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Rebuild of EvangeléMon

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Postby El Squibbonator » Wed Mar 20, 2019 1:23 pm

All right, first things first, a little explanation. Back when I joined this forum five years ago, I began writing a rather silly Evangelion/Pokemon crossover fanfic. It wasn't really a crossover in the conventional sense, but more like a retelling of the Evangelion story in the Pokemon setting. I made it through about 10 chapters (out of 27 that I had planned) before I put the whole thing on hold and switched to writing original fiction.
Lately, though, I've been looking back at the story and I think it deserves to be finished, so I'm going to be posting it here in this new thread.

As for the rest of you, enjoy:

Neon Genesis Evangelemon: You Can (Not) Catch 'em All

Episode 1: Welcome to Pallet Town 3

This is a cautionary story. It tells us the danger that might befall a society that, having built its economy around ten-year-old children capturing powerful magical creatures in tiny plastic balls and forcing them to fight, fails to ignore the most basic warnings from the mythology regarding said creatures.
OR this is the story of one Shinji Ikari, quite possibly the most pathetic being in the universe. With no living mother, only an insufferable douche for a father, and virtually nothing in the way of worldly accomplishments, many wonder why Shinji bothers to continue living life as he does. Their questions will be answered soon enough.
OR this is merely the fantasy of an amateur writer who, despite the misfortune of having been born in the setting of neither of the above anime series, is overwhelmed by a fascination with them and is writing this story to give his interest some semblance of a focus. If this is the case, the guy really needs to get a life. Without further ado, the story proper can now begin.

While a case can be made for many of the different cities and towns in Kanto, from the allegedly haunted graveyards of Lavender Town to the active volcanoes of Cinnabar Island, most of these pale in comparison to the marvel of engineering—and desperation—that is Pallet Town 3. Built to replace the original Pallet Town after it was destroyed by an event known as Second Impact, Pallet Town 3’s designers boasted that nothing short of Arceus itself could destroy their work. They were right.
Pallet Town 3 was located a ways inland from the remains of the original Pallet Town. There had been some controversy about naming it after a town that had so recently been destroyed in Second Impact, but since no one could suggest a color-based name that was not already taken by another city or town in Kanto, the name Pallet Town 3 stuck.
Not that any of this mattered to fourteen-year-old Shinji Ikari. For all he cared, it could have been named Dungheap City, and it wouldn’t have been a better or worse place to live. That was because, whatever the town’s name was, if you were a child in it you were expected to be a great Pokemon trainer. And Shinji was most certainly not one.
Right now, though Shinji was sitting under the canopy of a bus stop, waiting for his father. Unlike himself, Shinji’s father had always been said to be an exceptional trainer, which made him feel even more pathetic than usual. Shinji had not seen his father in years, made him worry bout how he would be received if he were to present himself in his current state. Shinji had quite nearly forgotten about his father, had it not been for a mysterious invitation some days ago telling him to wait to be picked up at this very bus stop. Of course, his father would not be doing this himself—he would be sending one of his employees, a woman named Misato Katsuragi, to do it for him.
Unfortunately for Shinji, there was nobody in sight at the moment except for his Cubone, which was the only Pokemon he never kept in a PokeBall. Shinji had gotten Cubone as a birthday present four years from his mother, shortly before her death. When she died, he had sworn upon his mother’s grave that he would honor her by becoming the greatest Pokemon trainer in the world. Four years later, and he had not progressed far toward that goal. In the four years since he had begun his quest as a Pokemon trainer, he had earned only three gym badges—from the Pewter, Cerulean, and Vermillion gyms—and captured only four other Pokemon. Those other Pokemon were a Pidgeotto he’d caught a few days after he got Cubone, a Raticate that had followed him all the way to Cerulean City, a Spearow he’d since traded for a Furret, and a rather lazy, aloof Sandslash.
As Shinji watched, for a second he thought he could see someone—a girl about his age with short blue hair, pale skin, and strange red eyes—watching him from across the street. But when he blinked to establish what he had actually seen, she vanished, if indeed she was ever there in the first place. In any case, he soon had more important things to think about that possibly--imaginary people.
His first hint that something was amiss came when the ground beneath his feet began to tremble. A flock of Pidgey on the telephone wire took off, a Rattata that had been nibbling on a jelly-filled donut ran for cover, and Shinji, raising himself from his seat, could see what was shaking the ground.
It was a colossal, vaguely humanoid creature, towering above the tallest buildings in Pallet Town 3. The creature was black and white in color, and had disproportionately long arms ending in grappling-hook-like claws. It seemed to have no real face, instead possessing an array of nine eyes on where a face would normally be. From these, it periodically issued blasts of light, vaporizing anything in its path.
“Who’s that Pokemon?” Shinji asked, rather stupidly, before attempting to identify it on his Pokedex. Nothing came up on it but static.
“No information on this Pokemon available.”
Well, this is stupid, thought Shinji. What’s the use of a Pokedex if it doesn’t even tell you anything about a Pokemon the first time you see it?
As the strange Pokemon made its way toward Pallet Town 3, it was greeted by a salvo of gunfire and missiles. The resulting explosion nearly knocked Shinji and Cubone off their bench, but when the smoke cleared it was apparent that no damage whatsoever had been done to the Pokemon. It continued advancing in a straight line, periodically vaporizing whatever was in its bath with Hyper Beams.
Circling around the mysterious Pokemon were a group of Kanto Strategic Self-Defense Force helicopters, which attacked it with their own guns and rockets. This, too, had little effect except to anger the huge Pokemon, and it swatted one of the helicopters out of the air with its arm, sending it careening into the side of a building directly above where Shinji was sitting.
Shinji scrambled for cover as the falling debris came crashing down around him. Grabbing Cubone, he ran out into the street, where he was suddenly blocked by a blue sports car pulling up in front of him.
“What are you doing just sitting there? Get in!” shouted the driver, leaning out the window. The driver was a woman about 30 years old with dark purplish-black hair. She wore a uniform of some kind that Shinji did not recognize, but her nametag identified her—she was Misato Katsuragi.
“Are you here to take me to see my father?” asked Shinji.
“No time for that. Get in!” shouted Misato.
The interior of the car smelled strongly of alcohol, and the seats were peeling. An ornament of a Magikarp hung from the roof above the dashboard, and in the back seat there was a large cooler that gave off a peculiar smell. Climbing into the passenger seat of the car, Shinji asked Misato, “Did my father send you?”
“Sort of. Everything is going to be made clear to you soon. But we’ve got to get out of here.”
“Why?” asked Shinji, although he already knew perfectly well. “And what was that thing?” He gestured up at the gigantic Pokemon, which had now torn the top off a nearby skyscraper and was using it to swat at the circling aircraft.
As Misato shoved her foot down on the gas pedal and the car accelerated away, she sighed and began to explain. “Have you ever heard people talk about Legendary Pokemon?”
“You mean like Mew? And the Legendary Birds?” asked Shinji.
“Yes. This one is called Regigigas. It is said to be the Pokemon that pulled the continents into their modern positions millions of years ago. As for why it would awaken now, I have no idea.”
“Well,” asked Shinji, quite unimpressed with this crash-course lesson in Pokemon mythology, “can you at least tell me where you’re taking me?”
“I will in a little—OH SHIT GET DOWN!” Misato suddenly shouted, slamming on the brakes.
“What?” asked Shinji, who was now extremely confused.
“They’re going to use an N2 mine!”
Before Shinji could ask what an N2 mine was or what one did, the sky turned bright white for a brief instant, followed by a deafening clap. The shockwave from the explosion sent the car and its two occupants tumbling off the road and into a drainage ditch, and when the smoke cleared it was apparent that, although the blast had devastated the already-badly–damaged infrastructure of Pallet Town 3, it had left not a scratch on Regigigas. The huge Pokemon continued inwards toward the center of Pallet Town 3, as if it were looking for something.
Meanwhile, at the KSSDF command center, the failure of the N2 mine was not going over very well. An emergency meeting had been called, the nature of which was being kept secret. The man presiding over the meeting was a severe-looking businesslike individual, with an air of authority about him. His uniform was adorned with countess badges and other decorations, signifying his rank as a general. But he would not be in command here for much longer.
When the KSSDF general turned on the giant screen in the conference hall, the face of another man filled it. This man had dark hair and a beard, wore opaque sunglasses, and sat at a desk with his fingers steepled under his chin. Alongside him sat a brown-furred, vaguely humanoid Pokemon with long whiskers and a metal spoon in each hand—an Alakazam. His name was Gendo Ikari.
“Hello,” he said, tilting his said so that the light in the room reflected brightly off his glasses. “What have you come to tell me?”
“Well,” said the JSSDF general, “Our use of an N2 weapon—the most powerful in our arsenal—against the threat attacking Pallet Town 3 has yielded no result. Any further attempt would simply damage the city further. We have no choice, Dr. Ikari, but to relinquish responsibility for protection of Pallet town 3, and possibly all of Kanto, to you and NERV.”
“Very well,” said Gendo. For a moment, the conference screen lit up, then Gendo vanished, having Teleported away with his Alakazam.
Dazed, Shinji and Misato crawled out of the overturned car. “Do you think we can get it out of here?” asked Shinji. He doubted it; the car was wedged in the drainage ditch next to the road, and he certainly felt like he would not be able to pull it out by himself.
“No,” she answered, “but I think I know someone who can.” With that she pulled a Poke Ball out of one of her pockets and pressed the button on it. The Pokemon that came out was another one Shinji was unfamiliar with. It stood on two legs, had thick, leathery skin, and on its belly it had a pouch. Inside the pouch was a smaller version of itself, which Shinji thought looked oddly like a Cubone. He looked it up on his Pokedex.
“Kangaskahn: the Parent Pokemon,” it said. “It carries its baby in its pouch, and is fiercely protective of it.”
Now knowing what Misato intended for him to do, Shinji reached into his pocket and pulled out one of his own Poke Balls. Not Cubone, of course; Cubone almost never got into a Poke Ball. The Pokemon he called out was his Sandslash. Sandslash, unfortunately, fell asleep as soon as it left its Poke Ball. It lay on its back on the ground, the blade of grass it always kept in its mouth fluttering as it snored. Shinji sighed. Sandslash was always like this.
“Sandslash, return!” he shouted, holding the Poke Ball up again. “He pressed the button, and Sandslash went back inside. Well, I’m out of ideas.” By then, Misato and Kangaskahn were already working on pulling the car free. When it finally rolled out of the ditch, Misato recalled Kangaskahn and invited Shinji back into the now badly dented car.
As they drove, Shinji noticed an unmistakable sight in the distance: a huge metal and glass pyramid towering over the rest of Pallet Town 3. And he and Misato were heading straight for it.
The car ducked into a tunnel, and when Shinji and Cubone adjusted to the dim light beneath the surface he could not believe what he saw. An entire underground city, with skyscrapers reaching downwards and huge lamps on the ceiling in place of the sun, stretched out before him. “Wow!” gasped Shinji, hardly believing his eyes. “Real Geofront!” Truth be told, he had not known what a Geofront was until a few minutes beforehand, and it was not as if he had ever thought there were no real Geofronts.
The car parked in front of a massive concrete bunker which, unlike the skyscrapers of the Geofront, was built from the ground up. Shinji expected this to be the place where he met his father, but when Misato led him inside, they boarded a small hovering train.
When the train came to a stop, Shinji and Misato were greeted by a second woman, who seemed to be slightly older than Misato. She had short blonde hair, wore a lab coat, and was accompanied by a pink cat-like Pokemon. “Espeon, the Sun Pokemon,” Shinji’s Pokedex informed him as he scanned it. “It uses the fine hairs on its body to predict the future and detect air currents.”
“It’s about time you arrived, Misato,” said the new woman “And I see you brought the Third Child?”
“Yep! In the nick of time too—I got him just as Regigigas was attacking inner Pallet Town 3.”
The woman then turned to Shinji and handed him a stack of forms that he assumed he was supposed to fill out. At the top, in large friendly letters, was written, “Hello there! Welcome to the world of NERV! My name is Dr. Ritsuko Akagi, but people just call me a Pokemon Professor.” This was followed by a number of questions, starting with “Now tell me, are you a boy or a girl?” Shinji began to wonder whether Dr. Akagi really needed him to write this down, but he decided he needed to anyway.
Once Shinji had filled out the paperwork, Misato and Dr. Akagi escorted him through another door, this one emblazoned with the NERV logo—the word NERV and half a fig leaf, surrounded by the motto “to protect the world from devastation, to unite all people within our nation.” Shinji was about to ask what this meant, but what he saw on the other side gave him many more important questions.
The entire room, as large as a Pokemon League arena, was taken up by a giant tank of foul-smelling orange liquid. This liquid was supplied by a network of pipes and funnels descending from the ceiling, which pumped the orange fluid into the giant tank.
Inside the tank sat something the likes of which Shinji had never seen before. Attached to the wall of the room by umbilical cables, it resembled nothing so much as a huge metallic robot. Its head was disc-shaped, and on its back was a menacing-looking laser turret. Its eyes glowed bright red, and its entire body was covered in sleek purple armor. Yet despite all the incredible power Shinji was sure it must have possessed, it remained absolutely still in the tank of orange liquid.
Shinji was astounded. He was unable to even ask what the thing in the tank was, while Cubone only managed a meek “. . .Bone?”(I’m not sure what that is.) Luckily, Dr. Akagi answered his question for him.
“This is the artificial Pokemon, Genesect. Unit 01 of the Evangelemon program. Its creation carried out in total secrecy, it is our—humanity’s—last great hope.”
In a control room overlooking the giant tank, Gendo Ikari watched with interest. His assistant, Dr. Fuyutsuki, sat at a desk next to him.
“Well, it seems Misato was telling the truth. Shinji has arrived. Well, I, for one, never doubted it.” said Gendo, steepling his fingers once again.
“Maybe so,” replied Fuyutsuki. “But do think it is really wise—using the boy when he has not yet even proven himself as a Pokemon trainer—in such a precarious job?”
“It . . . it seemed like a good idea at the time” said Gendo.
“Fair enough. And by the way, is there a reason you do that thing with your hands? I’ve always wondered that.”
“What thing with my hands?” replied Gendo, removing his hands frm their steepled position beneath his chin and getting up out of his chair.
He then left the room, and headed down to meet face to face with Shinji.
“It has been a long time since I saw you last,” said Gendo. “Do tell me, what have you accomplished as a trainer in my absence?”
Shinji gulped. “I’ve gotten the first three Kanto badges. And I’ve caught four Pokemon other than Cubone.” He pulled out his other Poke Balls, and let out hi remaining Pokemon for his father to see.
Gendo frowned. “I would have expected more out of you. Four years, and this is all you have to present me? I would figure you would at least be facing the Elite Four by now, and have a full Pokedex.”
“I . . . I’ll catch more! I swear!” stammered Shinji.
“No.” Gendo replied. “You can only have five Pokemon of your own here at a time. Genesect will be your sixth. If, that is, you seem up to the task of being its trainer.” With that, Gendo pulled out a Poke Ball of his own. “Gengar! I need your assistance!”
As the purple, goblin-like Pokemon materialized in front of Gendo, he explained, “If you can defeat me in battle, then you can have Genesect. “
“OK,” said Shinji, “But can I call it ‘Dennis’?”
“No,” replied Gendo. “Now, Gengar—Shadow Ball!”
At that moment, Shinji realized he had not yet picked out a Pokemon to battle with. Let’s see, he thought Nothing’s good against ghost types, but a ghost-type move won’t hurt a Normal-type either. “All right. I choose you—Raticate!”
The rat-like Pokemon dodged Gengar’s incoming Shadow Ball, then reared up onto its hind legs awaiting Shinji’s command. Gengar, meanwhile, floated next to Gendo, likewise waiting for an order.
“Raticate, use Hyper Fang!” Raticate rushed toward Gengar, its sharp teeth glistening as it prepared to attack. “Rati-caaate,” (All right, Mr. Smiley Face, let me show you how it’s done,) it hissed. Gengar, however, didn’t move as Raticate approached it. Instead it faded into thin air, and let Raticate pass directly through itself. The attack had no effect.
“Raticate, return!” said Shinji, recalling it into its Poke Ball. “Go, Cubone!”
Even though it wore its skull mask, Cubone looked somewhat apprehensive about facing Gengar. “Bone?” (You. . .you don’t really want me to battle him, do you?) it whined, staring up at Shinji.
“It’s OK, Cubone,” he said. “Why don’t you start with . . . let’s see . . . Bone Rush?”
“Cu-bone!” (I guess that’ll work) replied Cubone. It raised its bone club over its head, and charged at Gengar. But Gengar was ready. It fired up another Shadow Ball and sent Cubone hurtling backwards across the room, knocking it out instantly.
Gendo recalled Gengar. “Shinji, I expected better from you,” he said sternly. “You do not seem to possess the skills that I expected from someone who has been a Pokemon trainer for four years. I’m afraid I cannot trust you to control Genesect.” He then called to Dr. Akagi, “It looks like we’re going to need Rei after all.”
Dr. Akagi left the room and returned a few minutes later. She was pushing a hospital gurney, and on it lay the very same girl Shinji had seen at the bus stop. Well, if you wanted to be specific, she didn’t look exactly the same—she was heavily bandaged up and had all manner of plastic tubes poking into her mouth. But it was unmistakably the same girl. She had the same blue hair, the same pale skin, and the same red eyes.
“Shinji,” said Gendo, “This is Rei Ayanami. She is the only currently qualified trainer in the Kanto Evangelemon program. I would have hoped for you to become the second, but it seems I will have to settle for her for the time being. Now, go find Misato; she will be waiting to. . .”
Gendo did not get to finish his sentence. The entire room shook as something massive came crashing down on top of the Geofront. Regigigas, thought Shinji. Lights swung in their fixtures, the orange liquid in the tank sloshed in waves, and a heavy steel girder broke loose from the ceiling and plummeted directly toward Shinji. He tried to scramble out of the way, but he was too slow. He closed his eyes and waited for the girder to fall on him. It never did.
When he opened his eyes, Shinji saw what has happened. Genesect—the huge, purple, robotic Pokemon—had broken free of its restraints and used one of its massive claws to swat the falling girder aside. It had saved his life. Shinji stared in awe at the gigantic Pokemon, which looked more mechanical than organic, as it settled back into the tank of orange liquid.
As he did, he noticed that Rei had not been so lucky. Regigigas’s attack had knocked over the gurney she was in, and she now lay sprawled on the floor, her bandages unraveling. Shinji ran over to her. Rei did not seem to be in any pain, or, if she was, she certainly wasn’t showing it. She simply lay on the floor, limp and weak, and certainly not looking in and condition to take Genesect into battle.
Gendo seemingly agreed with this assessment. Whether it was because of Genesect’s unexpected behavior around him or his desire to help Rei, Shinji wasn’t sure, but he could tell from Gendo’s uncharacteristic smile that his normally-miserable life might have taken a turn for the better.
“Shinji,” Gendo said at last, “I must confess I misjudged you. Genesect is yours.”
“So, you still haven’t told me one thing. What exactly do I do with a Genesect?” asked Shinji. “Do I eat it, or sit on it, or what?”
“Do you see that object on the back of Genesect’s head?” asked Gendo. “The one that looks like a cassette deck? That is called an entry plug. You climb inside that, and your mind becomes linked to that of the Pokemon, allowing you to control it.”
“I’m not sure I understand,” said Shinji.
“Shinji, get in the fucking Pokemon,” said Gendo, clearly exasperated.

This Pokemon wears the skull of its deceased mother, and nobody has ever seen its real face.
Life can seem a challenge. Life can seem impossible. It's never easy when so much is on the line.

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Re: Rebuild of EvangeléMon

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Postby El Squibbonator » Wed Apr 03, 2019 11:19 pm

To speed things along, here's chapter 2:

Neon Genesis Evangelemon: You Can (not) Catch ‘Em All

Episode 2: Shinji pops a NERV

Shinji gulped and sputtered as he found himself submerged in the smelly orange liquid that filled the entry plug. He fought the urge to vomit, but that did little good, because at the time his own major intestine seemed to be considering evacuating it contents through his mouth. Once he had gotten over the unpleasantness of it all, he realized that he could actually breathe, despite being immersed in the liquid.
The interior of the entry plug was cramped, and lined with strange-looking controls that must have been attached to the mechanical armor Genesect wore. But before Shinji could try any of them out, a headset with goggles slipped over his face, and his view suddenly changed to a dark vertical tunnel.
Where am I? Shinji asked himself. He lifted one arm, then the other, and each time he did, Genesects metallic purple claws moved in front of him. He was seeing through Genesect’s eyes.
“Prepare Unit 01 for launch!” the voice of Dr. Akagi shouted over a loudspeaker.
Another voice—his father’s—replied, “Launch preparations are complete. Genesect is ready for deployment.”
I most certainly am not ready for deployment, thought Shinji. But, I suppose, if this is what I was brought here to do, then so be it. I mustn’t run away.
As Shinji gradually accustomed himself to maneuvering the giant cyborg Pokemon he suddenly felt himself shot upward through the tunnel at blinding speed, landing in the middle of the streets of Pallet Town 3.
It was here that he had his next shock. When he had first laid eyes on Genesect, he had no idea how much of it lay below the surface of the orange liquid. As he could now tell, it was quite tall indeed. It stood about three times as tall as the largest building in Pallet Town 3, though this was not as impressive as it sounded given that most buildings there were only a few stories in height. Nevertheless, it was larger than any Pokemon he had ever heard of, and he wondered whether its size was due to NERV’s experimentation rather than a natural feature of it.
Regigigas, meanwhile, was doing the same thing it had been doing the entire time; that is, making its way in a straight line toward the center of the city and generally causing a great deal of destruction and chaos. The KSSDF was still attempting to fight it, this time with Pokemon of their own, but still having little effect.
OK, let’s at least see what attacks this thing has, thought Shinji, maneuvering Genesect so it stood straight across from Regigigas. He wasn’t sure exactly how Pokemon knew what was an attack they could use and what wasn’t, and why they were only able to know four at a time. It was just one of those arbitrary things you had to take for granted as a Pokemon trainer.
Normally, when he caught a Pokemon, he could use his Pokedex to check what attacks it knew. Here, however, he had no such option—he had to control Genesect himself and find out how to use whatever techniques it had. As he thought about this, a display of options flashed in front of him in his field of view.
Hyper Beam. X-Scissor. Bug Buzz. Techno Blast. “I think I might as well go with Hyper Beam,” Shinji said to himself. As he said this, he felt himself—and Genesect—involuntarily crouch down. This was followed by an aching pain in he back of his neck, as if he had pulled a muscle there. He reached his hand backwards to feel it, forgetting that doing so also caused Genesect’s hand to move, but felt nothing wrong.
Suddenly, there was a blinding flash of white light—nearly as bright as the N2 mine Shinji has seen the KSSDF using—followed by a tremendous explosion in the distance. Shinji felt himself stand back up, and the pain in the back of his neck ceased. That was when it hit him. He had been feeling Genesect’s stress.
As the smoke from the Hyper Beam attack cleared, it revealed Regigigas collapsed on its back amid the remains of several buildings. Cautiously, Shinji and Genesect stepped towards it. Regigigas did not move, and the eyes on its “face” no longer glowed. Feeling that the Legendary Pokemon was probably now knocked out, Shinji reached one of Genesect’s arms to touch it.
When he did, Regigigas’s eyes suddenly lit up. The Colossal Pokemon slowly raised itself to its feet, then, suddenly, lunged forward in a manner that seemed to defy all the laws of physics. Why Shinji was questioning this only now, despite having grown up in a world where even the average insect was over a foot long and fire-breathing reptiles were considered common household pets, was not something he preferred to dwell on.
Regigigas clamped its arms around Genesect’s body, and Shinji felt a harsh, squeezing pain in his own body. The first thing he saw as he glanced up was Regigigas’s eyes glowing. The last thing he saw, before he blacked out, was three beams of light—red, blue, and green—shooting towards Genesect’s head.
When Shinji awoke, he was no longer inside the Entry plug. He was lying on a hospital bed, his arms and legs held in restraints and an ice pack on his head.
Taking in the room around himself, Shinji finally called out, “Hello?”
“You sustained serious injuries in your battle. You need to rest.”
Shinji turned to see who was talking. It was Dr. Akagi. This time she had a different Pokemon alongside her—a Chansey, which wore a nurse’s hat on its head. The pink Pokemon held a glass cup of strange green liquid in one had, which Shinji sincerely hoped was not medicine he was going to have to take. His hoping did not last long, unfortunately, because Chansey pushed the cup up to his lips, forcing him to swallow the liquid in one gulp. Shinji nearly gagged, but then lay back down.
As he did, he noticed that the hospital bed next to him was also occupied. Rei, whom Shinji had not seen since before his encounter with Genesect, was lying in it, still heavily bandaged up. Shinji turned to speak to her, but her deadpan expression told him that it would be useless. At least they’re actually bothering to give her medical attention, he thought.
“Bone?”(I’m sorry about that), whimpered Cubone, who had been sitting on the foot of Shinji’s bed. “Cu-cu-bone,” (I wish I could have helped you out there). It crawled up next to Shinji and let him scratch it on its skull mask, which he knew it enjoyed.
“Look, Cubone,” said Shinji, not entirely sure the Ground-type Pokemon could understand him. “You’re lucky. You don’t have the fate of the world resting in your hands. That doesn’t matter to you. I’d give anything for that.”
Meanwhile, Gendo Ikari was having anxieties of his own. He had been contacted by another organization, one even more secretive than NERV. SEELE, as they called themselves, did not like to show their faces in public, but it was they who really pulled the strings behind NERV- and, indeed, behind the governments of every nation in the world.
Gendo had been invited to a video conference with the SEELE representatives in charge of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova. When he arrived, the first thing he noticed was that the representatives were not shown in person. Instead, each was represented by a tall, monolithic tablet. Above each tablet floated a number of flat black objects that were shaped almost like letters.
Unown, Gendo thought. The language of the Pokemon Instrumentality Project.
One of the monoliths—the one that stood for Hoenn—began to glow, and the Unown floating above it jostled about to form the words “SEELE 01”. Then, a voice began to emanate from the monolith.
“We have been expecting you here, Gendo Ikari,” it said. Gendo nodded in apprehension. While he did have his own personal goals for the Evangelemon program, for now it would pay to follow through with those of SEELE—and he sincerely hoped they were not disappointed.
The Hoenn representative went on, “As you no doubt know, this is the first time in the fifteen years following Second Impact that a so-called Legendary Pokemon has shown itself. That much is foretold by the writings found in the Ruins of Alph. However, we urgently advise you not to let this cause your work for NERV to fall behind schedule. Do you understand?”
Gendo nodded again.
“I see,” said the SEELE representative. “Then in that case we shall see what NERV can continue to do for us.
“But,” inquired the SEELE member from Johto, “Do you not think it is rather unnecessary to force these. . .these children to control such powerful creatures? Surely there are more favorable ways of bringing about Instrumentality?”
Somewhat annoyed, Gendo scowled at the monoliths. “It seemed like a good idea at the time,” he said at last.
Shinji, meanwhile, had recovered fully and been brought to what was to become his new residence during his tenure at NERV—Misato’s apartment. Misato lived by herself in an old apartment building on the outskirts of Pallet Town 3. When Shinji opened the door to it, the first thing he noticed was the overpowering stench of stale alcohol. Something told him that there had been a mistake.
The second thing he noticed was that Misato was nowhere to be seen. Instead, he was greeted at the door by a Pokemon he had never seen before. Someone with an entirely different upbringing than himself might have said that it resembled a penguin, but of course Shinji had no way of knowing what that was. Instead, he found himself struggling to mentally describe a beaked, feathered creature as tall as himself that looked as if it were wearing a light green tuxedo and a gold crown.
“Oh, hello!” Shinji spun around to see who was talking
“Whaa—oh, hey, Misato.”
“I see you have already met Pen-pen. He’s my Empoleon. Got him in Sinnoh back when he was a Piplup.” She petted the birdlike Pokemon on the head, to which it gave a “Wark” of approval, before following Shinji into the apartment.
Shinji scanned Empoleon on his Pokedex (“Empoleon-the Emperor Pokemon”) and noticed that the one in his picture was dark blue, not light green. He inquired about this. “Glad you noticed,” said Misato. “Pen-pen’s a Shiny Empoleon—he’s a different color from a normal one. But anyway, come on in!”
The apartment was a mess. The bed was disheveled, and the floor was littered with napkins, drink cans, and other unnamable things. “Do you ever. . .clean this place?” Misato stared at him.
At the same time, Gendo and Dr. Akagi had much more serious matters to discuss. Gendo had brought Dr. Akagi to a secret bunker far beneath NERV headquarters, where he intended to show her something just as revolutionary as Genesect.
The room was dimly lit, and, like the room where Genesect had been kept, it was taken up by a large tank. This one, however, was filled with a solid red transparent substance, almost like ice. Inside the frozen prison, Dr Akagi could see another Pokemon in suspended animation inside.
Unlike Genesect, this Pokemon was unarmored and vaguely humanoid except for its thick whip-like tail and its two pointed ears. Also, like Genesect, it was enormous, filling up most of the tank. Somehow, Dr. Akagi was sure she had seen a Pokemon like this somewhere, and her belief was vindicated when Gendo spoke.
“What you see here, is the original prototype of the Evangelemon program. It was cloned directly from the remains found at Second Impact. Right now, we are calling it Unit 0, but it has come to be known as simply. . .Mewtwo.”
Dr. Akagi looked confused. “I knew it looked familiar. But. . .Mewtwo. I have heard that name before, and I must say that this is not identical to the one in the Pokedex by any means. Has it been modified the same way that Genesect has?”
Gendo nodded. “Correct. This is not the Mewtwo that you probably know, Ritsuko. It has undergone a great deal of modification—just as no ordinary human can withstand the psychological rigors of being an Evangelemon trainer, no naturally occurring Pokemon can hope to hold their own against the wrath of a Legendary Pokemon. So we had to create our own.”
“There were countless attempts—the results were never pleasant—but eventually NERV perfected the Evangelemon program that has become the spearhead of its battle against the Legendary Pokemon. Mewtwo was the first. It was constructed from the DNA of Mew, the ancestor of all Pokemon.”
Dr. Akagi scowled slightly. “I suspect there’s something you’re not telling me,” she said.
“No,” replied Gendo, “everything is going according to plan. Rei has been assigned as Mewtwo’s trainer. No matter what happens, the children must continue to perform their functions at NERV.”
Shinji was in his bed, listening to music on his cassette player. Why he had a cassette player, in a world where instant matter-to-energy transfusion was possible and living creatures could be traded over computers, he also had no idea. As he listened, he fell asleep and reflected on the events of the previous day.
He was unconscious. Unable to control Genesect, he fell backwards in the Entry Plug as Regigigas’s attack struck Genesect in the head. Genesect stumbled back a few steps (very large steps, of course) but then it steadied itself and focused the cannon on Regigigas and prepared to fire again. This time, Genesect used a Techno Blast attack, which struck Regigigas in one of its legs. For a moment, Regigigas stood still, its body crackling with electricity, but then it shook off the effects of the attack as though they were nothing!
Regigigas stood its ground, then, without warning, stamped both its feet on the ground. The result was a shockwave that shook all of Pallet Town 3, and Genesect dropped to its knees to avoid being knocked off its feet.
As Genesect raised itself to its feet, it fired off a second Techno Blast, hoping—if the gigantic cyborg Pokemon felt such emotions—to achieve a better result this time. At first the hope seemed justified—the Techno Blast struck Regigigas directly on its “face”—but there was no reaction.
Inside NERV HQ, Misato and the computer technicans had been watching Shinji’s battle with interest. “Genesect and Shinji are no longer in sync! I repeat, Genesect and Shinji are no longer in sync!” Misato shouted.
“Is there any way for the entry plug to eject?” the nearest computer technician, whose name was Maya Ibuki, had asked.
“Does it LOOK like there is?” said Misato.
“No,” said Maya, “but—Did you see that? REGIGIGAS JUST USED AN AP BARRIER!”
She pointed at the viewing screen, which currently was displaying Genesect’s latest (failed) attempt to attack Regigigas. The Techno Blast had simply bounced off a force field with which the Legendary Pokemon had surrounded itself.
If Genesect was being slowed down, it was certainly not showing any signs of it. It brandished the blades on its arms, which began to glow purple, and charged straight at Regigigas. Regigigas stood still, riveted to the spot, as Genesect rushed toward it (and in doing so demolished several convenience stores, a fire station, and a PokeMart).
Genesect ran in a straight line toward Regigigas, its arms held up in front of it in preparation for an X-scissor attack. It didn’t seem to matter what was in its way, buildings or cars or telephone poles, and it certainly didn’t seem to take into account the AP field. Regigigas still did nothing. It did not need to—the moment Genesect’s attack came into contact with AP field, its arm shattered upon colliding with it. Now short one arm and dripping orange liquid, Genesect staggered backwards and dropped to one knee.
Underneath its purple metal armor, the Pokemon’s actual fleshy body—and its internal organs—could be seen. A casual observer earlier might have believed Genesect to be a robot or some other sort of machine, but there was no mistaking now that it was actually a living creature.
Genesect did not even seem to notice the loss of its arm. Indeed, as it got to its feet to face Regigigas again, its arm had already partiallly regenerated, and while it no longer had its armor, it was once again functional. Once its arm had fully regenerated, Genesect took two enormous steps backward, and lowered its head. The cannon on the back of its neck began to glow, but instead of projecting a Hyper Beam or a Techno Blast, an AP field—just like the one Regigigas had—formed in front of Genesect.
The two AP fields collided, cancelling each other out in a flash of light almost as bright as Genesect’s Techno Blast. When the light faded, Regigigas was still standing, but it no longer had its AP field to protect it. Now it was time for Genesect to perform its finishing move. Just as it had before, it brandished its arms in front of itself and charged headlong at Regigigas for an X-scissor attack.
Watching from NERV headquarters, Misato and the technicians were speechless at what followed. The monitor turned a brilliant white for a split second, which faded to reveal a glowing symbol etched in the sky over where Regigigas had fallen. It consisted of two circles, one within the other, connected by four spokes—the sign of Arceus.
None of that could compare, however, to the sight of Genesect walking triumphantly away from the site of the battle, badly damaged but nevertheless clearly the winner. “Regigigas is unable to battle!” declared Misato, holding up a can of beer in celebration. “Genescet wins!”
As Shinji finally regained consciousness, he found himself still in the entry plug, but now in the storage bunker where he had first met Genesect. As he was escorted out of the room, he turned around, and he could swear he noticed the Pokemon’s demonic-looking red eye staring at him. He screamed.

