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God, Angels and Moons

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Postby Neepa » Tue May 22, 2018 2:23 pm

Well after finally deciding to check out this forum I will also post my very own fic here as I have begun on sv.
At the moment being rewritten with a much more structured approach there is momentarily not much too it than the first chapter. Hoping to write the next one in the coming two weeks.
It is kind a of a continuation of NGE beginning around chapter 24, BUT not a crappy continuation that changes barely anything of the overall thing.
In fact quite a bit is and will be changed. The characters will develop by their own volition and pressure exerted from outside.
There are wars to be fought after all.

Old Standards

The room was shrouded in shadow as usual. The black monoliths of the Human Instrumentality Committee hovered around him in a circle, their sight being something that would have humbled lesser men.

But Gendo simply gazed back at them. He was in his usual pose, his glasses reflecting all the little light there was in the room. Fuyutzuki stood beside him. Everything was like usual... but it wasn't.

''Ikari! How do you defend yourself and your recent actions?''

Gendo looked at the French politician who hid behind the monolith bearing SEELE 08. ''What have I to defend?'' slight annoyance evident in his voice.

''Unit 01 acquiring an S2 Engine, the destruction of the second branch through Unit 04, an Angel infesting Unit 03, disloyal personnel and the loss of the conduit system for Instrumentality? We are neither blind nor stupid Ikari! Explain yourself!''

Gendo began to answer but was disturbed by Keel. ''With so many errors and catastrophes we cannot risk our final endeavour Ikari. Whilst it shall be achieved in the end, our plan's success may have to be postponed..''

''Some mistakes and adjustments were to be expected and half of these incidents are unrelated to each other, but why will it be prolonged?'' This wasn't going according to plan at all. And Gendo Ikari didn't like things that didn't follow the scenario.

''Unforeseen activity in Antarctica.''

''Activity?'' That wasn't expected and furthermore not included in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

''Angelic in being. Parts of Adam's remains, which we couldn't take possession of, produced a sudden A.T.-Field burst. Three days later we had more all over the world.''

''So...Adam has not yet been bested?''

''No and because of that the scenario must be prolonged. We cannot tolerate any interference with Human Instrumentality. In light of these news and the dangers we had with Unit01 in possession of a S2 Engine we will continue with the production of an updated variety of Unit 03 and 04.”

''A new series without S2 Engines?'' Gendo was surprised in some ways, but not in others.

“Do you know what the production and maintenance of the first five Unit cost to make them and keep them battle ready? Your Second in Command should be able to give you an accurate account of the resources needed for that. The first series was too much a strain on resources to keep them up indefinitely as we will have to sooner than later.” SEELE03 berated him.

''And what of Tokyo-3 and NERV Central? With the war prolonged we will have to bring the facility back to full defensive strength, and considering the recent damage we took-''

''We will rebuild it, but it will not be as elaborate as before. In face of a prolonged war the base will be rebuilt more cost effectively and stronger than before.'' Keel answered ''All inefficiencies shall be cut away. You may begin with repairs and reconstruction immediately. Further funding will be provided shortly.''

''What will become of the current Units? Are they to be repaired?''

''They will be repaired, but are not to be used if we can prevent it. After repair, their cages will be sealed, and the Units mothballed. The Pilots shall be kept within the Geofront, ready for use should the need arise. They will be our Plan B. And I must emphasize Ikari, failure to follow these commands will have consequences. Our eyes and ears everywhere, we will know of any further...deviations...''
The holograms disappeared and the room lit up leaving Gendo with Fuyutzuki standing behind him.

“How do we continue Ikari? Seele knows we aren't playing completely by their rules and will keep their eyes on us even more now.”
“Let them. They do not have a view of the whole game we are playing. Let them wander in the dark trying to find something by chance Sensei.” he turned around to him as they reached the set of gargantuan doors leading to his office.
“Notify the important staff of the changes and erstwhile modus operandi. Also handle the Pilots and our esteemed Doctor.”
The doors closed in front of him with an audible CLACK of the lock.
“There are fewer people grasping in the dark than you think.” with that Kozo made for his own office down the hallway.

His own office wasn't even an tenth the size of Gendo's and he did like it. Back at university his only slightly untidy office was only as big as the one the Major uses. Without all the bookshelves and registers full of papers, books and study's around metaphysics.
He sat down in his comfy leader chair an took two objects out of the drawer from his desk.
The frame was looking as new as when he put the picture in it 15 years ago.
Unscrewing the cap he took a sip out of the other it and let his head fall back.
The Doctor isn't going to be such a big problem to put her to service. She is too easily motivated by her emotions to do things. The Major will be all ears when it's good for the Pilots and she could see him again. The pilots will require a bit more personal approach with the Second Child needing contact with her former guardian at best.
He exhaled slowly and felt every year he had lived.
“I'm going to lean on your son heavily, Yui. I hope he will weather what is to come or your husband or Seele will doom us all.”
He put the flask back and left with fast steps leaving the frame on the desk.
Time to hatch some plan's.

Around a week earlier:
Light fell into the dim warehouse as a door opened and someone stepped inside.
He could only see the outline of the person in the door. The reflection of steel however faintly visible against the sinking sun.
“Didn't think you would come so late.” that was it. That were supposed to be his last words.
But the shot to end his life never came. The sun continued to set with him still alive and the fan continued his whining song. For a moment it was the only sound cutting through the silence.

“Ever considered searching for a new occupation? A triple agent that gets caught too early should be considered sloppy.”
Kaji couldn't beliefe who had rescued him from certain death. He only snapped out of his stupor as the metal pipe, which struck down his assassin, was thrown aside.
Or was he here to finish the job himself. He didn't take him as the guy to do it though.

“Does the Commander want confirmation his scheme is completely safe from Seele? O which circumstance awards me the honour Vice-Commander Fuyutzuki?”

“I'm not here in service of Gendo or anybody else. It might be silly but a deed not repaid is supposed to bring bad luck.”

“But that isn't the only cause for you to come to my rescue, isn't it.” the Vice-Commander had a neck to loose to after all no matter to whom.

“No, it isn't.--Seele will be dissatisfied with the last events and unforeseen incidents, so they will try to reaffirm control over the scenario.”

“Which isn't in favour of the Commander at all. His goals differ after all. So how can myself, a bad triple agent with an agenda of his own help you the Vice-Commander of Nerv?” he actually was interested what Fuyutzuki would have in mind.

“First of all staying alive, and establishing contact with the Japanese Ministry of the Interior. Someone higher up is willing to cooperate.”

Only later on would Fuyutzuki really appreciate to have done this.

Thanks to the infamous Sovereign on sv as he beta read an earlier version of this I once more augmented.

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