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Postby Aggroxcraig » Fri May 24, 2013 12:02 am

Epilogue Part 3: Meeting

"So, what did you think about the other children?" The Mother said to her two children.

"They were nice. That one girl was really weird..." Isaac said quietly while trying not to make a big deal out of it.

"Shiori? I thought she was a nice girl. She seemed to like you a lot. I can't wait for the wedding." Isaac's Mom said with a giggle as she watched he son squirm from the remark.

"Mom! She's just a dumb girl! All girls are dumb!" Isaac shouted as Owen rolled his eyes from the boy's remark.

"Well I'm a girl, does that make me dumb?" The mother said, teasing her son.

"Ummm...No....but, you're my Mom and you're super cool!"

"Katla, what think about the other children?" Owen said to his daughter.

"I liked them! I hope I get to see them again." She said as Owen chuckled.

"I'm sure you will see them again. I work with their parents so it's a possibility." Owen said at the two children seeing Isaac dread the idea and Katla smiling in happiness. It wasn't that Isaac hated the children, but mostly from his interaction with Shiori. After a moment of silence among the family members, Owen looked at his family and grinned at him. "How was your food Isaac?" Owen said as Isaac finished the last french fry on his plate.

"It was great Dad. I can't believe you and Mom get to eat here." Isaac said as Katla just smiled while eating her Sukiyaki Donburi with a nod, agreeing with her brother. Looking around, Isaac noticed that the cafeteria was empty which puzzled him. "Dad, how come no one is here?"

"Well, there is a big project that requires most of the staff to be on hand for." Owen said while taking a drink of his bottled water. "Your Mother is going to be joining them soon and-"

"Can we go too!!" Isaac shouted while standing up in chair.

Katla smiled at her brother while getting up on her chair as well. Katla really looked up to her Mom and took any opportunity to imitate her. The idea of seeing her Mother work made Katla overwhelmingly excited. "Can we Daddy!?! Please?!?!" She said as both her and Isaac gave their parents the classic "Isaac and Katla sad puppy dog stare with a +10 modifier to persuasion" look.

Owen gave the two a stern look and rubbed his brow. "I don't know if that would be a good idea." Owen said as his wife placed her hand on his leg.

"I think it will be fine. Besides, I want to have our children how bright the future is." She said with a smile.

Isaac jumped and rejoiced as Katla just smiled in happiness. "This is gonna be so cool Kat!"

"You two need to be on your best behavior though OK?" Their Mother said to the two children.

In unison the two smiled at each other and said, "We will!"


The two children stood in the elevator as they whispered to one another about how excited they were. Owen explained to the two children as simple as he could about what their Mother was doing today. While Isaac tried to listen and understand what his father said, he started to day dream him fighting a bunch of Angels while piloting in an Evangelion. Katla on the other hand was paying attention to every single word her father spoke. In the family, Isaac was the disobedient child of the family that typically got in trouble while Katla did whatever her parents asked her to do. People that watched the two always thought that she was well behaved compared to the rambunctious Isaac.

When the family left the elevator, they were greeted by a bunch of scientist's moving around spurting out scientific jargon. They stood watching the scene as a younger scientist walked over to Owen's wife and cleared his throat during his approach. "Dr. Kenny, we have all..." He paused as he looked at the two younger children. Katla clinged to Owen and Isaac gave the younger scientist a wave. "...why are there children here?"

"Dr. Idle, this is Isaac and Katla. We informed the staff that they would be coming to visit the facilities." Owen's wife said while patting her son's head.

"Great, more children. At least it's only two." Dr. Idle said while adjusting his glasses.

Owen put on his cold stare that most of the staff were used to as Dr. Idle took a step back as Owen started to talk. "We assure you, Dr. Idle..."

"Daddy..." Katla said while tugging her Father's pants.

"...That the children..."


"...Will be on their..."


"...best behav-"

"Daddy!!" Katla shouted which caused Owen to completely stop talking.

"Yes Kitty?..." He asked slightly annoyed since he was trying to have a conversation with Dr. Idle.

"Isaac just left that way..." She said quietly while pointing in the direction that her brother went.

Owen let out a deep sigh as his wife smiled at the man and rubbed his shoulder. "Go look for Isaac. He couldn't of gone that far. Dr. Idle?"

"Ah, yes Dr. Kenny?"

"While I'm changing would you mind watching after Katla. I promise that she is more well behaved than our little Isaac." Katla's mother said as she brought her daughter up to Dr. Idle. Katla ducked her head down as her Mother knelt by her side and whispered into her ear, "I'll be right back Kitty. Dr. Idle is a nice man so be good, OK?"

Katla nodded as her mother gave her a kiss on the check as she made her way to the changing room. Dr. Idle looked at the little girl while brushing the back of his head. It's not like he hated kids, it was more or less the fact that he already dealt with the other seven children before meeting these two. Granted he didn't deal with them on the level Kiyoshi did, but he had done a medical examination on each of the children before letting Kiyoshi take care of them. "Um..Let's go over here and take a seat while we wait for your parents..." Johann said while walking over to a computer console and allowing Katla to take a seat in the standard office chair.


Walking in down the hall way, Isaac looked around trying to find anything that would fascinate his mind. Noticing the hallway had glass on one side, the boy looked out the glass and felt his jaw drop when he saw what he had been looking for. Standing in the vast and open room there were three robots that were up in attention with two up against the wall held down by some metal restraints. Looking to his right, he noticed a white and grey Evangelion standing near a wall with a series of metal platforms surrounding it. The metal platforms looked like a maze that covered the room that led to different parts. Looking bellow the platforms, Isaac saw what looked like a orange-ish water which looked like the orange tang Isaac would have for lunch.


Feeling the hair on the back of his neck stand up, Isaac turned around and saw his father right behind him with a look of disapproval. "D-dad! I-i'm sorry. I-I.." Without finishing his sentence, Isaac felt his father pick him up from the ground and into his arms.

"I know you're excited, but you need to be more careful and don't run away like that. What if you got hurt? Your Mother wouldn't let me hear the end of it." Owen said while rubbing his sons hair.

"Ok. Dad? Are those the..."

"Robots? Yes. The Evangelions are tools of mankind that will help save us from the Angels." Owen said as he brought his son to the glass.

