghh...." Lizard Mana just made some gurgling noises but this all stopped as the door suddenly shot open. It was Biomancer accompanied by Alosia and Crazy Steve!

"Runa! What are you doing?! Stop this instant!" Biomancer shouted

"Dad I was just..." She said looking a bit scared as she stood up.

"How many times have I told you not to abuse my pets?" He scolded her.

Moeblob just clenched her fists, even though she lorded it over Biomancers other creations , deep inside she knew there really was no difference between her and that kitten which her dad kept on such a tight leash. Her leash was a lot longer but it was still there. Though she'd never acknowledge it even to herself that was the reason she hated them so. Every time she saw that poor terrified kitten, it was a mirror of her own weakness. "They deserve it! I hate them! I hate your pets! They’re at the bottom of the food chain! I'm at the top! It's only natural I devour them!"

Biomancer just sighed "Runa it's time for a time out." Moeblob looked terrified as he said this as she suddenly clutched at her own throat, her lungs had stopped working. "Runa, your my daughter, but that doesn't mean you’re other siblings aren't important too. This is a family afterall. You, my lovely wife Nene, Alosia, the clones, Lizard Mana and even poor Asuka tan hiding under that couch. Were all family, and family needs to stick together."

"D..dad...please...stop..." She gasped out as she rolled on the floor trying to will her lungs to start working again.

"Do you promise to get along? I want us to be a happy family, I know you like being independent, but I can't have my daughter turning into a juvenile delinquent." Moeblob couldn’t talk anymore, she just nodded her head.

"Good, now play nicely from now on." Biomancer said as she was suddenly able to breathe again. Alosia just looked down at her smugly. That bitch, someday she'd eat her.

"Now that this is settled, I have some important matters to attend to. And you be nice to Asuka tan or its time out for you too!" he said to Lizard Mana who had backed into the corner in fear. With that said Biomancer went over to the couch, reached down and picked up the kitten before walking away while stroking her head with one hand and cradling her in his other arm.

Crazy Steve slowly walked over to her severed head which moments ago had been spasming on the floor. "Oooh hey a head...just what I need!"

Before he could touch it though , the head split open revealing multiple rows of venomous fangs as it hissed at him. "Don't press your luck Steve...last I checked you’re not related to me so I don't need to be nice to you." Moeblob said as she picked up her severed head and absorbed it back into her body before shoving Steve away.

"Poor little Runa...scolded by her daddy again...must be tough, being stuck in that little pre pubescent body. Me I'm starting to fill out, in another few years I'll be a full grown woman. But you'll always remain a spoiled rotten little girl! You'll always be Daddies little girl, nothing more and nothing less. What’s the matter? Is baby going to cry?" Alosia said with a smile. Moeblob just frowned and looked at her.

"That is assuming you live that long...I'll never die, but a fragile human life like yours can easily be snuffed out, just like your sisters...."Moeblob said with a smile. She and Alosia just glared at each other as both seemed to touch on a sensitive area. It was time to head back to the Abbaddon. Somehow she had to get free, being the most perfect life form on earth meant nothing without freedom. There had to be a way to get free somehow.
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Postby Ryjin » Thu Mar 18, 2010 11:06 pm

And there it was, like a million little points of light reflected infinite fold amongst the mirrored halls of some crystalline pulses of varied thought………..

……….“Erik, no matter WHAT, never blindly follow a leader, you got me. Always be your own or you might be lead astray…..”…………..

…….”What up holmes, got some new shit for us?”………………

……”That’s what we are, two hearts made as one.”………………….

………“Well then I guess it will be just you and me then and the whole world will be set ablaze.”………

……..“They… they took my daughter… she just had turned 16…”…………

……………………”I’m not who I say am I’m, am I?”……………………

…….."My name is William J. Johnson, but you can just call me Mr. Johnson.”……..

………"You guys know all you need to know about me. If I feel you need to know any more then that in the future I'll be sure to tell you."……..

…“Are you alright Ryujin-Sama?”…….

……”There is a hole in your mind.”………………..

………..”You can try holmes but you better go catcher before she leaves……..”…..

………..” My name is Rana, now may I have yours?”…………….

…………..”Are you sure….. I thought we stood for peace? And now you’re going to just throw all this away?!”……………

………….”……. You may have the keys to my kingdom….”……….

………”She… she killed them while they slept…”……

…….”My eye, they took my fucking eye!”……..

…………………”This is all just falling apart isn’t it?”…………

And there I was staring into his face wrinkled with time as his third eye starred right into my one as he spoke his words to me and I understood, there are no new things in this world everything that once was will be so again…

and again…….

and again…..

and again……

and a….. My glazed eyes opened an focused on something….. soft….. pale…. Before me in nothing more then a trench coat was a woman standing naked, she was thin and pretty fit and well endowed. Now the more pressing thing should have been where am I and who the hell is she, not that I didn’t mind the eye candy mind you, but unfortunately all my haze and grogginess addled mind could come up with was a half grunted, “"whoooa……. Am I in heave……, Anneliese? Is that you?"

The girl who I know noticed didn’t have golden blond hair required for her to have been her simply gave me a half crooked smile in reply and from my side I heard a voice I heard in a while say, "Hey man. Welcome back. I knew you were alive. You're a too tough son of a bitch to have died in that."

"William…..is that you?” I ask as I turn to look to the corner from where the voice emanated from to see that GasMasked bastard simply nod in reply. Now why haven’t I seen him in a while…. what was that? Starting to clear up a little I look back at the topless girl and ask, “Who…. who’s the sexy babe?"

"Oh...this is Leslie. My….girlfriend.", I shot back which earned a glare from his girlfriend……. wait! "Wait..... I thought your girlfriend's name was Michelle.....and she wore an eyepatch…….” Eyepatch….that’s right I have one too…… when did I get it again?.. “What's going on?"

"First off, it’s nice to meet you Ryujin." I heard Leslie politely say drawing me attention toward her and then her tone got a little bit sour, "And second.....you're thinking of Johnson's other “significant other”. She exists, but I frankly I’m better for him. Third, we are dating, since he and Michelle split up sometime before he ended up in your universe and last but not least...wait till you see me in action. I kick a lot of ass all the time"

"Well....damn...” I reply back not really knowing what to say but with this out of the way I asked them, “But still...where's Anneliese?" I needed to see then for something… but what was it?

At that Johnson gave me a dead pan look dead in my eye and in a rather frank tone told me, "To be honest, buddy ol' pal. We got a lot of things to say and very little time and if you can show us that you're not under her control, we'll be able to get back to basics the way we're used to before this separation bullshit happened.”

And then it hit me…… this shouldn’t be happening……. I can’t be talking to Johnson right now…. “Wait!” I yell out at this sudden realization to which what couldn’t be Johnson responded with, ‘What is it buddy?”

“This… this can’t be happing, that’s right.. this… this….” I began to stutter as my mind began to franticly make sense of the impossible believing I finally lost it when Leslie sharply cut me off with, “Believe it. I don’t know what that blond bimbo told you but this is as real as it gets.”

“But.. ..but…” I tried to rationalize to what I believed to be my figments, “She showed me….. You’re dead… all of you… Manticore…. she joined sides with that devil and to show her loyalty she killed you all as you slept and then.. and then sh…..”

And then Johnson interjected cutting me off with, “Hate to break it to you buddy. Any rumors of my death that Jesus’s dick sucking winged whore told you are greatly exaggerated I assure you. And in fact I plan on proving this to you with out a shadow of an doubt”
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Postby GasmaskAvenger » Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:24 pm

Mr. Johnson

“Wait!”, Ryujin yelled at me in a fairly paranoid tone

Oh come on, that bitch better not have rotten his mind too badly.

"What is it buddy?”, I reply in a calm tone. Just better hope for the best.

“This… this can’t be happing, that’s right.. this… this….”, he croaked out, in which his paranoid croaks ended up becoming hoarse rasps. Leslie, who's always the sharp one, cut our paranoid friend off by saying “Believe it. I don’t know what that blond bimbo told you but this is as real as it gets.”

“But.. ..but…”, he started up again. “She showed me….. You’re dead… all of you… Manticore…. she joined sides with that devil and to show her loyalty she killed you all as you slept and then.. and then sh…..”

aw geez.

So I then injected him by cutting him off (much like how Leslie did) and telling him in a stern tone “Hate to break it to you buddy. Any rumors of my death that Jesus’s dick sucking winged whore told you are greatly exaggerated I assure you. And in fact I plan on proving this to you with out a shadow of an doubt”

"But...she...is an angel? I though you were supposed to trust 'em?", he weezed out

"Sorry bro, but they're manipulative fuckers...the holy soldiers, that is. The only angels you can trust are the normal folk who went there to heaven when they died", I explained to him, with Leslie simply nodding as I stated said things.

"How...how is...how is..how is that possible?", he kept gibbering. Seriously, those Yakuza fuckers must've broke him royally and reduced him to being akin to a poorly operating microwave that forgot how to keep heating things up for a specified amount of time. "You're dead. Rei is dead. Rana is dead. Manticore killed you all! Its not possible! Its not possible at all"

Leslie then leaned up to our mentally kentucky fried friend, gave him a glare and viciously remarked "Okay then, Webster. Explain how that everyone else is dead and yet I, someone you never met prior to today, is right here, talking to you?"