Shinji woke up in a cold sweat. He had just beaten Regigigas, sure, but . . .was this what he was really doing when he did that? He had apparently screamed for real, since he had woken up Cubone and Pen-pen, both of whom were comlaining loudly. This, in turn, attracted Misato, who was wearing her Psyduck-print pajamas.
“Bad dream?” she asked, half-teasingly. “By the way, thanks for saving Pallet Town 3. I knew you could do it. Don’t forget to try to be the very best!”
“Yeah right,” grumbled Shinji to himself. “The very best like no one ever was.”

This Pokemon lived 300 million years ago. Its signature attack varies in type based on the Drive inserted into the cannon on it’s back.

Last episode: It’s . . .Cubone!
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Re: Rebuild of EvangeléMon

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Postby silvermoonlight » Thu Apr 04, 2019 5:12 am

I'm enjoying this its a cool idea of crossing the two fandoms :)
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Re: Rebuild of EvangeléMon

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Postby El Squibbonator » Thu Apr 04, 2019 10:50 am

And here's episode 3:

Episode 3: Good Ol’-Fashioned Fisticuffs

It had been three weeks since Shinji’s harrowing battle with Regigigas, and he would have liked to have some time to enjoy himself. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, he had nothing of the sort. Instead, he was to be going to school, along with the other children of Pallet Town 3. This, of course, was something he was unfamiliar with, having been accustomed to the tradition of becoming a Pokémon trainer at the age of 10.
He had been living in Misato’s apartment during this time, and while he had gotten used to it, there were still aspects he felt that others would find bizarre. Like today’s conversation at breakfast, for example.
“Oh yeah! My morning BEGINS with this!” Misato shouted, slamming down a can of something on the table. As Shinji sat down to eat his own breakfast, he made the unfortunate mistake of asking Misato what it was. She was only too happy to answer. “Shuckle juice,” she explained. “Powerful stuff! I get it right from the source, you know. Do you want some?”
Shinji looked disgusted. “That’s . . .OK.” he said. “I’d rather not drink something that came out of a Pokémon’s—“
“As you wish,” said Misato. “By the way, how’s school been treating you?”
“Terrible. You wouldn’t believe the riffraff. There’s this one guy—his name’s Kensuke—who does nothing but spy on people with his Magnemite. He’s creepy. The class rep is nice enough, but I don’t think she’s gotten to know me. And Rei is, well . . .Rei.”
“Well,” said Misato, “I hope today goes better.”
Shinji didn’t answer. He and Cubone were had already walked out the door.
It was technically autumn, but ever since Second Impact the world’s weather had stagnated in a summer-like state. The Pidgey singing and the Butterfree flitting about overhead certainly added to that impression.
It had been Gendo’s decision that Shinji start attending school now. Since he had to be constantly close to NERV headquarters in case of another attack, he could no longer be a traveling Pokémon trainer and needed something else with which to fill his spare time.
Unfortunately, seemingly the only subjects they taught in Shinji’s school involved Second Impact and matters relating to it. The story was the same as he had heard from Misato: 14 years ago, a giant meteorite had crashed into the South Pole, killing half of the people in the world, to say nothing of the Pokémon casualties. The original Pallet Town, the traditional starting point for Kanto Pokémon trainers, had been destroyed in the blast. The sudden appearance of Regigigas in Pallet Town 3 was, they assured him, coincidental. Shinji had never really questioned these explanations, mainly because he felt that if the people at NERV were hiding something from the general public, they would have told him already.
As Shinji and Cubone walked up to the gate to the school grounds, Shinji became aware of someone standing behind him. He turned around. It was a boy his own age, riding a Dodrio. Shinji recognized the boy; it was Toji Suzuhara, one of his classmates. Shinji hadn’t spoken to Toji much, but knew he was on the track team.
“Umm, hi?” said Shinji, rather uncertainly.
“Bone? (Hello?)” squeaked Cubone.
“Fancy seeing you here, Shinji. Still trying to train that Cubone, I see. Take it from me—it’s a lost cause. A real Pokémon trainer would find something stronger already, and not spent so much effort on such a waste of space.”
Cubone stared up at Shinji (as much as it could be said to stare, since its skull helmet blocked its eyes) and uttered a sad “Cu. . .cubone? Cubone? (You don’t think I’m a waste of space, do you?)”
Toji dismounted from Dodrio’s back, hitching the three-headed bird Pokémon to a fence post. “So,” he said, “why weren’t you in the bunkers when Regigigas was trashing Pallet Town 3? You could have been killed!”
Shinji answered as honestly as thought he could. “I. . .I was trying to protect you from it, OK?”
Toji’s jaw dropped. “Wait. YOU were the trainer of that big purple watchamacallit that battled Regigigas? But that means. . .”
“It’s name is Genesect,” corrected Shinji, “but do go on.”
“THAT MEANS YOU’RE RESPONSIBLE FOR MY SISTER GETTING CRIPPLED, DAMN YOU!” Toji suddenly erupted in a fury the likes of which Shinji had never seen from him before. It caused him to stagger back a few steps until Toji had calmed down.
“It wasn’t my fault! At least. . .at least I didn’t meant to do it.” stammered Shinji. “So, how is she now?”
“She’s in the hospital. The doctor says she’ll recover. But as for you, I’m not going to feel better until we’ve settled this the old-fashioned way!” Toji reached down to his belt and unclipped a Pokéball. “Go, Hitmonlee!” he shouted, pressing the button.
The Fighting-type Pokémon stood next to Toji, and kicked at the ground anxiously, awaiting an order to attack.
“All right, Hitmonlee! You know the drill; Hi Jump Kick!”
Shinji snapped back to his senses at the last moment, realizing he had not yet picked out a Pokémon of his own. Toji had already ordered Hitmonlee to attack; sending out one of his Pokémon that he had in Pokéballs would take too long. He had only one option. “Go, Cubone! But get out of its way!”
Cubone leaped aside as Hitmonlee crashed into the spot where it had been standing, seemingly knocking itself out. Shinji was about to congratulate Cubone, when he realized Hitmonlee had already pushed itself to its feet and was preparing another attack. This time, Shinji was ready.
“Quick, Cubone! Dig!” Cubone tunneled its way under the ground, leaving Hitmonlee momentarily confused. As Hitmonlee looked around to get its bearing back, Cubone burst out of the ground, striking Hitmonlee between the legs with its bone club. Hitmonlee stumbled backwards, but then righted itself, as Cubone retreated back to the opposite site of the parking lot.
“Cu-Bone! (Wow, I’m actually doing this!)” Cubone squealed with satisfaction at what it had done. Toji and Hitmonlee, though, had different ideas.
“Mega Kick!” ordered Toji.
“Bone Rush!” shouted Shinji.
The two Pokémon rushed headlong at one another. As Hitmonlee sprinted toward its opponent, its telescoping legs enabling it to take enormous strides, Cubone brandished its bone like a mace, ready to attack when the opportunity arose. Unfortunately, it never did. One of Hitmonlee’s feet, propelled by its coiled, spring-like legs, slammed into Cubone, sending it flying across the school parking lot and knocking it out instantly.
“Smell ya later!” taunted Toji, recalling Hitmonlee walking into the building.
Shinji rushed to Cubone’s side. It looked as if Hitmonlee’s attack had done some major damage. Scooping up the unconscious Pokémon in his arms, he headed to class, sincerely hoping that he would not be in trouble for this.
His hope, unfortunately, was short-lived. When he sat down at his desk, he was swiftly reprimanded by Hikari Horaki, the class representative. Next to her stood her Ninetales, a fox-like Fire Pokémon that helped her keep order around the school.
“Haven’t you read the rules? “ she asked “No Pokémon outside of Pokéballs in the classroom.”
Shinji wasn’t exactly sure how to reply. Did he want to tell her that technically, Cubone didn’t have a Pokéball, and he was tired of leaving it back at NERV? What he finally did say, he soon wished he had not.
“Well . . . then how come you’re allowed to have Ninetales out? How is that any different?”
“Shinji,” said Hikari, “as a class representative I have certain privileges that I can use to keep school protocol functioning. Don’t worry, you’ll see Cubone again after class.”
Dejectedly, Shinji sat back down at his desk as class began. The day’s lesson was much like any other—the history of the world after Second Impact, the war between Johto and Unova that had followed, and the strange ways Pokémon had been behaving in the past fourteen years.
Shinji diligently scribbled down what the teacher was saying, desperately fighting the desire to cave in and fall asleep on his desk. His teacher’s voice, he imagined, must have the same effects as the song of a Jigglypuff; there was no other way it could be so boring.
He was jolted out of his torpor by a vibrating sensation in his pocket—his PokeGear. Pulling it out, he was startled to see Dr. Akagi’s face filling the screen, and she looked quite anxious.
“Shinji, there has been another incursion. If you are in school now, you must leave. We need you and Genesect again. Do you copy?”
“Yes, I do. I’ll be there as . . . fast as I can, “ he answered. “I just have to get Cubone back.”
“Cubone is not important to this. We need you here. NOW.”
Shinji looked around. He expected Hikari to scold him for having an electronic device out in class. At the very least, he expected Rei to have received the same call from NERV as he did. Yet none of the other people in the classroom were even paying attention to him. They were too busy staring up at the colossal, clawed monstrosity that towered above the city.
The creature stood as tall as Regigigas, but looked very different. It actually resembled Genesect somewhat, at least in the sense that it looked like an enormous, humanoid arthropod. Shinji forced himself to think of what Pokémon it reminded him of.
It looks like a Kabutops, he thought as he ran out the door and back to NERV headquarters. But that’s impossible. There’s no way one could get that big, and they’re supposed to be extinct anyway. Hoping it would clear up the subject to some extent, he pointed his Pokédex at the creature, only to receive a discouraging reply.
“No information on this Pokémon available.” The more Shinji looked at the creature, though, the less it looked like his Pokédex’s picture of a Kabutops. Besides being far bigger, it reminded him in many ways of a corpse; its eyes were pupil-less and yellow, and its shell was perforated by holes through which oozing black liquid dripped.
That’s no Kabutops, at least not anymore, Shinji said to himself. For all I know it was one, once. Shoving his Pokédex back in his pocket, Shinji skidded to a stop when he realized he had forgotten Cubone. Dashing back to the school, he threw open the door, only to be stopped by Hikari and Ninetales once again.
“You again? You’re not allowed in here—the school’s been evacuated. “
“No!” Shinji shouted. “You’ve got to let me in. Cubone’s in there, and I need to get him before I go back home!”
“Fine,” said Hikari. “But make it fast.”
Unfortunately there was no time even for that. The giant Kabutops—if that was even what it was—took a series of slow, lumbering steps toward the school building, each one crashing down with a massive CRUNCHing noise that caused the walls to tremble.
“Cubone!” Shinji screamed, running down the hallway and into the staff offices. He wasn’t sure where Cubone was being kept, but he kenw that whenever a student got something confiscated from them—which was quite frequently—it ended up there. “Cubone!”
“Bone! (I’m over here!)” Cubone cried from behind a stack of cardboard boxes in the corner of the main office. How it had gotten there, whether Hikari had put it there or whether it had wandered off and become trapped, Shinji decided not to dwell on. He tossed the boxes aside, grabbed Cubone, and ran out the door.
As Shinji hurried back to NERV headquarters, he looked back over his shoulder. The giant Kabutops seemed to be heading in the same direction. His mind immediately flashed back to Regigigas, which had also seemed to be traveling deliberately toward the Geofront. That’s just a coincidence . . .right? he thought to himself. What is there in NERV that the Legendary Pokémon would be so obsessed over, anyway?
Just as they had done with Regigigas, the Kanto Strategic Self Defense Force were making their own feeble attempts at attacking the huge Pokémon. It was even less effective than before—the rockets, gunfire, and even the attacks of the KSSDF’s own Pokémon simply bounced off the giant Pokémon’s armored body.
After arriving at NERV headquarters and riding the elevator down to where Genesect was kept, Shinji found himself greeted once again by his father. He did not look pleased.
“You broke the rules at school today,” he said firmly “You got in trouble. Under any normal circumstance, I would have to ban you from your job for this, but unfortunately I cannot. “
“H-how did you know all that?” asked Shinji.
“ I may not be able to observe you constantly, but Alakazam is.” Gendo gestured to the Psychic Pokémon levitating next to him. “Now, get inside Genesect’s Entry Plug.”
Inside the entry plug, Shinji felt the familiar sensation of the orange liquid—which he now knew was called LCL, though he hadn’t the foggiest what that stood for—surrounding him. The smell, however, was just as bad as it had always been, and Shinji found himself sincerely wishing he could have a word with whoever designed the entry plug about installing an air-freshener.
During the time it took Shinji to process this simple thought, Genesect—with him inside it—had been shot up a long tunnel that opened up onto the streets of Pallet Town 3.
Genesect raised itself to an upright position, and focused its cannon on the giant Kabutops. All right, thought Shinji, you can do this. Hyper Beam!
A blinding blast of white light shot out of Genesect’s turret. Kabutops stood riveted to the spot, not moving an inch, even as the blazing beam surged towards it. The Hyper Beam reached its target, detonating in an explosion that generated a considerable amount of smoke.
Well, that was short, thought Shinji. I wonder if I’m going to get some sort of reward for this.
Shinji began to have second thoughts when he noticed a dark shape moving toward him out of the smoke. Shinji geared up Genesect for another Hyper Beam, but before he could, the giant Kabutops burst into full view. His first attack had done no damage to it at all.
Now Shinji could finally tell that this was not an ordinary Kabutops. Its eyes were blank and pale yellow, and its shell was cracked in several places. Strange orange liquid—which looked like LCL—oozed out of these wounds like blood. Most peculiarly, its chest was occupied by a red, crystal-like object, which appeared to be wedged painfully into the creature’s shell.
Just like the one Regigigas had. . .
Kabutops lashed out with its scythe-like arms, demolishing one of the buildings that had been rebuilt from Regigigas’s attack. Genesect leaped out of its way.
Peering around anxiously, Shinji noticed that most of Pallet Town 3 had been evacuated—except for two people on a hillside on the far side of town. Scanning closer with Genesect’s magnifying vision, Shinji recognized them—Toji and Kensuke. Kensuke had out his video camera, and seemed to be filming the entire event. Next to him stood a small yellow Pokémon, which Shinji recognized as an Elekid. Toji was accompanied by a large, orange doglike Pokémon--an Arcanine.
Shinji’s mind shifted to his two classmates, then back to Kabutops again. He had been given a very clear task—defeat Kabutops and prevent it from reaching NERV headquarters. His father had not specified whether he cared about collateral damage or not, but given how much of Pallet town 3 had been trashed during the battle with Regigigas that seemed quite unlikely. Did Shinji really want to abort his mission to rescue two people?
Of course I ****ing am, he thought. Though, then again, I’m probably going to get into a lot of trouble for this. But then again AGAIN, what was that I always said—“I mustn’t run away?”
Before Shinji could redirect Genesect in the direction of his classmates, the giant Kabutops struck back. Lashing out again with its bladelike arms, it knocked Genesect off of its feet and shattered the power mechanism attached to its abdomen.
Inside the entry plug, alarms sounded and brightly colored lights flashed on and off. Shinji panicked, and in doing so, lost his concentration on controlling Genesect. The gigantic Pokémon flailed about, causing nearly as much damage to Pallet Town 3 as Kabutops was, before stumbling toward a hillside on the outskirts of town. The very same hillside, in fact, where Toji, Kensuke, and their Pokémon were watching the battle.
Meanwhile, in NERV headquarters, Gendo, Misato, and Dr. Akagi were watching with apprehension.
“Well, what should we do? asked Misato, “Let them fight until they kill each other, or just plant an N2 bomb on top of them and call it a day?”
“I think,” said Gendo, “ that we ought to discuss what to do with Genesect once its power supply runs out in five minutes. When that happens, it will be utterly helpless against its opponent and Shinji will be unable to escape.”
“And since when do you care about Shinji?” replied Misato.
“I say this,” said Gendo, “only because I know what will happen if even one Legendary Pokémon breaches the Geofront.”
Genesect collapsed onto all fours, anchoring itself into the hillside with its metallic claws. Kensuke, Toji, Elekid, and Arcanine jumped back as it came crashing down next to them, then crept closer to investigate.
“How. . .how do I let other people into the entry plug?” Shinji asked into the radio.
“See the hatch over you head? The one you crawled in though?” Misato’s voice crackled back through the speaker. “There’s a button you can push to make it open, and then let them climb inside. I can’t talk for much longer—“
Before Shinji could ask why Misato had brought her Empoleon to NERV headquarters, she hung up, and he set about trying to force the entry plug open. As he did, he kept a close eye on his watch.
Only four and a half minutes left. I hope I can pull this off . . .
Shinji shoved the entry plug hatch open, gasping for breath, and waved his arms to get the attention of his two classmates. Seeing him, they called both of their Pokémon back into their Pokéballs, and rushed toward Genesect. Shinji moved out of the way as they squeezed inside. He was only just getting used to the idea of controlling Genesect, and the idea of carrying passengers inside it was one that had never crossed his mind.
Only three minutes left. Face it, Shinji. If you want something more in life than this, you’ve got to stop letting people walk all over you . . .which might not be the best choice of words given your current circumstances.
Shinji reached for the button that would close the entry plug, motioning for Kensuke and Toji to move over. The entry plug had previously been barely large enough for Shinji himself to fit inside, so the idea that it now had room for three people puzzled him. He decided to let it go, though; it was best not to think about that sort of thing when you were inside a colossal armored cyborg about to fight an equally gigantic undead prehistoric arthropod in the middle of a city.
As Genesect got back up to its feet (Only two minutes left. . .) Misato’s voice crackled out of the intercom again. “Shinji, congratulations on saving those two classmates of yours, but time is short. You are going to have to retreat now.”
Shinji’’s jaw dropped. He could not believe what he had just heard Misato say. Kensuke, meanwhile, remained as intrigued as ever, and Toji remained as stoic as ever. Neither one of them waited to see what Shinji’s reaction would be, and Shinji, for his part, was already ignoring them.
He knew that moving Genesect in any direction would just use up what little energy it had faster, so he focused on engaging Kabutops from a distance. He would only have one shot, one attack. As if it was reading his mind (and, if what his father had told him was true, it was reading his mind) the entry plug produced the holographic display of attacks to select. Shinji chose the strongest one—Techno Blast.
(Only one minute left)
The moment Shinji thought the words, Genesect lowered its head, exposing the turret attached to its neck. The turret began to glow (Only thirty seconds), a brilliant beam of white light shot through the air toward Kabutops (Only five seconds), exploding in a flash easily as spectacular as the N2 bomb that had been used against Regigigas.
When the light and smoke faded, Kabutops still stood for a short time (four), the dropped to one knee (three), then both (two) and finally collapsed, in a heap of crumpled armor, on the ground.
(Only one second left)
The moment after it did, Genesect likewise stopped moving. It stood, still as a statue, in the middle of Pallet Town 3, with Shinji, Toji, and Kensuke inside. When the three of them finally got out of the entry plug, and Genesect was returned to NERV, all of them looked very relieved indeed.

Who's that Pokemon?
Last question: It's Genesect!

This Pokemon's arms and legs are coiled like springs, so it can kick from almost any position!
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Re: Rebuild of EvangeléMon

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Postby El Squibbonator » Thu Jun 13, 2019 8:15 pm

Neon Genesis Evangelémon: You Can (Not) Catch ‘em All

Episode 4: The Sandslash’s Dilemma.

