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Postby GasmaskAvenger » Wed Jan 27, 2010 7:06 pm

Mr. Johnson

Things been a bit crazy ever since we left that town

We ran into this kid called Spike-Sen, who's thankfully not part of The Overlord's regime (And, for some reason, has a thing for Rei, just by my own observations)

We fought the Issei kid one last time and finally killed him (Or...ahem....her, since that little vampire girl from the Vampire Town bit him) once and for all, as well as defeated (or ran away, since I can't quite totally remember) from this beastie that terrorized Spike.

We haven't ran into Scab or any other wackos since, yet Ryujin says that there's a base a couple of miles ahead he wants to attack, just to show that we're not to fuck with, thus we got the mechs (and the EVA) all ready and we then marched off to attack that base.

Once we got there, we got ourselves ready, yet Manticore had her own things to deal with, so she and that Demiurge dude went on their own, so I really don't know what was up with that.

That little thing, by the way, happened before the rest of us arrived at the base, so when we actually got there, neither Demiurge nor Manticore were to be found.

Yet, we did catch a mid-size group of grunts, soliders and such, who were being led by some nazi-like dude wearing, of all things, a gas mask!

But rather than allowing the enemy to attack us first, Ryujin screamed "Fire!", in which he, Rei, Shrio and the others began to unload a shitload of bullets and such

Chaos ensured, in which I then jumped in, pulled my lovely saw out, ignited it and screamed out "Come and get me, you motherfuckers!!", and charged directly at the opposing forces.

Using a combination of chainsaw strikes and some kicks, elbowing and other attacks I could muster, I managed to decimate the ground enemies in a typically messy matter while some of the others were blown into gory giblets as the giant sized bullets penetrated them

This, in a nutshell, last for a good 5-10 minutes...until Senior Gas Mask General charged at me, in which I made him trip on my heel as I extended my leg. After he landed on the floor ass first, I walked up to him, removed his mask and hat, then proceeded to blow his brains out with my magnum.

So in a short amount of time, we all had taken out all of the opposing forces in a base that was, surprisingly enough, not too far away from this gargatuan stadium of sorts, in which, just looking by the distance, is quite crowded

"So...could the so-called Overlord be in there?", Phoenix asked

"Hey. Why not we crash the party?", Spike chimed in

"If we sneak in, I could snipe the fucker and end it all", Ryujin shouted out

Thinking for a moment, with classic action movies in mind, I then suggested "Why not...why not we go in disguise?"

"Hey, that's a great idea. That means we can get in undetected and that they think we're part of the regime. Works with me", Phoenix replied

"Alright then. I can find a way and confront the bastard myself at the right moment", Ryujin murmurs.

Right after he responded, the roaring of a motorcycle was heard outside...and then it stopped, in which Manticore and Demiurge stepped inside, with Manticore saying "Well, I sure as hell missed out on the fun this time"

"No shit", I replied back "So..you talked to Mr. Thunder Thighs, right?", I replied

"Yeah. In fact, we got to either follow my plan or steal the shield generator", Manticore replied back

"Well...might as well get that shit done while the rest of us head out to the rally in disguise", I remarked

"I'll stay here while the rest of you go to the rally", Demiurge informed

"I'll stay here as well in case you need backup", Shiro added in.

"Cool. Now, we should all put on the uniforms of the dead people and go in, acting like we're a part of the regime", I told everyone

"So..that's the plan? I'm cool with that, but excuse me for a second", Manticore replied. She then stepped out of the main room, walked into a bathroom, spent about a minute in there and all of a sudden came this dude in his 20s, dressed in one of the spare uniforms

"Who the fuck are you?", Ryujin asked, pointing the gun at the dude

"Name's Daniel. I'm a friend of Manticore. She told me to fill in for her", the guy informed us.

"So...what happened to Manticore. She just...walked to the bathroom and now vanished. Care to explain?", I asked him

"Ask later. We got to get going. Might as well get dressed.", Daniel replied

However, we then all looked at Rei, in which Ryujin asked "Well...as for Rei, we got to do something to make her unrecognizable to the others"

I then raised my right finger and said "Hold on a second", in which I then grabbed a box that was nearby that contained, to my surprise, a long black wig, some black make-up, black eyeliner, black lipstick and fake black fingernails. I then ran back with the box in hand and asked Phoenix "Can you get Rei made up in the uniform to make her look like a goth chick? That might work"

"Sure thing", She replied. She then turned to Rei and told her "Let's go. I'll do it all. I know what to do" as they walked off, in which she took Rei by the hand and walked to the ladies room with the box and two spare uniforms (the female variant, of course) in hand.

They took about 15 minutes, while us guys got dressed into the uniforms as well. Me being a sick fuck, I simply took the entire attire of the gas masked general and myself to be him (Everything, including his general hat, gas mask, gloves and all). After Rei and Phoenix got out (Heh, look at Rei. She looks like she just stepped out of some goth club, albeit if it was required for you to wear a military uniform. Also note the Morticia-esque wig she's got on as well, thus making her nearly virtually unrecognizable), I asked Phoenix to help put my hair into a ponytail, in which she easily did.

So, in short, over the course of 25 minutes top, we all got into our disguises, hopped into an deserted enemy vehicle (Can't use our own, since that'll screw everything up) and drove to the monolithic indoor stadium. So monolithic, it pretty much resembled a sports center of all things

"Hold on a second...I thought that it was just a simple baseball stadium. Now its like fuckin' Budokan on steroids!", Daniel screamed out in disillusion

"You never know what kind of magic The Overlord has up his sleeves", Spike replied

So as we drove up to the Parking Attendent booth, I then asked the others if they had enough cash to pay, yet to my surprise, the parking attendent then said "Greetings. Feel free to park wherever you want without pay. Its all on The Overlord's house. Go on" and allowed us to move on after handing us our tickets to our reserved seats.

Despite the lack of parking places, we managed to get one fairly close to the Arena. I mean, pretty damn close to the arena, and its not even a handicap parking place to boot.

So we then all got out of the vehicle and marched our way to the entry when we were then stopped by some actual members of the regime that told us "Hey, you guys! The Overlord had informed you all to bring weapons in case any enemy forces attack. Do you need us to supply you with some, General Biohazard?"

"Oh. I...I guess I dozed off at briefing the other day. Lemme take my soldiers back to the vehicle and grab some, okay?", I told the soliders, while putting on a fake gruffness to my voice

"Go on ahead and retrieve your weapons", they replied as they saluted

So we then marched back to the vehicle, opened the back compartment and retrieved some firearms.

Ryujin then asked me "Is there by any chance a sniper rifle in there?"

In response, I grabbed a briefcase, opened it and to my surprise, contains a sniper rifle that required some minor assembly in ordered to be used. I tossed the briefcase to him and replied "There you go"

Now with weapons in hand, we walked back to the entrance, we given the A-OK to go in and entered.

My fuckin' goodness. What kind of insane goofiness is this?

Fuckin' paintings of this fucker who looks like the bastard child of Sauron and Darth Vader? Is that the so-called "Overlord"?

Not even Hitler was this egotistical (Sure, Raul Julia's M. Bison was, so this is pretty much on par), but regardless, we moved on.

We passed by some concession stands, some memorabilia booths stocked with various shirts, action figures, posters, DVDs and whatnot, all dedicated to Darth Sauron, much like the paintings we saw before

"So this must be our...ahem...sampler of what The Overlord is like", Phoenix muttered

"Ain't he the greatest?", some random regime member remarked as he walked up by us. What a skinny, pasty fucker he is. "We all had no idea how to get ourselves back into focus after Third Impact happened...until he, The Overlord came out of the shadows and have pretty much put all faith back into our survival from everything, from all the superhuman psychopaths, all the way to the zombies that roam around", he confessed.

"Definitely. He sure is something, ain't he?", I lied.

"Great. I hope we can all meet up after the rally, kay?", he asked

"Absolutely. We'll...ahem...meet up in a bar later. Bye", Daniel lied to the kid.

The kid then skipped away to some other location around the lobby.

"Man. Even I ain't that obsessive towards the things I idolize. Sheesh", Spike scoffed.

"Alright, guys. Let's get to our seats, okay?", I then replied

Everyone nodded and thus, we continued to walk. However, Rei then suddenly stopped and spoke out "Something feels...very dangerous about this place"

"Umm...what is it, Ayanami?", Ryujin asked

"I feel a presence that I haven't felt in a long time. Not since that time Kaworu was descending into Terminal Dogma", she replied

"Well...I guess we got to be a bit...cautious around here. Especially if Big Mac himself shows up", I replied back. "Anywho, let's resume getting our seats"

So we then finally navigated around the entrance to the actual arena (And man, its huge) and got directed to our seats.

Shockingly enough, our seats were quite close to the actual stage, which means that we could actually charge at the bastard if he pops up at any given time...though that would be absolute suicide, considering that we're surrounded by what seems to be the entire regime in a real monster of a sports arena.

"So...I wonder what exactly is going to happen here?", Ryujin asked

"I got no fuckin' clue", David replied

"William-sama. I'm a little nervous and scared", Rei remarked, sounding very worried

"Don't worry...you'll be fine", I replied

Then...I suddenly thought of rock concerts and such

"Hey guys! Why not if and once The Overlord is on stage, i'll distract him by turning this thing into a rock concert!", I whispered

"Yeah. In fact, while you do that, i'll attempt to find a good vantage point to assasinate this bastard to end it all", Ryujin whispered back

"Excellent", I replied while whispering. I then turned my head towards Rei and whispered to her "At one point, i'm going to need you on stage, but when you're on stage, your name is Susan Altman, not Rei Ayanami. Got it?"

"Yes, William-sama", she whispered back in response

So then we just watched the nothingness that was happened and then...BAM!!

Things go black in the enclosed area. A mass array of multicolored lights flash and beam everywhere and this MC/Announcer type dude came out and yelled "Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls. Welcome to The First Annual Overlord rally! Now then....LET'S GET READY TO SIEG HEIL!!!!!!"

"Michael Buffer?!? The fuck?!?", I thought to myself in absolute bewilderment "This fuckin' world has gone to the deepest depths of insanity. Thank lucifer that we didn't have any so-called Impacts back home, though we do have Street Fighter 3: Second Impact, but that's about it"

The entire arena erupts in cheers, yells and background music of sorts. Once again, thank lucifer that it's not that rap/hip-hop shit, nor pop music, but whatever.

"First off tonight, I introduce to you....Glenn Palin O' Reily!!", the announcer shouted

"Oh satan. I can't believe I have to suffer through this conservative GOP shit here too...especially in fuckin' Japan, of all places!!", I muttered to myself in a pissy tone

The guy then came on and thankfully, was hit with a tidelwave of boos. What's even more whacked is that the fucker looks a lot like Steve Buscemi with Zakk Wylde's beard, of all things.

The dude then tried to tell some jokes that are in the land of complete preachy bullshit that I can't stand, yet what's really hilarious is that even the entire crowd refuses to digest his excrement either.

Then the Michael Buffer type came out and told Glenn "Sorry Glenn. In the world of the Overlord, we don't take that kind of crap."

Then Mr. Thundergod himself Lindquist came out of the curtains and did the most violent and savage things to the cocksucker, eviscerating him totally. After that, the MC then announced "With that fly gone. Why not we now introduce you all to Keith Maher!!"

Then this slightly overweight, yet quite young dude came out and started to joke stuff that the now dead other guy would have fumed over

"Now this is more like it!", I proclaimed, yet to my surprised, while the crowd itself was alright with the guy, Ryujin shrugged him off and even muttered "punk"

I don't feel like getting into a fight over conflicting views with a friend, thus that's why I pretty much kept my lips tight on politics around the group in the first place, but alas, the genie has to come out of the bottle eventually.

Then...to my shock, Mr. Maher was then impaled with a scythe that was being handled by...get this...that doll chick that was part of that group that drugged me in Ronthhook!

"Oh bullshit! Why did he have to die?!?", I screamed

"Heh. Right, left. We don't give a shit. In the land of the Overlord, we don't follow silly oldtime rules like that. Only The Overlord matters and thats' the fact, Jack", this other member of the regime told me in response

"Whatever", I snarked back. Truth is, whatever this Overlord person is like...my satan. Just...fuck.

Then the rest of the crowd, excluding us, chanted "The Overlord is our savior and master. We shall obey everything he tell us because he saved us from eternal darkness and despair"

"Gee. Even the Neo-Scientologists wern't this nutty!", Phoenix whispered

"Indeed", Daniel muttered in response

"Excuse me? How do you know about that?", Phoenix whispered back

"Nevermind.", Daniel replied back.

After dollskin (or whatever her name is. I don't fuckin' know, so be easy on me, kay?) left, these black dudes in camo then walked onto stage, picked up Keith's corpse and walked through the stage curtains with it in their arms. After they left, the announcer/MC guy came back on stage and annoucned "With the slayings of those faggots out of the way, let's introduce you all to the first real entertainment of the night"

"Where is The Overlord?!?", one dude screamed out

"Heh. He'll be here. Give him time", the MC replied, which shut that other guy up. The MC then resumed. "Anyways...I like you all to give big, warm welcome to the LA Shanzmacht Group!"

Out came this troupe of performance artists that did some kind of act that was like a weird blending of Cirque du Soleil, a musical performance on Broadway and fuckin' Riverdance.

Even though us older folk didn't really gave two shits about this, Rei really got a big kick out of it. At least she's having fun, even if the entertainment is being provided, ironically enough, by the enemy.

That shit lasted about...I guess...25 minutes top...I really don't know, nor I give a damn, though the shallow minded crowd applauded, much like the complete sheep they are by following this madman of a ruler.

After that, another absurd act came out. This time it was two clowns. Okay, seriousy? What kind of fuckin' entertainment is....oh wait.

They're shanking themselves. Wow. Even Dr. Gross would find this...ahem...gross.

Though Rei, one again, found this funny, despite seeming to be also half-disturbed by what idiotcy just happened.

The clown corpses were removed. The blood was cleaned up.

Next thing that happened was this battle between a drummer and a drum machine. Now this was pretty interesting at least.

Although the human drummer won, he looks like that he aged about 50 years too soon in just the span of five minutes. Poor bastard.

More crap happened on stage, yet this led to some booing by the crowd, who just wanted to see The Overlord and nothing else.

Of course, this lasted for about the span of nearly a hour, but yeah...what the hell.

Then...something happened.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. The moment you all been waiting for!!", the MC/Announcer announced. "Presenting you all. Our saviour and leader...THE OVERLORD!!!!"

The stage then filled up with fog, a lot of lights and various other pyrotechnics as Darth Sauron...ahem...The Overlord elevator from the floor up onto the stage itself. He then raised his gauntles donning hands into the air, in which the entire crowed roared in excitement and satisfaction as lightning struck behind the bastard himself.

"At last! There he is! I can't wait to kill him!", Ryujin whispered in a growly tone.

"Trust me. We all want him to bleed and pay for all the shit he's done to us", Phoenix whispered back.

Anyways, The Overlord then stood by a podium and growled into the mic with what had to be the most fuckin' evil, robotic voice i've ever heard in my life "Greetings, my children. I've been waiting to see you all."

Cheers erupted, obviously.

The Overlord then talked about the usual crap a batshit insane dictator would tell his followers..but then it got...quite interesting.

He then blabbered about some shit that he's about to have his longtime enemies vanquished and you know what suddenly happened?

Ritsuko, of all people, suddenly walked out the curtain and pressed a button that caused this thing to open up on the stage floor, in which a platform raised in which a few men and most surprisngly of all...Kei were all tied up to some kind of rack or thingy bopper.

"What?!? Kei!?! I thought I dealt with that freak for good!", Daniel screamed, then he proceeded to shut himself up.

Gee...something familiar about Daniel is making my head roll into confusion. Could he, in fact, be Manticore herself? Ummmm...possible, but I doubt it.

The Overlord and some of his minions then completely massacred the fuck out of Kei and the old men. Apparently, they were what remained of Seele, some company that pulled all the strings pre-third impact. After about 5 minutes, The Overlord's enemies were dead and messily brutalized.

The Overlord then took center stage, got back to the podium and blabbered more about the typical Hitler-esque shit, yet this seemed to be my cue to turn this place into a rock concert.

"Hey Ryujin. Better get that vantage point while you can", I whispered

"Alright. See ya on the other side", he replied, in which he then got up.

"Where do you think you're going?", The Overlord asked him

"Uhhhh....the bathroom", Ryujin replied

"Move on", The Overlord responded back. Phew, such a close call.

I then gave The Overlord more time to keep talking about his shit before I took the stage by storn, in which I did now

"Yo Overlord!", I shouted at him as I stood up

"Yeeesss General Biohazard. What is it?", The Overlord growled in response

"Care if I...rock the house out?!?" I asked him

"You mean...turn MY rally into a fuckin' ROCK CONCERT!?!", he growled in anger.

"Well....we need to liven things up. In fact, you can sing the last song of the setlist", I told him in response.

"Done deal. Step on stage, the session players are all ready. Just tell them what songs you are going to cover and do it, okay?", The Overlord growled in a less pissy tone

"I understand", I immediately replied, in which I then made my way towards the stage. The Overlord thankfully got out of my way as I grabbed a nice looking V-Guitar and a pick.

The session players then walked up to me and asked "So..what's the setlist?"

"First song is Morbid Angel's Lord of All Fevers & Plague. Then, we follow that up with The Damned's New Rose, followed by Anthrax's Poison My Eyes. After that tune, my little sister Susan is going to sing a song while we do the instruments. After she leaves the stage, we will then do Alice Cooper's Lay Down & Die, Goodbye, closing it out with Warning's Why Can the Bodies Fly, with, of course, the vocals done by our savior The Overlord, okay?", I informed them.

"Great. Give us a minute and we'll be ready, alright", the drummer then responded

So I then waited there, until the bassist then shouted "Let's start!"

BAM!! We cover that Morbid Angel song like a motherfucker on roids. I do the best death growls I could muster, despite my voice being slightly obscured with this other gas mask on.

So we go through that tune with success.

Then I mutter "Is she really going out with him?", which is, of course, the start of "New Rose" and once again, we nail it brilliantly.

The third song, "Poison My Eyes", is far longer than the first two songs, yet its just playin' bad ass and boy...the crowd sure love us.

With that song done, it was time for Rei to sing

"Hey Susan! Come on stage! It's your turn to sing!", I shout

Rei then gets on stage and walks towards me. I hand her the mike, ask her "So what song are we going to play?"

"Soul's Refrain", she replied "I hope that me singing in my native language won't bother you all."

"Oh it won't. In fact, it'll be beautiful", I replied

"Thanks", Rei replied while giving me her usually beatiful, angelic smile.

I then stood with the other musicians and allowed Rei to sing. She sung the entire song in Japanese ,while the rest of us gave the actual music our own personal touch. Once again, the crowd ate it up.

After we finished it, I told Rei 'Okay Susan. Go back to your seat, okay?"

She then nodded, smiled and walked back to her seat.

I then muttered "You are the only censor. If you don't like what I say, you have a choice. You can turn me off" and wham! we smack right into "Lay Down and Die, Goodbye"

That tune takes a bit of time, but again, we pull it off well.

Now...the last song is here.

"Alright, my lord and saviour...here's the mic", I shout at The Overlord, in which he then grabs the mic set and stands by it. I then, once again, walk back to the other musicians and of course, we do the song.

Of course, The Overlord's mechanical growl is just perfect for the song, as well as his surprisingly good and, oddly enough, feminine dancing style and yes...we manage to finish it. The entire crowd is cheering and yelling at the greatness they witness.

The Overlord then tells me "Well, General Biohazard. Since I like you enough, how about a promotion?"

"Well...i'll think about it, okay?", I replied

"Fine with me", he growled back

After that said and done, as soon as I made my way back to my seat, the blast of a gun was heard in the entire room.

A blast that the entire world would here.

A gunblast with fate written all over it.

A gunblast that sealed Ryujin's fate

My fate.

The Overlord's fate.

The entire world's fate.

