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Evangelion: Scattered Remnants RP

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Postby Acethemaster135 » Fri May 29, 2015 9:15 pm

So, as I spoke about earlier in my introduction post, I am posting my concept for an RP. Tell me if you think it's any good, and possibly participate!


In an alternate universe where the original Eva pilots never existed, and were instead replaced with others, Near Third Impact ripped apart the world. Now, a new faction comprised of former Nerv staff has taken the moniker Wille, and have begun to take over former Nerv bases, and have now gone to war with Nerv and the remaining Angels.
Furthermore, the world is in a deteriorating state, with the NTE tearing the ecosystem to bits. All sides take advantage of this, with Wille controlling a good portion of Europe and South Asia, but they are fighting a losing battle. It is up to their newly-recruited Evangelion pilots to wage war with the Evas that were scavenged up by Wille. With little knowledge of the true state of the world and instructions from commanders who can’t seem to be trusted, the Pilots will have to use everything in their arsenal to survive.
Basically, this RP consists of several pilots working for Wille aboard the Wunder as they battle it out with Nerv, the Angels, and themselves. It is based upon the character’s interactions in the combat against Nerv, and their day-to-day lives aboard the Wunder, along with their combat against opposing forces.

I’d like some feedback on this, to see if people believe it to be good or interesting. If you have any ideas or critiques, then feel free to tell me them! If you want to create a character for this, I will leave a template below with an explanation. I believe the concept to be relatively new and different, but I haven’t seen many Evangelion RPs, so we shall see.

The character format is listed below. In addition to Eva pilots, we need Wille commanders, so if you would like to be one of those, PM me and I will likely give out those positions on a first-come, first-served basis. If you PM me with special interest, then I will send you a smaller sheet to fill out. Otherwise, I will also fill the role of the Overall Commander of Wille, also known as the OCW, who will supervise all operations (And try to keep the plot moving).

If you have ideas for how to make this better, please leave your ideas below! I really want to make this the best it can be, so if you could help out that would be great.

[b]Personal Info[/b]

[i]Name:[/i] What is your character’s name? This should reflect their nationality, unless they have unique circumstances.
[b]Gender:[/b] I hope I don’t have to explain gender.
[b]Age: [/b]Should be 14-15, can be older or younger due to NTE screwing everything up, but it is preferred that you stay in this set of ages.
[i]Nationality:[/i] What country was your character from before being recruited by Wille? This can remain unknown if you would like.
[i]Unique Traits:[/i] What languages does your character speak? What special skills do they have? Make this as detailed as possible, as it lets us know a lot more about your character.
[i]Appearance:[/i] Can be either a picture or written description. If you use a picture, try to also write a few sentences about their casual wear or something.
[i]Personality:[/i] For Evangelion RPs, this is VASTLY important. I recommend several sentences about how they react to different things, and any mental quirks they may have (And it’s Eva, so they should have at least one.)
[i]Background:[/i] This is where you write a paragraph or so about your character’s backstory. If you write more, kudos to you! It looks a lot better, but if you want to leave some parts out because ‘TOP SECRET’ then use a few [REDACTED] lines. Please be as detailed as possible. Also, be sure to include how they were recruited by Wille to fight against Nerv.

[b]Pilot Info:[/b]

[i]Plugsuit:[/i] What is their Plugsuit design? Patterns, colors, symbols and numbers, etc.
[i]Evangelion Unit:[/i] What number is it? Some are already in use by Nerv, so you can’t have those, but the forbidden ones are listed below.
[i]Evangelion Design:[/i] Be detailed here! Colors, design, Entry Plus interior, etc. Pictures are cool too.
[i]Special Abilities:[/i] What special features does your Evangelion possess?
[i]Awakening:[/i] Does your Evangelion awaken? Is it a Beast Mode or more of an Angelic form? Describe this here, but your character will likely not know this at the start of the RP.

I realize that this is quite the long application, but it covers pretty much everything you need. Listed below are the forbidden Eva units.