"Do they have names?" Isaac said as he pointed towards the one on the far left.

"Not normal names. The yellow one is the prototype Unit-00. It was the first Evangelion we had constructed. You were very little when got that one up and running."

"Why are there so many people around the white and grey one?" Isaac asked while he looked up at his dad.

"We are conducting an experiment to see how it functions. This would be the..."There was a pause in his speech as he cleared his throat."...the second time we have attempted the contact experiment. That Evangelion is Unit-05, your mothers pride and joy." Owen said with a smile to the boy.

"What about that one?"

Looking over to the red and gold Evangelion in the middle, Owen stared into it's eyes for a moment before speaking to his son. "That is Unit-01."

"I think that one is the coolest. Do you think I can pilot that one when I'm older?" Isaac said with a a bit too much enthusiasm. Owen continued to stare at Unit-01 with his son pulling on his father's jacket. "Dad? Are you ok?"

Looking back at his son and nodded at the boy. After a while, Owen placed his son on the ground and patted the boys head. "Come along Isaac. Your mother is probably waiting for us."

"Ok!" As they walked down the hallway, Isaac grabbed his fathers hand and gave his father a smile. "Dad, thanks for bringing Kat and I to work today! It was a lot of fun." Owen smiled at his son and gave his boys hand a gentle squeeze as they walked back to the lab.


"Ok. I need you two to act on your best behavior... especially you Isaac. Your Father is going to be very busy with Mr. Carter during the experiment to make sure nothing wrong happens." Their mother said while wearing a red plug suit with hints of lavender around certain parts. "...How does Mommy look?" She whispers to her children as she smiled at the two.

"You look beautiful Mommy." Katla said with a smile.

"You look cool! I wish I could get in the robot..." Isaac said while folding his arms.

"Thanks kids." Kneeling down to each of her children, she gave them a hug before she left. "Katla, make sure your brother doesn't do anything crazy." She said as she placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

"I'll try Mommy." Katla said she nuzzled her head into her mother's bosom.

Letting go of her daughter, their mother gave Isaac a hug while placing a kiss on his forehead. "Isaac, I need you to take care of Katla while I'm gone. Keep her safe, ok?" Isaac rubbed the kiss off his forehead and gave his mother a hug.

"I will!"

Standing up, their mother started to walk away and before leaving the room she turned back to her children. "I love you two so very much. Make sure you take care of your father." With that said, she left through the door.

The two children walked over to the glass wall as they saw from a upper perspective the experiment that was about to start. They pointed at different things while asking one another what was what. After a few moments, they saw their mother walk up to Owen on the main platform and gave him a kiss before she went into the entry plug. The scientists and engineers that were on the platforms left the large room and eventually entered into the room that Isaac and Katla were in. Owen, Dr. Idle and Carter followed behind the rest as they appeared to be commenting with one another. Dr. Idle pulled out a cigarette, but was batted out of his mouth when Owen made a comment while pointing at his children. After a few moments of silence, Isaac looked out the window as the orange water that was in the room drained away as it started to show how open the room was. Each of the engineers and scientists sat behind their computers as they started to throw out jargon that made no sense to Isaac. Katla on the other hand understood each and every word they stated to one another.

"Kat, what are they doing?" Isaac said to her sister as they watched nothing happen outside the window.

"They are doing a systems check to make sure that Mommy is safe." Katla said as Isaac raised an eye brow to his sister.

"How do you what they are saying?"

"Because I pay attention when Papa talks...unlike you." She said with a smile as Isaac was slightly irritated by the statement.

"I do too pay attention!" Isaac yelled as a few scientist's couldn't help but look at the two children argue. After a few moments, Isaac sat on the ground and let out a pout while tapping his fingers together. "This is so boring...and we don't even have that great of a view the robot." Isaac complained as he pointed at the Evangelion that was fairly far away from where they were. Standing up, Isaac showed a mischievous smirk as Katla instantly knew what Isaac was thinking. "Let's get a better view of the robot Kat." He said in a whisper.

"Mommy said for us to be on our best behavior. We should probably stay here." She said while glancing over at Owen who was talking to Carter.

"It's not like we are going to touch anything. We're just getting a better view." Isaac said while looking back to his dad to see that he was currently busy with making sure that the systems were running correctly. Isaac started to wonder off as he turned back to Katla and said, "Are you coming or not?" Katla looked at her father and then back at Isaac and wasn't sure what to do. Her mother said to stay out of trouble, but was also told to keep Isaac out of trouble. She knew that Isaac would find a way to get into trouble, but knew that she could prevent him from getting into too much trouble. When Katla looked back at Isaac, she nodded and followed the boy as they snuck out of the room without anyone noticing.

As they wandered through the halls in the facility, Isaac lead the way and was simply guessing on which way they needed to go. As they went down the stairs, Katla began to feel like this was a bad idea. "Brother, I think we should go back." She said while trailing behind her brother.

"Awww come'on. Don't be such a baby. We're almost there." The boy said as Katla let out an annoyed sigh. As they turned a corner, Isaac let out a smile and small laugh. "Ha! I told you!" Isaac said while pointing at the metal platform that lead to the open test room. Isaac ran towards the metal platform and smiled while Katla cautiously followed her brother. "See, now we have a better view!" Isaac said while he made his way towards Unit-05.

"Isaac...can we just stay right here?" She said while standing a foot away from the metal platform.

"I told you were aren't going to touch anything. We are just going get a better look."


"Sir, all systems are go." a member of the staff said as he turned back to Owen.

"Good. Initiate the first contact." Owen said as Dr. Idle started the process. As the operators were yelling out numbers and percentages that indicated the status of the situation. Looking at Carter, Owen leaned towards the computer and viewed his wife's health in the entry plug. "Let's hope this works this time."

Carter looked back at Owen and reassured him with a smile. "Don't worry, we've learned from our mi-"

"Sir! You're children are in the testing room!" An operator yelled while pointing at his screen from the video capture of Isaac walking towards Unit-05 with Katla trailing behind him while holding onto the railing.

Owen felt his heart ache as Carter turned on the video feed with his children walking on the platform. "Stop the experiment."

"Sir, we can't we-" All of the sudden the alarms went off in the facility as more members of the staff started to yell out errors that were coming from first contact that was initiated.