Shinji was in trouble. Not the kind of trouble that was typical for a child of his age, which tended to involve such things as leaving the hallway lights on, over-watering the houseplants, or not cleaning up after the family Growlithe. No, the trouble he was in was much worse, and it had all started right after he had saved Pallet Town 3 for the second time.
Misato had been furious. His bravery in saving Toji and Kensuke notwithstanding, Shinji had disobeyed one of her direct orders during a time of crisis. Shinji, for his part, was simply confused. He had disobeyed her, yes, but he had also saved two people who would have died otherwise. Surely that was something to be praised for?
With all of this bearing down on him, Shinji had not gone to school for the past five days. He had left NERV earlier that morning, having taken all of his Pokémon (except Genesect, naturally) with him. He did not know or care where he was going, only that he wanted to go somewhere where he would feel needed and recognized. Unfortunately for him, no such place existed, so he had to satisfy himself with wandering around Pallet Town 3 hoping not to be noticed at all.
Right now, he was in Pallet Town 3’s old movie theater, watching a movie that had clearly been made before second impact. Quite why a movie theater, of all things, was still in operation five days after the town had been nearly destroyed by a giant Kabutops was yet another mystery Shinji preferred not to dwell on.
The movie playing was called Attack of the MissingNo, and the plot was as ridiculous as the title sounded—a mysterious “glitch” Pokémon rampaged through Kanto absorbing people into itself. Obviously, this had been someone’s idea of a horror movie before Second Impact occurred and the idea of Pokémon destroying cities became all too real. At least the acting was decent.
Meanwhile, Misato received two unexpected visitors at her apartment—Toji and Kensuke. The two of them had arrived to thanks Shinji for rescuing them, and were instead greeted by Misato and Pen-pen.
They were both taken aback, just as Shinji had been, by the state of disrepair and clutter that Misato’s apartment was presently in. But rather than call Misato out on her atrocious housekeeping habits, or even make any comment on it whatsoever, Toji merely pointed out something that anyone standing there could have seen without any help. “Shinji’s not in here.”
“Yeah, I know,” replied Misato, once again confirming a keen sense of the obvious. But rather than explain where he had actually gone—which should not have been too difficult given the situation-- she decided to tell them something else.
“He’s still in training right now.”
“Qwark qwark qwark. (Yeah, and if you believe that, I defeated a Dragonite when I was just a Piplup.),” added Pen-pen.
Toji and Kensuke turned to leave, though not before politely refusing an offer of Misato’s home-squeezed Shuckle juice.
Shinji’s wanderings, on the other hand, had taken him far beyond the outskirts of Pallet Town 3. Now that he was no longer in the confines of the urban environment, he had taken to letting all of his Pokémon, not just Cubone, travel with him outside their Pokéballs. Right now, Shinji was sitting by a small creek in the woods, watching all of his Pokémon play in the water. All of them, that is, except one—his Sandslash.
Sandslash sat propped up against a tree root with its back to the other Pokémon. As usual, it had its trademark twig gripped between its teeth, and it seemed to be irritated, if not flat-out annoyed, at what was going on around it.
“Bone? (What’s wrong? Why do you look so grumpy?)” asked Cubone, tapping Sandslash on the shoulder with its bone.
“Slaaash. . .sand. Sandslash sand (I tell ya what’s wrong. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, in all my time with you, it’s that I just don’t play well with others. Don’t make me—you’ll only be hurting yourself.),” replied Sandslash. Cubone sulked and shambled back toward the creek, where Raticate, Furret, and Pidgeotto were splashing about happily.
Shinji, meanwhile, decided to get up and gather firewood for a campfire. Of course, he thought, if he had bothered to catch a fire-type Pokémon, this would have been quite a bit simpler, but such was life. He called for Cubone to follow him, but it refused. Instead, it sat against a tree trunk on the opposite side from Sandlash, pondering its fellow Pokémon’s strange antisocial behavior.
“Cu? Cubone? (What on Earth’s wrong with Sandslash?)” Cubone asked, staring up at the sky.
Pidgeotto was the first Pokémon to notice Cubone, and landed nearby. “Pidge-pidge-pidgeooot. Pidgeotto! (Hon, Sandslash is just havin’ a bit of an ego crisis. He thinks he’s too good for us common Pokémon, then he doesn’t, he’s just confused. Just let him sort it out is all I’m sayin’),” it said, in an attempt to comfort Cubone. But Cubone would have none of it. Bursting into tears, he ran headlong into the bushes, leaving Sandslash, Pidgeotto, and the others behind.
Shinji, meanwhile, was still searching for firewood. The sky had grown cloudy, and it looked as if it was going to rain. Most of the forest Pokémon seemed to have taken shelter under the trees and bushes, leaving it almost totally silent. Almost totally silent except for--*SNAP!*
Shinji paused. He was sure he had just heard a twig crack, and he wasn’t sure what it was. Of course, having recently had many bizarre experiences even by the already-bizarre standards of the world he lived in, Shinji ought not to have been surprised. He called out, hoping that if it was a person, they would answer.
“Shinji?! What are you doing here?” came the reply. Shinji searched his memory for the person the voice belonged to—the name was on the tip of his tongue—but was still at a loss for words when the speaker stepped into the clearing. It was Kensuke.
He was dressed in military camouflage, and had what Shinji certainly hoped was only an air rifle in his hand. It wasn’t too hard to figure out what he had been doing in the woods. War games. It was a favorite pastime of his, and he genuinely hoped to join the Kanto Strategic Self Defense Force one day, thick glasses and skinny physique notwithstanding. What Kensuke never bothered to find out, of course, was that the KSSDF was purely for defense from hostile invaders and (more recently) the occasional irate Legendary Pokémon.
“I’m, um, looking for my Cubone.” Shinji answered, not fully sure how much he wanted to tell Kensuke.
“Well, funny you should mention that,” said Kensuke. “There’s one that just showed up outside my campsite. Come with me, I’ll show you.”
At the campsite, Cubone was still lost and nervous. It had arrived there by sheer luck, heading for the first source of light it could find. There had been no people in the campsite when Cubone got there, but there were several Pokémon, some of which Cubone had not seen before. Hesitantly, Cubone tried to greet its erstwhile companions.
“Bone?(Hello?)” it asked, waving its arms in hopes that the other Pokémon would notice it. One of them, a Magnemite, turned around to stare at it.
“Magnemite. Magnemite. (Halt. Who goes there? Is it The General?)” the metallic orb-shaped Pokémon buzzed.
One of its fellows, an Electrode, replied “Ele-electrode. Elec-trode. (No, Colonel. The General has not returned. It is a newcomer. A Cubone.)” It then levitated directly into Cubone’s path, blocking its way into the campsite.
“Cu! Cubone! Bone, bone, bone! (No, you don’t get it. I’m Shinji’s Pokémon. I just need to stay here for the night, that’s all)” pleaded Cubone.
“Magne-mag-magnemite. (If he belongs to a friend of the General, then you should let him in),” explained Magnemite. Reluctantly, Electrode moved aside, letting Cubone in, but not without glaring at both Cubone and Magnemite.
Back at Shinji’s campsite, the rest of his Pokémon were becoming nervous about what might have happened to Cubone. Most of them were, at any rate. Sandslash remained as cranky and antisocial as ever. “Sandslash, slash, sandslash (Don’t you realize what this means? He’s never gonna come back!)”
Pidgeotto was quick to object to this. “Pidgeoot! Pidge-pidge-pidge. Pidgeotto. (I think y’all are just a bunch of pessimists. I’m gonna go look for him myself, and show y’all where he is if I find him).” With that, it took off, and flew up over the forest, with the rest of the Pokémon watching.
“Rati . . .cate? (Are you sure you know what you’re doing?) asked Raticate, but Pidgeotto was already too high to hear it. The other Pokémon looked on nervously as Pidgeotto disappeared over the forest in search of Cubone.
Pidgeotto returned barely five minutes later, sounding quite excited. “Pidgeoot! Pidgeott! (I see him! Follow me!)” it said. Once again, while the rest of the Pokémon eagerly trooped of after Pidgeotto, Sandslash stayed behind. Only Raticate turned back to inquire as to why.
“Cate? (What are you still doing there?)” it asked.
“Slaash. (None of your business.)” replied Sandslash
“Raticate cate . Rati-rati-cate. (You should come with us. You don’t want to stay out here and die, do you?)”
“Sand, (All right)”, Sandslash answered at last. It got to its feet, placed its blade of grass back between its teeth, and started to follow the other Pokémon.
Meanwhile, Shinji and Kensuke were approaching the campsite as well. Shinji hoped Cubone was where Kensuke had said it was, and wondered what his other Pokémon were doing at the time. He did not need to wait long to find out.
All of Shinji and Kensuke’s Pokémon were gathered around a campfire, roasting what looked like pellets of Pokémon food on sticks.
“Where did they all come from?” asked Kensuke.
“I have no idea,” said Shinji “But they look like they’re having a good time. Yeah, even Sandslash,”
The bliss of the moment was short-lived, though. Kensuke approached his Pokémon with a stern look on his face and shouted, “All right, party’s over! Now let’s see some of those attacks you’ve been working on! Colonel! How’s that Thundershock going? And Sarge! I’d like to see you work on that Octazooka!” The Magnemite and the Octillery immediately stopped what they were doing upon hearing their names and demonstrated their attacks for their trainer.
Wow, thought Shinji as he watched Kensuke continue his training session, they obey him better than my Pokémon ever did. And do they ever disobey him, even if they think they want to? No. They don’t do what I did in that battle with the giant Kabutops, because they’ve been perfectly conditioned not to.
There was little room for the two of them in Kensuke’s tent, so Shinji ended up crawling beneath Kensuke’s sleeping bag to stay warm. All of his other Pokémon had been called back into their Poké Balls for the night, but Cubone had squeezed into the tent with Shinji and Kensuke.
The next morning, though, they received a rude awakening. Two men in black suits and sunglasses, accompanied by a Golem and a Machoke, had entered the campsite, and bombarding Kensuke with questions about where Shinji was.
“We know he is here,” one of them said. “Tell us where, and if he comes with us peacefully no harm will come to him.” He gestured toward the Machoke as he said this, which understandable made Kensuke extremely anxious. Sweat nervously built up on his forehead (in a single large drop, of course, as was traditional for anime characters).
Kensuke stuttered. “Oh, Shinji? He’s. . .um . . .getting wood for the campfire. Isn’t that right, Captain?”
“Ele! (Yeah. . .sure),” the Elekid at his side answered.
“You’re lying!” said the man with the Golem. “You’ve been hiding him here after he escaped from NERV headquarters. He is under our authority to return to his legal guardian. ”
During all this, Shinji and Cubone were actually in the tent, knowing it was only a matter of time before the two men—NERV representatives, obviously—found out where he was. Once the men found them, they were escorted into an unmarked black van and driven back to Pallet Town 3.
Misato was not pleased to see him. “The last thing we need,” she told him sternly, “is an Evangelémon trainer with an attitude like yours. The fate of Pallet Town 3—and quite possibly the world—is your responsibility. If you shrug it off like this again, you will not have a second chance. You’re lucky you weren’t needed while you were gone.”
Shinji gulped, and so did Cubone. He’d joined NERV to make his father proud, and he’d felt more at home living here in Misato’s apartment than he ever had living in his own house. Much as he despised being constantly berated and criticized, he couldn’t help but feel that he belonged here. He couldn’t picture himself going anywhere else. I mustn’t run away, he thought, though he knew perfectly well that he would probably try to anyway.
Finally, he spoke again. “I don’t want to disappoint you, but. . .I don’t want to be an Evangelémon trainer anymore.”
“As you wish,” Misato said.
Hearing this over the intercom in his office, Gendo Ikari was not happy. Of course, Gendo was never normally accustomed to small talk, but right now there was an aura of displeasure radiating from him that even Dr. Akagi—who had worked with him for years—found unnerving. “We will need Genesect’s entry plug reconfigured to accept Rei as its trainer.
The next morning, Misato dropped Shinji off at the train station. As he waited for the train back home to arrive, he noticed someone else waiting on the platform as well. At first he thought it was Kensuke, but it couldn’t be—not unless Kensuke had lost his glasses and taken up wearing a tracksuit. Which meant. . .
“Shinji!” said Toji “I . . . just came to say I’m sorry. I realize that challenging you to a Pokémon battle on school property, and without warning, wasn’t really the best idea. If you want, though, we can have a rematch, just before you go. I’ll let you go first this time.”
“All right,” said Shinji. “Go, Sandslash!”
“Fine. Then I choose . . . Arcanine!” The huge orange canine Pokémon materialized alongside Toji, awaiting its trainer’s order.
“Sand--slasssh! (This town ain’t big enough for the two of us.)” Sandslash glared at Arcanine angrily, brandishing its claws.
“OK, Sandslash, use Earthquake!” Sandslash planted its claws into the ground, and the earth shook beneath Arcanine’s feet.
“Arcanine, use Flamethrower!” shouted Toji.
“Hurry, Sandslash! Dig!”
A blast of flame shot from Arcanine’s mouth, but Sandslash was prepared. It burrowed its way under the ground before the flames reached their target, then burst out directly underneath Arcanine, slashing the Fire-type Pokémon with an overhand claw swipe.
“Slasssh. . .(Hey Fido, ready to play dead?)” Sandslash smirked at Arcanine,
“Grrowf! (Not in a million years, pipsqueak),” replied Arcanine. It fired another Flamethrower attack at Sandslash, not even waiting for Toji’s order. This time, Sandslash had no time to dodge or dig underground. The Flamethrower struck it full force, and sent Sandslash tumbling to the other side of the makeshift arena.
“Sandslash, no!” cried Shinji, rushing over to his fallen Pokémon. “Please, Sandslash, get up!”
Before Shinji could protest further, Toji raised his hand, in imitation of a Pokémon league official. “Sandslash is unable to battle. Arcanine is the—huh?“
As both Shinji and Toji watched in amazement, Sandslash raised itself to its feet. It looked dazed, but nowhere near as badly injured as a creature that logically should have just received multiple third-degree burns would normally be. Logic had a way of being weird like that.
“Slaash! (Do you feel lucky? Well, do you, pup?)” Sandslash hissed, still glaring at Arcanine as it waited for Shinji to order its next attack.
“Arcanine, Flamethrower!” shouted Toji
“ Sandslash, Focus Blast!”
The two attacks collided head on, and Shinji and Toji both shielded their eyes from the resulting explosion. When they were finally able to see the result, only one Pokémon was still standing.
Toji raised his hand again, signaling that the battle was over. “Arcanine is unable to battle. Sandslash wins!”
For a brief moment, Shinji felt just as elated as he had when he had first defeated Regigigas. His joy was cut short, though, by the sight of a familiar blue sports car that pulled up alongside the train platform. He knew who it was, but pretended to be suitably surprised when Misato stepped out.
“I just wanted to say goodbye before you left,” she said. “You were good while you lasted, but we’ll have to find someone else. Though I must say, we never have had a Trainer quite like you before. . .”
As Misato said this, Shinji turned to face her. “What do you mean?”
“What I’m trying to say is, Shinji, we need you at NERV. You’re important to us. You’re not jut the only one who can control Genesect; you’re like a family member too. So, what do you say?”
Shinji thought for a moment. Finally, he replied, “I think. . .I want to go back with you.”
Shinji and Cubone climbed into the car with Misato. As they drove back to NERV, he reflected on the way his father—and everybody else at NERV--seemed to view him. To them, he was a resource, a means to an end. Yet at the same time they were the closest thing he had to a family. True, a borderline-alcoholic woman, a father who almost certainly had ulterior motives, and various mismatched Pokémon did not constitute what one would normally consider a family, but it was the closest he was ever going to get.
Maybe that’s what Sandslash’s problem is, he thought to himself. The closer we get to each other, the more we drive each other apart. It’s just too hard for some of us to find that sweet spot between too much interaction, and none at all.

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Re: Rebuild of EvangeléMon

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Neon Genesis Evangelémon You Can (Not) Catch ‘Em All
Episode 5: A Glasses Case

“Is Mewtwo. . .I mean, Unit Zero. . . ready for its trial run?” The question came from a bespectacled, long-haired man who overlooked a panel full of dials and switches. His name was Shigeru Aoba, and he was one of the base technicians at NERV.
“It will be, soon,” Gendo Ikari replied. “Right now, your job is to help Ritsuko prepare the training arena. We will be introducing Rei shortly.”
Even in its frozen, restrained state, Mewtwo was a sight to behold. The cloned Pokémon, genetically re-created from the cells of Mew itself and mutated to enormous size and power, had been the first great creation of NERV. Its psychic powers could obliterate the even the strongest Pokémon, and it in turn was practically invulnerable to any attack its opponents could throw at it. Like Genesect, it wore a suit of mechanical armor with a slot for an entry plug. Unlike Genesect, however, it did not have any bionic weapon emplacements, relying purely on its own attacks.
As Rei’s entry plug was lowered into the slot on Mewtwo’s back, Dr. Akagi turned to speak to Gendo.
“There is. . . something I have wanted to ask you about all this,” she said.
“What?” asked Gendo, not entirely sure that he wanted to know.
“Are you sure this whole ‘make-wimpy-son-fight-Legendary-Pokémon-and-stop-Third-Impact’ thing isn’t just some sort of midlife crisis? You know, that you’re trying to compensate for something?”
Gendo glared at Mr. Fuyutsuki, as if furious at him for suggesting something so ridiculous. “Look,” he said, “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”
As the two of them watched, Mewtwo stepped out of its restraints and assumed its full, majestic height. For a second, it stood motionless, staring somewhat stupidly around the giant empty room in which it was being kept. This detracted somewhat from the whole “majestic” thing, but then again beggars couldn’t be choosers. You either had a mutant clone super-Pokémon or you didn’t, no questions asked.
Unfortunately, someone was asking questions. Once again, it was Aoba. “Um, commander? Is Mewtwo supposed to be doing that?” he asked over the intercom.
Before Gendo could answer, Mewtwo had fired a Hyper Beam directly at the ceiling, causing the floor to rattle beneath Gendo and Dr. Akagis feet. Without even taking time to recharge, it fired off another one at the opposite wall, leaving a smoking crater in the concrete.
Evidently not satisfied with physically laying waste to the testing facility where it was being held, Mewtwo next prepared to launch a psychic attack on its surroundings.
The two NERV officials, knowing at once what had happened and what they would have to do, pointed at each other and said simultaneously, “Your turn.”
Shinji, meanwhile, was feeling nervous and depressed. Not that this was at all unusual; indeed it had become much more the norm ever since he had come to live at NERV. Today was unusual, however, in that Shinji was not feeling this way because he was thinking about himself. He was thinking about Rei. This, too, was not unusual, especially considering that Rei was the only other person his own age living at the NERV headquarters. But what made this different was the way he was thinking about her. He was wondering, for the first time, how exactly she lived apparently being pushed around constantly by his father. What was her motivation to go through life like this? He supposed, perhaps, that her motivation was the same as his own—that is, that she simply wanted to be recognized for accomplishing something in her life—but something told him this was not the case.
The fact that Rei seemed to show no emotion at all—unless you considered a dull lack of surprise to be an emotion—signified to Shinji that there was something about her that he had not been told about. He chided himself for entertaining that notion, though. He figured that if there were any more secrets regarding Genesect and its creators, he would probably have found them out by now, what with the fact he was its Trainer.
The testing arena shook as Mewtwo rattled the walls with its psychic powers. The Psychic Pokémon fired another Hyper Beam, this time directly at the window behind which Gendo and Fututsuki sat. Both of them ducked under a desk as the shattered glass fell around them, the cautiously peered up to assess the damage.
All sides of the arena were crumbled and blasted, and the floor was strewn with debris from the walls and ceiling. Aoba was crouched in a corner, shouting to Gendo and Fuyutsuki over his walkie-talkie in a panicked voice.
“We’ve lost sync with Rei!” he said, “Get down here!”
Gendo hurried down the stairs and ran onto the arena, brandishing a Poké Ball. “Hydreigon!” he shouted, “I need your assistance!”
The Pokémon that emerged from the Poké Ball was in many ways just as imposing a beast as Mewtwo itself. A terrifying, three-headed dragon with six wings, Hydreigon was Gendo’s personal signature Pokémon—other than Mewtwo and Genesect , of course. Only the central one of its three heads had eyes, and these were glaring at Mewtwo intently, glowing red with rage and determination.
“Hydriegon, Hyper Beam!” Gendo shouted.
On cue, a blast of white light issued forth from each of Hydreigon’s mouths, aiming straight at Mewtwo. They never reached their target, instead bouncing harmlessly off a psychic barrier the legendary Pokémon had created.
Gendo was unfazed. “Dark Pulse!”, he demanded. Once again, Hydreigon obeyed him without question.
Before Mewtwo had time to react again, a ball of black shadowy energy struck it in the chest. Mewtwo doubled over, and began clutching its head in agony. Inside its entry plug, Rei was clearly doing the same thing, because while her communications were coming back online they were panicked and consisted almost entirely of unintelligible screaming.
Mewtwo stood still for a few moments, then collapsed onto its hands and knees. As it did, its entry plug slid out of the receptacle mounted on its back, and its eyes shut.
Gendo walked nervously closer to Mewtwo. This was not the first time it had done something like this. OK, it was the first time this particular Mewtwo had done something like this, but it seemed as if destroying secret laboratories was practically part of the job description for these Pokémon.
Gendo pried open the busted entry plug, and was relieved to see that Rei was still alive inside. As he leaned down to help her to her feet, his glasses fell off his face and onto the floor. Yet he could still see that her injuries had not been severe. That pleased him; it would go down in the day’s records as a minor incident.
That had been several weeks ago. Now, Rei was recovering in the NERV medical ward, and Shinji was watching Misato and Dr. Akagi oversee the dissection of the giant Kabutops.
“This wasn’t an ordinary Pokémon,” Dr. Akagi said, as if that was somehow not obvious. “I’m looking at samples of its tissue, and they don’t match any Pokémon we know of—today or in the past. Whatever it is, it only looks like a Kabutops.”
“Well, what is it?” asked Misato, clearly both impatient and somewhat inebriated.
“I . . .DON’T. . .KNOW!” Shinji had never heard Dr. Akagi raise her voice, but when she did it caused him and Cubone both to take a step back. “All we know is that its inherent wave pattern is nearly identical to that of humans.” Of course, no one except her actually knew what an inherent wave pattern was, or why it was being brought up when in all probability it would not be mentioned again in this story.
Shinji certainly did not know, and merely feigned disbelief as he watched his father enter the room. When he did, he noticed that he had burn marks on his hands and inquired about how he had gotten them
“It was the entry plug,” Dr. Akagi said, before Gendo could answer. “Superheated. Burned when I touched it.”
The next day at school, Shinji began to pay closer attention to Rei. Of course, with Rei there was very little to pay attention to, seeing as she spent the majority of her time staring nonchalantly into space with a glazed look in her eyes. Occasionally she would drum her fingers on her desk or blink visibly, but even that was not common.
Just as Shinji was watching Rei, two other people were watching Shinji. Toji and Kensuke were snickering behind his back, clearly amused at why he was so interested in the objectively least interesting person in his class, and possibly all of Pallet Town 3. That said, had any of them known more about Rei than they did, they would have had much reason to find her interesting.
That afternoon was fairly normal as well. Shinji finished his homework at Misato’s house, gave all of his Pokémon except Genesect some strength training, and headed down to the NERV HQ. Everything was as he had left it. Dr. Akagi’s Espeon was asleep on the windowsill, the computer technicians were hunched over their monitors, and Rei was happily chatting with his father.
Hold on a second—Rei was happily chatting with his father? The way Shinji saw it there were only two explanations for this. Either Rei’s whole “cold and distant” personality had been a façade, or he was in a terrible fanfic whose author couldn’t be assed to get his characters’ personalities right. Swiftly disregarding the latter option, Shinji turned to speak to them, but they had already gotten up and left.
Dinner that night, unfortunately, was served at Misato’s house. And “unfortunately” in this case meant “consisting entirely of Misato’s trademark Shuckle juice and other questionable foodstuffs.”
Gendo, Shinji, and Dr. Akagi all refused to touch the culinary abomination, but Misato, Pen-pen, and Kangaskhan all seemed to enjoy it. Taking advantage of this distraction, Gendo pulled Shinji over to a corner and spoke to him.
“Shinji, I have a job for you. It’s a simple one. All I need you to do is go down to Rei’s apartment and give her this new NERV I.D. card. Do you think you can handle that?”
Shinji blushed, but nodded, then walked over to Rei’s apartment.
Shinji had been mildly shocked at the messy state of Misato’s house, but that had been nothing compared to the tiny, dingy apartment where Rei lived. “Lived” was actually a charitable use of the word, since Rei seemingly spent more time in NERV HQ than in here, which at least explained why everything in it seemed dusty and broken. The floor was littered with bandages and trash, and it stank. He wondered why Rei even tolerated this place.
He was soon distracted, however, when he noticed a pair of glasses sitting on the dresser. A pair of cracked, partially melted glasses. His father’s glasses. He delicately picked them up and tried them on, even doing the same hand-steepling pose that he had seen his father do on so many occasions.
Before he could put them back down, he heard someone walking behind him, and turned around to see who it was.
It was Rei. She was wearing nothing but a towel, and staring directly at Shinji. More specifically, she was staring at the glasses on his face. She reached out to snatch them away from them, and as she did this Shinji stumbled back, tripping over a pile of dirty clothes on the floor and crashing directly into Rei.
The two of them stared at each other for several seconds; it took approximately that length of time for Shinji to realize that he had inadvertently placed his hand on a part of Rei’s anatomy that a 14-year-old boy had no business seeing, much less touching. Rei, however, seemed to not be bothered by this, and simply said to Shinji in her normal monotone voice, “Please move.”
Shinji was shocked. He knew Rei was the antisocial type, but he’d never imagined her as literally having no social skills whatsoever. It was just one of those things that he sort of took for granted. In fact, she seemed a lot more bothered by the fact he had been wearing Gendo’s glasses than that he had touched her naked body.
“I. . .I can explain!” said Shinji. “It was an accident. I’m her to give you. . .” He held out the I.D. card, but Rei was already ignoring him. She had moved to the other side of the room and begun to get dressed.
Shinji, card still in hand, walked out the still-open door, Rei now following him. He couldn’t believe himself. He couldn’t even accomplish the simple task of delivering an I.D. card to Rei. If his father found out about this—and that was most likely a when, not an if—he was going to be furious.
Neither of them said anything until they arrived back at NERV HQ. When they were on the escalator, Shinji decided to ask Rei something that, realistically, he could have asked her at any time but had chosen the moment arbitrarily to ask.
“So, you have another calibration test with Mewtwo today. Aren’t you afraid, after what happened last time?”
“No,” said Rei. “Are you implying that you don’t trust your own father?” Then she did something that surprised him even more (though how he was still capable of being surprised after encountering multiple Legendary Pokémon was a mystery itself). She slapped him.
“Ouch, that hurt!” said Shinji, demonstrating a keen sense of the obvious. “What did you do that for?”
“You insulted Gendo Ikari.”
At the training arena, which rather miraculously had been repaired since its last use, Rei climbed inside the entry plug and prepared to be inserted into the capsule on Mewtwo’s back. As she did, Shinji noticed that she carried with her Gendo’s old, broken glasses.
The metal clamps holding Mewtwo in place retracted, and the giant Pokémon slowly stepped forward. It looked to the left, then to the right, then to the left again, and stood still again.
Now fully reactivated, Mewtwo turned to face the designated target on the opposite side of the arena. However, as it prepared to open fire with a Hyper Beam in what was intended to be the first of several battle tests, an alarm began to sound.
“Wh-what’s that?” asked Shinji. “Is something wrong with Mewtwo?”
“No,” said Dr. Akagi. “There’s been another Legendary Pokémon incursion. Pull up the viewing screen, Maya.”
The image of Mewtwo in the training arena was replaced by a panoramic view of Pallet Town 3, which had somehow been rebuilt after two consecutive Legendary Pokémon attacks. It was now in the midst of a third. The Pokémon in question resembled nothing so much as a floating mass of prisms and ice crystals. Instead of a face, it had a series of dots on one side of its body, and these would occasionally shoot out blasts of light at anything in its way.
Gendo turned to face the other people in the room with a serious look on his face. “Abort Rei’s training session,” he said. “Regice is approaching NERV HQ and we need all resources devoted to Genesect in order to stop it.”

Who’s That Pokémon?
This ancient Pokémon was once a prehistoric top predator. It’s even more lethal with the cannon on its back.

Last answer:
It’s Regice!
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Re: Rebuild of EvangeléMon

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Postby El Squibbonator » Thu Jun 13, 2019 8:18 pm

Neon Genesis Evangelémon
Episode 6: Regice, Ice, Baby

The angular, crystalline form of Regice loomed above Pallet Town 3 as Shinji crawled into Genesect’s entry plug and braced himself to be deployed. As Genesect emerged above the Geofront, Shinji instinctively focused the cannon on its back on Regice, hoping to end this battle quickly and efficiently with a Techno Blast attack.
He didn’t have time. A point-blank Hyper Beam from Regice sent Genesect sprawling back, knocking Shinji out almost immediately and ending this episode before the narrator could get around to the interesting parts.
Ok, what actually happened was that Shinji awoke inside the NERV medical ward (being attended to, of course, by Dr. Akagi’s Chansey). Conveniently, during the time he was recovering there, Regice had made no appreciable progress toward the Geofront, although its Hyper Beam attacks were rapidly laying waste to areas of Pallet Town 3 that had already been laid waste to multiple times before.
Despite having produced no result in any of their previous attempts at fighting Legendary Pokémon, the KSSDF was attempting to battle Regice. In any case the Pokémon—mostly Magneton and Golbat-- they were using were never going to have much effect on it anyway, and surely only served to highlight their ineptitude compared to NERV.
Inside NERV headquarters, Misato, Dr. Akagi, Espeon, and Pen-Pen were watching Regice’s progress toward the Geofront with interest. Every time something tried to attack the Legendary Pokémon, it would be destroyed at exactly the same distance. The exact same distance, as a matter of fact, that Genesect had been at when it had been knocked out. This gave Misato an idea.
“Ritsuko,” she said, “I was . . . hoping it wouldn’t have to come to this.”
“Come to what?” asked Dr. Akagi, wary now that Misato had used her first name.
Misato thought for a moment. “Umm. . . come to my house for dinner! There’s gonna be Shuckle juice!”
Dr. Akagi rolled her eyes. “Tell me what you were really thinking of.”
“OK. So you’ve noticed how Regice only seems to be able to shoot its attacks a certain distance? Well, if we can get Genesect to take it out from far away, then we should be good.”
“You don’t mean. . . the Nuzlocke Protocol?” asked Dr. Akagi incredulously. Misato simply nodded.
Shinji had not been paying very good attention to their conversation, so he was quite surprised when he found Rei staring at him, looking just as blank and stoic as she always did.
“Shinji,” she said, “You are needed again. The plan is for you and Genesect to penetrate Regice’s AP field with an upgraded Techno Blast attack, while I use Mewtwo’s AP field to create a shield for you. You must come immediately. You will not die. I will protect you. Also, that would be stupid because we still have 20 more episodes left.”
Shinji blinked, as if to make sure that he wasn’t hallucinating the vision of Rei giving him instructions, then tossed aside his bedsheets and followed her into the Evangelémon bunker, where Misato, Dr. Akagi, and his father were waiting.
Shinji didn’t need a thermometer to notice that it had become extremely cold inside the bunker; something made much more unusual by the fact that the weather was supposed to be still in its perpetually summer-like state. Pen-pen, of course, did not seem to mind at all.
All of a sudden, an alarm went off, and everyone in the room stared around in confusion. “Regice has pierced the first outer wall of the GeoFront,” Maya Ibuki said over the intercom. This at least explained why it was so cold, but also raised other questions, most importantly the question of how Regice had “pierced” the Geofront in the first place.
As Shinji climbed into Genesect’s entry plug, and Rei likewise climbed into Mewtwo’s, he overheard Misato and Dr. Akagi talking again. This time, they were talking about the “Nuzlocke protocol” that Misato had mentioned earlier.
“. . .all of Kanto. We’re going to need all the electricity from all of Kanto, just to power that Techno blast?” asked Misato.
“What did you think we were going to use to power it?” Dr. Akagi replied. “A bunch of Pikachu on treadmills?”
“I don’t see why not?”
“Even if you were to get that power, you’d only have enough energy for a single shot. If that misses, and Regice gets through, we’ll be doomed and you’ll be the one to blame for it.”
As both Genesect and Mewtwo emerged from beneath the Geofront, those civilians in Pallet Town 3 who had not already been evacuated underground stared in awe at the sight of the two Legendary Pokémon. Regice had not moved at all from its spot above the Geofront, and was boring its way in at what Shinji was have considered a glacial pace had he been in the mood for puns at the moment. But he and Rei weren’t going to engage Regice where it stood. They were headed for Mt. Moon, which would give Genesect the clearest shot at Regice.
It was during this time that Shinji finally spoke to Rei again, over the radio in his entry plug.
“You know, “ he said, “there’s just one question I’ve always wanted to ask you. Why are you an Evangelémon Trainer? I’m one basically because my father would disown me if I wasn’t; what’s your reason?”
Shinji slapped his forehead after saying this. He had forgotten that Rei held his father in quite high esteem and making light about him was not something to be done around her. He braced himself for the inevitable scathing reply (well, as scathing as Rei’s monotonous voice could be at any rate), but it never came.
Instead, Rei simply answered, “ I do this. . .because I have nothing else to do in my life. It is my function.”
“That’s all?” asked Shinji “You’ve bonded with Mewtwo because it’s your function? “
Rei, however, was no longer listening. She and Mewtwo were already moving toward the top of Mt. Moon, where the new attachment for Genesect’s cannon had been put in place.
They arrived on Mt. Moon at midnight—whether this was a happy coincidence or whether they had been deliberately planned to meet at such a classically dramatic time, neither of them knew. Whatever the case was, it gave them only a few minutes to attach the new positron cannon to Genesect and get it to full power for its shot at Regice.
The positron cannon had been designed to slip over the front of the turret on top of Genesect’s head, but with its claw-like arms Genesect could not do this to itself. Unfortunately, Shinji did not figure this out on his first attempt. Instead, he decided to see if Genesect could pick the positron cannon up itself. This did the exact opposite of “work,” and instead Genesect simply dropped to positron cannon onto its foot. Unfortunately, Shinji—being mentally melded with Genesect inside the entry plug—felt everything it felt, and he too felt as though an extremely heavy object had been dropped onto his foot.
Had anyone else been watching him, they would likely have laughed, but then again Rei was too emotionally restrained to do that. She simply looked on (or rather, Mewtwo looked on, with Rei in its entry plug), before finally reaching down to pick up the positron cannon and fasten it to Genesect’s turret. Neither of them spoke about this exceedingly awkward incident for a long time afterwards.
As the cannon clicked into place, Genesect crouched down and lined up Regice in its sights. Shinji felt the temptation to fire immediately, but he knew that if he did it would do nothing—the cannon was not finished charging, and Regice was not in its vulnerable state yet. So for now he simply sat, watched, and waited.
Meanwhile, just outside the Geofront, Regice had broken through the last layer of armor covering NERV HQ and was now boring its way in towards its target. The temperature inside the Geofront had dropped from simply slightly chilly to downright freezing, and even Pen-pen was feeling cold. “Wark, wark, wark, (I could use pants)”, he muttered to himself, then walked out of the control room toward the kitchen. Misato, Maya, and Dr. Akagi, though, all agreed on one thing. They all wanted hot chocolate.
Unfortunately, the Geofront’s entire supply of cocoa powder had also
mysteriously vanished during this time, leaving the three of them to return to their actual work and ignoring this seemingly-unimportant-but-rather-suspicious plot detail altogether. “Major Katsuragi, you didn’t do anything with all the cocoa powder?” demanded Dr. Akagi.
“Me?” she said, rather shocked at the accusation. “No. What about you, Ritsuko?”
Dr. Akagi was equally shocked at this, and glared at Misato. “Well, it wasn’t either of us. What about you, Lt.. Ibuki?” Maya said nothing, and simply shook her head. The three of them stared at each other for a few seconds, then returned to their stations, each still quite firm in their belief that one of the other two had hidden all the cocoa powder. Quite why they would do this, and what they would hope to gain out of it, was not something any of them ever pondered.
As the positron cannon finished powering up, Regice pivoted around and stared at Genesect. One by one, the lights on its “face”—arranged similarly to the ones on Regigigas’s face—began to light up, and a point-blank Hyper Beam shot straight toward Genesect’s head before Shinji could react.
He didn’t need to, though. Before the attack met its target, it collided with an invisible barrier in front of Genesect. Shinji turned around (with difficulty, of course, given that he was currently inside an entry plug) and soon discovered the source of the barrier. Obviously this was the AP shield that Misato had mentioned Rei making for him before they left.
All right, Shinji thought to himself. Regice doesn’t seem to be doing anything right now. This is my chance to--. His dramatic internal monologue was somewhat rudely interrupted by a voice in his intercom, a voice he recognized as Misato’s. “JUST DO IT!” she shouted!
“Uhh, OK.” Shinji replied. “Here goes nothing. . .” He squeezed his hand on the trigger inside the entry plug, and Genesect crouched down into its firing position again.
Regice fired another Hyper Beam, which collided with Genesect’s Techno Blast head-on. The two colliding attacks produced quite a spectacular explosion (as is wont to happen in Pokémon battles), and caused considerable damage to what little of Pallet Town 3 had not been considerably damaged already, but when the obligatory cloud of smoke cleared away, it was clear that neither Pokémon had been affected in any way.
Shinji was now at a disadvantage—he had only enough power to make one more Techno Blast, whereas Regice seemed to be able to blast Hyper Beams left and right without even having to recharge. If he missed his next shot—though, of course, he wouldn’t or else this story would end very, very early—then Regice would complete its entry into NERV and everything would go terribly pear-shaped.
Gritting his teeth in a rare moment of anger and frustration, Shinji decided to use his second enhanced Techno Blast. He knew if he used this one up, there would be no time to get enough electricity for another one. He also knew that worrying about electricity in a world where there were electricity-generating creatures could be caught in tiny balls was more than a bit dumb, but for the sake of the narrative decided to let it slide.
Before Genesect could fire its second Techno Blast, though, Regice let loose another Hyper Beam. And this time, Mewtwo had no time to erect an AP barrier to protect Genesect. Instead, it simply stepped directly in front of Genesect and took the full brunt of the attack, the explosion sending it tumbling backwards and sprawling at Genesect’s feet. Mewtwo attempted to push itself into a standing position, but Regice’s attack had done too much damage, and it slumped back onto the ground again.
Shinji, now feeling far more aggressive than usual, commanded another Techno Blast from Genesect—and this one went off without a hitch. The blinding bolt of electricity struck Regice in the face (or, the weird pattern of dots, or the Braille writing. . .look, we’ll just call it a face, OK?), and the massive Legendary Pokémon came crashing down onto the empty streets of Pallet Town 3. Like Regigigas and Kabutops, this was accompanied by a glowing symbol of a circle within a circle in the sky—the Sign of Arceus.
Exhausted, Shinji climbed out of the entry plug and made his way over to Rei’s to see if she had survived the battle. It seemed, after all, as if Regice’s attacks had done some major damage to Mewtwo. Peering inside Rei’s entry plug, he was relieved to see that she was unhurt, but puzzled by the fact that she was just as expressionless as she always was.
“Please, Rei,” he said, “never tell me ‘I have nothing else’ ever again. Because you don’t. You don’t have to say goodbye every time you leave on a mission either.” Rei looked shocked, as if the idea of hearing these words was as bizarre as a Slowpoke leaning to skateboard.
Finally, she answered, “Well, what do you want me to do at time like this. I haven’t really ever thought about it.”
Shinji thought for a second, then replied “Why not smile?”
Unfortunately, because Rei had little experience with facial expressions and there was mirror available, it took quite some time before she could form a reasonable approximation of a smile, thereby making what might otherwise have been a heartwarming and dramatic moment between the two significantly more awkward.
That night, as Shinji climbed into bed, he noticed something piled underneath his covers that had not been there the night before. Sitting atop it, looking as smug and shameless as could be, was Pen-pen. After shooing the Pokémon aside, Shinji pulled the covers aside and was shocked at what he saw. It was NERV’s entire supply of cocoa powder.

