Why did Misato never adopt Rei as she did with Shinji and Asuka

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Why did Misato never adopt Rei as she did with Shinji and Asuka

Postby orcot » Sat Jan 09, 2021 10:20 am

Normally, I believe someone would need to be given a reason to adopt someone but considering she more or less adopted both Shinji and Asuka (relativly agains their wishes). Why did she never bother to adopt Rei? Especialy as Rei was in need of support, being blind in one eye and having lost the use of her right arm.

(Clearly she had the extra room avaible as it is later used by Shinji when Asuka moves in his former room)

Would Gendo have disapproved of it?

PS how long do you assume Misato was already living in Tokyo 3 by the time Shinji arrived I had the feeling they where called back basicly at the same time but they let Shinji finish his school week?

PPS Misato had some contact with Asuka before she transfered (Asuka didn't like her) could we assume she had contact with Rei prior to coming back over to Tokyo3 ?

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