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Postby AdamMalkovitch » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:36 pm

Despite the on-the-nose writing and the borrowing a little bit too much from ALIENS, I really enjoyed ANNIHILATION. Part of why I enjoyed it so much was because it left so much ambiguous. SO, I've decided to make a little thread for different theories people may have on the film. Here's one I created while watching the film for the first time. Spoilers, clearly.

I believe Dr.Ventress is part of the Shimmer, in the same way Lina may have been at the end (BTW, Lina is NOT her Shimmer cancer doppelganger at the end of the film, as Kane's doppelganger clearly had memory issues and couldn't explain any of what happened in the Shimmer, but Lina could explain part of it; she was still her, but had been partially taken by the Shimmer). This explains why she has no one, the Shimmer causes her to push others away because it cannot take them yet, so they are useless to it. Ventress, however, is still interested in the Shimmer, but doesn't have enough of it in her to give her her answers, so she sets up expedition after expedition in Area X, trying to get any info at all on what possesses her, but to no avail. She's able to make it all the way to the lighthouse without being attacked by anything because Shimmer recognizes itself. When she gets to the core of Shimmer, her partial Shimmer completely takes over her body and mind, communicating with the rest of itself, and causing her to physically change, which explains her lack of eyes during this sequence. When Lina brings her back to consciousness, Ventress' mind has completely been assimilated with Shimmer, and she yearns to return to nothing just as the Shimmer wants all to do so, thus, she stands, and releases her joined soul from her body. Ventress never had cancer, what was found among her cells was Shimmer. However, because Shimmer, in essence causes cells to split into a successful cel and a mutant cel, the exact same effect as cancer, she was read as having cancer herself.

I think this ties up most of what I wanted to say on this, I may have left a few things out accidentally.

EDIT: This theory may also explain her bizarre performance and her terrible job as a psychologist. Shimmer isn't human, it doesn't feel what we feel. It can't replicate human emotion or empathy, and since Ventress' job is very analytical and cold when not with a client, Shimmer caused her to become outwardly analytical and cold, sugarcoating nothing.
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