The Holiday Writing Challenges Part 1: AsuShin New Year!

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The Holiday Writing Challenges Part 1: AsuShin New Year!

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Postby Derantor » Sat Jan 02, 2021 6:35 am

Hey all! Welcome to the first EvaGeeks writing challenge of 2021!

This will be the first in a series of holiday themed writing challenges made up by Glor and me. To be clear, this is NOT a contest! There are no judges or prizes - this is purely for the fun of it and for fellow writers to stretch their creative legs a little. Not a writer yet? Don't be afraid - it's like in the Olympics: participation is everything!

Our first prompt - write an AsukaxShinji story set on New Year's Eve!

Something easy to start, we thought. Or maybe not so easy, depending on your tastes. Depending on reception and demand, we may eventually branch out into other subjects/prompts, but we'll keep it simple for now.

Here are the guidelines:
  • Word limit is 400 - so your story must be 400 words or less!
  • Your story must be new material - no posting of old stories!
  • You've got exactly one week (7 days starting as of this post) to complete it. So your deadline is next Friday the 8th.
  • It should go without saying, but your story must feature the above ship in question. :tongue:
  • When you are finished, post your story here in "spoiler" tags along with your final word count.

Remember, you do not HAVE to use all 400 words, it is merely a limit for you to work under. Please limit posting in this thread to story posts only. This ensures that all of the submissions are easy to find and read, instead of having to search through many pages of discussion for each one.

If you want to recieve or give critique, have any questions, want to discuss the submissions or the challenge in general: this is the place to do it!

So that's it! Remember, this is just a challenge - most importantly: have fun! Good luck, everybody! :wink:

(Edit: Modified post for clarities sake.)

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Re: The Holiday Writing Challenges Part 1: AsuShin New Year!

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Postby UrsusArctos » Sat Jan 02, 2021 8:10 am

Basing this on my crazy-arse fanfic...

Fourth-wall-breaking nutzoidery that PIERCES THE HEAVENS! Word count 398  SPOILER: Show
Pen-Pen said, "Only 400 words? Eh, whatever. Do your stuff, you two."

Shinji said, "Wait, what happened to 'Goodbye, all of Evangelion fanfiction'? Hey, even Megumi Ogata gets to say 'Goodbye, all of Evangelion'..."

Asuka whacked Shinji on the head. "Anta baka? This is a doujin! It's fanservice for our fans! Now smooch me, or give me flowers, or chocolates, or whatever!"

"Umm...I can bake a New Year's cake." Shinji said.

"A cake? Cakes are for Christmas in Japan, Herr Dummkopf! And don't talk about Baumkuchen again!" Asuka said.

"Don't Dummkopf me, you sound like Tiffany Grant and Netflix isn't even using her as your VA..." Shinji said.

"Like Hideaki Anno said, 'Too bad'. Now hold still..." Asuka pinched Shinji's nose and kissed him on the lips. He held his breath and turned red in the face.

Asuka let go and yelled, "Bah! You're still terrible!"

"I can't help it!" Shinji said.

Asuka grabbed Shinji by the neck. "Erotic asphyxiation! This'll cast the Sailor Star Dust summon spell for sure!"

Shinji gasped. "Asuka...I...don't think...she's around...they're all now...Kawoshin"

Asuka let go and said, "Kawoshin! Eeeeyaaaannh! Ecchi baka hentai! You're the one meant for me!" She whipped out a rubber mallet from hammerspace and began bonging away at Shinji's head.

"Oww! Ooh! Oof! Stop!" Shinji yelled.

They were interrupted by Asuka's cellphone. Asuka took a look and went, "What? Coronavirus cases in Japan are rising? The movie release may be delayed?"

Shinji said, "Here we go again..."

"Not if the great Soryu Asuka Langley has anything to say about it! I may not be Haruhi Suzumiya, or Madoka Kaname, but as sure as I'm the fastest carrier of the Imperial Japanese Navy, I'll do something about that wretched virus! You're coming with me, Maggot! Amor Omnia Vincit!" Asuka yelled.

