About double terminology in abroad's editions

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About double terminology in abroad's editions

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Postby Shun » Wed Jun 10, 2020 10:04 am

I've some questions.

Some Japanese words in dialogues:
使徒 shito: apostle
波長パターン青 hachō patān ao: wavelength pattern blue
暴走 bōsō: rampage
第3新東京市 dai 3 shin tōkyō shi: Third New Tokyo City

In the show for each Japanese spoken term there is a written English word (for example in the Nerv monitors):
As you can see there is a double terminology inside the show, spoken Japanese words and written English words.

Question 1: how were Japanese terms adapted in your country?

In first Italian edition:
shito -> angelo
hachō patān ao -> diagramma d'onda blu
bōsō -> berserk
dai 3 shin tōkyō shi -> Neo Tokyo-3

In German it seems to me that they have chosen:
shito -> engel
hachō patān ao -> energiesignatur blau
bōsō -> amoklauf
dai 3 shin tōkyō shi -> Neo Tokyo-3
It's correct?

In other languages? English, Spanish, French, etc.

Question 2: has Gainax imposed to adapt "shito" with "angel" abroad, or does the uniformity of the choice adopted by the various countries depend on something else? The countries have used the American edition as a reference?
The Spanish Wikipedia says that: "La traducción como «ángel» fue especificada por Hideaki Anno. [75]"

[75]: Napier, Susan J. (2001). Anime from Akira to Princess Mononoke: Experiencing Contemporary Japanese Animation (en inglés). Palgrave MacMillan.

However, this is not written in Susan's book.
Link pdf: http://media.espora.org/mgoblin_media/media_entries/1532/Anime_from_Akira_to_Princess_Mononoke__Experiencing_Contemporary_Japanese_Animation.pdf

It's only curiosity, I like the double terminology chosen by Hideaki Anno, but I haven't understood if Gainax has imposed directives for abroad's editions.
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