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Re: Design Your Own Eva Unit!

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Postby VUX » Mon Aug 19, 2019 11:24 pm

Here’s another Evangelion model.

Name: Evangelion Unit-05.
Height: 60 meters.
Weight: 3,000 tons.
Type: Originally an experimental model, later repurposed into a heavy support unit.
DNA Base: Adam.
Head: Boxy in appearance, with a horn protruding from the forehead, and a singular visor.
Arms: Prostetic, with pincer claws in place of hands.
Legs: Four prostetic legs ending in tank treads.
Torso: Vertically segmented armor.
Shoulder Pylons: Originally possess specially built pylons with electric power grid connectors, later changed to standard pylons.
Power Source: Originally electric power grid connectors, later changed to an umbilical cable.
Primary Color: Dark green.
Secondary Color: Black.
Visor Color: Yellow.
Skin Color: Beige.
Eye Color: Amber.
Entry Plug: Prototype model, with a specially designed plug suit, and an orange HUD.
Primary Weapon: Anti-A.T. Field Lance, and Arm Shield.
Secondary Weapon: Shoulder-mounted bazookas.
Emergency Weapon: Self-destruct device.
Pilot: Mari Illustrious Makinami.
Soul: Mari’s Mother.
Special Features: It was the first Evangelion to be discovered, and the first to finish construction, yet it wasn’t activated until after Unit-04, hence it’s designation.
It was discovered in extremely poor condition, missing it’s arms and most of the lower torso, forcing the construction of artificial limbs.
It is the shortest of the Evangelions in terms of height, but is the heaviest in terms of weight.
Origin: Once the Angel Behemoth, it joined Satan’s rebellion against their progenitor, Adam, but was ultimately defeated. As punishment for its betrayal, it’s soul was absorbed into the Sea of Guf, and it’s body sealed within an ancient tomb, in a land that would one day be known as Great Britain. It would be studied by the mother of Mari Makinami, and would later be programmed with her soul in the year 2003. It would be activated by Mari herself to battle the 3rd Angel, in the year 2016.
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Re: Design Your Own Eva Unit!

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Postby VUX » Sat Aug 31, 2019 2:59 pm

Here’s another Evangelion from my fic, only this one is an OC instead of a reimagining.

Name: Evangelion Unit-09
Height: 80 meters.
Weight: 1500 tons.
Type: IPEA Model.
DNA Base: Adam.
Head: More compact than other Evangelions, with a single pair of forward facing eyes, four nostrils, and a smaller, more primate like mouth with prominent cheeks.
Arms: Similar to normal, but with more armor plating.
Legs: Similar to normal, but with more armor plating.
Shoulder Pylons: Standard issue.
Entry Plug: Standard configuration, with a blue HUD.
Torso: Bears a resemblance to pectoral muscles, similar to Unit-01.
Helmet: Resembles that of a samurai, with a pair of V shaped horns, which actually function as antenna, as well as a grill shaped mouth piece.
Visor Color: Blue.
Primary Color: White.
Secondary Color: Aquamarine.
Skin Color: Reddish-Brown.
Eye Color: Steel-Gray.
Power Source: Umbillical cable.
Primary Weapon: Automatic grenade launcher with a revolver like magazine.
Secondary Weapon: Progressive Wrist Blades.
Emergency Weapon: x2 Progressive Knife.
Pilot: N/A.
Special Features:
It is the second Evangelion to be constructed by the IPEA without precipitation from Nerv, after Unit-08.
It’s design is a homage to the 1991 mecha series Detonator Orgun.
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Re: Design Your Own Eva Unit!

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Postby Daggerfly09 » Sat Oct 31, 2020 8:42 am