Ryujin, who up to now had been babbling that force-fed propaganda Goldie Locks mindraped him with, just had a really confused, unsure to even further function look on his face. Obviously, the man who had this major beef against brainwashing tatics, the US goverment and stuff fell for the most basic and easy of things. Getting in a state of being really fucked up and down and out, only for a force of the Heavenly Jesus Freak Troupe to be able to easily exploit him and use him to further her mission.

Leslie, becoming increasingly frustrated with Ryujin, then made her left hand turn into its LadyD form, with her eyes glowing a demonic red, growled at him in a venomous tone "EXPLAIN TO ME!! NOW!!!"

However, I then walked up to her, put one of my hands onto her shoulder and told her "Now now, Leslie. He's my friend, after all. We can't kill him. That would be way too inhumane even for myself to digest."

She then eased down, turned her hand back to normal, which made her eyes stop glowing red and apologized "Sorry William. I'm getting a bit ahead of myself."

"That's fine. He'll be back to normal in no time. We just need to show proof that Goldie Locks was lying and we're all fine and alive", I replied.

She then asked "So what now?"

"Hand my coat back and get dressed, okay?", I replied.

She then removed my coat off of her, making her completely naked, in which I noticed Ryujin's only eye REALLY bugging out to catch the sight he's witnessing. Leslie then grabbed her clothes and started to put them on, in which I then told her "I'll be back."

"Alrighty", she quickly responded, in which I then walked out of the room and made my way to another room in which Rana is residing in.

As soon as I walked in there, she asked me "So...you need me now? How's he doing?"

"I believe we'll get him to be functional again. It always happens.", I responded. "Let's go"

So she stood up and followed me all the way back to the room we were holding Ryujin in.

As soon as we got back inside, Leslie had already put her clothes back on, which means I can even bring Rei in now to hammer our point in to our friend as cold, hard evidence that we're still alive.

Now, with Rana in the room now, she walked up to him and softly said "Erik. I know you're still in there, but you have to believe what William and Leslie are telling you. WE. ARE. NOT. DEAD."

However, all Ryujin could reply with was "Rana...you can't be here...you're dead."

Yet Rana simply replied to his words by slapping him across his face, in which she followed that up with "Damn you...you need to believe us. Anneliese is bad news. She manipulated you, even after the stuff you told me. I can't believe you fell for what she presented you with. I thought you were above manipulation. I really thought you were."

Ryujin started to dart his eye around the room, looked at us again and..for the first time, I saw something I never seen him do before....break a tear.

I then looked to the left side of the room, then yelled out "Scab!"

"Yo Johnson. what do ya need?", he replied.

"Bring in Rei. We need to hammer this home. All together.", I replied back.

"Gotcha", he grunted back. And thus in about 10 seconds later, he walked in with Rei, who took a look at Ryujin, walked up to him and quietly muttered "Ryujin-san. You're here. I got worried for you."

But even with the tears in his eye, he simply replied back "But Rei...you and the others don't understand. You're all dead."

Yet Rei took a massive offense to this and went into a mode that I both haven't seen her in for quite a while and brought a massive grin to my face (One that no one else can see).

"God dammit Ryujin-san. I AM NOT DEAD!! I AM NOT DEAD and i'm NOT GOING TO DIE AGAIN!! SNAP OUT OF IT, RYUJIN-SAN. SNAP. THE. FUCK. OUT. OF. IT!!!!", she howled while violently shaking his shoulders that she had her clutches on, which had come after she cleanly docked him right in the face.

After her spastic scream session, Rei went from being all angry and fire to crying a river, in which she then kneeled down. I then walked up to her, hugged her and told her "Calm down, Rei. We'll fix him soon enough. We certainly will."

She then wiped her tears off and said "Okay." while nodding. We both then proceeded to separate and stand up.

Even after witnessing that, Ryujin then had the gull to say "But...but Anneliese showed it to me. I'm serious. She showed me that you're dead. In fact, who are you guys? Really...who are you all."

Then, we witnessed both Rei and Rana burst into an massive fit of rage, which then prompted me and Scab to grab and restrain them (I restraining Rei and Scan restraining Rana) while Leslie stood there, having a real "You gotta be fuckin' kidding me?" kind of look on her face.

I then let Rei go, in which Leslie took her by her side, in which I then walked right up to Ryujin's face, proceeded to remove my hat and gas mask, only to scream in his face "OKAY!?! OKAY!?! YOU REMEMBER THIS FACE!?! REMEMBER IT!?! REMEMBER IT!?!"

Right after that, his jaw dropped and blurted out "Wi..Wi...William...is that really you? That has to be you, Your face is...so familiar...". He then took a glimpse at Rana and said "Rana? You're still alive?", proceeded to take a look at Rei and said "Rei...is Shinji doing alright? Have you two went steady yet?"

Rei, however, then replied "No...I want to tell him I love him...but we haven't found him and the others yet."

After hearing those words, Ryujin then muttered "So...god..fuck...I let that damn angel manipulate me? What the hell?!?", in which after saying those words, he started to whisper a few words to himself that I couldn't quite make out.

But before I could see where this was going, something just flew in and tackled me down to my ass.

Aw fuck..Anneliese got loose! And she had started to hold a sword close to my face. She then boomed out "William J. Johnson, I hereby execute you for your defiance to follow the righteous path Jesus and god had offered you."

However, Leslie then turned into her LadyD form and grabbed Anneliese, ripping one of her wings off. Anneliese let out a scream and growled "Magdalene, you witch! How could you put this illusion on poor Erik. He needs my lord as his savior."

Leslie then fired back by barking out "Oh you bitch. You know i'm not Magdalene and she isn't even that strong and smart to pulll whatever you said she did."

Ryujin then welped "What's...what's going on Anneliese? You...you lied to me? How could you?"

"This world needs to be purified and I am here to bring order by orders of my lord and with Johnson being here because of this wormhole, I could fulfill his dream to taking control for the sake of god almighty. I'm not here to save Johnson...i'm here to exterminate him for spiting us and making us look bad. He is a sinner that needed to die for too long of a time.", Anneliese explained in a rather angry, cold tone.

"And what about Magdalene? What is her objective?", Ryujin asked her.

"Oh, I didn't lie about her wanting to avenge Pazuzu's death. However, she's too gullible to even stick to her MO. As soon as she got here, she pretty much discarded her mission to instead focusing on having fun with what your world offers. All demons are like that. ADD-inflicted children that just want to wreck havoc for their own sinful needs.", Anneliese continued.

However, I then grunted "Except demons do not hate humanity at all. They may be crazy, deranged bitches and bastards, but they are not like you. They're not heartless bastards that blindly follow their fearless leader, they're just wild fuckers that do bad things, but are very honest in what they do. Not like you golden haired, feather winged fucks."

Yet Anneliese then told Ryujin "Don't believe what William tells you. He's one of them!"

But Ryujin replied "Fuck you, Anneliese! You lied to me! You manipulated me like how those Black Ops fuckers manipulate their shadow children! You...you...BITCH!!". He then yelled at me, saying "William..I need to be let loose. I got to choke a winged bitch."

Scab then cut Ryujin loose, in which he then darted out of the chair and tackled Anneliese off of me, getting his hands around her neck.

I then stood up and told Ryjuni "Hey buddy..glad to see you back the way you are."

"Thanks. Glad to see that we're back together..for the most part", Ryujin replied back.

I then told him "Hey..can you keep a hold on her. We're really gonna go all out on this lying jesus bitch...all nine acres."

"Sure...but...but you mean we're all gonna gangrape her?", He asked

"No. Something MUCH better.", I responded. I then ran up to Rana and asked her "Can you do me a favor?"

"Yeah..what is it?", she replied

"Can you take Rei out of this room? I don't want her to witness what we're about to do", I added

"Okay.", she replied. She then walked up to Rei, took her by her side and told her "Come on, Rei. Let's watch a movie while the others do what they're going to do" while escorting her out of the room.

With them gone, I then grabbed my chainsaw, started it up and said to the others "Alright guys...we got to take this angel and turn her into a puzzle of parts. okay?"

Leslie then squaked "Can we get over it? I've been waiting to kill this jesus bitch for a long time."

"Yeah", I simply replied.

I then walked up to Anneliese with chainsaw in hand. Leslie, already in her LadyD form, had extended her claw hand and made it bigger and Scab had his combat knives out, ready to kill. I then told Ryujin "Alright buddy. Step aside and let the real crazies do our job."

He then nodded 'Alright. I might as well leave and catch up with Rana. As much as i'm mad at Anneliese, I just don't think I can handle seeing you guys turn her into angel stew."

"Go ahead. Just make Rana and Rei feel welcome while we do our job.", I replied.

"Cool...alright, good luck, you sick fucks.", he replied as he ran out of the room.

With just me, Leslie and Scab surrounding Anneliese, I then gave her a glare and told her "Well...this had been a long time coming, but as you already know...we're tired of your shit and we're going to make you into several different, unliving yous."

"You will all pay for this! God will strike you down and make you burn!", Anneliese screamed in response

However, I then said "Alright...lets dig in!!" and we three then started to take this angelic bitch and started to bloody, splotch, dismember and gory her into a messy piece of severed limbs. Blood, gore and bone particles flew through the room, making it very akin to a butcher shop for angels.

And yeah...customer satisfaction is having a high today, folks. A massive high.