Owen looked over at Carter with a worried look on his face. Carter didn't say a word and just nodded to the man as Owen ran out of the room.


Being a good distance away, Isaac let out a smile as he looked back at Katla while giving her a thumbs up. "See! Now we can see-" Isaac stopped speaking as an alarm went off in the room. Isaac looked up at Unit-05 as it's eyes turned. "Oh cool! it's starting!"

"Isaac, let's go back please." Katla said nearly in tears as she clamped onto the railing.

"It just started nothing-"

"GET OUT OF THE ROOM NOW!" Isaac and Katla looked up as the intercom went off. Isaac felt his chest get heavy as he looked at Katla and started to move towards his sister before stopping in his tracks as he heard the Evangelion move. Slowly turning his head around, Isaac looked at Unit-05 s break through the face plate as chunks of metal fell to the ground.


Isaac and Katla froze as the yell petrified them where they stood. The Evangelion easily broke through the restraints that held it's arms to the wall and smashed the platforms that surrounded it. The platform that Isaac and Katla were on instantly tilted forward as they started to free fall with the platform. Both the children were yelling as the falling stopped. The platform turned into a giant slide which speed them towards the ground. Isaac was near the middle as he went faster and faster down the metal platform while trying to grab onto anything. Katla was near the railing and while trying to grab the bar, Katla's left arm got caught and created a compound fracture from her humerus bone as she unleashed a cry. When the two childrend reached the bottom, Isaac slid across the floor along with remnants of the orange liquid still on the floor. Isaac gritted his teeth as he looked up to see Katla shaking on the ground while crying. "Kat!" Isaac shouted as he managed to get up from the ground and ran towards his sister. When Isaac saw Katla's arm, he fell to his knees and almost threw up from the bone sticking out of her arm. Katla had gone into shock and was barely breathing inbetween her sobs.


Isaac looked up and saw the Evangelion holding it's head while trying to break through the leg restraints. Eventually the beast pulled through the metal holding it's legs and stumbled forward getting closer to Isaac and Katla. "K-Kat, you need to get up! Come on!" Isaac yelled with tears running down his face. Katla stayed on the ground hardly moving as Isaac tried to pull her up. Katla started to scream in pain as Isaac backed off from her and heard more metal platforms falling to the ground. Unit-05 started to move closer to them, but was still holding it's head while fidgeting it's feet forward.

"Isaac! Katla!" Owen yelled as he ran towards them on same level. There was an entrance to the bottom floor on the far end near Unit-00 and Unit-01. As Owen made his way to his children, Unit-05 knocked more of the higher scaffolding down to the ground. Eventually reaching his children, Owen picked up his daughter Katla and grabbed his son’s hand and drag him away towards the exit.

Isaac started breathing controllably and was unable to see all too well due to the tears that were flowing from the boys eyes. After blinking his eyes, Isaac tripped over a chunk of metal and let go of his fathers hand. Owen took a few steps forward and turned back to his son and yelled, “Isaac, get up rig-” During Owen’s yell, the Evangelion charged forward and knocked more of the platforms down towards them. Luckily, Isaac fell to the ground into the fettle position as metal chucks landed around him. A barrier between Owen and his son was created from the latest attack from the Evangelion. More pieces landed around Owen and Katla as Owen tried to dodge them the best could. When moving towards the exit, Owen lost his footing as a large platform pinned his right knee to the ground, making a loud “crunch” sound. Groaning from the pain, Owen tried cover Katla from anymore metal debris hitting them while trying to call out to Isaac.

Shaking uncontrollably, Isaac looked up slowly as he saw the giant beast not too far from him. Trying to get up, Isaac eventually started to crawl away from the creature as it unleashed another yell that caused Isaac to stop moving. Unit-05 turned towards Isaac and took a few quick steps towards him while grabbing it’s head. Isaac was too scared to move and closed his eyes. “M-mom, stop it!” As Unit-05 got closer as it stopped moving forward by taking a step back and grabbed it’s head as it unleashed a roar. “Mommy!”

When Isaac finished his yell, Unit-05’s eyes turned off as it’s knees buckled underneath as it fell towards Isaac, Owen and Katla. Finally opening his eyes, Isaac looked up and saw Unit-05 fall towards him at a fast rate. Closing his eyes once again, Isaac heard a loud noise behind him as the darkness from the Evangelion’s shadow fell upon him. After a few seconds, Isaac slowly opened his eyes and saw Unit-05 being held up by two giant red arm. Following the red arm, Isaac saw Unit-01 kneeling above him with it’s blue eyes slowly turn off as it looked straight down at Isaac.

Everyone in the control room stopped what they were doing and just stared outside the glass window. Carter stood there more sober than the others as Johann was typing away on his computer. “Carter, she’s still alive.” Johann said as he ran his fingers through his hair.

Carter looked at the screen and pulled out his phone. “Get a crew out into the test facility as soon as possible...” Closing the phone shut, Carter started bark out orders as the people in the room started to get back to work as some left the room to investigate the wrecked test facility.

Sitting on a chair with a blanket around him, Isaac stared blankly into the ground as people speedily walked past him. Kiyoshi stood off against a wall with Johann as the two of them were having a conversation about their day so far.

“...that Krieg girl is a hoot. I can only imagine what she is going to be like when she’s older.” Kiyoshi said with a sigh after telling Johann what it was like to baby sit seven kids. “I still can’t believe what happened at the experiment though. How is the Commander?”

“Fine. He’ll probably have to get some major surgery on his knee, but knowing him he’ll be too stubborn to get it done.” Johann said while running through several notes on his tablet.

“What about Katla?”

Johann closed a program and opened another one showing Katla’s charts. “Well, she suffered a compound fracture on her left arm and lost a lot of blood. Physically she should be ok after a while, but psychologically we don’t know what this could have on her. She’ll be in the hospital for a while so we’ll be performing tests on her to make sure she is ok both physically and psychologically.”

“I heard the mother is a live too, that’s good.”

“Well, right now she is in a coma which isn’t exactly good news, but you’re right. At least she is alive.”

“And Isaac?” Kiyoshi said as she looked over at the boy who sat in a chair who had the same expression since they found him on the ground in the test facility.