A gun blast via a sniper rifle, that no one would ever forget.
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Postby Defectron » Fri Jan 29, 2010 12:34 am

When I met back up with the others it was clear that everyone had been pretty busy while I was gone. They had attacked and for the most part destroyed one of the overlords bases.

It turned out that I had gotten back right in the middle of a plot to assassinate the overlord at his Rally. That sounded like an incredibly risky plan, but I wasn't feeling up to talking anyone out of doing it right now. In any case even if it blew up in our faces the end result would still be ok as long as I had the shield generator.

"Cool. Now, we should all put on the uniforms of the dead people and go in, acting like we're a part of the regime" Johnson began to explain. Wait this sounded like a plot out of inglorious bastards...well hopefully this plan would go more smoothly then it did in that movie.

"Hey...uhhh, you sure you don't want to come along? We could probably use your help int his." I said to Demiurge.

"No, I'm afraid not, part of knowing, is knowing when not to act." Demiurge said nodding his head.

"What the hell does that mean? Are you trying to tell me this is a bad idea?" I asked him.

"No, only that this is the wrong time for me to act. That statement doesn't apply to you." That meant this event would only work out favorably if we went on our own? Though I had no idea how that would work I decided to take his word for it.

"I see..." I said before turning back tot he others. Though there was one problem, I would stick out like a sore thumb if I tried to disguise myself using conventional means. Fortunately for me I had access to some unconventional disguises. "So..that's the plan? I'm cool with that, but excuse me for a second" I said to the others as I ran off to the bathroom and took out the new mask i had made before putting it on. As usual I felt incredibly weird as I transformed, I was never going to get used to that. Every time I did that my crotch felt like it was made of pins and needles right afterwards. After transforming I put my regular clothes away and put on the dead soldiers clothes. I didn't much care for wearing the clothes of a filthy corpse, but after all the stuff I'de been through I was disensitised enough that I was only a little annoyed at this.

After this I walked back out to have Ryujin ask "Who the fuck are you?"

"Name's Daniel. I'm a friend of Manticore. She told me to fill in for her"

"So...what happened to Manticore. She just...walked to the bathroom and now vanished. Care to explain?" Ryujin asked. Why the hell did everyone always need explanations?

"Ask later. We got to get going. Might as well get dressed." I said not really feeling like coming up with something. Everyone else had a harder time coming up with their disguises, especially Rei who took out a big black wig. I considered lending them some of my masks, but that would just raise a bunch of questions I didn't feel like answering.

Altogether this took 25 minutes, shit I shouldn't have put the mask on so quickly. I only had an hour before this wore off. A short while later we drove off to the stadium, apparently the setup had come a long way since I had last been here.

"Hold on a second...I thought that it was just a simple baseball stadium. Now its like fuckin' Budokan on steroids!" I shotued as we drove up.

"You never know what kind of magic The Overlord has up his sleeves" Spike remarked, he was right, if what Lindquist and Demiurge said was true we didn't know half of what the overlord was capable of. Would this assassination attempt really work? Demiurge hadn't tried to stop me. That meant somehow this attempt would work out in favour of whatever he was planning, but that didn't nessecerly mean that it would result in the overlords death. We got in and it was fairly easy finding a parking space. I felt a little uneasy about all of this, we were walking into the lair of the enemy, an enemy stronger with forces more vast then we knew.

"Hey, you guys! The Overlord had informed you all to bring weapons in case any enemy forces attack. Do you need us to supply you with some, General Biohazard?" Someone asked Johnson who was apparently wearing the mask of someone who was pretty high ranking. So the overlord was actively encouraging his underlings to bring weapons to his Rally? Either he trusted them all a lot or there was something we didn't know of going on here. I had a bad feeling about this.

"Oh. I...I guess I dozed off at briefing the other day. Lemme take my soldiers back to the vehicle and grab some, okay?", Though I was kind of glad we got to have weapons despite this. I was feeling kind of naked without my tentacles and tail. As we walked inside I noticed a number of paintings of some dark imposing figure with a black cape adorning the walls. Who did this guy think he was? Darth Vader? Zero? Sauron? But despite the goofyness it was becoming clearer and clearer that there must be some secret behind this guy. Either he had insane charisma to gather this sort of following, or he came back packing some serious power to back the dark lord look. Would our assassination attempt work? Would a bullet be enough?

"So this must be our...ahem...sampler of what The Overlord is like" Phoenix remarked.

"Ain't he the greatest?" A small pasty nerdy looking man said as he walked up. Oh boy, who the hell was this loser?"We all had no idea how to get ourselves back into focus after Third Impact happened...until he, The Overlord came out of the shadows and have pretty much put all faith back into our survival from everything, from all the superhuman psychopaths, all the way to the zombies that roam around" he went on about the overlords exploits. It was true the overlord seemed to be resoring some sort of order, but I didn't like it. From what I've seen this order was nothing more then a childs game to the overlord, only using real people as playthings.

"Definitely. He sure is something, ain't he?", Johnson said.

"Great. I hope we can all meet up after the rally, kay?", the nerd said with a smile.

"Absolutely. We'll...ahem...meet up in a bar later. Bye" I said not wanting to talk to this guy any longer. Dammit, its been half an hour at least, we had to get this over with soon or we'd be in trouble.

"Man. Even I ain't that obsessive towards the things I idolize. Sheesh" Spike remarked, though I wasn't completely sure about that.

We were about to go to our seats when Rei stopped and said "Something feels...very dangerous about this place"

"Gee....I wonder what made you think that..." I said.

"Umm...what is it, Ayanami?", Ryujin asked

"I feel a presence that I haven't felt in a long time. Not since that time Kaworu was descending into Terminal Dogma" Rei explained.

Kaworu was that angel. There couldn't be an angel here? I then galnaced at one of the tapestries of the overlord. Nah it couldn't be.....

Amazingly we managed to get seats pretty close tot he front row. This was both a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing was that it would be easier toa ttackt he overlord. The bad thing was that if I began to change back before this was over there was no way in hell I would be able to get out of sight in time. I had to be careful, I would leave for a bathroom break around ten minutes before I was schdualed to change back. That would be just enough time to do this. It was a good thing the dude I stole this uniform from had a watch.

After finding our seats Johnson began to go on about some crazy plan to jump up on the stage to distract everyone while Ryujin assassinated the overlord. It was risky, but I had to admit the idea had potential to work. If there was one thing Johnson was really good at it was at being really distracting.

As we were talking this over everything suddenly darkened, something was about to happen. Then suddenly dozens of multicolored beams shown down on the sage as some cheesy announcer got up and said "Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls. Welcome to The First Annual Overlord rally! Now then....LET'S GET READY TO SIEG HEIL!!!!!!"

After that something I honestly hadn't expected happened, something that completely distracted me from the time as two politicians got up on stage and began to tell some rather bad jokes before being brutally executed by Lindquist and some weird doll with a scythe. That had been that same doll I had seen back int he vampire village. Damn, she was pretty creepy. I never liked politicians from either party to be honest, but even I thought this was a bit much.

"Oh bullshit! Why did he have to die?!?", Johnson screamed.

Gah, don't draw attention to us!

"Heh. Right, left. We don't give a shit. In the land of the Overlord, we don't follow silly oldtime rules like that. Only The Overlord matters and thats' the fact, Jack" one of the overlords underlings said looking over at him. Oh well getting rid of the old political parties was something I didn't mind, though I couldn't say this was a very good alternative either.

"The Overlord is our savior and master. We shall obey everything he tell us because he saved us from eternal darkness and despair" the whole crowd began to chant.

"Gee. Even the Neo-Scientologists weren't this nutty!", Phoenix whispered

"Indeed", I said back to her.

"Excuse me? How do you know about that?", Phoenix whispered back

"Nevermind.", I had to stop doing that, oh well soon enough none of that would matter. Wait what time was it anyway? I couldnt see the watch int he darkness very well.

After the dead bodys on stage were dragged away the announcer said "With the slayings of those faggots out of the way, let's introduce you all to the first real entertainment of the night"

"Where is The Overlord?!?", one dude screamed out

"Heh. He'll be here. Give him time", the MC replied, which shut that other guy up. The MC then resumed. "Anyways...I like you all to give big, warm welcome to the LA Shanzmacht Group!" the who? I didn't even know who the hell that was? As he announced this a bunch of bizzarly dressed entertainers came out and began to go through several acts that would make the blue man group look normal. As if that wasn't weird enough , two clowns came out next and shanked themselves. What kind of crap was this? I had a really bad feeling about this place. The lights had come on a bit more in the last act so I took a look at my watch. I had been so weirded out by this crap that I had completely lost track of the time.

It was then I noticed that I was more then half an hour past when I was supposed to change. "What the fuck?" I said earning a glance fromt he others.

What had just happened? Why hadn't I reverted? No I couldn't be stuck in my original form? That'd be horrible, not only would I be a frail human again, but I wouldn't be pretty anymore! I didn't know what was worse! Wait , no I had to calm down, even if the time wasn't working right I could still hopefully remove the mask by rubbing my nose. Though I couldn't exactly test that right now. Even if that didn't work either Lindquist, Masquerade or maybe even Naomi could possibly help me get this fixed. Yeah I just had to calm down, couldn't think about that right now, I just had to focus on the task at hand. That task being to avoid getting lynched by the crowd after Ryujin shoots the overlord.

I was too distracted by the malfunctioning mask to really pay any attention to what was going on stage untilt he announcer said Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. The moment you all been waiting for!! Presenting you all. Our saviour and leader...THE OVERLORD!!!!" It was then that the stage became shrouded in fog and pyrotechnics as the imposing figure shrouded in darkness rose from the floor. I had to admit, he knew how to make an entrance. He then strutted over tot he mic and said in a voice that sounded like something out of Dr Who "Greetings, my children. I've been waiting to see you all."

"Oh god, the most evil man on earth sounds like something out of a hack scifi movie....oh well he looks a bit better then Davros anyway no matter how he sounds the part." Before I could continue listening to what the overlord was saying though I felt an odd sensation in my pants as I suddenly felt my balls retract inside my body causing me to let out a small yelp. What the fuck was that? I felt around my crotch earning an odd glance from one of the others in the seat next to me. My dick was still there, but my balls were gone. Did that mean I was starting to change back? This was not a good time to do that! Though the rest of me still felt normal? What kind of ghetto defective mask was this? Oh well at least this meant I probably wouldn't be stuck in my old form, but I didn't want to change back just yet. I had to get out of the open. I was about to get up and go for a "bathroom break" when I saw something really unexpected. Kei of all people and several old men were carted up on stage tied to some sort of mideaval style rack. Wait what the fuck?

"What?!? Kei!?! I thought I dealt with that freak for good!" I shouted before quickly catching myself which earned an odd glance from some of the others. Last I say her, I had left her a burnt, battered quadropalegic. Yet she had all of her limbs and looked mostly ok here. What was going on? I had given her to Naomi before Ritsukos betrayal, had Ritsuko taken Kei when she betrayed her? The overlord and several of his underlings then proceeded to kill Kei and the old men, slowly chopping each of them into pieces. Damn, this sure did bring back memories...

Ryujin then got up to go get to his vantage point giving an excuse of going to the bathroom. Wait, I should go tot he bathroom...but no that'd look too suspicious if I left at the same time Ryujin did. As I was considering how I would sneak out of here before any more of my began to change back when Johnson leapt up ontot he stage. Oh boy, this could end pretty badly...

"Yo Overlord!",Johnson shouted at him. I was half expecting him to end up like those politicians from earlier.

"Yeeesss General Biohazard. What is it?", The Overlord growled in response

"Care if I...rock the house out?!?" he asked. Oh boy here it comes.

"You mean...turn MY rally into a fuckin' ROCK CONCERT!?!", he growled in anger.

"Well....we need to liven things up. In fact, you can sing the last song of the setlist" The overlord seemed to pause and consider his offer.

"Done deal. Step on stage, the session players are all ready. Just tell them what songs you are going to cover and do it, okay?" The overlord said in response. I was amazed that worked. As Johnson and even Rei began to rock the place I figured now would be as good a time as any for me to sneak out of here. As I did so I felt two bumps form on my head. My horns were slowly beginning to poke up through my hair. "Ah shit, I gotta get out of here!" I said to myself as I made my way up the steps. My chest was also starting to feel a bit tingly, I felt a third nipple form int he middle of it. It seemed to sweel slightly moving out a couple inches but not that noticibly. As I made my way intot he hallway I spotted that nerd we were talking to earlier. That was odd, I would have figured that he wouldve been in there yukking it up with the other losers.

"Oh! Oh hey there!" He shouted running towards me. Gah! even if I wasn't about to change I wouldnt want to interact with this weirdo.

"Hey did I miss anything? I got a little too excited when the overlord killed that little girl and creamed my pants. I was just getting cleaned up! You didn't have an accident too did you? An accident in your pants?" he asked.

Oh god! What kind of weirdo was this guy? Did fate send him here just to torment me? Even Issei wasn't this bad. Though speaking of accidents in my pants, I was starting to feel another bizzare feeling as my genitals fetl like they were being stuck with pins and needles, they were beginning to change shape. I did my best to ignore the bizzare sensation. Shit, I could feel my chest swell a bit too, I folded my arms in an attempt to make it less obvious.

"My pants are none of your concern. Out of the way!" I said as I pushed past him.

"You shouldn't be ashamed you know. The overlords so sexy...I wish I could have sex witht he overlord sometimes." He said. Have sex with the overlord? I had to get away from this weirdo.

Just as I reached the bathroom I hear a loud bang followed by a lot of noise. It looked like the shit hit the fan.

"Aw man! I wonder if the overlord shot someone? Damn I missed it!" the nerd shouted, that's it, I had just about as much as I was willing to take fromt his guy as I grabbed him and head butted him. As I did so my nose was hit, and the mask popped up causing me to fully return to my regular form. My tentacles erupted from my back along with my tail and wings ripping the top half of the uniform to shreds. My chest also blossemed back to its full size exposing my triple boobs to the weirdo who was now cowering on the floor.

"W-Wow...there's three..." he began to say right before my tail lashed out spearing him through his midsection draining him of energy. From all the noise coming from the auditorium, it sounded like Ryujin had caused quite a commotion. Any moment now people would start clambering to escape. But before they could theyed have to get through me. Picking up the machine gun I had gotten before entering I began to empty its clip intot he crowed of people struggling to get up through the doors.
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Postby Ryjin » Fri Jan 29, 2010 8:40 pm

We had long since finished setting up our plan to start an offensive campaign against the Overlord and Rei had just about finished reloading Jet Alones missiles launchers and hiding the supplies along with Phoenix transport that we kept strapped to the Tridents back (while not the beast designed mech around its shape did have the benefit of making it a decent beat of burden) and Manticore still hasn’t returned. While waiting for our preparations to be completed I was killing the time by giving Spike a quick lecture on how to operate some of our weapons.

“Ok Spike since we’re just about ready to get going this will be the last one for today so I’ll make it a big one.” I tell the kid as I grab and open a large metal case adorned with a gaggle of warning sticker pasted all over it and procured from it a long green tube of a weapon, I then presented it to him so he could get a good look at it while telling him, “This here is the AT-4 single use, that is you launch it then drop it, no reloads, 84mm High Explosive Anti-Tank rocket launcher, so in short it’s used for taking out big shit.” I then flip it around and go over how you deploy it, “Basically it’s a simple enough weapon and right now it’s in its storing position so I’m going to show you how to unfold it into its firing position. The fatter end is the rear, on the bottom rear you pull down this tab and it becomes your should stock to brace it. Now a little further up towards the front is another tab where the sling is attached, just pull it down and it becomes your foregrip, use it to steady the weapon. On the front left of it is another tab, flip it up and it becomes your sight.”

I look over to him to make sure he’s paying attention and he gives me a nod to let me know he’s following me so far and go back to explaining the weapons action, “Now with that out of the way you set in on your shoulder like this with your left hand on the foregrip, remember to never hold the tube, it gets pretty hot once you fire the thing. Now if you look to the rear on the right hand side you’ll see this little raised area with a big old red button.”

“Yeah I see it, that’s to fire it right?”

“Yep, just wrap your right hand around it and when you’re ready to fire you’ll feel a tab on top you press down with your index finger and then you just thumb that big old red button and this baby will shot off….. well like the rocket it is. Now once you got it all set up like this you need to charge the weapon, that is arm it. On the other side of the trigger assembly you see this part here that looks like the lever you’d see on an old blot action rifle?”


“Well that’s pretty much what it is, the only difference here being rather then pull it towards you like a normal rifle you first lift it up then push it forwards, now since we don’t have an unlimited supple of theses things and of course for safety reasons I’m not going to really arm it, I’m just going to through the motions here. Ok after you push it forwards you pull the lever over to the right then pull it back and it’s locked in place with a loud snap and then you’re live. After that you just need to line up your shot which works like a normal rifle. Just look though the sights, line up those pips, thumb the trigger and Bobs your uncle, well there’s a bit more then that such as adjusting you sights for range and windage but we’ll cover that when we got more time. Well that’s it for today and so far you’ve done pretty good. Now we just need to wait for everyone to gather round so we can go over the last few details of our little operation.”

With everything set and ready to go but Manticore was still a no-show so we deiced to wait a little bit more but after 15 minutes and no sign of her it was time to go so I looked over at everyone and said, “Ok I know it’s a shitty thing to do but we really need to go. If we wait to long that’ll just increases the likely hood that those three abominations of an Eva will catch up to us so let’s get moving. After the mission is over we’ll do a search for her and hope for the best.”

Phoenix then looked over to Shiro and said, “Alright, let’s go” and the two made their way towards the Trident since it was deiced earlier that she was going she was going to help Shiro plot out his fire support while I turned to Rei and asked her, “So kid are you psyched that we’re finally taking the fight to the enemy for a change?”

She nodded then replied wide eyed in excitement with a simple, “Yep.”

“Alright Rei, kick some ass and take some names.” Johnson added to which Rei replied, “Will do William-Sama.” with a smile and a slight laugh and with that She turned to little Lil Z’ and asked him, “Care to give me lift?” He gave his goofy little bow and then proceeded to fly her up to her titan of a mech.

I then turned to Spike and tell him while pointing to my robot, “Ok, you and your little dog too are going to come with me, Rana and Johnson in the Jet Alone so you can see how we do things, oh course we just need to wait for Lil Z’ to show back up; one of the little inconveniences of using 200ft tall robots in a guerrilla campaign is they’re a real bitch to get into.”

Spike took a look back over at Phoenix and Shiro as they were climbing up the side latter on the Trident and asked, “They seem to be doing fine.”

“Well ok on thing whoever designed it did right was make it easy to get into but that’s more do to how low to the ground it can get, try climbing up side of the Eva or the Jet Alone.” I reply as Z’ flies back over and scoops us up and takes us over to Jets main hatch.

After steeping in Spike looked around and let out a whistle of impressment then said, “Pretty big place you got here!”

“Yeah.” I replied as I lead him down the hallway pointing out there various rooms along the way, “Ok kid, to your left are some storage lockers, to your right is the shitter, just up head of that is the bunk room and the door on the left at the end of the hall leads down stairs.”

“Wait this things got a second floor! This isn’t a mech, it house on two legs!” Spike replied in astoundment.

“Hee, much like what you said about your temple this place has everything as well. Anyways downstairs is where we got our kitchen, cargo hold which we partially converted into more barracks which we can use as a sickbay in an emergency and the engine room but the best part is that this whole things is on a gimbal and a sea of shock absorbers so that we fell almost no sway or jolts when we move and if we get to deep in the shit this whole compartment is an escape pod.” We then reached the door to the cockpit and as I open the door I tell him, “And this is the heart of this mother.” in my best “ta-da” voice.

He gave it a look around and nodded his head letting me know he was pretty impressed and as I made my way over to my chair I continued my little breakdown of the Jet, “We had theses three chairs behind the main one added since for some odd reason everyone here likes to be with me will I pilot this damned thing…”

“That’s because you are the best.” Rana chimed in with a smile.

