Project Germanicus: A Three-Part Play

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Re: Project Germanicus: A Three-Part Play

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Postby Thorion » Thu Oct 06, 2022 12:28 pm




(The Bridge. MAYA, HYUGA and AOBA all sit, hard at work.)

AOBA: I still can't believe we are investigating something discovered by the idiot that got into a shouting match with a crow.

HYUGA: I still can't believe that he managed to win that shouting match.

MAYA: He's a bit quirky, but he really is quite nice.

AOBA: After all the times he called you "Commander Ikari's bastard", I never thought I'd hear you call him that, Maya. With the mouth on him, I can't understand why the Commander hasn't seen fit to fire Conn. If I had an underling that openly contemptuous of me, I wouldn't keep him around.

HYUGA: I'm just curious, but did Conn tell any of you the story of why he doesn't invite people to his apartment?

MAYA: No, when did you hear this from him?

HYUGA: We were in the elevator and we ended up chatting. Apparently, the one time he invited someone over to his apartment he ended up unconscious, locked in his broom closet, his fridge thrown from the balcony and his vacuum cleaner stolen. (ENTER RITSUKO.)

MAYA: Honda?

AOBA: (Rolling his eyes, completely annoyed.) Who else?

RITSUKO: Have you three found anything?

AOBA: (He turns to face RITSUKO.) Unfortunately, no and with how contemptuous that idiot is of Commander Ikari, I'm of the opinion that he manufactured Project Germanicus to turn as many people as possible against him.

RITSUKO: So, I suppose Conn planted Project Claudius in the "Authorized Personnel Only" folder then? (AOBA can only look away.) I can't understand why Commander Ikari would have files written in this chicken scratch but have the titles and his signature in kanji.

HYUGA: Maybe they are intended for other branches?

MAYA: Other branches? You mean he might be planning to ship the Children off to other countries?

RITSUKO: Maybe. If that is the case, it would be Germany for Asuka, Britain for Shinji or this Mari and who knows where Rei and the others would be sent off to.

MAYA: (Genuinely curious.) Shinji in Britain… I wonder how he'd handle a transfer like that.

HYUGA: Hold on, something's been detected!

RITSUKO: Lets see it. (EXEUNT.)

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Re: Project Germanicus: A Three-Part Play

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Postby Thorion » Fri Oct 14, 2022 7:22 pm




(Fuyutsuki's office. FUYUTSUKI sits behind a desk looking over a file while CONN stands ready nearby.)

FUYUTSUKI: Mr. O'Sullivan, can you go down to the archives and bring me the budget from the October of last year?

CONN: Yes, sir. (CONN makes his EXIT as RITSUKO and MAYA ENTER, causing him to collide with the latter. Flustered, CONN raises his hat.) So sorry, First Lieutenant Maya. (He turns his attention to RITSUKO.) Dr. Akagi, it seems that Deputy Commander Fuyutsuki is familiar with Project Germanicus, but not as we know it.

RITSUKO: (Confused.) What?

MAYA: (Equally confused.) What do you mean by that, Conn?

FUYUTSUKI: I mean, First Lieutenant Ibuki, that when I knew Project Germanicus, it was written in Kanji and was intended as upgrades for Unit-02. Mr. O'Sullivan has me up to speed. Now, Mr. O'Sullivan, I believe you were fetching the budget for last October.

CONN: (Nodding.) Yes, sir.

FUYUTSUKI: (Smiling.) And please, make sure you don't run into anyone else.

CONN: (A sheepish smile appears on CONN's face.) Yes, sir. (EXITS.)

FUYUTSUKI: (Turning his attention to RITSUKO and MAYA.) Now, what brings you both here?

RITSUKO: Something strange, sir.


RITSUKO: A dead Angel has appeared a mile a mile away from the city.

FUYUTSUKI: (Not entirely confused or surprised.) A dead Angel?

RITSUKO: Yes, sir.

FUYUTSUKI: First Lieutenant Ibuki, can you go and run after Mr. O'Sullivan and tell him to bring the file on the Angel Michael? (MAYA nods and EXITS.)

RITSUKO: (Visibly confused.) M-Michael, Deputy Commander?

FUYUTSUKI: Yes… I take it you first tried to find Commander Ikari and when you couldn't find him, you came to me.

RITSUKO: Yes, where is he? I've not heard anything about him being called away.

FUYUTSUKI: He was suddenly called away this morning, though he too knows of this Michael.

RITSUKI: Another Angel that arrived already dead?

FUYUTSUKI: It was very surprising, Dr. Akagi. The NERV branch in Turkey wasn't sure what to make of it.

RITSUKO: An Angel that appears dead on arrival is very much out of the ordinary, but most surprising was the size of this one.

FUYUTSUKI: The size of this one?

RITSUKO: The body was investigated and it couldn't have been any more than—

FUYUTSUKI: (Knowingly.) Eighteen feet tall?

RITSUKO: (Surprised.) How did you know, sir?

FUYUTSUKI: (Troubled.) That is the exact same height Michael's body is… Two eighteen-foot-tall Angels appear dead on arrival, one in Turkey the other in Japan. (ENTER CONN and MAYA, the former carrying two folders in his free hand.) Ah, Mr. O'Sullivan, welcome back. You can give the folder for the budget to me and the file for Michael to Dr. Akagi.

CONN: Yes, sir. (He gives one folder to FUYUTSUKI and the other to RITSUKO.)

RITSUKO: (She opens the folder and a look of astonishment appears upon her face.) But… This is the same Angel that just appeared dead a mile from the city!

FUYUTSUKI: Perhaps it has a double, a twin.

CONN: What do we call this one then? Lucifer? What is even the worry? If eighteen-foot-tall Angels start appearing then all we need do is call in the biplanes while they hold some poor defenseless damsel hostage while atop the tallest building of the nearest settlement… Or, we could just have an Eva step on them… Presuming all such Angels of that size are not dead the moment they arrive.

FUYUTSUKI: That there have been two Angels of that size is cause to worry, Mr. O'Sullivan. What exactly is the reason for Angels of that size? A change in strategy? What if there is one that is not dead the moment it arrives? What if this one is smaller than the previous two?

CONN: What? Twelve feet? Human-sized? I still say just let an Evangelion step on it. This dead one and any other hypothetical Angels of that size or smaller are as minnows are to Moby Dick.

RITSUKO: Or a shark compared to Moby Dick.

FUYUTSUKI: Yes… In any case, we must be cautious. First Lieutenant Ibuki, Mr. O'Sullivan, you are both dismissed.

CONN: Will you be needing anymore files from the archives, Deputy Commander Fuyutsuki?

FUYUTSUKI: That will be all, thank you. (MAYA and CONN both EXIT, leaving RITSUKO and the Deputy Commander alone.) Dr. Akagi, Mr. O'Sullivan has informed me of how you found Project Claudius. I had not been aware of such a project's existence.

