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Postby Lavinius » Sat Feb 06, 2016 6:03 am

Hi y'all so for some reason I've ended up watching the first seven episodes of GOVERNMENT DENIES KNOWLEDGE.

#1: I-I didn't know american shows had service. :rei_blush:
#2: Perhaps a bit too forward.
#3: This one really impressed me. Just like one of my guro manga.
#4: This one was also good, indeed the ending even truly touched me.
#5: ts'sch
#6: The problems with the show are already apparent; there's a special illogic to its most basic premise which can only bare more of its milipedal body with time.
#7: The bit with Scullery-maid in the air ducts was good.

Lolicon a cool, Scullery-maid an attractive.
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