Romancing Saga 2 is coming west

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Romancing Saga 2 is coming west

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Postby Dima » Fri Apr 08, 2016 4:04 am


At long last. Romancing Saga 2, after 22 years of it's original release, is coming west! For Android and iOS. It was just announced on twitter by Square Enix. This entry in the famous saga never arrived in our parts. It was released only in Japan (Romancing Saga 3 had the same fate). While we got many Saga games, like Saga Frontier for PSX and Unlimited Saga for PS2, these are considered like spin-offs and not mainline games. But we got the remake of the first Romancing Saga for PS2! Which is great and advise anyone to play it. Back in the day, Romancing Saga was very popular in Japan. It was the next big thing in the RPG genre after Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. It's popularity declined with the pass of the years, mostly because of the arrival of Star Ocean and Kingdom Hearts and because Square didn't continued with the mainline games. The game seems like old school FF, just with a different director and artist. One thing that you will notice after playing it, is that there is the option of choices in the game and it feels less linear compared to FF and DQ. The gameplay is also very different compared to FF (it may see identical), though i don't know more.

Square Enix said that they will release more info this month. Check out the trailer
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