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Re: Commentary: Episode 07

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Postby Kendrix » Sun Sep 09, 2018 5:25 pm

Scene 6  SPOILER: Show
148 Aha! Great catch, I always assumed that it was supposed to be some reference for how it's made of only machinery, with no pilot or meat parts, hence "jet alone"

149 And at this point you could probably tell exactly what is going to happen, just from the background music and the earlier use of the word "nuclear"

154 Again they start out in something of an outsider position

161 Of course, the JA's very "robotic", smooth, faceless look and wavelike motions is a total cotrast to the "blocky", humanoid evangelions with their human-like joints and movement patterns - it doesn't really have proper knees

165 It's like Tokita himself can't believe it's actually working

At this point she's clearly just watching for the beat to drop, like Light Yagami checking his watch

Of couuuurse

How quickly the bluster evaporates in favor of a "What have I done?" face

179 Talk about a demonstration gone haywire. Your guests were almost stomped on by your robot, and it waltzes straight through

181 Aw, so that's Misato looking out! Oddly cute.

182 So even the robot that was supposedly free of human error still has a human touch to it, eh? Of course one wonders what she would conclude from applying that same logic to the EVAs.

Scene 7  SPOILER: Show
186 [Ninth Doctor Voice] That sounds a lot like "unsinkable"
That said in hindsight is an early indication that this all seems a tad too convenient, big mouthed and arrogant they may be, but it' hard to believe that they would be THAT stupid concerning a project with so many people working on it and their reputation on the line-

Of course, now it's time for Misato to get her cool moment; She immediately has her mind on the objective here, and she refuses to accept that there isn't a better way, a quality that is perhaps strangely intertwined with her general optimism

191 "A miracle by human hands" is, of course, a recurring theme/arc word for Misato, often in reference to her wacky creative plans and her defiance in the face of overwhelming odds, most notable in episode 12, and of course, in a certain alternate Universe where she gets her own battleship

192 Their poses and the devastation between them speak for themselves.

193 In other words, "Do what needs to be done no matter how"; This moment certainly shows her to be something of a natural leader- She takes charge and responsibility while everyone else just stands around panicking

198 Behold all those stereotypical rich people activities

200 I like how they manage to convey a sense of ineffectual helplessness with just that dangling telephone wire

201 Beaurocracy ahoy! No one wants to take responsibility either. You can basically see the "He's useless!" thought bubble above Misato's head

206 She is totally taking charge, inadvertently creating very good propaganda for Ritsuko and Gendo, for not only did JA's creators get embarassed, the day will now be saved by NERV

Very feeble attempt from Ritsuko to stop her friend from irradiating herself since she's planned for the 'bot to eventually stop anyways, probably being the one who hacked it in the first place

212 It speaks for her that she doesn't mind risking her own life in her often suicidal wacky plans, rather than just sending others into the fire

214 Can't leave all the futuristic suits to the EVA pilots.

218 It's telling that her heroics inspired these techies enough to break protocol to help her

220 That password is a telling detail that certainly adds to the flavor of the setting - For all their flaws, Tokita and he others wanted to protect the world in their own way

Scene 8  SPOILER: Show
225 So here's what these transport planes look like from the inside

226 They're sitting across from each other, both in action gear; This time its a lot more apparent that they'll be risking their lives together and that if she could be with him on the front lines all the time, she would be

227 Might be one of the first times where she takes Hyuuga with her when she has to pick one of the techies, implying that he's a direct subordinate the way Maya is for Ritsuko, or at least that they get along, with more details

231 when it comes down to it, all of Shinji's complaints about her lack of manners are forgotten and he just doesn't want her to get fried

235 Here at first Misato think's he's afraid for his own sake, but he's reached a point where he's way more worried about her

236 Life lesson time, I guess, as well as a bit of a telling moment - She pursues these wacky dangerous strategies because she couldn't forgive herself if she didn't try her best - which, for all her flaws, makes her pretty inspirational. And we've previously see in ep 6 that Shinji has a certain admiration for people who seem to have the kind of determination he can't always bring himself to muster.

237 ...and here, too, the result is that he tries to live up to their example.

239 JA has this creepy long wispy shadow

240 Let's appreciate that little nod of determination they give to each other - in a sense they're already functioning as an unit, at least to a certain extent (It's telling that most of Shinji's greater fuckups happen when they're cut off from each other)

243 Think of all the bajillon ways this could get her killed - that woman is brave

250 Note the EVA's very human-linke running motion

252... especially contrasted with the JA's robotic trudge. Flesh vs. Steel, as it were.

253 So at this point he's able to take a little bit of pride in his work

268 One kind of has to admire that she dares to remove that hand from the ladder after nearly falling to her death

272 Well, he is certainly determined/ taking this seriously

Scene 09  SPOILER: Show
291 Of course, it couldn't be too easy

292 So despite her earlier spite, she was already thinking that this level of convenient chaos was a little fishy

297 Shin-chan dutifully tried to keep the potentially radioactive stuff inside, but alas, JA seemed pretty determined to explode in his face

299 No shit sherlock

306 Clearly these things were never meant to be operated by hand. She's got some determination

310 Now he's really worried that she's gonna get herself blown up

314 At this point, he's cried in more episodes than not, but we can forgive him here. We don't want Misato to get cooked either

321 Preseverant to the end

Since Ritsuko's failsafe kicked in, we'll never learn if Misato's actions could have accomplised anything on their own, with the tendency being "probably not" - She basically privided Gendo & Ritsuko with an alibi - except, of course, that SHE now knows that there was some foul play

332 Of course heroism would look idiotic to a cynic. Unlike her, Misato wouldn't know that the Robot would not actually blow up

335 Well, fortunately, she'll probably give herself liver damage before this experience gives her cancer sometime in the future. Or perhaps, she'll die of liver cancer.

