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Amv Downloads

Postby EvangelionGodMode » Wed Jul 08, 2020 9:08 pm

Does anyone know of any good sites or have a link for downloading the rebuild movies and the episodes . I trying to get into making my own amvs. Every site I try gives my computer aids. Also I haven't been on here in like 2 years so its good to see everyone.
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Re: Amv Downloads

Postby Reichu » Wed Jul 08, 2020 9:51 pm

Please read our forum guidelines.

Don’t ask for or provide links to illegally hosted copyrighted material.

We skirt around this at staff's discretion, but suffice it to say that the actual anime episodes and films (old and new) are among the materials that khara actively polices online, so we are NOT going to mess around with that on the forum.

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Re: Amv Downloads

Postby Mr. Tines » Thu Jul 09, 2020 1:52 am

I'll chime in to say that, just a few weeks ago, the Rebuild movies were up on Khara's YouTube* channel in HD. What we have here is a case of hilariously bad timing.

*snagging YouTube videos being left as an easy exercise for the student.
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