The Second Coming - reboot of "The Coming of the First Ones"

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The Second Coming - reboot of "The Coming of the First Ones"

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Postby Muphrid » Thu Aug 18, 2016 4:11 pm

On - On Sufficient Velocity

Two years after Instrumentality's end, Shinji comes out of retirement to train a new Eva pilot and thwart Seele's plans for Fourth Impact.

Some years ago, I worked on The Coming of the First Ones but never finished it. It was an ambitious, rambling story, with elements of Eva mythology (the First Ancestral Race, the seven Seeds of Life, etc.) as well as my own thoughts on the post-Instrumentality world (a "cult of Lilith" and Shinji's status as a known, public figure).

This is the reboot: streamlined, told through Shinji's eyes, and based off a complete draft--so the ending that I never got around to in the original will finally be released.

If you enjoyed the original, join Shinji again as a new round of Angels descend on planet Earth. The gang are all still here: Misato is commanding general of Project Manoah, Asuka joins the project's research section, and the specter of Rei watches over all.

If you're new to the tale, then let me welcome you to Tokyo-2. Shinji is known as a hero to some, a villain to others, and neither party wishes for him to remain in obscurity, living a quiet, private life. It will be up to Shinji to step up and join the fight.

And there are people who need him, like the new pilot: Nozomi Horaki. The little sister of Hikari, she is aloof and sarcastic, yet she also cares deeply about upholding this responsibility. Guiding Nozomi and making sure she doesn't repeat his mistakes is one of Shinji's major goals.

And what are Shinji and Nozomi up against? There is something out there--a hooded figure, ephemeral and untouchable, that gazes upon Shinji and others without wavering. As this hooded stranger looks on, Angels rain down on mankind. Finding out where they come from, and why they're attacking, will take us back to Rei past--to Lilith's past--and lead Shinji to discover why mankind even exists at all.

The Second Coming updates every Monday on, with advance editing previews every Thursday on Sufficient Velocity.

Take care, friends. Eisheth is watching.

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