My Evangelion

Unit number/Name: Angle Remain Re-purposed Unit-00 prototype
Type: Versatile combat
DNA Base: Lilith, Adam, Bardiel
Head: standard head with extra Armouring around the cranium
Torso: Standard Eva Torso reinforced to withstand extra force and trauma
Shoulder Pylons: Right Shoulder: Unit two spike launcher. Left Shoulder: standard progressive knife container. Easily removed and replaced to make use of secondary arm mutation
Arms: standard limbs slightly altered to be able to extend with the limbs
Legs: standard limbs, the armour is easily modified to make use of modifications, e.g. wheel like attachments similar to unit 05
Power Source: standard 5 minute power source with a backup s2 engine replication, side effect of s2 engine will send unit into a berserk state
Entry Plug: dummy plug system entry plug to aim Eva when in berserk state
Primary Colour: purple
Secondary Colour: light/sky blue
Other Colours: black
Special Markings: non
Primary Weapon: modified pallet rifle with attached bayonet
Secondary Weapon: false spear of Longinus
Emergency Weapon: standard progressive knife
Special Features: has the mutation ability of the nineth angle Bardiel, has the ability to willingly release limiters in case of emergency

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Re: Design Your Own Eva Unit!

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Postby orcot » Mon Nov 23, 2020 4:56 pm

Unit number/name: ED, Experimental Dirac unit
Type: Experimental 2 dimensional S² unit, In active combat redesignated: ED² Experimental -type D Emergency Defense in depth support model
DNA Base: Adam,leliel

General description: Cross between a angel and leliel the main body is oblong black with no discernible spine (or head) metalic arms and legs that might be entirly mechanical (not actual parts of the eva) can move with gimbal joints meaning it doesn't realy has a front, back or side.

Most recognisable look. Wears a optical illusions vest that is semi transparent, armor is closer to a flackvest and textiles then actual armor altough the shoulders and pelvis seem to be bolted in place with both bolts and straps.

Strong points: holds a experimental S2 engine that can trap angels for up to 2 weeks on end by letting them sink inside a sort of poket universe (dirac sea). Inside said dirac sea the unit has omnipresence.

Weak points: Omnipresence but no omnipotence, also the pilot needs to remain (with it's creepy assistant) inside the eva as long as it holds the angel. It also nees a continues power supply (4.min 55 sec emergency battery).
Psycal unit is rather frail, the unit is rather sensitve to bright lights and needs to be covered during prolonged solar exposure. Likewise it's vision is sensitive to bright lights it has trouble focussing (visually) suffers from astigmatism and poor gunmanship to the point that it's pilot uses external camera's and monitors and tracking software to disern friend or foe in stead of the Eva's eyes. Synchro rates beyond 60% will take it's toll on the pilot's real eyesight.

Head: covered by balaclava mask the entire head might be a animatronic diversion (angels tent to aim for the head)
Shoulder Pylons: None but wihtout a spine the entry plug enters trough a mechanisme attached to the shoulder plades (pilot sits significatly lower then other eva's)
Arms: work with gimbal joints might be entirly artificial in nature
Legs: work with gimbal joints might be entirly artificial in nature (still wears sneakers)

1 14 year old pilot has some vague mental issues mimicing a hikikomori but more universal (does not really match the symptons in favor of being more relatable (social anxiety) and dramatic).
1 dummy plug with a special Rei in it housed in a body horror casket to small to hold a (full) individual. This one can take some form inside the dirac sea and tends to mimic the pilot in the most creepy way possible, it will eat when the pilot eats mimicing the pilot's movements when the pilot is asleep it will pretent to sleep as well. If the pilot laughs or screems, talk really loudly it will try to imitate the sound (a sepperate voice actor would only see a visual lip movements of the voice actor and have to work from that)

Weaponry: harpoon gun, spear, flashbangs, will try to capture the angel in it's shadow, then others have abouth 1-2 weeks te recover and restore other eva's

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Re: Design Your Own Eva Unit!

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Postby Vic Guard » Fri Mar 26, 2021 1:52 pm

I've got a few custom EVAs under my belt too, all used in RPs.

Unit number/Name: Evangelion Unit-ζ "Zeta"
Type: Prototype all-range heavy weapons Cyber-evangelion unit
DNA Base: Adam
Head: Similar to that of Gundam Barbatos Lupus
Torso: Standard, with heavier armor on the chest
Shoulder Pylons: Standard, featuring autocannons near the bases
Arms: Prosthetic, with heavier shoulder armor
Legs: Prosthetic, with heavier armor on lower legs
Wings: Booster pack with downward-pointing foldable wings and three hardpoints for weapon mounting
Power Source: 6x compact batteries, each lasting 10 minutes(1 hour total)
Entry Plug: Standard, with limiters to prevent excessive synchronization
Primary Color: White
Secondary Color: Red on forearms and lower legs, blue on head, chest and crotch
Other Colors: Golden decals and horns, black feet
Special Markings: None
Primary Weapon: Two-handed progressive tomahawk sword, 250mm Gatling gun
Secondary Weapon: 2x positron cannons/2x 12-tube missile launchers
Emergency Weapon: retractable blades stored in the forearms, pilebunkers installed in knees and heels, shoulder pylon autocannons
Special Features: Limited flight, inability to go berserk, height below average(60 m)