RITSUKO: Then it would appear that Commander Ikari has been keeping secrets from his closest allies.

FUYUTSUKI: Indeed, thus the reason for this question, Dr. Akagi: what other mysterious files did you find?


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Re: Project Germanicus: A Three-Part Play

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Postby Thorion » Sun Oct 16, 2022 2:18 pm




(A clothing store in the mall. Shinji and Kaji stand in the middle of the stage, the former standing in front of a mirror clad in a light-yellow suit with a black dress shirt and red tie.)

Kaji: Well, what do you think, Shinji?

Shinji: It is okay I guess, Mr. Kaji. (ENTER TOJI clad in a white suit dark blue shirt and red tie. Shinji stares baffled by his friend's choice in apparel for the dance.) Though I think Toji might need help in finding a suit for the dance.

TOJI: What are you talking about? This looks great?

Shinji: It looks like you are missing something… Like a fancy watch, sunglasses and some sort of cape.

TOJI: Are you joking? I'll look like a sellout!

Shinji: Look like one? You already look like one, you just need those things to complete the look!

Kaji: (He smiles, clearly trying not to laugh.) Come on, Toji. We will find you something a bit less… I don't know if "flashy" would be the right word, but we'll find you something better anyway. (He and TOJI walk offstage as KENSUKE ENTERS, clad in a simple grey suit with a white shirt and grey tie. KENSUKE walks over to the mirror, looks at himself and sighs.)

Shinji: What's the matter, Kensuke?

KENSUKE: Add ten years and I look like some businessman!

Shinji: Can I ask for your opinion on something?

KENSUKE: Sure, Shinji. What's on your mind?

Shinji: Do you think I could pull of the long-haired look like Mr. Kaji? You know, with a ponytail?

KENSUKE: If Toji were to ask me that question, I'd say "no", but I honestly think you can, Shinji.

Shinji: You really think so?


Shinji: (He smiles.)

KENSUKE: Don't mention it. You gonna dye your hair blond to mess with Conn O'Sullivan too?

Shinji: (Laughing.) No, no. I like my hair the colour it is. (Kaji and TOJI ENTER, the latter in a simple black suit with a white shirt and red tie.) You know, that actually looks better.

TOJI: Better? I'll look just like every other guy!

Shinji: (Shrugs.) Better than looking like a sellout. (EXEUNT.)


Shinji and Toji's suits are both taken from official art, the latter's specifically coming from the "Shinji and Good Friends" CD series. I'm not sure what the source is for the art that Shinji's comes from.

Shinji asking about if he could pull off a hair style like Kaji's is a reference to "Anima", where Shinji looks like a younger version of Kaji.

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Re: Project Germanicus: A Three-Part Play

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Postby Thorion » Mon Oct 17, 2022 7:07 pm




(A different store. Asuka and HIKARI both stand before a mirror while Misato stands by, smiling at them.)

Misato: I never got the chance to go to school dances when I was your age. In someway I envy you.

Asuka: You are coming as a chaperone though, Misato.

Misato: It isn't the same though, Asuka… I sometimes can't believe it has been fifteen years since Second Impact. I've heard you and Shinji talking about your own nightmares and I am glad to know I am not alone.

HIKARI: (Surprised.) Nightmares, Misato?

Misato: Yes, Hikari. Nightmares… Nightmares of being present for Second Impact in Antarctica.

Asuka: Have… Have you ever thought about… Talking to Kaji about them?

Misato: I have.

Asuka: And have you?

Misato: … No.

HIKARI: Why not?

Misato: (Unable to give an answer, she sits down upon a nearby chair, her gaze on the floor.)

Asuka: Why don't you talk to me and Shinji about them?

Misato: (Not taking her eyes off the floor.) My nightmares aren't like yours and Shinji's, Asuka. You might both understand what it means to lose a parent and be abandoned by your surviving parent, but you can't imagine the hell I saw… The hell that comes back to me in my nightmares.

Asuka: Me, Shinji and Rei go through hell too fighting the Angels!

Misato: But it isn't the same! Unless you've been through what me, Kaji and others of our generation went through you can't possibly imagine it! Hearing about it in school and actually living through it are two different things! (Asuka looks away from Misato, unsure of what sort of argument to make and so a period of silence passes between the three.)

HIKARI: (Clearing her throat.) So, uh, Asuka, you never told me how you got past your crush on Kaji. (Misato raises her head, actually looking at Asuka for the first time since the discussion of nightmares began.)

Asuka: I came to a realization, Hikari. I realized that I have fallen under the spell of a handsome face, when all that time my heart had been telling me that I love Shinji.

HIKARI: Have you told Shinji that? (Asuka shakes her. EXEUNT.)


Asuka's describing her crush on Kaji as having "fallen under the spell of a handsome face" all while her heart told her that she loves Shinji is actually a reference to a scene from the 1982 adaptation of "The Hunchback of Notre-Dame" where Esmeralda realizes the same thing in regards to her infatuation with Phoebus, though admittedly Kaji is a better person than Phoebus. It might not be entirely accurate in regards to Kaji just being a handsome face as he is more than that, but it still works in my opinion.

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Re: Project Germanicus: A Three-Part Play

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Postby Thorion » Wed Oct 19, 2022 5:32 pm




(The Bridge. RITSUKO and CONN stand conversing while the Bridge Bunnies are hard at work. RITSUKO is holding a folder in her hand while speaking to CONN, looking at the contents.)

RITSUKO: So, you have an interest in the great mysteries of the world?

CONN: I do, Dr. Akagi. Jack the Ripper, the supernatural, monsters, ancient treasures, legendary lands such as Atlantis, all of those great mysteries.

MAYA: (Turning to look at CONN.) What about what happened to Anastasia?

AOBA: (Keeping his eyes on his work.) Not much of a mystery anymore. It's been proven that she died with the rest of her family.

MAYA: (Half-shocked, half-heartbroken.) WHAT?

AOBA: Besides, even if she hadn't been she would have died of old age long ago.

CONN: (Matter-of-factly.) Yeah, that pretty much covers it.

MAYA: H-How old was she?

CONN: Seventeen, I think.

MAYA: Seventeen! That's only a few years older than the pilots!

CONN: Yes, it is, isn't?

RITSUKO: Conn, could you head over to the archives and get me the file for— (Her phone begins to ring.) Excuse me. (She answers her phone.) Hello? (EXITS.)

CONN: (Shaking his head, he walks over to MAYA.) Anastasia? Really? A little bit cliché, isn't it?

MAYA: No more cliché than Jack the Ripper and Atlantis.

CONN: (Smiling.) Yes, indeed. (He turns his head over to AOBA.) How did you now about it being proven that Anastasia was dead, First Lieutenant Aoba?

AOBA: I read it in the news some time ago. How about you?