Shinji said, "I don't understand Latin..."

Asuka grabbed Shinji's hand and began to drag him out. "Exitus Acta Probat! MY CARRIER IS THE CARRIER THAT CREATES THE HEAVENS IN MY EVA'S PAINTJOB!!! HABETE QUIDAM, EVERYONE!!! AHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!"

Shinji yelled, "Sorry, EvaGeeks, she's gone nuts...hey, let me go! Help, Sailor Star Dust!? EvaGeeks Shinji-Asuka shippers?!? ANYBODY???!!!!"

Pen-Pen stepped into the frame and said, "You get what you've asked for. Satisfied?"

A bear wearing Gendo's lab coat and glasses made the Gendo pose and said, "No."

"Heavens to Murgatroyd, even! Exit, stage left, pursued by a bear!" Pen-Pen said, running.

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Re: The Holiday Writing Challenges Part 1: AsuShin New Year!

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Postby PenPenSakura » Tue Jan 05, 2021 1:08 am

wourd count 397  SPOILER: Show
A hungry Asuka storms back to the dark apartment after a night gone wrong.

Her original plan was to spend the afternoon buying nice clothes with Hikari, then staying over at Hikari's place to gossip the night away. Too much Eva work makes Asuka miss other people's company. Shopping went great, but the dumb Toji bribed Hikari's sister to enter her apartment and barred Asuka from entering. The train ride back home was delayed by a severe torrential rain.

Only Pen Pen's television TV can be heard in the dark apartment. Misato is out clubbing with Kaji.

Dropping her shopping bags and slamming the bedroom door to the side, Asuka angrily kicks Shinji in the butt out of spite.

A muffled yelp can be heard coming from the unsuspecting third child.

"Say, baka-Shinji, aren't you being too dull for New Year's Eve? Sleeping at 9:30pm?", Asuka adds another nudge kick to Shinji's thigh for good measure.

"W-what? Asuka, I thought you were staying out for the night," a confused Shinji sits up from his bed.

"Didn't happen. Get up and cook me something", Asuka spins out of the room with a trailing Shinji.

Asuka bathes while Shinji whips up a burger patty meal.

She pulls up the newly bought cat-overall pyjamas while He plates a cheese cake.

She hands him a bag and tells him to change into what was inside.

He comes back wearing a matching dog pyjamas and finds her devouring the meal.

"Why are you red? Are you having lewd thoughts?", Asuka narrows her eyes.

"I-it's not like that. Why did you buy this?", Shinji clutches his tail.

"I thought you would look cute in it and it's nice to have some variety in life. We can party like animals tonight", Asuka finishes the cake. "Think of it as a thank you for all the meals this year and an advance payment for the meals next year."

Shinji washes the dishes and Asuka hugs him from behind. She whispers, "Thanks for being here for me. I live a lonely life, but I can always count on your presence."

The teens dance till the count down and fall asleep together from exhaustion.

A warble from Pen Pen wakes them up in time for the first sun rise.

Huddled together on the balcony in matching pyjamas, they each make a wish for the new year.

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Re: The Holiday Writing Challenges Part 1: AsuShin New Year!

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Postby Glor » Tue Jan 05, 2021 8:47 pm

Kadomatsu: 400 words  SPOILER: Show
Asuka found him on the sidewalk, trying to hug a bundle of bamboo, pine, and other items.


He looked up, baubles falling. She stepped closer, the other girls she was with stopping to watch.

“What are you doing?”

Shinji kneeled and let it all tumble, defeated. “I was coming home to make our Kadomatsu, but, the bags...”

She glanced at the remnants of plastic clinging to his shoes. “What for?”

“It’s New Year's Eve. I didn’t get to last year and Misato’s always working, so...”

Asuka turned to her friends, then back to him. “You want some help?”

He blinked. “Please.”

“What do I get out of it?”

“We burn them on the fifteenth.”

“I’m in.”

Asuka told her friends she’d see them later and picked up what she could. They made it home through sleet covered streets. It was dark and frigid when they arrived.

