[CYOA] Gendo's Miserable Quest to Ruin Everything

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Re: [CYOA] Gendo's Miserable Quest to Ruin Everything

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Postby Geometer » Wed Jan 25, 2017 10:43 am

Gotta say 4.

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Re: [CYOA] Gendo's Miserable Quest to Ruin Everything

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Postby MAGI_01 » Wed Jan 25, 2017 5:25 pm

4 I choose you!
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Re: [CYOA] Gendo's Miserable Quest to Ruin Everything

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Postby Squigsquasher » Tue Feb 07, 2017 5:11 am

You run the options over in your head, and decide upon tying a NERV-branded paperweight to the end of a coil of rope, producing a fairly lethal-feeling meteor hammer. Sure, it may not be the greatest weapon ever conceived by mankind, but it's almost certainly enough to bring the pain to the clones.

"Right, is everybody else armed?" you ask your compatriots.

The others nod, weakly. You see Hikari has taken one of the ultra-strength staple guns as an impromptu firearm, Kensuke has done the same but with one of the hot glue guns, and Touji has taped a box cutter to the end of a broom handle as a bodge-it-and-scarper glaive. Aoba, meanwhile, still has his nailboard.

"Wait a minute." you say, noticing the absence of weapons in your favourite lackey's hands. "Rei, you're still unarmed."

"Oh. So I am." she replies. "I suppose I had better take some kind of weapon. What would you recommend, commander?"

You think for a minute, looking at the shelves. Then, you get an idea. Taking a box of blank CDs, a packet of craft knife blades and a Pritt Stick, you manage to fabricate a set of rather dodgy looking shuriken for her.

"Here, these should do the trick."

Rei gingerly takes the throwing stars from you, inspecting them curiously.

"Thank you, commander." she says, gratefully. "I will bring furious retribution to our foes with these new armaments."

With everyone armed, you leave the confines of the supply cupboard in order to fight your way to the elevator.


You poke your head around the corner. It seems the clones have returned to the elevator, which they are now guarding. They have formed a protective barrier around the entrance, with their leader in the centre.

"Right." you whisper to your compatriots. "On the count of three, we charge." It's not exactly a master plan, but there's no other real solution at the moment. Besides, if it should fail then at least you will have gone down in a blaze of glory rather than a botched stealth operation.


Your entire posse jumps out from behind the corner and begins to barrel towards the clones. "Let slip the dogs of war!" you bellow, spinning your paperweight-flail overhead.

The clones snarl in response and rush to attack. They do not seem intimidated at all.

Kensuke is the first to fire, predictably, unloading a scalding spurt of goo at the nearest clone, which screams with anger before melting away into tang. Aoba swings with his nailboard and takes out another two clones, and your flail pulverizes three more. There are now two clones and the leader left.

"Quick! Kill it before it can raise the others!" you shout, though you notice the pools of orange slime already beginning to bubble and reform.

Touji swipes at one of the reformed clones with his boxcutter-glaive, sending it back to its maker (again) whilst Kensuke unloads suppressing fire with his hot glue gun.

You knock a few more of the clones to the ground, and before the leader-fiend can resurrect them, you charge at it and prepare to splatter its brains on the wall with your flail.

"Meet your end, vile creature!" you roar, bringing the meteor hammer thing down on its head in a curving arc. But then, to your horror, an orange octagonal barrier bursts into existence between your flail and the leader's head.

"An...A.T. field?" you gasp.

You strike over and over again, but you cannot penetrate the barrier. Then, the creature grabs the flail mid-swing and wrenches it from your grasp.

"Now, YOU Shall meet your end, bearded conspirator!" it screeches, preparing to swing the implement at you.

Before it can, however, you hear a high-pitched wail of anguish, followed by a *THUNKT THUNKT THUNKT* noise, and about fifteen staples embed themselves in the monster's skull. Its eyes roll back, and it dissolves into LCL.

You turn around to see a shuddering Hikari holding her staplegun in trembling hands, tears streaming down her face. She drops to her knees, the gun falling out of her hands.

"I don't want to do this anymore!" she sobs, shaking her head with despair. "I...I can't take this!"

Touji drops his weapon and rushes to her side. "Please, Hikari, don't cry..." he pleads. "Those things...they ain't real people...they's jus' monsters in the shape of people!"

Hikari continues to bawl, her eyes red from crying. "I don't care! I hate violence! This...it's horrible! I just want to go home!"

This isn't very good at all. With Hikari in the middle of a mental breakdown, you're all sitting ducks if more knockoff Reis appear. You need to snap her out of it...the question is, how?

1: Try and calmly talk her into coming to her senses?
2: Just slap the stupid little girl?
3: Threaten to shoot her/abandon her if she's just going to be a burden?
4: Something else?
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Re: [CYOA] Gendo's Miserable Quest to Ruin Everything

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Postby Justacrazyguy » Tue Feb 07, 2017 9:14 am

2 It worked in Gundam, it'll work here.
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Re: [CYOA] Gendo's Miserable Quest to Ruin Everything

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Postby NemZ » Tue Feb 07, 2017 9:44 am

Brightslap ftw. Bonus points if Aoba tosses in his "You kill or you die!" line.
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