Idea abouth N² tech and AT fields

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Idea abouth N² tech and AT fields

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Postby orcot » Fri Aug 21, 2020 12:56 am

My wife asked me how I tought N² technology worked and tought of a star trek like explenation.

N² technology stands for non nuclair and is mostly seen in nuke like bombs, the ATfield internally are what keeps lilim(humans) together externally it is what angels use to protect themself from attacks.

Theirs 4 fundamental forces, the strong and weak nuclear force are situated inside the atom and are by definition nuclear, gravity can be ignored that leaves the elektromagnetic force. You often hear that atoms are mostly empty space (like 99%) with the core and electrons taking a tiny fraction. So you might wonder why we can't walk trough walls as they barely seem to exist. The reason is elektromagnetic force.

So let's say the elektromagnetic force in the NGE universe in considerably weaker, this could be a natural event or field Lilith/adam creates. In this field any compound would rapidly fall apart (reduced to tang) if it was unaided so lilith/adam distributes souls (seeds of life/internal AT fields) allowing organic life to exist.
To keep it simple their atoms are to far apart and need this extra force to stay together.
These souls are essentialy internal AT fields, a internal AT field can shapes the body but isn't part of the genetics. That said a being can evolve beyond a AT field but would simply instantly dissolve (this is what happenend to Iruel and kills it). To keep it consistend their apears to be a link between the internal AT field and direct relatives ( a bid like mitochondrial dna). Let's say a mothers internal ATfield can protect(keep together) a fetus until it develops it's own ATfield in uterus.
The way these kids can project external ATfields are because the Eva's protect the form of the kids so they could projects their internal AT fields externally without turning to tang (unless they go to far)

The N² technology works on this principle that it affects this dampening field making the elektromagnetic force temporary the regular strength. When the electromagnetic field is normal and is combinend with a internal ATfield the reverse happens from when a AT field collapses in steads of a dissolving (exploding) body the object rapidly implodes increasing the binding energy of the molecules keeping together whatever material is inploding temprature increases and we see the nuke like effects that we see in the show.

Would you say this explenation is consistend with what we see in the show (on why it can't be used to power the EVA's it produces heat not energy you neat a generator to get useful energy out of it).

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Re: Idea abouth N² tech and AT fields

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Postby Derantor » Sun Aug 23, 2020 8:31 pm

So let's say the elektromagnetic force in the NGE universe in considerably weaker

This is a non-starter of a theory. If the electromagnetic force was only ~4% weaker, nuclear fusion inside of stars wouldn't produce carbon. Chemistry as a whole just doesn't work. It also fails to explain why bodies don't dissolve on death, when the soul leaves. In addition, things like coffee-beans have no souls, yet people are drinking coffee in NGE. So, no, it is not consistent with what we see in the show.

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