Dumping everything on the living room floor, Shinji picked through it for two wooden buckets. From there she handed him items as he asked for them: first, three bamboo stalks cut at an angle to represent heaven, humanity, and earth. Then pine and ume branches to decorate the base. On one of them he placed a fan with mocking birds, flanked by beads and paper charms.

When they got to the second, he asked if she wanted to decorate it, which she took as a challenge. She filled the edges with orchids and carnations, a gold-flecked red fan, parade dragons, and last – an angry looking Samurai kite.

From there she helped him bind them with straw mats and newly woven rope.

“You’ve built these a lot,” she said.

“Yeah. I used to make them every year with teacher. We had them at my house too, before I was... I mean, before my mom. You know.”

She did know and stayed quiet as they carried the kadomatsu out front, setting them on either side of the door. “Couldn’t you have bought these pre-made?” she grunted, shoving hers into place.

“It wouldn’t be the same.” He collapsed on the doorsteps, watching cars streak by.

Asuka appraised their work. Heaven, humanity, and earth. “Yeah, you’re right.”

They sat on the steps together, well into the frozen night, hips touching as the temperature dropped. The Buddhists rang their bells all across the city, all across Japan, and down the road a choir sang an Ode to Joy.
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Re: The Holiday Writing Challenges Part 1: AsuShin New Year!

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Postby Hidranick » Tue Jan 05, 2021 11:04 pm

Word Count 399
He stood looking out at the blue waves that cascaded off the shore of Kagoshima before sitting down next to her on the bench. It had been a treacherous week of college, essays and papers filling his schedule to the brim. Panting and sweating he leaned back and titled his head towards the sky trying desperately to pump his air full of lungs from the run.
“I…. made… it,” He gasped.
The girl did not stir, only looked out at the night sky.
“I know I promised I’d be here earlier, but I had stuff-” He began, but was promptly silenced with a raised finger.
She didn’t turn her head when she spoke, “Shush. It’s about to begin.”
A loud crackle echoed through the air and the sky lit up with blazing lights of red, yellow, green, and blue. Cheers rumbled in the distance and couples walking by stopped, hands held, to take in the sight.
He broke the silence, “I know things have been hard… it’s just…”
The feeling of her warm palm sliding over his knuckles caused him to trail off as he looked down at their joined hands.
“Quiet. Let’s enjoy the moment.”
“I... ,” He smiled softly, “Okay.”
The fireworks continued to pop, fizzle, and dance, creating serpents of color, their tales stretching across the horizon. It was very different from a previous sight, a beach filled with white sand and sunken buildings that crumbled in ruins. Shinji pulled his hand away eliciting a frown from the girl. His fingers gently opened her palm again until their hands were joined.
Asuka shifted in her seat, “This… isn’t bad.”
Shinji nodded, “You think this year will be a good one?”
“Depends on what we make of it. Same as all the rest.”
“Think we’re headed in the right direction?”
Asuka did not answer, instead her eyes remained glued to the explosions in the distance. Shinji could see the lights flicker in her blue irises.
She sighed, “Don’t ask stupid questions. You’re becoming too smart for that.”
“Hmph… I guess you’re right. You want to go?”
Asuka tilted her head to the side and let it fall on Shinji’s shoulder, “It’s fine right here.”
“Yeah… you’re right,” Shinji said, finally pulling his gaze away from the beautiful girl beside him.
So they sat there awhile, enjoying the company of another, watching lights flicker for a promising future.

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Re: The Holiday Writing Challenges Part 1: AsuShin New Year!

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Postby Kendrix » Tue Jan 05, 2021 11:11 pm

Well, as an artist, one should aim to challenge oneself.