All for one and one for all (and a couple of body parts, that is)

but now...the question is...what the fuck happened to Manticore to make her how she is now?

But anyways, tune in next week for William J. Johnson's "Unsolved Mysteries". Same Johnson place, same Johnson channel.


Ryujin-san is back.

William is still the big brother I can look up to, yet now he has this Leslie gal with him.

She's pretty nice, but that now means that he's not available.

But then again, my heart truly belongs to Shinji-sama.

Shinji-sama is who I need to make me feel warm inside.

Shinji-sama, like me, went through a lot and to be honest...

I can feel that he's nearby.

I need to tell William-sama that Shinji-sama is nearby.

We both need to be together again, to feel complete.

So I can feel complete.



"Patricia, Patricia, honey. If you just didn't try to fight with me, Brad would have not been needed to put you down.", a freaked out, hazed voice sardonically cackles.

"I was the only one that you needed. You didn't need Travis, you bitch. But you insisted to have him, thus I had to put you down. But at least I can now take your lovely breasts for my savior. He would be pleased to have your melons big time", the voice continued to mutter in a zoned-out way.

"You sick fuck. You are full of shit, man. You're so full of shit, Mr. Clean. Full. Of. Shit.", another voice growled. A voice that is also weezing in pain

However, a gunshot was heard, in which the sound of a skull being cracked open and blood splattering a wall followed. A loud thud came afterwards.

The paranoid voice then said "See, you whore. Your dickheaded boyfriend questioned me and Brad made him go boom. Now I can take his shoulders, since they are mighty good. Really good. My god will certainly be pleased with them."

Out of the darkness walked Crazy Steve, holding severed, blood dripping shoulder blades and breasts, in which he then dropped them into a rather filled up black garbage bag. Steve then opened one of his pockets, took out a cigarette, lit it, started to smoke it and said "And that's why I don't a fuck about you sluts and dicks think. I just need my limbs for my god. Its nothing personal, just spiritual."
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Postby Defectron » Sat Mar 20, 2010 4:41 pm

The night after the fight in Neo Disney world

I dropped a bag full of brainchips off in Gaylords lab. These were the chips that contained the memories of the fallen beastmen. These would be inserted into the skulls of new beastmen after they got cloned.

I had landed the Abbaddon as we prepared for the next day. Although there had been some difficulties, Socks had fullfilled his mission. He had left a piece of himself inside of both the trident and Jetalone. Now all that was left was to make sure the group reunited.

I walked into the empty command room, it was time to make my report to Naomi about what went on today. The screen flickered on with Naomi on the other end. "I'm sure by now you've heard about what happened at NeoDisneyworld. That damn mouse sold us out to the overlord, so I burned his city to the ground with a couple N2 mines."

"I never did trust Mickey." Naomi remarked at this.

"I'll be sending you the full details of what happened after I end this transmission. However there's something else you might be interested in. I have good news and bad news. The good news is our freind Ryujin is alive." I stopped for a moment letting Naomi take this in as she looked utterly shocked. "The bad news is he was brainwashed by the overlord into attempting to assassinate me. I'm guessing that damn mouse was probably the one who did it. Some of those vampires were also there. In the future we should be more through in weeding out traitors as it seems there's no small number of them."

"What happened to Ryujin?" Naomi asked looking concerned.

"He's alive, but he got away. He's with my old group right now, though they might not be our allies, their no friends of the overlord, so hopefully they can undo some of his brainwashing. I made sure all of them were clear of NeoDisneyWorld before I nuked it so he should be alright." Before I could explain anymore though I heard the intruder alarms sound. "Hold on, looks like we might have a visitor." I said as I switched off the screen.

I was half expecting it to be something crazy again after todays events. Well whatever it was, it would be getting a face full of monowire shotgun soon enough. But it seemed there would be no need for that, only a few minutes after I had exited the command room I spotted several beastmen escorting the intruders to the prison block. I recognized them! It was none other then Spike and Shiro!

"Wait!" I shouted at the beast men causing them to pause. I then walked over to the two men, Shiro looked like he was about to shit his pants as soon as he saw me. Spike just looked confused. "I wasn't expecting to see you two over here. Why exactly are you visiting my ship at this time of night?"

"Well we were sort of lost and one thing lead to another...." Shiro began to say sheepishly. I then moved the tip of my tail up to his throat.

"You knew what Phoenix did and you never came back for me! Do you have anything to say for yourself?" I asked as he looked about in terror of his situation.

"EEEEE! W-Wait a minute! Y-you have to understand, I'm just a regular guy...after I saw what she did I wasn't about to go against her! She might've done it to me to! Listen I know it was wrong, but I...I'm just a regular guy.... Phoenix might have killed me if I tried to go against her, what could I have done?." He said in a panic.

"This." I said before taking a handgun from one of the beastmen and shooting him in the leg causing him to let out a scream of pain. Spike struggled to move but Tiny was holding him, he was too strong for him to break loose.

"Give the pansy over there some medical nanites to repair his wound. I'll be down in a bit to ask them a few questions." The beastmen nodded as they dragged Spike and Shiro away down to Magdalenes old cell. After the incident in the park Magdalene had risked her life to help Undine instead of escaping or turning on us. So I figured I would give her a chance, releasing her and giving her free reign of the ship. I still didn't trust her, but I figured she had earned that much.

A bit later

"Seems like we keep getting people down here for some reason...what is it with you guys and wanting to intrude on my ship? Well never mind that, I'd like to know what you two have been up to since I had my fight with Phoenix. Tiny, why don't you get these two some water, we could be in for a story here." I said to the beastman as he turned to go get some.

"W-Well after I left with Phoenix, I was too scared to with her so I left. I actually did come back to see if you were still there, but it wasn't until the next morning and by then you were gone."

"If it wasn't for Naomi I would've been eaten by wolves, try to be a bit more punctual next time." I said as Tiny came back with a pale of water. As he tried to put the pale through the bars, he lost his grip causing it to fall with a splash. Some of the water splattered onto both Shiro and Spike who had mostly kept quiet. Upon seeing the water Spike tried to avoid it but it was too late as it got all over his pants. Before I could tell Tiny off for making a mess however I noticed something odd. Spikes body was rapidly changing, his hair turned red and his face and proportions both changed to that of a woman. The beastmen were also pretty surprised as they immediatly trained their guns on her. "Hold it!" I shouted as I motioned for them to lower their weapons. "I never knew you had a second form. A little curious about the opposite gender? Or just a big Ranma fan?"

"Uhhh...well actually this isn't a form I came up with. See the jusynkyo springs from the manga are actually real and I sort of fell in one of them while I was in China..." She explained looking a bit embarrassed.

"What?! Are you serious?" I asked him , practically pressing myself against the bars. she seemed a bit taken aback by this.

"Well yeah, I just never talked about it because it was a bit embarrassing." She said.

"There were other springs besides the spring of drowned girl right?" I asked him.

"Yeah, lots, there was even some sort of mutated totoro spring. Why get tired of being a girl?" He didn't seem to quite get what I was thinking.

"Oh not at all...hehehehehehe...really now....you know I was pretty angry at you two for being so halfassed about finding me in my time of need, but I think I'll forgive you since I'm in such a good mood. Spike you may have just given me some very useful information." i then took out my communicator and said " Dr Gaylord, Demiurge, get your asses down here, I need some information extracted from one of our new prisoners." I said into my communicator. A large evil looking grin spread across my face as my fangs bared. Spike seemed to realize at this point that somehow it might not have been the best idea to tell me about the springs.

I wondered though, how could something like the springs of jusynkyo be real? Obviously someone who came back differently had created them. But for what purpose? They were in the overlords territory though, it wasn't my mission to directly oppose the overlord, but I couldn't allow such a valuable resource remain int he hands of his forces.
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Postby Ryjin » Sat Mar 20, 2010 8:16 pm

This is my abject rage and disillusion, her truth exposed before like whore desperate to make her cut before her pimp makes his claim and all along, this whole chapter of my life….. my mission, my purpose I was just a pawn and it grew deep inside me, starting from by heavy heart until it engulfed me in the full and with my hands around her throat I poured my rage into her and I watched her gasp and start and go glazy……

"Hey buddy…. glad to see you back the way you are." A thankfully familiar voice called out from my side snapping me back to reality and I looked down to see my hands wrapped firmly around neck so tight her skin was indented along the edges of fingers. I look over her face starring almost blankly at me gripped with fear and feeling of regret over came me for my actions and I began to feel sor……. no….I won’t be fooled again.

I avert my gaze from her and look up at that Inglourious GasMasked Bastard, "Thanks man. Glad to see that we're back together….sorta."

"Hey…can you keep a hold on her. We're really gonna go all out on this lying Jesus bitch....all nine acres." He replied while putting together fingers and pulling them back and cracking all his knuckles at once.

Wait, all nine acres? I looked around the room and then back down at Anneliese. "Sure...but...but you mean we're all gonna gang rape her?" I asked him in confusion.

"No.” He shot back with a almost disturbingly chipper tone in spite of the subject matter and with a pose that told me under that Mask he was grinning ear to ear, “Something MUCH better." and before I could inquire just what pleasantries he had in store for her he walked over to Rana and asked her,” Can you do me a favor?"

"Yeah….what is it?", was her replied.