“We did a check up on him and he just suffered a skinned knee. From what the surveillance video shows, it looked like they boy was leading Katla along to the testing room and...well you know the rest of the story." Flipping his tablet around, Johann showed Kiyoshi the video of Isaac smiling while pulling Katla along. "It's your classic DUI scenerio. The driver who is under the influence doesn't get hurt, but everyone else in the accident does."

Kiyoshi gave the boy a sad look and looked back at Johann. "Where is he going to stay?"

Johann turned the tablet off and scratched his head, slightly puzzled on what to do. "Well, we could probably keep him here under observation. I doubt he would really get in trouble or anything, but he might need it to make sure he is ok emotionally."

Kiyoshi put her hand on her chin and then bit her lip. "Leave him under my care."

Johann gave Kiyoshi a shocked look with a slight chuckle. "What? I thought you couldn't stand watching the kids. Isaac is a handful and prob-"

"He doesn't need to be observed like some experiment Johann..."

"I know that, it's just right now he is probably emotionally unstable. He's just a child after all."

"Just approve it."

Johann let out a sighed and gave Kiyoshi a grin. "Alright, but you owe me."

"Great, take me on a date then." Kiyoshi said in a teasing tone.

"Ww-hat? What about Vander?" Johann said blushing, while coughing trying to regain his composure.

"Oh, come on. It will be just for fun. Just set it up and then let me know." Kiyoshi said as she walked away from the confused and blushing Johann.

Isaac snuggled into the blanket that he was given and felt like crying, but nothing seemed to come out. The thought of his family and the harm they were in was making his chest heavy. It was all his fault. Also, the image of the Evangelions sent a chill up his spine. He let out a small sniffle as he thought about Katla and how he put her into harms way. Seeing a pair of feet close up on him, Kiyoshi kneeled down to his eye level and smiled at the boy. "Hi Isaac, remember me?" The woman said as the boy just stared at her. Pulling up a seat next to the boy, Kiyoshi leaned forward and looked over at the Isaac. "Listen, while your parents and sister are recovering would you like to stay with me?"

Isaac looked over at Kiyoshi and after thinking it over nodded slightly. While Isaac would love to be with his family he felt terrible for what happened since it was his fault and was ashamed to be around them. Also, the boy was scared. He was already in a place that was foreign and after what happened to him the idea of staying at NERV was too much for him to handle.

"Ok, let's get going then."


Opening the door to her apartment, Kiyoshi held Isaac's hand while juggling a bag of groceries and a cell phone in her ear. "I know I yelled at you earlier today, but something came up....I'm sorry...ok, thanks for understanding Vander." Kiyoshi hung up her phone and then shut the door behind with her leg. Bringing Isaac into her small kitchen, Kiyoshi set the bag of groceries on the table and let out a sigh of relief. "Sorry about that. Let's see here...you must be pretty hungry, huh?" Kiyoshi said with a smile to the boy. Isaac didn't respond and hasn't said anything to Kiyoshi since the drive to the grocery store and her apartment. Turning around, Kiyoshi let out a sigh. Maybe he should of stayed at NERV...This was a mistake

Cooking up a simple meal, Isaac ate all of his food in silence and just stared at the empty plate. Finishing her food, Kiyoshi looked at the boy with a frown and felt a lump develop in her throat. "Are you tired?" Isaac just nodded to the question and Kiyoshi mustered up a smile as she stood up, making her way to his side of the table. "Alright, let's get ready for bed then." Kiyoshi lent Isaac a shirt that she had which fit him comfortably that reached to his knees. The t-shirt had a penguin on the front that was drinking a stein of beer. Not exactly the most appropriate shirt for a child to wear, but it would do for now.

Kiyoshi's bed was already made as that was part of her daily routine. In fact, her whole apartment was super clean as she hated having a messy place. "Alright, you can sleep on the bed and I'll just use a spare futon." Kiyoshi said as Isaac climbed on top of her bed and went into the covers. Pulling the futon from under her bed, Kiyoshi set it up on the right side and started to undress into her pajamas. Looking from the corner of her eye, she caught Isaac watching him and grinned at the little boy. "Hey! Keep your eyes shut..." She said as she watched Isaac shut his eyes and turned away from her.

Turning off all the lights in her apartment, Kiyoshi released a sigh of relief as she sat in her futon while looking at Isaac who gave the ceiling a blank look. After a few seconds of silence, Kiyoshi started to open her mouth before seeing Isaac turn over with his eyes starting to get full. "D-do you think m-mom, dad and Kat hate m-me?" Isaac managed to let out as tears seemed to be flowing out of his eyes like a waterfall.

Kiyoshi stood up and sat on the bed. "No, they would never hate you. I've heard your mom and dad talk about how much they love you everyday. Accidents happen Isaac."

"M-m-mom said the take care of Kat an-and I didn't. It's a-all my fault." Isaac bawled as he brought his arms up to his face, wiping the tears from his eyes. "I-I'm so scared. I-I-I don't wanna go back there again." Isaac said as he thought about the Evangelions. Moving the covers over, Kiyoshi sat in the bed with Isaac and started to cradle the boy while he buried his head into her side.

"Sshhhh...It's ok. I'll stay here for as long as you like...Nothing can hurt you here." Kiyoshi hushed to the boy who after a few minutes stopped sobbing and fell asleep. Looking up at the ceiling, Kiyoshi started to reassure herself on having Isaac stay with her was indeed a good idea. After watching the young boy sleep, Kiyoshi herself started to nod off and eventually slumbered of with the little boy in her arms.

End of Part 3

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Postby Agentomega » Sun Jun 02, 2013 3:32 pm

A small excerpt from IRC that didn't make it into the "production take":

SEELE_01 (Lance of LoL) wrote:Shirou: So where do we begin?

Qi: Blocking.

Shirou: Why?

Qi: Because the absolute basics should be minimizing damage. Without the speed to dodge, you must be able to reduce.

Shirou: So how do we do this, you going to walk me through different blocking forms?

Qi: Don't be ridiculous, that would be tedious and inefficient.

Shirou: ... So what are we going to do?

Qi: I'm going to punch you. You're either going to block, or be eating through a straw tomorrow.
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Postby BPES » Sun Jun 16, 2013 9:47 pm

Omniel, the forgotten Angel

Calais, France

As the sun shone over the streets and the glittering red waves gently lapped against the shoreline of the waterside city, people were going about their daily lives. Simple greetings, people moving around getting to where they needed to be, people at work, children at school and others elsewhere simply going about their usual routines.