Who’s That Pokémon?
This Pokémon was cloned from Mew, the ancient ancestor of all other Pokémon.

Last Answer: It’s Genesect!
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Re: Rebuild of EvangeléMon

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Postby silvermoonlight » Sat Jun 15, 2019 4:39 am

Funny stuff and an interesting crossover idea ^_^
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Re: Rebuild of EvangeléMon

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Postby El Squibbonator » Tue Jun 18, 2019 11:11 pm

Don't worry, there's more where those came from!

Neon Genesis Evangelémon
Episode 7: Aim for The Horn!

Gendo Ikari dismounted from the back of his Hydreigon and entered the elevator to the secret bunker. This was going to be an important conference; his position in NERV depended on it. Though he would never have admitted it in public, much less in front of his own son, it actually made him feel somewhat nervous.
The elevator stopped in front of a tiny room containing only a desk and a hanging microphone. Gendo walked up to the desk, and folded his hands beneath his chin. The moment he did, a voice spoke to him out of the microphone. “Hello,” it said, “Which shall it be, mocha or cappuccino?”
Gendo slapped his forehead. “Neither,” he said. “I came here for a discussion of the direction the Evangelémon program should take from this point on. For your information, I don’t even drink coffee!”
“Access denied”, said the voice. “Now, which shall it be, mocha or cappuccino?”
Clearly exasperated, Gendo shouted, “Fine! Mocha! Why are you asking me this crap anyway?!”
“Identification confirmed”, said the voice. “Begin interview.”
The voice was then replaced by a new voice, one with a deep Sinnohese accent. “Well met, Mr. Ikari. I assume you are aware of why you were summoned here?”
“To go over the future prospects of the Evangelémon program, or so I was told.”
“That was part of it,” the man on the other side of the intercom went on. “The other half has to do with you specifically. We suspect that you provided counterfeit information to us regarding the nature of said program and what your true intentions for it were.”
“I did nothing of the sort! I have always been giving you the truth!” retorted Gendo. “Now, if you please, may we get on to the more pressing concerns?”
The man behind the intercom sighed. “All right. Do tell me, what is your opinion about that other matter. You know, the one that—“
“I have it all taken care of.” Gendo answered.
Shinji, meanwhile, was having a bad day. Not only was he late for school, but it was that peculiar time of year known to public schools as “parent’s day.” Because, of course, there was no way Shinji was going to be bringing his actual parent to school, he had decided that Misato would be the next best thing, never mind that she was only twice his age and had habits that would be morally questionable in a school setting.
He began to have second thoughts, however, when he remembered that Misato’s poor housekeeping and tendency to smell like Shuckle juice. Naturally, then, Shinji was prepared for the worst when he walked into the classroom with Misato. He especially wondered what Toji and Kensuke—the closest things he had to friends there at this point—would think of him if they saw his legal guardian.
His question was answered as soon as he entered the classroom. Every single boy—and a fair few of the girls as well—immediately turned around and stared at the new woman who had just walked into the room. Shinji was quite sure he saw Kensuke faint from blood loss after an absurdly heavy nosebleed, as male anime characters are wont to do in such a scenario.
One of the students who was also staring at this bizarre event was a girl whom Shinji had never seen in his class before. She had short reddish-brown hair, cut in a fashion resembling Rei’s. Unlike Rei, however, she seemed quite cheerful and happy. Once the awkwardness surrounding Misato’s appearance had subsided, the new girl got up and walked to the front of the class, where she proceded to introduce herself.
“Hello,” she said. “My name is Mana Kirishima. I just moved here from Vermillion City, and I certainly hope I will have an enjoyable time here.”
It all sounded very prompt and not genuine, and indeed when Shinji looked behind Mana he could see that Hikari was there, silently cuing here through her introduction. Other than that, though, Mana didn’t seem that bad—she was certainly more outgoing than Rei, and she was definitely a lot more appropriate to be seen in public with than Misato.
When he got home from school that day, Shinji tried to tell his father and Dr. Akagi about his new classmate. They seemed extremely shocked. Gendo turned to Dr. Akagi with a grave look on his face and whispered to her, “I thought you said you had it taken care of. Now look what you’ve done!”
Naturally confused, Shinji tried to ask, “Wait! What is ‘it’? What did you think you have figured out?”
“It does not concern you,” Gendo replied tersely. Shinji, who by this point realized that getting Gendo to divulge secret information was a hopeless task, went back to his Misato’s apartment to finish his homework.
The following day after school, Shinji decided to talk to Mana, in hopes of finding out what about her was of such interest to Gendo. Before he could even say hello, though, he became distinctly aware of someone—or something—watching him over his shoulder.
Spinning around in his seat to see what it was, he found himself face-to-face with Kensuke and Magnemite. “Say, Shinji,” Kensuke said, “I didn’t know you had a girlfriend.”
This elicited a swift response. “Mana. . .is. . .not. . .my. . .GIRLFRIEND!” Shinji shouted to Kensuke in a rare display of assertiveness. He turned back around to resume speaking to Mana, only to find that she had left the table and was now sitting with Hikari. Shinji dejectedly finished his lunch by himself.
All was not lost, though. He ran into Mana again later that day while walking back to Misato’s apartment. This time she had a Pokémon with her—a Butterfree. It didn’t look like a normal Butterfree, though; its wings were pink instead of white, its eyes and legs were green, and it sparkled. Must be a Shiny Pokémon, Shinji thought, Just like Misato’s Empoleon.
Hoping to make a better impression this time, he began by saying, “Listen, I’m sorry about what happened at lunch today. I didn’t mean to be so harsh. It’s just that I didn’t want people to think that we’re, you know, friends in that sort of way, when we really aren’t. . .”
Mana thought for a moment, then replied, “It’s OK. My job involves me moving a lot, so I get awkward introductions all the time.”
“Wait,” asked Shinji. “Your job?”
“Of course!” she said “You work at NERV, I work at. . .oops! Can’t tell you—it’s classified!”
With that Mana skipped off down the opposite street to the one Shinji lived on. Shinji silently followed behind her, ducking out of sight until they reached a large clearing in the Pallet Town 3 city park. They were not the only ones there—two boys about his age were also present.
Meanwhile, Misato had an assignment of her own from Gendo to do. She had been ordered to sit in on a presentation by the Silph Corporation, who were going to be showing off their latest product later that day. He had not told her what that product was, but his choice of words made it sound as if it was something that had the potential to threaten NERV’s very existence. That, thought Misato, was simply impossible, because there was no way for any outside party to know what was actually going on in NERV. Still, she had brought her two strongest Pokémon to the presentation just in case there was any trouble.
The presentation was held in a huge temporary arena, which had been erected over what was once the site of the original Pallet Town. In the center of the arena stood a tall boxy container, almost like an airplane hangar, and Misato guessed that this contained whatever was going to be shown off.
Next to it, standing in front of a microphone, stood a short little man in an official-looking uniform. Once the hundreds of guests were seated, he began to speak, his voice carrying out over the loudspeakers.
“It has come to the attention of the good people at Silph Co.—proud producer of Poké Balls, Potions, and Repels—that the Legendary Pokémon attacks on Pallet Town 3 are no longer isolated occurrences. With thousands of people losing their lives in these attacks, we have taken it upon ourselves to devise a solution to this threat. People of Pallet Town 3, I present to you . . . Jet Rhydon!”
The container behind the man opened and slid back to reveal a massive metallic object inside. For a moment, Misato thought it was a Pokémon, and it was soon evident why she made this mistake. The object being shown was a gigantic mechanical Rhydon, the Silph Co. logo emblazoned on its body.
The man went on, “The Jet Rhydon is the ultimate weapon against Legendary Pokémon attacks. It is capable of being controlled from afar by remote, or by a pilot in the specially designed cockpit. Its onboard nuclear reactor can power it for missions lasting up to a year. Any questions?”
Misato raised her hand, “Yes. What, exactly, can this do that an Evangelémon can’t? And why should we trust it, since it’s essentially a walking nuclear reactor?”
This earned a round of laughter from the rest of the audience. “Do you hear the woman?! ‘Why should we trust it?’ We should trust it because it’s a controllable, safe machine, not prone to running amok like a crazy woman the way the Pokémon in your Evangelémon program do.”
“You take that back!” snapped Misato.
The presenter didn’t listen. He had already moved on to answer the questions of the other guests.
At the same time, Shinji was crouched behind a bush, watching Mana and the two boys. She turned to speak to them, addressing them both by name.
“Musashi, Keita? Are you ready for our practice?” The two boys nodded, then each pulled out a Poké Ball.
“Come on out, Venomoth!” shouted the boy whose name was apparently Musashi.
“You too, Beedrill!” said Keita.
Mana reached down to her belt, and unclipped two Poké Balls of her own. “Butterfree! Ledian! Your turn to battle!”
The Shiny Butterfree materialized in front of her, and alongside it appeared a Ledian, a Pokémon that looked like a humanoid ladybug.
“Butterfree, Stun Spore! Ledian, Silver Wind!” Mana shouted.
As Shinji watched, Butterfree and Ledian unleashed their attacks, but Venomoth and Beedrill effortlessly flew out of their way. Then Keita commanded, “Beedrill, Poison sting!”
A barrage of needles slammed into Butterfree, nearly knocking it to the ground, but the Butterfly Pokémon quickly got back up.
“All right, Ledian, Silver Wind again!”
Ledian began beating its wings extremely fast, sent a wave of shimmering silvery powder blowing towards Venomoth. As the particles collided with the Poison Moth Pokémon, it thrashed about, seemingly in pain.
“Great job!” said Mana. “Now, Butterfree, use. . .” She never finished her sentence. She turned around to look in the direction of the bush Shinji was hiding behind, and waved her hand once to signal that the battle was being paused.
Shinji sweated nervously. Even though he had literally just met Mana, the fact that he had been assigned to monitor her implied that being discovered by her was a Bad Thing. And Shinji, having already had more than his share of Bad Things in his life, was not keen on adding another one to his list.
Mana, for her part, seemed more surprised than angry. “Shinji? What are you doing here? Now please leave, so I can get back to my training.”
“Training for what?” asked Shinji.
“For tomorrow,” Mana replied, and returned to her battle with her two companions.
After returning to Misato’s apartment, Shinji reflected on what he’d seen. This Mana girl didn’t seem to be anything more than an ordinary Pokémon trainer. The only thing even slightly out of the ordinary was her Shiny Butterfree, and in the big scheme of things that probably didn’t matter much. They’re probably just some Bug Pokémon fan club or something like that, he thought.
The next morning saw Misato and Dr. Akagi packing their bags and leaving for Viridian City. There, they’d been told, they would get to watch the first ever demonstration of the Jet Rhydon and witness its awesome abilities.
“I told Dr. Ikari about everything we saw when we got back from the presentation,” said Dr. Akagi. “He didn’t seem too happy about it, but he seemed like he was expecting it all the same.”
“It doesn’t matter to me,” said Misato. “I’m bringing my two strongest Pokémon just in case any . . . any trouble arises.” As she said this, she clipped two Poké Balls—an ordinary red one, and a cameo-colored KSSDF one—to her belt.
The test run of the Jet Rhydon was being held inside what had once been the old Viridian City Gym. Unlike the previous presentation, which had been attended by hundreds of spectators, this one was much more closely guarded, with the only guests being news reporters and scientists who wanted to find out more about the mechanical Pokémon.
When Misato and Dr. Akagi arrived, they were directed to the front row of seats, though not without an unpleasant glance from the presenter. Once everybody was seated, he cleared his throat, and addressed the group of delegates.
“Ladies and gentlemen, Silph Corporation is proud to present the weapon that will finally make Pallet Town 3 safe—the Jet Rhydon! More powerful, more durable, than any living Pokémon, the Jet Rhydon is a revolution in technology and engineering, and will surely be seen in the future as the savior of the human race! And now, allow me to introduce the pilot of the Jet Rhydon prototype . . . Miss Mana Kirishima!” A teenage girl with short reddish-brown hair and wearing a leotard emblazoned with the Silph logo ran onto the stage. Circling around her, and spreading sparkling dust in its path, was a Butterfree. She turned and cheerfully waved at the audience.
“ Very well,” said the announcer. “Now, before I launch the Jet Rhydon on its first operational trial, do I have any questions?”
While he began answering questions from the panel of newscasters, Misato grabbed Dr. Akagi by the shirt. “What the Hell, Ritsuko!? You never told me that thing had a human pilot, and a child at that! That . . . that changes everything!”
Dr. Akagi coldly narrowed her eyes and glared at Misato. “No,” she said. “We are here to carry out our orders. That changes nothing.”
As Mana climbed up the ladder leading into the cockpit of the Jet Rhydon, Misato and Dr. Akagi watched nervously. The huge mechanical Pokémon began to rumble and roar, and took a step off the stage. “Is it supposed to do that?” Dr. Akagi asked.
“I’m not sure,” replied Misato. “But I’m definitely sure it’s not supposed to be doing that.”
As she said this, the Jet Rhydon had smashed a huge hole in the wall, and continued lumbering right out of the building, with Mana still inside it. “I don’t have time for this,” said Misato. She reached into her pocket and pulled out two Poké Balls. “Gyarados! Nidoqueen! Come on out!”
The two Pokémon materialized in front of Misato, and seemed not to even wait for their trainer’s order before attacking. They both fired Hyper Beams, but the attacks bounced harmlessly off the Jet Rhydon’s metal skin. The only effect this had was to make the Jet Rhydon pause, then turn around and blast both Pokémon with the lasers in its eyes. Gyarados and Nidoqueen had no time to dodge, and were knocked out cold.
“It’s heading straight for Pallet Town 3. What do you want us to do?” Dr. Akagi asked Misato.
“’Us?’ ‘US?’” Misato replied furiously. “Listen—it’s your fault we’re here in the first place. Going here to investigate this job was your idea. I’m going to request that Genesect be sent here to clean this mess up. You go see if you can find out how to deactivate the Jet Rhydon.”
Shinji, for his part, was not expecting a call to action that day, mainly because he had not been informed of any Legendary Pokémon activity. He was certainly not expecting to find himself not only inside Genesect’s entry plug, but suspended beneath a giant airplane bound for the outskirts of Saffron City.
He could see the Jet Rhydon far below, but he certainly hoped that the pilot of the airplane would fly lower before releasing Genesect. No such luck. Genesect fell from the airplane, plummeted for hundreds of feet, and barely managed to avoid collapsing into a heap when it landed by digging its feet into the ground.
When Genesect landed, Misato spoke into Shinji’s intercom. “All right,” she said, “Here’s the plan. You’re going to knock out the Jet Rhydon and get Mana out safely, and then I’m going to go in and deactivate the nuclear reactor before it melts down.”
“How do I knock out the Jet Rhydon?” Shinji asked.
“Just treat this like a normal battle. Use the attacks you normally would.”
Just like a normal battle, thought Shinji. You know the drill, Genesect—Hyper Beam!
The Jet Rhydon did not even budge as the Hyper Beam struck it. For a moment, it seemed to have been immobilized, but then it began to move again. Genesect’s attack had barely even scratched it.
OK, maybe that one doesn’t work. Then let’s try . . . Techno Blast!
The turret on Genesect’s head began to glow, and fired a blazing bolt of electricity directly at the Jet Rhydon. The attack seemed to work—the Jet Rhydon stood still, crackling with the electric charge—but then shook it off as if it were nothing. Then, the Jet Rhydon’s eyes began to glow bright red. It fired another laser blast, just like the one that had knocked out Nidoqueen and Gyarados, and Genesect barely managed to jump aside in time.
Meanwhile, Dr. Akagi was trying to find out how to break into the Jet Rhydon’s nuclear reactor and deactivate it. Unfortunately, the man who had given the presentation was not being especially cooperative.
“You have two choices,” Dr. Akagi said. “You can tell me the password, or you can . . . OK, so really you only have one choice, because if you decide to do anything else, you’re pretty much dead.”
The presenter wasn’t moved. “How many times do I have to tell you? The password is classified. I’d be fired from Silph if I told you!”
“There’s a lot more at stake here than your job,” said Dr. Akagi. “Now, are you going to tell me that password or not?”
“All right!” said the man, “I’ll tell you what it is. It’s hope.”
“Hope?!” said Misato, after hearing the password over her two-way radio. “What kind of password is that for a hundred-foot-tall death machine?”
“A creative one,” said Dr. Akagi.
While Dr. Akagi had successfully accomplished her side of the mission, the same could not be said for Shinji, who was still engaged in battle with the Jet Rhydon. The battle had stagnated into a stalemate—Genesect was agile enough to avoid the Jet Rhydon’s attacks, but its own attacks could not penetrate the mechanical Pokémon’s thick armor. Except, perhaps . . .
Genesect! thought Shinji, having just had a very rare “eureka” moment. Aim for the horn!
Genesect lowered its turret, and fired a point-blank Techno Blast at the Jet Rhydon’s horn. Like a lightning rod, the horn sent the electric current coursing through the robotic Pokémon’s interior. Smoke began to issue from its joints, and finally it collapsed to the ground, defeated.
Misato’s voice crackled in Shinji’s ear. “Good. Now open it up so I can get in.”
Bending Genesect over, Shinji pried open the paneling on the Jet Rhydon’s back so that Misato could climb inside. It was hot and full of smoke inside the Jet Rhydon, and aside from the cockpit, it did not look as though it had been designed with human occupation in mind. Even though Misato was wearing a radiation-proof suit, she knew she was probably not as well protected from the leaking reactor as she could have been.
When Misato finally reached the reactor, punched in the password, and turned it off, she was anxious to exit the Jet Rhydon. However, Shinji—of all people--would have none of it. “Stop!” he shouted into her two-way radio, “Mana’s still inside that thing!”
If reaching the reactor had been difficult enough, reaching the cockpit was next to impossible. The cockpit was locked from the outside, and while Shinji had tried to open it with Genesect he had found it to be too strongly reinforced. So, as with the reactor, Misato found herself simply crawling through the Jet Rhydon’s utility ducts until she found the gateway to the cockpit.
“All right, Nidoqueen,” she said, pulling out her now-revived Pokémon’s Poké Ball, “Horn Drill!” The attack broke down the heavy metal door covering the entrance to the cockpit, and inside Misato was able to see Mana slumped in the pilot’s seat. Noticing that she was still breathing, she lifted her up over her shoulder and ordered Nidoqueen to break open the cockpit canopy with another Horn Drill. None of them—not Shinji, not Dr. Akagi, not Misato, not even Mana—ever paused to consider the broader implications of what had just happened as they went back to Pallet Town 3.
The next day, Mana did not show up in Shinji’s class at school. She did not show up the next day either. Shinji attempted to inquire as to where she had gone, but it seemed as if her name had been erased from the school archives. It was as if she’d never even existed.
Gendo, meanwhile, had called a meeting with Dr. Akagi and Misato to discuss the Jet Rhydon incident. “It came to my attention that the Jet Rhydon—the mechanical Pokémon developed by the Silph corporation—went berserk and had to be destroyed,” he said, steepling his hands below his hace as usual. “You were present, I believe.”
“Well,” said Dr. Akagi, “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”
“Everything went according to plan,” answered Gendo

Who’s that Pokémon?
It is prone to violent mood swings. If it becomes angry, it will attack anything that it sees.

Last answer: It’s Mewtwo!
Life can seem a challenge. Life can seem impossible. It's never easy when so much is on the line.

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Re: Rebuild of EvangeléMon

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After a long delay, here's the next episode!