CONN: Read it in a book… I don't know wherefore I was so surprised. Life isn't a fairy tale. If life is any indication, it is a horror story like something from Lovecraft, what with those monsters the Angels and everything… Though the mechanical monstrosities that the Children pilot are different.

AOBA: You were hoping that she survived, Conn? (He doesn't look away from his work as MAYA and HYUGA both look at CONN.)

CONN: I did, First Lieutenant Aoba. Where there is life there is hope, but alas, that only seems to be half the time.

AOBA: It happened long ago. Any hope for her was non-existent. If she wasn't killed in the revolution, she would have died later.

CONN: Yes, well, maybe she has been reincarnated, (AOBA begins shaking his head with an annoyed look upon his countenance.) maybe her reincarnation is someone we know. Wouldn't that be something?

AOBA: (Coldly.) You have your head in the clouds with this mystery stuff, Conn.

CONN: And where is yours, First Lieutenant Aoba? Stuck in your music? What are you going to do? Write a song that will cause the dogs to howl?

AOBA: (He turns to look at the archivist. Genuinely curious.) How long have you been holding onto that?

CONN: (He shrugs.) Give or take three weeks.

AOBA: I would have waited another three weeks, maybe then you'd have a better comeback. You really do have your head in the clouds, Conn. Do you have a girlfriend, boyfriend…? What are you anyway?

CONN: Well actually, I'm— (ENTER RITSUKO.)

RITSUKO: Sorry about that. Anyway, Conn, can you go and grab that file for the most recent health checks of the Children from the archives?

CONN: Health checks, Dr. Akagi? I don't recall them being sent down.

MAYA: (Grimacing.) Sorry!

RITSUKO: Alright then, Maya, you go and get that file please. (MAYA gets up and hastily EXITS, CONN smiling as he watches her leave. Smiling as well, RITSUKO shakes her head.) Everyone makes mistakes, I even made some of my own when I was her age. (Turning her attention to CONN.) Did you go out to get a book on Anglo-Saxon runes?

CONN: Yes, Doctor. I went out to get one during my lunch break. It was on sale, so it didn't cost me much.

RITSUKO: How does it compare to the text on the files?

CONN: Not very well. It was a good direction that Special Inspector Kaji pointed me in based on the surname of Asuka's paterfamilias, but alas, it was not to be… What is the full appellation of Asuka's paterfamilias anyway?

RITSUKO: You mean Kaji didn't tell you? His name is Edmund Langley.

CONN: (Incredulous.) You can't be serious! What are the names of some of his colleagues? Edward Woodstock? Isabella Bedford? John Gaunt?

RITSUKO: I don't understand the references, Conn.

CONN: Edmund of Langley, the First Duke of York, was a son of Edward III of England. Edward of Woodstock, Isabella of Bedford and John of Gaunt were some of his siblings.

RITSUKO: Not that I know of, but wouldn't that be something?

HYUGA: Something's been detected!

RITSUKO: Let's see it! (HYUGA hits a button and immediately CONN backs away in horror at what he sees upon the screen as MAYA RE-ENTERS. RITSUKO stays cool and collected.) So, a bigger fish has arrived.

CONN: Almost rather had I seen Moby Dick and fought him, than to have see, thou white ghost!

RITSUKO: Hyuga, call Major Katsuragi and inform her of what is going on!

HYUGA: Yes, Doctor! (He picks up his phone and begins dialing Misato's number.)

RITSUKO: Aoba, call Special Inspector Kaji! Shinji is with him!

AOBA: Right! (He picks up a phone and begins dialing Kaji's numner.)

RITSUKO: Conn, go and find Deputy Commander Fuyutsuki!

CONN: At once, Dr. Akagi! (CONN hastily attempts to EXIT, only to trip and fall, hurting his right knee in the process.) Shit and fried eggs!

MAYA: Are you alright?

CONN: (Angrily.) Would I have said something as vulgar as "shit and fried eggs" if I was, Commander Ikari's— (A half-angry, half-hurt expression appears upon MAYA's countenance, causing CONN to calm down. The other two Bridge Bunnies turn and look at him, HYUGA's eyes wide and AOBA glaring at him. RITSUKO remains calm.) S-Sorry, First Lieutenant Maya.

RITSUKO: Maya, you go and find Deputy Commander Fuyutsuki. (MAYA nods and looks at CONN, who can only avert his eyes, before EXITING. RITSUKO then goes over to CONN and helps him up.) How's the knee?

CONN: Not good, it just had to be the right knee.

RITSUKO: Bit of an Achilles heel?

CONN: You could say that.

HYUGA: Major Katsuragi is on her way here with the Second Child.

AOBA: And Kaji is on his way with the Third and Fourth Child.

RITSUKO: That just leaves the First and Fifth.

CONN: (Quietly.) Rei Ayanami and the mysterious Kaworu Nagisa.

AOBA: You're only calling him that because you haven't met him!

CONN: Have any of us?

RITSUKO: That's enough. I'll send for Rei and no doubt Deputy Commander Fuyutsuki will send for Kaworu. With any hope, five Evangelions will make short work of this… white ghost.

AOBA: I doubt it. (EXEUNT.)


The mention of Atlantis is actually a reference to Gainax's previous series "Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water". As for Anastasia, I figure that as a child one of Maya's favourite films was the animated Don Bluth film.

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Re: Project Germanicus: A Three-Part Play

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Postby Thorion » Tue Nov 01, 2022 4:22 pm




(The Geo-Front Gates. Misato and Kaji hastily ENTER, well ahead of the Children. Realizing how far ahead they are, the two stop and turn, looking behind them.)

Misato: Is Toji alright? Why is he just standing there?

Kaji: He must be scared, Misato. I don't blame him. Rei, Asuka, Shinji, they are brave kids. Had we been young enough, do think we'd have been able to do it?

Misato: I would have been a different person then, maybe with different problems, but… I don't know, that is a different path, a different world that I can't imagine, Ryoji. All I know is…

Kaji: What the tragedies of our youth have made us.

Misato: (Confused.) Excuse me?

Kaji: Conn said that we all must rise above the tragedies of our youth and he admitted that he basically ran away from his rather than rise above them. Not that I blame him. I told him about the tragedy of mine and I asked how anyone could have risen above that. He told me he didn't know and then he asked me if either of us could say that we know anyone who has.

Misato: Did you tell them about Shinji and Asuka?

Kaji: (He nods.) Yeah, I did. I told him that they are doing a good job and that they aren't doing it alone. Makes me wish that you and I had met earlier than we had.

Misato: Maybe if we had met before college, everything would have been better for us… Do you think it is too late for us, Ryoji?

Kaji: (A look of uncertainty appears for a moment upon his countenance. He then brightens up a tad.) I hope not, Misato. I still have something I would like to ask you when this is all over if the world is still here.

Misato: (She gives a small smile.) I hope you will get the hance to ask it, Ryoji.