400 words  SPOILER: Show
January first, 2025
Ten years ago to the day, he had washed up on the shores. The ruins of civilization stuck out from the red earth like white bone, as if the world had become one enormous graveyard. He decided that since he was alive, he might as well keep going. He lost all sense of time before he saw anyone else, and when he did, all he could feel was loathing.
In the weeks that followed, there had been countless times where they nearly snapped each other's necks or felt the temptation to run off into the wilderness to find their death alone; But their odds of surviving were better as a pair, and they had each chosen to live, or at least, not to die unnoticed and forgotten. So, they wandered. They scavenged. Clinging to life. Getting all that they needed from each other, like two serpents biting each other's tails.
They lived. They didn't die.

The former Third Child had attended one of these get-togethers before, one of the first ones. It was Misato's idea to hold them on new years, to reclaim the day of Third Impact as a celebration of endurance. He’d say he came because Misato had refused to take no for an answer, though that was not the only reason.
But then he'd seen a flash of copper hair in the corner of the room, and there she was, though he really should have expected her to be here.
From one breath to the next he was taken back to the stench of blood, all the things he had suffered, and yet worse, all the suffering of his own making.
How exactly do you make small talk with someone after committing a small heap crimes upon their lifeless form?
And he'd recalled then, why he had fled from her at the first opportunity, away from the one who knew of all the ugliest ink-black deeds and ugliest times he'd tried so hard to put behind him.

He conceded that he needed other people but it was nonsensical to think oneself dependent on any particular one, not once there was a choice again.
Still, had they not been something else too once? Friends? Comrades?
- well. There must have been something.
Because today, on the tenth anniversary of Third Impact, he had decided to go to the meet-up for the first time in years.
Alas poor Kaworu! I knew him well...
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Re: The Holiday Writing Challenges Part 1: AsuShin New Year!

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Postby Blockio » Wed Jan 06, 2021 12:17 am

399 words  SPOILER: Show
Shinji felt the gentle, familiar push as the AT-Field lifted him off the ground and the massive body of Unit 01 leapt through the air before landing as gracefully as a dancer. Four leaps like that, and he had reached the starting position for the trial run. He looked over and saw Asuka's Unit 02, the sunset right behind her lighting up the outline of her Evangelion, making its flaming red color scheme all the more fiery.
His Unit 01 had no need for an umbilical cable after ingesting the S2 engine of the fourteenth angel - or so Dr. Akagi had told him, he wasn't quite sure what that meant - but Asuka still had to rely on external powe, so the new air-based transmitter that Nerv's engineers had developed would hopefully come in handy.
In a few minutes, Asuka would be targeted by the same positron laser that he used months ago to take out the fifth angel. She brushed it off as nothing to be worried about, of course she did, but Shinji did notice an ever so slight tremble in her voice when saying it.
Just as back then, Tokyo-3 off in the distance was quiet. Not eerily like last time, but the quiet that one would expect at the break of the new year, when everyone was at home, staying with their family and forgetting the worries of the world for a few hours. After the activation test of Unit 03 almost ended in disaster, Shinji had been ordered on standby should the test go wrong; for a brief moment, he spun the thought if maybe his presence gave Asuka some comfort. If maybe him being there might be enough for her to forget her worries, if just for a moment. He sunk back into his seat and an ever so slight smile danced around his mouth when he asked himself that question and the answer was that it would be enough if he were in Asuka's place.

"Commencing activation test!"

Lieutenant Ibuki's voice rang through the radio. From Unit 02's backpack, a set of golden collectors unfolded, looking almost like the wings of a butterfly refracting the evening sun. Then the laser fired. Blue light flashed across the sky, brightly illuminating the silhouette of Unit 02.
Tense seconds later, Asuka replied, her voice energetic and cheerful.
"Evangelion Unit 02 at full battery power!"
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Re: The Holiday Writing Challenges Part 1: AsuShin New Year!

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Postby Derantor » Wed Jan 06, 2021 1:36 pm

400 words  SPOILER: Show
Shinji didn't say anything when Asuka declared that she had technically died two years ago, so she wasn't bound by any legal status and could drink as much as she pleased. He only watched when Kensuke fell asleep on the couch. He kept his distance as Toji and Hikari stole to the guest's bedroom. He moved outside when very much drunk Hyuga began to make advances on not entirely averse and no less drunk Misato.