“Well that might be true.” I responded with mock boasting which earned a faceplam and a head shake form Johnson, “But anyways that’s were you’ll sit while I do my thang, up a head we added a larger view screen because…” Before I finished I quickly grabbed the HMDS and held it up for Spike to see, “The main screen is in this thing which basically paints a 3-D hologram onto my eyes giving me Terminator vision and there was only this dinky little screen there originally as a back up which made it hard for my spectators to see the ass I was kicking, so I guess this is like this groups stand in for TV, me kicking robo-ass. Ok that’s about it, have a seat and we’ll be taking off shortly; I hope you enjoy walking Michalik Mechways.”

After I was done showing off my toy to the new guy and I threw on the rebigulus helmet (I swear to God this thing makes me look like The Fly), buckled up and hit the ignition then flipped don the radio and rang out to my “wing” men, “Ok let’s go in slow as we can bobbing around the hills maintaining radio silence till we’re about 5 miles form the main base, this might take longer but it’ll lower the chance they’ll detect us but once we get to the 5 mile mark there’s now way we can hide our self so go weapons hot and just take out any TO2’s that you come across and kick their ass, this is Ryujin out.”

With everybody situated we moved out and with combined force of three giant robots, surprise and the fact their forces were spread thin looking for us on our side we brought fire, we brought rain, we brought hell and ruin to those six bases in less then a half an hour in a conflagration of missiles, cannon, A.T. Fields and plasma fire, mechanical feet and fists. It was almost to easy but still all so satisfying to be on the assaulting end for a change, for far to long theses bastards dictated when where and how we fought witling us down, splitting us up. But not now! Now THEY were running, burning, falling and the best part of it was they had nothing to hurt us, their mantis bots came close but we were able to out smart them or when in doubt we’d just call in Shiro and Phoenix for some fire support, those two Evas we fought were to badly damage to be in any condition to fight and I’d image that they’d be somewhere getting repaired right now and those abominations were God knows were searching for our group. But now it was quite, the only noise coming for the outside was the crackling of the fire that had consumed the final base on my list. I took a moment to take it all in, just in 30 or so minutes we had done to them what took them a month to do to us and once we get that airforce base under our control we will have broken the Overlords grip on the area, now by no means is this a total victory since the Overlord will retaliate and hard but with no bases in the area and with the air and possibly even space recon platforms we’ll have after taking the airforce base we’ll finally be able to deal with his strikes on a level field and I can finally play to my strength turning their attacks against them.

Just then the silence was broken by my ground defense RADAR going off warning me of a small group of ground troops approaching. Oh what the fuck? Do these guys actually think they can still fight us? Oh well their funereal I guess. I magnify the image as I arm the left side point defense laser to take care of them noticing that who ever was leading the group looked like a mirror universes Nazi Johnson, the guy had the mask and everything….. wait, could this actually be this universes version of Johnson? ….. Holy shit! Fucking meta! You know I got to show Johnson this! I call over to that Gasmasked bastard telling him, “Hey Johnson, take a look at this!” as I bring it up on the big screen.

“Whoa, who’s that good looking guy, I like his style.” Johnson sarcastically commented at seeing his Nazied out doppelganger.

“Yeah he does kind of look like you Mr. Johnson.” Spike added in just as the evil Johnson raised a whit flag prompting Rana to say, “It…. it looks like the want to surrender.”

They want to surrender huh…… wasn’t planning on taking prisoners yet, but….

I switch on the external speaker and call out to them, “Alright dirtbags if you think you’re worth saving I want you all to lay down face first, put your hands behind your head and lock your fingers and cross your feet, you all have oh, I’d say 15 seconds to comply and if any of you aren’t down by then I have a 50megawatt laser just itching to do some lasing, you guys know what 50megawatts will do to a man sized target? Well just to give you the heads up it will turn about 90% of the water in your body into steam in under a second and at that point just think of a bratwurst left in the microwave over for to long. Ok 15 seconds starts……… NOW!” Well needles to say those boys hit the ground like it was made of pussy but now it was time see if they’re worth letting them live this long. I take off my helmet and look back over at my spectators and say to them, “What do you guys think; Mr. Mirror Johnson has any useful info?”

Johnson replied first with, “Well I’m always useful so I’m willing to bet my counter part here will be a bundle of useful shit.”

Followed by Spike adding in, “Well my gut says that he has something that will help us out at the airforce base and I always trust my gut.”

“Ok two for, how about you Rana?”

“Ummmmmm yeah I think it’s at lest worth a look. He does look like he may have a high ranking so he may know troop movment in the area, he may even have some leads on were the rest of our group may be.” was her reply.

With this settled it was time to go into action, “Well I guess that’s it then. Ok first let me call up Rei and Phoenix so I can let them in on this and then Johnson and Spike you guys will come with me, Rana dear take my seat and keep the laser on them; if they so much as sneeze blast them! ” I then radioed in the sitrep to my “wing” men and me Johnson and spike made out way to the hatch while Rana hoped in the pilots seat. As I went to open it up Spike stopped me and asked, “Wait, how the hell are we supposed to get form this thing?”

“Oh that, you see Lil Z” stays in a holding pattern between Rei and myself when we’re suing the mechs so all I got to do is pop open the hatch like this.” which I proceeded to do, “And way him down like this.” Which I also proceeded to do and in about 10 seconds got his attention and he flew us down and then took off only to return with Rei and Phoenix.

“So you wanted to join in on the fun too Rei?” Johnson asked the blue haired clad apple of his eye to which she just nodded while Phoenix relayed to me, “I got Shiro targeting them with his chin gun so if they try anything funny it won’t turn out so well for them.”

“I got the same set up with Rana.” I replied back, “Ok let’s do this.” I take out my pistol and move closer to the surrendering troops with my company close behind me keeping an eye out for any sudden movement from them or the rubble, might be a sniper set up somewhere. After getting with in 30ft of them I looked down at there gasmasked leader and state to him, “Ok this his how this going to work, I’m going to ask you a question and you are going to answer it, give me some bullshit and I blow of a an extremity and ask again, got it.”

The Gasmasked commander nodded in reply.

“Ok good, now let’s start with something easy. What’s your name?”

“Gen…. General Biohazard.” He replied with a tremble to his voice. A general huh? Well this might be our lucky day.

“Well then General Biohazard that is some name you got there. Now as a general I’d say you got access to, of I’d say sensitive information do you not?”

“Yes…. you are correct.” he admitted.

“Well golly gee, what do you know? I happen to like when people tell me sensitive information! So you’re going to tell me all about aren’t you?”

“If I tell you what I know…. the Overlord…. he’ll kill me… no he’ll do worse then that!” He pleaded trying to talk his way out this, sorry guy; no dice.

I kneeled down and looked him in his eye and replied, “Well that might be true but the thing you don’t seem to be getting is if you don’t answer me you’re still fucked, but if you DO tell me you at lest got a fighting chance to get way and if you play your card right the Overlord might not find you.”

“No… I… I can’t! I not going to give in!” He yelled out trying to plead once again so it looked like I was going to get serious. “Well you see there, I whish you didn’t say thing like that since now I’m going to have to shoot off your right foot.” I told him while standing up and aiming my pistol at his foot which prompted him to squirm about and shout, “NO! Don’t! Ok, Ok, I’ll tell you what you need to know....”There was now some panic in his voice, good.

Now that he was open to answering my questions it was now time to dive on in,”Now that’s what I like to hear, an open dialogue, a free exchange of YOUR ideals. Ok next question, I’m assuming you know who we are but since I don’t like having assumptions I’d like it if you could clear this up for us.”

“You’re the group the Overlord keeps having us attack, we just engaged you in the town of Ronthook.” He quickly answered.

Ok, now where getting some where! Now let’s take it up a notch, “Now why oh why does the Overlord have such an keen interest in little old us?”

“He never told me, I …. I don’t know. I’m just following orders!” Ohhh wrong answer, looks like he’s already forgotin’ my little warning so I pointed the pistol back at his and gave him a little reminder, “Ohhhh not good enough I’m sorry! But we do have a wonderful parting gift in the form of me shooting your stupid ass if you can’t get it though your stupid skull I’m not fucking kidding here! NOW tell me what bug we had crawl up the Overlords ass! So looks like you just ain’t too partial to your right foot now are you?”

“NO please, I’m telling you the truth, I really don’t know, I don’t!” He yelled looking up at me, he had that “I’m telling you the truth” kinda look of panic to him but just to make sure I asked my companions what they thought, “So what do you guys think, he’s telling the truth?”

“He doesn’t know shit, move it along Ryujin.” Phoenix shot back. Guess he was telling the truth so on to the next question, “Hoe-boy you dodged the bullet… well actually plasma, a whole lot nastier then a bullet but you dodged it none the less. So since you don’t seem to know much outside of shit could you at lest tell me were the rest of our group may be since you had a hand in scattering us apart.”

The General looked up at me and once again had little to reply with,” We… we can’t find them, they went into hiding and we haven’t been able to track them.” was all he had to say and I was getting tired of this, he was either lying or the most useless general ever but either which way it was time to get down to brass tax and puss him to the braking point and find out if we should of just shot him form the get go. I stepped up right next to him and kneeled down right next to his head and told him point blank, “You don’t know a whole lot now do you…” But the son of a bitch just had to cut me off with, “I’m just trying you tell you what I kno……” Bad move!

“Oh come on who told you to cut me off?” I yelled right to his face. I then told him that, “You don’t seem to be very much useful to use now do you?” and pointed the pistol against the side of his head.

And with that his breathing picked up and he went right back to pleading, “Oh please no! I don’t want to die….” rather then telling me something useful so I dug the pistol into his mask and warned him, “Well you better come up with something good, something that can nock my shocks off or your future is looking pretty bleak there Bio.”

“OK, fine….” He yelled finally giving in, “ The Overlord’s in the area, he’s holding a rally at a stadium located just outside of a former JSSDAF base… he’ll be there in person…… that’s good enough for you!” Wait…. the Overlord is here! Holy shit! This changes everything! If we can get a shot at taking him out, it won’t end the war (it’s never that simple) but it would through his command structure into chaos since given the Overlords style more then likely his command staff will end up infighting over who’s now in charge and while that’s happing we can settle down and come up with a reasonable plan to defend ourselves….. of course there was always the chance we may just end up with the devil we don’t know and he turns out even to be worse then the Overlord but that was just going to be a chance we need to take.

I then spent the nest twenty minutes squeezing him for all the info I could get him to give on how many guards he had, what kind of defenses he’ll have set up, any escape routes he might have and all that and to be fair I got a good amount of useful intel out him (finally!), enough to build up a plan to take out the Overlord that had a reasonable chance of working, but now I had a problem; I couldn’t let them go since given how weak willed this general seemed the just was two much of a chance he’d run off and warn the Overlord and try to plead for his life……

I warned the General and his men of what will happen if they so much as twitch and moved back to the group and asked them to huddle, we had some discussing to do.

Right away Johnson jumped right on in with, “So are we going to do this?”

“Well that’s what we need to go over, are we all in favor of this?” I replied.

Phoenix replied next all so optimistically with, “You know the chances of us surviving this is slim to none right?”

“Yeah but we might not get another at this and with the amount of info he gave us I think I have a plan.” I countered.

“How do we know he ain’t laying about half this shit? She countered back.

“We don’t and trust me I’m taking this into account.” I replied, “But what choice do we got, Yeah I know that even if the intell is legit there’s a slim to no chance this will work but just how long can we go on like this? Just how long until the Overlord takes off the kid gloves and snuffs us out? If I’m going to die anyway it might as well be fighting.”

She gave me a dead panned look for about a second then finally gave in with, “Fuck it, you sold me.”

“Yeah, I agree.” Rei added in, “Like Ryujin-San said I rather go down with a fight.”

“Ok, three in favor.” I replied, so for off to a good start, now I just needed to know what Spike thought, “How bout you kid?”

And he wasted no time in answering with, “While I no little directly of this Overlord I’ve seen his work and agree he need to be dealt with and if you are facing death at each side might as well stand up to it and face it head on.”

“Ok great we all agree…” Phoenix started to say but was cut off by Rei asking, “What about Shiro and Rana?”

“What about them?” She shot back at Rei as she turned to face her, “They get no say! But getting back to the point so Ryunin, Ummmm what’s your stunning plan?”

“I’ll cover than it a little bit, got something we need to deal with.” I replied motioning towards our captives.

“You mean those guys?” Phoenix asked, “We’re killing them, no way we can let them live now.”

Ok so it look lie we were all on the dame page here so with a nod I replied “My thought exactly, what I’m going to do is get them to strip and so we can get their uniforms and we blast them all except the General, he’s all yours Johnson.” to which he simply replied, “Groovy.”

“Ok, guess this is settled, after I get them down to their underroos I’ll lower my hand and that’ll be your mark to gun them down.” I reiterate and then ask them, “Ready?” to which they for agreed and I made my way back over our captives and told them, “Alright guys, it’s your lucky day! First I need you guys to get up on to your knees, come on now.” Which they did after a few seconds of confusion over what I was planning.

After they were all on their knees I continued on with the commands, “Ok keep your hands were I can see them, now I want you guys to dip your tops! That’s right take off your shirts and drop them to the floor.” Which of course caused them to shoot looks and murmurs of confusion amongst themselves rather then the stripping of shirts I ordered so I fired off a single round form my gun to get their attention back on track and then I continued, “What part of my order was unclear hear guys? Don’t you know the old saying, “You can tell a lot of the worth of a man by how they dress?” Come on now don’t make me ask again.”

Well that go them motivated and they dropped their tops like good little boys but now it was time for their pants! “Ok fella’s time your drawers! Stand up slowly and drop your pants! Make it quick.”

Well now that they new I wasn’t fucking around they complied a lot more quickly with giving up their pants and now were down to their underwear (which thankfully they all had on!) and now it was time to end this. I told them all to take 3 steps back which at that point I think they new what was coining, I could see it in their eyes but they followed my order none the less and I dropped my hand and in a hail of bullets and plasma they were gunned down wit the exception of the General who was now cationic and literally pissing himself.

As Johnson approached he kept whispering, “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die….” Johnson then pulled out his trademarked chainsaw and pointed the blade out at the General to let him know that this was his ass and then the Generals eyes went wide as Johnson revved up the saw and went to work carving him up in a storm of misting blood and gore….. It was then it hit me, I was walking right into the darkside now… becoming a monster….. but I guess what some once said about fight a monster was true, first you had to become one…. I could only hope I pull myself out of this mindset before I went to far….

A couple of minutes later after Johnson got cleaned up and we found a few more uniforms since it didn’t seem like we were all going to fit the ones we got for the soldiers we got tighter and I went over my plan which was basically we take advantage of the fact that Johnson was almost a dead ringer for the now dead General and act like his unit and just take his seats for the show while I go on “patrol” setting up bombs that we could use to cover our escape and finding a vantage point to set up a sniper shot from mean while Rana stays with Shiro in the Trident and set up position just within its striking range and brings the rain when e need to make our break for it, originally I was going to have Rei stay with Zero so she could help with the escape as well but Johnson wanted her to come along, not the smartest idea but whatever. As for getting there we were going to use one of the IFVs that survived our attack and basically drive up there, simple and to the point and hopefully it would work but first we were going to need to hide the robot we weren’t using.
As we got up to get ready we heard something moving through the rubble, and we all drew our weapons preparing for the worst only for Manticore of all people to finally show back up!

“Where the hell have you been!!” Phoenix immediately shot out at her to witch she replied, “That’s personal, but the bigger question is what the hell did you guys do to this place?”

“Just having a little fun at the Overlords expense that’s all.” Phoenix quipped back, her manner then got serious and she glared out at Manticore, “But whether you think it’s personable or not I’d kind of like to know where you’ve been all this time, you do know we’re being chased which in turn means we need to be prepared to move at any time right?” Which in turn Manticore glared right back at her and replayed back, “Look I’m with this group at my OWN volition so if I head out and do my own thing I’ll come at the time of MY choosing IF I come back at all.”

“And if you just decide to change teams while you’re out “doing your own thing”?” Phoenix shot back.

THAT just about set Manticore off! She stated to yell back, “How da…” and went to get in Phoenixes face but before this could get bad I yelled, “THAT’S ENOUGH!” as loud as I could causing them to both stop and look at me.

“Now that I got BOTH of your attentions I think we got FAR more important thing to deal with right now.” I calmly tell them as I walk up towards them. I then turn my gaze over to Manticore and tell her, “Just to end this I’m only going to break this down once, what you deiced to do IS your busies BUT if you want to share in our supplies and protection you really need to decide if you’re in or if you’re out. This isn’t some hang out get together club, we’re a militia fighting for our survivable and we can’t afford having our key members walk out on us so I need you to think long and hard about this, I don’t need your answer right now but I do need you to understand if you don’t think you can handle the responsibility having to be part of this group you won’t have access to our weapons or supplies anymore go that.”

That seemed to calm her down a tad, see kinda glanced away from me then said, “Fine, I’ll think it over. Now what’s going on here for real?”

“Well given that we don’t have a bunch of people to protect we can finally use our robots to the full power so we decided to go on the offensive and we just took out 6 of the bases they were using to stage their attacks against us which means it’ll take a while to reestablish a foot hold in the area giving us some breathing room.” I informed her.

She took a look around and then replied, “Damn, you guys did all this in the time it took me to get back, impressive.”

“Well it helped that their forces were scattered but yeah.” I added as I took a seat on a restively smooth piece of rubble, “Now the job ain’t done just yet though, we we’re going to take over the only Self Defense Air Force base in the area so we can use its UAV assets…..”

“Ahhhh, forgive me for sounding ignorance but what the hell is an UAV?” Manticore asked cutting me off.

“Oh, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, basically robot scouts we can use for intel gathering.” I inform her, “Anyways, that was our original plan but it turned out the Overlord is hold a rally at a near by stadium so our plan now is to take him out.”

“Wait, hold on here….” She exclaimed with just a hint of shock in her voice, “The Overlord? You want to try and take this guy out, I am hearing this right?”

“Yes Ma’am” I told her matter of factual.

“Just how do you intend on pulling this off?” She asked with a look of disbelief in her eyes.

“Oh I got a plan.” I replied and then spent the next ten minutes going over it in detail with her, she didn’t seem totally sold on the idea, and trust me I don’t blame her, but she did agree that given the choice between letting the Overlord get away and us eventually getting killed by him verses getting killed standing up to him she stands with the later and with that out of the way it was time to get into disguise which for most of us it wasn’t to hard and it helped that Gen. Biohazard had almost the same build as Johnson so all he has to do is put on his uniform and mask and he's good to go but for Rei and Manticore it was going to take a little more work since they kinda stood out a little bit more and while Johnson went with Rei around the base to find something to use Manticore went into a room next to the rock I sitting on to try on those weird as masks and after about a minute I her call out and ask, “Hey you still there?”

“If you mean me then yeah.” I reply.

After a second or two of silence she started to ask a question, “You know one thing I’ve been wanting to know….”

“Where to stick the knife?” I cut in.

“…. Well… ye… no…. errr well not that YET….” She stuttered out trying to regain her point but before she could I decide to add in, “Well in that case up about 3 inches for the small of my back to immediately the left, you’ll get my liver, bile will poor out and I’ll go into toxic shock almost immanently.”

“That’s a keeper but no.” She replied with a laugh, “What I been wanting to ask is out of all the things that someone could come back as what do you fear running into the most?”

“Ahhh, kinda like a chose the form of my destroyer kinda thing?”

“Yeah, sorta.”

“Ok, what would scary the most shit out of me…… AH!” I started to think out loud when it hit me, “Ok, this comes from a dream I had which is wired since I not only almost never remember my dreams it’s the only nightmare I actually remember. So basically I don’t really remember too much of it out side of the fact at one point in the dream I came across the Bananas in Pajamas….”

“Wait you mean like that old kids show were those two guy dress up like gay Britis….” She cut me off with barely holding back laughter.

“Yeah those guys.” I replied, “Anyways I came across Bananas in Pajamas but they were like scary sadomasicist ninjas all stalking me from the shadow but the fucked up thing was they were still in those blue and white striped pajamas and they still talk in that calm gay ass British voice while say and do the most hanis things!”

‘WOW, fucked up man.” She replied bursting out laughing

“Yeah it made me shit bricks! But anyways since I showed you mine time to show me yours.”