Kaji: (He returns his smile and then looks over his shoulder.) Looks like Shinji and Asuka have been able to help Toji through his fears. They know the way and we better get down to the where we need to be.

Misato: Yeah, we better. Come on! (She and Kaji EXIT through the gates. ENTER Shinji, Asuka and TOJI.)

TOJI: Were either of you this nervous the first time you fought an Angel?

Asuka: Not really, I was confident I could get the job done and if I couldn't, I had Shinji with me in Unit-02.

Shinji: I just wish I'd been wearing my own plugsuit.

TOJI: (Laughing.) You did look pretty ridiculous wearing Asuka's spare.

Shinji: (Under his breath.) Not as ridiculous as you did with Asuka's handprint on the side of your face all day. (Hearing what he said, Asuka gives a small giggle.)

TOJI: What was that?

Shinji: Oh, nothing!

TOJI: So, how about it, Shinji? Were you as nervous the first time?

Shinji: (He pauses, thinking back to his first time in an Evangelion. Finally, taking a breath, he answers.) I was more than nervous… I was terrified.

Asuka: Hopefully with five Evas, things will not be as bad.

TOJI: Five? You mean the vampire's Evangelion has come in?

Shinji: Yeah, Unit-04. With this being five against one this could be a short fight.

TOJI: If Count Nagisa doesn't stab us all in the back afterwards.

Asuka: (With eyes glazed over.) "Count Nagisa?" That is just low-hanging fruit, Suzuhara.

TOJI: I don't the names of any other vampires, alright?

Shinji: (Grinning.) Fair enough, but we better get on our way. We have an Angel to stop.

TOJI: (Genuinely curious.) You think I'll be the one to land the killing blow on the thing?

Asuka: Don't count on it. With four other Evangelion pilots, anyone could land it. (Shinji, Asuka and TOJI EXIT through the gates. ENTER Rei and KAWORU.)

KAWORU: Why such distrust, Rei? Are we not one and the same?

Rei: The cobra and mongoose are both animals of the land, should they trust each other?

KAWORU: Are we not on the same side then?

Rei: Allegiances change and I do not trust you to stay loyal, Kaworu Nagisa.

KAWORU: (He smiles.) A wise policy… Why don't you join me? A king needs a queen.

Rei: And a chess board a full set of pieces. My allegiance is to Commander Ikari and my fellow Evangelion pilots. I told you once I would turn my Evangelion upon yours, if need be, do not make this the day it happens, Kaworu Nagisa. (She EXITS through the gate, leaving KAWORU alone, still smiling.)

KAWORU: (To the audience.) If today I must play the role of Cain, then perhaps some day Rei Ayanami, the First Child, shall be my Awan. If Shinji Ikari, the Third Child, is not… Oh, what does it matter? Rival? Lover? He shall be something, if not the latter, then he shall be my former and what a beautiful rivalry it shall be… Yes, I do believe I would prefer him as a rival than a lover. Asuka can have Shinji's love, I will have Rei's love and if not that her hatred, leaving good Shinji to be my rival, a Great Pompey to my Divine Julius. (EXITS through the gates.)

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Re: Project Germanicus: A Three-Part Play

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Postby Thorion » Mon Nov 14, 2022 6:45 pm




(The Bridge. FUYUTSUKI, Misato, RITSUKO, Kaji and the BRIDGE BUNNIES are all in their places while CONN sits in a spare chair, rubbing his knee.)

CONN: (To the audience.) I had never seen an Evangelion fight an Angel before. Being an archivist, I never thought I'd see one. The closest I'd ever get would probably be watching Godzilla movies, maybe some Kong films… I didn't know what I was expecting the first live Angel I ever saw to look like… A Godzilla, an Anguirus, a King Ghidorah? (Laughing.) What can I say? I like the classics. These Post-Second Impact films never really interested me… My favourite cosmic horror story is no story of Lovecraft's. No, it is a certain story by an American by appellation of Herman Melville. What starts out as a simple hunt for a rogue animal eventually takes on supernatural elements. The crew of the Pequod hears strange noises they believe to be the wailing of deceased mariners, interpret the ramblings of a foreigner as predictions of what is to come and eventually realize that Ahab's vengeful desire to kill the White Whale is because the cosmos is twisted and deceitful in nature… Is it any wonder that I quoted Chapter Fifty-Nine? It certainly was white in colour, whiter than the mountain snows… At least back when mountains had snow… Looked squid-like also, kind of like a combination of Cthulhu and King Ghidorah… Maybe in a way, I did get him as the first live Angel I ever saw… A pale white, three-headed monster with a mass of writhing tentacles at the end of each head… Okay, maybe not exactly a combination of Cthulhu and Ghidorah. Memory is not always accurate… Anyway, the Evangelions had been deployed… All five of them, looking like some Titan of Hellenic mythology or maybe a giant of Norse mythology… Something with the power to dismember a city, but thankfully they were being used to fight monsters from space. Unit-01 and Unit-02 were at the forefront with the other three spread out.

Misato: Why does this thing have such jerky movements occasionally?

CONN: (To the audience.) That was indeed something going on with the Angel. With every step it took, like some bat upon the ground, it would occasionally become jerky in its movements, sometimes even stopping in its tracks altogether.

Kaji: We're sure this is actually an Angel? For all we know this is some robot made up to look like one.

RITSUKO: Let's save this discussion for the dissection of the body.

MAYA: It has stopped completely!

CONN: (He stands up, steadying himself with his walking stick as he stares at the screen.) Why? What is it doing? Deciding who it is going to attack?

FUYUTSUKI: No, I don't think so. Look at how all three heads are focused on Unit-02. (Everyone on the bridge grows tense as they await the coming battle.)

CONN: (To the audience.) How long had it been? A few seconds? A few minutes? It felt like an eternity, as cliché as it sounds. Maybe that is just how I am looking back on it. When the Angel did attack Unit-02, it was like a bull ramming into a bull-dancer, matador, whichever you wish. It knocked that behemoth down, attacking like… Like… I'm not sure how to describe it. God, does anyone who was there? Well, I suppose the only way is the boring way. The claws on the wings were scratching the armour the tentacles on the heads, gripping down, one of them even on the head. Anyway, Shinji's Eva pulled off the Angel and they grappled for a few moments, the Angel even managing to disconnect the Evangelion from the… The uh… (He begins snapping his fingers together) Uh, you know, the power… cord… thing… The umbilical cord… Plug? Whatever it is. Carrying on, after throwing Unit-01… Throwing? Hurling? No, no, let's stick with throwing… After throwing Unit-01, it returned to attacking Unit-02, which had just gotten back to its feet.

Misato: Why is it so focused on Unit-02?

CONN: Maybe its like a bull and doesn't like the colour red.