At the Docks, a number of men continued to walk around doing their jobs, some talking to each other amicably, others just keeping to themselves and working. One man was walking over to his friend who had stopped suddenly to ask what was wrong.

“Hey there, what’s up? Why’re you just standing there?” He asked. His associate just pointed to the water.

“Do you see that?” He asked. The man paused and followed the man’s arm; in the distance was an odd shape. He blinked and strained his eyes.

“What… what is that?” He asked aloud. The odd thing’s form began to shift somewhat and a glow began to emanate from it. A sudden sense of dread came across the man as the visage before him grew closer. “W-W-W-WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!”

A bright Halo hung above the creature as it approached, a red object pulsing ominously in its chest.

Less than ten minutes later, the city of Calais was silent.


Nerv 3rd Branch, Berlin

As the day progressed as normal in the main Nerv 3 facility, Europe’s number one problem child spent her time lounging around in the break room, several stacks of books, ranging from educational textbooks to Japanese Manga, scattered around her. Her signature mask was lying beside her as she read whilst indulging in a few snacks. Naturally, anyone who entered the room quickly left, knowing better than to interrupt her relaxation time. After all, Valda’s role in the world was far greater than their meagre lives; they had no right to intrude upon her leisure unless there was just cause.

Of course, the next person who entered the room was a different story all together. A sly grin was plastered on his face as he walked towards Valda and took a seat across from her, putting his feet onto the coffee table. Valda just regarded him with a raised eyebrow before going back to her book, currently some robot manga.

“I never understood why the Japanese felt the need to put their literature backwards.” He spoke, easily initiating a conversation with the girl most in the building would avoid at all costs. Valda just shrugged.

“Hmm? Isn’t it because it acknowledges how backwards a country it is in the first place?” Valda commented simply and the man laughed.

“Hahaha yes perhaps that is true. Though aren’t you even remotely disappointed? You know, there was a call for you to head there right?” He asked, his gaze fixated on the girl in front of him, clearly gauging her reaction.

“Huh? Some dumb training retreat? Like I’d even bother with that crap. Let all the other losers deal with it, I have no need for such a worthless distraction” Valda commented with disdain evident in both voice and on her face. The man’s smile grew a fraction.

“Of course, but don’t you think it’s a… wasted opportunity. You know, discover more about your supporters, make sure they are capable and such?” He continued and Valda glared.

“Isn’t that supposed to be your job Claude? Or what, you don’t think you’re capable of it?” She asked with a smirk. Claude laughed heartily before responding.

“My young lady, I’m hurt. I merely thought you’d care to take a personal touch, I do apologise.” He said a tad overdramatically but Valda didn’t seem to notice and took his words as he spoke them.

“Whatever, I’m not interested. Unless there’s a solid reason to go there, I won’t bother.” Valda stated with finality.

“Perhaps there is…” Claude muttered as if trying not to be heard, but his keen eyes were clearly just waiting for a reaction of some kind.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Valda inquired angrily. Claude was always like this, always saying unnecessary things. In truth Valda rather enjoyed how easily he would do things for her, especially be comparison to Major Valencera, but Claude would always find times to just annoy her. It was in his nature she had learned, but it never failed to annoy.

“Well, just that the timing is so…. Unusual. Everything was requested so quickly; event he responses have been handled with an unprecedented amount of haste. Don’t you find it even the least bit intriguing?” He pestered further and Valda just shrugged it off. It clearly nagged at her though.

The topic was dropped suddenly as Valda and Claude’s phones went off simultaneously, both delivering messages from the Commander of the facility himself, Lotze Krieg. Valda looked at the message from her father quickly, a frown appearing on her face and growing quickly.

“He wants me to go to the briefing room? What sort of emergency has occurred?” Valda commented out loud before grabbing her mask, placing it on her face and walking out. Claude followed after her at a leisurely pace, having received the same message but clearly not feeling the need to hurry.


Valda entered the briefing room where her father, Major Valencera and several other technicians were gathered, most of which pouring over data or sorting through more incoming data. In all the chaos it took a moment for Lotze to notice his child but the moment he did was all it took for the chaos in the room to settle into a quiet motion.

“Ah Valda, you’re here. Good come over here and look at this.” He motioned and Valda immediately obeyed marching over to his side, the staff members moving out of her path. When she looked at the screen her father had motioned to she felt her eyes widen.

“What? What is this?” She asked bewildered. She already knew what it was to a degree, but she was having trouble accepting what her eyes saw, what her mind concluded.

“It’s what is left of Calais. It was destroyed by an entity not too long ago.” Lotze stated and Valda nodded. Know that it had been said; she had no choice but to accept it.

“What caused this?” Valda asked, her voice tinged with anger. How dare something do this, she wouldn’t allow it!

“It was this creature here; we have to assume it is an Angel.” Major Valencera stated showing a satellite image of a strange white beast. Valda looked at it stunned.

“This is an angel? Are we sure?” She asked. The major frowned at the question.

“Not entirely, but it is the most likely scenario. It appears to have an A.T. field as the French military have done next to nothing to slow it down.” Lotze stated and Valda took in the knowledge accepting it as fact.

“It also appears to be able to fly, project energy attacks but also has an odd ability; it appears to destroy the bonds of whatever it shines that odd light on, reducing it to its base components.” Major Valencera once again piped up and Valda folded her arms.

“What the hell am I supposed to do against such a ridiculous ability?” Valda asked annoyed.

“It seems its A.T. Field weakens at that time, if our readings are correct, therefore you’re A.T field should be able to protect you from the majority of the ability.” Lotze explained and Valda nodded again.

“If it looks like it’ll overcome you’re A.T. field, don’t hesitate to use the S.A.M. system.” Major Valencera added.

“Obviously. So how do I kill it?” Valda questioned again dismissing the Major entirely. Lotze nodded and turned around, gesturing to another screen with designs on it.

“We’ll be arming unit 02 with an experimental weapon called the Spike cannon.” Lotze began and Valda perked up.

“Spike cannon? Ooooo~ what does it do?” She asked excitably and Lotze chuckled.