Eva Unit 00
Eva Unit 01
Eva Mark.09
Eva Units 11 through Unit-20.

Every other Unit is available to be claimed, and those not claimed within the first few pages of the actual RP will be assigned to Nerv.

So, prepare your pilots, and prepare to fight!

(Also it would be great if you could give feedback, I probably need it.)
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Interest Check

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Postby Acethemaster135 » Tue Aug 11, 2015 4:30 pm

I've been away from these forums from a while doing other things, but I was wondering if anyone was interested in this? The premise is more or less here now, and if people show interest then I would like to work with the players directly to decide on a more in-depth setting. I have a plotline laid out, but need players before this will work. If you are interested, post below and the setting can begin to be updated more.

General Clarification

Post Minimum?
There isn't really a minimum word count required for posting at all, but it is suggested that you be very in depth and descriptive, to keep it running like a story written by multiple people.

The Plotline?
The plot is designed to only be very minimally based on the setting from 3.0, as I still have yet to see it and I'm merely going on the description and a few screenshots, which seems pretty cool. In addition, it is not a '14-years-later' kind of thing. It is intended to go based upon the following:
Due to an early slip up by a pilot working for Nerv (The players can decide among themselves who made the mistake) which caused a Near Third Impact (How this event was halted is open for debate, and could change later). Shortly after, many of the Pilots and Staff working for Nerv defected to form their own organization in Wille; this even occurred due to a guilty higher-up working near the Overall Commander of Nerv deciding that he wanted to get it all out, but was killed before enough details were spilled. However, enough damage was done. In addition, most of the pilots were recruited by Wille AFTER the split, with only 2-3 having knowledge of Piloting already, so they will need to learn and adapt to their new job. How Wille recruited them is up to the Player. Try to keep this in mind when making a character.

Wille and Nerv are working to eliminate the angels, but both for different reasons. In addition, Seele exists, but its existence was not leaked in the initial reveal. The pilots have some knowledge of the split, but some know more than others.

If you want any clarification on the plot, or want to suggest something, then just leave a reply below.

This will be a Play-By-Post RP, with me as the Game Master [Also known as Game Master, Dungeon Master, Grandmaster, etc.] (but not in the traditional sense), and everyone contributing to the overall story. No one is really in charge, I'm just here to moderate and, when necessary, fill the role of the Overall Commander and help the story move along. While officially I'm the GM, I will also be playing a Pilot as my main role, so really, its just a role to help the story along when necessary. I do have some of the plot laid out, so when we get enough players, we can begin.

How many players will be accepted?
In my original post, I gave everyone access to about 8 units to choose from, give or take, with the rest going to the opposing sides of Nerv and Seele. This means that up to 8 Pilots will be accepted, but I'm looking for around 4-7, so that we can keep a regular posting order and such. If someone wants to play the Operations Director for Wille, then send me a PM. Other than that, Please respond below if you would like to be a player in the RP.

Evangelion Units
You may select any of the Units provided in the original post, and then either keep the original design, modify it, or create an entirely new design and features. It's up to you.

You can literally do anything with your Pilot. Give them whatever personality you want, personal quirks, mental instability, etc. However, if you would like a Half-Angel Clone or something similar (Someone similar to Kaworu or Rei;) Then that's fine, but I'd like only one player to do that at most. If you make a really compelling argument for it, I may allow more.

I'm going to be playing a pilot, as well as helping fill in some other roles, but if you want to take on NPC roles, like the Wunder Medic or possibly the Overall Commander, that's fine, just mention it beforehand. Those characters don't require much in the way of a character sheet, just a brief paragraph or two including their name, personality, gender, nationality, etc.

I think that's it for now. I've edited the original post a bit too, but please post interest below if you would like to participate, and, if you are sure you want to, post a character. The faster characters are created, the faster this can start up, and I would really like to get this going! Thanks for reading, and any feedback is welcomed.
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