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Postby Hyper Shinchan » Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:27 am

View Original Postchild of Lilith wrote:I thought ADV was dead?

Exactly, are they fucking zombies? Or is the article referring to some of the successor companies (even though it uses the name "ADV"; maybe the company is alive only for legal purposes)?
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Postby Alaska Slim » Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:18 am

I apologize if I step on any toes here...

View Original PostSeele00TextOnly wrote:You say 'who cares' about the New York / Tokyo thing,

... Wait what "thing"? Whoever said that was happening?

View Original PostFreakyFilmFan4ever wrote:If you want live-action Evangelion movie to stay true to Japan and the like, then you're gonna have to get used to watching a live-action Japanese sci-fi film subbed with sub-par CGI.

Considering the Japanese own track record, that's no promise either.

Also, wooden acting.

To be honest, I feel it's a fallacy to say "If it's done in Japan, it'll be done right".

The issue isn't where the film is made, it's if the people heading it are willing to approach the work on its own terms, to understand it for what it is, and then try to create something that compliments the original.

As Gendo'sPapa put it, it should be a director driven affair, and I'd say WETA are among those willing to do just that.

View Original PostTarnsman wrote:However, while the Evangelions may be the titular component, if it came down to cutting the characters out, or cutting the Evas out, the characters are more important.

It may not be as important, but Evangelion does need something to act in its place, both as a cat's paw to attract an audience, and as gatotsu911 pointed out, context to justify what emotions the characters are expressing.

Without the "medium", it just be a preachy, pretentious art-house film. In other words, episode 25 and 26, except its the entire darn movie and we have no back story.

But by cutting out said sci-fi elements in particular, I'd think it also be missing an opportunity.

What I mean is, Evangelion isn't just of the mecha genre, it's a deconstruction of it, and in a post-Transformers world where half the fans hated the series just for how stupid it was (or simply for having too much LaBeouf ), and even those who liked it still leaving the theaters afterwords wanting something more, another story that approaches from the opposite side of the spectrum I think would be a welcome breath of fresh air.

It be no different then how the current Batman franchise contrasts against the one that came before, and is itself a deconstruction, rivaling even that of Eva.

View Original PostTarnsman wrote:Mecha isn't something that translates well into live action,

I think it can, so long as you aren't relying on the robot's ability to act, but merely act as the plot devices they are.

Equally important: INTERESTING human characters and dilemmas.

View Original PostTarnsman wrote:Neither would I. Frankly, I want to know who wants this project to happen.

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Postby Seele00TextOnly » Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:35 am

Alaska: I was talking about the hopefully now defunct live action Akira movie that was to be set in a distopian future New York instead of Neo-Tokyo.

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Postby FreakyFilmFan4ever » Sat Aug 13, 2011 4:18 am

View Original PostReichu wrote:Now I'm curious. (Possibly because I live under a proverbial rock.) Could you elaborate a little?

More people tend to go to the cinemas during economic crisis. Hollywood's known this since the Great Depression. So they make the common denominator of whatever the audience wants to see and give it to them. During WWII it was musicals. Nowadays it's sci-fi action, mainly adapted from comic-books and older TV shows.

Though, it doesn't look like it panned out that way for A.D.V.

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Postby GAP » Mon Aug 15, 2011 11:22 am

And really horrible remakes of old serials .
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