“Soooo you want to see mine eh?” She asked with a mock sultry undertone to her voice.

“NO not like…. You know what I mean.” I shot back, dear lord if you really want to know what I’m afraid of? It’s finding out what horrors lurk in her down below……

“Sounded a little hesitant there.” She teased.

“Just answer it yo!” I piped out really hoping that she was just joking.

“Fine, fine since you’re not being any fun I’ll tell you.” She finally relented, there was another pause and then she answered, sort of, “Well I can’t, since I’m fear incarnate I have nothing I fear myself so THERE!”


After that she stepped out as an over six foot tall dark haired partly Asian man wearing an Overlords stormtrooper outfit. I took a look over “him” And joked, “So who the fuck are you?”

"Name's Daniel. I'm a friend of Manticore. She told me to fill in for her" “He” informed me going along with the joke.

“Well works for me.” I told “him”, “Let’s go see if Rei’s ready”

It didn’t take to much effort to find them and Johnson had gotten Rei all gothed out looking kinda of like a Nazified Morticia from the Addams family so it looked like we were good to go. We then got hold of an IFV that survived the carnage which in turn turned out to be the same type of monstrous model that Ikari used and loaded it use with weapons and explosives, double check our directions on the map and with out any fan fare headed out. I had no real had no idea if we’d live though this or even we had any chance of taking out this Overlord….. hell I didn’t even know what he looked like but I had to maintain confidents in my plan, for their sakes; they were counting on me and we had to at lest try. You know what they say, live free or die hard………
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Postby DevRei17 » Sat Jan 30, 2010 10:30 pm

Well, it's official.
I'm in a group of ragtag badasses with the cool Mr. Johnson, the “takes no prisoners” Manticore, the tactical Ryujin and the very pretty (but sadly underage) Miss Rei Ayanami. Me and my pooch Toki are going to be living with these guys for a while. Helping them save this crazy post-31 world.

When we got back to there place, they showed me around, introduced me to a few other people and showed me their heavy artillery.
You know, the ropes.

They began telling me later on about their plans on taking down Overlord and stuff like that.
I nodded and listened, petting Toki as I did.

I've been in my post-31 body for a while now and i'm still not use to it. It's all so surreal. If you haven't guessed my look, mannerisms and name, my post-31 self is 90% based off Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop. Shameless ripoff, yes, but wouldn't you want to come back as a total badass?
Yes, my new body's pretty good... or is it?

“I haven't told them about my other form.” I thought to myself alone.
“Why should I be afraid to show it? Manticore has no problem with his “form”, why should I?


“Because I don't want them to think i'm a total hack!”

Another silence.
I think Ryujin walked by and gave me a strange look because I was there all alone... with a strange expression on my face.

“It's bad enough I ripped off one anime, but two?! I don't want them to think i'm uncreative.”

I sat there alone, thinking.

“I should be safe as long as I stay away from “it”. Then again, that will be hard. After all, it's only one of Earth's natural resourses!”
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Postby Ryjin » Mon Feb 01, 2010 2:09 pm

The sky was illuminated with an orangeish tint as several pillar of flame were shot hundreds of feet into the night air from inside of the stadium followed by a crescendo of fireworks screaming into the air bursting into streams of multi-colored sparks as we approached it. Good Lord what a scene, the stadium itself was huge; apparently it use to be a military stadium were different factions of the Strategic Self Defense Force would play off one another but after the fall the Overlord had it remodeled and increased in size to the point I’d say you could fit about four Solider Field side by side inside of it with maybe a Wrigley Field and a Comiskey Park (it’ll never be U.S. Cellular Field, NEVER!) at either end for good measure! Its walls were covered in red flags which were centered with black parodies of Nazi regalia and outlandish, almost comical propaganda posters singing the praises of the Overlord and outside its gate were throngs of weirdoes ranging from stormtroopers to what appeared to be civvies waiting to get in as strippers and freaks of both sexes dances from the top of raised cages. It was like some nightmare where The Stand vomited into the mouth of The Wall which in turn took a honking shit all over the face Cirque du Soleil. It was like what the whole hep world would be doing every Saturday night if the Nazis had won the war. This was the Sixth Reich.

As we pulled in the parking lot amiss this garish gathering we were approached by a group of guards and Phoenix stopped the vehicle while I got the cannon ready.

Johnson adjusted his cap and with a dead tone voice said, “Well here goes nothing.” and then climbed up the commanders hatch to great them. I kept my trigger ready to go as words were exchanged between them, they saluted and he dropped back down and told us, “Looks like we’re in. Phoenix you can take us into the parking garage.”

“So what was that about?” Phoenix asked as she took the IFV out of park and took it up towards the parking structure.

Johnson looked back at and answered, “Well… it looks like we got front row seats to the show.”

“Front row….. well that’s going to make thing easier…..” Phoenix started to reply but Manticore finished her thought, “And a whole lot hard at the same time.”

“Also at some point in the show it looks like the Overlord is going to want little old me to come up on stage with him.”

“Awww, William-Sama you get all the fun.”

“I know! I’m all giddy and shit now! Oh and we’re ahhhhh, “encouraged” to being in our guns apparently just in case things get out of hand or if want to get in on the show…. Must be some show.” He then turns his attention towards me, “So looks like we might just be able to walk in with your sniper rifle.”

“Nah, that’s not going to work.” I reply back, “It’s going to look kinda suspicious to see some one with a big Ol’ .50cal rifle that close to the Overlord, I’ll just watch the show until the Overlord comes out and I got confirmation on what the fucker looks like then I’ll get up and head towards the bathrooms to make it look natural and then make my way back here and grab the rifle and bombs and wander around looking for a good vantage point.”

“Gotcha.” He responded, “While I’m up there I’ll distract the Overlord and…… you’ll need a single for when it’s a good time to make the shot…… how bout this.” He then brought his left hand down with all the finger point outward with the thumb tucked under the palm as he explained, “When I drop my left hand like this you take the shot.”

“Ummmm, just one thing.” Phoenix added in, “How are you going to know when of if Ryujin is read to take the shot.”

“I’m just going to hustle and be there when he needs me.” I replied with a shrug to which Manticore commented, “Well this is just getting more promising all the time.”

The vehicle then jar’s to a holt as Phoenix decides it was time to get moving, “Well what ever, were here so let’s get going.”

We then got our gear in order and I decided to grab a few blocks of C-4 and a radio detonator just incase I come across a few tempting TO2 along the way... speaking of the way… as the rear hatch was being lowered Spike asked over the hydraulic whine, “Hey, ummmm Johnson just how are we going to find our seats?”

“Ohh, they gave me directions to find our seats so just follow me.” Johnson answered.

After stepping out of the IFV and down its ramp into the parking garage I was greeted with a little sneak peek of the degeneracy that would make the main show proper, there was more of the side show freak and strippers form outside with grotesque acts of sadomasochism, sex and drug use with other acts of torture….. in fact it was so bad Johnson pressed his hand against Rei cheek to fore her eyes away from looking at it and this all only got worse as we followed Johnson down a corridor lined with more degenerates lining the side of the hall reaching out and trying to touch us, one even tried to grope Reis breast only to find his fingers, hand and arm broken in 15 places by Johnson and from there on both of us flanker Rei sides to make sure nobody else tried that. As for the rest of what I saw…. I don’t think I want to go over it…. just the fact I had to force myself to enjoy it… to revel in it….. I felt that piece of humanity die inside and that was before I saw the children……

Well we finally got to our sets just in time for the show to begin and thankfully it wasn’t AS bad as what was going on in that hallway, don’t get me it was still pretty bad though. It mostly was composed of this crazy ass looking announcer whose bird like features and blond hair reminded me of that weir guy who was the Dukes of New York’s right hand man from Escape from New York whose job seemed to be psyching up the audience between the verity of increasingly outlandish executions which included a high profile former Right and left wing radio host and comedian respectively, which I got to admit brought a smile to my face to see those mocking bird gate keepers get their just deserts but after that I began to search the area for firing points that I could get to and kinda blanked out the rest of the show which was getting far to grotesque for me to stomach anyways but Johnson disturbingly was seeming to be enjoying himself which in turned led to Rei getting into as well and after a few minutes I found the best practical got and then went to find the second and third best spot since you never want to go for the best one, they always look for the best one first.

I then began to followed the path up the with my mind formulating the quickest way to get up there but was jarred back to reality as a burst of flames short up from the stage with a roar and the announcer yelled into his mike with more passion then anything else he has done this far, “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. The moment you all been waiting for!! Presenting you all. Our savior and leader...THE OVERLORD!!!!"

As he spoke more pyrotechnics went off and multi-colored smoke rolled in and a large hatch opened up in the middle of the stage as an overly elaborate elevator raided up from it…. my heart was now beating, my skin felt clammy… finally I was going to be able to see this monster and after that…… The doors opened up and fog flowed out and thin figure wearing a Nazi-esk uniform and helmet that was like if you crossed Sauron with Darth Vadar with Cobra Commander…. yeah that’s who he looked like, the skinny build the full face visor, this comic book villain looking mother fucker reminded me of Cobra Commander… stepped out and raised his arms towards the crowd as bolts of lighing shot donw and stuck the sage behind him and the stadium explode into cheers!

"At last! There he is! I can't wait to get this fucker.” I whispered to Johnson

"Trust me. We all want him to bleed and pay for all the shit he's done to us", Phoenix whispered back.

The overlord then grabbed the mic out of the announcers hand and instead of the high pitch whine of a voice that I was expecting he addressed the crowd with a dark venom filed voice that had a slight mechanical overtone to it, "Greetings, my children. I've been waiting to see you all."

His speech was punted with more pyrotechnics as the crowd once again went into an up roar; these sheep were eating out of his fucking hands.

The Overlord then went on how he was reforming the world in his image and all resistance to him will soon be crushed but I was no longer paying attention since I was now going over my plan one more time in my head. I was just about ready to go when Ritsuko suddenly walked out from back stage and pressed a button that caused the elevator to raise up more reviling a cage that had a couple of old guys wearing brown uniforms along with…..Kei? Wait didn’t Manticore give her over to Nao……. oh God… don’t tell me….. I suddenly found myself fighting of panic… come on, come on…. you can’t.. you can’t blow your cover….. come on….. focus…. focus…. "Hey Ryujin. Better get that vantage point while you can", Johnson whispered to me which strangely enough sniped me back to reality, he was right, I’ve wasted enough time, just take this one steep at a time.

"Alright. See ya on the other side", I replied as I got up and went to walk down the isles when I heard a snarl of a voice demand, "Where do you think you're going?"

I turned around to see that it was the Overlord himself and needless to say I think I dropped a brick, "Uhhhh....the bathroom", I replied matter of factlly, which was the truth actually, I did need to take a piss!

The Overlord just leered at me for what seemed like minutes then told me, "Move on" Oh shit that was close! Hooo, I think I almost had a heart attack there! Well dodging that bullet I made my way to the bathroom, and…. well the things that were going in there are best left unsaid and it prompted me to hide two blocks of C-4 in there just to make sure what’s going on in there stays in there! After forcing what was in my stock back down I found a nice corner to piss in and then made my way pass the hall of horrors to grab the case holding a .50cal sniper rifle loaded with APFSDS-DU rounds and then made my way up to the path I mentally mapped out earlier planting C-4 in every dark corner I could along the way, the way I was planting them wouldn’t do any real damage to the place but it would sure as hell sake the place up and that was all it needed to do, and made my way over to the vent with out any real harassment, well out side of the occasional freak who wanted to touch me for some reason, probably do to the fact I was wearing the uniform of one of the Overlord L33T stormtroopers. I opened it up and hopped on in and began to assemble the weapon and I finally slid the barrel into place and adjusted the scoop just in time to see Johnson antics up on stage and…. oh dear….. fucking rocked out with the fucking Overlord! This was fucking surreal….. What was with this guy? It made no sense… it was like he was just share chaos. like he just didn’t care… he was just rocking out as the world burned. As I made my finally adjustment to the scope I found myself memorized by the Overlord as he dance around the stage…. there was something oddly feminet about the way he moved….. something almost familiar…..

And then Johnson dropped his hand, the signal was sent and the time was set to strike. My shot was as lined up as it ever was going to get and I pressed back the trigger a felt the rifle kick back hard into my shoulder and the heat of the thunderous muzzle flash lick my brow as the 12.7mm round exploded from the barrel at over two thousand and two hundred feet per second encoded with every wish, every desire, every hated word I had to see this madman dead, his head reduced to a pink mist and in the blink of an eye the round had crossed the distance, the deciding moment in post fall history was about to be told……. And then my eyes caught the tell-tale orangeish-yellow flash of an A.T. Field as the round ignited into starburst of sparks several feet in front of the target. My mouth went dry and lead was in my belly……. the Overlord had an A.T. Field and my shot had failed…… I could of ended this but he had an A.T. Field…… any word I new in my vocabulary would be futile to describe the rage, the fear, the total and complete sense of defeat I felt right now…… How was this even fair? This man had EVRY advantage over us….. how can we survive this? Was this all for nothing? Is it just could hard fact that the only thing we could hope for was just prolonging our death at his hand as he toyed with us like some sickened ally cat? But…… the mission isn’t over yet, I still need to get them out of here; as pointless as it all seemed we still need to attempt to survive this, no matter how insignificant the odds seemed we couldn’t just give it all up.

I thumb the detonator and the whole stadium rocked as the thunder clap of explosions echoed though the halls as dust rained down on me and the screams of the legions of the Overlords followers filled the air like so much music to my airs and with out skipping a beat I grabbed my radio and gave Shiro a ring, “Bring the rain on my position big-boy, I repeat bring the rain on my position. We need to get the fuck out of here!”
“Roger that, ummmm…..” Shiro called back over the line with a slight nervousness to his voice, well more so then normal that is, “Zero’s going ape shit right now… wait…. it just took off. It’s heading your way from what I can tell!”

Wait…. Zero was hading here….. That means they can get the hell out of here and…… And then the first rail cannon round landed about 150ft in front of me filling my vision with light followed a split second by a great “BANG!!” which sent reverberations of concussion waves thought the narrow opening compression and amplifying them as enveloped over and impacted me rattling me down to my ribs… in that single moment of terror and awe it hit me like a bolt from the heavens, how serendipitous this is! I had a new plan laid out and I now knew what I had to do. You see now that we had a quick way out of here I could have Shiro drop and N2 on this place and even though the Overlord has an A.T. Field and lets just assume it’s as powerful any of the Angels, from what knowledge I have of the fights with the them every now and then a low-yield N2 bomb, which was around the power of the ones we got, was used to stun them which means that at lest some of the energy from the blast got thought the Field. Now while this was just enough energy to stun an Angel imagine this scenario only this time the object is only the size of a human, that same amount of energy would totally vaporize them since it was just a matter of mass. But there was just one problem with this plan; the Overlords goons are going to be doing their best to get him the fuck out of there and the more he gets between him and the blast the more energy his A.T. Field is going to be able to block…… This means someone is going to have to stay behind and keep the Overlord busy long enough for the missile to get here and vap that son of a bitch, which meant someone was going to have to sacrifice themselves so let’s run down the list, Phoenix is pretty good in a fight and has a chance at holding her own against the Overlord for the couple of minutes needed but she has command skill and her polymorphic ability is far to important to waste, Manticore while lacking any real skill in hand to hand combat has enough raw power to make up for it but that power is bester used to protect the group, Johnson a good street fighter and is pretty strong for his size but he lacks the technical fighting about to do what’s need here so he’s out, Rei just out of the question and the new kid…. well I don’t know enough about him yet so that leaves only me….

“Fuck that great!” I beamed over the radio, “Now in 10 minutes I’m going to need you to launch one of the N2 rockets set to air burst as low as you can get it homed in on my radio.”

“Wait! Say again!” Shiro replied back in shock.

“We got a shit ton of high profile targets here, nuke them now and our job gets easier! Ten minutes I need that rocket alright.”

“Alright, ten minutes. Just be careful.”

Ok now I just need to get down there and face him, thankfully like the shields in Dune A.T. Fields aren’t as good stopping hand to hand attacks as they are ranged; with that creepy metal guy even though my plasma pistol did nothing my punches and kick were able to get through but still I didn’t know anything about how well he could fight or tricks he had up his sleeves but enough of this, time to get to work!

I jumped down fro the ducts opening with my rifle in my left hand and pistol in my right and before I knew I was screaming, “I AM the lord of the harvest! Bring it down, bring it down!” as I unloaded at the fleeing crowds culling a path through them as several more rail, plasma and missile strikes rain down as the point defenses set around the stadium try in vain to intercept them adding to the carnage, I have become death and this was my harvest! Yeah I know, I’m being more then a little over the top with all this theatrics but since I’m going to be air pollution in a couple of minute you can allow my some fun right? As I made my way down the aisles hopping over chairs I dropped my guns after they were spent and pulled out my knife and began shoulder talking and slashing my way though the crowd thankfully they were panic out in full herd mode rather then fighting back making my (soon to be short) life a bit easier. I knocked some guy who had come back some bone headed sci-fi thing to the ground and brought my boot down on his stupid looking face as someone came up from behind me, I quickly spun around on the ball of my foot while being my knife arm down in a slashing motion as the figure brought their arm up to block only to stop my blow less then half and inch from her face after noticing that fiery red hair.

“Nice to she you too!” Phoenix shot at me some what pissed at the fact that I almost took here head off to which I replied, “Errrr, sorry. It’s a little crazy. Anyways seems Zeros on its way under its own volition so we got a way out of here go look for Manticore I’ll find Johnson and Rei.” and before Phoenix could reply I took off once again smashing my way though the crowd.

I was now two-thirds of the way there and I could see the Overlord being faired off stage by his guards, I need to get there faster so I pumped my legs until they battery acid ran through there veins. Suddenly the ground began to tremble beneath my feet, slightly at first but it quickly rose to the pot I had to steady my self by grabbing the back of a chair, I looked back over at the Overlord again and say they were having a hard time staying up as well giving me an opening so I steadied myself and took off again maintaining all my focus on keeping my self balanced as the trembling got greater and greater and greater until I hear a massive blast as the stadium side wall exploded inward in a cloud of dust and concrete, I turned back to see what caused that blast even though I had a good idea of what it was and sure enough towering over the battle field like some giant out of Greek mythology was Zero! It turned it head defiantly towards the heavens letting out a roar the piercing my ears and rattled my head stunning everybody including myself before it begun its onslaught but I wasted enough time…..

With a single leap I made my way onto the stage just before the Overlord was ushered backstage to safety. Two of them rushed my as they went to train their rifles at me, I quickly pivoted to the right throwing off their aim I threw my knife into the chest of the right most guard dropping him instantly. I leapt at the he second one which cased him to flinch giving me enough time to close the gap and pivoted to my right so I was now besides him and his rifle protrude past me, I grabbed the barrel and twisted to the left as I palmed his face plate; the shock of the blow loosen his gripped and I took his rifle, turned it around, stuck it into his next and pulled the trigger leaving his head hanging from it by a string splattering me with blood and ickor.

Of course I had little time to celebrate as I had 4 more guards to deal with so I dropped down to my knee as several rounds whizzed past me, set the rifle full auto and sprayed them keeping back dropping one more until the mag ran dry. I quickly took a look to see if the Overlord was still there; good he was, looks like he was enjoying the show, well go on buddy enjoy this all you want. I then grabbed the headless guardsmen’s knife before tuck rolling to the side to by myself some time, I just needed a few more minutes. As I struggled to think of how to deal with the last three guards who were posed to gun me down the Overlord threw up his arm and they came to a stop and raised up their guns as if he hit a kill switch in them…… With a second wave of his arm the guards fell back and disappeared behind the stage…… what the fuck?

The Overlord then looked me over and crossed his arms seemly amused at my predicament, a very cocky move but hey it makes my job easier so hey buddy just stay right there, so I just stared right back at him past that ridicules horned helmet right in his soulless eyes. He then looked down at me and spoke, “This is not your usual style Michalik.”

Michalik…… How does he…… “So it looks like I may be just a tad more famous then I thought.” I shot back trying my best to cover up my shock.

