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Re: Commentary: General (Episodes 09-18;20-26)

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Postby dzzthink » Fri May 26, 2023 4:43 pm

Ep 22
152: This angel also seems quite angelic in that it has wings, glows and descends from the sky.
169: I'm surprised these close-range shots didn't destroy the whole city.
396A: As with many traumatized children and even adults, their trauma is often reflected in their drawings of their childhood experience. These gory pictures seem to show blood and pained expressions, no doubt linked with the violence of her mother and her mother's death.
408: Unfortunately, Asuka has tried to bury her memories and trauma rather than try to resolve and live with them.
288: This final shot is similar to the poster of EoE.

Ep 25

090: These title cards are very stark in their presentation of the character's issue, especially as they are statements that the characters themselves rebel against. Whether, these questions are internal, from Rei, or something else, Shinji is exposed to a great deal of shame and metal angst.
111: Asuka in a foetal position similar to EoE, and paralleling Shinji's state of depression.
119: For Asuka, the title cards are less interrogative compared with the other characters, and simply state psychiatric evaluations of Asuka's mental condition. Just these four characters alone are enough to drive her into despair.
310: This scene is similar to the end of ep 26 (shot 305) as the other characters surround Shinji. They have yet to congratulate him though.
315: Following the title slide of "This is reality", Shinji is symbolically displaced out of the anime that we are watching and presented alongside filming equipment, as if the message was directed to the audience saying that there are core themes that reside outside of fiction directed at us.

Ep 26
060 disconnected phone and other still images in this episode all relate to the feelings of social isolation.
189 Indeed, Shinji does go through a process of re-evaluation as even his image is de-constructed
231 Thank goodness it was not!
240 I think these characters represent his school subjects. Yes, hope pen-pen is a renowned penguin celebrity in this existence.
324 we are sort of breaking down the fourth wall here, as these images of lighting equipment suggest we are perceiving the the show itself to be within a studio whilst Shinji, the main character, is tearing down the metaphorical barriers to emerge outside the confines of how people view him (symbolized by us as an audience) and emerge as a new person.
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