Kaji: Bulls are actually partially colour blind, they can't see red. When a matador is busy with the cloth, it is actually the movement that is catching the bull's attention. (Misato and RITSUKO both look at him in surprise. CONN doesn't even notice, walking closer as he watches the battle upon the screen.) To my shame, I once served as a matador.

Asuka: (Offstage.) Can someone get this thing off me?

CONN: More than two is needed! All five are needed! Get everyone down there!

FUYUTSUKI: Calm down, Mr. O'Sullivan. There is no need to panic. There! Do you see? Shinji has come to Asuka's aid once more.

CONN: (To the audience.) All I could do was stand there and watch, it was all any of us could do. We watched as once more Unit-01 and the Angel grappled, the former armed with a giant knife… Giant to us, to that purple monstrosity it was probably normal sized… And then they both just… vanished! (Everyone stares in disbelief and confusion, trying to process what just happened.) During my high school years, I had attended a production of a stage adaptation of Bram Stoker's magnum opus "Dracula" and there was a scene where Jonathan Harker, Dr. Seward and Van Helsing all confronted Dracula and the Vampire King just vanished. Stage magic, of course, but what the hell had happened here? It was as if we had bore witness to a plane vanishing in the Bermuda Triangle!

Misato: (Urgently.) Shinji! Come in! Shinji!

CONN: (To the audience.) There was no answer. For as far as we knew, that Angel had been a personification of the Bermuda Triangle and yet, as I stood there, thinking of what had just happened, the Bermuda Triangle in my mind, I couldn't help but think, hadn't I read something about someone escaping it somehow? There had to be a chance of Shinji returning, didn't there? And then I heard Titania and Asuka calling for Shinji.

TOJI: (Off-stage. Worried.) Shinji! Speak to me, buddy! Where are you? Come on, Shinji!

Asuka: (Off-stage. Worried.) Shinji, come on! Answer me! Shinji! Earth to Idiot Shinji, where are you? (Panic begins to set in.) S-Shinji? Shinji, answer me! Shinji!

CONN: (He sits back down in his chair and looks to the floor. Addressing the audience without looking up.) I wish I could say that through some miracle, Shinji did answer Asuka. I wish I could tell you we knew he was alright. Alas, what is and what should be are as different as a kind word is from the lash of a whip. (EXEUNT.)



Honestly, the problem with writing an Evangelion fan fiction is that people are probably expecting an Angel battle and the question of how to do this with a stage play had me stumped until I realized that Conn could just tell the audience what was going on. I am aware of some fan fictions that don't feature Angel battles, so I suppose I could have just done that, but on the other hand, I am toying with the idea of the Angels being able to take on a smaller, more human form, I'm pretty sure there is some piece of work in the franchise where the Angels have human-sized forms, but at the moment I'm drawing a blank.

Kaji mentioning have been a matador once is a reference to the "Shinji Ikari and Good Friends" series where there is a picture of Kaji dressed as a matador.

I had always intended for the Angel and Unit-01 to vanish before everyone's eyes and for there to be a Bermuda Triangle comparison from Conn. I know the decision will be criticized and people will be unhappy with it and I will take the criticism and the unhappiness as any creator should.

There was the temptation to start a new Evangelion fan fiction and there were two ideas. One was also a play, a jukebox musical specifically, but that caused me to realize I would probably fill it entirely with songs Great Big Sea had covered and I wasn't sure if the songs would fit the characters. The other was to be inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson story "The Little Mermaid" and take inspiration from a few adaptations. Ultimately, I decided other ideas can go on hold for until this story, this play, is complete, no matter how long it takes.

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Re: Project Germanicus: A Three-Part Play

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(Fuyutsuki's office. FUYUTSUKI sits at his desk, CONN at his side.)

CONN: But, Deputy Commander Fuyutsuki, there has to be something that can be done. There must have been an Angel that has done something like this before!

FUYUTSUKI: I wish there had been, Mr. O'Sullivan. (ENTER Misato.) How is Asuka, Major Katsuragi?

Misato: Not well. The shock of losing her oldest friend has really hit her hard.

CONN: (He sighs.) Where did you find her?

Misato: Back at my apartment. She's locked up in her room.

FUYUTSUKI: I understand that Shinji and Toji are close friends. How is the latter doing?

CONN: (Confused.) Toji? Who is Toji?

Misato: The boy whose name you misheard as "Titania". (FUYUTSUKI turns to look at CONN with raised eyebrow.)

CONN: I must not have been paying attention.

FUYUTSUKI: Yes, clearly.

Misato: Kaji is with Toji now. He found him just sitting on a bench in the locker room.

CONN: Has, uh, Toji known Shinji as long as Asuka?

Misato: No, they only met this year.

CONN: (Relieved.) Oh, well, it shouldn't be as bad then… But what happens if that living Bermuda Triangle comes back?

FUYUTSUKI: "Bermuda Triangle", Mr. O'Sullivan?

CONN: (He nods.) Yes, sir.

FUYUTSUKI: Quite a specific description. Any obscure pieces of information you would like to share?

Misato: Any people who vanished in it and escaped?

CONN: I have some memory of someone having escaped it somehow, but I cannot name the person, when it happened or how they escaped. For all I know, I could have dreamt it. Thank goodness First Lieutenant Aoba isn't here. If he was, he'd think I had with his opinion of me having my head in the clouds.

Misato: (She sighs and slumps.) So, what you are saying is I may have lost one of my kids. (CONN gives a small nod.)

FUYUTSUKI: Not only have we lost a pilot, but an entire Evangelion as well. Any reports on an entire squadron of military planes going missing in the Bermuda Triangle, Mr. O'Sullivan?

CONN: I-I don't know, sir. All of the reports of disappearances kind of merge together.

FUYUTSUKI: So, you have no comparison?

CONN: I do not, sir. (ENTER Kaji.)

FUYUTSUKI: How is Toji doing?

Kaji: He is shaken, but alright. He feels like he lost his brother.

CONN: A feeling you are very much familiar with, Special Inspector.

Kaji: (He sighs and nods.) Yeah, I am. (He then looks at Misato.) How is Asuka?

Misato: Locked up in her room at my apartment.

Kaji: What about the other two? Rei and Kaworu.

FUYUTSUKI: Rei has returned to her apartment. Mr. O'Sullivan, can you go and check on her?

CONN: (Incredulous.) What me? Wherefore me? Wherefore not someone else? Wherefore I don't even know where her apartment is!

FUYUTSUKI: I can give you, her address. (He writes down Rei's address on a piece of notepaper and hands it to CONN.)

CONN: (He looks down at the address and sighs.) Anything I should know about her beforehand?

Misato: She is Shinji's second cousin.

CONN: Maternal I'm guessing. I don't see any resemblance to Commander Ikari so she can't be a paternal relative.

FUYUTSUKI: … Yes, Mr. O'Sullivan, that is the case. The maiden name of Shinji's maternal grandmother was Ayanami and Rei is the granddaughter of her brother. (To himself.) If only that was truly the case.