“It’s a large weapon that should discharge an extremely heavy and sturdy spike with enough force to pierce an A.T field.” Lotze said and Valda nodded in affirmation, grinning madly behind her mask.

“And the range?” She asked excitedly.

“Point blank, you’ll have to get in close.” Major Valencera cut in and Valda glared at him.

“Well that’s a bit inconvenient.” Valda commented and Lotze chuckled.

“Yes but it should be no problem for you and unit 02 now, should it?” he stated proudly and Valda Folded her arms confidently.

“Of course, it’ll be no issue for me.” Valda boasted loudly.

“Good good, now then. Unit 02 is the Only Evangelion within intercept range of this thing. You MUST defeat it at all costs. We won’t be able to get support to you from the others in time.” Lotze stated severely and Valda stood to attention, he was in full commander mode now so she’d act appropriately.

“Yes sir, I’ll do whatever it takes. I won’t let that monster do as it pleases in our back yard.” She stated firmly and Lotze nodded.

“Very good. Hector and Claude will be going with you on the E project’s transport line. We’ve managed to acquire Bullet trains to get you there in the quickest time possible. I will monitor things from here. Now, Move out and destroy the enemy.” Lotze commanded with finality.

“YES SIR!” Both Valda and Major Valencera responded with strong voices and a salute; quickly taking their leave.


Project E Transnational Rail platform, Berlin

Valda walked with her two escorts and a small contingent of operational staff who would be doing the final checks on unit 02 looking over the large multi-track train cars and transport beds. This line ran all across Europe, as well as Russia and China, although China’s track was excessively regulated.

“We’ll be arriving in Paris within intercept time; unfortunately we predict that it will arrive shortly before us so the damage will likely be excessive.” Major Valencera stated.

“Dammit, though this is the fastest way to get there on such short notice right?” Valda asked again.

“An aircraft would take longer to prepare, so yes.” Claude added counting on his fingers like he was performing simple math. Valda nodded.

“Are you all right? This thing is destroying your home country isn’t it?” Valda asked a tad off put by Claude’s unfazed demeanour.

“I suppose it is, but I hardly consider that place with any fondness. Thank you for showing concern for such a meagre being like myself though.” He said with a smile and Valda sighed.

“Of course, you’ve been quite loyal. Even if you don’t care so much, I’ll be sure to smash it extra hard regardless.” Valda stated with confidence and Claude smiled brightly.

“If you’re quite done playing, we need to go over a few things. Get aboard.” Major Valencera stated walking to the train. Valda growled but followed. After they had gotten into their seats they felt the train begin to move.

“Well, go on then. “ Valda fired as soon as they all sat down, the train beginning to move moments later.

“Due to the enemy’s movements, timing has become a delicate issue on this mission. To that end this train will be deploying unit 02 as close to the enemy as possible.” He began displaying the route and estimated time on a computer tablet.

“Sounds risky, will we be all right?” Claude stated in a concerned tone, though his face seemed to be serene as ever. Valda took a moment to try and figure out which was false, his expression or his tone.

“We won’t be stopping, we’ll pass by in a second and unit 02 will jump.” The Major stated pointing it out on the operation.

“You want me to WHAT? Urgh seriously?” Valda complained and the Major nodded.

“Yes, if we stop to try and deploy unit 02, we’ll be sitting ducks. We’re going to have unit 02 activate before we arrive and jump off at the battle site. We will use roughly a minute to prepare for the jump. This will leave you four minutes to dispatch the target.”

“Four minutes? Well I suppose that’s fine. Just means I can’t play with it huh?” Valda stated cockily.

“It is the enemy; your only objective is its destruction, not “playing” with it!” The major scolded in response and Valda growled.

“I know that! I was just joking.” She defended hotly.

“This is no time for jokes. Go and get ready, this train moves at impressive speeds, it won’t take long to arrive.” He commanded and Valda stood up and stormed out without acknowledging him. He glared after her in response.

“Don’t be such a killjoy Hector; she’s still just a kid after all.” Claude scolded lightly. He received a harsh glare in response.

“You shouldn’t encourage her so much. Her attitude is disgraceful.” He snapped back.

“… Heh. Only the commander can control her… That’s how it’s been since she got here, and how it will continue to be. Who am I to change it?” He said with an expressionless face. Clearly it perturbed the military man to see as he decided to drop it from there on.


Battle zone, Paris

The sounds of battle screamed all around as a young girl with long black hair ran through the city trying desperately to escape. Screeches and explosions rattled behind her as the monster continued its approach unperturbed by the gunfire being directed towards it.

They’re dead

She screamed as a huge blast of light sprung up in the shape of a cross some distance to her right kicking up dust all around her. She couldn’t even begin to register how many lives had just been lost in that blast.

They’re both dead.

Her legs having faltered after the last blast, she continued stepping forward, desperately hoping for salvation, a way to escape the oncoming hell that was chasing her. The great white monster that hovered above the ground and wrought death and destruction as it went.

Dead. Dead in an instant.

Another blast, much closer this time knocked her off her feet and sent her crashing to the ground, skipping across the ground like a stone a few times. She winced in pain, her eyes filling with tears as she was forced to look back at the monster that had done all this.

The monster that had killed her parents.

She cried, it was useless now, even though nothing was broken, she could no longer muster the will to run. She just cried waiting for the inevitable to come, waiting for her life to end. It was going to kill her, just like it killed her parents, just like it killed so many others.

And it was going to keep killing.

The realisation of just how small she was shook her; she had always taken her life for granted. She had never thought something like this could happen, why would she? But it was there, the monster was continuing its approach. And she would be just another corpse in its path.

I don’t want to die… not like this.

The monster’s chest split open and a red object began shining from within it, an ominous glow beginning to emanate from the beast. The girl paused, transfixed by the beauty of the light, feeling oddly at peace despite her terror, despite having seen what happened to those it touched. Like her parents had been.

It’s like its heart, shining down on us. Is it giving us its hate? Or its love?

The light began to move forward, reducing everything around it to nothing and she waited for her end. Her body shivering in a mix of fear and anticipation, the wait was excruciating. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to live or die anymore, she had lost everything and yet she was still afraid.

Please god, save me. Someone, anyone… please…

“SAVE ME!” She cried out.


