Rules Update: "Don't Just Drop A Link"

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Rules Update: "Don't Just Drop A Link"

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Postby Monk Ed » Fri Oct 07, 2016 5:58 am

A new line has been added to the rules, under "Actively contribute to threads":

  • Don't just drop a link, share your thoughts and explain why we should care about it.
This rule was inspired by a recent spate of users in Serious Discussion dropping links with minimal comment, failing to spark conversation. Whereas we already forbid link-dropping with no comment, the usual one-line quick summary is demonstrably not enough in the context of a heavier discussion topic such as those in Serious Discussion (and perhaps elsewhere, but the issue appearing in that particular subforum is what sparked this update).

This rule is context-sensitive and is going to be enforced gently. It exists to encourage discussion in topics meant for heavy discussion; the usual one-line summary is still fine for such places as the News threads.
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