Unit number/Name: Evngelion Unit-10 "X"
Type: Prototype close-range Evangelion unit
DNA Base: Unknown
Head: Similar to Unit-02's, with a knight-like helmet and a visor covering the upper eyes
Torso: More muscular than usual, with extra armor and a model of a dragon's head on the chest
Shoulder Pylons: Wider than usual to acommodate for missile launchers
Arms: Cybernetic, with extra armor on shoulders and forearms
Legs: More muscular than usual, with extra armor
Wings: A singular downward-facing prong modeled after a dragon's tail
Power Source: N2 reactor mounted inside the tail, connected to the umbilical cable port
Entry Plug: Redesigned to acommodate for motion-capture controls
Primary Color: Red
Secondary Color: Silver
Other Colors: Black(upper arms and shoulder pylons), gold(decals), green(forearms and shoulder armor)
Special Markings: Knight/dragon motif
Primary Weapon: Extendable sword blade mounted in right forearm armor
Secondary Weapon: Shield-bracer combo attached to the left forearm, flamethrower installed inside the dragon head
Emergency Weapon: 2x six-tube missile launchers installed in shoulder pylons, 2x progressive blades protruding from the ankles
Special Features: Berserk mode resembling a quadrupedal wingless dragon

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Re: Design Your Own Eva Unit!

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Postby Asugran233 » Sat Mar 27, 2021 4:46 pm

Name: Evangelion Unit Sigma
Type: Generick
Torso: narrow with elements of the ala rib
Arms: generic with large shields on the shoulders
Legs: generic
Head: Based on Unit-00
DNA Base: Adam
Primary Color: Dark pink
Secondary Color: Black (torso)
Other colors: White (stripes only)
Eye Color: Dark green.
Primary Weapon: Rifle
Secondary Weapon: blades
Pilot: Kotone Suzunami
Souls: N/A

Eva created especially for Kotone from Evangelion Battlefields.

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Re: Design Your Own Eva Unit!

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Postby Zero3 Pilot » Thu Dec 07, 2023 11:29 am

a Mark model that is OP

Type: Mark Model  SPOILER: Show
Unit number/Name: Evangelion Mark 15
DNA Base: Lilith and Adam (compability like mark 13)
Head: Mark 6 base with eyes visor, can open jaws
Torso: Mark 13 torso
Shoulder Pylons: Mark 6 style
Arms: Base (03, Rebuild)
Legs: Base (03, Rebuild)
Power Source: S² engine, umbilical cable, S² engine for emergency
Entry Plug: Gen.2 (by Neepa) with dark red HUD and custom plugsuit in mark 06 style and dummy system
Primary Color: Black
Secondary Color: Red
Other Colors: Light Blue
Primary Weapon: Assault rifle (Rebuild of Evangelion)
Secondary Weapon: Spear of Cassius clons
Emergency Weapon: Beast Mode, x2 PKN-02.2C Custom Next Gen Progressive Knife
Special Features: A.T Field levitation, Aerial Recon S-Type Equipment for special missions, Regeneration, has the Fruit of Knowledge, can awake, create an Impact and Instrumantality itself.
Pilot: [CLASSIFIED] trained pilot clone Series
Soul: Half part of the pilot soul

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Re: Design Your Own Eva Unit!

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Postby WarpDriveBy » Mon Apr 08, 2024 10:01 pm

Unit number/Name: Eva Unit Delta-66
Type: Close Quarters, Rescue ops, Heavy equipment
DNA Base: Lillith primary, but with DNA written with transcribed sequences from angels Sahaquiel and Zeruel
Head: Adapted from 01's design, two short horns located above the frontal eyes replace 01's horn (binocular sensor arrays for echolocation, em wave triangulation (comms/radar/high energy)
Delta's two front eyes glow emerald green through the visor slots of it's helmet, and two more green peripheral eyes sit behind slots just above the auditory arrays where a human's ears would be, these allow threats to be detected in areas the others have blind spots though they can not see directly behind D-66, and are not nearly as acute as the frontal eyes. They also have much reduced depth perception but are more sensitive to motion.

