[AMV] Holy Father, Re-implementing the OP

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[AMV] Holy Father, Re-implementing the OP

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Postby M_Luminoth » Wed May 24, 2017 2:30 pm

This project is no longer labelled under WIP as a functionally complete version is available.

My goal is not to replace the Cruel Angel's Thesis in its entirety but to show what an opening sequence that has more reflection of the source material and themes is capable of.
As I require some help of the people outside of my discord group and facebook friends, Im asking for some scrutiny and assistance with several facets of the project. I will sort the topic accordingly when i find suggestions and criticism that I seek to address and I will create multiple sections noting what has been suggested, what has been addressed and what is being worked on.

--Known Problems--
-The second drum fill has a cut that is too sudden back to original credit sequences to be natural.
-The fourth drum fill currently has no sped up clips that align with it
-the last 1 minute of my cut of the song needs to be filled out
-There are a few moments where the credits do not show on screen for long enough to be read.
-Some stills are in need of camera vibration and proper dissolve effects to make it appear as if they were camera shot instead of digitally edited in
-Several camera effects can be used to greater exaggerate the lighting as the blast beats are used
-The use of less color intense effects to make it appear as if more traditional editing methods were used.

Currently empty

--In Progress--
-Using Capture2Text to grab the screen Kanji for the opening credits to create a text document for overlay use.
-Tweaking some transitions and color effects to make it appear as if traditional editing and exposure adjustments were used.

--Implemented Changes--
-Implemented text-less op to allow use of credits text in better places.
-Implemented fast clips to align with the fourth drum fill.
-Finished functional version of the intro, v1,0.

Music Used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUhBykAA0D8
-For me this fits all the criteria so far that i am interested in and i believe it fits quite well.
Choirs, Strings, Bells, Guitars, Drums, Organic cathedral reverb, Orthodox Russian Christianity, Metal.
All the themes i want are here, but i am still open to suggestions for other music.

1.0 version is available: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8Qno ... TFTQzZSaXM

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