CONN: I am glad to here it. I feel sorry that Shinji has the Commander for a paterfamilias. That means Rei is only related to him through marriage. Commander Ikari is a devil, if not the Devil.

FUYUTSUKI: Hold on to that thought, Mr. O'Sullivan. There may be two.

CONN: That is something I don't even want to imagine. (He proceeds to make his exit when GENDO and the eyepatch-wearing VLADIMIROVICH ENTER. At the sight of the latter, CONN begins to tremble, a well-hidden limp in his right leg becoming visible. Backing away, CONN hides behind Kaji.)

VLADIMIROVICH: (Harshly.) What are you doing here, you damned cripple? Get back to the archives!

CONN: B-But, Deputy C-C-C—

FUYUTSUKI: I have assigned Mr. O'Sullivan to go and check on Rei, Mr. Vladimirovich. Mr. O'Sullivan, proceed. (CONN attempts once more to make his EXIT, when VLADIMIROVICH grabs him by the neck. FUYUTSUKI stands up, a look of shock appears on Misato's face and Kaji begins to reach for his gun.)

VLADIMIROVICH: (Threateningly.) If you aren't in the archives in an hour, you will be needing more than a walking stick!

GENDO: (Mildly annoyed.) Mr. Vladimirovich, release the archivist. You can threaten him on your own time.

VLADIMIROVICH: (Not hearing.) And one more thing. If I ever find your junk on my desk again, I will impale you with your walking stick! Do you hear me?

CONN: T-That's dispropor— (VLADIMIROVICH begins to squeeze.) Yes, sir! Understood! (VLADIMIROVICH releases CONN and he EXITS.)

VLADIMIROVICH: (He turns his head in Kaji's direction and notices that the inspector is now holding his gun.) What? Are you going to shoot me for disciplining a half-Irish cripple, you damned long-haired hippy?

Kaji: If you went any further, I very well would have, Rurik.

Misato: (With barely restrained anger.) Half-Irish cripple?

GENDO: That is enough. Mr. Vladimirovich. Return to the archives and do be gentle with the archivist if he returns late.

VLADIMIROVICH: (Confused.) But, Commander, how can you say such a thing? Someone as openly contemptuous of his commanding officer as that subhuman—

GENDO: The archives are understaffed as it is. Do not cripple one of your subordinates anymore than they already are… Unless I give the order.

VLADIMIROVICH: Yes, Commander. (He takes one look at Kaji, shakes his head and EXITS.)

GENDO: Special Inspector Kaji, Major Katsuragi, you are both dismissed. (They EXIT, leaving GENDO and FUYUTSUKI alone.) I understand that there was an Angel attack.


GENDO: What is there to report?

FUYUTSUKI: Unit-01 was lost.

GENDO: (Visibly agitated.) Yes… At least both Unit-01 and Unit-02 were not lost.

FUYUTSUKI: It is well you have a contingency plan, Ikari, but that Angel may return.

GENDO: What of it?

FUYUTSUKI: It was focused on Unit-02 unless Unit-01 intervened. What will happen if it takes Unit-02 as well?

GENDO: That is nothing to be concerned about. With only Unit-01 we must go ahead and proceed with Project Shikinami. Unit-02 can be repaired, but if the pilot is killed then her clone will need to step in.

FUYUTSUKI: And what if Unit-01 should return?

GENDO: Return, Professor?

FUYUTSUKI: Yes, Ikari. Return.

GENDO: What is lost is lost. Shinji is lost to me just as Tiberius' son Drusus was lost to him, but unlike that Emperor of Rome during the final days of Christ, I am unaffected. I always hated Shinji, Professor. He was competition for Yui's attention, a rival.

FUYUTSUKI: Just as a daughter such as Rei would have been.

GENDO: …Yes… We must make sure Shikinami is perfect. Conditioned to be completely obedient, better than her genetic source, superior and with no memories of my late son.

FUYUTSUKI: We are being premature, Ikari. Shinji might yet return.

GENDO: From what, Professor? The undiscovered country? The Realm of Hades? Valhalla? Call it what you want, but to expect Shinji is anything less than dead is pointless.

FUYUTSUKI: Yes, so you say… Have you begun to think about what you are going to tell the council in regards to the loss of Unit-01?

GENDO: Not particularly.

FUYUTSUKI: Kiel will no doubt be quite baffled to hear what has happened. An entire Angel and Evangelion do not simply vanish.

GENDO: Baffled? I was thinking something else entirely.

FUYUTSUKI: And what would that be?



GENDO: Do you hear it, Professor?

FUYUTSUKI: I do not hear anything.

GENDO: Listen very carefully, Professor. Once you do, you shall hear God laughing.

FUYUTSUKI: What reason has He to laugh?

GENDO: He watches the comedy of life, but in time it will be my turn to laugh.

FUYUTSUKI: Without Yui?

GENDO: Wherever her soul is, I will find it. When I am the new Adam and have created a new world, I shall call her soul forth from wherever it now resides and then shall she and I be together forever with me hidden in the warmth of her breasts. (Exeunt.)


Originally Part II was going to open differently with something inspired by a dream I had, which I have dubbed "The Trial of Conn O'Sullivan", in which Conn is put on trial by Yui herself. I wish I could say I remember why he was on trial, but sadly, I can't. Besides, I am still thinking of maybe holding off on the mind screw, especially since a four-page long mind screw might be too much.

Maya was originally going to be in this scene, among others. The fact that only Kaji reaches for his gun and not Misato too is due to the fact that Misato's reaction was originally Maya's, though I do plan to have Misato drawing her gun on Vladimirovich in a later scene.

When it comes to the character of Rurik Vladimirovich, he was originally supposed to be Conn's uncle Orson Changezi, his initials being a reference to the military dictator Oliver Cromwell, infamous for his actions in Ireland. Due to wanting to keep Conn's personal life out of the play, I ultimately just decided to have Vladimirovich be a foreign counterpart to Changezi.

Gendo's "comedy of life" line is a reference to the last words of Augustus, or so Suetonius claims: "Have I played my part well in the comedy of life? Then applaud!" Likewise, the bit about "God laughing" is a reference to the film "The Fall of the Roman Empire" where antagonist Commodus says to protagonist Livius "If you listen very closely, you can hear the gods laughing!"
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Re: Project Germanicus: A Three-Part Play

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(Rei's apartment. CONN, TOJI and HIKARI all walk up to the door. Rei stands on the other side.)

CONN: Thank you for showing me the way, Toji Suzuhara. I don't always have the best sense of direction.

TOJI: You did seem a little lost… (He scratches the side of his cheek for a moment.) Uh, Conn… Do you have a-any brothers?

CONN: A half-brother, my elder by seven years.

HIKARI: Are you and him close?