He shifted his posted slightly in a strangely fermium manor….. what was with this guy…. just like on stage… and then went to say, “I know much about you, you can say I have a special interest in you.”

“Oh and what is that?” I asked back faking confidence but really wanting to why he had an interest in me since that fact was kinda creepy.

“Come know that’s not why you can to see me is it.” He replied intensifying his stare. He let out a slight laugh then continued, “No you can to take me down so take that knife and see if you can best me, if you win my kingdom is yours.”

So he wants a one on one, fine I’ll given him that. I got up and charged into a shoulder check only to find myself spinning in the air then landing on back….. a perfect counter. A lurched myself back up as quick as I could just in time to miss a forearm swing which “SHINKED!” into a full on arm blade! After his arm cleared he threw out hard right jab forcing me to block and then he threw his knee up forcing me to block that with my other arm. And he kept on throwing blow after blow busing me back, toying with me keeping on the defensive; I couldn’t fine an opening… wait! That’s it! He threw out another bladed forearm swing which I countered with my knife in a shower of sparks after which I grabbed his wrist with my right hand and twisted at the same I wrapped my left around his elbow and pushed forward as I pivoted on my hip throwing him off balance but I want’ done yet! As he started to go down I pushed down on his elbow as pulled up on his wrist putting it in a lock as I throw out my leg into a trip knocking him off of his feet,,, holy shit I was turning the tide! But wait… something’s wrong, as he went down he somehow grabbed me and known I was being throwing over him as he lands on the ground. As I slam back first into the stage the Overlord simply flips himself up and looms over me…. I flip on to my stomach to prop myself back up when I hear something… a low rumble in the air… As the Overlord turned his gaze up skyward it dawned on me what it was. I just flip myself back over and watch the rocket traces a trail of cotton behind and closed my eyes as I hear the Overlord simply say, “Checkmate.”

My whole world turned the purest shade of white, I was bathed in it, it pierced every pour and I awaited my death..... Only it didn’t come, instead I was jarred by the loudest blast I’ve ever heard! I looked around in confusion, I should of been vaporized by now but instead I was surrounded by the flicker of orangeish-yellow light forming a barrier around the area as purple and red plasma traced circuit across its surface… it was once of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen in my life. I looked up to see the Overlord just standing over me... his edges became faded and hard to distinguish his outline as everything took on a dream like glow….. Even with all this I had failed, even with all this he was still standing over me….. come on, finish me! DO something! What can I do to defend myself?! But no he just stood there as the plasma gave way to thick smoke and the hollowing of a vacuum as the mushroom cloud created negative pressure around the area sucking up debris which gave way to the glow and hiss of white hot concrete from the bottom and edges of the crater that now surrounded what ws left of the stage which in turn gave way to calm and the barrio fell filling the air with the octopus like stench of burnt flesh and then Overlord just turned around and walked away………
"It is the Thunderbolt that steers the universe."~ Heraclitus
The people who voted for Obama or Romney are fucking idiots. Wake the fuck up.
"The Constitution was our last, best hope for peace... It failed. But, in the Year of the War against the Globalists, it became something greater: our last, best hope

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Postby Defectron » Tue Feb 02, 2010 1:53 pm

Somewhere far away from the rally

Biomancer sat in a comfortable reclining chair next to a small table facing a big screen TV. At his side was a bowl of popcorn and sitting on his lap was something that resembled a small white kitten. But unlike most kittens there was one hage difference. This Kitten had a head that looked almost identical to Asukas. Idly Biomancer stroked its head as he watched the Rally play out on TV. With every stroke the kitten seemed to tense up a bit as if in fear of its master. But it didn't dare to make any moves. Sitting at the other end of the room was a beautiful woman who looked to be in her early twenties. She wore a beautiful white gown adorned with various jewls but her face looked dead and expressionless.

"Nene...why don't you come over and join me here. It's starting you know, you might enjoy it." Biomancer called out but he got no response from her.

"Leave her alone dad. She's nothing but a stupid doll." A cute girl who looked to be about twelve with pink shoulder length hair said as she walked into the room. Biomancers fingers seemed to curl in slight anger causing the Asuka kitten to whimper in fear.

"You will not speak that way about your mother..." He warned the girl.

"She's not my mother! I see you got another one of those stupid kittens. Maybe I should eat that one too..." the pink haired girl said with a smile revealing glistening fangs. The kitten seemed to understand what she said as it looked between biomancer and the girl, its eyes wide with fear as its small body trembled.

"Shhh...your scaring Asuka tan..." Biomancer said as he stroked the kittens hair causing it let out a scared mewing sound but otherwise didn't resist. "Don't worry...daddy won't let the scary girl do anything to you....not as long as you behave anyway. Your a good girl...not like your older sisters..." He whispered to the kitten causing it to shiver slightly as he continued to stroke its hair.

"Shut it old man! You sicken me! I'm going out to get a bite to eat!" The pink haired girl said angrily before she stormed out.

"Teenagers...so rebllious..." He said as he sat the kitten down on the floor as it quickly scampered away hiding under the chair. Biomancer then walked over to Nene and ran ahand through her hair. "Your thinking about him aren't you? You should forget about that man...he's a pitiful excuse for a human being. Just enjoy yourself with me, be loyal only to me. If you are, I assure you that there is nothing that I cannot do for you. You really are special to me Nene...any other girl...I would have lobotomized and experimented on by now. But not you..." he said as he ran has hand across her body causing the otherwise unresponsive girl to shudder slightly. He then spotted a tear going down her face, leaning over next to her a long slimy snake like toung came from his mouth licking it away. "Don't worry Nene...I assure you within time you'll forget about that man...you'll be much happier with me."
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Postby Ryjin » Wed Feb 03, 2010 4:24 pm

3 Years ago……….

“Jesus Fucking Christ……. Oh God….. you’re a fucking terrorist……. I’m dating a fucking terrorist…..” She fumed being more then a little shocked at the fact I’ve finally told her about my dark little secret.

“I am not a fucking terrorist…” I shot back at her pointing my left index finger as angrily as I could muster only for her to counter with more then a hint of venom in her voice, “What?! You’re a freedom fighter? A revolutionary?!”

“Hold on fucking minute!” I yelled back, it was something between the disgust she put behind those words, like they were some dirty filthy thing, and the way she was taking it that set me off. I took a minute to pace around pointing an accusing finger at her every now and then to cool down before trying to explain why I was doing this, “You’ve seen how bad shit’s getting!”

She looked at with mouth agasped, like she couldn’t believe I just said that before she crossed her arms and assumed “the tripod” stance, If you’re guy you know the one I’m talking about, and she reared back and opened her mouth so she could hit those high octaves that only women seem to be able to it preparing to unleash the tongue lashing of a life time but just as she was in that golden moment when there face is just twisted enough, their mouth is just open enough and their lean is far back enough to let out that perfect sonic assault only for her to putter out mid yell, I swear I could see a ring of smoke puff out of her mouth as she misfired, and instead only to barely mutter out, “Yeah, it is but…. why you? Why do you have to do this?”

Looks like she’s figure it out by herself, she knew something had to be done so now I just had to get her to except that I was the one to do something about it. “Look.” I said to her walking closer, “Somebody has to right? You can’t just wait for some bloody fucking “the one” to just swoop in and save everyone. No! People have to take things in their own hands not rely on others to save us.”

It was at this moment that the reality of what I just told her hit her, It was no longer a “I’m going to yell at you until you reinsure me and say just kidding” situation, it was now real. She stager back slightly and put her hand to forehead while saying, “….. This is…. this… whoa….. I… I’m feeling dizzy… this is too much…”

Man it sure hit her hard and since it looked as if she was about to faint I went over be her side and pulled out a chair from the table while informing her, “Here have a seat then, sit down.” After she took her seat I looked down at her and tried to lighten the mood, “Hey I told you this would blow your mind, I told you a had a double life when I met you.”

That got her to give me the cutes dead pan look I’ve every received. “Yeah but I thought you were joking….. Shit!......” She exclaimed while trying to work her mind around this, she then paused to think something out then asked, “Why are you telling me this? What if I rat you out?

Alright here was my time to sell this to her. Taking a seat next to her I began to explain, “Well for one since I’m kinda doing things that government doesn’t like….”

“You think?! She piped out pointing out my redundant statement.

I deserved that didn’t I? “Well that means if you’re going to be with me you’re going to be in danger and since my real job is… well you know, so I couldn’t keep you in the dark on this, you needed to know so you could make the choice if you still want to be with me despite the danger to you and the fact that I’m…. going to be kinda killing people… bad people but still. And on top of that if you DO decide to stay with me…”

“That’s a big IF right now….” She reminded me, her dead pan look becoming more scary then cute….

With my face now bunched up in a “errrrr” looked I decided to treat more lightly, “Well that makes me feel oh so good, anyways if, no mater how small that if is, you do stay with me you’ll need to know what’s up just in case they make a move against you you’re already aware of that possibility and there for you’ll be better repaired to defend yourself.”

That got her look to lighten up just a bit, she brushed the hair from her eyes and while nodding replied, “Ok, I’ll by that. Now why are you so sure that I won’t run out that door the first chance I get and turn you in?”

“The same reason I didn’t tell you this right away.” I answered with a sly smile, “I’ve been studding you, checking out more then your cute little body….”

“Mmmmmm, flattery will get you everywhere….” She added in with that sweet, sweet tone, her eyes giving me that oh so sexy cat like stare apparently pleased by my chose of words.

Now that I was gaining some ground I got back to explorating my reasoning, “And figuring out just how strong you are, how you tick, what your beliefs were….” and then her eyes went wide in mock shock as she cut me off with, “Oh so that’s why you were so willing to talk all the time, not because you’re sensitive or that you loved me, you were just making sure I wasn’t a stool pidgin; I see how it is. SO I guess I passed eh?”

“With flying colors.” I assured her with a smirk to which she returned while adding, “Yeah you’re right I couldn’t do that to you….. right now….. You do I know you’ve just given me, a woman, something very BIG to hold over you-you know so I you ever decide to cheat or, ‘Oh I forgot that today was our anniversary”.

Oh, who could I pass this up! “Yikes, guess I better call it off with Gloria….”

“WHO?!” She yelled while her eyes went into real shock as she went over whether I was joking or not….. unfortunately from the expression on her face it seemed to leaning towards the “or not” so I quickly interjected, “Joking, joking….” before my little ruse went wrong.

With that calming her down she returned to the dead pan look while warning me that I was, “Treading thin ice good sir”

After giving her a mock look of worry as I loosened my collar while letting out a worried “yeeeee” I got things back on track by asking, “Well know you know my deep dark secret…. now what?

“So your friends, they’re all in on this?” She asked back seemingly ignoring my question to which I nodded yes.

She then cocked her head to the side while looking up and though about what see was going to asked next for a couple of seconds before asking, “You have at lest stock piled a shit load of big guns right?

“A metric shit ton worth of them.” I replied.

That seemed to please her as well, she gave me that cat like sultry look once again while excitedly asking, “And since I’m going to have to learn to defend myself you’re going to show me how to blow a mutha fucka away right?”

“Sure stuff.” I answered.

To that she nodded then asked, “So you’re going to take down the government… what then?” seemingly mirroring my last question.

I was able to answer that one with out even having to think about it, “End this bullshit “democracy”, bitch slap the government back down to the paper tiger it used to be and return to a constitutional republic with a monetary system based on gold and silver.”

“That’s all, what a let down.” She replied with a mock frown on her face. She then paused again before going back into sultry mood and letting me know that, “You could be king and make sure that this never happens again.”

“No.” I replied back, that was a path that I could not let myself walk down, “No matter how good a kingdom might start out down the line it will always become tyrannical. The power must lie with the people.”

“But.” She countered, “As you’ve seen a government “by the people” can be duped into giving up its sovereign rights, and yes I know in a republic the people aren’t supposed to be able to vote their rights away but that fact didn’t seem to stop them from tricking the people into thinking the country was a democracy now did it. But if some like you were in charge that shit will never fly….And besides it’s good to be king” She ended with as she leaned in plants a kiss on my lips…. what can I say she knows how to package what she’s selling.

She then grabbed my hand and stood up while directing me towards the bedroom. Just before entering she stopped and informed me, “Don’t get too excited yet, we’re going to have a little debate with me on this. See if you can best me, if you win my kingdom is yours…….”
"It is the Thunderbolt that steers the universe."~ Heraclitus
The people who voted for Obama or Romney are fucking idiots. Wake the fuck up.
"The Constitution was our last, best hope for peace... It failed. But, in the Year of the War against the Globalists, it became something greater: our last, best hope

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Postby Defectron » Wed Feb 03, 2010 9:47 pm

*Click* *Click* I had just finished emptying an entire clip into the oncoming crowd rushing towards the door. The people in front fell as they were trampled by the others causing many of them to trip over each other in the chaos. I could barely make out what was happening in the mess of screams and the sounds of cracking bones. But this would only slow them down, and once they got through theyed swarm me. But even if this gun was out of ammo, I wasn't.

Electricity began to crackle around me as I got ready to unleash hell on these fools. Plowing through the others was a big fat man who looked like a clown. Not another damned clown!

"Let me through! Out of my way!" He shouted as he smashed the head of some random person who got in his way crushing their skull. But just as he made his way tot he door, with a crack of thunder a blazing white torrent of lightning shot through his body frying him along with those immediatly behind him.

"I hate clowns..." I said as I walked over to the door and lashed out with my tentacles which shot into the ceiling as I crushed two support beams bringing the ceiling crashing down in front of the doorway. Right now I knew we were outnumbered this was a battle we couldn't win, but right now I had no intention of trying to win, right now I needed to escape. I had come here knowing that and I had already planned out exactly what I would do in the event of a failed assassination. I walked over picking up the mask from the ground. I knew that in the event of a failure our group would be in serious trouble we'd probably have trouble getting out. But out of everyone I would have the easiest time escaping. I'd slip out and wait a bit, near where we camped out. If no one else showed up that meant everyone else was probably either captured or killed. Hopefully that wouldn't be the case, but the fact was I didn't need them to win this war, all I needed was that shield generator. Whether the assassination failed or succeeded would be irrelevent, one way or another it'd cause enough chaos that Lindquist and I could enact our plan without any interference.

After picking up the mask I began to make my way towards the bathroom, I would put on another mask and sneak out of here. Or at least that was my plan, standing in my way were several really freaky looking strippers I had seen when we first came here. Standing next to them was a large black man wearing a fur coat and a purple pimp hat with a feather in it. He also sported an afro, side burns and a mustach that looked similar to Shafts.

"Well hello there baby...I aint never fucked a bitch with three tits before." he said taking off his sun glasses as he tossed a cigrette to the ground.

"If you jokers know what's good for you, your going to beat it right now." I said as energy began to crackle around me.

"I don't think so....my names Chucky....Chucky Brown and I am one bad muther fucker! I ain't runnin from no ho!" He said before he whipped a huge silver gun from inside his fur coat and began blasting away. I quickly darted behind a pop corn stand which was blasted straight into the air from a single shot of the super pimps gun.

"Look at you girl! Hidin from Chucky...Van told me you was da shit, putin all those caps in his ass! But you notin but a ho! And pimp master Chucky Brown knows just what a skanky ho like you needs!" Van? That was the name of that vampire back at the village who turned into that giant wolf. This guy knew him? He smiled, I could see in his mouth, he had two long razor sharp canines, he was a vampire! Slowly he aimed his gun at me, I didn't move, there was no where to duck for cover. I could probably survive a shot from this, but given what it did to the popcorn stand I figured it'd probably take some effort to heal any fdamage done by that gun too. But that was alright, I had a plan, if everything worked, that bullet wouldn't get to me. As he aimed, my tentacles all moved into position. The was a tremendous bang as he pulled the trigger, causing his body to slide back several feet from the recoil. I whipped a single tentacle around with enough speed that I just barely blocked his bullet, but it hit with enough force I was sent flying from my feet. I hit the ground tumbling. Slowly I got up, as my tentacle uncurled I dropped a huge silver colored slug onto the ground with a thunk, just what the hell kind of gun was he firing at me. The spot where the bullet struck my tentacle felt kinda hot, but otherwise it took no damage from it.

"Girl, what the hellz that thing made of? See this piece here? This here is "The Gangstas Penetrator". It's custom made, if a regular man fires it , it'll break every bone in their arm. But girl, you stopped its slug and your tentacles still attached to your body. What the fuck kinda shit is that made out of? Well it don't matter, next splooge from the penetrators going all over your face bi-" but before he could even finish the sentance I released another torrent of lightning aimed at him, the bolt blasted him from his feet and fried the three girls who were standing next to him. I couldn't waste time trying to fight this guy, I had to get out of here.

"Dammit bitch! You fried Chuckys ho's! Aint no one kills da blackula brothers ho's and gets away with it!" I could hear him shouting. As I expected that bolt hadn't been enough to finish him. But that was fine, this was a fight for another day. I had no time to change into another mask though, it would only take a few seconds for him to get up and come after me. As I ran I unfolded my wings , spotting the stairwell leading to the outside I dove, flying down the flight of stairs. Several guards began to run up near the entrance only to get blasted out of the way as I exited the building, soaring high up intot he sky. As I looked behind me I saw zero leaping into the stadium, I really hadn't expected that. Well hopefully that would create enough chaos that the others could escape too. But I had no time to worry about them as I headed back to our hide out.

Several minutes later

Occasionally I would glance behind me to make sure I wasn't being followed. So far nothing was back there. But just as I turned my head looking forward I heard a deafening explosion, this hadn't been the first time I had heard something like this. I had once before when I had nearly been killed by an N-2 mine. Though I was further away this time, I was still nearly thrown from the air by the intensity of the blast.

I smiled, that meant the overlord was most likely dead. Of course that didn't change anything, that just made our plan easier. We would use the satelite and cease control of the overlords remaining forces.


"Uhhh....dammit..." Chucky said as someone pulled what was left of him from the rubble. There really wasn't a lot left, just a severed head which was badly burnt. There would probably be even less left if he hadn't been trying to chase after me on the ground.

"Well Chucky...I see you've had a rough day. Van said, though no one could really tell it was him as his entire body was covered in bandages. For some reason the arrows of Rama had inflicted wounds that even he was having trouble healing.

"Bro...damn I have never been so glad to see you! Next time we go find that bitch and teach her what happens to ho's who mess with the Blackula brothers!" A sparkly vampire who had accompanied Van here just looked confused at the statement.

"But..uhh...he's white. How are you two the blackula brothers?" Both of them just looked at him for a moment in seeming confusion.

"Bro why you hangin with dis chump!? He's racist! I'm gonna get some of my niggas down here to beat yo racist ass! Get over here so I can bite yo kneecaps sparkly ass racist!" the charred head said angrily as it seemed to struggle in Vans hand to get at his underling who shrank away in fear even though Chucky was just a head in his bosses hand.

"Chucky is too troublesome to handle in my condition. I will allow you to carry him." Van said before tossing the head to his underling who began to scream as it viciously attacked him, biting him on the arm. But Chucky was right, they would both have their revenge on the ones who did this. No one crossed the Blackula brothers!
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Postby Great Genius Shinji-Sama » Sat Feb 06, 2010 10:42 am

Misato leaned in closer to me while saying, "Now that you're over the shock of my stunning beauty do you think you're up to a little chat?"

"I'm sorry I broke down on you like that, Misato-san. I just feel so lost. I thought things would be different when I came back....... I mean I guess they are.... but I thought all of the fighting and everything would be over..... Kirishima-san died in front of me, I wasn't able to do anything...... Akgai-san........violated me.........she made me try to hurt Rei and I almost killed Father........then there's Asuka........ I'm really glad you're here again........ I-I'll try to keep my p-promise........but I'm just so lost and confused right now. But I know I have to break through this..... and when it's all over..... I can try to find my own reason for living."

As she hears my words the pleasant glow of her face begins to fade into sadness, she then grabs my hand as she tells me, ”It’s good to hear that you’ve begun to take things in your own hand and think to the future, you’ve come a long way Shinji.” She takes a pause and glances down as to reflect before squeezing my hand. She then looks at me for a moment as if she was going to talk but just can’t quite find her words and just as I began to half believe she’ll never find then she finally lets out, “As for Ristuko…. so it looks like she’s lost to the despair…. God I wished I could have been there for you…. to protect you from her…. I’m so sorry for what she put you through.”

