My thoughts on Devil May Cry, I guess.

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My thoughts on Devil May Cry, I guess.

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Postby 天使 | Nyo | 天使 » Thu Feb 04, 2021 12:09 pm

(Aaah yes, I'm back from the dead from seemingly out of literally nowhere, it seems. Sorry for just kinda poofing for several months, a lot's certainly changed since the last time I was posting on here. Got a job, became a legal adult (though a failure of one so far, I would say :hahaha:), and I've just been busy dealing with old drama from VRChat people (though that's rather irrelevant here, gotta update you guys somehow though and just playing games. Let's hope I'll actively post more on here.)

Well, I binged the DMC games starting back in November (along with some of the Resident Evil games, guess I'm in a real Capcom mood) 1-5 and the anime because why not, and I can safely say it's one of my all-time favorite game series now and definitely has made respect Capcom more than I once did.

So...let's get down to what I think of them:

DMC1: The beginning...the start of all things rad, bang banging, blood-pumping, and button-mashing...cheesy early 2000's voice-acting and the story is uh...there, but the game was fun, rewarding, and still posed enough of a challenge to where I didn't want to quit, but I didn't find it braindead easy either. Also the music BOPS (but that kinda applies to ALL of the games, yes, even DMC2.)

DMC2: Well...asides from the scuffed development of around only 4-5 months after the team wasted around 9 only to finish a whopping one move, it could've been worse. Sure, the difficulty is basically the 'baby mode' or 'Yakuza 0 of the DMC series' (don't worry, I'll get to those some other time once I finish them...gotta actually play em' first.) The music nice and Dante's new jacket is still one of the few things most fans I've noticed still like about the game. For it is though, it's more or less just mediocre.

DMC3: The prequel to ALL DMC games in the future...and to some (though not me personally), also the highpoint of the series, the one where Ken-I mean Reuben Langdon voiced Dante from this point on. Still probably in my top 3 (the other two probably being either 4 & 5 or 1 & 5) banging soundtrack, gave us the funny haha storm meme man himself, Vergil and also gave us Lady...who I still think kinda looks like Makoto Nijima and I can't get that comparison out of my head. Fixed up the gameplay from the last two and gave us the style system....which you can only change on the fly in the Switch version, I believe....and I played them on PC soooo, MOD TIME!

DMC4: Despite another rushed development, 4 is still LEAGUES better than 2 in the regards that it was given more time in the oven, and the team making the game actually had an idea of wWHAT THE HECK TO DO WHEN MAKING THE GAME! But yeah, Nero was a cool addition to the series (even if he looked like a FF character more than a DMC one in this game. The combat was pretty fast and fluid and still feels amazing to play (seriously, I STILL boot up Bloody Palace once in a while to play because it's just THAT FUN.) The story is...ehh...the in-game stories in DMC are kinda bland or just weird, the background lore of the franchise as a whole though is AWESOME. It's just a shame we didn't get to see a whole lot of Dante in this one. I kinda feel that Capcom wrote themselves into a corner with this one and 5 is them trying to figure out what to do with the story.

DmC: Devil May Cry (the Reboot): Yes, I actually played this...though it should be noted it was the original PC release and not the definitive edition because I personally don't play games like that on console nor do I plan to. With that aside, I...actually kinda liked this one (not surprising since I'm the same guy who probably doesn't absolutely despise DMC2 and rather just sees it as an EXTREMELY flawed but still well-intentioned game.) Sure, the story's a mess even with the definitive edition adding in new cutscenes to try and explain some of the...not so great parts of the story, and the new looks and personality of some of the characters are hit or miss (either you like or you hate the new versions of these characters.) The music, while being very different from the actual series' music, is still REALLY GOOD (a certain someone's boss theme being one of my favorites in particular.) The game gameplay still feels like DMC, but it's a different take on DMC, after all, it wasn't made by Capcom so I think we should've expected it to be completely different than what we know about the series. I'm willing to bet there's an alternate universe out there where the Reboot's Definitive Edition outsold DMC4's Special Edition and we ended up having the Reboot become the 'new face of DMC' (I'm honestly fine with either fate because even if the Reboot became the new face of the franchise, the games would gradually either become more and more like the original to the point of them just basically BEING a different DMC5 or the games would've still improved in quality but retained enough of their own style to differentiate each game from each other. Basically, just a DmC 2-4 sort of thing or something like that.)

DMC5: Aaaah yes, probably my favorite one of the series. You've got EVERYONE here, old and new, heck, they even gave Patty from the DMC anime a cameo on the phone with Dante in this one (which is...kinda why I actually watched the anime and realized how sub-par it was). Best of the combat, story, characters...pretty much everything. The character themes in this game in particular are just...INSANELY GOOD. Also helps that this game basically brought the games into...more of the mainstream because of the absurd amount of memes this game spawned.......and then there's me just paying for orbs so I can just max out everyone instead of grinding in Bloody Palace with everyone...yeah, I know, I'm awful.

So...yeah. I don't know really what I just typed up here but...I guess that's my view on the franchise as a whole. Great games with unique identities, places in the story, and an overall feel. Everyone has their favorites in the series and I'm not gonna judge anyone in that regard at all, you guys kinda already know mine now. :D

So, what do you guys think of the series? I know I kinda rambled here on and on like I know everything about the series, but I certainly don't! :lol:

I'd love to hear what you guys have to say. :wink:

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