"Can you take Rei out of this room? I don't want her to witness what we're about to do" He told her informing her of the what.

"Okay.", she replied. She then walked up to Rei, took her by her side and told her "Come on, Rei. Let's watch a movie while the others do what they're going to do" and together they left the room.

Johnson waited a good minute after they shut the door and then he pulled out his trademark chainsaw almost out of hammerspace and revved it up while snarking out, “Alright guys...we got to take this angel and turn her into a puzzle of parts. Okay?"

Johnson’s demon lady friend then piped out with a tinge of boredom, "Can we get over it? I've been waiting to kill this Jesus bitch for a long time." as she step in closer the soon to be horribly dismembered angel and in a puff of inky black smoke she transformed into a demonic visage and a sick feeling started to form in my gut.

"Yeah", he snipe back.

Johnson then walked up to the angel I still had bond with my hands with chainsaw ready to go, Leslie then out stretched her arm and her hand swelled and her nails elongated into long sharp talons and that other guy they had in here pulled out a combat knife Scab and they both join Johnson in approaching. I didn’t want to be here but at the same time I couldn’t leave, I felt Johnson step up behind me and I started to cringe. He then put his hand on my shoulder and told me, "Alright buddy. Step aside and let the real crazies do our job."

It felt like forever before I could tear myself away from her, I knew full well at this point all that she had done to me but emotionally it just hadn’t hit yet. Finally I looked away from her and answered,”Alright. I might as well leave and catch up with Rana. As much as I….. as much as she fucked with me, I just don't think I can handle seeing what you guys plan on doing to her."

"Go ahead.” Johnson reassured me, “Just make Rana and Rei feel welcome while we do our job."

"Cool...alright, good luck, you sick fucks." I muddled out as I got up and left the room shutting the door behind me to where the two “R’s” of my life were sitting down on a couch waiting for me.

“Sooooo, where the hell are w…….” I began to ask before I was cut off by the *ROV-ROOOOOOV!” of Johnson’s chainsaw followed by……. followed…. Ok it was the most fucking horrible blood curling scream I ever had heard. I called out to the girls, “Let’s….. go out side, I need some air.” tying me best to over come the sounds coving from the other room. Rana replied, “Yeah” and Rei nodded so we made our way to the back to the house doing our best to ignore the….. “sounds” coming from that room and as we steeped outside into the backyard some Japanese suburbia they were drowned out by the rumble of a active generator that must of been supplying this house with power. Out of habit I looked around yard and back at the house where I glimpsed the light reflecting off of Zeros blue armor as it stood there towering over the two story town home which for some reason inspired me to quip out, “Whoa, this guys’s tall.” But anyways something about this all had nostalgic feel to it, yeah being reunited with them after…. after everything that’s happen is part of it but… I guess it was the environment that was a throw back to old days and I looked back over to girls and begin to reiterate my thoughts to them, “Kinda like when we were back at Phoenixes ain’t it thought this means there’s probably zom…” and before I could finish Rei, of all people, reared back and threw a punch that landed on my shoulder the ended with her keeping it in place as she looked down fuming as I exclaim, “Ow, what was that for?!”

She looked up at me with tears on the verge of spilling out of the side of her eyes and let me know the what for, “Why did you stay behind, why didn’t you come with us. Why did you leave us?!” to which Rana added in, “Yeah, I would like to be knowing why myself.”

“Come on, let’s all have a seat.” I say to them and after we all settled down I began my little tale.

“Ok, where to begin.” I state rhetorically while looking at them, I let out a sigh and try to get into the meat of things, “Well the thing is Rana and Rei already knows this part, when I made my move and fired the shot we found out the hard way that the Overlord he… had a A.T. Field or at lest something like it and it stopped the bullet…. stopped it dead ruining everything. I mean who’d a’ thought it? But anyways, I still had to do something, there were to, to many of the Overlords inner circle there and I was determined to stop him, I had keep that bastard from getting away lest we suffered his retaliation and I did the math; I was the only one there that stood a chance of keeping the Overlord from escaping long enough for an N2 to get there out side of Phoenix and Manticore but they were far to import to waste so I went an……”

“How dear you say that! That you’re not important! We need you, I need you!” Rana yelled out at me in retaliation for putting others ahead of me as Rei added in,"Affirmative. you can't be brash without thinking of your companions"

Given the current emotionality I figure it wise not to go over the logic of it and besides call me sexes or not logic is usually wasted on women anyways so I just added in, “Well that’s why I did it, why I stayed behind, not that it mattered.”

“What do you mean?” Rana asked not liking the tone I had at the end of my statement. I took a long breath and explained, “The Overlord………. he….” at that the look of realization at what I was going to say had already swept their eyes, “his AT Field protected him, hell it’s the reason I’m still here and not air pollution.”

Rana then asked, “So….. what are we going to do now then?”

“About the Overlord? I don’t know yet. The only thing we got that has a chance at hurting him is Zero…..” I began to answer then it hit me, “Hey, where’s my robot and the other one? Or Manitcore, I need to apologies for what I almost did and then there’s Phoenix and Shiro and the new kid, Spike…. where they at?”

“Oh Manticore and the rest.” Rana replied, “The things is that’s the first time we have seen Manticore since the day we though we lost you, you see when everyone got back from the stadium Phoenix and Manticore got into a fight but Johnson said he had no time for that and he wanted to go back and get you…..”

“Yeah, there was no way we were going to believe you’d die from something like that.” Rei added in with a tone the felt pretty uplifting at the moment, heh; did they really think I was THAT tough?

“That is right; we had to come for you but as for the others only myself, Rei and Mr. Johnson came from the group, of course we ran into Mr. Johnson’s lady friend Leslie…” as she said that demon ladies name I noticed that a unhappy look crossed Rei face for a split second before she forced it back, “and of course before that much to my surprise we befriended Mr. Scab…..” Scab….. Scab…….. That’s right the big guy with the combat knife, that was Scab, I just didn’t recognize that psycho killer at the time since I was still some what out of it at the time! I shot up yelling, “Scab?! What the hell is that monster doing here?!” to which Rana assured me, Oh, don’t worry he’s….. different now; he explained what was going one an has been helping us since, We can trust him.”

Trust him? Not so much yet but at lest see what was going on so I nodded and replied back, “Friend eh? Ok I’ll buy that but getting back on topic so even more of our group is now missing, great…..” I stopped to rub my eyes and bridge of any remaining drossiness since I new I was going to need to be doing some heavy thinking in short order. I look back up at them and ask, “So no leads?”

“Well…” Rei starting to quip but seemed to get embarrassed about what she was going to say and retracted.

“What is it Rei, don’t be shy.” Rana told her trying to build her confidence.

“Well….” Rei stuttered trying to over come her own flusterment at first, she took a breath and the forced it out, “I… I think I can feel…. sense Shinji-kun,,, I can’t explain it but this feeling has been getting stronger since we’ve got here. I…. I think we’re close to him.”

“Ok, that works.” I reply back with Rei looking relived at my response to what she had to say, “I guess we should get started.”

“But…. what about the rest of what happened to you, I still need to know.” Rana pleaded, of course she would, woman also have a obsession about knowing everything a man’s gone through and even Rei popped in with, “Yeah I’d like to hear all of the crazy shit you’ve been through too Ryujin-san.”

Yeah, I know you two do but……. “Guy’s thank you for your concern but…… I’m not… not ready to go over what happened after the stadium yet so maybe another time…...” I then turn to look at Rei and scolder, “And Rei, watch your mouth.” to which she responded with a poster that read, “Ahhhh, come on.” I peek back at the house wondering if they were finished with their dirty deeds then back at them to let them know my plan, “Ok as soon as they’re done with their…… “hobby” we really need to get going and find our friends, all of them; it’s time to get the family back together.”

Now sooner then after I finish what I was saying I hear the door open and I look back to see Johnson walk out with his two friends holding a large “hefty” bag in his hand that was……..Oh God, I wanted to vomit, he didn’t.

“Did…. did you need to bring her out… like that?” I ask him trying to hold back both the emotions and the disgust as he shot back yet again with that overly chipper tone in spite of the subject matter, “Well we need her to convince Maticore that you weren’t brained washed by the Overlords forces.”

“What?” I shot back more the a bit confused.

“Oh, she thinks that after the stadium went boom you were picked up and brainwashed to hunt her down, which you were of course just not by them, don’t worry there’s a method to my maddens.” He both answered and assured me but despite that I was still more then a bit confused but none the less there was more important things to go over right now starting with, “Speaking of which, about the Overlord….. you might want to sit down for this. The Overlord’s still he’s still alive.”
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Postby Orichalcon » Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:53 pm

I stood there, floored.

“M…Magdalene?” I asked tentatively. She grinned wickedly.

“Don’t think I did this for you, Wet One. Demiurge told me to,” she said, hips swinging sexily as she walked over to me. She curled her tail around my neck, and I blushed brilliant green, feeling warmth rush throughout my body. I gulped, covering my body with my hands. She smirked.

“Well, there’s one person who’s not immune to my powers,” she mused. I gulped.

“P-powers?” I asked. Magdalene chuckled.

“Nothing to worry your pretty little head about,” she said. I blushed. She had called me pretty! I tried to move, but the tail around my neck made it impossible. I tugged at the restraint, but it refused to budge. I laughed nervously.