Misato-san.......... "Really......It's all Father's fault....... but even so...... I.......I wanted.......to let go...... to move on....... to forgive him........ I think........ Ayanami.......Rei.....said she loves......me," I say as tears begin to leak through my eyes as I start to hold Misato's hand tighter, "Aside from......Kaworu........She's.........she's the only person who's ever told me that........I know.....what Asuka was really feeling from Instrumentality.......and I told her that I wanted to be there with her and help her forever......What should I do Misato-san?"

“Quite the hit with the ladies aren’t you?” She ask rhetorically as she half faked a smile, she was trying to make me feel better but was still upset over what had happened to me do to that witch……how….. how could she do this to me… to Ayanami…. to Father…..Father…….. why are your sins being visited upon me….. “Look Shinji.” Misato said jarring me back from my thoughts, “You’re far to young to be worrying your self this much over this, just give it time and let your heart deiced. It all comes down to who makes you feel more complete?”

"Complete?......" I look away for a few moments as I can't bring myself to say it to her face......"I think...... It was......mother....... But even if Eva was here, I can't.......keep running away. That's all I did with Asuka...... after Kaji-san died and Akagi-san showed us the Rei tank...... I was afraid of both of you........ So I ran to Asuka..... when she was broken....... then I did something........wrong to her. The only time I felt "complete" was when I was piloting.... like Asuka....... even though I hated it." I turn back around to look at her, "Rei isn't the same anymore...... I don't even know how to talk to Asuka. But you were right, I have to finish this once and for all. I can't think about things like that, until I am able to just find answers for myself and live without this. But I do know...... they're both important to me. You are too Misato-san. I..... love you..... like a mother or big sister. I'm so happy you're back!" I shout out as I latch onto her with a big hug and bury my face in her chest, like a child or baby does to it's mother, not in a sensual way, not even thinking about her breasts. I won’t let her, or Ayanami or Asuka or anybody else die in vain ever again!

She sat there almost stunned for a moment before she throws out her arms around me squeezing me tightly pulling in even more deeply into her chest whispering, “I’m so sorry Shi-Chan for all I’ve done to you, for all that I’ve made you do….. It was my vendetta against the Angels.. and…I used… I used you to get my revenge and then I made you fight playing into the hands of those dirty old men. And now all of this….. God shin….”

Before she could finish she was cut off by the sudden “CRASH!” of shattering glass followed by the dry “THUD” of something heavy hitting the ground.
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Postby Ryjin » Sat Feb 06, 2010 3:35 pm

“Wake up gajin!” followed by the sudden thrust to my ample stomach was what shattered the endless twilight that had become my world. I figured that I’ve been captured by the Overlords forces, hummmm just fucking great! On top of the fact doesn’t have the decency to die even after dropping a nuke on him he lets me think I’m free to go and let me walk….. how far was it?...... Well it was pretty fare damn it! And then send out his goons to capture me? But as my eyes adjusted to the dim light I found myself tied to a small chair in and equally small room being loomed over by what looked like two extras that just walk out of the filming of a Japanese gangster flick as a large heavy set Asian fellow dressed in a fine grayish white suit wearing a set of dark shades set out of the shadow. So how I knew this group more then likely had no ties to the Overlord which in turned begged the question who the fuck were these guys? So I decided to ask, “Who the fuck are you and why the hell did I do that makes you not like me?”

The large Asian fellow looked pleasantly shocked as my brashness and replied, “Hooo, quite the abrasive one aren’t you? I am Boss Hashimoto….”

“Boss Hashimoto huh?” I cut him off with not able to let up a good bad joke, “So are you a load baring boss or OUFFFFFFFF!” only to be greeted by another stiff hard blow tenderizing my stomach.

You see when dealing with people like him who are high up in a hierarchal chain of command structure you can’t be a pussy and give in to them so easily since they tend find them surrounded by yes men the relish a the chance to have a have a real challenge s hopefully I’ll be able to soften him up and get a little more out of him. The “Boss” looked me over and gave me a sly smile once again impressed at my brashness and then informed me, “Your mouth seems to have a vendetta against yourself; I would see to it that that it doesn’t dig a bigger hole for yourself.”

“Let’s cut the bullshit ok.” I snapped back which almost earned me a backhand to the face from the left most goon who was stopped by the raise of the hand form the Boss, he wanted to hair what I had to say so I kindly obliged, “If you’re going to kill me you’re going to kill me so holding my tongue is only going to what, give me some time? Fuck that if you’re going to kill me I might as well earn my death eh.” I stopped for a moment and looked into his shade covered eyes and with a sly smile of my own I told him, “But…. the thing is IF you were going to kill me would of done it already so this tells me you want something from me so as I’ve said let’s cut the bullshit and you tell me why you’ve found it prudent to kidnap me, tie me up and be a general asshole to me.”

“Well then if you so insist.” He replied in a matter of fact manner, “Now as you’re probably aware your C.I.A. regulated the shipping in of smuggled guns and drugs into your country which in turn a good deal of which was in turn run by your former president and head of said agency Mr. Bush…”

“You mean “Poppy” Bush. I take it you use to run part of the Asian opiate trade.” I interjected.

“Very astute Mr. Michalik, that along with a sizable amount of arms.” He replied with a nod.

“Well ok, but what the hell does opium and gun running have to do with me?” I asked, it’s not like I every messed with the drug game all that much. I mean yeah I smoked me some pot every now and then and yeah I bought guns before but it’s not like I ever crossed the mob, let alone the Asian mob, during any of this.

“Well as for that we must get back to the C.I.A. As you also probably know the C.I.A. also made sure that these products got into the hands of cretin demographs of your populace such as your local street gangs to sell them.” He answered now looking onto my eyes as he waved for one of the goons to leave the room. Well I think I now knew were he was going with this and he seemed to notice that it was dawning on me so he continued, “Yes the very gangs you were unifying in your little war against your government which meant they weren’t selling my product which in turn meant my backers weren’t very pleased with MY lack of sales. And I must tell you my backers weren’t very understanding people….. in fact they sought little of “us” so they took it out quite heavily on ME.”

………. wow! I got all the luck don’t I people? I mean not only have I found my self somehow transported to post apocalyptic Japan where I end up running in the love of my life out of the blue who is now dating a 3 tittted green tentacle girl and end up getting attacked by this comic book like warlord that goes by the simple title of the Overlord but to top all of this off I run into the one Japanese mobster who my little rebellion happen to fuck over finically and now wants to get back at me because of that….. What are the fucking odds….. And at that point the goon returned with a gangly looking old Asian man dressed in a simple brown suit with small round glassed resting on his disproportionably small noise holding a large briefcase. The Boss looked at the old Asian man as a smile of deep satisfaction creped across his face, he then directed my attention over to the man and with an almost gleaming voice introduced me to him, “So now like you said I’m not going to kill you.” he started as the old man opened his briefcase smiling excitably at me while nodding at me to gather my attention to his case reveling an array of different cutting utensil, drills, vices and other such lovelties… oh this is not going to be fun. The Bosses smile was now ear to ear as he informed me of what he does for a living, “This gentleman behind me a Mr. Takenaka who is a professional in a very specific art, an art he will practice on you. So no you’re not going be killed but I’m very sure that by the end of this hour you will very much wish you were………”
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Postby Defectron » Sat Feb 06, 2010 5:15 pm

After a bit of waiting Phoenix, Johnson, Spike and Rei all arrived back at the spot we were supposed to meet.

"Where the hell were you?" Phoenix shouted at me as she stormed over. "First you dissapear before the mission and then you do it again after it's over!"

I sighed "If you haven't figured it out by now that guy who was here earlier, Dan, was me in disguise using one of the masks. As for what I was doing before the mission, I suppose its alright for me to telly ou now. If you must know I was sealing a deal which is going to end this war!"

"WHAT!?" Phoenix practically screamed at me in confusion.

I then went on to explain all of what I had been doing before hand.

A bit later

"Wait, if what you said is true, then why didn't you say anything beforehand?" Johnson asked.

"Because I knew that this plot to assassinate the overlord , whether it failed or succeeded would throw the overlords forces into a state of chaos at least for a little while. I mean while the plan seems perfect , it never hurts to throw the enemies forces into a state of choas, they'll be too busy trying to deal with the problems we caused to take notice of my plan. Our attempt didn't even need to succeed as long as it threw the enemies forces into dissaray. The only thing nessecery for it to work was that I make it out alive and bring the Shield generator to Lindquist. If I had told you before hand you might not have thought it would be nessecery to try to kill the overlord at all and the probability of this plans success would have gone down." I explained.

"You bitch! Ryujin died killing the overlord!" Phoenix shouted as she tried to throw a punch, only for me to block it, releasing an electric shock in the process which seemed to stun her slightly before I shoved her backwards.

"Phoenix, you fool, were in a war, and he did what it took to put us that much closer to winning it. You can either cry over what happened and waste what he did while the enemy regroups or you can help me finish what he started."

"Oh no! For one thing I've got no reason to believe that we can even trust these freinds of yours! That guy is the overlords right hand man! How do we know he's not tricking us? We take the word of some hack with a rams head? He could be working for the overlord too! So far with the possible exception of spike just about every person we've met has been part of some plot by the overlord to get to us."

"Hey what do you mean by possible exception!?" Spike protested but we both ignored him.

"Demiurge hasn't steered me wrong yet. But even if your right and this is a trap, that would only mean we'd die anyway. If you think just four people can win against an army that big, even with unit 00 your crazy. If you go along with my idea, there's a fifty/fifty chance that I'm right and we'll win because of it. It's only logical to pick the option in which there's a chance we might end up living through this."

"No way! I'll sooner die then hand the shield generator over to someone in the overlords forces! Even if they were freinds of yours before they can't be trusted now! As far as I'm concerned this disscussions over." Phoenix said with a sense of finality.

I clenched my fist in anger, so this was how it was going to be huh? She was just a kid and she thought she knew what was best for all of us? The time had finnally come for me to knock her down off her high horse.

"I don't think you understand Phoenix, this plan of mine isn't a suggestion. And I'm going to carry it out, with or without your approval. And if you insist on being an obsticle that gets in my way, I'll just have to remove you." I said as energy began to crackle around my body and my tentacles all extended from my back.
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Postby Ryjin » Sun Feb 07, 2010 8:25 pm

OOC: This post isn't going to be in the first person like they normally are since they it cover both what Shiro and Rana was doing leading up to the groups return and I figured it be a bit more interesting that even though it's still told mostly from Ranas perspective to give a little insight to what Shiro was doing as well.

After much deliberation and courage building Shiro begin his attempt at small talk with the lovely Turkish cat girl who has been sitting on the floor of the cockpit beside his seat for the past few hours with a simple “So…..”

He found her quite attractive with her thin wait but thick curves dark skin and the cat thing didn’t hurt either. He knew she’s been with Ryujin but…. given how unstable things are right now and with him always running off into danger leaving her behind, maybe, just maybe she needed someone a little more stable… but there was just one thing, Ryuji….. was a big man, even by American standards and Shiro new that if Ryujin ever found out what he was thinking of trying right now, he was more then sure that Ryujin was capable of shattering every bone in his body with a single punch…. Ryujin was a nice guy and all but…..

“Soooo… what?” Rana replied with a smile and a slight tease to her tone in response to the nerviness in which Shiro had delivered his opening, by now she was use to guys being nervous while talking to her but she found it slightly amusing that it took Shiro over two hours to finally build up the courage just to say that….. it was kinda cute but it was also about time. If she had known that all that she was going to be was just sitting here on a cold metal floor with a sore cold butt next to someone who would not even talk to her she would of just stayed with the Jet Alone were she at lest had a chair to sit on and room to walk around, how could it be that this mechanical monster could be so huge yet have so little space?

After reading the reactor temperature gage out of habit and finding it to still be nominal he gathered up the last bit of courage he need figuring that more then likely nothing would come of this but… what the hell at the very lest he could see were this could of went so he went over his wording in his mind and swirled his chair while opening his visor on his HMDS, the contrast of which between the strange bug like helmet and his normal face peering through it bringing a giggle out of Rana, to better face her and followed up his opening with, “Well it’s good that you’re back up and about, that’s all and I really haven’t gotten the chance to say it good to see that you’re ok. Kinda had us worried there for a while.”

“Um, thank you.” Rana returned with a smile. She was happy to hear that someone was concerned for her given how close she had come to death….. and there was the fact it also felt good for a man to simply talk to her, to often she felt as if all conversations directed to her had a sexual undertone to them or were about her body…. of course not to many people had shown the much concern that she was alive before this out side of that strange girl Manticore …. not even……. but... but that’s because we’ve all been so busy…… right? That was what she tried to convince herself with but in reality the truth was she felt that Ryujin was slowly drifting away from her, not in the sense he was leaving her for another woman and besides this was mostly just a surface relationship….. Wasn’t it? Well…. part of it was that she new that he’s never feel for her like he felt for that Naomi woman, his heart belonged to her and that… was ok….. and she felt he was genuine in the fact he said he wasn’t trying to rekindle their relationship… but it still hurt. No…. it wasn’t a woman….. his duty is what was stealing him away…..

Rana looked back up at Shiro and continued the small talk, “Well we have all been little of time as of late, in fact I haven’t even really gotten at change to tal…..”,only for a message to pop on the screen followed by Shiro cutting her off with, “Hold on a sec, got an incoming call.”

As he responded to whoever had called Rana noticed something move outside the window out of the corner of her eye which complied her to zip around excitedly to see what it was only to find it was the blue giant coming to life……

“Zero’s going ape shit right now” Shiro yelled out startling Rana as the giant rose and let out a might bellow that pierced the thick wall of the Trident forcing the Rana to close shield her ears form the noise. The giant then looked about as if searching for something then took off in the same direction that the group had left in rocking the very earth in its wake.

Rana found her self trembling in fear….. She always felt unsure of the giant before but the very fact it could come to life at any moment on its own scared her…. it wasn’t a weapon….. it was a beast and Allah help us if it was to ever turn it ferocity on to us…. The Trident rocked under the discharge of it weapons tracing lights in the dimming sky as she struggled to over come her fear Shiro shouted, “Wait! Say again!” with a terrible nervousness to his voice…. she found her self trembling again, something had gone wrong.

“What… what is happening?!” Rana pleaded out to Shiro only him to put his hand up to let her know to hold a minute then replied into his radio, “Alright, ten minutes. Just be careful.”

Ten minutes? The word rang out in her ears like the hiss of serpents and she began to feel sick with the dread that was building inside her. Near the state of tears she called out to Shiro again, “In ten minutes…. Shiro, Please…. what is going on?!”

He finally turned to her and began to answer, “Ryujin“ but even before he could finish saying his name he saw the deep pool of dread forming in her eyes, he begain to hesitate not wanting to upset her further but with out even having her to say a word he knew he was pleading him to continue, “He wants us to hit the stadium with an N2 rocket sin….”

“He wants you to DO WHAT!!!” She cried out in near disbelief at what he had just said.

In a bid to comfort her Shiro took off his helmet and unstrapped himself to kneel beside her then told her, “Look, he’s ok; since Zero’s on its wa…..” only for Rana to cut him off witth, “I do NOT trust that beast!”

“I know… it kinda scares me too.” He assured her, “But trust me it’ll get them all out of there before the bomb hits. Hell it looks like we just might have one a big victory today so don’t worry they’ll all be here safe and sound in a little bit and we can all watch the mushroom cloud raise into the air and cheer the fact that most of our enemies are not toast.”

“Yeah…. “She replied as she began to raise her head, “It’s just…. I have a deep feeling of…. something just doesn’t feel right.”
The two of them then at thre in slicae for what felt like minutes before Shiro looked deep into Rana eyes and said, “Hmmmm, it must be hard.”

“What… what do you mean?” She asked both knowing and not knowing what he was getting at.

He then replied as he moved his hand onto hers. “Knowing that he’s out there risking his life.”

“Yes.” She answered her voice the essence of sadness.

“You don’t need this.” He told her almost whispering into her ear.

“What…” She replied both excited and disturbed at where this was going, “What are you saying…”

Shiro began to think of what to say next when a bout of both same and realization he was moving to fast over came him, his heart raced as he searched for a way to pull thing back only for the timer of all things to give him one. “Oh…. look at that time, got to launch the rocket.” he said to her trying his best to hide the nervousness in voice as he got back in the chair then armed and prepped the missile for launch. After that he grabbed the stick and looked back over at her with a forced grin and said, “Don’t worry Rana, after I pull this trigger the first step in ending this war will have been taken.” He then thumbed the trigger and the cockpit rocked.

Several minutes later, long after the purplish-red pillar of smoke and debris mushroomed into the night sky arcs of lighting tracing across its edges the ground began to rumble under the rhythmic impact of the blue clad giant now coming into view over the horizon. Ranas ears perched up at this sight and before Shiro could let out a relived, “Their here.” she was already made her way over to the hatch and in less then a minute she was out on the ground barely able to contain her excitement telling herself that in no time how silly she’ll feel after seeing that everyone was alive and alright and he’ll be back in her arms and then she’ll force him to get some rest and she’ll be by his side, the group can survive a few hours without him. As Lil Z’ flew up to retrieve the group from the giant he excitement only grew, she was now up on the balls of her feet, her ears and tail perked up as high as they could go; she was just shy of biting her nails.

Lil Z’ then made his way back down with the group held tightly by his thin but powerful paper like arms and Ranas excitement started to turn back to dread as she did a quick head count to reinsure herself and came up two short, the dread then turned to panic as she frantically recounted and recounted again, their faces and forms becoming blurred… wait.. did I count Johnson twice….. am I sure that’s Phoenix…. As Lil Z’ drew closer and closer she looked down at the ground as if somehow that’ll prolong her grief and realization….

“Hey! Where’s Ryujin and Manticore!” Shiro shouted as Z place them on their companions on the ground shattering Rana last bit of denial bringing her to the ground on her knees….. wait! Maybe… maybe he’s still up in that beast… maybe that little monster could only carry them down and need to go back up….. She looked back up at eh ground a almost hysterical smile on her face brought on by a slim hope that deep down she new wasn’t true only to she Rei weeping deeply into Johnson’s chest letting out a gurgled, “He’s not dead, let go back with the Trident and the Jet Alone… he’s not dead!” Rana found her world shattering around her as Shiro ran up to them and begins talking to Johnson… he was dead….. gone from her…. over some stupid war…. why him… why did he go? He needed rest… he should of stayed here with me….. Why did he have to take this all on his shoulders…… he didn’t need to go….. She heard the sound of foot steps coming towards her and looked up to see that it was Phoenix with a solemn face and so she reached out to hers, tears flowing down her face like water from a stream but then noise like the popping of electricity filled the air ending with a “THUD” caught their attention drawing their gaze over to the direction the noise came from, it was Manticore. The strange green girl walked over by them and Rana watched as the words they started to exchanged ended in a fight…….
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Postby Defectron » Mon Feb 08, 2010 12:31 pm

Before Phoenix could do anything I let loose a blast of lightning hitting her head on, my intention was to knock her out before she could try to transform or go for a weapon. But things didn't work out quite how I expected they would. She didn't fall when the blast hit her as the electricty crackled around her she smiled.

"What the?"

"I never told any of you, in order to transform I need to take in an external energy source." Phoenix said as she began to grow larger changing into the muscular male form she had used in the past to fight Kei.

"Oh...I see...you think your pretty smart huh? Well it doesn't matter, I'm still going to win even without my lightning!" I said as I lashed out with two tentacles. Moving with amazing speed, Phoenix blocked both strikes, each time evading the blades. Before I could follow up he threw a punch, as he did so what appeared to be a ball of fire shot from his hand. I quickly raised about four tentacles intersecting its path making a sheiled as it exploded against them sending a shower of fire and sparks flying around my body. Not wasting the opportunity Phoenix vanished in a burst of speed coming up behind me, but just as she was about to close the gap between us my tail lashed out, barely missing his neck as Phoenix leapt backwards to avoid the blade.