Neon Genesis Evangelémon Episode 8:
7.8/10--Too Much Water

Shinji, Misato, Toji, and Kensuke were in a helicopter, flying out over the ocean. The plan, as far as Shinji had been told, was that they would be meeting up with a ship carrying the Evangelémon trainer from Hoenn, along with her Legendary Pokémon. The three boys each had different reaction to this news.
“I heard that she graduated from Smogon University when she was only 12 years old,” said Toji. “I bet she knows a lot about the Pokémon in Hoenn.”
“Well, I heard that she’s a Captain in the Hoennian Air Force,” said Kensuke, not to be outdone. “They’re supposed to be really good; I’m sure I could learn something from her.”
And I bet she’s a stuck-up, bossy bitch who thinks she’s perfect at everything, Shinji thought to himself gloomily.
As the helicopter approached the fleet and descended to land, Kensuke practically salivated. He pointed out the window at the largest ship. “That’s the Unovan aircraft carrier USS Castelia! It was launched five years before Second Impact, it can carry a full wing of sixty F-19 Braviary fighters, and—“
“SHUT YOUR BIG YAP!” shouted everybody else on the helicopter. As they disembarked from the helicopter, they found themselves greeted by none other than the Hoennian pilot herself. She was a girl about Shinji’s age, with bright orange hair and wearing a yellow sun dress. By her side stood a Pokémon that Shinji was not sure he had seen before. He pulled out his Pokédex to scan it. “Primeape,” it said “The Pig Monkey Pokémon. If you make eye contact with this Pokémon, it will become outrageously angry and chase you forever.” Well, that certainly helps a lot, thought Shinji, especially seeing as I have no idea what a pig or a monkey is.
Cubone, meanwhile, had extended a paw to Primeape in greeting, only for the Fighting-type Pokémon to smack it away. “Aaaape. . . (Let me tell ya something, brother. No one shakes hands with the Primeapester. . . without getting permission first!)” it grunted.
“Shinji, Toji, Kensuke,” Misato began, “This is Asuka Langley Soryu. She is from Hoenn, and will be joining you as a trainer at NERV back at Pallet Town 3.” At that moment, a sudden gust of wind knocked Toji’s hat off his head and sent it tumbling across the deck of the Castelia. As he turned to chase after it, he caught an unwitting glimpse of Asuka’s undergarments, and for this found himself on the receiving end of a punch on the nose from Primeape.
Misato, meanwhile, was on the bridge of the Castelia, expecting a visitor of her own. Looking up at the sky, she saw something that told her his arrival would be very soon. A winged, dinosaur-like Pokémon—a Tropius—was gliding down towards the Castelia, and as it drew closer Misato could see that someone was riding on it. “Ryoji Kaji,” she said to herself, “I should have known you’d be here.”
The Tropius landed and Kaji dismounted from its back. “Well, Misato,” he said, “I must say ‘ve been wondering what you’ve been getting up to these past few years. I’m here because of the new Trainer from Hoenn, in case you don’t mind. Also got an important parcel to pick up for Dr. Ikari. Come on, I’ll tell you more when we have lunch.”
At lunch, Shinji ate in silence, though he privately found Misato and Kaji’s bickering amusing. He also found amusing the fact that, while there was clearly meat and seafood to be seen on the table, neither he nor any of the other diners had the slightest clue where it came from. It made about as much sense as having a PokéDex that didn’t realize he didn’t know what a pig or a monkey was.
Asuka, on the other hand, found Shinji to be completely boring. He tried to engage her in conversation by mentioning his 40% synchronization rate with Genesect, but this did not have the expected outcome. “You think you’re such hot stuff, do you? Well, let me show you something!” With that she grabbed Shinji sharply by the arm and dragged him to the ship’s transport deck. Misato, Kensuke, and Toji followed.
Shinji had no idea what the name of the massive red dinosaur-like creature chained to the deck of the ship was, but he could infer that it was probably Evangelémon Unit 02. “You see this?” said Asuka. “This is Groudon! The first Legendary Pokémon captured for the Evangelémon program. Your Mewtwo and Genesect are just laboratory creations—Groudon has the full power of a wild Legendary Pokémon! And I control it!”
I was right, thought Shinji, Turns out she is a stuck-up bossy bitch.
At that very moment, the entire ship shook. People, Pokémon, and loose objects slid across the deck, and sirens began to shriek.
“Wh-what is it?” asked Shinji, very confused. Luckily he was not confused for long, because an intercom began blaring the message, “Kyogre has begun attacking the Unova Oceanic Fleet. Began Evangelémon deployment.”
“What’s Kyogre?” Shinji asked, even though he was fairly sure he knew.
“Are you stupid?! It’s a Legendary Pokémon—a Water-type,” said Asuka. “Now follow me; we have to get into Groudon’s entry plug.”
“What do you mean, ‘we?’” asked Shinji, as confused as ever. “I thought Groudon was yours.”
“Well, it is, but right now I’m supposed to have backup fighting Kyogre. Not like I need help from you, idiot Shinji. Oh, and there’s a plugsuit for you here in case you forgot yours. Just make sure you remember which one is which—I am NOT wearing your plugsuit for the rest of my time at NERV.”
“All right,” said Shinji. “Cubone, I hate to do this to you, but you’re going to have to go into a Poké Ball for right now. It’s too dangerous out here.” He tapped the Poké Ball to Cubone’s forehead and recalled it inside, then placed it in one of the ship’s lockers.
Sheepishly, Shinji followed Asuka into the entry plug. Given that it had been drilled so hard into him that he and he alone was allowed to use Genesect, he felt strange going into Groudon’s entry plug. As he sat down, he asked Asuka, “Um. . . how, exactly do I control this thing?”
“Well,” said Asuka, “for starters you’re using the wrong language. You’re thinking in Kantoese. If you must thing, do it in Hoennian!”
“Uhhh. . .I erd you liek Mudkips?” Shinji tried his best imitation of a Hoennian accent, which was poor even by his standards. Asuka slapped him.
“OK, Stupid Shinji,” she said at last. “I assume it’s no different from controlling Genesect. Just tell it with your mind where you want it to go and what you want it to do. Of course, I’m going to be the one in charge on this mission, so you’ll just have to watch an expert show you how it’s done.”
With that, Groudon raised itself to its hind legs, reared to its full gigantic height, flexed its arms, and roared. It flung aside the massive tarp that had covered it, momentarily looking for all the world like a professional wrestler with a cape.
As if in recognition of a challenge, Kyogre thrust its head out of the water and let out a disconcertingly high-pitched shriek.
All right, Groudon, let’s show that overgrown Magikarp who’s boss. Lava Plume! A jet of molten rock shot out of Groudon’s mouth, but Kyogre managed to evade it simply by diving underwater.
Kyogre rose to the surface again, and sent a jet of water aiming straight at Groudon. Groudon didn’t have time or room to dodge; it took the attack full force, and was sent stumbling back across the deck of the aircraft carrier. “Oh, shit, it’s using Hydro Pump!” said Asuka. “Shinji, let me handle this.” She pushed Shinji to the back of the entry plug, and prepared Groudon for another attack.
All right, back to basics. Hyper Beam! Groudon fired a blast of white light at Kyogre, but once again the Water-type Pokémon simply disappeared underwater before surfacing at a safe distance.
The KSSDF and the Unovan Navy, to be fair, were having even worse luck. Their Pokémon, most of which seemed to be Tentacruel or Basculin respectively, were essentially getting knocked out within seconds of being sent into battle against Kyogre.
Inside the entry plug, the stress of controlling Groudon together with Asuka was beginning to take its toll on Shinji. Not in the usual way that it did when he was in Genesect’s entry plug, of course, but in the very specific way that it did when one was trapped in a tiny closed area with no company except for a volatile, hot-tempered teenage girl. Shinji was beginning to get the idea—an idea that anyone other than him would have gotten a long time ago—that Asuka only acted like this to people she thought were undeserving of her respect. Having gone essentially his whole life without feeling respected, he felt like he ought to have understood this more than he did.
The battle with Kyogre itself had progressed very little, with no end in sight (although there was a ten-minute intermission for guests to go to the lobby for refreshments). The two Legendary Pokémon were at a stalemate, neither having thus far come anywhere near doing major damage to the other.
Suddenly the entire ship shook, and Groudon—with unexpected grace considering its size—was sent leaping straight into the air, only to come crashing down feet-first on a neighboring ship. Peering out of the entry plug’s view ports, both Shinji and Asuka could see what had happened. Kyogre was ramming itself into the hull of the Castelia, as if it was trying to get at something inside.
With the Blue Danube Waltz by Strauss inexplicably playing in the background, Groudon gracefully skipped from ship to ship, no doubt killing or injuring hundreds of people we don’t give a crap about as it did so. More to the point, it finally succeeded in distracting Kyogre, which now fired a Hydro Pump at it that, this time, it managed to dodge. When it came to a stop, it stood on the far end of the Castelia’s main deck, looming powerful and silent above the rest of the fleet.
Time to take this up a notch or two. Groudon, use Precipice Blades! At that moment, Groudon struck back. Its entire body began to pulse with an orange glow, and a series of massive, jagged rocks erupted out of the water (where they came from in the first place was not exactly clear) and hurled themselves at tremendous speed towards Kyogre. The Water-type Pokémon vanished as the rocks came crashing down onto the water.
“ Now THAT deserves a compliment!” Asuka grinned, clearly quite pleased with herself.
“Um, I wouldn’t say that if I were you,” said Shinji.
“Why? I just defeated Kyogre! I beat a Legendary Pokémon!”
“No, you didn’t.” He pointed out of the entry plug’s view port, so they could both see that Kyogre had returned to the surface, and was returning fire with a Hyper Beam. Groudon had no time to dodge. It took the attack square in the chest, stumbled backwards, and barley manage to avoid falling into the ocean before pushing itself back up onto all four legs.
“Now look what you’ve done!” shouted Shinji, quite exasperated that the plan that the plan to use Groudon’s strongest attack to knock out Kyogre had failed.
“Me?!” replied Asuka. “Look at what you’ve done! You’re the one screwed it up for me!”
Up on the bridge of the Castelia, Misato watched the battle between Groudon and Kyogre nervously. Her nervousness, however, was not because of any fear for Shinji and Asuka’s safety, but because she was wondering what on Earth the “important parcel” Kaji had said he had come to pick up could have been. Kaji, for his part, had not told her anything about it, even during their conversation at lunch, and flown off on the back of his Tropius the moment Kyogre appeared. It seemed to her as though he was hiding something from her.
Pushing her way through the officers on the bridge, Misato grabbed the intercom and shouted to Shinji and Asuka.
“What you’re doing now isn’t going to work anymore. I’m going to ask for permission to bring two of your Pokémon out of storage so you can have support.”
“How is that supposed to help us?” Asuka asked back over the Entry Plug’s intercom.
“I’ll try to explain it quickly,” Misato replied. “Normally, these battles seem to happen close to NERV headquarters and on land, so you always know where your opponent is and where to attack it. That’s not the case here. Basically, what I need you to do is use one of your Pokémon each to keep an eye on Kyogre when it’s outside your own visual range.”
“But I don’t have any Water-types! I can’t—“ said Shinji.
“I don’t care. We’re going to be doing this.”
With that, Misato ran down the stairs to the locker where the Poké Balls were stored, and rummaged through it. Picking up two at random, she ran back up to the deck and threw them at Groudon’s feet. “Shinji, you take this one! Asuka, you take this one! You won’t be able to verbally command them—just use hand gestures.”
Shinji pondered for a moment the absurdity of using Groudon’s hand movements to give commands to another Pokémon, but that thought was quickly replaced with a more pressing one when the two Poké Balls that Misato had given them burst open to reveal . . . his Sandslash and a Magmar.
“Really?” asked Asuka. “You couldn’t have picked better ones?”
“Hey! Sandslash is plenty strong!”
“We haven’t got time. Heck, the more time we spend talking the less time we’ll have to—DUCK!”
Shinji barely had time to wonder why Misato had uttered an idiom stemming from the name of a creature that did not exist in his world, when Groudon crouched down on all fours to avoid one of Kyogre’s Hydro Pumps (which, conveniently, there had been none of during the time that Sandslash and Magmar were being released).
Let’s hope this one works. Lava Plume! At Asuka’s mental command, Groudon struck back, opening its mouth and belching out a stream of boiling magma directly at Kyogre. Unfortunately, Asuka failed to take into account the “Water-type” aspect of Kyogre, and the plume of lava sizzled out upon contact with the surface of the water while Kyogre dove safely below.
Meanwhile, Sandslash and Magmar had fled to the other side of the Castelia’s flight deck. Just as Shinji was having a hard time working together with Asuka, Sandslash and Magmar did not seem to be getting along well either. “Sssandssslasssh, (Listen. Neither of us are going to stand a chance against Kyogre.)”, Sandslash grumbled.
“Mar. Mag-MAR! (Hmph. You keep telling yourself that.)” replied Magmar. Sandlash was not at all taken aback by this remark. He simply grabbed Magmar by the shoulders, nearly burning his hands in the process, of course, and jerked him swiftly around to remind him that he was still supposed to be watching for Kyogre. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately from the perspective of the various people who were by this point tired of Kyorge’s constant attacks) the Legendary Pokémon was nowhere to be seen.
Shinji and Asuka were not having much better luck. In fact, from their perspective things seemed even worse. If Kyogre had disappeared and found whatever it was it was looking for, that meant it would have succeeded in increasing its power to a level that might threaten all humans and all Pokémon, Legendary and non-Legendary alike. As the two of them stared out over the sea and waited for Kyogre tome back, as they knew it inevitably would, Misato’s voice crackled in Shinji’s intercom.
“Do you read me?” she asked. “We’ve been able to locate Kyogre. It’s underneath the fleet, about 1000 feet down. I’m telling you this because—“
She never got to finish her sentence. Before she could, the entire front half of the Castelia pitched upward violently, and sent everything on it tumbling down into the sea below. Kyogre burst out of the water, and managed to clench Groudon’s leg in its jaws. As the huge Water Pokémon slid back beneath the waves, it dragged Groudon under with it.
Misato turned to face the Captain of the Castelia. “Oh dear,” she said. “Groudon’s weak against Water-types. And it doesn’t look very suited for aquatic combat.”
“Your point is?” said the Captain.
“It can’t swim.”
Back on the deck of the ship, Sandslash and Magmar were simply staring at the patch of sea where Kyogre had just vanished, simply wondering what they were supposed to be doing now. “Mag-mar. Mar mag mag mar magmar. (I guarantee, Kyogre’s going to be back up here soon. It’s only a matter of time—and then BOOM! Grilled seafood!),” chuckled Magmar, evidently quite eager to brag about how strong he thought he was.
Sandslash, as usual, was unimpressed. “Slassh. Sand. . .slash, sand, (You want a guarantee? Get a Master Ball.),” it scoffed, chewing on the twig it held in its mouth.
Hundreds of feet below, Shinji and Asuka were still struggling to get Groudon out of Kyogre’s mouth, though given that they were both quite aware that Groudon was unable to swim they seemed to have little idea what to do once this was done. To make matters worse, Asuka still refused to let Shinji do any of the decision-making. “This is all your fault! I would have defeated Kyogre by now if I’d been allowed to do it myself!”
Shinji tried to come up with a rebuttal, but unfortunately he was inexperienced with the concept of forming arguments, so all he managed to produce was a stream of incoherent gibberish before being smacked by Asuka. “This is an outrage!” she yelled. “You are a pathetic excuse for a Pokémon Trainer, and I am ashamed to even belong in the same category as you. Why, for the trouble you’ve caused I ought to—“
A light began to flash inside the entry plug, and Shinji and Asuka both momentarily put aside their differences to look at it. Umbilical cable at maximum length, it said. Kyogre seemed unwilling to let go of Groudon, however, and continued pulling on it until the cord completely unwound.
At that moment, Misato’s voice crackled in the intercom. “Shinji, Asuka, can you hear me? I have an idea that might be able to defeat Kyogre. But you’ll have to listen very carefully. OK, so those Pokemon of yours on the deck? They’ve been put back in their Poké Balls, and I’m going to use the PC system to transfer them into the entry plug. You job will be to open up Kyogre’s mouth, insert the Poké Balls, and have the Pokémon attack Kyogre from the inside.”
“The entry plug has a PC? Why didn’t you tell me that earlier?” asked Shinji.
“It’s a prototype, Genesect doesn’t have one,” said Misato “It's meant to allow the Trainer to bring a second Pokémon with them in the entry plug to augment Groudon’s power. I’m going to keep the line open in case there’s a problem.”
As the two Poké Balls materialized in the sockets of the entry plug PC, Shinji and Asuka each picked one up and pressed the button to release the Pokémon inside—thereby making the already cramped entry plug much more cramped.
More specifically, Sandslash had emerged from the Poké Ball that had been given to Asuka, and Magmar had come out of his. It seemed as though Asuka had caught onto this as well, as she seemed quite disappointed with what she had been given.
“Well . . . how about we switch?” suggested Shinji.
“No can do, ” said Asuka.
Suddenly Magmar began to glow. Its body grew taller and more musclebound, a series of spikes erupted out of its back, and each of its hands twisted into a cylindrical rotary cannon turret. The newly transformed Pokémon—a Magmortar-- let out a roar of triumph before returning to its place besides Sandslash.
Shinji scanned the new Pokémon on his Pokédex. “Magmortar, the Blast Pokémon and the evolved form of Magmar. It can shoot fireballs at temperatures of up to 1,500 degrees from the turrets on its hands.”
“Well, what now, genius?” asked Asuka. “The Pokémon are still inside the entry plug, so how are they supposed to get out to attack Groudon?”
“I don’t know!” said Shinji. “The entry plug is supposed to be locked from the inside, to keep the LCL from leaking—and by the way, I didn’t know Pokémon could breathe that stuff.” Shinji was fairly sure this particular piece of trivia would in no way, shape, or form become important later on.
Back on the Castelia, the Captain turned toward Misato with a stern look. “You said this was going to work. What’s the holdup?”
“The PC system. It jammed.”
“Well, un-jam it before I have you thrown overboard!” the Captain shouted.
“It’s not that simple. The PC is supposed to transfer the Poké Balls into the Entry plug, and then they can be deployed outside it through an airlock. But it’s the airlock that’s stuck.”
The Captain rubbed his chin. “Well, it was your idea, you go fix it. Surely you have some Water-type that can go down there? Something that knows Dive, preferably?”
“Well, I have my Gyarados, but he’s pretty old—he hasn’t really done something like this in a long time.”
“I don’t care. Go down there and fix that airlock.”
With that, Misato raced down the stairs to the deck of the Castelia, pulled out Gyarados’s cameo-colored KSSDF Poké Ball, and leaped into the water.
Hundreds of feet below, Shinji, Asuka, Sandslash, and Magmortar had been listening to all of this over their intercom. They expected Misato to have some sort of solution for them. What they did not expect was for her to show up, diving on her Gyarados, right outside the window of the entry plug smack in the middle of two battling Legendary Pokémon. Clearly, some things just did not faze her.
The airlock was attached to a catapult of sorts, so that the Poké Balls could be “thrown” into battle by the Trainer commanding them. However, this catapult was not going to be catapulting anything anytime soon—reaching inside it, Misato found what was clogging it.
“All this way . . . for a fucking Magikarp?!” She tossed the flopping Fish Pokémon, now free of its erstwhile prison, aside, then pointed up at the surface and ordered Gyarados to ascend before Kyogre could decide to chase it. Recalling her Pokémon and climbing back onto the Castelia, she quietly chided herself for thinking this was a good idea. This was definitely going in the file labeled “stupid things someone talked me into doing.”
With the Magikarp out of the way, Shinji and Asuka recalled Sandslash and Magmortar back into their Poké Balls and placed them in the airlock. As they clicked in place and slid out of sight, Shinji gulped nervously. If this doesn’t work, I’m probably going to be having some major anxieties about it . . . though, then again, I do seem to have those about everything, don’t I?
Sandslash and Magmortar had already barely recovered from being inside the entry plug, but being inside Kyogre’s mouth was something else again. They were also, though neither of them was in any position to mention it, having a hard time holding their breath.
“Mrrglmrrglmrrgl (When I get back up there, first thing I’m gonna do is ask for some scuba gear)” agreed Magmortar.
“Mmmffgmghff! (I sure hope this doesn’t go on any longer)” Sandslash grumbled through its tight-clenched lips.
Fortunately for Sandslash, and probably everybody else, it did not. The two Pokémon, almost immediately after finding themselves inside Kyogre’s mouth, launched their most powerful attacks—Flamethrower for Magmortar and Focus Blast for Sandslash—directly down Kyogre’s throat.
The result was immediate. Kyogre shuddered violently, then surged to the surface of the water, roaring in what one could only assume was pain. As it did so, Groudon broke free of its jaws and managed to climb back up onto the deck of the Castelia, where Shinji and Asuka were lifted out of the entry plug amid excited cheers. Kyogre, meanwhile, sank beneath the surface of the sea a final time, and a glowing image of two concentric circles appeared over the location where it had fallen—the Sign of Arceus.
“Kyogre is unable to battle!” the Captain declared. “I guess, uh, Groudon, Sandslash, and Magmortar win! Though, speaking of which, where are Sandslash and Magmortar?”
Everyone suddenly turned their attention to a large school of Wailmer, Dewgong, and Lapras floating in the water next to the ship. Sitting on their backs were none other than Sandslash and Magmortar, both looking quite wet and quite displeased. “Ssslassh. (OK, thanks for the ride, guys. But seriously, don’t expect me to give you guys a tip.”
“Dew-gooong, Dew-gooong (Fine, be that way, cheapskate)” honked the Dewgong, before swiftly bucking Sandslash and Magmortar up onto the deck. Shinji, Asuka, Misato, and everyone else looked at each other silently for a moment. Then Toji spoke up. “I think we should never speak of this again.” The others nodded in agreement without a word.
The next day, at school, Shinji was startled by the announcement that there would be a new student. He was still recovering from what had happened with Mana, but nothing, not even that, could have prepared him for the sight that greeted him at the chalkboard. “I’m Asuka Langley Soryu. Charmed, huh?”

Who’s That Pokémon:
This highly intelligent Pokémon can fly faster than a jet plane by folding in its wings.

Last answer:
It’s Primeape!
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Re: Rebuild of EvangeléMon

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Postby El Squibbonator » Sun Jun 28, 2020 2:48 pm

Neon Genesis Evangélemon Episode 9:
Prepare for Trouble, Make it Double!

It was hard for Shinji to get used to having Asuka at his school. He tried to avoid her as much as possible, but the worst part was, she had no intention of avoiding him. She had even come up with a nickname for himself, Kenske, and Toji—she called them “the Three Legendary Nerds.” Shinji imagined that this was somehow supposed to be funny, but it really wasn’t.
Hikari was pretty much the only person who seemed to tolerate her, because the two of them were frequently seen eating lunch together, away from the other students. It was during lunch, a few days after Asuka first arrived at Shinji’s school, that she got up from where she was sitting and sat down to talk to Shinji. Is she for real? he thought, Is she actually making an attempt at friendship?
Unfortunately, she wasn’t. “Listen, idiot Shinji,” she said. “You seem to think you’re such hot stuff, with your Genesect and your father’s personal favor and whatnot. Well, I want to see you prove it. Three-on-three Pokémon battle this afternoon, on the school exercise yard! And if you don’t show up, then I think that means you’re a coward!”
Asuka’s words stung Shinji, but he knew she probably wasn’t bluffing. He also wondered what Pokémon she would be using. So far, other than Groudon, he’d only seen Primeape and Magmortar, but they both seemed to be extremely strong. It would be fair to assume, then, that the rest of her team wasn’t composed of pushovers. And she’s from Hoenn, he thought. I bet she has Pokémon I’ve never even seen before.
After class got out, Shinji met Asuka on the exercise yard, with Kensuke having volunteered as the referee. Asuka pulled out a Poké Ball from her pocket, and threw it high in the air. “All right, let’s get this show on the road! Scizor, stand by for battle!”
Hmmm, thought Shinji. A Bug-type. The only one I have that’s good against those is. . .
“Pidgeooot! (Y’all ‘bout ta get yer asses kicked, hon!)”
“Pidgeotto! Use Peck!” Pidgeotto dived at Scizor, but before its attack could make contact it was knocked out of the air by a sudden Metal Claw attack from Scizor. It lay crumpled on the ground, somehow only “fainted” despite having been dealt an injury that logically should have been fatal. Shinji recalled it, and gave a heavy sigh.
Asuka likewise recalled Scizor, and pulled out a new Poké Ball. “Zangoose, stand by for battle!” The Pokemon that emerged looked like a bipedal white cat, with long sharp claws and red markings. Shinji scanned it on his Pokédex.
“Zangoose. The Cat Ferret Pokémon. It bears numerous physical and mental scars from its bitter rivalry with Seviper.” Well, that certainly helps, thought Shinji. Again with the words I don’t know—what’s a cat? What’s a ferret?
“All right,” sad Shinji, half-resigned by now, “I choose . . . Furret.” He pulled out Furret’s Poké Ball, and pressed the button.
“Furr-rret! Furr-furr-furret! (Finally! About time I got a part in this lousy show).” Furret chattered to himself, rearing up onto two legs so he was level with Zangoose.
“All right, Furret,” said Shinji, “Use Agility!” Furret zigzagged across the exercise yard, so fast that both Shinji and Asuka were momentarily confused about where he had gone. Before either of them could ask, though, Furret streaked past Zangoose and nailed it in the head with an overhand claw swipe. Furret returned to Shinji’s side, Zangoose stumbled back, and for a moment Shinji thought he might have won.
That was short-lived, of course, as he soon remembered that he was, after all, Shinji Ikari—there seemed to be a fundamental law of the universe stating that he could never feel proud of himself for very long. Sure enough, Zangoose got to its feet, and Furret was preparing to attack again, Asuka shouted, “Zangoose, use Crush Claw!” Furret paused nervously, having never heard the name of this attack before. Unfortunately for him, that bought Zangoose just enough time to bring one glowing-blue claw crashing down onto Furret’s neck and knocking it out instantly.
“Furret is unable to battle. Zangoose wins!” Kensuke declared.
“So,” said Asuka. “I was thinking maybe you and I should call it quits! There’s no way you could beat me!”
Although his expression certainly didn’t show it, Shinji was outraged by this idea. “No,” he said at last. “You said we were going to have a 3 on 3 battle, and I want to finish it.”
“Well, fair’s fair.” Asuka replied, tossing her red-orange hair with one hand. “But I won’t make this easy for you. Blaziken, stand by for battle!”
A sensible Pokémon trainer with Shinji’s level of experience would have been shocked and intimidated by Asuka’s choice for her third Pokémon. But Shinji, of course, was not a sensible trainer. So his first step was, as usual, to find out what the seven-foot-tall flaming bird creature in front of him was, despite the fact that Asuka had just said its name. “Blaziken,” his PokéDex said, “The Blaze Pokémon. In battle it blows out flames from its wrists and attacks foes courageously.”
Once more, a sensible Pokémon trainer would have evaluated his opponent’s weaknesses and used the strongest Pokémon he could against them. But since Shinji was (again) not a sensible trainer, his choice of Pokémon was rather questionable. “Are you ready, Cubone?” he asked, patting his starter Pokémon on its skull helmet.
“Bone. (I guess.),” it nodded, then stepped out in front of him brandishing its bone.
“All right, Blaziken, time to heat this game up! Flamethrower!” Cubone leaped aside as Blaziken’s jet of fire shot towards him, then glanced up at Shinji, wondering what exactly it was supposed to do next.
“Quick! Bonemerang!” shouted Shinji.
Cubone threw its bone at Blaziken, who nimbly leapt aside. Fortunately for Cubone, the bone circled around like a boomerang and landed back at Cubone’s feet. As Cubone bent down to pick it up, though, he was struck by another Flamethrower attack from Blaziken, sending him tumbling backwards head over heels.
“Booonnne. . . (That’s cheating! Why, I’ll show you. . .)” Cubone grunted as he raised himself to his feet. As he did, though, Shinji, Asuka, and Kensuke all noticed that Cubone was glowing. His body seemed to be changing as well—He grew taller and more muscular, spikes erupted out of his back, the skull helmet on his head began fusing to his neck, and his tail stretched out and became longer. “Wait. . .” said Shinji, “isn’t that . . .?”
“What are you, stupid,” said Asuka. “Cubone just evolved! Don’t tell me you don’t know what that is!”
“Uh . . . I . . . just . . .uh . . . forgot?” stammered Shinji. “OK, Marowak, use Bone Rush!”
Marowak gripped his bone in his hand and leaped up at Blaziken, who nimbly sprang out of the way.
“Marowak! Wak! Maro! (Hey! No, fair!)” Marowak growled as Blaziken landed safely on the other side of the exercise yard.
“Now’s your chance!” said Asuka. “Blaziken, time to finish this with Flare Bltiz!” At that moment, a rain of red-hot embers erupted out of Blaziken’s body and pelted the battlefield all around Marowak, leaving it nowhere to hide.
Kensuke raised his hand. “Marowak is unable to . . . huh?” He, Shinji, Asuka, and Blaziken all turned to look at the spot where Marowak had been. All that they could see was a hole in the ground, accompanied by the sort of trail of raised soil that is typical of burrowing mammals in cartoons.
Before any of them could fully comprehend what this meant, Marowak burst out of the ground directly underneath Blaziken and smacked directly in the crotch with its bone. Disregarding the obvious innuendo present here, Blaziken fired up a Blaze Kick attack and punted Marowak all the way back across the battlefield, before collapsing on the ground in pain.
“Marowak and Blaziken are both unable to battle! And since Shinji has no Pokémon remaining, Asuka is the winner.”
After his loss to Asuka, Shinji returned to his normal state of morose depression. As a matter of fact, he was even more dejected than usual now that he was forced to spend so much time with Asuka. She seemed to be everything he wished he could be—accomplished, popular, sexy . . . OK, maybe I don’t wish I could be that last one.
After school that day, Shinji returned to NERV HQ, where he went through all the motions of homework and training he had gone through every day without so much as a word. All the while, he continued to ask himself questions like, if I save the world on a regular basis, why does no one appreciate what I do? and if this new trainer is such hot stuff, why do they still need me anyway?, and of course, the ever-nagging am I going to get in trouble for even thinking about these?
Shinji’s self-loathing was somewhat rudely interrupted when he was called to the briefing room. This, he knew, could only mean one thing—another Legendary Pokémon had entered Pallet Town 3. When he got to the briefing, however, he wasn’t the only one in it.
Misato was already standing behind the presentation desk, and, as his terrible luck would have it, Asuka had already taken one of the other seats. She was already dressed in her red plugsuit, and by her side sat Primeape. Neither of them looked pleased to see him.
“So,” said Misato, ”as you have probably guessed, there has been another incursion. A double incursion. Two Legendary Pokémon, Latios and Latias, are making their way toward Pallet Town 3. To defeat them you are going to have to engage them in a double battle. I imagine that you, being from Hoenn, are familiar with that concept, Asuka?”
Asuka nodded.
“All right then,” said Misato. “Let’s have some practice. Pen-pen! Gyarados! Come on out!”
“Primeape, stand by for battle!” said Asuka.
“Sandslash, I choose you!” shouted Shinji.
“Why’d you choose Sandslash?” asked Asuka, in a mixture of shock and amusement. “Gyarados and Empoleon are both Water-types; Sandslash is double-weak against them.”
“You may have your own opinion,” said Shinji, “but Sandslash happens to be my strongest non-Legendary Pokémon. Focus Blast!”
Sandslash fired the attack at Pen-pen, who managed to block it with his wings, deflecting it back towards Shinji and Asuka.
“All right,” said Asuka, “let me show you how a real Trainer does it. Primeape, use Thunderpunch!”
“Prime-aaape! Ape! Ape aaape! (Let me tell ya something, brother! What ya gonna do when Primeape-mania runs wild on ya?)” Primeape charged directly toward Gyarados, then, as Misato, Shinji, and Asuka all looked on in amazement, hooked it under the chin with an electrically charged underhand punch. Gyarados was sent sprawling backwards and collapsed on the floor. Misato recalled it to its Poké Ball.
“Very impressive,” said Misato. “Instead of a Fighting-type attack, you used an Electric-type. How were you able to teach Primeape that?”
“Move tutor,” said Asuka, nodding politely.
“Very well then,” replied Misato. “Pen-pen—use Surf!” The Shiny Empoleon stood motionless for a moment. Then he slowly raised his wings, and a massive barrage of water, which did not seem to be coming from any visible source, came crashing into the room, completely drenching Primeape and Sandslash and disappearing as quickly as it had arrived. For no apparent reason, the room was in the exact same condition as it had always been in mere minutes later, even though it logically ought to have been quite damaged by the sheer amount of water.
The only real consequence of Pen-pen’s Surf attack was that Primeape was now knocked out and Sandslash was panting and gasping heavily.
“All right, Sandslash, back to basics. Focus Blast!”
Sandslash pushed itself back up onto two legs and, gripping its signature twig in its mouth, aimed another Focus Blast at Pen-pen.
“Pen-pen, dodge it, then use Hydro Pump!” said Misato.
Pen-pen leaped aside and the Focus Blast flew past it, hitting the wall instead (and destroying a very expensive vase in the process). But as he then prepared to fire his Hydro Pump, he looked around. Sandslash was nowhere to be seen.
“He’s underground!” shouted Misato. “He’s just using Dig! Just wait for him to come up and then do it!”
But Pen-pen was still confused. And he remained confused for a moment too long, because Sandslash, in his customary manner, erupted out of the ground and raked him across the face with his claws. Pen-pen stumbled backwards, then fell to the ground, knocked out.
“Well, congratulations on beating me in battle,” said Misato once she and Shinji had recalled their Pokémon. “But I must say that this was not the sort of double battle I was hoping for. You and Asuka did not co-operate very well at all, and I imagine that was what led to Primeape’s defeat.”
This remark infuriated Asuka. “Are you saying that I’m a bad Trainer because I wouldn’t work with Idiot Shinji?”
“No, I’m saying that you both didn’t work together in a double battle very well. Which is why, until your mission, you’ll be doing EVERYTHING together.” Shinji and Asuka looked at each other and gulped.
So Shinji and Asuka spent the next three days doing every imaginable task together, from brushing their teeth to taking out the garbage to—and this was Shinji’s least favorite part—harvesting Misato’s “prizewinning” Shuckle juice. If there’s one good thing about all this, he thought, it can’t possibly be worse than having to do a double battle with Legendary Pokémon.
Shinji was, as a matter of fact, quite right about this point. Almost as soon as he and Asuka had been sealed into their entry plugs, and Genesect and Groudon had been transported to central Pallet Town 3, Asuka’s voice crackled in Shinji’s intercom.
“Listen, Shinji.” she said. “I don’t want to work with you, and you don’t want to work with me. How about we each pick one of the targets and focus on it.”
“We can’t. You remember what Misato said—we have to work together for this one. You should know, you’re the one who’s from Hoenn.”
“And since when does being from Hoenn make me a world expert on double battles?” asked Asuka. “I’ll have you know that-- heilige Scheiße! What was that?”
Shinji craned his neck to look out of the entry plug’s viewport and saw it for himself—two nearly identical Dragon Pokémon, one red, the other blue, and both as sleek as jet fighters. The two dragons, Latios and Latias, stopped in midair, paused, and turned to face Genesect and Groudon, as if daring for them to challenge them.
Asuka didn’t wait for further instruction from Misato, then ordered Groudon to fire a Hyper Beam at Latios. The Dragon-type Pokémon effortlessly avoided the attack, and rose so high up into the sky it seemed to be no more than a speck. For a moment, Shinji and Asuka stared up at the spot where it had been, trying unsuccessfully to scope it out for a second attack.
Latias didn’t give them time. It gathered together a ball of blue . . . mist? Water? Energy? OK, let’s call go with that last one—blue energy, and launched it at Groudon.
“That’s Latias’s Mist Ball attack!” said Misato. “If it hits either of you, you’ll be in trouble!”
“Gee, ya think?” said Shinji, exhibiting an oddly out-of-character amount of sarcasm. “You could have told me about this before. . . “
He never got to finish his sentence—or at least, Misato never got to hear him finish it. The Mist Ball struck Genesect square in the chest, and through the mind-link Shinji felt as though he had been punched in the gut. Genesect dropped onto all fours alongside Groudon, while Latios and Latias descended to look the other two Legendary Pokémon in the eyes.
Shinji looked up nervously at the two Dragon Pokémon, then over his shoulder at Groudon. It had only occurred to him just now, of all times, that Groudon and Genesect were not in any way equipped to fight flying opponents because they were, to put it lightly, lacking in the wings department. “Asuka?” he asked over his intercom, “Does Groudon know any moves that can affect all of the Pokémon on the battlefield? Genesect doesn’t.”
“Well,” she said “Groudon knows Earthquake, but that wont help any because Latios and Latias both have Leviatate as their ability.”
“What’s an ability?” asked Shinji.
“What are you, stupid?” Asuka replied. “An ability is something a Pokémon can do that affects how it battles. It’s not the same as an attack—it’s more like a feature specific to that Pokémon. If a Pokémon has Levitate as its ability, it can’t be hit by Ground-type attacks.”
Shinji was about to respond, but was cut off when he noticed that both Latias and Latios were preparing to launch their attacks. “Asuka! Get down!” he shouted.
Genesect leaped aside, and Groudon crouched as low to the ground as it could (which was, admittedly, difficult in the middle of a cluttered city street). The two Legendary Pokémon’s attacks shot past them, destroying an inconveniently placed fruit cart in the process.
Finally, Shinji said something that surprised absolutely everyone: “I have an idea.”
Asuka did a double take, the computer technicians at NERV HQ listening in on the battle nearly spit out their coffee, and even Misato wondered if she’s been having a bit too much Shuckle juice.
Genesect, without further warning, leaped onto Groudon’s back, and raised its turret into firing position. “All right”, thought Shinji, “now all I need is for those two Legendaries to . . .”
“Attack us at the same time? Are you insane?” Asuka shouted from inside Groudon’s entry plug. Overhead, Latios and Latias came to a stop in the air immediately above one another, perfectly mirroring what Genesect and Groudon were doing.
“This is a terrible idea,” said Asuka. “Let me finish this. Lava—“
Shinji cut her off. “No! We have to take them both out at the same time to end the battle as quickly as possible. Don’t launch your attack until after they do, and exactly when I do.”
Though Shinji could not see it, Asuka rolled her eyes. And resumed focus on the two Dragon Pokémon overhead. As Latios and Latias released their Luster Purge and Mist Ball attacks, Shinji shouted one final word to Asuka: “NOW!”
Genesect and Groudon both fired Hyper Beams, and the four Pokémon’s attacks collided in midair with a deafening explosion and a blinding flash of light. When this had cleared, Latios and Latias had vanished. In there place was a shimmering golden image of a wheel set within a wheel, which Shinji now recognized as the Sign of Arceus.
The control room in NERV HQ erupted in triumphant applause. Unfortunately, Shinji was in no mood to celebrate. When he got out of Genesect’s entry plug, he found himself face to face with Asuka—and on the receiving end of another lecture about Double Battles.
Shinji sighed. This could only mean one thing: more harvesting Shuckle juice.

Who’s That Pokemon: This Pokémon makes its home inside active volcanoes. It uses its cross-shaped feet to climb up walls.

Last Answer:
It’s Latios!
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Re: Rebuild of EvangeléMon

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Postby El Squibbonator » Sun Jun 28, 2020 2:50 pm

Neon Genesis Evangelémon Episode 10:
Thermal Expansion!