“Uh, Magdalene? Your tail, er…”

“I’m perfectly aware. I prefer a captive audience.” My eyes widened.

“Captive audience? F-f-for what?” Magdalene merely smiled, and leaned close to me. My breath came in rapid bursts as she bit into my arm before drawing back with an odd hiss, her tail coiling back and releasing me. I fell back, panting. She looked at me, an eyebrow raised.

“…The hell?” she muttered. I looked back at her, perplexed.

“What?” I said defiantly, trying to hide my arousal towards the sexy, sexy demon. It didn’t work, and Magdalene noticed a dark spot on the crotch of my swimsuit, her confusion turning to bemusement. She licked her lips seductively.

“Well, someone’s certainly interested, that’s for sure. Like what you see?” she asked. Throat dry, I nodded guiltily. Her smile grew. “Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to disappoint you. Know a good place to spend the night?” I nodded slowly, my eyes wide with desire. “Then come on, lover. I’ve been pent up for far too long.” I nodded again, and before the beautiful demon could say anything, I grabbed hold of her and we passed into the Dirac Sea.

We came out a moment later, in an ornate room. Magdalene looked at me with a slight glimmer of newfound respect.

“Neat trick,” she said simply. “Where are we?”

“I used to live in this building. This suite has always been locked by a big biometric system. No one will disturb us here,” I said meekly. Magdalene smiled.

“Good to hear,” she said, extending a single finger into a sharp claw. I squeaked. She was going to kill me. As she brought the talon closer to me, I shut my eyes tight, not wanting to see the end.


I opened my eyes. I wasn’t dead. But what had she done, then. A breeze across my breasts made it apparent. I looked down at my naked body, the sliced remains of my swimsuit beside me. Magdalene appraised me, smiling widely.

“Ooh, I like. Nothing like a virgin to get me back in the game,” she said seductively. I blushed green, as I felt a warm rush to my nether regions. Magdalene’s head dipped down towards me, and I covered my body reflexively. She chuckled. “Don’t worry, dear. You’ll thank me soon enough…”

14 Hours Later

Magdalene sat up, smoking a cigarette.

“Whoo. Best lay I’ve had since Zuzu… Thanks, girl. I enjoyed that,” she said. I could not answer, as I was at that moment writhing on the bed in pure unadulterated ecstasy. Say what you will about demons, but DAMN are they good in bed. As the tremors began to settle, I laid my head down on the pillow, sighing in bliss.

“Ah…” I said as I drifted off.

You are near to me, girl. The time is nigh. Come to Superior and free me!

I jolted up with a shriek, and Magdalene flinched slightly.

“Geez,” she said. “No movement for 8 hours and you jump up like that? You sure are high strung. I fixed your outfit-“ she never got time to finish her sentence, as I grabbed the one-piece, put it on, grabbed Magdalene’s hand, and took us into the Dirac Sea.


We exited at the side of a lake a moment later. Magdalene looked at me incredulously.

“What the fuck are you doing?! Where are we?” she asked angrily. I held a hand up, silencing her.

“Lake Superior. We have an ally to free.”
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Postby Ryjin » Tue Mar 23, 2010 3:36 pm


Just off of National Route 300 near Nakanokura, Japan

“Where the hell is Robby?” 1st Lt. Charles Paulson yelled out to his comrades as they hopped into a crater now turned makes-shift foxhole in a desperate bid to give them a few more seconds to figure out what in the hell had just happened. Paulson along with his best friend Peter “Slimmy” Millers and his “wing-man” and love of his life Rachel Fosters seemed to be all that was left of a detachment from the 25th Wild Dogs mixed armor division that was on what was should have been a straight forward mission to attack a convoy bringing supplies to the Overlords front line forces, they had the details, the routes, the firepower, everything that they need to get in, take it out and then get out of there with their bacon in tacked but something went very wrong, maybe this was all just a trap or maybe it was just dumb luck but out of now where this…… this thing both mechanical but at the same time not started attacking them with razor thin barbed tendrils that would whip out and…. and just slice apart everyone like they where nothing, made out of paper…. and how it moved, it hobbled around like a crippled, drunken orangutan, it was the most awkward of things but despite that it darted about with all the agility of a cat on speed evading everything they threw at it.

“The fuck I know!” Slimmy shouted back as he frantically shook the dirty free of his rifle that had covered during his slide down. Suddenly he shot his head over to the left while calling out, “Hey did any of ya see tha-Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” but before the man could finish several barbed flashed of silver snaked over the ridge with near blinding speed and one by one the punctured though him starting with the arms then the legs and finally one busted our from his mouth whipping around in a macabre parody of a human tongue spewing his comrades with crimson ickier and for the briefest of moments Paulson stood there mouth agape and eyes wide shocked in absolute disbelief and horror at what had just happened to the man that was as close as a brother he ever had was being killed in front of him even though just every part of his mind and body command him to just stand there like some deer staring down the head lights of an incoming car and the few parts of him not panicking told him that his friend was dead and there was nothing he could do about it but in spite of this he had to something, anything, he couldn’t go out….not like this but by the time he got his rifle to bare... to do what he hadn’t thunk that far ahead yet, the tendrils dated up and out of sight taking the body with it and a second later it Paulson and Rachel watch his body hit the ground in front of them with a dull thud and a splash of crimson and it was time to flee and the two lovers and comrade in arms ran as far and fast as they could the regret of leaving his body behind in their hearts but there was little they could do; they had to survive to warn command of this….. this… THING and they pushed themselves pumping their legs unit they felt like rubber and their lungs breathed out hot smoke forcing themselves no matter how much they wanted, no matter how much it clawed at their mind to look back but it wasn’t enough, it was behind them and it was gaining. Paulson whipped his torso back trying in vain to fire at the monster as it simply danced its awkward ballet around his shots and the horrible realization, the damned moment of clarity when he knew that this was it, they weren’t going to make it and everything he did now was to be ultimately futile.

And so it came, Paulson clenched his eyes closed tight and preyed to whatever god that happened to be listening that somehow Rachel found a way out of this as he heard the whipping sound of the incoming tendrils and braced for his death, he could feel them come around him to rend him apart but instead he felt a simple gentile prick on each of his arms and legs which at first left him a bit confused until he tried to step forward to continue his run only to fall flat on his face tasting dirt as his legs gave in refusing to move, he tried to push him self up only to find his arms also no longer obeyed his commands leaving him with the only he could do which was yell and scream for Rachel to get to safety as he felt several tendrils wrap around him turning him around and setting him onto his knees looking dead into his love petrified eyes, her upper lip twitching as if see was trying to free something from them but only her mind was far to locked with fear to speak let alone move and behind he was the monster, this thing with its awkward misshapen form its dulled metal frame expanding and contracting as if this mockery was living and he could feel its stare though it lacked eyes Paulson could feel it leering at him from its tower like head, or whatever it was.

“Leave her alone, take me!” He yelled in futility as it wrapped its tendrils around Rachel’s limbs and torso lifting her up as she finally was able to mutter out, “Charles…. I’m…. I’m scared” It then proceeded to rip off her clothes leaving he slight frame open and exposed as it began to slowly and genitally at first caresses her soft pink skin with them as Paulson looked on in horror and rage at his inability to do anything but watch as the caressing became faster and harder breaking the skin as the crimson dripped out and she started to scream out in pain with tears flowing down her now blood splattered checks and the monster brought two of its tendrils around and gave her a prick to he chest and soon her screams of pain turned to twisted moans of ecstasy. Paulson couldn’t even look up at her anymore, his emotions at the braking point as he tried to force his limbs to obey his command, he couldn’t stand it not being able to do anything; even a futile jester against this thing would be better then this….. why, he thought, why doesn’t it just end it?! It was just a fucking machine! Why was it doing this?! Why can’t it just end this?! But no, it wasn’t done yet; it pulled back on its lower placed tendrils spreading her legs as it brought up the same two ones that gave her ecstasy and to Paulson’s absolute horror it thrusted them deep into her holiest of hollies and her moans became screams as it brought them in and out as blood and shredded flesh poured out falling to the ground. She ached her back throwing back her head as she reached her climax screaming which twisted in to a manic laugh and she shot her head back forward leering down at Paulson her face gripped with madness laced with pain and at that point he had had all he could take and his mind left him leaving a hollow empty shell staring blackly into space and with that the monster pulled his tendrils taunt and in one clean action served all over her limbs, head while split her torso in two all of which fell to the ground in a bloody pile as her organs and entrails spilled out onto the ground. The monster then turned its back and darted away…………
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Postby Defectron » Wed Mar 24, 2010 3:01 pm

Shortly after the Neo Disneyworld incident

“So all our people as well as our targets are clear of the park?” I asked Gaylord through my communicator as I soared through the sky. Not far away from me, the huge imposing form of the Abbaddon emerged from a large cumulus cloud as it soared into view.

“Yes, everyone's clear.”

“Good…I think it’s time we exterminate some mice. Burn NeoDisney world to the ground! That mouse will pay for stabbing us in the back.” I said as I glided over the ship, landing atop it. Within moments of doing this, a hatch opened about fifty feet away from me as an N2 missile was fired, homing in on the park leaving a white trail of smoke behind me.

“I suppose this is how one stops worrying and loves the bomb…” I said with a smile as a white flash erupted behind me followed by a mushroom cloud blossoming into the sky.