A building in front of her exploded as a green giant skidded violently in front of her tearing up the ground as it did so, a shield of light appearing in front of it and stopping the white monster’s own light where it was. The Green giant fired a pistol in its hand at the monster forcing it to close its chest and shield itself with a similar shield of light. The girl stood once again transfixed at this strange thing that had answered her cries. It carried another large weapon with it and looked ready to fight some more. Tears once again came to her eyes.

“Thank you.”


Valda stared down her enemy after firing a few shots at it, much like predicted her A.T. field had indeed shielded her from that strange light but she had felt its effects through the Eva. It was disturbing in a sense, her whole body felt as though it was disappearing but at the same time becoming something more.

“All right monster, now it’s time for you to suffer!”

The monster was large; it’s stick like arms splintering into two prongs as they went down. It had an oddly shaped body and its head resembled a heart shape, a strange eye of sorts gazing at unit 02 as it floated, the halo over its head reappearing. Suddenly the eye lit up and Valda sidestepped, a portion of the city a distance behind her being blown apart in a cross shaped blast.

“YOU BASTARD!!!” Valda screamed and charged the angel bringing the Spike cannon forward and smashing it against the beast, meeting the angel’s A.T. field in the attempt. Valda Roared and she fired the spike cannon. “EAT THAT!!!”

A huge crack was heard as the weapon discharged, trying to force it’s payload through the A.T. field and skewer the angel. Valda pushed forward as her enemy’s shield began to buckle but then the cannon began to splutter, the fact that it hadn’t immediately fired through backing up and causing the weapon to misfire.


Valda let the weapon go immediately as it sparked and exploded shortly after. She was distracted by the blast and was caught by one of the angels striking tendrils, being knocked through a building into the next street. Pressing its edge, the angel advanced lashing out with its tendrils as Valda made a small retreat once more and began firing with the pistol to zero effect.

“Dammit, its A.T. field is pretty strong.” She commented, throwing the empty weapon aside and deploying her unit’s progressive knives.

The Angel’s eye glowed again and Valda braced for the attack, pushing her A.T. field in front of her to blunt the blast as much as possible. Another cross of light lit up the streets of Paris as unit 02 was thrown about again. Valda groaned and shook her head, trying to ignore the flashes of pain across her body.

The Angel’s chest opened up again as the area began to shift, light emanating once more form its being and everything around it beginning to disappear. Valda growled and threw her progressive knives at it rather than trying to get closer, her eyes widening as the weapons seemed to just dissolve upon contact with the odd glow. Valda glared and readied her fists before charging at the Angel.

“Seele anreicherung maschine; grenze entlassung!” Valda yelled activating her secret weapon as she charged. A surge of unfathomable power flowed through her body as it took full effect and Valda used that boost to break through, utterly fearless now. Fear was reserved for things that could be hurt.

“You won’t beat us you stupid glowy bastard!” She screamed as she punched the angel right in its odd face and sent it reeling back. Its core immediately was hidden from sight once more as Valda pressed her advantage. A sharp pain began to run across her body.

“Unbalancing already? Tch disengaging the S.A.M.” Valda commented deactivating the device. She was warned that the full backlash of the S.A.M unbalancing would be pretty bad, so she wasn’t going to risk it here.

Unfortunately this gave her enemy an opening as unit 02 momentarily paused and it lashed out, its tendrils smashing segments of the green evangelion’s armour off. Valda cried out as the attacks began to repeat with growing pace and the angel violently knocked unit 02 around.

“Valda! Pull it together! You mustn’t lose this fight!” Major Valencera’s voice rung in from the coms.

“I… Grrkkh… know that! GAAAH!” Valda spoke as she tried to defend herself from the violent flurry of attacks.

“Remember Valda, any means necessary. Is that understood?” he spoke again and Valda growled in response.

“I got it, shut up!” She snapped back as the angel’s tendril’s wrapped around unit 02’s neck and picked it up. After a moment of struggling, unit 02 was spun around by the angel several times before being flung a great distance across the city crashing at the foot of the Eiffel tower.

Valda groaned as her vision blurred, unsure of what was up and down by this point. She was vaguely aware that the enemy was approaching to finish her off, that white bastard. How dare it do all this! Valda grimaced and began to get up seeing the looming angel floating above her its core once again exposed as it tried to destroy her like before.

‘No no no! I have to move, I have to run, I have to get away! I have to… I have to…’

“Valda, don’t forget now, the commander is watching too you know?” Claude piped up on the communications cheerfully. Valda froze as that thought sunk in. Her father was watching, he was aware of everything that was happening. She couldn’t run away, she couldn’t lose, she had to win, she absolutely had to win.

“YOOOOUUUUU BAAASSSTTAAARDDD!” Valda screamed grabbing the nearest thing she could with unit 02, that object being the Famous tower and began pulling, ripping it from the ground and pointing it at the Angel. With the extra weight, unit 02 put a lot more force in its leaping charge destroying the ground it had stood prior as it leapt with the iconic structure in hand.

“RRRRRRRAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!” Valda Howled as she kept pushing against the obstacle wanting nothing more than to utterly impale the angel and end its miserable existence once and for all. Just as it looked like the Tower was going to buckle and break, it’s whole structure began to twist and contort.

“W-what the hell?” Valda asked as she fought to get a grip on the vastly changing shape of what she had previously held. Where before she had held an iconic building, now she was holding a red spear with two prongs. Valda could barely think on it before the spear simply cut through the Angel’s A.T field and impaled the red orb, shattering it upon impact.

The angel’s entire body reacted immediately, expanding for the briefest of moments before exploding in a cascade of red with a huge cross lighting up the sky and marking the end of its existence. Unit 02 was knocked back; spear still in hand with its utterly bewildered pilot unsure of what had just occurred.


“It appears that it was after the spear sir.” Major Valencera reported to Lotze via a holographic communicator from the privacy of the train. Lotze look rather livid and clenched his fist just under his chin.

“We hid it as the new Tower after the old one was destroyed after second impact… But I can’t believe how easily it returned to its original form after everything we did to change it. “Lotze stated with no small amount of anger in his voice.

“Be that as it may sir, the fact remains that it HAS returned to its original state… what should we do with it?” The Major asked keeping a level tone.

“Bring it back obviously! Come now Hector I shouldn’t have to tell you these things.” Lotze barked angrily though the soldier didn’t flinch.