Shopping in Pallet Town 3 was not something Asuka normally looked especially forward to, but on this particular day she made an exception. Not because there was anything interesting or unusual on sale, mind you, but because she would be going with Ryoji Kaji. Even though Kaji had been her legal guardian since she was a toddler, she had developed a major crush on him, something she was not at all subtle about. Kaji, on the other hand, had learned to ignore these approaches. Doing otherwise meant drawing the ire of his Mawile, which would burst out of its Poké Ball and bite him very hard on the head—something that never failed to amuse everyone watching.
On this particular occasion “everyone watching” happened to include Shinji, who was enjoying a rare break with Marowak in front of a café. Asuka noticed him there, and stopped to greet him. This was, of course, unusual. Normally, she would pay no more attention to Shinji in the street than she would to a Ratatta rooting through the garbage. Could it be true? He thought. Could Asuka actually be engaging me in friendly conversation?
Unfortunately, Shinji’s hopes were soon dashed the moment Asuka opened her mouth. “So, Shinji, I just wanted to tell you about what my class reunion at Smogon University is doing this weekend. We’re going scuba diving in the Seafoam Islands! Too bad you can’t come!”
I should have known, thought Shinji. Once a jerk, always a jerk. If only she’d. . . wait a minute. “Actually,” Shinji said, “you won’t be. You’ve gotta be on constant alert in case another Legendary Pokémon shows up.” Asuka fumed to herself, but reluctantly followed Shinji back to NERV HQ.
Inside the HQ, Gendo and Dr. Akagi were both staring at a computer screen showing a cross section of a volcano. Inside of the volcano—deep inside the lava-filled crater, as a matter of fact-- was the flashing silhouette of what was presumably a Legendary Pokémon.
“Who’s that Pokémon?” Dr. Akagi asked, rather confused.
“Heatran. We’re lucky. It hasn’t come out yet. That means we have time. We’re going to need Groudon for this one.”
“Why?” asked Dr. Akagi.
“Honestly, sometimes I wonder why you have your credentials,” sighed Gendo. “The reason we need Groudon for this mission is because Groudon is also capable of surviving extremely high temperatures. Our engineering division has designed a special plugsuit that will enable its Trainer to do the same.”
“I see,” said Dr. Akagi. “And where is said Trainer?”
“Right now, she should be in the exercise room, doing her aquatic workout routine.”
Shinji sat down grumpily and stared at his homework. Today’s homework subject was science, and none of the questions made any sense whatsoever. That being said, any attempt at applying science to the Pokémon world was pretty much guaranteed to not make sense, what with the multiple violations of the laws of physics that many Pokémon committed simply by existing.
“Umm, excuse me!” he called out, to no one in particular. “A little help?”
Unfortunately, the only other person in the room was Asuka, who was doing her swim practice. She climbed out of the pool, walked over to the table where Shinji was sitting, and took a short look at his homework. Then she turned her head away.
“Well, of course you’re having trouble with it—you aren’t even getting the basic background information right! Arbok doesn’t evolve into Seviper, and there’s no such thing as a Pikablu. Now, if you will excuse me I have to—“
“Wait!” said Shinji. “Can you tell me what this means?” He pointed at a phrase he had highlighted: Thermal Expansion.
“Thermal expansion? That’s easy!” said Asuka. She climber back into the pool. “OK. So, the idea is that the warmer an object gets, the less dense its molecules are and the larger it becomes. So, if I were to heat up just my breasts, do you think they’d grow bigger?” Asuka then proceeded to do exactly that, resulting in no small amount of embarrassment for Shinji.
“I. . . think I get it,” said Shinji. “So if I were to do this, this thermal expansion thing, I would have an enormous schwanzstucker.”
“That goes without saying,” said Asuka.
Shinji and Asuka’s intimate experiments were cut short by the now-familiar sound of an announcement over the intercom requesting them to report to Gendo’s office.
“Shinji, Asuka,” said Gendo, “there has been another Legendary Pokémon incursion, this one in the volcano on Cinnabar Island. I assume you already know what your duty is.”
The children both nodded.
Gendo continued. “The procedure for the operation is as follows. Asuka, you and Groudon will enter the caldera and battle Heatran. . .” He paused, as if for dramatic effect. “. . . IN THE VERY HEART OF THE VOLCANO ITSELF! And you, Shinji, you and Genesect will stand by in case something bad happens to Asuka and Groudon. Don’t be too hard on yourself.”
With that, Gendo momentarily left his office, and returned holding something red and rubbery-looking—the plugsuit Asuka was to be wearing inside the volcano. While Shinji averted his eyes, Asuka changed into the new plugsuit. Shinji cursed to himself in private. Damn it, Asuka. You stole my job, you stole my father’s approval, you got the new plugsuit. . .quit stealing my life! But the sight that greeted Shinji when he turned back around, though, was one that made him laugh out loud.
Asuka was wearing the plugsuit, all right—if by “wearing” one meant “struggling to stand up while the plugsuit inflated around her like a balloon.” Shinji snapped out of his confused self-loathing to chuckle at the absurdity of it, which inevitable made Asuka even angrier. “Shinji . . . you . . . IDIOT! Don’t just stand their laughing, do something!”
“Uuh, all right. Sandlash, I need you!”
Asuka barely had time to gasp in astonishment before Sandslash tore a hole in the inflated plugsuit, letting the air out.
“Wow,” said Shinji. “What was that.”
Gendo looked sternly at both of them. “I was going to tell you not to put it on yet. It’s not designed to be worn in these temperatures. Now, if you’d rather Rei do it. . .”
At this, Asuka snapped. “No. There is no way I am letting that commander’s pet do my job. I don’t care if the suit doesn’t fit me, I’m in. By the way, is there a reason the suit inflates like that?”
“It seemed like a good idea at the time,” said Gendo, then beckoned for Shinji and Asuka to follow him downstairs.
As Groudon and Genesect were being prepared to be transported to Cinnabar Island (no easy task, since it required putting the huge Pokémon in a specially constructed container, then in a truck, and then on a ship) Shinji noticed that the sky had begun to fill with KSSDF airplanes. He was about to point this out, when Misato explained, “The KSSDF is going to be monitoring us on this one. They say that if we fail to knock out Heatran, they have the authority to drop an N2 bomb down the volcano—while you’re still in it. Good luck!” The cheerful expression Misato kept on her face while she said this gave Shinji very little confidence.
The volcano itself took up almost all of Cinnabar Island. The last time it had erupted was during Second Impact, at which point it had destroyed the city that once existed on the island, including the Cinnabar Island Gym. Now it was a barren wasteland of lava, rock, and smoking craters. It looks, Shinji thought to himself, like the moon. All lifeless and desolate.
Shinji hadn’t expected to be going on this mission as well, but Dr. Akagi insisted that he do so as a backup in case Asuka became stuck inside the volcano and needed to be extracted. Shinji knew in the back of his mind that if it ever came to that, Asuka would resent him even more than she already did. Still, perhaps if everything went smoothly he would be able to sit this one out and not have to risk his life for once.
Once they reached the summit, Groudon began to slowly descend into the volcano’s crater. A billowing cloud of white steam emerged from the crater as the huge Pokémon stepped into the lava, followed by a crackling, sizzling sound that reminded Shinji of coals over a dying fire. Shinji knew that Groudon’s heavy armor plating protected it from the heat of the lava, but he wondered how Asuka was able to withstand it inside the entry plug.
Asuka, for her part, was beginning to feel distinctly uncomfortable. The heat-resistant material of the entry plug kept her from being fried to a crisp, but that did not change the fact that she was now, quite literally, hot and bothered.
“I can’t see a thing in here,” Asuka grumbled. “Damn it, Shinji—why can’t you come down here for once. I need a second set of eyes just to see through this Arceus-damned place.” She then cursed in Hoennian, startling Shinji as he listened over his intercom.
“Are. . . are you OK?” Shinji asked.
“I was, until you had the nerve to ask. Now go back to whatever you were doing before!”
Shinji slapped his forehead (involuntarily causing Genesect to do the same thing), and resumed crouching at the edge of the crater.
As Groudon descended lower and lower into the volcano’s crater, Asuka struggled to see through the entry plug on its back. She could hear, though—she could hear the grinding and scraping far below that she was sure was being caused by Heatran preparing to emerge. Unfortunately, because she couldn’t tell exactly where it was, she had no way of aiming an attack at it. It was just like the battle against Kyogre; she had to wait for her opponent to make the opening move. And so far, it didn’t seem to be moving.
Back up on the ledge of the crater, Shinji was getting bored. He had been instructed to keep an eye on Asuka and Groudon in case anything went wrong during their descent into the volcano, but so far everything was going exactly right, which made his job a rather boring one.

Meanwhile, back at NERV HQ, Shinji’s other Pokémon weren’t having a much more enjoyable time. Raticate, Furret, Marowak, and Pidgeotto were resting against a wall in the storage room, all of them “Raaaticate. Rat rat raticaaate. . . (I don’t believe it. It’s been ages since we were in this lousy show, and something good had better happen soon, or I’m out of here!)”, Raticate complained.
“Marowak wak maro! (Aren’t there any good games we could play, or something?)” asked Marowak.
“Furret, furret, furr (Well, there’s always. . .),” said Furret, “Furr, furr, furret! (Name that smell!)” The other Pokémon looked at Furret incredulously, then watched as he darted into a closet and came out pushing a large cardboard box. A cardboard box that just so happened to have a rather distinctive odor emanating from it.
“Furret! Furret furr! (Each contestant gets one guess and the winner receives. . .)” Furret paused, “Furr-furr-furr! (a lifetime supply of Poké Puffs!)” Furret chuckled to himself after he said this; he didn’t really have a lifetime supply of Poké Puffs to give away, but in any case he didn’t expect anyone to guess what was in the box.
The guesses were, as Furret imagined, rather wide of the mark.
“Marow! (Old socks!),” said Marowak.
“Raaaticate! (Toe jam!),” said Raticate.
“Pidgeoo! (I don’t know. Birds can’t smell)” said Pidgeotto.
Finally, Furret said, “Furr-furr, furret. (I’m sorry, none of those are right.)” With that he hopped on top of the box and flipped it open, revealing. . .
“PRIME-AAAPE! (Let me tell you something, brother! I thought you knew me better than that!)” Marowak, Raticate, Pidgeotto, and Furret scattered, and Primeape tore around the storage room in frustration.
Eventually, Primeape stomped upstairs to the NERV control room, where Maya and the other computer technicians were monitoring Asuka’s descent anxiously.
“I know it gets lonely down there,” said Maya, getting up from her seat, “but you have to stay down with the other Pokémon.” With that Maya picked up Primeape—though not without getting repeatedly punched on the nose—and began to carry him back downstairs. As she did, Shigeru called after her.
“Maya, you might want to have a look at this,”
“Not now!” she said. “I need to take Primeape back down to the storage room. Can’t this wait?”
“No. Take a look.” Maya set Primeape back down on the floor—the Pig-Monkey Pokémon took the opportunity to sneak up behind Shigeru and steal his hat—and stared at the screen.
“Mother of Arceus. Heatran—it’s moving.”
Through a statistically unlikely but narratively convenient coincidence, this was exactly the statement that Asuka was making at the same time. Heatran was beginning to slowly stir within its lava chamber. Asuka, much as she would have liked to deny it, was now scared. Waiting for her opponent to attack first wasn’t an option anymore.
“All right, Groudon—Hyper Beam now!” Groudon unleashed a blinding flash of white light into the crater of the volcano, but this seemed not to affect Heatran.
“Are you having any trouble down there?” Shinji called to Asuka.
“No,” Asuka lied. Needless to say, she was, but to say otherwise would have meant admitting defeat, and even worse admitting she needed help from Idiot Shinji, so there was no need for that.
“All right then.” Now that Shinji was satisfied that he wasn’t needed for the time being, Genesect sat down on the edge of the volcano and rested its head against its arm. Unfortunately, at that very moment, a passing flock of Pidgey decided that the gigantic cyborg Pokémon would make a good place to relieve themselves. From inside the entry plug, Shinji could only watch as splatters of white goop started covering the view ports. He tried wiping the windows off, but this had the opposite of the desired effect. Not only did Shinji—in a moment of unnatural stupidity even for him—forget that the Pidgey droppings were on the outside of Genesect and he was on the inside, he also caused Genesect to start waving its own arms around, losing its balance.
Before Shinji had time to slap his forehead, Genesect had fallen into the volcano. . . and landed directly on top of Groudon.
“What’s the big deal?!” Asuka asked. “I told you I could handle this myself!”
“Well, maybe I thought it would help if I, you, know, dropped by?” Shinji said, trying to alleviate the mood. Asuka was not amused.
“Listen here, idiot,” Asuka’s voice crackled in Shinji’s intercom. “Whether or not I want you down here, you are now. So Heatran’s about to break out of the volcano, and I need your help to take it out.”
“Well, what do you want me to do?” Shinji asked.
“No more questions right now!” snapped Asuka. “Just make sure Genesect stays on top of Groudon’s back. Genesect isn’t meant to withstand lava, so we need to keep it out of it for as long as possible.” Shinji crouched down as best as he could inside the cramped entry plug, causing Genesect to squat down as well and grip onto Groudon’s back.
All right, Genesect. Hyper Beam! Shinji thought. A blazing bolt of light surged forwards from Genesect’s cannon, but Heatran barely even flinched when it hit it. For a moment, Shinji wondered if the Legendary Pokémon was going to retaliate, but it never did. It was moving more and more often, though, and that made him nervous. So far, it hadn’t attacked, which both Shinji and Asuka thought was odd.
Both Genesect and Groudon continued firing attacks at Heatran, but none of them succeeded in eliciting any sort of response from the Fire/Steel-type Pokémon. I guess it makes sense, Shinji thought to himself. If it’s living in a volcano, it’s got to be pretty tough, so whatever we’re going to be able to throw at it probably isn’t going to hurt it. Now, if one of us had a Water-type, that would be another. . .
“Wait a minute.” Shinji called back up to Misato on the entry plug’s intercom. “You know the different drives that change the type of Genesect’s Techno Blast attack that you told me about? Which one is it using right now?”
“It doesn’t have one now,” she said. “Are you requesting one?”
“Yes. The Douse Drive.”
“I’ll see what I can do. If I can get it, you should have it in a couple minutes.”
A couple minutes, Shinji thought. Down here that feels like thirty freaking hours.
As it turned out, they were both wrong. The Douse Drive arrived exactly one minute later, not, as Misato had so informally put it “a couple”, and most definitely not “thirty freaking hours.” Once the drive had automatically slid into Genesect’s cannon, Shinji lined up Heatran in his sight and prepared to fire. . . only for Asuka to interrupt him. And she sounded furious.
“Listen here, idiot!” she said. “Everything that’s gone badly for me today, all of it, has been your ficken fault. It’s because of you that I’m not able to go to the Seafoam Islands. It’s because of you that I’m down here. Now the least you could do is let me finish this job myself and at least get some recognition for it instead of upstaging me like you always do.”
Shinji thought for a moment. Was Asuka right? Had he really been unintentionally inconveniencing her this whole time?
“Asuka,” he said, “I have. . . something important to tell you.”
“What is it? It had better be really important if you’re telling me down here.”
“It is,” said Shinji. “I just wanted to say that I’m. . .”
Unfortunately, at that very moment, Misato’s voice shouted in his intercom, “GET ON WITH IT!”
With that, Shinji fired Genesect’s Techno Blast attack, striking Heatran squarely in the face. The Legendary Pokémon vanished, leaving the Sign of Arceus in its place, just as every Legendary Pokémon before it had.
Back at NERV HQ, Misato, Maya, and Dr. Akagi were cheering, but Shinji felt as glum as ever. Even when he was trying to be nice to people, the world still found a way to kick him in the gonads.

Who’s That Pokémon?

This Pokémon was compressed underground for millions of years, giving it a body of solid metal.
Last answer:
It’s Heatran!
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Re: Rebuild of EvangeléMon

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Postby silvermoonlight » Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:23 pm

Glad to see your back ^_^
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Re: Rebuild of EvangeléMon

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Postby El Squibbonator » Thu Jul 16, 2020 10:50 am

And here's episode 11

Neon Genesis Evangelémon Episode 11:
The Day Pallet Town 3 Stood Still
A few weeks had passes since the battle with Heatran, and things were back to normal at NERV headquarters. Well, as normal as they could possibly be under the circumstances; Asuka’s mishap with the modified plugsuit had been caught on the security cameras, and one of the computer technicians—no one knew who, because none of them would confess to it—had put it out on the internet for all to see. Asuka had no clue of this until her classmates started pointing to her at school and giggling about her “new look”.
Shinji, for his part, wasn’t laughing. He had been spending most of this time training with Genesect, in case another Legendary showed up. He imagined Asuka and Rei ought to have been doing the same thing, but he never saw them actually training. This, to him, confirmed something that he had already suspected: that Shinji Ikari was inherently inferior at anything he tried to do.
Including, it seemed, trying to open the door into NERV headquarters. The door was equipped with a card-reader, so one only had to slide the card into the scanner to open the door. Shinji, however, had been trying to do this for the past half hour, and had made no progress on it whatsoever. Theoretically, he could have just used Sandslash to Focus Blast the door down or Furret to dig underneath it, but something told him he would get in trouble for doing that—if he wasn’t already in trouble, that is.
Just as Shinji was about to stomp off in a huff, a siren blared over the Geofront, sending flocks of Pidgey scattering. Looking around, Shinji was shocked (though perhaps not as shocked as he might otherwise have been, since he had been in this same situation several times before) to see a gigantic, vaguely metallic-looking creature with long, spindly arms and legs lumbering towards Pallet Town 3.
Meanwhile, inside NERV Headquarters, Misato, Gendo, and Dr. Akagi were even more nervous. Gendo, in particular, was becoming quite frustrated. “The electricity is down here,” said Gendo, “but not anywhere else in Pallet Town 3. Do either of you have any idea what could have caused this? Let me give you a hint. It wasn’t a thunderstorm, and it wasn’t a Pikachu infestation either.”
“We weren’t. . . sabotaged?” Misato gasped.
“You’re quick on the uptake” Gendo nodded. “But now we have Legendary Pokemon approaching Pallet Town 3, and we need to get Shinji in. Alakazam, I need your assistance!” Alakazam emerged from its Poké Ball, then vanished, returning moments later with a kicking and grunting Shinji in its psychic grip.
“Ritsuko, take him to the Evangelémon containment room. Rei and Asuka are already waiting there, and we need to deploy them. Registeel is about to reach Pallet Town 3.”
“As you command, Ikari,” Dr. Akagi said, leading Shinji out of the room.
Shinji had never been on a mission with both Rei and Asuka before, and he wished that if he ever had to go on one, it would not be in a situation like this. But, as his usual luck would have it, he did not get his wish. So now he and the other two Evangelémon Trainers were locked inside their entry plugs and waiting to be deployed. . . if only the doors leading out of the containment room would open.
Meanwhile, on the outskirts of Pallet Town 3, the KSSDF forces were starting to become impatient. Ordinarily they would wait for NERV’s permission before attacking the marauding Legendary Pokémon (not that it ever accomplished anything), but now that the power had been knocked out, that was impossible.
The leader of the platoon who had been sent to battle Registeel decided to take matters into his own hands. He unclipped a Poké Ball from his belt and tossed it into the air, releasing a Golbat with a speaker attached to one of its legs. The Bat Pokémon flew towards Pallet Town 3, the speaker attached to its leg blaring an evacuation alarm to the people below.
One of the people who heard it was Hyuga, who at that moment had been wringing Shuckle juice out of Misato’s laundry. When he heard the evacuation order, he dropped what he was doing and did the first thing he could think of—which was not, as one might expect, to evacuate himself from Pallet Town 3, but rather to spread the word further himself, regardless of the fact that the loudspeaker was doing a very good job of that already. He jumped into a nearby van and raced back to NERV HQ.
At NERV HQ, Misato and Kaji were oblivious to any of this as they rode the elevator down to meet with Gendo. “You know, Misato,” Kaji said. “It’s a shame we had to go our separate ways. When I see you now, drowning your sorrows in Shuckle juice every day, I realize how much I miss the old you.” He put his arm around Misato’s shoulders and moved in closer to her, only for Misato to push him away.
“Well, that Misato’s gone,” she said. “The one you have now is right here, and she’s not particularly interested in a romantic night on the town, if that’s what you’re getting at.” Kaji wasn’t convinced. “You at least think we could give it one last try? You know, for old time’s sake?”
At that, his Mawile burst out of its Poké Ball and chomped down hard on his head. “Why you little. . . how does she know when I’m doing this?” Kaji grumbled to himself as he recalled Mawile. Misato could barely stifle herself from laughing.
Registeel, meanwhile, hadn’t moved. The colossal Legendary Pokémon stood motionless on the coast looking towards Pallet Town 3, its multiple eyes staring downward. Then, all at once, it began to slowly walk towards Pallet Town 3.
Shinji, meanwhile, was not having a very good day. It had started out bad, all right—having to go to school with Misato for career discussion day was never a pleasant experience—but being called back to NERV to command Genesect in battle against Registeel just made it even worse. He would have liked for it to just be over with, but since the universe seemed eternally dedicated to his misery and disappointment, that was unlikely to happen anytime soon, especially given the fact that the EvangeléMon deployment mechanism seemed to be jammed.
Shinji tried to call out to Misato and Dr. Akagi to complain, but as his perpetually bad luck would have it, the communication network was down as well. He was not the only one who realized this.
“Do you think we’ve been sabotaged?” Dr. Akagi asked, after noticing that the lights had suddenly switched off.
“Well, that would seem to be the obvious conclusion,” said Gendo, “barring a severe Pikachu infestation. What do you propose we do about it?”
“What do I propose?” asked Dr. Akagi, “You’re the one who runs the place.”
“Espie!” chirped Espeon in agreement.
“And you, might I remind you, are the one who’s in charge of making sure it works properly. So tell me who sabotaged us and why!” Gendo was now visibly agitated, and Dr. Akagi knew it was a bad idea not to provoke him further, unless you wanted to end up as target practice for his Hydreigon.
“Well. . .” Dr. Akagi tried to stall for time.
“Come on. Out with it!” Gendo snapped.
“I think it had something to do with Silph Co.” This was a straight-up lie, but that was all she could think of to avoid getting Gendo even angrier than he already was.
“Very well then. I shall order and investigation. I was just wondering whether or not it was you who sabotaged it.”
“Me?” asked Dr. Akagi. “Why would I do something like that?”
“Why don’t you ask yourself . . . liar?” Gendo smirked.
As this was going on, Shinji had arrived at NERV, expecting two things to happen. One was that he would be escorted into the EvangeléMon deployment room to synch up with Genesect, and the other was that he would find Misato waiting for him. As it happened, neither of these things came true. Instead he was greeted by Asuka and Rei, both of whom seemed to be in a bad mood.
“We’ve been waiting half an hour for you!” snapped Asuka. “What’s going on?” Shinji started to stutter an answer, but before he could say anything, Asuka spoke again. “As usual, you’re an incompetent idiot. So I’ve taken the liberty of declaring myself the leader for the time being.”
“Fine, so you’re the leader,” said Shinji. “Do you know how to get us inside?”
“We’ll have to get into that air vent,” said Asuka. “Scizor! Metal claw!” Scizor smashed open the metal grill covering the air vent, and the three of them—well, five counting Marowak and Primeape—crawled inside.
“You know, Rei”, said Asuka once they were inside, “you’ve got a lot of nerve trying to play favorites with Gendo, when anyone can tell I’m the best Pokémon Trainer in Pallet Town 3!”
In her usual monotone voice, Rei replied, “My favor with the commander is of no relation to my skill as a Pokémon Trainer. You are mistaken.”
Sensing an argument was about to start, Shinji tried to defuse it. “This really isn’t the time for that. We need to focus on—“ His sentence was cut off by a flurry of punches and kicks to his face, courtesy of Primeape.
“Prime-Aaape!” (Let me tell you something, brother! What you gonna do when Primeape-mania runs wild on you?) The angry Pig Monkey Pokémon clearly took offense to Shinji suggesting that Asuka be less of a headstrong leader, and was not shy about showing it. This sent Shinji flying backwards, and crashing through the floor of the air vent, which by sheer coincidence was also the ceiling of the EvangeléMon deployment room.
Shinji, Asuka, Rei, Marowak, and Primeape crashed onto the floor in a heap, right in front of Misato and Dr. Akagi. When they got to their feet, they saw that Mewtwo, Genesect, and Groudon already had their entry plugs attached, which fortunately making the process of synching up with them much faster.
For a moment Shinji thought that perhaps this would go a little more smoothly than his past battles, but as soon as he climbed inside the entry plug and synchronized his brain with Genesect’s, he realized what a foolish notion that had been. He was, after all, Shinji Ikari—the perpetual whipping-boy of the cosmos. If anything went right for him, it was not going to be for long, and it would quickly be rendered redundant by some new disappointment. That was his life, and he figured he might as well get used to it.
“Shinji!” Asuka’s voice snapped in his intercom. “We’re headed into that big maintenance tunnel over there. From the sound of it, Registeel is right above us!”
“What do you want me to do?” Shinji asked, not realizing this was the worst possible thing to say given the circumstances.
“Just do what I tell you to do!” said Asuka. “I’m the leader! You listen to me!”
“And what about Rei?” asked Shinji.
They both peered out of their entry plugs to look at what Rei was doing, or rather what Mewtwo was doing with Rei controlling it. Apparently the answer was, “not much”, since Mewtwo simply stood motionless, staring quietly at the ground.
“Hmph,” Asuka grunted. “Just come with me.”
For Misato and Dr. Akagi, it was quite a sight to see the three Legendary Pokémon walking single-file into a narrow underground tunnel. Misato could barely refrain herself from laughing, but her amusement quickly turned to panic as Groudon’s tail nearly knocked over the pipes carrying the LCL.
Misato reached into her pocket and pulled out a small intercom. Talking into it she said, “Commander Ikari, I think we need to do something about this. The Legendary Pokémon . . . are rather awkward to keep indoors.”
As the tunnel went farther and farther, it got narrower and narrower. Somehow, Shinji was unconvinced that this was really the way to defeat Registeel, but he knew better than to question Asuka about anything. For once, though, fate seemed to be on his side. The inside of the Entry Plug had become unbearably hot, and at first Shinji was wondering if he was simply sweating because he was nervous. That theory was quickly shot down when he heard Asuka comment, “Shinji, are you the only one who’s feeling a bit too hot in here?”
“Nope,” he said, trying to sound as innocent as possible. “Maybe it’s coming from that jet of molten metal that’s breaking through the ceiling.”
“You’re right,” said Asuka. “Maybe it is—wait a second. Did you say JET OF MOLTEN METAL!?”
Groudon, and Mewtwo both turned around, only to see that Shinji was not lying. A jet of molten metal really was breaking through the ceiling of the tunnel and pouring down onto the floor. “Registeel must be doing that,” Shinji thought out loud. “It’s trying to melt its way into NERV Headquarters. It’s trying to get to something inside.”
“That doesn’t matter right now,” Asuka snapped. “It’s a Legendary Pokémon, and that means we battle it. Are all of you ready?”
“Yes,” Shinji replied meekly.
Genesect, Techno Blast!
Genesect crouched down and tilted the turret on its back into a vertical position, before firing directly upwards at the ceiling.
The concentrated fire of Genesect’s Techno Blast attack burst through the ceiling, and was joined in short order by a pair of Hyper Beams from Mewtwo and Groudon. Registeel caught the full blast of all three attacks, and stumbled backwards, the jet of liquid metal it used to drill into the Geofront suddenly disappearing.
Even though Shinji, Rei, and Asuka couldn’t see it, Registeel keeled over onto its back and fell motionless to the ground, where it vanished, to be replaced with the Sign of Arceus. Shinji simply looked around, puzzled. Wait. What. . . what just happened? Usually we don’t defeat the Legendary Pokémon until the very end of the episode. What’s going on?
His question was answered when he, Asuka, and Rei returned to the NERV headquarters. They pressed the button to open the elevator, which by sheer coincidence also happened to be the very same elevator that Kaji and Misato were still inside. The two of them tumbled out of the elevator door in a heap, and Shinji, Asuka, and Rei took a step back.
“Oh. . . uh. . . Asuka. I didn’t expect to see you here,” said Kaji, at which point Mawile once again burst out of its Poké Ball and chomped down on his head.
“This isn’t the time for that,” said Shinji, in a rare moment of assertiveness. “Do either of you have any idea what just happened. You know, why the power went out?”
“I’m afraid I’m not really sure,” said Misato. “If we knew, don’t you think we would tell you?”
“Um. . . no?” said Shinji. “There’s tons of stuff you haven’t told me that I’m sure is going to be very important eventually. Like, where did Genesect, Groudon, and Mewtwo come from? What happened to my mother? Why do all these Legendary Pokémon keep attacking Pallet Town 3? These questions obviously have answers, and I have a feeling that if you’re hiding them, you must not want me to know what they are!”
“I’m afraid I can’t tell you any of those things,” said Misato. “Now come with us. You father is looking for you.”
Gendo Ikari sat at his desk, with his Alakazam hovering beside him. “Shinji, I have both good news and bad news,” he said. “The good news is, I am impressed by the ease with which you defeated Registeel. The bad news, unfortunately, is that I have been told you are becoming too curious for your own good about certain things. So I am going to have to forbid you from asking any more questions of that nature. Simply do what you are told.”
Sheepishly, Shinji nodded, and turned to walk out. However, Alakazam’s telekinesis held him in place.
“Don’t go yet,” said Gendo. “I still have one more thing to tell you.”
“What’s that?” asked Shinji, almost afraid to hear the answer.
“You forgot your lunch bag.”

Who’s That Pokémon?
This Pokémon is said to leave a rainbow behind it as it flies around the world.

Last answer:
It’s Registeel!
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Re: Rebuild of EvangeléMon

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Postby El Squibbonator » Sat Dec 19, 2020 2:22 pm

You thought I'd given up on this series? Ha! As a matter of fact, I've been working on it quite a bit over the course of the pandemic, and the uploads are going to get a LOT more frequent after this. I still hope to get the story finished by the time the fourth Evangelion movie comes out, which should be in a little over a month:

The impact came without warning. A blinding pillar of light, visible for miles across the barren ice fields of the South Pole, shot into the sky. Groups of Piplup and Dewgong dove into the water in panic, while in a nearby research station, two people were watching the event with interest. One was a blonde woman with an Eevee, and the other was a blue-haired woman with a Shiny Piplup. The blue-haired woman turned to her companion. “Ritsuko, do you suppose this is the Second Impact, the one we were sent to investigate?”