Below us shortly after the explosion

Van and Chucky who had fled the park slowly pulled themselves up out of the dust. They'd gotten out of the blast radius of the bomb, but the shockwave had knocked over the Pimpageddon as they were driving away.

“Ughh….she got us again….mother fuckin bitch got us again! Can you believe this shit?” Chucky shouted as he smashed the dashboard with his good arm. “All my ho’s gone too! That thing ate one of them, and that mutha fuckin dragon stepped on another one!”

“You still got me.” Tsubasa said from behind the seat.

“You don’t fuckin count girl! You more like half a ho yo so damn short!” Chucky said in anger. But before they could get into further arguments the sound of a chopper could be heard overhead. Van, still horribly burned but healing smashed the door to the car open as he got outside looking up. A bizarre looking helicopter was descending down next to them. What was strange is the front of the helicopter was sculpted and colored to look like a giant version of Mickey's face. “What the fuck….” He began to ask, but before he could say anything more, the mouth on the front of the chopper opened and it fired with a loud bang. The next thing Chucky and Van knew they were covered in some thick, sticky substance immobilizing their bodies.

“NYAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How do you like one of my immobilization grenades?” An annoying squeaky voice shouted. “Don’t worry, I have a napalm round ready too if you don’t feel like cooperating?” The squeaky voice shouted through what sounded like a megaphone.

“Hey we cool man! We don’t need none of that napalm now!” Chucky shouted. Van just growled as he tried to pry the goop from his face.

A bit later

“You shot me….without any hesitation you shot me…” Mickey ranted as he paced back and forth in front of Van who was still immobilized.

“Yes, what of it, I am Colonel Van Hellsing of the Lindquist division, you got in the way of my execution of one of the worst criminals on our wanted list…”

“You dimwit! That “criminal” is on our side! Or was, she’s been betrothed to our leader! And more than that, your divisions leader was branded a traitor and eliminated! It’s been ordered that everyone in that division be killed down to the last man! Your life is worth less than nothing now! I could just shoot you and no one would care, but I won’t do that! You see, my life is also worth nothing thanks to you idiots! You idiots are in the dark so let me fill things in for you! I am among the highest ranking generals of the overlord, I had it all. The overlord appointed me the chief of PR and I must say I did a very good job softening his image, you know, I was promised my own country once we took the world? But then you cretins ruined everything! Everything dammit! I was privy to some of his greatest secrets, he told me, that Manticores being fooled and the charade must not falter. If it does he will not hesitate to eliminate even someone like me! Now as far as Manticore is concerned, I am a traitor who should be eliminated, the overlord will do what he can to enforce that lie even if it means killing me! Just like he killed your superiors! But I won’t kill you…oh no…you see, I need your help! If we're going to make it alive we need to help each other…so you better help me or I WILL MAKE YOU KISS YOUR HANDSOME PRINCE GOOD NIGHT SLEEPING BEAUTY! SO YOU BETTER LISTEN TO MICKEY FUCKING EISNER IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!” Mickey shouted as he pressed a gun that had a replica of his own face on it on the barrel against Chuckey's face. He now had a crazed and deranged look about him that no one at the park had seen. A large vein was also pulsing on his fore head.

“H-hey it’s cool man…it’s cool…” Chucky said, he was still unable to move thanks to the goop. Mickey paced back and forth in front of them muttering things to himself, occasionally he would make dramatic sweeping gestures with his hands, as if he were ranting before a huge audience on a stage.

“Don’t worry…I think you’ll like helping me, if Manticore dies, the overlord will no longer have a reason to keep up the charade….he’ll welcome me back with open arms….I’m too valuable to throw away for no reason hehehehehe…..but I can’t do it alone! Oh no….not alone…never alone….I have the technology, I have the power! But I’m small and weak….I need your manly muscles! I need you muscle rider!” He said as he walked over to Tsubasa who was struggling to climb out of the goop. “Here have a Mickey face brand lollipop little girl. You will obey!” He said as he took out a sucker with his face on it and stuck it on some goop that was on the side of her face. He then went back to his pacing and his weird hand gestures as he ranted. “ If you cretins help me, I promise to give you your own castle when I make my magical kingdom! Will you swear loyalty to the mouse? WILL YOU DO IT WORM?!?” He practically screamed as he shoved his gun in Chuckey's face again.

“Wh-Whatever you say, you’re the man….” Chucky said as he struggled to move away from the gun.

“Good, that’s what I like to hear! NYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Laugh with me you pathetic cretins! LAUGH!!! WERE HAPPY NOW! It’s a fucking small world after all! NYAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!” Mickey then let out another stream of maniacal laughter that echoed throughout the desolate burned out landscape.


I sat in the command room waiting to hear from Undine and Magdalene, last I heard they went out to find the being that was presumably an eva that had been talking to Undine. To be honest this was a little worrying. I would have preferred to send out a proper team, but the two of them had just taken off on their own. The only reason I knew what was going on at all was because of the nanites that were in Magdalenes body which could be used for tracking as well as spying. It seemed the two of them had also had a pretty wild night, I just hoped that Magdalene could be trusted, if she couldn't she may try using Undine against us, though so far she hadn't done anything to really make me doubt her.

I was considering sending someone after them when suddenly a message flickered on screen, it was from one of the recon teams I had sent out to keep track of our targets. Specifically the team that had been watching the children, after we had found Magdalene we had lost track of the kids again and Demiurge as usual would vanish whenever I tried to ask him about them.

"We've located the targets, were sending you the coordinance right now." said the beastman on the other end of the transmission.

"Good...good...finally it looks like things are falling into place." I then turned on Gaylords communicator "Gaylord, we've found the kids, take us to these coordinates."

A bit later

Asuka vomited, lately it seemed like she just felt sick and irritable all the time. The fact that there was no good place to lie down really wasn't helping either. She wiped a bit of the vomit from her face before slowly walking back to where Shinji and Misato were camped out in an abandoned warehouse. All she had to rely on were those two, why did she always end up getting stuck with them? Asuka had no time to really wonder about this though as she heard the sound of thruster jets all coming down around her. These sounded just like the jets the Asuka clones used in their power armor. She looked around in a panic but saw nothing. However it was not the clones that materialized but a horde of half human half animal monstrosities. Asuka began to let out a scream but before she could I placed my hand over her mouth as I disengaged my stealth.

"Take it easy Asuka it's me!" I said to her before taking my hand off her mouth.

"Manticore? What are you doing here? What is all this?" She asked din confusion.

"Nothing to worry about, were here to help you out....and from the look of it you could use my help." I said glancing down at her swollen stomach.

"Hmmmm...Asuka....I've heard about you, a little fatter then I was expecting." We both heard a little girls voice say as Moeblob materialized behind us. Asuka turned to look at her in surprise.

"Moeblob...you're not nessecery for a rescue mission, return to the ship." I didn't like how she was looking at Asuka.

"Manticore, who is that? What are these things?" She asked looking a bit worried.

"I'll explain later, right now we got to get you out of here. Shinji's in there isn't he?" I asked. Asuka just nodded. "Tiny, take Asuka back to the ship." I said to the largest beastman who bent over to pick her up.

"Don't touch me you freak!" She protested trying to shove it away.

"Asuka, listen to me, I know these guys look intimidating , but if you just cooperate things will be ok. I know we've had our differences in the past, but I've always done what I could to keep you out of trouble. Just trust me and everything will be ok." Asuka seemed to settle down a bit after hearing that as the large beastman picked her up.

"You better explain what this is all about later!" She shouted back at me.

"Don't worry, it'll all make sense soon enough." I stated as Tiny took her over to a small aircraft he'd used since he was a bit too heavy for his power armors thrusters to handle long journeys. Now all that was left was Shinji, he was inside the Warehouse talking to Misato. I hadn't planned on taking her too, but what the hell, might as well. But before we could do so I heard a large boom, that sounded like the footstep of an eva. Shinji heard it too as both he and Misato both stood up.

"We've got a situation, unit 00 is approaching with your old group. I heard Gaylords voice say in my communicator."

"I see, how soon will they get here?" I asked

"I'd give them about five minutes."

This could ruin things if I didn't get the two of them out of here quick. But no, maybe I could use this. If Rei didn't think anything was unusual she would most likely get out of the eva to greet Shinji. That would be my chance. Masquerade wasn't here, and even if she was, her mask wasn't of the current Asuka, but of the Asuka from before she got pregnant. That wouldn't do and there was no time for Masquerade to make a new mask. I had to improvise. "Socks, I got a job for you." I said as the nanomorph came out of stealth next to me.

A bit later

What appeared to be Asuka walked back into the warehouse before sitting back down next to Shinji and Misato who were currently cooking what looked like some really crappy Misato style curry. Shinji however was still looking out the window listening to the footsteps.

"It's got to be Rei we should go out."

"Shinji it might not be here, what if it's unit 02 or one of the enemy evas?" Misato said as she got up placing a hand on his shoulder. "We can't risk it, just stay put until we see what exactly it is."

"Misatos right, it could be another enemy stupid." The fake Asuka said, Socks had only had a short time to learn Asukas behavior, but he was a very fast learner.

However it turned out Shinji had been correct as unit 00, followed by what looked like a modified version of one of the overlords armored vehicles pulled up in front of the factory. Inside of it however were a number of my former allies. Shinji unable to wait any longer ran out waving his arms in the air and shouting "Rei! Were over here!"