I took a moment to assess the situation, after shape shifting Phoenix is strong enough to hold her own against monsters like Sephiroth. But she isn't without weaknesses. Once the transformation wears off she's helpless. To win I either had to wear her down or drain off some of that power. The first idea would probably be safer, but I couldn't discount using the latter idea either. If she could close the gap without getting hit by my tentacles she could win, but that's a pretty big if. These were strong enough even to injure the nigh invulnerable sephiroth and were fast enough to intercept bullets, not to mention that there was nine of them including my tail. Even though I couldn't use my lightning on him, the fight was hardly won in his favor either.

Before Phoenix could attack again, I used my ion Propulsion to launch my body at her, four tentacles and my tail ready to strike and the others at the defense in case she tried to use her speed to get behind me. Phoenix like before moved in a blur of speed blocking my strikes with amazing accuracy. Not bad, it looked like he could handle four of these striking in relitively the same area of space. But as anyone who practices martial arts knows, the human mind has more trouble keeping up with multiple attacks all striking in different places. Things were about to get trickier. I launched two more tentacles, he was so focused on the five attacking his upper body that she didn't catch one I had sent at his ankle until I'd already slashed it. All my tentacles began striking, none aiming to do any major damge, only to make a bunch of small cuts and jabs which would only further distract and weaken him. As phoenix got busy attempting to black and evade these my tail snaked along the ground, slithering through the grass like a snake until the end of it was behind him. Then like a side winder rattlenake it struck, moving like a harpoon aiming to run him through. But Phoenix caught on just in time whirling to block it, but it was sloppier this time, the blade on the end of my tail caught his fore arm slashing across it as he knocked it aside making a small spray of blood. Another distraction! I launched six tentacles striking again, Phoenix blocked most of them, but caught one directly in the palm of his hand, the blade running straight through it in the process! I could feel it beginning to draw in his energy.

"I've won this fight!" I said as I was about to follow up with another attack. But before I could Phoenix closed his hand on my tentacle and used his superior streingth to throw me into the ground, hard enough that I could feel a number of my bones breaking.

"No! Your the one whose lost!" He said as he jumped on top of me with enough force to shatter my ribs

"ARRGHHH!!! Don't think this is over!" I shouted as my tail whipped around. Phoenix caught it just as the blade slashed across one cheek drawing blood. Not wanting to give me another chance to follow up on that, even as other tentacles were starting to rise Phoenix drove a single elbow into the back of my neck causing me to fall into blackness.
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Postby GasmaskAvenger » Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:05 pm

Mr. Johnson

"Rei. Rana. Let's hit the road. I don't want to stick around to see this get any uglier than it already is"

"Yes, William-sama." Rei calmfully replied.

"Yeah...in fact", Rana added, in which she then turned towards me and whispered "I think he's still alive and out there"

"Yup. Me too." I replied "He's way too much of a trooper to have perished"

In case you're all wonder, some of us (Well, not me, Rei and Rana, who are all ditching this place, along with Unit 00) believe that our comrade Ryujin perished in the Overlord rally stadium explosion

Then again...we're not sure if The Overlord himself died either, so yeah.

And the really crazy thing is that I feel like that, as a group, we're all falling apart.

Don't know where Shinji, da pregnate bitch Asuka, Toji, roboboy Kensuke, Senior Ikari, that Onin dude, some of the others that survived and Hikari. On the other hand, we deserted Shrio and Spike behind while Manticore and Phoenix clashed over things.

Lil' Z did help us get into Zero as an easy way of transportation and promptly followed us, thus, we managed to travel miles and miles...until Rei spotted a flare in the group (Its now night, of course) and told us "There must be someone near".

I then told her "alright...you ladies stay here while I see who wants us.", opened the plug entry and had Lil' Z put me into the ground.

As I walked near the flare, I then saw a very, very familiar and extremely ugly mug pop up, holding two combat knifes in each respective hand

As I held my magnum up to him, instead of him attacking me, he simply told me "Hold your fire, Mr. Gas Mask. I remembered who I really am. I...want to.... join you guys."


Everything is getting worse.

I fear for Shinji.

I fear for William-sama.

I wonder what really happened to Ryujin-san.

But even with Johnson-sama and Zero on my side, I fear that something wants me.

Something evil and dangerous.

I don't want to die, but I cannot predict what is going to take me away.


In the streets of an rugged, yet still working city street, two Yakuza grunts are standing around, weilding standard issue uzis.

However, they both hear noises coming out of somewhere in the alley, so they both carefully walk through the alley with their uzis raised and ready to fire at will.

But all of a sudden, a flurry of bats hits both men, with them reacting by shooting at the bats, even killing quite a few of them, but even after that, one of the two men are snatched into the darkness with not even a whimper hepling notifying his snatching to his comrade.

While walking, he then notices that his comrade is missing, which results in him being very unnerved by the whole situation.

Then..he finds himself at a dead end, with no idea of what to do now, except to surrender, but then, a big black hand with red claws grabs him and hurdles him towards a wall.

With his uzi out of his hands and being the only one there, the Yakuza grunt has nothing left to do and starts crying while spouting some stuff in Japanese, yet red eyes then start glowing in the darkness, with a female voice muttering "Well...why not you just..I dunno..pick on some other douche while you can."

Fanged teeth then shine and the red eyes lunge closer to the grunt, with everything going to black, with screams, claw slashing and splattering of guts, limbs, blood and entrails echoing through the alleyway.

But that is all then broken with the female voice then saying "Well fuck. If this is where you ended up, William, then goddamn. At least you and Michelle broke it off for like...the fifth fuckin' time! Alas, I better find him before that fuckin' angel and demon does...or shit...what other goddamn shit this fuckin' place has to offer. However, the fuckin' digiworld is boot camp compared to home and here...whatever."
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Postby Great Genius Shinji-Sama » Mon Feb 15, 2010 6:57 pm

Before I could even begin to guess at what just fell out outside the hallway was filled with the sound of someone franticly running down it banging on door as they went by. As they got closer I could hear that they were yelling something, it was that girl Phoenix who with Ryujin and Father seemed to be my groups leader.

She finally made it to the door of what ever room I was in as Misato-San turned her attention towards the window and I could finally her that she was yelling, “Get your guns and meat me in the hallway, we are under attack!”

“Holy shit there’s a lot of them coming!” Misato-San remark casing me to turn my attention to the window as well where I saw what by my count looked to be at lest 20 car and trucks, some of which had large machine guns put on them, heading our way and fair started to grip me.

“Come on Shinji we need to get some where safer then this!” Misato yelled as she grabbed my hand and just about pulled me off of the bed. She then grabbed an odd looking rifle (Side note for your information: it’s a plasma rifle but I doubt Shinji could tell that….. maybe if it was Kenske) as we made our way out the door into the hallway were most of the men that followed my Father were moving about armed with a large verity of weapons I had no understanding of, the only weapon I ever have known is Eva. As she lead me around the hallway I hear the car come to a screeching halt out side and door open up, panic began to over come me and I began to look around if I could find Father….. where is he? I need him know…. I then began to look for Aoba and Huyga…. they were no where to be seen either…. And then the hotel shook under the impact of an explosion causing me to fall into Misato’s side and the terrible rippling crack of gun fire filled the air. Panic gripped me even further now; my knees seemed to knock with every steep and my throat turned dry…. Father? Ayanami …… Asuka… were are they. Misato… where are you taking me…

“Where… we need to find them… Ayanami and Rei… Misato where are they?!” I found my self yelling out at Misato with out almost with out realizing it. She turned to look at me in response, her face the essence of deduction and replied, “I know Shinji, we’ll find them just hold on to my hand at all cost; but right now we need to get out of here.”

((OOC: Yes, I know I'm just copying it, for now Ryujin, but Im kind of lazy. consider it a place holder it will most likely be edited in the future, but at least for now; its out there :facepalm: ))
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Postby Defectron » Mon Feb 15, 2010 7:38 pm

I slowly opened my eyes still not fully awake, man I felt like crap right now, I could vaguely hear some people talking around me.

"Phoenix, we got a problem, I just did an inventory of the N2 mines. One of them is missing.Should we really be going when one of them is unaccounted for."

We don't have time to deal with that right now. We'll try to figure out what happened to it later." I heard Phoenix say. That's right, we had a fight. Damn that meant I lost. Well it didn't matter, I would go and find Matt on my own. Then we would come back and take it by force. Phoenix may have beaten me alone, but she wouldn't fair so well with reinforcments on my side.However no sooner had I thought this I found myself unable to get up. Whether something that should be there wasn't. I attempted to sit up only to fall backwards again.

"Wha..WHAT THE FUCK?" There was noting left of my arms and legs but stubby useless stumps! I quickly stried to push myself up with my tentacles but they didn't come out either. My tail was gone to! I waqs starting to panic, what the fuck had that bitch done to me when I was out?

"What about Manticore? We can't just leave her here. She's helpless like this." I heard Shiro say.

"Yes we can. She attacked a member of the team so we can't leave her witht he capability to do so again. And like this she's just a liability. I know it's cruel, but I need to put our survival as a priority. Her legs will grow back eventually."

"PHOENIX YOU BITCH WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO ME?" I shouted, only now was it really hitting me what she had done as I squirmed on the ground attempting to crawl towards their voices.

"So your awake?" I heard Phoenix say as she walked towards me. I barely manged to look up at her.

"You bitch...I'll kill you...you should have killed me because I'll give you back ten times over what you did to me!" I spat from the ground.

"It's your own fault your in this predicament. It was your decision to turn on us." she said.

"TURN ON YOU? You bitch, how many times have I saved your asses? How far did you all come because of me? If it wasn't for me Sephiroth wouldve killed you! And you pay me back..by...by violating me like this! I attacked you because your an arrogant little punk whose going to get us all killed! Fine I see how it is! You deserve to die! I never should have tried to help you!" I could feel tears beginning to gather in my eyes. I didn't want to cry, but I could feel it coming and I couldn't stop it.

"Lets go. We've wasted enough time here, we need to leave. And Manticore, if you manage to grow your limbs back, don't think you'll find that shield generator with me, I hid it somewhere you'll never find it while you were asleep." Phoenix said before turning away to leave.
Shiro glanced back at me, he looked like he felt really bad about this but he wasnt about to go against what she said,

As I watched her back through my tear filled eyes I promised that I would make her regret leaving me alive. When I grew my limbs back she'll pay for this!

After everyone left I lay there for several minuted unable to move. Before a few moments I manged to roll over. "Dammit...it'll take forever for me to grow them back like this..." without my tentacles I couldnt directly absorb energy. Yeah..my beautiful tentacles were gone now, the only thing worse she couldve done would be to somehow steal my fanged vag. Fortunatly I still had that at least, not that it would do me any good right now. The fastest way I could gather energy now would be to eat. But what was there to eat out here? Only a could shrubs, some grass andd that was it. I couldnt regenerate with this. Either Phoenix didn't understand how my regeneration worked, or she really left me out here to die. As long as there was sunlight I at least wouldnt starv to death due to my photosynthesis, but in the next few days I would still die anyway from dehydration. As the hopelessness of the situation hit me I felt myself starting to cry harder. This was no good, didn't I promise myself not to cry again, if I cried I'd waste precious water. But I couldnt help it as the tears kept on flowing.

A bit later I managed to worm my over to the shrub attempting to take some cover. I couldn't die like this, I wouldn't die like this. I didn't know how, but somehow I had to survive this. I had to come back somehow and make that bitch pay for this!

The sun was beginning to go down, it would be nighttime soon...I didn't want to spend the night out here like this. Demiurge...he had access to all knowledge, he should know I'm out here. Why wasn't he coming to help me? Didn't he know what happened? Did he care that I would slowly die out here in the next few days if I didn't get help? But no one did come even as I thought this.


The sun had set and a full moon was out tonight. I could hear a howl in the darkness. Was that a wolf? A coyote? It couldn't be a werewolf could it? In this world I couldn't be sure. A half hour passed and I heard it again, it was closer this time. I then saw something moving nearby. It was a large black wolf, in its mouth was something, an arm. That was my arm! That damn dirty scavenger was eating it! But wait, this might be a good opportunity if it was alone. If it came over here and tried to attack me, I might be able to build up enough of a charge to kill it. If I could do that, if I ate its body I might have a chance. But if my charge wasn't good enough I would be finished. It was a gamble, but I had to take it. The wold trotted over to me sniffing around.

"RRRRRRR!!!" it growled.

"What that matter fido? Don't like what you smell?" It seemed to pause before lunging at me. There was a white flash as the wolf yelped jumping backwards. Damn it wasn't good enough, all my energy had been going into healing my body, I didn't have enough left to kill it. I guess this was really it. Well at least I got to live in the sort of body I always wanted for a little while. I wish i had managed to find my parents before I died, but this was it, there was nothing to do about it. But then, just as I was giving in to fate there was aloud bang and the wolf yelped before falling dead. Someone had shot it in the head.

"Oh god! Manticpore! What happened to you!" I heard Naomis voice shout. I then felt her put her arms around me helping me up.
"NAOMI! NAOMI! I'M SO GLAD TO SEE YOU! UUUWAAAHH!!" I shouted as I buried my face in her shoulder, once again I couldn't stop myself from crying as I sobbed into her shoulder.

"Shhh...don't worry. Everything will be ok now." She said as she picked me up. As she carried me, I spotted Demiurge behind the wheel of a large vehicle. Sitting next to him was Masquerade. They were with Naomi? If my mind had been clearer I may have thought something more of this, but right now I was just glad to be in Naomis arms.
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Postby Ryjin » Mon Feb 15, 2010 11:47 pm

I found myself pushing my tongue threw the opening where several of my teeth once resided at the same time I felt gaze that covered the vacant hole that use to house my left eye…. I could still see it…. that bastard! There it was staring at me, floating in a mason jar right next to that drill stuck to the table with blood…… The drill…. wait… how long ago was that? Was this happening or was I dreaming? I couldn’t tell anymore, all just flowed into the next….. was this even happening… no it wasn’t….. was it? In my dreams I remember seeing someone…. sitting as an old Asian man with horse like teeth doing… things…. to him and all I could do was watch as he screamed….. Who was he……. I was just standing over him the whole time…. what was it last time…. or was it the first? What day is it he would ask…. and I wou…… he would say I don’t know and the funny horse toothed man would hit a button and shock m….. him….. wait that was the first…. right? I’m so confused….. why am I hear again? Where is everybody? I feel so thirsty… That eye….. why is it looking at me?

I hear the sound of clanging metal fill my darkness…. what did that mean again? I opened my eyes only for them to be over come with the light shining in from opening in front of me as the silhouette of a large heavy set Asian man stepped in, his edges glowing off the reflected light…… I knew him…. right? His face was a blur of forms and shadow but his presences was still familiar to me….. or was it? He settled in front of me and his bass filled voice echoed though my mind as he spoke, “While I know full well that I am a horrible man, I make no lie abut that to myself but for what little condolence this will bring you I wish you to know that I am not a cruel man nor do I hate directly.” The man then took a deep breath before continuing, “However I do believe in the printable an eye for an eye. You see I had no qualms at first about your little revolution, in fact I would of gladly supported it; not for any idealist reason but rather you would need guns and bomb and so on and I would of been all to happy to provide you with such things and in fact if you had one all the better since you would of allowed open sale of arms and I would no longer have to sneak them in far increasing my profits….. it would have been a very beneficial situation.” The man then moved over by the table and looked over the various tools laid out there lifting up form it what looked to be a saw….. my…. my heart beat loud like a hammer against rock….. mind filled with images….. memories…. was this happing? Or did this happen? And then he speaking to me once more, “…. but instead you C.I.A cut off all gun shipments once they found the guns they let ship in turned against them and once you started talking the gangs into no longer slanging hard drugs in their communities and using the money they made improving their neighborhoods that then cut off my drug money and that is when things started to go bad for me. You see as large and as powerful as I may have been there were still those above me, very powerful people and any origination of significant size or government for that matter could be allowed to exist unless they had the blessing of them.” He then pointed his fatty little index finger at me, “We may not knew who they were but you new then name of their brotherhood. They were the 13 blood lines of the black nobility, they believed themselves to be “Gods chosen” and they thought themselves to be higher then us…. we were their cattle….. and they didn’t not take to kindly to the lack of revenue I was bringing in and so they decided to give me a little incentive….” The man then took another breath and a sense of deep saddens came over him before he went on, “They… they took my daughter… she just had turned 16….. and they sent me her finger as proof along with the demand to fix this little problem and when no matter what I did, how many favors I spent they shipped her to me piece by piece ……. so since your action cost me my daughter who had do endure a long and very painful death I think it is only fair I return this to you. But this will end soon, as I said I am not a cruel man. You only have tow more days and you would have suffered as long as my daughter would have and then I will let you die.”
The man had finished talking and once again I entered the still darkness but then I heard a sound, not the clanging sound I hear earlier… no…. it was something familiar to me….. gun fire and screams… they grew louder….. louder….. and then I was compiled to open my eyes and before me stood a woman bathed in pure light, her golden hair danced like flames and the glow of her cream white dove wings nearly blinded me, in her left hand she held a head….. it was the head of the large Asian man, the one how talked with me….. then one, that’s right…. he was the boss.. right? But regardless it looks like my angel had finally come, she looked drown at me and with heaven on her voice she spoke.

“Come with me for I am your salvation”……….
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Postby DevRei17 » Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:41 pm

“Well isn't this freaking great?! So nice of them to ditch us!”

“God, what a crappy day it's been.”

Ryujin's dead.

Manticore and Phoenix are in some sort of feud (the cause of our current situation.)

And to top it all off, we can't find the others.

“Rei, my blue haired darling, I will return to you and I will finally tell you my secret.” I said to myself as I sat on the ground in the middle of nowhere.

Up until a few hours ago, everything was fine. Once Ryujin killed the Overlord it seems all hell broke lose.

Now it was just me and Shrio, looking for the others.

Speaking of which, where did he go?
I looked around to see him nowhere in sight.

“He must have left when I was subconsiously monologueing.”

I called out to find him.

“Hey Shrio where ar-”

Suddenly he appeared with a bottle of cold water in his hand. Before I could even jumped to my feet, he playfully poured the water on my head, not realizing what he just did.

“There you go man, you looked thristy so-”
He stopped.

Now sitting before Shrio was a girl with short red hair wearing Spike's suit half her size. Her hair dripping from cold water.
Shrio's eyes widen.

“What the hell?! Who are you?! Where's Spike?!”

“I'm Spike” the girl said, looking down, her face red.

An expression of confusion stayed on Shrio's face for a few good minutes before finally...


I took a deep breath.

“I change into a girl when splashed with cold water. You know, like Ranma Saotome from the anime Ranma 1/2.”

“Again, HUH?!” Shrio said even more confused than before.

I took another deep breath.

“I'll start from the beginning...”
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Postby Defectron » Tue Feb 16, 2010 10:46 pm

When we got back to Naomis base she carried me out taking me inside. I didn't really have the opportunity to see much of where I was as it was still dark out and I couldnt exactly walk around to see where I was. But on the way back I had managed to figure out one thing. Naomi appeared to be the one Masquerade and Demiurge worked for. So she was part of that mysterious group they mentioned? Maybe even its leader? Why hadn't she told me that?

"Your so cute and helpless like this, just like a cute little baby. You know you can't stop me from doing anything I'd like to you right now. I got a new vibrator and I really can't find a good place to keep it." Naomi said sitting me down in what looked to be an adult sized high chair. Naomi had taken off my clothes earlier to clean my wounds so if she wanted to she could find several places to store that.

"Sorry Naomi, but I'm really not in the mood for that right now." I said declining the offer. Normally I would be happy to help store Naomis item, but I was still feeling too distraught by todays events.

Apparantley I looked a little irritated at her comment so she quickly apoligized. "Sorry, sorry...I couldn't help myself. But don't worry I'll get you back to normal in no time. Still I'm surprised, how could she do this to you?"

"I dunno, but I'll do this and more to her once I get my limbs back." I said as I remembered Phoenix.