“Does an Ursaring shit in the woods?” replied the blonde woman pithily.

“Vwee?” said Eevee.

“ . . . and that’s basically what happened,” said Misato. She had been telling the story of Second Impact to Shinji, Asuka, Touji, and Kensuke, all of whom had gathered in her apartment during a particularly bad rainstorm. None of them seemed particularly interested in it. Even more annoyingly—at least from Misato’s perspective—none of them noticed that she had just been promoted to Major. None of them, that is, except Kensuke, who pointed out the new badge on her uniform.

“Umm, so WHAT?” said Asuka. “All that means is that she has more authority to tell us what to do.”

“Don’t you think it’s cool?” said Kensuke. He leaned in close to Asuka in his giddy excitement, and promptly found himself punched out flat on the floor courtesy of Primeape.

“Ugh. . . boys.” Asuka grumbled.

“You know,” said Misato, “you and Shinji both have a synchronization test in a few minutes. We need to get you there as soon as possible.”

Shinji wondered for a moment why she hadn’t told him this earlier, but then he remembered that he was Shinji Ikari, and it was the universe’s job to make him feel utterly unprepared for the things life threw at him. It was a law of nature. Grudgingly, he, Marowak, Asuka, and Primeape followed Misato back to NERV HQ, where he knew the synchronization test was waiting. Shinji had taken so many synchronization tests that he no longer actively hated them, but they were definitely not on his list of favorite activities—in fact, they ranked slightly above Misato’s Shuckle juice in terms of things he would gladly give up.

If there was one good thing about this one, it was that his father wasn’t watching it. Gendo had more important things to do. Having teleported onto an aircraft carrier at sea with his Alakazam, he was now having an important meeting with Fuyutsuki. “It’s happening now, isn’t it?” he said.

“What?” said Fuyutsuki.

“The next Legendary Pokémon is arriving. Just as foretold.”

“It would seem so,” said Fuyutsuki. “Just one question.”

“What’s that?” asked Gendo, seemingly perturbed by the comment.

“Why are we doing this? You know, this whole thing with the Evangelémons and the Legendary Pokémon and everything. What are you hoping to gain out of this? You could make a lot more money just. . . I dunno. . . selling all this super-advanced technology of yours at outrageous prices and not have to worry about all these angry Legendary Pokémon. Just a thought,” said Fuyutsuki.

Gendo sighed. “It seemed like a good idea at the time,” he said.

Back in Pallet Town 3, the new Legendary Pokémon had appeared on NERV HQ’s radar. “Ho-Oh,” said Misato. “A Fire/Flying-type. That means it has an advantage over Genesect, who’s a Bug/Steel-type.”

“But it’s way up there,” said Shinji. “How does it plan to—“

Before he could finish his sentence, the entire building shook. Shinji looked out the window, and saw that a huge area of Pallet Town 3 had just been set on fire, destroying a number of convenientlyempty buildings.

“Oh no! Not the conveniently empty buildings!” said Misato.

“All right,” said Asuka, “what do you want us to do? The longer we wait, the more that thing is going to destroy Pallet Town 3!”

“I know this is going to sound ridiculous,” said Misato, “but I want you, Shinji, and Rei to catch it.”

“As in, with a Poké Ball?”

“No,” said Misato. “This is the idea. Genesect, Groudon, and Mewtwo will use their AP Fields at full strength to block Ho-Oh when it flies lower to make a more precise attack. We’re reasonably confident that Ho-Oh, like the other Legendary Pokémon we’ve encountered, is attracted to something in Pallet Town 3 and will come closer to get at it.”

“And what happens after that?” asked Shinji.

“That should be obvious,” said Misato.

“Umm. . . no, it really isn’t.” said Shinji.

“You’re supposed to launch your attacks then! That’s what you’ve done all the other times, isn’t it?”

Ho-Oh, meanwhile, continued circling high above Pallet Town 3. The huge golden bird-like Pokémon would occasionally swoop lower, only to bombard the ground below with another blast of its Sacred Fire attack, then return to the safety of high altitudes. Shinji, Asuka, and Rei stared at its picture on the radar screen.

“How high up is it, again?” Shinji asked.

“14,000 feet, last time we checked,” said Misato.

“All right,” said Shinji. “I’m in.”

Climbing into Genesect’s entry plug was a familiar routine by this point for Shinji, though by no means an enjoyable one. At the very least, he wished that Gendo had the foresight to install some air-fresheners inside it, since the smell of LCL was starting to stain his clothing. Ready, Genesect? Shinji thought.

The huge Steel-type Pokémon let out a metallic roar, and raised itself to its full gigantic height. Groudon and Mewtwo did the same thing seconds later, as the door to the deployment chamber opened.

By now the citizens of Pallet Town 3—the ones who were still alive, at any rate—were quite used to the sight of the three giant Legendary Pokémon towering above the town. It was an ordinary part of life there, as ordinary as the Legendary Pokémon incursions themselves had become.

“All right, so what’s the plan?” Asuka’s voice snapped in the intercom of Shinji’s intercom.

“I. . . I don’t know,” said Shinji. “All they told us to do was. . . WATCH OUT!”

Genesect stumbled backwards, as one of Ho-Oh’s Sacred Fire attacks struck the ground in front of it. Unfortunately, as it did so, it crashed directly into Groudon, which in turn cased Asuka to lose control. “Shinji, watch where you’re—“ Asuka never got to finish her sentence. Groudon spun around, and its tail struck Mewtwo.

“You did that on purpose,” Rei said in her typical deadpan tone. “This is unacceptable. Shadow ball!” Mewtwo launched its attack at Groudon, who barely managed to dodge it.

Back in the NERV control room, Misato, Dr. Akagi, and Maya watched with a mix of amusement and apprehension. “What are they doing? Why are they fighting each other?” asked Maya.

“Are you asking me?” said Misato. “Ho-Oh just fired an attack that missed Genesect, and the next thing you know, all three of them are going at each other instead.”

“You want us to do anything about it?” said Dr. Akagi. “We could always just send an N2 bomb there and take care of it that way. They’re not really doing anything useful right now, so it’s our best bet at this point.”

“No,” said Misato. “I still think they can pull this off.” She picked up the intercom, and tapped into the frequency of Shinji’s entry plug.

“Shinji!” Misato’s voice came echoing through the entry plug.

“Wh- wh-what is it?”

“I have an idea for how we can stop Ho-Oh,” Misato said.

“Oh, so you’re telling me this now, after it’s already burned down half of Pallet Town 3?” Shinji said.

“Just hear me out. I have an idea of what Ho-Oh is trying to do. Tell me, Shinji, have you noticed any pattern in where it’s been sending its fire attacks?”

“No,” said Shinji. “It sends them everywhere. . . including right he—“ Before he could finish his sentence, another massive fireball came barreling down towards him out of the sky. Genesect leaped aside, while Groudon simply dug its feet into the ground and braced itself for the impact.

High up in the sky, Ho-Oh surveyed the damage below. With just four Sacred Fire attacks, it had set several hundred acres of forest ablaze, to say nothing of the damage caused to Pallet Town 3. But the Geofront and NERV headquarters were all but untouched. The huge bird-like Pokémon swooped lower, and prepared to launch another attack, only to notice that Mewtwo, Groudon, and Genesect were gone from where they had been just minutes before.

Misato’s plan, thus far, had gone off without a hitch. Groudon, Genesect, and Mewtwo had all been relocated to separate locations around the borders of Pallet Town 3. Personally, Shinji questioned the logic of this plan, since as far as he was concerned Legendary Pokémon didn’t care about political boundaries defined by humans. Ho-Oh could probably burn down all of Kanto if it so desired.

“Wait a minute,” said Shinji. “What exactly are we doing again?”

“OK,” said Misato. “Here’s the plan. We’ve been tracking Ho-Oh. I’ve noticed that every time it launches a Sacred Fire attack, it flies lower. If that continues to hold, then after four more attacks it’s going to be within range of all three of your attacks. I’ve positioned you, Rei, and Asuka at strategic points around the perimeter of Pallet Town 3. Once Ho-Oh gets within range, you can fire your attacks. But not before that. Understand? Not before—“

“I get it!” said Shinji, raising his voice in a rare display of assertiveness. He was about to ask how he was supposed to coordinate his attacks with Asuka and Rei, when Ho-Oh swooped down and delivered another Sacred Fire attack.

“All right, Genesect,” said Shinji. “You know the drill. Techno Blast!” The purple Bug- and Steel-type Pokémon prepared to fire its attack at Ho-Oh, only for Misato to shout in Shinji’s intercom again.

“Not yet! Don’t attack until I say so!”

Ho-Oh swooped lower, and launched another volley of Sacred Fire, causing Shinji—and, by extension, Genesect, to jump aside in panic. However, Shinji quickly regained his composure and returned to the point where he had been instructed to launch his attack.

“Is this when you say so?” he asked Misato.

“Yes,” came the reply.

“Techno Blast!” shouted Shinji. Genesect raised the turret on the back of its head, and a blinding beam of white light blasted towards Ho-Oh.

Ho-Oh turned away, and dodged the attack with almost contemptuous ease. Crap, Shinji thought. “Asuka? How are you holding up? Do you have a lock on Ho-Oh?”

“Can’t talk now!” Asuka snapped. “You just made me lose focus!” Asuka, for her part, was also having having trouble keeping track of Ho-Oh as it circled high in the sky. “Hyper Beam!” At Asuka’s command, Groudon fired a blast of yellow light at Ho-Oh, but it missed by a wide margin. The golden bird-like Pokémon soared overhead, seemingly unconcerned about anything Genesect, Groudon, or Mewtwo could do to it. “Schiesse!” Asuka grumbled.

“Wha—what happened?” asked Shinji, causing Asuka to realize she had left the intercom in her entry plug on.

“Nothing, you idiot!” she snapped. “Now just go back to watching Ho-oh like you’re supposed to!”

“Fine, I will,” said Shinji, but Asuka had already turned the intercom back off. And when we’re done with this—if we ever get done with this—you’re going to owe me big time for saving your life.

Shinji raised Genesect’s cannon again, but before he could fire, Ho-Oh swooped towards him and launched another Sacred Fire. Genesect leaped aside, with speed and agility that logically ought to have been impossible for something its size, and Shinji breathed a sigh of relief as the fireball missed him (although it still destroyed a number of conveniently empty buildings).

“Shinji! What are you doing?” Misato’s voice crackled in his intercom again.

“I. . . I don’t know,” said Shinji truthfully. “What am I supposed to be doing?”

“Ho-Oh is right there! This is when you’re supposed to attack!”

Shinji re-composed himself. “All right, back to basics. Techno Blast!” A bolt of white light shot out of Genesect’s cannon and blasted straight towards Ho-Oh, while Shinji crossed his fingers in the desperate hope that the Legendary Pokémon didn’t escape.

For once, his hopes were answered. The golden bird-like Pokémon tried to turn away, but was met by two more attacks—a Hyper Beam from Groudon and a Shadow Ball from Mewtwo. All three attacks collided with Ho-Oh, and a massive explosion of fire and smoke filled the view ports of the entry plug. As the smoke cleared, Ho-Oh was still in the air, but it was motionless. It had been knocked out.

Shinji watched with bated breath as the Legendary Pokémon collapsed to the ground, and vanished from sight. The Sign of Arceus shimmered in the sky above Pallet Town 3, just as it had when every other Legendary Pokémon had been defeated. But something felt wrong to Shinji. This is weird, he thought. Normally we defeat the Legendary Pokémon with a lot more time left in the episode. That can only mean one of two things—either they’ve gotten stronger, or something a lot weirder is going to happen soon.

That evening, Shinji, Rei, Asuka, and Misato all went out to eat at a restaurant, which for some reason was still standing and open despite Pallet Town 3 having been basically burned to the ground mere hours beforehand. Shinji had many questions, some of them frivolous—for instance, if we’re eating steak, what Pokémon is it made out of? And if that’s pork in your ramen, as it appears to be, what is it made out of?

But he also had something rather more important to say. “Misato,” he said. “I have a. . . a bit of a confession.”

“What do you mean?” she said.

“It’s about the reason I decided to be Genesect’s Trainer. It’s not about wanting to save the world, or be a better person, or anything like that. Really, I just do it so my father won’t be such a jerk to me. Do you still respect what I do, now that you know that?”

Misato stared at him for a moment, then answered. “Does an Ursaring shit in the woods? Honestly, Shinji, all that matters to us is that you do it.”

Who’s That Pokémon?

This Pokémon’s body is composed of plasma, and it can cause electronic devices to go haywire!

Last answer:

It’s Ho-Oh!
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Re: Rebuild of EvangeléMon

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Postby El Squibbonator » Sun Jan 03, 2021 1:29 pm

After the battle with Ho-Oh, things returned to normal. Well, perhaps “normal” was not the proper word to use. It would be more accurate to say things returned to being abnormal in the same way they had been earlier, as opposed to being abnormal in the way they had been more recently.

This was, of course, little relief to Shinji, Reu or Asuka, all three of whom were spending the day in a synchronization test. Shinji had tried to protest against it, but quickly withdrew his objections when he learned that the alternative would be helping Misato squeeze Shuckle juice. He may have been perpetually unfortunate, but at the very least he knew how to pick the lesser of two bad things.

While the tests were proceeding smoothly—or rather, as smoothly as they could reasonably be expected to, given the sort of things that usually happened during them—Fututsuki’s attention had been caught by something else. The mechanical clamps that held the entry plug testing rig in place had an odd form of corrosion on them, which had been brought to his attention by Aoba a few days ago. Fuyutsuki hadn’t thought very much about it at the time, but looking at it now, it seemed as though the corrosion was getting bigger.

He called to Misato on the intercom.

“Is it possible to abort the Evangelémon Trainers’ synchronization test?” he asked.

“Why would you want to do that? Everything is going fine for once,” Misato said.

“I have noticed some. . . some odd corrosion on the testing rig. I do not think it would be safe,”

Misato laughed. “This is not something we can just stop. This test needs to be done. If you’re going to complain, take it up with Director Ikari, not me. I’m sure he will be more than willing to hear you out. Trust me,”

Yeah, like I’d trust an angry Tyranitar, thought Fuyutsuki.

“All right,” Misato shouted, “now that that’s out of the way, we can commence the remote synchronization test! Ready?”

“Remote synchronization?” asked Shinji. “What’s that?”

“Oh, for crying out loud, Shinji,” Asuka’s voice snapped at him through his entry plug’s intercom. “It’s when you synchronize the entry plug with the Lenedary Pokémon it’s attached to. . . and you do it remotely. I thought you were supposed to be good at this stuff?” Shinji said nothing. He knew, however he responded, Asuka would only make it worse.

Meanwhile, in Shinji’s bedroom on the other side of Pallet Town 3, Marowak was feeling grumpy. Partly because this was how he usually felt, but also partly because he had noticed that the more time Shinji spent at NERV headquarters with Genesect, the less time he spent with Marowak and his other Pokémon. “Marowak wak marow! (How long do you think it’s going to be until we actually get to do something again?)” he groaned.

“Pidgeoot! Pidge-pidgeootoo! (I’ll give him a day, tops)” said Pidgeotto.

“Caaate. . .(I’ll give him a week), chimed in Raticate.

“Furret! (I’ll give him twenty-two minutes)”, said Furret.

“Maro-wak-wak-wak? (Well, what do you suppose we should do until then?)” Marowak inquired. He sat down on Shinji’s bed, and tried to scratch his head. Unfortunately, scratching his heavy skull helmet did not achieve the same effect, and he resigned himself to simply slumping against the wall in despair.

“Furr! Furret! (Wait! I’ve got an idea!)” said Furret.

“Slassh! Sandshaa! Slassh! (Well? What is it?)” grumbled Sandslash.

“Furret! Furret, furr furr furret! (We could make a card for him. You know, to let him know we’re thinking about him.)”

Sandslash promptly clobbered Furret over the head with one of its claws, nonverbally but emphatically giving its opinion of Furret’s idea. Furret groaned. “Furrr. . . (I’ll take that as a no)”

“Pidge? Pidgeoot? Pidegotto! (A card? Actually, that sounds like a wonderful idea! Y’all get the paper, and I’ll find a pen!”

With that, Pidgeotto flew out the window to find a pen. She knew exactly where to find one—Gendo Ikari’s office.

Gendo, for his part, was looking forward to a relaxing day with no bothersome Pokémon incursions, legendary or otherwise. He had done a lot of work over the past several days, and he was hoping he could take today off and spend some time reading a favorite book.

So when Pidgeotto came flying into the open window of his office, Gendo reacted with a mixture of disappointment and frustration. “Of all the times,” he grumbled to himself, “of all the times in the world for this to happen. . .”

Gendo tried to shoo Pidgeotto out of his office, but the birdlike Pokémon continued flapping about, squawking and pecking at everything within reach. “Ritsuko!” Gendo called on his phone, “can you come here and help me for a moment? That blasted bird is in my office!”

“I already had a word with Misato about not letting Pen-Pen out during work hours,” came the reply.

“Not him,” said Gendo, “Shinji’s Pidgeotto!” But before Gendo could say anything else, Pidgeotto flew back out the window, carrying the pen from his desk in her claws.

Back in the testing room, things weren’t going much better. Rei’s simulation rig had suddenly lurched out of control, as if something was moving it that she was unable to fight against. Without warning, it sprang open and ejected Rei from inside itself, as if it were spitting her out. Shinji and Asuka barely had time to register what they had just seen before they, too, were violently ejected from their entry plug testing rigs

“Ouch, my leg,” groaned Shinii.

“My arm,” grumbled Asuka.

“My fibula,” said Rei, in a tone that was not at all different from the one she used any other time.

The mass of corrosion and rust that had first appeared on the testing rig, meanwhile, had grown much larger, and had expanded to cover the nearby bank of computer terminals. Why computers were still bulky devices that took up half a room, despite the existence of handheld Pokémon databases that could scan objects and identify them, was yet another subject Shinji had simply never given much thought to.

“Is that a Legendary Pokémon?” Shinji asked.

“I don’t know, but we’d better try to battle it,” said Misato. “Gyarados, Hydro Pump!”

A powerful jet of water gushed out of Gyarados’s mouth at the metal creature, but bounced off it with no effect. Moments later, a massive bolt of electricity surged through the air and struck Gyarados squarely in the face, sending the huge serpent-like Water Pokémon reeling backwards and collapsing on the floor.

Before Misato could pull out another Poké Ball, a face suddenly appeared on the computer monitor. It was a red, cone-shaped face, with a wide grin and a sinister expression.

Misato reached into her pocket and pulled out a mobile phone.

“Ritsuko,” she shouted, “There’s been another incursion. The MAGI computers have been compromised.”

Dr. Akagi, at the moment, had been relaxing in bed with some scented candles for atmosphere, so when she heard the phone ring, she ignored it at first.

“Espie, (Answer the phone, idiot)”, said Espeon, who had been curled up at the foot of Dr. Akagi’s bed. The purple cat-like Psychic Pokémon poked at her foot with one of its paws, hoping to get her attention, but it seemed not to have much result. Espeon decided to walk up onto Dr. Akagi’s chest, and instead poke at her face. “Esspie! (Answer the freaking phone!)”

Dr. Akagi blinked, and found herself face to face with Espeon. Having accomplished part one of its plan, Espeon promptly hopped off Dr. Akagi’s chest and used its psychic powers to levitate the still-ringing phone directly into her hands.

Still not entirely awake, Dr. Akagi answered the phone. “A. . . an incursion, you say? Where?”

“I don’t know what it is, and I don’t know how it got in. Just get here!” With that she threw on her clothes and hurried down to to the testing room.

“Well, I’m certainly glad to see you,” said Shinji. “But what in the world is going on here?” He was so shocked that, in the moment, he forgot that he could have simply pulled out his PokéDex and scanned the offending creature, and upon realizing this, he proceeded to do exactly that.

“Rotom, the Plasma Pokémon,” it said. “Its body is composed of electrical energy, allowing it to embed itself in machines and wreak havoc.”

“Is it a Legendary Pokémon?” Shinji asked, still somewhat confused.

“I’m not entirely sure. I’ve never seen one before. Luckily, I do have exactly the Pokémon that we’re going to need to battle it. Porygon2, I need you!” Dr. Akagi unclipped a Poké Ball from her belt, and a strange pink and blue Pokémon emerged from it. The new Pokémon hovered next to Dr. Akagi’s head, awaiting its next command, while Shinji scanned it with his Pokédex.

“Porygon2, the Virtual Pokémon. It was developed through cutting-edge science, and has been empowered with artificial intelligence.”

“So how does that make it any different from Mewtwo? Or Genesect?” asked Shinji.

“Never mind that!” said Ritsuko. “Porygon2, go find out what’s going on in that computer!” Porygon2 let out a high-pitched buzzing sound, and vanished into thin air. Shinji, Asuka, Rei, Misato, and Dr. Akagi looked on in apprehension.

Having uploaded itself to the computer’s software, Porygon2 began scanning for Rotom. The Plasma Pokémon, fortunately, was not difficult to find, since it had already transformed every aspect of the computer’s programming into a replica of itself. From the outside, of course, Shinji and the others saw nothing at all.

“This is boring,” said Asuka. “You told me you were going to be battling it.”

“I am battling it,” said Dr. Akagi. “You just can’t see it happening because it’s taking place inside a computer.

What Dr. Akagi said, of course, was not entirely true. She wasn’t directing Porygon2 in a conventional battle, and the digital Pokémon itself had not yet truly begin to battle Rotom. However, it had located the offending Plasma Pokémon, and a curious exchange followed.

From the outside, a code of binary symbols began streaming down the screen of the computer, followed by another series of symbols flowing in the other direction. The computer began to shake and vibrate, as computers are wont to do when they are overwhelmed by something in their inner workings.

“I. . . I don’t believe it,” said Dr. Akagi. “They’re communicating,”

“What are they saying?” asked Shinji.

Dr. Akagi flipped a switch on the computer, and suddenly words began coming out of it. Specifically, words with a thick and obnoxious Brooklyn accent, despite Brooklyn not existing anywhere in this world.


“OK,” said Shinji, his suspension of disbelief finally, officially broken. He had dealt with giant prehistoric cyborg insects, clones with psychic powers, and monsters with the power to move continents before, but this was just too much for him. “No one ever told me that Porygon2 was programmed to sound like when it was in a computer. And for that matter, how can it talk at all? It’s a Pokémon. Just. . . why?”

“Because it was an upgrade from the original Porygon, which was recovered from computer belonging to a criminal syndicate,” said Dr. Akagi.

Shinji was silent for a moment. “But. . . but that just raises further questions!”

“Never mind that!” said Dr. Akagi. Suddenly, another voice came out of the computer.


That must be Rotom, Shinji thought. At least it sounds pretty much like I expected it to.


The computer began to shake and vibrate, and without warning the room was filled with a blinding flash of red and blue light that filled Shinji’s entire field of vision. It took a few seconds for him to register it, by which time he had already fallen onto the floor and blacked out.

Meanwhile, Marowak, Raticate, and Furret had finally gotten their card for Shinji prepared. They went into the testing room with it, only to see that everyone in the room was lying on the floor, either comatose or convulsing in violent epileptic seizures. The computer that Rotom had been in had burned out, and Porygon had emerged from it, while the Sign of Arceus floated overhead. It was, needless to say, a bizarre sight.

“Marow wak wak! (What’s going on in here?)” asked Marowak.

“Furret furr, (I have no idea,) said Furret.

At that very moment, another Pokémon entered the room—a round, pink Pokémon with pointy ears. It was a Jigglypuff, more specifically the Jigglypuff that belonged to NERV technician Maya Ibuki. “Jiggly? (What brings you here?)” she asked.

“Marow wak wak marrow! (I wanted to give this to Shinji. . .)” said Marowak, holding out the card.

“Puff! (That’s so sweet),” said Jigglypuff, before picking up a black magic marker.

“Raticate! (No! What are you doing!)” shouted Raticate.

Jigglypuff, however, proceeded to draw on Shinji, Asuka, Rei, Misato, and Dr. Akagi’s faces, before nonchalantly hopping out of the room.

A few minutes later, Shinji and the others regained consciousness. “Wha. . . what happened?” he asked.

“I think the bright light from when Porygon2 defeated Rotom triggered an epileptic response in everyone in the room,” said Misato. “In other words, we all had seizures.”

Shinji felt something pulling on his leg, and noticed it was Marowak, holding a crudely scribbled piece of paper. “You made that for me?” he said. “Aww, thanks! You couldn’t have!” Shinji picked it up, not caring that he couldn’t read Pokémon writing. As he did, he caught sight of his face’s reflection in the metal wall, and screamed.

At the same time, Asuka, Rei, Misato, and Dr. Akagi were also noticing the doodling on their faces, and all coming to very different conclusions about it. But they all agreed on one thing—this was one battle they would be talking about for a long time afterwards.

Who’s That Pokémon?

The two heads on its arms do not have brains. It eats everything in its path with its three mouths.

Last answer:

It’s Rotom!
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Re: Rebuild of EvangeléMon

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Postby El Squibbonator » Sun Jan 03, 2021 1:30 pm

“Genesect, I need your assistance.”

The command came not from Shinji, as one might have expected, but from Rei. She and Shinji had just been recruited—to use Gendo Ikari’s oddly polite words—for an experiment regarding the relationship of NERV’s Legendary Pokémon to their Trainers. To that end, Shinji was going to be performing a series of battle tests with Mewtwo, just as Rei would be with Genesect.

The first battle test, the one Shinji and Asuka were now watching—or rather, being forced to watch, in Shinji’s opinion—was Rei’s. They sat in a set of bleachers, next to a large outdoor arena, giving the whole thing the feel of a typical Pokémon League battle.

Rei had been able to synch up with Genesect’s entry plug well enough, which surprised neither Shinji nor Gendo. After all, even Shinji remembered his father saying she had been its Trainer before he had arrived at NERV. What didsurprise him, though, was how skilled Rei seemed to be at controlling it in battle.

Needless to say, Gendo did not have another Legendary Pokémon on hand to test out Genesect’s powers, but he did have the next best thing—his Hydreigon. Releasing the huge three-headed dragon from its Ultra Ball, he stood by waiting to see how Rei and Genesect would react.

Rei was not reacting. She was engaged in a moment of quiet introspection. A normal person would think that the control capsule of a giant cyborg Pokémon would be a bad place to do such a thing, but then Rei was not a normal person.

“Mountain... Heavy mountains. Things that change over time. Sky... Blue sky. What your eyes can't see. What your eyes can see. . .” Rei supposed that, if everyone on the outside could have heard what she was saying, they would have taken her to be a reasonably good poet, but for the moment she was simply talking to herself.

“Sun... A unique object. Water... Something comforting. Commander Ikari. Wait a minute. . . Something comforting? Commander Ikari? What does that even mean?” Rei reconsidered her early idea of a career in poetry, in light of her awkward metaphor.

“What’s she doing?” Shinji asked, to no one in particular. Asuka elbowed him in the side again.

“Just watch, stupid,” Asuka snapped.

“Flowers... So many of the same... And so many unneeded,” Rei continued to herself. “Sky... Red, red sky. The color red. I hate the color red. Asuka, Blaziken, Magmortar, all of them. And Primeape too, even though he isn’t red. I just hate Asuka is what I’m getting at. Crap, that really ruined the poetic mood.” In frustration, she bumped the button on the entry plug’s communicator, and her words became audible to everyone who had gathered to watch the battle.

“Water flowing. Blood... The smell of blood. A woman who never bleeds.

Man made from red soil. Man made from man and woman. City... A human creation. Genesect. . . a human creation? Is man a human creation? The things I possess are a life and soul. I am a vessel for a soul. Entry plug, the throne for a soul.”

Wow, thought Shinji. Rei definitely has a way with words.

“Who is this? This is me.”

Asuka, however, interrupted Shinji’s appreciation of Rei’s monologue upon hearing that line, blurting out “Well, duh! Who else do you think you are?” Fortunately, Rei seemed not to acknowledge it.

“Who am I? What am I? What am I? What am I? What am I? I am myself. This object is me.”

Now Gendo interrupted. “Very impressive, Rei, but this battle must go on. Ugh, why did I have Misato enroll you in poetry class?”

Unknown to Gendo, Misato had been standing not three feet behind him. “Don’t go blaming me for this. I’ll have you know that was your idea, commander!”

Gendo sighed. “It. . . it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Rei, of course, was not finished. “This is the me that can be seen, yet I feel as though I am not myself. Very strange.” As Rei said this, she was, indeed, feeling very strange. In front of her, sharing the entry plug with her, she had the vision of what she could only describe as a duplicate of herself—a pale, blue-haired girl with red eyes and apparently no sense of personal space. The girl settled onto Rei’s lap, and as it did it split into three, its body tearing itself apart. Each of the three parts then took on a new shape that Rei somehow recognized, despite having never seen anything like it before— three beings with two long tails each, and bright red jewels in the centers of their heads. The three creatures hovered in front of Rei momentarily, and then vanished from view. Somehow she felt that this was a portent of things to come, and not merely a one-time plot device in an already surreal story.

“I feel as if my body is melting. I can no longer see myself. My shape is fading. I feel the presence of someone who is not me. Is someone there, beyond this. Ikari? I know this person. Major Katsuragi? Doctor Akagi? Everyone. Classmates? The pilot of Unit 02? Commander Ikari? Who are you? Who are you? Who are you?”

“Who am I?” said Gendo, clearly in a bad mood from having the battle interrupted. “I’m your commander, and I’m commanding you to take this battle seriously! This isn’t a poetry slam!”

“I thought it was pretty good,” said Shinji.

“No one asked you!” said Gendo.

Genesect stood motionless, as if Rei was waiting for Hydreigon to make the first move. Gendo understood, and shouted, “Hydreigon, Hyper Beam!”

A bright white beam of light shot out of Hydriegon’s central mouth, striking Genesect squarely in the chest and causing the huge purple cyborg Pokémon to double over in agony. Gendo smirked, and—unusually for him—actually showed some degree of smug satisfaction. “That was foolish, Rei. Always seek to make the first strike. If you wait, your opponent will gain the upper hand.”

“But sir. . .” Rei’s voice spoke over the intercom in the entry plug, but Gendo did not give her a chance to finish.

“Never mind that!” said Gendo. “Hydriegon, Flamethrower!”

Genesect was ready this time. It leaped aside with remarkable agility considering its size (or perhaps not so remarkable, considering that every other gigantic monster Shinji had seen up to now had turned out to be similarly sprightly) and replied with a Hyper Beam of its own. Hydreigon easily avoided the attack, and flew high up into the sky.

“Marow? (What’s he doing?)” asked Marowak, who was sitting beside Shinji.