336 Adorable little Shin-chan is genuinely inspired tho

337 The German dub rendered this as "tHis Miracle has been pre-programmed by someone" - but this is the first time she seriouslöy starts to suspect shady dealings beyond just having general ethical qualms which she can still justify to herself

Scene 10  SPOILER: Show
340 Well, they waste no time in telling us whodunnit. Of course they couldn't foresee/understand that someone would act less cynical than they.

342 And, now for another of these "morning scenes", for a little "book ends" effect and a look at how these events have affected the status quo

349 Misato-wise, not much has changed

351 Another telling bit of narration here - She may be a hero, but that doesn't mean Shinji's suddenly immune to embarrassment. "No one is a hero to his valet" etc.

352B He no longer even tries to hide his annoyance

358 Another of these underappreciated moments (see ep 4 or 14), where Kensuke can actually be pretty insightful, even wise

359 Aww. Here's a bit of a life lesson, I guess. No one can be glamorous all the time and there IS some intimacy in seeing each others less put-together sides. Of course it also shows how Shinji has really come to form some real bonds, a proper social circle with good friends he can get this sort of advice from, something like a family environment and whatever you'd count Rei as... which of course means that it's high time to throw in a few novel disruptions before things get all too cozy around here

We've established something like a "Closer circle" so it's time to bring in the "outer world"

Preview  SPOILER: Show
01 Wouldn't that place be very much underwater? Of course, maybe they used some futuristic technology to keep it (and hopefully, the Netherlands) from sinking. It would certainly fit into a cynical setting if the countries that were already rich pre-impact had the means to save their butts while the poorer places on the southern hemisphere had no such luck so that even a great catastrophe that affected the whole world wouldn't affect everyone equally. Japan is of course remarkably disaster-proof due to needs of its location. I'm not too worried about the Swiss either.

It's certainly unusual to have one of us used as the "hot foreigner", seeing as we're about the one major country in Europe whose stereotypical description doesn't include the word "hot". Turn on the radio and you'll hear "Paris!" "Havanna!" "California!", but there has never been a single French person who felt compelled to pick up their guitars because of some mysterious stranger they encountered in Hamburg or Düsseldorf.
Of course, Anno may simply not be aware of that, a lot of people in Asia just lump everything together as "the West" even though I'd argue that there are some large cultural differences between the US and Europe, despite some commonalities (to be fair, many of us are not much better/ don't know anything about the long & rich history of Asia)
Or perhaps Anno's use as German for flavor texts constitute a distant remnant of our pre-war reputation as bold intellectuals - see the occasional loanwords in math, philosophy and art theory, (imagine my laugh when i found out that the English term is also 'Eigenvektor') or the Charackter of Ottto Lidenbrock in 'Journey to the Center of the Earth', whom I love as some Mexicans supposedly love Speedy Gonzalez. He's supposed to be nuts but its a flavor of nuts I can get behind.
Please, please let us be Europe's nerds again. No more of this "no sense of humor boring squares ugly mordor speak" nonsense its not funny, ya'll started liking Italian and Japanese again so please cut it out....

A lot of people over here were just glad to get a character who wasn't some trite predictable supervillain stereotype. Better yet, she's not blonde! (which is more of a Skandinavian thing anyways [Insert joke about the Swedes' differing ideas as to the proper way to pickle a herring] - sure, we have the occasional one, but the snow-white/pale.skinned-brunette look is way more common. )

Incidentally, there's a little medieval legend explaining the increased prevalence of redheads in certain parts of the southwest, owing to Emperor soandso, who owed his own red hair to his mother having been a British princess, having had a bit of reputation as a philanderer. As it's a recessive trait this does not quite work out in reality, but still, it's a cute story, and the idea of Asuka lapsing into Swabian accent when incensed is very hilarious.

02 Being young and naive at the time, my first thought upon seeing this was ""Oh no, here comes the rival love interest (Just when I started shipping them!), and it's gonna be one of these cases where the author thought "bitchy and violent" is a standin for "unstereotypical female character!"" At least the latter fear was wholly unfounded as she is very much treated as a flawed character whose nasty behavior is shown to have a real impact, with reasons for being the way she is and a very effective contrast figure.

See you again sometime for episode 8 and my essay about how Shinji actually stole the show but none of us noticed because he was dressed in a silly outfit
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Re: Commentary: Episode 07

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Postby ath » Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:46 pm

Welcome back! I'm not sure if the other editors are still around, but I swear I'll get back to work on the comments as soon as I have some free time.

As for Episode 8, well... once we completed about ~95% of the work last year we stalled as usual. Might as well declare it open one of these days, even if it isn't perfect.

We still need someone to put out the announcements. Do we really need them, though? It's not like we got an overwhelming response last time...

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Re: Commentary: Episode 07

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Postby thewayneiac » Fri Sep 14, 2018 4:37 pm

I think that all that's missing from Ep. 08 is translations for the missing cuts.
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