Little nightmares

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Little nightmares

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Postby Berserker » Mon Feb 22, 2021 1:51 am

I believe, Little Nightmares is a wonderful but underrated game that deserves its own thread.

For those who don't know, Little nightmares is a puzzle platform horror adventure game following a storyline of a 9 year old girl surviving on her own in a supposedly post apocalyptic barren world. As boring and simply apathetic as it sounds, it's a whole lot more than that. Usually I'm into anything that's storyline is deep and intricated enough to make me wonder and question things for days, such as the very reason this forum exists, Evangelion. I remember that I played a similar kinda game called Inside a long ago, and after playing it I obviously searched for Little Nightmares that time as people referred them being similar, but only to scroll through a couple of pictures of the game and having a "meh" impression for some reason and not playing it afterwards. Recently after the release of Little Nightmares 2, one of the youtubers I enjoy watching gameplays of, uploaded the 1st chapter of it and curiously I watched it. Boy, was I an idiot by judging it from some pics that time. Anyway, now that I've finished both of them, keeping the length of both plots in their entirety in mind, I dare say, I find the plot of Little Nightmares deep enough to reach the extent of plot intricacy such as Evangelion's, except clearly all those religious allegories and military, scientific, psychoanalytic references. It's one of those types which won't seem like anything at all in the beginning, but will bash you in the face with thousands of questions by the end of everything. The visual representation is astounding, the plot is amazingly well thought with almost everything still lying in the dark as a whole pack of mystery unparalleled to almost anything enigmatic I've ever seen, making the whole fandom utterly strive for all the answers. Littlest things hold great meaning to them, such as Evangelion did and still does. There's also the whole mixed bag of emotions out there in the small things that'd seem to make the darkest of the world even delightful... and emotional obviously, if you indulge yourself in it.

Anyway, enough cliche writing. I won't lengthen or spoil much as it'll make it more boring than what it already seems(which it isn't, trust me). I don't expect many people to have their interest peaked from this, if any actually. But I highly recommend this to anyone like me reading this who's into the deep, mystery yet emotional types. It's totally worth the time.

Also, if anyone has already finished them or did after reading this, here's something I wanna say as an opinion that a lot of people are misinterpreting IMO.
please don't read if you haven't played the games or watched them entirely  SPOILER: Show
Both Mono and six weren't evil at all in general even though they each spent some time in the game as antagonists. They were trying to survive in a godforsaken post apocalyptic barren dark world where almost everyone was trying to kill them. Whatever or whoever is behind the cause of the apocalypse(which we don't have any clue of, yet) has to be the main antagonist(s) of this series, as they led to mass genocide of the world and monster-ification of anyone who survived. Even though both Mono and Six's backstory are too vague even at this point, it's pretty much clear and safe to say that they were doing their best in trying to survive in this world. Also the fact that they're both kids who've basically gone through such horror in life and still didn't lose their freaking mind is beyond imagination and appreciation. I wouldn't expect one single bit of what they did and what they've gone through and still not losing their cool from a regular child, not even myself if I were in their shoes. Everything they're gonna do and they've been doing and the result of it is already written on their cruel fate, which is an perpetual cycle we've seen in the ending , written by again, that something that caused the apocalypse in the first place. Both of their fate are reciprocally affecting each others as Mono's journey starts at the forest beside a tv pretty much implies that his cruel fate as thin man is gonna loop like that forever, which is affecting Six's fate as every single theory out there on Six's betrayal(which is also subjective) leads to that same old cause, thin man aka Mono. Both of them went through a lot, and surviving on their own explains their behaviour. Again, we need to realize that both of them are children all alone in a world that has shown them no safety. How are they(in particular, Six, as a lot of people blame her to be completely insensitive to emotion) to understand kindness when they're shown none, how are they to know right from wrong when nobody sat down and taught them, how are they to know the value of goodwill when all around them wickedness is rewarded while good deeds end up being counterproductive. Also the fact that both of them in fact agonize over their life can be seen at the beginning and ending (Six playing the music box alone in the basement of that empty house seems kinda like a suicidal act as if she had lost hope on her life as well as an act of despair, huge six's scream can be faintly taken in account as a cry of help and anguish and in case of Mono, that blank, disheartened look when Six had let go of him and all those years he spent sitting on that chair). This is just something to keep in mind before you paint horns on their head like almost everyone does.
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