Volume of Leliel's Sea of Dirac

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Volume of Leliel's Sea of Dirac

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Postby adoblivione » Mon Aug 26, 2019 9:57 am

Hi all! I created an account here just to post this; I don't feel that I need to be made a wiki editor since I don't have more than this to contribute, but it jumped out at me as something that maybe ought to be corrected. The math here seems to be off by several orders of magnitude.

On the wiki page for Dirac Sea, it's pointed out that the Sea of Dirac created by the twelfth angel Leliel is described as having a diameter of 680 meters and a thickness of 3 nanometers. Assuming, as is done in the article, that that means it would appear to be circular when viewed from above, that makes it a (very short) cylinder. Its volume would therefore be approximately one cubic decimeter, not one cubic millimeter, as the article states.

A cubic decimeter is about a quart; still not nearly enough space for an Evangelion, but it is one million times the volume of a cubic millimeter. :wink:

EDIT: A more precise definition of a cubic decimeter would be a liter. Derp.

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