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Fanbards Site Reboot

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Postby C.W. Smith » Tue Nov 01, 2016 12:54 pm

So I’ve been working on trying to create a Drupal Feature Set that takes everything I've tried to do for Fanbards and put it into something that others could use for their own story archives and communities. I'm also hoping it will help me fix things with out doing what this post will be describing every time.

My goal is to improve things on the page and hopefully increase some community involvement. The big things I’ll describe here, and open up the comments for discussion.

• Bookshelf

If you know the Bookshelf Group then you know I’ve been trying to create a Drupal Feature set to provide all the functions of Fanbards in a way others could use. This, and the reboot of Dhampir Dreams, will display that. There will be modules here in use that can be download from the Bookshelf GitHuab repos. Eventually they may make it to, as well as a Drupal 8 version.

The reasoning behind this is so that when I fix something instead of having to basically redo the whole page I will only have to update that module. Should improve things for me at the least.

• Content

I'm still fighting the legacy content. A large problem is formatting and such. This is causing other issues as I have not set something to limit the story filter on Story pages when you are creating something. It's my hope that I will be able to do this right so that I can have a cleaner interface for you all to create your stuff, while still being able to fix most of our content.
I still need to see how things go when changing authors on a new chapter.

• Administration

I need people willing to help administer the pages. I’ve got a lot of work and little help. I would hope some of you would be willing to lend a hand with administrative tasks. Things like content editing, forum moderation, and even some site building through the Bookshelf Group. Anyone willing to help and keep an eye on things in various ways.

• Articles

I’ve decided to try and allow people to create stand alone articles for the page. These would be things like reviews of movies, anime, music, tech, anything in our news categories.

The reason for this being my intent to try and make things about what we love. And not all of us want to write stories, some might want to just write opinion pieces. I think that might be interesting.

This would include media posts, galleries of art, pics from cons, and Youtube videos.

• Themes and Mobile

I'm going to be honest. I don't have an eye for themes. So I'm going to setup bootstrap themes from Drupal then create themes based on the color schemes available through Bootswatch. This will provide a good amount of choices and be mobile friendly.

For those not aware, Bootstrap is basically the theme of Twitter.

• Improved Facebook Integration

We live and die by social media. I have Twitter accounts for both main sotes and all groups. The site sends out a tweet to the connected accounts, showing a Headline and link for new stories and posts to groups and the main page.

My hope is to get things set on my posting rules so we post to both Twitter and Facebook. Any other Social Media outlet will need to be considered later.
I'm certain that this reboot will improve things for the page. I'm tired of working on all of this with little improvement. So I hope this will allow for some easiest maintenance. Anyone saying to give up on Drupal in the comments however better be willing to dedicate time on helping me do things in whatever system they are suggesting. I'm not willing to try and learn something new on my own unless the can help
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Re: Fanbards Site Reboot

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Postby FelipeFritschF » Thu Jul 25, 2019 10:46 pm

Bumping this as I just talked to OP about it and he still needs help. This also includes Lemontastica, which is currently down. Anyone interested?

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