A lot of theories about Angels

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A lot of theories about Angels

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Postby CryingMatarael » Sun Aug 18, 2019 8:31 am

Remark: Im very sorry if my englisch isnt always as perfect as it should be.
This is also my first post so pls have mercy if I did something wrong :(

There are two main points I thought about:
1.Why angels and humans are not allowed to coexist:
We know that the first ancestral race only allowed one seed of life at one planet. The reason is that they wanted to prevent that an being gets the fruit of knowledge and the fruit of life. The fruit of life is the S2-Engine that makes the angels immortal and extremely powerful, they can even decide their own form. The fruit knowledge is the ability of creating science, to have consciousness and build civilisation (maybe it basically is the brain).
That means that humen have intelligence and consiousness, but are weak and mortal while angels are powerful and eternal but lack intelligence.
If an being had both, the fruit of knowledge and the fruit of life it would be godlike and equal (or superior?) to the first ancestral race.
I think the show indicates why humen and angels are not supposed to live at the same planet:
Humen were actually able to rebuild the S2-engine after collecting data from the angels (The mass producted evangelions have S2-engines) and eva unit-01 directly absorbed it from Zeruel (As eva unit-01 basically is a human(from the perspective of its souls) he is god, as he has both fruits, and even Seele confirms that; see the evageeks wiki article of the S2-engine)). This means that humans can have both: The fruit of knowledge and the fruit of life. With their knowledge theyre able to build the S2-engine. However, this is only possible with the data from angel cores.
But also angels are able to get the fruit of knowledge, as they start to be more and more intelligent in order to reach their goals against humanity (Armisael was basically at the intelligene of a human), meaning that angels can evolve intelligence and even consiousness, basically the fruit of knowledge. This could be the reason why Seele was afraid about the possibility that Leliel contacted Shinji in episode 16.
Humans(or life in total) evolves intelligence to survive, angels dont need this process because they are eternal and immortal anyway, so they dont evolve much intelligence naturally.
Conclusion: The coexistence of humans and angels makes it possible that both can learn from each other, so that they can get both, the fruit of life and the fruit of knowledge, what is forbidden by the first ancestral race.
An human who develops the S2-engine has both, the fruit of knowlege and of power.
An angel with an exact human mind has both, the fruit...

2.Something else about the angels:
The angels definately chose their forms in order to adapt to humans: Leliel chose a form to be able to contact humans, Arael chose a form to analyze the human mind, he/she/it whould never even think to take such a form without humans and armisael has a form that makes it possible to fusion with humans/evas. Also same for Ireul, as he takes a form that adapts to technology of humans, thats something he/she/it couldnt even think about if he never met humans. When he read the data of the NERV HQ he learned a lot about humans and was obviously able to directly understand them/their language (or their way of communication) and their methods ( for example the self destruction).
As every angel tries a different strategy to reach his goal and they get more and more intelligent in the process, it seems like they actually evolve some kind of natural evolution, as they dont repeat the same mistakes as the one before (except Zeruel, but maybe he/she/it just underestimated the power of the berserk eva). Also to Zeruel: while most other angels before chose forms to fight the evas Zeruel seemingly understood exactly that the humans were the main problem and also tried to intentionelly kill them, even if they werent a direct threat, so it seems like Zeruel knew or at least was able to suspect they were the masterminds. And Arael doesnt even tries to fight them physically but just attacks their most important weapon: their minds.

One small extra point: unlike LCL-based life angels have no natural evolution when they are sperated from humans, as they can always survive forever. This means that all angels have the same natural evolving process. Maybe this was hinted in the dead sea scrolls, so that Seele knew that angels need like 15 years to evolve an AT-Field and chose their final form and they have direct data about their evolving process(so they knew the angels start to attack in 15 years). That could be the reason why Ritsuko said in the episode with Sandalphon that he hatched from his egg at lot earlier than expected, as she thought to knew at what evolving state the fetus/embryo/whatever of Sandalphon was.

Some small other notes about angels:

some notes to Sandalphon:
maybe sandalphon really wasnt fully evolved and he just chose his form that early because he realized he was in danger after Asuka caught his egg. This could be the reason why he was so weak compared to other angels and didnt even had an AT-Field (or at least an very very weak one). This means that angels can decide (at least a little) the point they take their final form, seemlingly the best point is sth after 15 years, everything before could be compared to a premature birth).
(Of course its also possible that Ritsuko made an mistake and all of Sandalphons behaviour was infantile.)
HOWEVER, this could explain Mataraels weak form. Maybe he somehow realized that Tokio-3 was out of power and he thought that evas couldnt attack him, so he/she/it took his/her form earlier in order to attack Tokyo-3 while they cant do anything. so he was also pretty weak and had no/or very weak AT-Field and was also not able to defend in case of he/she/it gets attacked.
Btw, Matarael was also more intelligent as he directly used his acid to break throught the tunnels where the evas come out, Ramiel for example just used his drilling machine just above the NERV-HQ,so he had to destroy all the protective armor layers of the Geofront which probalbly costed him some time.

Some notes to Israfel:
Compared to other angels Israfel was also pretty weak (his laser wasnt pretty powerful, his core broke pretty fast and he got a lot more damage from human weapons like the n2-bomb). Maybe this was because Israfel splitted his souls in 2(the core contains the angels soul, he had two cores), so while in his twin form, the 2 Israfels just had half the power (The angels power is basically destined by their souls power).

Some notes to Leliel:
It seems like angels dont want to live in the first place, they just need to survive long enough to reach their true goal of existence. Sahaquiel learned aiming his bombs and after he knew where he had to land he wanted to kill himself as he wants to explode to destroy the Nerf-HQ.
Same for Ireul, who seemingly accepted his own death with self destruction of the NERV-HQ.
Leliel seemingly wanted to contact and understand the human mind. In Shinjis mind he appears as the jounger Shinji and analyzes his him. After he was done we saw Yui talking with younger Shinji(probably Leliel). She asks Leliel if this "was enough?". After that the younger Shinji hold up his hands with an lilttle red sphere (it seems like its core). After that the berserker Eva-01(Yui was probably in control) killed Leliel. This COULD mean that Lelilel understood Shinji/or the human mind and for whatever reason Leliel didnt had a reason to live after that anymore (maybe its "reason to life" was fulfilled? If thats true Leliel was actually the only angel to reach his goal). This COULD explain why eva unit 04 was absorbed in an sea of dirac before. Maybe Leliel tried to contact an EVA (or the human inside) before and was not succesful. Because IF Leliel tried to kill Shinji, he could have just kept him inside the sea of dirac forever (we know that Leliel can "close" itself, so Shinji could never have escaped).

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