Torso: Significantly thicker and heavier than usual, in order to be clad in additional armor plates of heavier construction. This armor is able to withstand blasts and beams for longer durations and intensities, and significantly this gives D-66 vastly increased durability. D-66 also trades the ability to focus it's AT field offensively over distances longer than 50m, to gain much greater control in defense. D-66 can deploy it's AT field outside it's armor, but can also create up to three secondary fields and use them directionally. This ability is the legacy of the "DNA" copied from the 14th Angel.

Arms: Longer and much more muscular than normal, progressive spikes can be extended directly from each knuckle by pilot (adapted from 3rd Angel's integrated lances). The left arm has been given heavier and larger plates, while the right has greater range of motion, this was a feature typical of armors from 500 years before present but has proven still relevant.

Legs: Much thicker and heavier than normal, 5% shorter than standard, heavier than standard armor on all surfaces

Wings: None. A proposal to incorporate a second S2 drive is being investigated and might allow limited gliding/hovering, but this Eva is much too heavy for all current systems. attachment points for weapon lockers, additional ammo, and disabled Unit towing/carrying slings cover D-66's back instead In addition to extra weapons for itself or team, D-66 can carry ammo for the others, battery backups, or even several N2 mines.

Power Source: S2 equipped after loss of control during which a decommissioned Seele Production Model Eva training Unit was partially eaten by Delta-66.

Entry Plug: Single-entry, Acheron Dummy backup system (simulacra of pilot psyche, prototype)
D-66 has no onboard long range targeting optics, nor a sniper scope system for the pilot as 00, 01, or 02 do, its visual systems are optimized for physical engagement with an Angel, and track and process movements with far greater acuity. By modeling the feline visual cortex as opposed to primate, visual processing happens at 200%-400% of normal, this allows D-66 to recognize, predict, and then counter the physical weapons of the Angel's that have historically been, by far, the greatest threat to the Eva's.

Primary Color: Dark Bronze outer armor plates, black scale second layer

Secondary Color: Blue
Other Colors: pure white teeth, production abnormality (unexplained)

Special Markings: Rescue modules have glowing red rescue hatch location identification signs for other pilot/VIP/civilian rescue ops, accommodation for up to 100 with type S (savior series) equipment package

Delta-66 also has numerous black attachment points for melee weapons and additional armor or rescue pods

Primary Weapon: "The Antideluvian" a bardiche type axe with technology derived from the copied Spear of Longinus technology, new adaptations allow it to become flexible and rolled up for storage but it's unable to change form or size otherwise and retains full AT field penetration ability.

Secondary Weapon: Prog sword (arming sword type) and ablative shield (many shield sizes and material combinations are in development, three (Heavy, combat, and positron screen ) available now.

Emergency Weapon: Progressive fist spikes, but in truth it's Delta's raw strength itself. This eva possesses three times the muscle mass of any other unit, and has been built with muscle fibers derived from unit 01 POST Angel consumption. While unit 01/13 display several powers well beyond any other units, even berserk they possess only 35% the strength of D-66, but D-66 trades running speed and can only achieve 25% of 01's sprint velocity.

Special Features: Delta-66 appears to have incorporated it's S2 drive without exploding as 04 did, but it has made the risk of berserk episodes more frequent. The decision has been made to embrace this trait, and as such this eva has almost no integrated restraints in it's armor. However, it's docking cradle is four times the mass of any other and has four times the attachment points. Currently, intentional provocation to berserk state is being studied and simulated for use by pilot at will, though the effect upon the pilot may be...unpleasant as xenopsychological contamination is of concern.

Warning: 2 magi are adamant that it would be a grave error to deploy D-66 alone in most circumstances. It's great weight means it is unable to climb buildings, cross most bridges, cross boggy ground, or traverse unstable slopes, and it's reduced speed prevents deployment to forward areas.

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