"Yes about that, you said that you could recover by eating right?"

"Yeah, the mass of anything I eat would be converted directly into new tissue to replace what I lost. I am pretty hungry right now."

"Hungry enough to eat a horse?" Naomi asked me.

"Huh?" I didn't know what she was getting at.

"You know when people get hungry they say their hungry enough to eat a horse, so are you?" she asked as she walked behind me. Her arms went around my neck as her hands cupped my boobs giving them a squeeze. I winced a bit, they got all scraped up when I was crawling on the ground.

"Don't worry, after dinner those will be good as new." Naomi said as what appeared to be a bipedal robot wheeled in what looked like a full grown barbequed horse into the room.

"What the fuck? Is that a horse? Why is that robot wearing a chefs hat? Oh god this has got to be a dream! I'm not really here am I? This is all a hallucination! I'm really back out in the woods getting eaten by that wolf!" I said feeling paranoia starting to take me. But then Naomi took mut into a kiss as she hugged me.

"Shhh...this isn't a dream. This is all real, I'm real." She said stroking the side of my face. I began to feel tears coming again, dammit why did I keep crying.

"No tears now, a pretty face like yours doesn't need them." Naomi said as she wiped them away. Here, why don't you start eating so you can get better. She said as she motioned for the robot to rip off one of the dead horses legs offering it to me. I was pretty hungry. I quickly bit down onit, easily ripping through its flesh as I devoured it. With every bite I took I could feel my body growing back some of what it lost.


With all my limbs fully regrown I sat, squatting, in the nude on top of the table next to what was left of the horses carcass. Biting down I chewed through one of the dead animals bleached white bones that had been picked clean of meat before sucking out the marrow.

"I've got to admit, I haven't had a dinner like that in....uhhh...ever." I said as I glanced over at Naomi. "So what's the deal with this place. You even got your own servant bots and you have Demiurge and Masquerade here too. What's going on here?" I asked as I broke open another bone before sucking the marrow from it.

"I thought you would ask that. So I provided a little presentation before hand to explain things. You'll remember back when you came out with your little secret. I said that I also had one." Naomi said before pulling out a remote and pressing a button. As she did so a hologrom of the earth appeared in the middle of the room. The continents seemed to be devided mostly between red and blue colors with splothes of purple here and there. "The red colored areas are terretories belonging to the man known as the overlord, I believe you are familiar with him."

"Sh-Shit, that fucker owns almost half the world! We really didn't have a chance against him, even I hadn't expected this." I said as I waved my hand through the hologram.

"The blue areas however are occupied by forces under my command. The only force left int he world that can fight equally with the overlord. Were in a new world war right now, a war to take back the world from his hands."

"I don't believe it...B-but how did you do it? How did you manage to gather a force this big?" I asked.

"Well I'm a woman of many talents, it wasn't easy. But I did have a little something that helped. I suppose a demonstration is in order. Chef bot if you will..." as she said this the robot that had cooked the horse whipped out a large gun firing at her. Before I could react there was a huge bang, But the bullet stopped in mid air not too far from Naomi, a shimmering orange sheild stopped it.

"An At field....it was you...your the one Rei was talking about when she said a human came back with angel DNA." Naomi only nodded at this.

" The purple areas are places that are occupied by independent groups, much like the one you were a part of. Some of these are blatantly hostile but others mean well. However their presence is detrimental in that most of them appear to have trouble distinguishing between our forces and those of the overlords attacking first and asking questions later. Most of these are just as much our enemies as the overlords forces are themselves. That is the real reason why I took such a rounabout way of contacting you. I wanted to earn the trust of your group before revealing all this to them."

"They can go to hell...well Phoenix can anyway, I don't have anything against most of the others, but knowing them they'll probably follow whatever she says."

"I see...well if your through with them. Then why don't you join me. I could use help in taking back the world." Naomi said as she fumbled for something in her pocket.

"I wouldn't say I'm through with them...not Phoenix anyway...but yeah I'll help you." I said as I flexed my new hand, it felt just like my old one, I wouldnt have been able to tell it was new if I hadn't known.

"Good...once the overlord and all those other groups have been dealt with. I'll be the new ruler of the world you know. The great rulers of the past all had a woman at their sides supporting them. Who am I to argue with tradition." Naomi said pulling something from her pocket and placing it in my hand. It was a gold ring with a shimmering green emerald on it.

"Naomi..this is..." my eyes went wide, did she just give me an engagement ring?

"Manticore, would you like to be my wife once I rule the world? Being empress wouldn't be a bad deal." She said with a smile.

I never really thought of myself as being the sort to marry easily. I never liked the idea of being tied down by other people which was why I had really wanted to move out when I was a human, unfortunately lack of proper income even with multiple jobs prevented me from doing this up until third impact. So you could imagine that I never thought that someday I would be the wife of the worlds new ruler.

“A-Alright…I’ll do it…I’ll be your wife Naomi and together we’ll rule the world!” I said my face looking a little red in embarrassment as I accepted her proposal. I was remembering that dream I had awhile back about getting married to Naomi.

“I’m so happy you accepted. Well as the future empress of the world, I guess I should show you our kingdom.” Naomi said as she lead me over to the window. Looking out I saw an impressive sight that I had not been expecting. It was a fully reconstructed Tokyo 3!

“I don’t believe it! You rebuilt Tokyo 3!” I said amazed.

“Yes I did that and more! Though as you may guess I had plenty of talented individuals helping me. But were not done yet, we’ve still got a long way to go before we can beat the overlord for good. So I want you to help me. I’ve seen you fight before and I think you could be a big help in this war.”

“Well what sort of empress would I be if I didn’t lend a hand to my emperor in her time of need? I’d be happy to help you.” I said with a smile.

“Good, I have a very specific task for you right now. All of our forces are currently tied up fighting the overlord. So I don’t have a lot of manpower to spare towards this task. Many of these independent groups have been acting up lately taking advantage of this, striking out against both our forces as well as that of the overlords. The task I’m putting you in charge of is to eliminate these groups. You’ll of course have access to any resources we can spare that you think you’ll need. I’ve seen what you can do, I’m sure you’ll be able to help me with this.”

“I see…” a smile came across my face, this meant for sure that my path would be crossing with Phoenix’s again in the very near future. “I’ll do it, but I’m going to need a complete list of all the resources you have at your disposal and what you can afford to spare right now. And get me profiles of everyone in your group too. I’m going to assemble a team, one that’ll be perfect in every way for getting this job done. But before that, there’s one thing we need to do before anything else. I need to go to mount Fuji, you can come to. There’s some people who I think you should meet. They could be valuable allies in this war.” I said to Naomi.

“But Mount Fuji is in the overlords territory.” Naomi said looking worried.

“ I know, but I’ve been in contact with some people planning to betray him, they’ve made their base in that mountain. Their some old friends of mine so it’ll be ok. Demiurge helped arrange a meeting with them last time so I know their trustworthy.” Yes everything was going to plan, no much better then my old plan ever could have gone! Soon I would contact Matt, then together with Naomis forces we would take back the shield generator, crush Phoenix, defeat the overlord using the satelite and then I would be at Naomis side as we ruled the newly restored world in peace.

Somewhere else

Van, Chucky and a small group of lesser vampires including Tsubasa, Crimson Widow and The Countess all stood in the middle of the area where I had battled Phoenix the other day. Van stooped to the ground looking at some burn marks and dried blood, this had been where Phoenix chopped off my limbs using a high powered plasma rifle.
Van sniffed the wind and frowned "I've lost her scent." He stated, Van came back with the ability to track any vampiric organism and in some ways I did qualify as a vampiric organism which is how they got here. But as of right now my scent was completely lost to him. All they found were several disgarded limbs in the bushes.

"Shit this is whack bro, what's with these body parts? Where's the main deal?" Chucky said in annoyance as he tossed aside a leg. "She killed all my old ho's, now I'm stuck with these 3rd rate new ho's and they suck!" Chucky said motioning to Crimson Widow, Countess Chocula and Tsubasa who were standing behind him.

"Were vampires, were, supposed to suck." The Countess said in a deadpan voice.

"Should I bite him? Maybe he'll be nicer if he's a blackula sister." Tsubasa asked the Countess only for her to shake her head.

"I won't be satisfied if she's dead either, that bitch nearly killed me in the hospital." Crimson Widow said as she remembered how I had frozen and shattered her body while in her giant spider form.

"It appears something happened here. But my instincts tell me she's still alive, if she died I would be able to smell it. But no, that's not right she went somewhere I can't track her." Van said as he looked about in confusion. "Yes, if I were to play detective I would say this happened. There was a conflict of some sort, but she lost, which accounts for the severed limbs. Whoever won wanted her alive, but harmless, if she were dead there would be no need to remove her limbs."

"Then we just gotta find who take her, cap some asses and take her back!" Chucky said as he tossed aside a ciggarette.

"Indeed. But we won't get anywhere searching aimlessly, we should focus on locating someone else from her group. They may have the information we need." Van stated as he walked back towards
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Postby Ryjin » Sun Feb 21, 2010 12:21 am

“Ahhhhhhhhhh-ur-ahurrrrrghu!” I grunted as I instinctively stretched out the cricks in my back and limbs while slowly waking, my body was stiff and my muscles felt as if they were made of rock. For what felt like several minutes I stayed laying on my back half blankly looking up with still blurred vision at the cracked and yellowed ceiling with note a though crossing my mind…. everything was just still and then it hit me. Just where the hell was I? I tried to remember what I had done before falling asleep… or even when I fell asleep but my mind was grasping at straws….. And it was about hereish that I finally noticed that I wasn’t alone….

“My name is Anneliese.” Spoken in a most pleasant sounding of voices is what I heard as I shot up in panic at this sudden revelation and I found myself looking at one of the most beautiful looking woman I ever seen with almost golden blonde hair, blue eyed…… and her face…. it had that perfect…. perfect… indescribable look to it. There was something familiar about here like I……but as I tried to force what ever memories I might have had of hear other dark flashes of memories instead flooded my mind, nothing I could grasped or make sense of but none the less they filled me with dread…..

As quickly as I could I forced myself to over come the shock of not only the very fact that this women who I never met before was even here but also at her sheer overwhelming beauty I regained what composer I could and then introduce myself to her with, “Ummm nice to met you Anneliese, my names Eri….”

“I know who you are Ryujin, no need to introduce yourself to me.” She interjected before I could finish sending cold needles of panic down my spine as lately way to many people I’ve never met before knew too much about me already and so far things tend not to go to good for me after finding this out but again given how foggy my memory was at the moment I may have well met her already but either way I think it’s about time I find out what’s going on here.

“Ok, well I guess I might need you to introduce yourself to me in a little bit more detail then. I hate to say this but right now I have like no recollection of ever meeting you before or anything else for the matter…… in fact my minds a little foggy right now and I swear it feels like a lest a couple of days are missing from my head so do you care to do a little explaining?” I ask her in the calmest and assertive voice I could muster at the moment while keeping an eye on her hands, just in case she tries anything.

“So you don’t remember me?” She responded with a playful smile….. Shit! I hope this doesn’t mean that we……

“Nope.” I replied back trying my best to cover up the creeping embarrassment that was coming over me do to what I was fearing just might have been the way we may have met….. wait….. something is wrong here…. everything on my left size is out of focus…..

But before I could dwell on that thought too much further she leaned in closer and told me, “I’m the one who rescued you….”

And with those words the fog that had clouded my mind cleared and full horror of what happened to during those past few days that up to now a blank hit me full on and I crumpled to the floor and curled into a ball as the phantom pains of all that they did to me erupted all over my body…. the wrenching feeling of having my finger nails peeled back…. the drill that they bored into my knee and…. God let this be a dream….. my eye…. I brought my trembling hand up to the left side of my face hoping and preying that it would still be there only to find the cloth like feel of gaze padding and a empty hollow that resided behind it……and then I found my self crying out, “What…. what the hell happened to me…. What happened to my fucking eye?! Those fucking bastards took my eye! Where…. where is everybody? Where’s Rana…. Johnson… Manticore …Rei?! Where the hell are they?!”

“Shhhhhhh, you’re safe now.” Anneliese assured me with a caressing tone to her voice as she wrapped her arms around and cradling me for what felt like hours and I cried, I cried at everything that has happened, the torture, my failure at stopping the Overlord, at losing ……. I don’t know what it was, there was just something very comforting to the way she held me, the way she talked to me and I felt all that made the pain and anguish I had in my heat right now just melt away… there was something very familiar about this…. about how she sounded…. how she smelled….. it was just like when I was with Naomi and the world around me made sense…..

It may have taken me a while even with how… how she made me feel but I was finally calm enough to deal with all of this…. all that had happened to me and the fact that I was now missing my left eye. I tilted my head back and looked up at Anneliese to find her smiling back at me with a soft almost golden glow to her and she cupped and caressed my face on the side I lost me eye while saying, “Don’t worry, they can’t hurt you anymore.” She then cupped my chin and coached me into leaning my head further back bring my gaze directly into hers and then said, “I’m sorry about your eye; I was able to fix all the other damage done to you but I can only do so much for complex organs such as that.”

For a second I found myself lost in her, in how amazingly beautiful she was. It was almost beyond belief…. So this dainty little woman saved big old me from those gangsters…. and she even patched me up some….

“So you’re a healer huh?” I ask her half rhetorically to which she responded by shaking her head no and replying with a bounce to her voice, “No, much better then that; I’m an angel.”

“Ahhh, so you came back as an angel, that’s nice.” I replied figuring that the form she say her self as was an angel, given how she looked I could she why she would of.

“No, I AM an angel.” She assured me as a pair of wings suddenly popped out of her back causing me to fall onto mine in shock with a, “Whoooooa!” as a golden aura surrounded her!

“Holy shit!.... I guess you are!” I responded with as I sat myself back up… shit she may just be telling the truth here…..

She proceeded to retract her wings and holy glow then asked, “So you know of Johnson, the Gas Mask Avenger?”

Wait…. oh-ok that makes some sense, “So you came from his side then?” I ask back to which she simply responded, “Indeed.”

Alright now I new what she was and where she came from, now I just need to find out what she’s up to, “So ummmmm what brings you… ummmmmmmm, here…. to save me?”

“Well, you also know of what Johnson did on his “side” as you called it right?” She asked me in return.

“Umm, Yeah. He, umm, fought demons, he fought a big one he calls the Captain and after taking him down he somehow got beamed over here.”

She nodded to what I said and then continued, “You see after of his defeat at the hands of Johnson, Pazuzu minions didn’t know if Johnson had really died in that battle and many believed that instead he was somehow transported to another universe, as was the case, but still many swore revenge and sought to find a way to either resurrect him or find where he was transported to and find a way to get there so they could take delight in torturing him forever.”

Wait… so those demons, they’re looking for hi….. “Shit!” I yelled out as I figured where she was going with this, “So you’re telling me that some of the Captains boys are planning on taking that GasMasked bastard down?!...... Then what are we waiting for!” I yelled as I began to stand up ready to bust out of….. wait, where the hell am I? In all this time it never really accrued to me I didn’t even knew were I was or what I was inside of … shit fuck worrying about that, my friends are in danger! But before I could make it to far Anneliese put her hand up to stop me then said, “One of the demons already made her way over here, one that goes by the name Magdalene and…….” with that she started to look down at the floor and her voice… it took on a weight … I was not liking where this was going….., “And I was to late getting here… he’s alre….”

“BULL SHIT!” I yelled out in disbelief at what she was saying and I pushed myself pass her, I mean if he could take down the biggest and badest demon his world had to offer what chance does a minion have?

“Michalik, wait!” she called out in that sing-song voice that….. that Naomi would use and it made me to stop in my tracks and I turned to see what she had to say as she grabbed a bag that was sitting on a desk behind her and took form it a….. no.. fuck no….. I’m not seeing this!

“I’m telling you the truth Michalik, please listen to what I have to say.” She pleaded as she presented her evidence, a battered and blood stained fedora hat and a gas mask… the same ones that Johnson wore….

“What…. what about the others……” I asked faced pointed to the floor as calmly as I could struggling to keep my self to falling to my emotions again as she hesitantly answered, “I’m sorry…. their….. they’re all… dead…”

This is my complete and utter defeat….. this was my final straw, after failing to kill the Overlord and then being tortured by some gangsters that I somehow fucked over I now find out my friends….. the closest things I had to a family are now all dead. I drop to my knees and all I can look is down, I can’t even cry; all I can do is feel numb as I asked this angel… this harbinger , “Why….. why did you even bother to save me then…… he was…he was going to end it in a day or two… why did you even save me?” I then found the strength to look up at here as I pleaded, “Are you sure all of them are…. dead…. are you sure?” At first she just stared back at me with a face that told me I wasn’t going to like what she said which if it was the case I have no idea what she could possibly tell me right now that can effect more then what she already has and then reluctantly answered me, “Well not all of them are dead, there is one…” And for a brief moment a tiny bit of hope returned to me as I waited for her to tell how it was, “You see the demon Magdalene out side of its… the things first plan which I was to late to stop it also had a second plan…. the demon wanted to set up a presence here, a new demon empire on this world outside of our… my Lords reach and it looked for those it could sway over to its side, to help it take over…” I could already feel my stomach tighten as the sad reality of who she was going to name already came over me, “….and the one who the demon whispered its darkness to was….”

“Manticore!” I stated with acid and hated on my voice finishing the statement for her leaving her just staring at me almost as if she was stunned by my sudden assertion, of course it was her; she was always a lose canon only staying with us because it was convenient all the while planning on stabbing us in the back once we no longer served a purposes…. I could feel the rage over come me and fill the hollow place in my soul that the death all who I loved hade left and all the pain came to a stop as all that was to my left and right became dark and only the path in front of me coming into focus. I looked dead at Anneliese and asked her, “So I take it now that you’re trying to stop this demon from finishing its new mission right?”

“Yes.” She replied as she put her hand on my shoulder and looked deep into my eyes before continuing, “While I know enough about how Magdalene works to take it on myself but since it had teamed up with a rather dangerous ally I know nothing about I need someone who knows how to fight her to help me. So Ryuj… I mean… Michalik will you join me in stopping this demon as well as your former ally that has betrayed you and help me save your world?”

I didn’t even need to think about it, the world didn’t matter me to anymore; to hell if it was save or not, only one thing matter to me, “Yes, I’ll join you so I can hunt that two-timing bitch down and end her but first I need some new clothes, something better to cover my eye and we’re going to need some guns.”

“Of course, I have some gold and silver on me which seems to be what is now the main currency on this world now.” She replied as she stood up and started collecting her effects.

“Good, heh. It only takes the end of the world for people to go back to a form of money that has real values, figures.” I comment as I take a look around the room I’m in to keep my mind off of that bitch and figured that I was in a shitty hotel… wait… She wouldn’t of killed her…. And with that thought I turned around and let Anneliese know that, “After this I need to find somebody I know who has grown close to Manticore, a woman named Naomi. Since she isn’t…..”

“Was she a woman that Manticore was seeing?” She replied.

“Yeah that’s the one. We need to warn her about what’s going on and on top of that since she’s a scientist she’ll be helpful.” I answered.

“You use to be close to her as well yes.” She then asked me with a slight tremble returning to her voice that I was once again not liking as I felt myself start to tremble as well. I nodded back at her and replied, “Yeah….. You could say that.”

She gave me a slight nod at that and she closed her eyes…. Oh God no…. she couldn’t…. she would never hurt her….

And then she clasped her hand together and her voice dropped almost to a whisper as she said to me, “Part of the deal….. What she had to do to prove that she would be loyal to the demon and earn her place at its side was that she had to kill all of her companions… all of them….”

And that was it….. my last thread of attachment, my last thread of humanity was now gone. Manticore had taken every thing from me and proven that she cared for no one but herself. I found my self just standing there fists clenched and knuckles white, I felt nothing but rage now…. I wanted to mourn for Naomi but I no longer could for I was now hollow, I wanted to just fall over and die but there was nothing left to kill, I wanted the world to burn until the oceans were ash and that I promise you I will if that is what it takes to kill this bitch. I was now death, I was now rage. I had now become the beast……
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