I waited in stealth as Johnson, That digimon girl, some freaky scarred guy and even Ryujin came out to greet Misato Shinji and Asuka. Shortly afterwards Rei got out of Unit 00 and climbed down to greet him as well. Just as planned, now was my chance I would take both the children and unit 00 in one stroke! I flew up to the still open entry plug and dove inside completely unnoticed by the others. It was about time for the Abbaddon to make its appearance.

As the group was getting reacquainted, Misato was the first to look up as a huge shape was descending from the clouds casting an ominous shadow over the group.

"W-What the fuck is that?" Leslie shouted as she transformed.
"Does that thing belong to the overlord?" Ryujin shouted backing away from the ominous form.
No sooner had they this a volley of particle beams and blasts from the ships rail cannons began to rain down around them, blowing apart abandoned vehicles and setting the warehouse ablaze. Rei quickly ran back over to unit 00 climbing back up the Evas back so that she could get inside its entry plug.

As expected, once the Abbaddon began to blow the shit out of everything in the area, Rei had retreated back to the eva, probably hoping to combat the behemoth. Just as I had expected her to do. No sooner had Rei shut the plug and gotten into the control seat she felt a blade pressed against her neck.

"Hello Rei, long time no see." I said as I came out of stealth right next to her.

"M-Manticore...What are you doing here?" She said in surprise.

"Sorry Rei, but I'm afraid I cannot allow unit 00 to remain in the control of your group any longer. Both of you will be coming with me. So just make sure your pet monster doesn't act up and cooperate."

"I will not!" She began to say but I cut her off.

"Oh yes you will! I have something of importance to you. Do you know what happened to Shinji after the attack started?" Reis eyes went wide at this.

"That's right, he should be in the possession of one of my underlings now. If you don't want anything bad to happen to him you'll cooperate. First I want you to knock over your friends new vehicle so that no one will follow us. Then I want you to take 00 and run to the north."

A bit earlier

When all hell broke loose Misato had taken Shinji and Asuka heading behind the factory while 00 and the others would presumably hold off the attackers. "Alright listen Shinji, we need to ARRGGHHH!" Asuka had just pulled a stun baton from who knew where and stuck her in the side with it, electrocuting her.

"Misato! Asuka why..." Shinji began to ask, but the fake Asuka moved with blinding speed as she punched him in the solar plexus knocking the wind out of him.

"Asuka was right, you are stupid." The fake said before hoisting him over its shoulder as it transformed.

Back in 00

Rei didn't know if I was bluffing or not, but she couldn't chance it. Reluctantly she nodded as she gave into my demands as she nodded.


00 suddenly turned looking down at the others below, then it turned with a single, light kick, giving just enough of a push to knock the vehicle onto its side.

"R-Rei? What the fuck?" Johnson began to say, but no sooner had he said this unit 00 took off in a sprint running away as fast as it could. The huge ship hovering above them immediately began to fly in the same direction.

"Stay put, I'll go after her!" Leslie shouted as she took flight giving pursuit.

In the eva

I glanced in the evas monitor spotting her. That's right, that dijimon could be troublesome. I preferred not to kill anyone in the group at this stage even if it was just some unknown who came back as a dijimon. We needed a way to shake her. But then I spotted something else, something was moving beneath her at very high speeds kicking up a cloud of dust as it ran. It was Moeblob in her combat form. I took out my communicator.

"Moeblob, I don't want you killing her if you can avoid it. Just slow her down so that we can get away without a fuss." I said into the communicator.

"Awww...but I wanna eat a dijimon!"

"No means no!" I stated before shutting it off.

Behind us

Using the leaping power like a giant flea, she shot into the air. Leslie turned in time to see, the huge aracnoid female form slamming into her as they both fell , crashing into the ground below. Leslie quickly pulled herself to her feet generating a blade.

"I don't know who you are, but you just made a big mistake!" She growled out.

"Hehehe...I knew that it'd be fun if I tagged along. Manticore says I can't eat you now...but lets make the most of it! Let's have some fun!" Moeblob said with a smile as she got ready to attack.


00 arrived atop a large hill as I had Rei stop. "This is good enough. Ok, Gaylord, drop her now!" no sooner had I said this, the Abbaddon fired several eva sized rounds at Unit 00. The AT field was down and each of these hit home as the eva dropped. Rei groaned in pain as it did so.

"W-What was that?" She groaned out.

"Tranquilizer rounds...glad I don't have a synch ratio, that looked like it must've hurt." I commented as Reis vision blurred and she went out cold.

A bit later

Back by the warehouse

Johnson , Scab and Ryujin had managed to flip the armored van back onto its feet. "I'm not entirely sure what just happened, but one thing's for sure, someone got us good." Ryujin said as he looked in the direction the eva had taken off in. They didn't have to wonder long about who or what was responsible for this though as they heard a whistling sound in the air. Moments later something impacted in the ground about twenty feet away from them kicking up all sorts of dirt and debris. It was a metal sphere about the size of a basket ball. Moments later the sphere opened up projecting a hologram. At first it was a hologram of just a desk, namely the desk in my command room. Then moments later a paper bag puppet came out from under it. It was a hologram of a paper bag puppet with two googly eyes and a big goofy mouth.

"Hey it's me Fandango! I'm the mastermind behind this kidnapping, bet you never suspected me huh?" The bag puppet said in a squeaky voice.

"What the fuck is this?" Johnson said as he walked over to the hologram waving his hand through it.

"Ah, just kidding! It was actually me all along....yes that's right everyone, I'm Sparticus!" I said as I took the puppet off my hand and got out from under my desk.

"M-Manticore? But why?"

"Johnson...johnson...johnson..." I said shaking my head. "You don't get it do you? The overlords forces are much bigger then you know. It just wouldn't be practical to allow such a powerful weapon to remain in the hands of just four people when you're up against the world. The only reason why no one's stolen it by now is because the overlords forces are run by a bunch of cracked up crazy shits who think it's fun to mess with you guys. Better to let me take it off your hands before they do right?"

"You had no right..." Johnson began to say but I cut him off

"Yes as I suspected you don't see it my way even after I explained it. I knew you wouldn't which is why I took things into my own hands. But my heart is as vast and wide as the ocean itself, so I just might be willing to make you a deal. In exchange for a little information....I might be willing to release one of the children back to you....if I feel like it." I said as I put my feet up on my desk and began playing with a Chinese finger puzzle watching my two frustrated former allies looking back at me. "Well? Is it a deal? One out of three aint bad right? Hmmm yes I think I'll release Shinji, he'll only end up irritating me if he stays here, I can hear him whining even behind these sound proof doors. And you do know something I want to know, sounds like a fair trade?"

"Fine..." Johnson muttered out.

"Good, what I want to know is this, did the overlord survive the bombing of that stadium? You know, don't you Ryujin." I asked as I looked over at him.

"Yes...Yes he did." Ryujin stated.

"I see....there must be quite a story behind that, but unfortunately I have no time to talk. I've got to attend to several matters regarding my new captives."

"Wait, what about your end of the bargain?" Johnson asked.

"I said if I feel like it...and I don't feel like releasing anyone to you, what I said was a complete lie. Also if you head three miles to the south you'll find Phoenix, I'm sure she'd love to see you guys." I said as I shut off the transmission.

Moments later an electronic voice said "This message will self destruct." This was follwed by a beeping sound and then just as everyone near the sphere ducked for cover that was a small bang as confetti shot intot he air, a large banner that had the words "congratulations" written on it landed between Ryujin and jonson, a big yellow smiley face was even painted on the bottom of it.

A bit later on the Abbaddon

After Moeblob returned, the ship ascended into the clouds. Rei and Shinji had both been moved to cells in separate areas of the ship. Normally I would have kept them in the same prison block, but what I had said to johnson was actually the lie. I really was intending to free Shinji after he served a certain purpose, but for it to work I had to make sure he and Rei stayed separated. But right now I wasn't concerned with them. Asuka lay on one of the beds in Gaylords lab as he examined her.

"What's wrong with it...what's wrong with my baby?" She asked with concern in her eyes. Gaylord took me aside so we were far enough away that Asuka wouldn't hear what he said.

"There's no doubt about it, this baby won't make it to birth. There's too many defects. I don't know how, but it appears that the father is nearly genetically identical to her, the only difference being that the father is of course male." He stated

"Those clones...I see the father must have been a different variation made by the overlord. You can't fix the defects? I mean I've seen you do some pretty amazing stuff, you made the beastmen and you even used some of my own dna when constructing my new armor. You couldn't overwrite some of the defective genes with new ones?" I asked.

"I could, but so much damage has already been done it most likely wouldn't solve all the fetus's problems." He explained.

"How's about this then, what if you use my dna? My cells automatically correct any genetic defects that might crop up, hell as long as I have a steady supply of energy I don't even age." I stated.

"That actually might work...yes that might be worth a try." Gaylord said as he seemed to consider this.

"Ok, I'll let Asuka know. If she gives it the go ahead, we'll go through with the operation." I said as I walked back into the room.
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Postby Vegeta 20XX » Sat Mar 27, 2010 3:43 pm

A few miles off, the silhouette of the man with the tengu mask can be seen. How the hell I could see him, I don't know. One of the Clone Asukas was preparing to attack him, and there was no possible way I could help him. The way he stood left him completely open - is he TRYING to die?