There he found Asuka on the canopy swing, a stack of three empty cans besides her. She gestured for him to sit and handed him a beer. She talked, he listened. Her stack grew in height, up to the seventh can. At some point, she leaned against him, resting her head on his shoulder.

"I miss Kaji", she whispered.

He nodded in reply, and a gust of wind toppled the stack.

Eventually he convinced her to go inside. Everybody else was already asleep. She hung onto him, and he held her by her waist. She was pretty heavy in this state, but he didn't tell her. He was about to leave when she turned around in the doorway to her bedroom.

"I never thanked you", she said.

He waited for her to continue, but she didn't. He frowned. It wouldn't have meant anything anyway. She was drunk - he knew how it went. She would pretend nothing happened the next morning.

A sigh escaped his lips. "Goodnight, Asuka."

He tried to leave again, but she grabbed his wrist and forced him to stay.

"We're still friends, right?" Her eyes settled on his.

Friends, yeah. He supposed that was the right word, so he nodded.

"Got something for you", she mumbled. She staggered to her nightstand and took something out of the topmost drawer. "Here."

He looked at the small red item in her outstretched hand. "I thought you threw them away."

"You were always easy to fool." No smirking, this time. She was swaying a little. When he didn't do anything, her hand jerked forward, encouraging him to take her offering.

Shinji hesitated a moment, then he reached for it – but Asuka closed her fingers around it.

"I want something in return." Her voice was quiet, and grew even fainter when she added: "You know what it is, right?" She carefully watched his reaction as she slowly opened her hand again.

"Yeah … I know."

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Re: The Holiday Writing Challenges Part 1: AsuShin New Year!

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Postby NateT247 » Thu Jan 07, 2021 12:47 pm


400 words

It was the champagne, he suddenly realized.

The entire night he’d been fine, nursing the beers shoved into his hands by his guardian, pacing himself, knowing his tolerance was low. His friends hadn’t shown as much restraint, Touji and Kensuke indulging to the growing concern of onlookers.

The night wore on, their friends departed, leaving only the three pilots sitting at the edge of the party. There were no words spoken between them, only quick answers to questions as Misato and the other NERV employees would unsuccessfully attempt to draw them into conversation.

As the hour drew closer, Misato squealed in delight when several bottles of champagne appeared, quickly popping the corks and pouring the golden liquid into prearranged flutes, insisting that the children take part.

“It’s a special occasion! Besides, I know that you’ve been sneaking beers…..”

He decided that the retort that she had offered the beers in the first place wasn’t worth the effort, grabbing a glass and taking a cautious sip.

It was good! Far better than the Yebisu that they’d been drinking. He sipped again, faintly tasting pear in the effervescent wine. He kept drinking, reaching the bottom of the flute quickly, eagerly taking the offer of refills again and again, reveling in the fuzziness growing between his eyebrows and the growing heat of the room.

He realized, with a flash of lucidity, that he was drunk. Self-consciousness washed over him, a breather outside felt necessary before he did something to embarrass himself.

Leaning on the railing, he realized he wasn’t alone.

“Misato too loud for you?”

He shook his head.

“It’s boiling inside.”

A pause.

“Do you ever wish that we could be like that? Like Hikari and her stooge?”

The subject changed like her moods.

“No…. I know that isn’t you.”

“And that’s fine, having…. a girlfriend who isn’t all affectionate in public?”

“Why wouldn’t it be? I knew how it was going to be from the start.”

“I’m just checking.... Idiot”

Ten heartbeats in silence.

“Though, I wouldn’t mind if we could go on a real date for once.”

“I’d like that too… I’m just not sure I’m ready.”

At once, the roar inside focused, the countdown reaching it’s finale.

“I can wait.”

“You shouldn’t have to.”


He circled his arms around her, both softening at the touch, leaning forward, tilting heads, meeting with a kiss.

“I don’t mind.”

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Re: The Holiday Writing Challenges Part 1: AsuShin New Year!

