How to get to #egf

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How to get to #egf

Postby Ornette » Fri Mar 27, 2009 10:02 pm

Since the directions were all over the place in the other thread, I'll start a new one, continue to use the old one for help.

Few preliminaries:
* Nick: short for "nickname", it's the name that people will identify you as, it's kind of like a username. You will need to register this name which requires an email address
* Channel: This is kind of like a chat room, they all start with the "#" symbol. Our channel is "#egf"
* IRC Network: This a group of servers in an IRC network. IRC stands for "Internet Relay Channels" and messages sent to a channel is relayed to all other servers. People can connect to any server in a network and it will appear as though they're all at the same place. Our IRC network is "Rizon"
* IRC Server: This is a server which runs an IRC service, Rizon has several servers you connect to. Connecting to "" usually suffices, as DNS resolution will pick the one that is closest to you. Otherwise you can see a list of all the IRC servers on the Rizon network here:
* IRC client: This is what you use to connect to an IRC server. This is usually a standalone program like Xchat, Colloquy, or mIRC, although there are ones that run as a plugin under Firefox and web-based clients like mibbit. If you use Opera, that comes with one built in. You'll need to set this up so that it connects to Rizon.

Step 1: get an IRC client.
Linux: List of IRC clients for linux in a terminal or List of IRC clients for linux that uses X (in a window)

Easy to use ones:
X chat
* Go to Network List when connecting
* If Rizon or isn't there, add a new entry and call it "Rizon"
* * Under "Servers for Rizon" add ""
* * Under "Your Details" enter the Nick that you want to use
* * Click on "Close"
* Connect to the network "Rizon"
-> scroll down to Setting up a Nickserv

* Go to Accounts in the menu bar, then choose Manage Accounts
* Click on Add
* Select IRC under protocol
* Type "" in the Server field
* Click on "Save"
* At this point you should automatically connect, if not, check the "Enable" checkbox

Mac: List of IRC clients for Mac

Easy to use ones:
* Open up the Connections window by going to "Window" then "Connections".
* Choose "New" to create a new connection.
* Type the Nick you want to use in the "Nickname" field
* Type "" in the "Chat Server" field
* Make sure "Remember this connection" is checked
* Click on "Connect"

Xchat Aqua
(See above for Xchat directions)

Windows: List of IRC Clients for Windows

Easy to use ones:
* After installing HydraIRC, you'll be prompted to create a new identity, click "Yes". This will be your Nick.
* When you get the console, type: /server

X Chat (shareware) or X Chat (Silverex freeware)
(See above for Xchat directions

* The "Connect" window comes up when you run mIRC
* You will need to enter something for your "Full Name" and "Email Address". You can make this shit up if you want, it doesn't need to be real.
* Type in the Nick you want in the "Nickname" field.
* Click on "Servers" and choose "Rizon"
* Then click on "Connect"

Plugins and Web-based clients:
I don't know anything about these, so you're on your own. I hear they're retarded easy to use.
Chatzilla, Firefox addon
Mibbit, Ajax driven client that runs in a web browser

Alternatively, if you install an IRC client, you can try going to irc:// and that will connect you to Rizon and attempt to join #egf. You'll need to already have your Nick registered (Step 2) in order for this to work.

Step 2: Registering a Nick
After you've connected to you need to send a message to "Nickserv":
* type: /msg Nickserv REGISTER <password> <email>
<password> = the password you'll use to identify yourself when you sign on, remember this password
<email> = the email address to send the registration information to, this needs to be valid or you'll never get the info
* Wait until it sends you email, this won't happen immediately. When you get the email, you'll get a "passcode"
* After you get the "passcode" type: /msg Nickserv CONFIRM <passcode>
<passcode> = the passcode that was sent to your email.

At this point you're registered. Each time you sign on to Rizon from now on using this Nick, you'll need to IDENTIFY yourself or your nick will get changed.
* Type: /msg Nickserv IDENTIFY <password>
<password> = the password you entered when you used the REGISTER command.

This should identify you and you can now join #egf
* Type: /join #egf

Note: If the first thing that you get is Nickname is already in use., that means someone is already using your Nick. This nickname is registered and protected., that means you've chose a Nick that is already registered. You'll need to choose another nick, depending on the client you're using, there are different ways of doing this. You can start over from step 1, or you can figure it out, it's not that hard. If you want to just deal with it later, you can change you Nick right now by typing: /nick <new>, where <new> is a different Nick you want to use. You can keep doing this until you've gotten a Nick that is not used and not registered.

Step 3: Now that you're here
Now that you're in the channel, you may have a few questions.
* Who is Fuyutsuki and why did he tell me to Fuck Off? Fuyutsuki is the bot that I run. I wrote it in Java and it's programmed to say a lot of nasty things, that's how I roll. Fuyutsuki will also kick and ban people for various offenses, but you can also get him to do things for you, like give you LOLI.
* Why did I get disconnected? You probably didn't, you probably just got kicked out of the channel, this happens a lot because people can kick you. Don't take it personally, just rejoin the channel by typing: /join #egf
If you've really been disconnected from Rizon, and you're not able to get reconnected, try going to Rizon's website and check the KLine page.
* I tried to rejoin the channel but it says I'm banned? This happens because of many reasons. If you quit and join the channel too often within a short span of time, if you flood (send too many messages to the channel quickly), or if you're being a nuisance and a channel operator kicks then bans you.
* How do I make it so I don't need to IDENTIFY with Nickserv everytime I sign on? This is different for each client. The best way to do this is use google, try searching for "<my> automatically identify nickserv" where <my> is the name of your client (e.g. Xchat, mIRC, Chatzilla).
* What does the symbols next to people's names mean? Depending on the client that you're using but most likely you're referring to this: ~ is founder, % is owner, @ is operator, % is half operator, and + is voice. This is the order of superiority. Half ops and above are allowed to kick and ban.

If you're having trouble still you can try posting to This Thread, if you're able to connect but are having issues with your Nick, Nickserv, or joining the channel, you can try typing "/msg Ornette <msg>" where <msg> is something like "Hi, I can't get into #egf". Let me know who you are or I'll just ignore you. You can also try messaging ZapX as he's usually in the channel and active.

One other thing. If you've registered with Nickserv, you should read the bit about it keeping your credentials for a month or so. Meaning that if you register your Nick, after a month of inactivity, that registration is gone.

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