CONN: No, Hikari Horaki. We are not. In my opinion, to have brothers it to be cursed. Did not the tale of Cain and Abel prove that? What about the civil war between Seti II and Amenmesse? Well, I suppose with that one we have to prove Amenmesse as a son of Merneptah rather than a son of Ramesses II, so strike that one from the list. Did not Abel of Denmark kill his brother Erik IV… Funny example that one… One brother by appellation, the other by deeds. To have a brother is to have an enemy, nothing more nothing less.

TOJI: You don't sound entirely convinced.

CONN: Maybe it is because I am not.

TOJI: Shinji is… was… Shinji's like my brother and he's one of my best friends.

CONN: Special Inspector Kaji told me. I wish I could offer some hope, but I feel like I'd just be repeating myself today… Did Shinji ever speak of his second cousin Rei Ayanami?

TOJI: What do you mean? Like with past experiences? (CONN nods.) Not really, he thinks… thought he might have met her once when he was a kid.

CONN: So, he didn't meet her until this year?

TOJI: That's right.

CONN: Then why bother having me check on her?

TOJI: You told me the old guy had given you an order, Conn. How about you just do it?

CONN: I was also threatened by my superior if I am not back at the archives within the hour. I could just say I checked in on Rei Ayanami and go back to headquarters.

HIKARI: Conn, Rei has… She lost her cousin, we lost our friend, Asuka lost her… We've all lost Shinji… Wait, listen… Do you hear that?

CONN: I don't hear anything.

TOJI: No, she's right! Listen… That's… (He opens the door to find Rei staring into space, talking to the air, unaware of the presence of the other three.)

Rei: A maze? I am sorry, but I cannot help. Can you go back to the sea?

TOJI: (Quietly.) What the fuck…

Rei: Do you have any idea where the paths could lead?

HIKARI: Who is she talking to?

Rei: Whose voices?

CONN: Could be insane, could be talking to a ghost… Either way, I should report this to Deputy Commander Fuyutsuki.

TOJI: What? You're leaving?

CONN: I was sent to check in on her and now I have to discover she is talking to someone we can't see, Toji Suzuhara… Besides, I still have thirty-five minutes before Vladimirovich's threat against me goes into effect.

HIKARI: W-What was the this threat this person made against you?

CONN: I'm pretty sure he intends to make it so I require crutches rather than a walking stick, Hikari Horaki, so I really must be going otherwise he'll be finishing what my… I really must be going. Good day to you both. (EXITS.)

Rei: Good luck, Shinji.

TOJI: (More than a little shocked.) Shinji?! Hey, Conn! Wait one moment! (He EXITS while HIKARI walks into the apartment. Startled by how it looks, she takes a quick look around, before returning her focus to Rei.)

HIKARI: R-Rei… (Rei turns her head in HIKARI'S direction, noticing her for the first time, not at all seeming surprised or bothered by the class representative's sudden arrival at her apartment.) Are you alright?

Rei: Much better after speaking with Shinji. What are you doing here?

HIKARI: I came with Toji and Conn to see if you are alright.

Rei: And where are they now?

HIKARI: … I… Uh... went ahead… Have you always lived here?

Rei: Yes. Suzuhara has been here before. Has he not told you?

HIKARI: (She shakes her head.) No… He hasn't… What do you mean by you are much better after speaking with Shinji?

Rei: I mean what I said. He is trapped, lost and trying to find his way home to us and once more the Children shall be five. (EXEUNT.)

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Re: Project Germanicus: A Three-Part Play

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(A park in the city. Misato and Kaji sit together on a bench, neither looking at each other. Moments pass in silence until Kaji turns his head to look at Misato.)

Kaji: Have you thought about what you are going to say to Asuka?

Misato: No… I wish I could think of something to say to her. What do you say to someone who has lost their oldest friend?

Kaji: That is a tough question to answer, Misato.

Misato: And for Asuka, Shinji is more than that.

Kaji: She's in love with him? (Misato nods to which Kaji responds with a smile.) When do you think she realized that? Not long after she and Shinji met again?

Misato: The way she puts it, she had fallen under the spell of a handsome face, but all that time her heart had been telling her that it was Shinji she loved.

Kaji: The head and the mind are not always in agreement and when you get down to it, mortals such as ourselves are weak and frail. If our stomachs speak, we forget our brains. If our brains speak, we forget our hearts and if our hearts speak…

Misato: If our hearts speak?

Kaji: Then we forget everything.

Misato: Do you really believe that?

Kaji: (He shrugs.) I don't know, but then again there is a lot I don't know, like what the Human Instrumentality Project is.

Misato: Still no idea what NERV is up to?

Kaji: No and I am beginning to wonder what would happen if any of us were to discover what it even is. (He rubs his forehead for a moment.) You say Asuka has locked herself up in her room?

Misato: Yeah, that's what happened.

Kaji: (A look of fear begins to form upon his face.) You… You don't think…

Misato: Ryoji, you can't seriously be thinking she has gone ahead and—

Kaji: Misato, Asuka lost her best friend today, someone with whom she has been able to rise above the tragedy of her youth. More than that, she has lost someone she was in love with. With a loss like that, who knows what she might do.

Misato: Not Asuka! She wouldn't do that, she couldn't!

Kaji: Say she would, say she has, what then? I love Asuka like a daughter and I worry what Commander Ikari's reaction would be. We saw that list of names, that list of Evangelion pilots, so what happens now? Hikari takes Shinji's place and Unit-05 arrives? What if Asuka has gone ahead and joined Shinji? Does that mean Kensuke takes hers and Unit-06 starts to be shipped over here to Japan or is Unit-02 going to be given to him? I don't know, but now that we've lost Shinji the list of names has me wondering.

Misato: Wondering how many names have been added since that list has been found?

Kaji: Yeah. How many Evangelions are there going to be? How many children will be forced to become soldiers? What happens to them if there is ever a time when Evas aren't needed, if the Angels ever stop coming.

Misato: They would be allowed to live like normal kids.

Kaji: I don't know about that. During a conversation with Conn, he mentioned an ancestor of his that served in the Mahdist War. When that was over, do you know what happened? He was transferred to fight in the Second Boer War. He had been a soldier for twenty-one years how long will it be until the pilots are able to live a normal life?

Misato: Would you actually have shot Vladimirovich?

Kaji: Without hesitation. Would you?

Misato: It doesn't matter who that bastard threatens. If he threatened Shinji, Asuka, anyone… I'd aim for his remaining eye.

Kaji: Shinji's gone, Misato and we don't know what Asuka may have done.

Misato: Then why don't we go and find out. (She stands up and looks at Kaji. He doesn't stand.) Ryoji?

Kaji: I'm not sure I want to go. I see the body of one loved one in my nightmares, perhaps I don't want another to join him.

Misato: Ryoji, I— (She turns as CONN and TOJI ENTER.)

CONN: Toji Suzuhara, I do believe that Rei Ayanami might be a might be an indigo child.