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Postby SlidingTurtle » Thu Jan 07, 2021 5:46 pm

Word Count: 399  SPOILER: Show
2018 Post Third Impact
Setting down the bag of fireworks she had borrowed from an unoccupied firework store, Asuka had squatted down, pulled out an octagonal box from the bag, and fished for her lighter from her pocket. After having yet another argument this week, Asuka wondered if she and Shinji were reaching a breaking point with each other in their relationship. Pulling out her lighter from its hiding place Asuka was hoping that the noisemakers would silence the negative thoughts from her head.

‘Damn’t... c’mon please’ Asuka angrily thought as she was trying to illuminate the tail of a barrage of fireworks with a failing zippo lighter. HELLRAISER is what was imprinted on the side of the box in red text and orange highlight with a flaming background “OH, it’s a hell-raiser alright” she muttered under her breath.

“Why can’t this stupid thing just...oh forget it!”

Asuka furiously threw the lighter behind her, letting it scatter along the fractured pavement. Now sitting down while bringing her knees to her chest, she thought how foolish it was to assume that some measly pyrotechnics would make her New Years at least a little better. ‘I hate this’ she thought while burying her face in between her knees.

Unbeknownst to Asuka, Shinji had quietly made his way to her right side from behind and crouched down to her level presenting the lighter in his right hand “I...uh...I think you dropped this.”

The redhead lifted her head up to face the boy, irritatingly sighed, and responded with “The lighter doesn’t work idio-” only to be cut off by his thumb turning the spark wheel, causing a small flame to be produced from its plastic container. “I-it looks good to here you try” he meekly responded, letting go of the red button.

“Fine” Asuka replied, taking the lighter with her right hand. She again placed it by fireworks’ fuse but was unable to burn the green string after several tries. “See what I mean!? This isn’t wor-” She was cut off once more by Shinji holding her right hand with his own.

“C’mon let's both try this time,” Shinji said

Surprisingly, it worked. The cord caught fire and the two kids quickly backed up to observe the blazing spirals. Looking down and igniting the lighter once more in her hand, Shinji commented “The spark is still there Asuka.”
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Kept you waiting, huh?
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Re: The Holiday Writing Challenges Part 1: AsuShin New Year!

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Postby Sailor Star Dust » Fri Jan 08, 2021 1:00 am

I've been summoned just in time!

Word Count: 217  SPOILER: Show
She impatiently tapped her foot while checking her wristwatch, occasionally glancing to and fro at the TV screen.

“Where is he,” she grumbled.

She halfheartedly slapped away the hand reaching for her bag of potato chips, the other woman laughing.

“I'll have to pop open the champagne without him!”

“Misato, don't you dare. It's only 3 PM!”

They turned at the apartment door opening, and fresh muffled voices.

“Hello, Major Katsuragi. Pilot Soryu.” Rei paused before slipping on the provided house slippers, shuffling the convenience store grocery bag against her arm. She bent down to pet the curiously warking Pen Pen, before finally offering: “Happy New Year.”

Their commanding officer had all but teleported into the kitchen, cracking open a beer. “Happy New Year, Rei!”

“Sorry we were so late, Ayanami insisted on her fried potatoes.” Shinji unpacked his own bags for tonight's later festivities. “Toji, Kensuke and the Class Rep are on their way, too.”

Misato wagged a finger. “Hey, don't forget Ritsuko and Kaji!”

“Can't say I'll ever understand it, but might as well let Miss Perfect do things her way.” Despite the roll of her eyes, the usual bite in Asuka's words were absent. Her voice lowered, as she offered words for Shinji alone. “Happy New Year, idiot.”
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Re: The Holiday Writing Challenges Part 1: AsuShin New Year!

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Postby Derantor » Fri Jan 08, 2021 9:08 am

And with this, the deadline has been reached, concluding the first Holiday Writing Challenge! Thank you very much and congratulations to everybody who stepped forward and put their stories out there!

Edit: On second thought, I'm leaving this thread open, in case somebody felt left out and wants to still challenge themselves after the actual timeframe for the challenge is over!

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