Misato's feelings towards Shinji at the start of Q

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Postby Sachi » Tue Jul 08, 2014 1:22 am

View Original PostChaddyManPrime wrote:^
Who is "She"?

Misato. The person this entire thread is centered around. Just a guess.
- Sachi

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Postby ElMariachi » Tue Jul 08, 2014 3:57 am

View Original PostRay wrote:What I want to know is, how will she feel towards him at the Start of Final?

Seeing the wreck Shinji has been reduced to, if he doesn't get out of his funk by the time WILLE pick them up she probably won't have the heart to chastise him, if only because he won't even be able to hear and understand what she says.
But even if he gets out of his funk (which I hope he will, just so he could fulfill Mari's request to help Asuka to get through this situation), I doubt that she'll go on a full lecture and chastising: her reaction when worrying for Shinji during Fourth Impact and her face deep in though in her last appearance could mean that she's mulling over how the hell did they all ended in this situation, and I sure hope that she'll be intelligent enough to realize that she and WILLE have their share of responsibility in Shinji bailing out and later being manipulated into triggering Fourth Impact.

She'll probably ask him why precisely did he piloted again an Eva even though they begged him to not to do it and that said Eva was built by neo-NERV, and when Shinji will explain the whole story about what Kaworu told him and their plan to thwart Gendo and SEELE's plans for good, she'll understand and be lenient, even if it's revealed that Kaworu manipulated him too and that his solution would had triggered secondary effects, like Instrumentality.
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