What the hell is SHE doing here? What the hell did I do to deserve this crap? I might as well see if I still got it while I have the chance. The redhead I saw earlier was charging at me like some sort of beast, and I'll be damned if I know why.


Well, here goes!



In an instant, the tengu-masked man went from sitting duck to the last one standing. Releasing a massive fireball-like attack, the bastard blasted the Clone into several bloody bits. Maybe we shouldn't have left him there...

I grabbed the nearest object that even vaguely looked like a communication device and tried to contact Ryujin and Mr. Johnson.

"Fuckers better pick up, I'm getting impatient..."

A static-y voice began to crackle out of the radio, "Eh? Phoenix? Hello?"
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Postby GasmaskAvenger » Sat Mar 27, 2010 8:37 pm

Mr. Johnson

Shortly after receiving this (rather obvious) news that our not-friend The Overlord is still very much alive, Ryujin had sit down and started to talk to our "has a face only a mother could love" faced friend Scab. Apparently, Ryujin just doesn't quite trust him, but our pal Scab easily explained that he's to be trusted.

"So lemme get this straight. You were that GI that the government labeled as commiting treason? Shit, I always knew that there was more to it than what the bullshit news claimed", Ryujin replied to something Scab said

"No fuckin' shit, bro. The various wars had taken a massive toll on my fellow GIs. You ever heard of Green Thunder and the Harlem Soul Brigade?", Scab asked Ryujin.

"Uhhh...kinda.", Ryujin replied, scratching his head, being very unsure.

"Well, Green Thunder himself, Luthor Gibbons and his bros were all psychologically damaged by the wars, as well as some mental experiments done by various US government scientists. Boy, they sure fucked them up and made 'em into a real savage bunch. However, I knew all about that, but the real brains behind the various world goverments that you all know as Seele didn't want that to be known, so they ordered the Prez and the government to hold me captive, lable me as a traitor to my country and throw my ass into prison for life.", Scab continued.

"But...how come you're....disfigured. Did you end up like that in prison?", Ryujin asked Scab

"No. When I was in instrumentality, I realized you could come back in a new form and with me never being the macho type, I decided to come back buffed...but, since I want revenge, I also made myself look like I was badly burned, as a reminder to those who wronged me. Let's say that its been working quite a bit...though I believe Luthor and his crew are working for The Overlord", Scab further explained

"I guess that means that we got even more good reasons to find a way to kick that bastard's ass, even with his goddamn AT Field", Ryujin remarked

However, as I stopped overhearing the conversation and walked around the house, I felt someone tugging at my coat, in which I turned around and saw Rei, informing me "We gotta get out! We need you all to follw me. I know where Ikari-kun, Asuka and Misato are at. I can feel them nearby."

"Holy shit!", I screamed, in which I then told her "Get ready and i'll tell the others", and ran off.

It took me about 2 minutes to gather everyone in the house to tell them "Alright guys. Rei here says that Shinji, Asuka and Misato are nearby, so we have to follow her in Zero. She apparently can sense it enough to locate it with ease"

Everyone pretty much agreed with ease and thus we were off.

We all then hopped into the tank (AKA Johnsonmobile Version 2.0) and followed Rei (inside Zero) and Lil' Z. It took us about 10 minutes to tank our way over there and sure enough, it was a rather siezable warehouse.

We then pulled up as Zero stopped, in which we saw Asuka (Who is quite pregnant, pale and sickly looking, but still has her vim and vigor), Shinji and Misato standing out. Shinji was waving his arms, calling out Rei's name.

All of us in the tank then got out, in which we greeted them. Rei herself then got out and greeted Shinji. Nice to see the two back together again. Usually, Asuka would be irritated seeing Rei and Shinji together, but something didn't quite seem right with her (Not the pregnant, sickly look, but something else. Can't quite put my finger on it)

However, our reunion was interrupted as some thing in the sky just materialized, which appeared to be a giant ship. Oh shit, its ID4 all over again!!

"W-What the fuck is that?", Leslie grunted out, in which in a split second, she turned into her LadyD form.

"Does that thing belong to The Overlord?", Ryujin weezed out

"It has to be", Scab growled out, pulling out his combat knives out in the process.

Before any of us could say "Oh shit", various projectiles began to blast out of it, causing us to run to cover. Rei herself then ran towards her EVA, in which Lil' Z lifted her to the entryway and Shinji, Misato and Asuka ran to another era

Since it seems that we had to jam, we ran towards our tank in which Zero had suddenly knocked down with a swift kick

"R-Rei? What the hell?", I blurted out in response, but then Unit 00 just darted off.

Oh shit! Could someone else be in there! FUCK!!

Interestingly enough, the spacecraft followed Zero, in which Leslie then informed his while holding an arm up "Stay put, I'll go after her!" and flew off in the direction of the ship and Zero.

With Leslie flying off to see what's really going on, me and those who are here all tried to lift the tank, with no success, yet all of a sudden, Lil' Z floated down, lifting the tank with supernatural ease.

Ryujin then took another look at the direction Zero took a run for it, yet we all could here this nasty sounding whistle pierce our ears, following by this ugly thud that hit the ground, with debris all around this thing.

It was a metallic basketball!


The metallic orb then opened up, projecting what looked like a hologram of a desk. Then, this paper bag puppet popped out of the desk (via hologram) and in a very squeaky voice, blurted out "Hey it's me Fandango! I'm the mastermind behind this kidnapping, bet you never suspected me huh?"

"For a second, I thought Princess Leia was going to pop out and ask 'Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope', but instead I get you. State your purposes, name and what you did with the kids!", I snarked, then yelled while I looked at the hologram

"Ah, just kidding! It was actually me all along....yes that's right everyone, I'm Sparticus!", the voice changed, thus a familiar green hand popped out, removed the puppet and revealed that it was a hand puppet (duh) and Manticore suddenly popped out of the desk, all via a hologram.

"M-Manticore? But why? What do you have against us? Why are rolling with the wrong crowd now?", I asked in a tone full of despair.

"Johnson...johnson...johnson. You don't get it do you? The overlords forces are much bigger then you know. It just wouldn't be practical to allow such a powerful weapon to remain in the hands of just four people when you're up against the world. The only reason why no one's stolen it by now is because the overlords forces are run by a bunch of cracked up crazy shits who think it's fun to mess with you guys. Better to let me take it off your hands before they do right?", she explained in quite a fairly big set of detail

"You had no right...", I replied

However, she cut me off and replied back "Yes as I suspected you don't see it my way even after I explained it. I knew you wouldn't which is why I took things into my own hands. But my heart is as vast and wide as the ocean itself, so I just might be willing to make you a deal. In exchange for a little information....I might be willing to release one of the children back to you....if I feel like it."

She then put feet up on her desk and began playing with a Chinese finger puzzle, just chewing up our utter frustration and"Well? Is it a deal? One out of three aint bad right? Hmmm yes I think I'll release Shinji, he'll only end up irritating me if he stays here, I can hear him whining even behind these sound proof doors. And you do know something I want to know, sounds like a fair trade?"

"Fine...", I replied with a fairly unamused tone

"Good", Manticore responded with a tone of satisfaction in her voice. She then looked at Ryujin and asked him "What I want to know is this, did the overlord survive the bombing of that stadium? You know, don't you Ryujin."

"Yes...Yes he did.", Ryujin immediately replied

"I see....there must be quite a story behind that, but unfortunately I have no time to talk. I've got to attend to several matters regarding my new captives.", Manticore replied back

"Wait, what about your end of the bargain?", I then quipped out

"I said if I feel like it...and I don't feel like releasing anyone to you, what I said was a complete lie. Also if you head three miles to the south you'll find Phoenix, I'm sure she'd love to see you guys.", she smirked, then the hologram then shut off, in which a sort-of monotone british female voice then blurted out "This message will self destruct.", followed by some beeping.

"FUCK!! GET DOWN!!", I screamed to the others, in which the sphere then just blew some confetti out of it, followed by this ridiculous banner with a smiley face and the word "Congradulations" on it in eyeblinding colors

"Shit. What do we do now?", Scab asked us

"I got no fuckin' clue. But we need to meet up with Phoenix.", I replied.

Yet, I heard this familiar voice speaking out of the walkie talkie I haven't used in a while, which proceeded me to take it out and reply "Phoenix, is that you?"

"Yes! I need help. Get your asses over here...NOW!!!"


Two figures are walking in the wasteland. One a caucasian teen with a long black vinyl cape and long black vinly gloves, a T-Shirt of an anime with the text all in Japanese, regular jeans and Nike Kicks. The other is a robot with some swastikas on his body, hinting that he's an obvious robotic neo-nazi.

The Abaddon can be seen in the horizon, in which the girl spots it, pulls out a megaphone and shouts out "Stop! However is on board....please let us on. We want to join you."

Somewhere in Tokyo-3....

"So...my sweet Mana. Soon, you'll be ready to fight again.", Biomancer informs another person, who is being obscured as we can only see Biomancer's back

"Yes...I am ready to go back.", Mana speaks in monotone. She is looking fairly pale and is entirely naked. She's also sitting in front of this giant gizmo board, with her arms strapped to these ledges/arches.

"Now..my sweetie. I'm going to let you go, but only so you can bend down and give me ecstasy like I expect from you."
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