Gears of War (series)

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Gears of War (series)

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Postby Kaminoyouni » Wed Oct 26, 2016 2:09 am

Been awhile since we talked about this series.

I had thought that Gears 3 was gonna be the end of it, seeing as they killed off the locust threat presumably once and for all

Then came out Judgement with... mixed feedback. I liked it well enough. but a majority of the Gears community seem to despise it's existence. Personally I didn't really understand why, I actually gave the game some variety in game modes, including a Free for all game type which since hasn't made a return

Survival was a good idea, with the engineer class having a repair tool which would've been sooo useful to have in Gears 3 Horde mode.

Then came the HD remaster of the first game with Gears of War Ultimate Edition came with the announcement of Gears 4

FunFact about Gow:UE I actually was lucky enough to aid The Completionist in completing some of the multiplayer Achievements

even getting a shout out in the Episode

As for Gears 4... well i have mixed feelings, the Campaign was pretty good, I haven't gone into Multiplayer yet but I assume it's not much different then the Beta.

Horde 3.0, hoo boy. I have a feeling this iteration of it won't last, the Skills and class system are a fine addition, and help the formula. but the communist style group money system is terrible, and doesn't encourage playing with Randoms.

Other then that it feels like the franchise is just getting milked.
Seeing the Locust come back now being called "the Swarm", rendering the ending of Gear 3 pointless. and Retcons happening with Ayna, since apparently she is James' Mother, however t was said in books she was actually barren and the main reason she was able to stay in Military service at all even in just her intelligence role.

Endgame spoiler here
As well discorering the female lead of the game is actually the Grandaughter of the Locust Queen
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Re: Gears of War (series)

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Postby Ray » Wed Oct 26, 2016 2:19 am

I can say I playing any Gears of War games. But I do agree with the general idea that a franchise should be allowed to end on a high note. Especially when it comes to videogames.

The thing with video game plots like slasher movies is that they keep having to come up with increasingly ridiculous excuses for the bad guy to come back. To the point where you're wondering why you're even bothering to struggle with these characters if they are never going to permanently beat the bad guy and improve the world for the better?
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