Before Shinji could answer—not that he could, since he didn’t understand Marowak—Hydreigon came swooping down again, its entire body encased in a bright blue. . . Light? Energy? Yeah, let’s call it blue energy. It raced towards Genesect. Genesect, meanwhile stood motionless, as if its eyes were glued to the screen during a particularly bad sitcom.

“What’s going on?” Shinji asked.

“You really are an idiot, you know that?” said Asuka, elbowing Shinji. “That’s Dragon Rush. It has a 20% chance of causing its target to flinch. Which means that Rei and Genesect won’t be able to attack.”

“Then how come—“

“Just watch!” snapped Asuka.

Hydriegon came plummeting out of the sky like a meteor, but it never made contact with Genesect. Before that could happen, a bright orange AP Field barrier materialized above Genesect’s head, and Hydriegon crashed into it. The three-headed dragon Pokémon was flung backwards, and attempted to charge up for another Hyper Beam, only to find itself in the crosshairs of Genesect’s Techno Blast.

There was a blinding flash of white light, and a cloud of smoke filled the arena. When it cleared, Hydreigon was knocked out on the ground, somehow having only “fainted”. For a few seconds, everyone was silent.

“Very impressive, Rei,” said Gendo. “It’s clear that your control of Genesect is almost as complete as Shinji’s. Almost. Now, are we ready to see how Shinji fares controlling a Legendary Pokémon that isn’t his own.”

Shinji got up from his seat, shaking nervously, as he headed into the testing room to be suited up into Mewtwo’s entry plug. As soon as he entered the entry plug, he could sense that there was something wrong with it. He had long since gotten used to the unpleasant smell and feel of the liquid inside Gensect’s entry plug, but this was revolting by any measure. It smelled like a pit full of Koffing, Muk, and Gloom, except even worse than that implied.

As the entry plug clicked into place, Shinji found himself seeing through Mewtwo’s eyes, as the Genetic Pokémon raised itself to its feet. On the other side of the arena, Gendo stood, with another Poké Ball in his hand. “Alakazam! I need your assistance!” Gnedo shouted.

The Psychic Pokémon floated a few feet above the arena, and this time it did not wait for Gendo’s command before attacking. It raised the two spoons it held in its hands, sending a multicolored beam of psychic energy blasting towards Mewtwo.

“Wait. . . Huh? How do I. . .?” Shinj was still fumbling around inside the entry plug, when Mewtwo launched a Psychic attack of its own at Alakazam. Mewtwo’s attack completely overwhelmed Alakazam’s—the two spoons bent, Alakazam was sent reeling backwards, and it crashed to the ground, defeated.

Wow,Shinji thought. I actually improved at something. Maybe my life doesn’t suck so much after all. A more canny observer, of course, would have instead noticed that Mewtwo was not acting under Shinji’s control at all, and just like every other feeling of triumph Shinji felt, this one would turn out to be nothing more than an illusion.

Mewtwo focused its attention on the observation room where Misato and Dr. Akagi had been observing the battle. Rei was in the observation room as well, having been invited there by Misato so she could watch Shinji’s battle. For whatever reason, Mewtwo seemed to be irritated by their presence. It fired Shadow Ball after Shadow Ball at the building containing the observation room seemingly at random.

Shinji, for his part, had no control over what Mewtwo was doing—in fact, he could hardly even see what was going on outside the entry plug. The most he could do was angrily grapple the neural controls of the entry plug and curse in decidedly colorful language that he had never used before as a meek 14-year-old. When the entry plug finally stopped moving and he was able to climb out, he was treated to quite a sight.

Mewtwo had seemingly been subdued by the combined efforts of Gendo’s Pokémon, sending it crashing to the arena floor with a reverberating—and ignominious—thud. As Shinji crawled out of the entry plug, still covered in the stinking orange liquid, he found himself face to face with his father, Alakazam, Gengar, and Hydreigon. None of them looked happy.

“Shinji,” Gendo said. During the obligatory pause, Shinji’s imagination ran wild with how his father might follow the statement up. The answer turned out not to be what he expected. “That was some very useful information. Apparently you are only capable of bonding with Genesect. This will be important for my plans going forward. . .”

“Your plans?” Shinji asked, against his better judgment and common sense.

“Never mind,” said Gendo. “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Akagi was frustrated. There was no money in NERV’s budget for redecorating, which was unfortunate since Mewtwo’s unexpected rampage had done quite a number on her hand-picked Meowth wallpapers. More pertinently, she remembered how Genesect had saved Shinji’s life when it had first met him, and how Mewtwo had reacted with such hostility to her when she had first introduced it to Rei. Did that mean Mewtwo was trying to. . . no, that would be ridiculous. That sort of thing only happened in terrible fanfics whose authors were clearly running out of ideas.

Rei, for her part, couldn’t care less. She had just been given another task to perform with Mewtwo—a very important one. The fact that only she had been chosen for it, and not Shinji or Asuka, never struck her as unusual. As far as she was concerned, this was as ordinary a task as taking the garbage out (not that she’d ever taken the garbage out, for that matter).

“Rei,” Gendo said in his usual matter-of-fact tone, “I do not give you this task lightly. Your duty, should you choose to accept it, will be to venture into Terminal Dogma, in the lowest level of NERV. There is something very important there that I wish for you to do?”

“What is it?” asked Rei, as deadpan as always.

“I want you to recover the Spear of Creation.” Rei said nothing, but simply climbed back into Mewtwo’s entry plug. Mewtwo pushed itself back up to its feet, as the shaft leading to Terminal Dogma opened. The Legendary Pokémon stepped into it, and the giant metal doors slid shut.

As Mewtwo stood motionless, the platform on which it stood descended into the depths of NERV. Why a Psychic-type Pokémon able to levitate itself in the air needed to ride an elevator was something neither Gendo nor Rei had dwelled on, and at this point it really wouldn’t have changed much. Finally, at the bottom of the elevator, the platform stopped. Metwtwo stepped off.

Terminal Dogma did not look the way Rei had expected it to. That said, the idea of having expectations was, in and of itself, an alien one to Rei. It was a dark, dank, craggy cave, full of stalactites and jagged areas. Zubat and Venomoth flitted about in the darkness. And at the far end of a long, narrow corridor, she knew, the Spear of Creation would be located.

Meanwhile, Shinji was not having a very good day. He thought he hadn’t gotten in trouble for his poor performance with Mewtwo, but he was wrong. And now he had just been called to see his father, who was lecturing him about how he was a pathetic excuse for an Evangelémon Trainer.

Finally, sensing a pause in the conversation, Shinji was able to ask Gendo a question. “Why is this important to you? Why do you need me to be so. . . well. . . perfect at everything? Isn’t it good enough that I’m able to be Genesect’s Trainer in the first place?”

Gendo paused for a moment, and said. “Shinji, you need to understand. This will help you build character.”

Who’s That Pokémon?

This Pokémon has jaw-like horns protruding from its head. It uses its cute looks to lure in its victims.

Last Answer:

It’s Hydreigon!
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Re: Rebuild of EvangeléMon

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Postby silvermoonlight » Mon Jan 04, 2021 12:50 pm

Really nice update also you're new formatting looks excellent ^_^
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Re: Rebuild of EvangeléMon

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Postby El Squibbonator » Sat Jan 09, 2021 9:14 pm

Kaji was feeling very proud of himself.
For one thing, he actually had a major part to play in this episode and wasn’t just a supporting bit player. For another, he was about to talk to someone very, very important. At least, he hoped he was. When he arrived at the place he was told to go to—a dilapidated, run-down old building on the outskirts of Pallet Town 3—he began to second-guess himself. The only person he could see was a woman sitting on the building’s doorstep, feeding a group of stray Meowth.
Surely the guys who gave me these directions wouldn’t have just done it to send me on a wild Farfetch’d chase, he thought to himself. Before he could finish his thought, the woman sitting on the doorstep got up and turned to face him. “Well, fancy seeing you here, Kaji. Now tell me, what have you been doing?”
“I was investigating the Devon Corporation, just like you—“ At that moment, Mawile decided to add its piece to the conversation by emerging from its Poké Ball and clamping its jaws down onto Kaji’s head, causing him to stumble about in confusion before finally wrenching the Steel-type Pokémon off.
“Dreadfully sorry, ma’am,” said Kaji. “Normally it only does that when there’s a pretty girl around.”
“And are you saying I’m not pretty?” the woman snapped, before slapping Kaji with her purse.
“No. . . no . . . nothing of the sort,” said Kaji, backing away from her nervously.
“Now tell me,” said the woman, “what did you learn about the Devon Corporation?”
“The Devon Corporation?” said Kaji. “I tried investigating them, but honestly I don’t know why I even bothered. They make PokéNavs, specialty Poké Balls, that sort of stuff. . . or they did before Second Impact, anyway.”
“Did you investigate their leader?” the woman asked. There was something about her expression that made Kaji uneasy.
“You mean that tech-bro who took over a few years back?” Kaji asked. “Yeah, I was able to talk to him. Guy’s really full of himself, though—it’s always electric cars this, spaceships that. Heavens to Arceus, he’s insufferable!”
“Enough of that,” said the woman. “Did you hear anything about the Marduk Institute, and how they select Evangelémon Trainers?”
Kaji shook his head. “Then it’s just as I thought,” the woman said. “Yet another fake. Tell me, Mr. Ryoji, do you know these people?” She held up a sheet of paper with three photographs on it—Gendo, Fuyutsuki, and a man with a visor over his eyes, who the paper said was named Keel Lorenz. “Well? Do you know them?”
“Yes,” said Kaji.
“Good,” said the woman. “As of now, your new task is to be investigating them.Stay away from the Marduk institute.”
Back at NERV, Misato was having troubles of her own. An old friend of hers was getting married, and she, Dr. Akagi, and (much to her displeasure) Kaji had been invited. The wedding was going to be an extravagant, high-class affair with a tropical theme— a dance troupe of Bellossom and a chorus line of Oricorio had already been trained for the occasion. Shinji had been hoping that he would be invited too, not because he enjoyed weddings, but because he was desperate to do at least something that didn’t involve training with Genesect or doing whatever else his father wanted him to do. But, of course, he was Shinji Ikari, and that meant he couldn’t have anything go his way.
Gendo had other plans. He—and Shinji with him, were going to be visiting the grave site of Yui Ikari. This was not something Gendo did very often, and it was something Shinji had not done for several years. And while he definitely missed his mother, he was not particularly looking forward to it.
The cemetery was one of the few places in Pallet Town 3 that hadn’t been destroyed in any of the Legendary Pokémon battles, but it certainly looked as though it had been. It was in disrepair, with the tombstones crumbling and covered in moss. The obligatory shrine stood on the crest of a nearby hill, once looking as though it had not seen use in several years. A group of Golbat flapped through the overcast sky, for seemingly no reason other than to provide the necessary spooky atmosphere.
Finally, Shinji, Marowak, and Gendo made it to a large tombstone marked with the name YUI IKARI.
“Well,” said Gendo, “it’s been four years since we were able to be here together. Four years since you set off as a Pokémon Trainer. Said you were going to show the world what you could do. You came back here only once after your mother died, I recall, when you promised her that you were going to become a League Champion.”
“Why. . . why are you telling me all this?” Shinji asked. Some nagging feeling in his head told him that this information about his mother would end up being more important to him than he had anticipated it being, but he wasn’t willing to entertain that notion right now. His life was plenty complicated as it was.
“Tell me, Shinji,” said Gendo. “What do you know about your mother?”
“Well. . . she was a Pokémon Trainer like you,” Shinji said. “Then again, that’s not saying much, since practically everyone is a Pokémon Trainer. She was the one who gave me Marowak, back when he was a Cubone. Or rather, I inherited him from her when she died. . .”
Gendo nodded. “I suppose you remember what she looked like? Or what her voice sounded like?”
“Why do you ask?” said Shinji.
“I don’t have any pictures of her. This tombstone is all that exists of her memory.”
“So she’s buried here, but you don’t have any photos of her from before she died? That doesn’t make sense,” said Shinji.
“No,” said Gendo. “She isn’t buried here. She isn’t buried anywhere.” Before Shinji could ask what Gendo meant by that, he pulled a Poké Ball out of his pocket and teleported away with his Alakazam, leaving a very confused Shinji standing in the cemetery.
It was dark when Shinji finally decided to walk back to Misato’s apartment, only to find that Asuka was already there. Needless to say, so was Primeape.
Shinji could tell Asuka was in a bad mood (Primeape, on the other hand, was always in a bad mood), but he tried his best to start a conversation with her. “So. . . uh, how was your day?”
Asuka didn’t answer. “Let me guess, Idiot Shinji. You went right to go visit your mother’s grave because you think it’ll help you be less of a coward. What, you think she’s watching over you somehow?”
“You take that back!” said Shinji, in a rare moment of assertiveness that even he was surprised by. “Nobody insults my mother except. . . well. . . except a lot of people. Like my father.”
“Forget it, Shinji,” said Asuka. “You just don’t want to admit that you’re a pathetic excuse for a Pokémon Trainer. The only reason you got as far as you did is because you had everything handed to you. What’s the matter, are you afraid to ”
Shinji could feel the tension growing in the air. Meanwhile, Primeape and Marowak had gotten into what could charitably be called an argument of their own, but really seemed more like an all-out brawl. Or at least, Primeape seemed to be determined to beat the living daylights out of Marowak.
“PrimeAAAPE! Aaape! Aaape! (So what 'cha gonna do now brotha'? What 'cha gonna do when Primeape-mania runs wild on youuuuuuuuu!)” Primeape balled up his fists and prepared to aim a punch at Marowak, who ducked just in time. Marowak got to its feet and brandished its bone, preparing to swing it at Primeape. Pokémon, of course, did not normally battle without being told to by their Trainers, but for Marowak this was less of a formal battle and more of “giving a violent bully a taste of his own Rare Candy.”
Primeape, however, seemed to be getting too much enjoying out of it. He threw another punch at Marowak, hitting him right in his skull helmet and causing him to stumble backwards. For a moment, both Shinji and Asuka stared at Marowak, wondering if they would be able to see what was underneath the skull on the outside of its head and if it was indeed, as so many had speculated, a baby Kangaskhan.
“Marowak! Marow! Wak! Marow! (Whoa, whoa, whoa! What was that for?)” Marowak stood up again, only for Primeape to punch him in the face and send him sprawling on the floor.
Asuka, watch what your Pokémon is doing for once!” Shinji snapped, again in an abnormal display of assertiveness.
Instead of answering, Asuka suddenly embraced Shinji and passionately kissed him. On the lips, at that. The unexpected act left Shinji sputtering and gasping, and, more to the point, confused about why Asuka had done it.
Asuka felt the same way. After calling for Primeape to follow her, she went into the bathroom and drank a tall glass of water to wash the taste out of her mouth. When she was finished, she yelled back out of the bathroom at Shinji, “You really need to brush your teeth more often, dummkopf!”
“Marow wak! Wak wak! (She’s right, you know),” Marowak grumbled.
Kaji, meanwhile, was finally ready to do something important in this episode. He had made his way into Terminal Dogma, not an inconsiderable feat in and of itself considering how well the place was guarded. As he approached the heavy metal door to the lowermost chamber, he could hear footsteps behind him, and turned around to see who it was.
“Misato? What are you doing here?” Kaji asked, trying—and, it must be said, failing miserably—to sound innocent and casual.
“Oh, nothing,” Misato said. “I imagined you might find your way here one of these days, one way or another. I imagine the Kanto government is going to be really proud of you for your work these past few days. . . or they would be, if you were able to tell them about any of this.”
Kaji gulped, and realized that Misato was accompanied by her Gyarados and Nidoqueen.
“Look,” he said. “I don’t want any trouble.”
“Oh, there won’t be any trouble,” said Misato, a knowing glint in her eyes. “As long as you keep making yourself useful to NERV, that is. You’re a good man, Kaji. I wouldn’t want you to get on the wrong side of this.”
“I could say the same to you, Misato,” said Kaji, patting her on the shoulder. . . only for Mawile to, once again, bite down on his head with its massive jaws.
“By the way, you never did tell me, what brings you down here?”
“Oh, Misato, there are things we do here that you wouldn’t believe,” said Kaji, still in the same flirtatious tone as before.
Misato was about to ask Kaji what she possibly thought she couldn’t believe, considering they both worked with Legendary Pokémon for a living. Finally, she decided to give it a shot. “What is it? They made an anime about us? And then they put it on Netflix with a terrible dub? Or did someone finallydeclare Gyarados to be a Dragon-type?”
Kaji laughed, but then looked at Misato and simply said, “No. It’s behind that door, And I’m going to show it to you now. Tropius, Razor Leaf!” Kaji shouted. Razor-sharp leaves shot out of Tropius’s back, slicing through the metal door despite the common-sense fact that leaves should not be able to cut through metal. The door fell down with a reverberating crash, and Kaji stepped through it.
What was on the other side made Misato do a double take.
It was a massive four-legged Pokémon, easily as large as Genesect or Mewtwo, but somehow even more imposing with its towering stature. Around its waist was a golden wheel with four spokes, with sparkling green jewels set in it. Thrust through the creature’s midsection was a massive red spear, coated in what Misato first thought was blood. But it was the wrong color to be blood—it was the same orange liquid that filled the Evangelémon Trainers’ entry plugs.
“I’ve seen this before,” Misato breathed.
Kaji was shocked. He wasn’t quite sure how he had expected Misato to react, but he was pretty sure this wasn’t it. “Where did you see it?” he asked, trying to sound as innocent as possible.
“It was at the South Pole. The same place I first met Pen-Pen when he was just a Piplup. I’d been called there to investigate Second Impact, when we found. . .” Misato was clearly hoping to finish her sentence in a dramatic fashion, but unfortunately Kaji had decided to simply scan the creature on his own PokéDex to get it over with.
“Arceus,” the PokéDex said. “The Alpha Pokémon. It is said that it shaped the universe with its thousand arms.”
“OK,” said Misato. “I have a question. No, scratch that, I have allthe questions. First off, where are those ‘thousand arms’ the PokéDex was telling us about? And second of all, why was NERV keeping this a secret from me? If they had Arceus, of all things, locked up under here, I’m pretty sure I deserved to know that! And third of all—“
“I can’t answer any of those for you right now,” said Kaji.
“Third of all,” said Misato, “why hasn’t anyone here considered what the consequences of keeping the creator of the universe chained up like this might be? Surely someone is concerned about this?!”
“Trust me when I say that it’s for the greater good,” said Kaji. “Now come with me. I don’t want Gendo getting suspicious.”
Who’s That Pokémon?
This Pokémon terrorized people on moonless nights and causes them to have nightmares.
Last answer:
It’s Mawile!
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Re: Rebuild of EvangeléMon

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Postby El Squibbonator » Sat Jan 09, 2021 9:15 pm

Shinji had just finished another synchronization test with Genesect, just as he he had gotten used to doing practically every day at this point. He had finished with the highest synchronization rates of the three Evangelémon Trainers—once again, just as he had gotten used to practically every day by now. And Asuka was fuming under her breath about how she was supposed to be the best, and she was supposed to be the one getting the highest marks—once again, just as he had gotten used to every day by now.
The fact that everything was so mind-numbingly ordinary—or at least, mind-numbingly ordinary from the perspective of a boy who controlled a 200-foot-tall cyborg death machine—could only mean one thing, the laws of anime being what they were. It could only mean that things were about to become extraordinary in short order.
And indeed they were. At first, the general consensus was that it was an exceptionally cloudy day over Pallet Town 3, but that was quickly disproven by the fact that the weather outside was clear and sunny. The truth would have been found out much sooner, but as luck would have it, most people were too bust looking down at their various electronic devices to notice what was going on. When one of them finally did look up—and even then, only because a Pidgey had pooped on his head—the result was complete and utter chaos.
High over the rooftops of Pallet Town 3 floated an immense black sphere, circled around its widest point by a white ring. At the center of the white ring was a smaller white circle. In other words, it looked exactly like a gigantic black Poké Ball. Underneath the sphere was a dark emptiness—like a shadow, but somehow even darker.
Everybody in NERV, on the other hand, was watching the giant black Poké Ball closely. “Is that a Pokémon?” Misato asked, as if that were the most obvious thing in the world.
“I don’t think so,” said Dr. Akagi. “But. . . I mean. . . I don’t know what else it could be.” She did have a point, admittedly. After all, it was hard to think of any living creature in the world—other than humans, of course—that wasn’ta Pokémon, and even the meat and seafood didn’t really seem to have an obvious source.
“Well, whatever it is,” said Misato, “we’re going to need to get Genesect ready. Groudon and Mewtwo, too.”
This was more or less exactly what Shinji had been anticipating, so he didn’t have any questions for Gendo as he climbed into the entry plug. As he did, he saw that Asuka and Rei had also been called into the Evangelémon testing room, and guessed—correctly—that they had received the same orders as him.
“Shinji,” Dr. Akagi’s words echoed in the entry plug. “Your job is going to be to draw the intruder away from Pallet Town 3 and—“
You know what? Shinji thought, Screw that. You want me to fight that thing? Fine. But I’m going to do it MY way. Genesect charged at the black sphere, with Shinji clearly not caring whether Asuka and Rei were ready or not.
Unfortunately, before Shinji could even figure out what, exactly, “doing it his way” entailed, the giant black sphere split in half and shot out a beam of purplish light. The light surrounded Genesect, and for a fleeting moment, Shinji felt dazed and disoriented, before blacking out entirely. As Asuka, Rei, and the NERV staff looked on, the black sphere shook twice and then gave off a flash of light.
“What just happened?” Misato asked staring at the now-blank feed from Shinji’s entry plug.
“I think it. . . caught him,” said Dr. Akagi. “It looks like a giant black Poké Ball, and I think it’s acting like one too. Somehow it managed to suck Genesect into itself.”
“So what is it then?” demanded Misato. “We need to know. Like, yesterday. If you could If that can actually be arranged, I would very much appreciate it. As it stands, I’m recalling Groudon and Mewtwo.”
“Why?” asked Dr. Akagi.
“Because it’s obvious that there’s a rhythm to these things. Legendary Pokémon attacks, Rei and Asuka fail miserably, Shinji and Genesect do something badass, Pallet Town 3 is saved, Shinji feels depressed anyway. Rinse, lather, repeat.”
“I don’t care,” said Dr. Akagi. “What I docare about is telling you what’s going on here. The black sphere—your ‘giant black Poké Ball’—isn’t the Legendary Pokémon. The Pokémon is in the shadow underneath it.”
“Who’s that Pokémon?” said Misato.
“Darkrai,” said Dr. Akagi tersely.
“Dark rye?” Misato asked. “I’m sorry, but that doesn’t make sense. And I prefer my sandwiches on whole wheat bread anyway. . .”
“You know what, forget it,” said Dr. Akagi, settling back down in front of the viewing screen at the front of the control room. The video feed from the entry plug was still pitch black, and there was no sign of Genesect anywhere in Pallet Town 3. “I’m going to call the KSSDF now and have them blow that thing up. The target is huge, there’s no way we can miss it.”
“Well, what about Genesect and Shinji?” Misato asked.
“Hopefully, we’ll get them back. Hopefully.”
Meanwhile, Shinji had regained consciousness—or at least, what felt an awful lot like consciousness. He looked around. He was definitely not in the entry plug. Instead, he was on a train. A train that, for some reason, seemed to be moving despite having no operator, and had no passengers on board besides himself. Shinji just shrugged. He had seen weirder things.
“Shinji IKARI,” A deep, echoing voice called out to him. He couldn’t make out if it was a man or a woman, though the possibility that it wasn’t either hadn’t really crossed his mind. “I HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO TELL YOU.”
“Wha. . . huh. . . who said that?” Shinji asked.
“Who are you?” Shinji asked, now quite a bit more frustrated.
“Free from what?” asked Shinji. “Honestly, I’ve had quite enough of people telling me things I’d rather not know, so just go ahead and say what you want to say. I honestly couldn’t give a crap how much time you take. Also, for the last time, who are you? I’d really like to know who I’m taking to, and why I’m on this train.
“Dark rye?” Shinji asked. “Like the bread? I am feeling kind of hungry, so. . .”
“No, not like the bread!” The voice suddenly changed its tone, from ominous and deep to irritable and exasperated. “It’s supposed to be this creepy, scary name, but you humans just had to ruin it. For Arceus’s sake, is there anything you don’t mess up?”
Now, for the first time, Shinji could see what was speaking to him. It was a creature that looked like a floating black cloak, with a wisp of white smoky hair where its head ought to have been and a gaping red mouth.
“So. . . what exactly is going on here?” said Shinji. “Why am I on this train? What are you doing here?”
“Look,” said Darkrai. “just think of this as a therapy session. I can tell you need one, after everything you’ve been through. Especially regarding your relationship with your father.”
“Now wait just a minute,” said Shinji. “Do not bring my father into this! I might have problems, but my relationship with him isn’t one of them!”
“Oh, is it?” Darkrai’s face, if that was even what it was, remained expressionless, but Shinji felt as though he was able to detect an air of smugness on it as the Pitch Black Pokémon floated closer to him. “Have you really considered how you live your life? And what your relationship to your parents is like?”
“My mother is dead!” Shinji snapped. “I swore to her that I would become the greatest Pokémon Trainer, and now my father keeps telling my I’m a terrible Trainer. Even when I save the world on a regular basis. . .
“Well, why do you do that?” Darkrai asked.
“Because if I don’t, my father will basically disown me,” said Shinji.
“Is that really how you want to live?” Darkrai said. “Because it seems to me that you think getting praise from your father is the only way you know how to live. You
think that as long as you do what your father wants you to do, and obey him, he’s going to keep tolerating you a little while longer.”
“Well, yes,” said Shinji, still not entirely sure why he was having a conversation with a Legendary Pokémon.
Meanwhile, back in NERV HQ, Misato and Dr. Akagi were briefing Gendo on what had happened to Shinji. Gendo was not pleased. “The recovery of Genesect is our highest priority,” Gendo said. “We will be deploying the N2 bombers in exactly ten minutes.”
“What about Shinji? You know, your son?” Misato asked.
“If he gets out, he gets out. If he doesn’t, that’s just too bad.” Gendo tented his fingers and glared at Misato
“Gendo Ikari, I cannot believe what I am hearing,” said Misato. “Now I’m going to give you two choices. One, you call back the bombers. Or two, I take over. I do have a better plan, after all. I’m just going to need Rei for it.”
“All right,” said Gendo. “I’ll play your little game. What is it?”
Misato didn’t speak, but reached into her pocket and pulled out what looked like a Poké Ball. It wasn’t an ordinary Poké Ball, though—it was purple instead of red, and had a large letter M on the top half. A Master Ball, Gendo thought to himself.
At the same time, Shinji had blacked out again. When he came to, he was no longer sitting on the train, but lying on a couch in what looked like a psychologist’s office. Darkrai was sitting—or, well, floating—in a chair across from him. A pair of cheesy motivational posters, one saying “BE THE VERY BEST, LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS,” and the other saying “YOU MUSTN’T RUN AWAY” hung on the wall.
“So,” said Darkrai. “Tell me about your mother.”
“I already told you, my mother was a great Pokémon Trainer. Why do you keep asking me about her?”
Darkrai paused. “All right. New question. Shinji, have you ever considered not simply doing what makes your father happy, and instead living for yourself? There’s always a career in television, you know.”
“Uh. . . no,” said Shinji.
“Well,” said Darkrai, materializing a notebook and a pencil out of thin air and beginning to write on them, “it seems you have some serious problems in your relationship with him, then.”
“We established that already,” said Shinji. “Can we please talk about something else?”
“Not yet,” said Darkrai. “You still have a lot of issues to work through. It’s obvious that you have these problems, the question is, what do you plan on doing about them?”
“I. . . I don’t know!” Shinji suddenly shouted.
Before he could say anything else, the background around him began to fade away, and Darkrai vanished. Shinji called out to it, but there was no reply. Once again, he found himself falling unconscious.
When Shinji finally awoke, he was once again inside Genesect’s entry plug, and in the middle of the black void. “Darkrai? Where did you go?” he called out. There was still no answer. The entry plug’s clock indicated that no time had gone by since he had gotten trapped in the black sphere, which only made it even harder for him to wrap his head around what had just happened.
Meanwhile, on the edge of Pallet Town 3, Metwo walked towards the strange dark area, Rei inside its entry plug with the Master Ball in her hand. She had only minutes to accomplish her task—already, she could hear the sound of airplane engines overhead. Luckily, with the Master Ball, she needed only one shot. She could see the target.
Mewtwo’s hands were, of course, far too large to handle the Master Ball, but there was no problem with that--the same Poké Ball ejection system that Groudon had used when battling Kyogre had been fitted to Mewtwo’s entry plug as well. For the first time, instead of defeating a wild Legendary Pokémon in a battle, NERV would be capturing one in a Poké Ball.
There was a flash of red light, a rushing sound, and the requisite three clicks, and the Master Ball stood still. Next to it, Genesect sat on the ground, pushing itself to its feet, while inside a very confused Shinji wondered what he had just been through. The Sign of Arceus was in the air, but he clearly hadn’t defeated the Legendary Pokémon this time. Had NERV decided to drop their N2 bombs on it?
Then Shinji’s eyes shifted to the Master Ball lying at Genesect’s feet, and to Mewtwo standing far away. Wait a minute. Did Rei just. . . no, that wouldn’t make any sense. Not even in a story like this one.
Deciding not to dwell on the matter any further, Shinji returned to NERV Headquarters thoroughly confused about everything he had just witnessed. The therapy session with Darkrai had been weird enough, but at the very least it had made Shinji think about his relationship with his father in his new way. Of course, Shinji thought bitterly, Dad is probably going to feed me to his Hydreigon if I tell him anything about this.
That night at dinner, Shinji noticed that Rei still had the Master Ball clipped to her waist. He once again declined to ask her about it, but he did wonder what things were going to be like going forward. "Congratulations on defeating Darkrai," Gendo said. "I think it's only fair that I took you, Rei, and Asuka out to dinner as a reward."
"Thank you," said Shinji, as meekly and politely as he could. Don't mention what really happened, he thought to himself.
"Wait," said Asuka, "you mean dark rye, the bread? You battled bread?" She pointed at Shinji and laughed. "Take a look, everybody, it's Shinji Ikari, the great bread fighter! I hope the crust wasn't too tough!"
"For the last time," Shinji said, "no! Darkrai is a Pokémon! I thought you were a college graduate!"
Asuka smirked. "I know, I just like seeing the look on your face."

Who’s That Pokémon?
It generates a powerful freezing force inside itself, but legend says it was once split in half.
Last answer:
It’s Darkrai!
Life can seem a challenge. Life can seem impossible. It's never easy when so much is on the line.

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