TOJI: What the hell is that?

CONN: Many paranormal researchers believe that some children are more connected to the world of spirit and psychic phenomena. New Age circles call these children "Indigo Children" and are alleged to have paranormal abilities including recalling past lives, seeing strange things invisible to their parents and speaking with dead relatives. (They cease walking upon noticing Misato and Kaji.)

Misato: What happened with Rei? What prompts this conversation?

TOJI: Well, you see Conn here seemed lost so Hikari and I both helped him find his way to Rei's apartment and she was talking to Shinji, but there was no one there. I don't know about this "Indigo Children" stuff, but I don't think Shinji is gone.

Misato: What do you mean, Toji?

TOJI: Rei said that Shinji is trapped, lost and trying to find his way home to us.

CONN: Find his way home from where? The Underworld? Yeah, I'm sure that Cerberus will just let him walk on out.

Misato: Conn, that's enough. (To Kaji.) Kaji, you were wondering what if Asuka has gone to join Shinji, if Shinji is trying to find his way back to us, we have to make sure she is—

TOJI: Wait! "Gone to join Shinji?" (The realization hits.) Oh, God!

Kaji: What if she is about to? We have to stop her! (CONN nods in agreement.)

CONN: Yes! With the Major's apartment not being on the ground floor, Asuka could potentially—

Kaji: Don't finish that sentence, Conn! She's like my daughter, I don't want to imagine that!

CONN: U-Uh, right, s-sorry about that Special Inspector. I am sorry to say, that I can't go with you. I have fifteen minutes until Vladimirovich's threat goes into effect and I still have to report to Deputy Commander Fuyutsuki. Anyway, please inform me of what has happened. (He EXITS, running.)

TOJI: I'll go with you, Misato! As much as Asuka and I don't always get along, Eva pilots should look out for one another.

Misato: (She smiles and places a hand on TOJI's shoulder.) I am glad to hear you say that, Toji. Now come on, we don't know how much time we have! All we can do is pray we aren't too late to stop Asuka! (EXEUNT.)

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Re: Project Germanicus: A Three-Part Play

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(Misato's apartment. Misato, Kaji and TOJI ENTER with great haste.)

Misato: (Urgently.) Asuka? (Both Kaji and TOJI grow tense.)

TOJI: (To Kaji.) Suppose she isn't here. What then?

Kaji: We search and pray she is alive.

TOJI: If she isn't here, I'll call Hikari and ask if Asuka is at her place.

Misato: (She EXITS from the opposite end of the stage, going into Asuka's room. She then RE-ENTERS, walking over to Kaji and TOJI.) She is here and she is alive, though she doesn't seem to be too talkative. When I opened the door all she did was look at me.

TOJI: How does she look? (ENTER Asuka.)

Asuka: You can see for yourself, stooge.

TOJI: Hey, come on! I came here to make sure you are alright! The least you can do is show me some damn respect!

Kaji: (He places a hand on TOJI's shoulder.) Calm down, Toji.

TOJI: (To the audience.) I had never seen anyone's eyes look so red before. How long Asuka had been crying none of us know, at least I don't. An hour, maybe two? As much as I was angry at being called a stooge, I couldn't be angry for long knowing what she had been through... What we had all been through. We had all lost Shinji, I a brother, her the love of her life. Even with Rei's… communication with Shinji, I must admit, I had some doubts. I was optimistic, but not entirely. Maybe ninety percent optimistic. Still, what was I supposed to say? My interactions with Asuka had not always been the best, our first interaction being a highlight, so I doubt saying something along the lines of "Don't worry, the second cousin of the boy you like has recently had a vaguely psychic communication with him saying he will be back" would have helped.

Misato: How are you feeling, Asuka?

Asuka: …

Kaji: (A tad worried.) A-Asuka?

Asuka: (Quietly.) T-This isn't real, is it? Is this a dream? A nightmare?

Misato: I'm afraid it is, Asuka, but it doesn't have to be a nightmare.

Asuka: Doesn't have to be a nightmare? Misato, we've lost Shinji… I've lost Shinji… After my… m-my mother died and then…

Kaji: Asuka, Shinji might not be lost.

Asuka: You saw what happened the same as I did… Everyone did. (She turns her gaze towards TOJI.) You saw it.

TOJI: What are you saying? You can't actually mean it was my fault!

Asuka: I do! Until you became an Evangelion pilot this sort of thing had never happened before! You and Unit-03 are a curse!

Misato: Asuka, there is no need for that! Toji came here to make sure you were alright, there is no need to blame him for something that isn't his fault!

Kaji: Besides this was the first time the Fifth Child Kaworu Nagisa had seen deployment. Why do you blame Toji but not him as well?

TOJI: … Because I'm the only one here… And she doesn't want to blame herself. (Asuka's expression turns sorrowful.) That really is it, isn't? Asuka, you know it isn't anyone's fault, not mine, not yours, definitely not yours! You shouldn't blame yourself for what happened!

Asuka: Why shouldn't I? With how that Angel was so focused on me why shouldn't I blame myself? If it wasn't for me, Shinji would still be here!

TOJI: Asuka… It is not your fault. If your and Shinji's places were switched, do you think Shinji would be here blaming himself? (He pauses for a moment and realizes what he said.) Okay, maybe he would, but not for long. He would come to realize he isn't at fault! (He realizes what he has said and nods.) Yeah, that's it! He would come to realize that he isn't at fault and in time you will too.

Kaji: (To Misato.) Not a bad idea. You can't rush things.

Misato: (To Kaji.) Let's just hope she does come to realize it is not her fault. (To Asuka.) Asuka, Rei has some sort of communication with Shinji and she says he is trying to find his way back to us.

Asuka: (She turns her head away from them.) Wondergirl is just hallucinating… S-Shinji was her cousin… The loss of him affects us all… And I do not want false hope.

Kaji: And what if it isn't false, Asuka?

Asuka: What else can it be, Kaji? It is so unscientific.

TOJI: Oh, come on! With how weird everything is, this is where you draw the line?

Asuka: (Quietly.) If it was Hikari in Shinji's place, would you be so willing to believe it true?

TOJI: Yes, Asuka! I would! What reason do you have to be so cautious? Because you once hoped your dad would come walking back into— (Asuka turns her gaze upon him, a half-furious, half-hurt expression upon her countenance. Ultimately, the expression becomes solely fury and Asuka punches TOJI in the face before returning to her room, slamming the door shut.)

Misato: Asuka! (She sighs and turns her attention to TOJI.) Are you alright? (Toji nods in response.) You really touched a nerve there, Toji. Like you said, this will take time… We can only hope it will not take too much time… And that Rei wasn't just hallucinating or she isn't an "Indigo Child". (She sighs once more.) Even with as strange as life can be, I'm not sure if I completely believe it. (EXEUNT.)


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