Masaaki Yuasa/Netflix - Japan Sinks 2020

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Masaaki Yuasa/Netflix - Japan Sinks 2020

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Postby Gendo'sPapa » Mon Jun 01, 2020 10:41 am

Considering all that has happened this year already I think it's tempting the fates to label your project Japan SINKS: 2020 but that's just what Masaaki Yuasa, Studio Science Saru and Netflix have done.

I'm not familiar with the original novel but know it's been adapted a few times - once by Shinji Higuchi - and this version is meant to run 10 episodes long. Originally it was supposed to heavily mention the 2020 Tokyo Olympics but I believe that has all been scrapped because.... 2020.

Whole series premieres worldwide on Netflix on July 9th.

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