“My… apologies sir. I didn’t mean to… “he began trying to word some form of apology.

“No no, you’re just doing your job. I’m sorry. This event has just left me a bit… on edge. This mustn’t become public knowledge. Have Claude cook up some cover story. I don’t care what, and bring Valda here so I can instruct her on how to proceed. I’ll make sure she never tells anyone of this.” Lotze spoke with finality.

“Yes sir. Right away sir.” Major Valencera saluted and took his leave. The Holographic image of Lotze just flickered red every now and then as he waited, an odd smirk creeping onto his face. Perhaps it was for the best that he reclaimed the spear first, before the likes of Owen Kenny tried to do so.


The young girl with black hair walked towards the train platform where the green giant was now laying on some cargo cars. Although she was nursing a small cut on her head she had to see it up close, had to thank the one who had saved her. As she got closer though she saw someone who looked out of place, a girl around her age standing next to the giant wearing an odd suit.

“Is that… the pilot?” She muttered aloud.

“Why yes it is!” A cheerful voice spoke from behind her, startling her. She turned to see Claude looking at her with a grin.

“W-why would you sneak up on me like that?!” She shouted at him and he tilted his head.

“Why would you be coming to this place? It’s a restricted area, only authorised personnel allowed. Though I suppose the signs aren’t up at the minute. What an unexpected oversight.” He spoke with a suspiciously taunting tone.

“T-That’s… I… I just wanted to say thanks… to the one who saved me…” The girl admitted. Claude’s grin widened.

“Oh? By all means then if that’s all there is. Do so and be on your way, we have more people to save after this.” He said again in that jeering tone. The girl looked at the ground.

“I lost everything… my parents… my home… everything but my life… I… I couldn’t do anything.” She began to cry.

“Ah… I see… my mistake, I hadn’t realised your full circumstance.” The blonde man spoke in a much more sympathetic and sincere tone this time, though his face still had a sly smirk on it.

“I… I don’t know what to do now…” She spoke again.

“…You know… I get the feeling that the lovely young lady over there will be heading off in the near future. To save more people and such. But you know, we still need volunteers, people who are willing to help save the world. I can put in a good word for you if you like.” He offered and the girl turned her gaze to him with a start, hope filling her eyes. She wasn’t sure whether to trust this shady looking man or not, but if there was some chance.

“Sure, why not? How about you tell me your name kid.” Claude asked jovially.

“Lillian. My name is Lillian.”
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Closed Files: Tartarus

Golgotha Base, China

The room was dark, pitch black in fact, lit up only by the holographic podiums set up around the conference table. Normally were a meeting to occur here it would be a meeting of the various heads of the organization Nerv. However only one such person was visible, the head of the Chinese branch of Nerv, Deng Guofeng. He was an old man; with thinning hair and a neutral expression, as he sat alone amongst the projections one might mistake his almost slumped position for fragility. That would be the furthest thing from the truth for this man. No he was merely giving proper respect for those around him, 15 cold black monoliths with blood red numbers emblazoned on them, glowing with a cold light. Any lesser man would likely be frozen in fear by the very presence of these apparitions, but then, any lesser man would never be given the privilege of being in such a position.

“It has come to our understanding that you have information that may prove useful to us?” A voice echoed out from the Monolith marked 01. It was not really a question, but merely a way to hurry on and avoid any unnecessary pleasantries. Deng raised his head and straightened his posture, readying himself to speak.

“I’m afraid the information I have is, bad.” Deng spoke firmly, the pause in his sentence more for effect than hesitance.

“Bad? Bad how? Do not test our patience, we wish only for answers!” The monolith marked 15 piped up roughly. Deng ‘s eyebrow twitched but his expression remained unaltered otherwise.

“Of course, I was merely, alerting you of what’s to come. I did not want any misunderstandings towards my stance on this matter.” The old man spoke with a placating tone, the glint in his eyes being the only sign of something other than the spoken ‘truth’ of his statement.

“Very well, you have made yourself clear. Now answer, what is this ‘bad’ information of yours?” the monolith marked 10 spoke in a more level, almost soft, tone than the previous two. Deng took a moment to run through the most appropriate phrasing in his head.

“It appears… that a robotics company based in an isolated production and testing facility north of Chengde has produced a machine that may conflict with your plans.” Deng spoke with a dark tone that seemed to add extra weight to his comment.

“And what do you know of our plans?” Seele 15 returned barely a moment after Deng’s statement.

“I know that they require the use of the weapons called Evangelion, and that this piloted machine would almost certainly garner far more support for production than them.” Deng continued meeting the challenge set for him with perfect calm, almost amused. Almost.

“Hmm, interesting.” 15 acknowledged.

“Continue.” The simple command from 01 left no room for debate. Deng cleared his throat and sifted through some files on his desk.

“It is codenamed “Emperor Guan” after the Deified-“Deng began but was cut off by another monolith marked 09.

“The so called god of war right?” This voice was impatient, though it hardly seemed genuine, merely a tone used to try and pressure the speaker.

“A common misconception, but yes, for all intents and purposes that is what they would hope for.” Deng finished without missing a beat.

“What do you know of its capabilities? It’s armaments?” 04 queried intrigued. Unlike 09, this voice seemed genuine though whether it was a good or bad sign was anyone’s guess.

“It is a 45 metre machine, powered by a dual N2 type power core-“Deng began before being cut off once more.

“They have managed to account for the Heat that those types of generators would emit and developed an efficient cooling system?” Seele 15 inquired with a sharp edge in its voice.

“It would appear so… If I may continue?” Deng asked politely looking directly at Seele 01.

“Yes, and no more interruptions will be tolerated.” Seele 01 commanded. Deng allowed himself to crack a crooked smile before he continued.

“Aside form its power supply, it is a piloted machine operated from an armoured cockpit, it uses a full body suit and sensor matrix as its primary pilot interface and uses an advanced A.I. as a subsidiary interface system. It has come to my understanding that only the A.I is currently incomplete, so the machine should not function properly, but it is only a matter of time.” Deng paused for a moment to allow what he had stated to sink in before resuming.

“As for armaments, it appears that it has developed a high grade Gatling gun using small scale rail gun technology to give it even more firepower. It appears to be linked to one of the N2 cores. It should also be armed with some progressive technology and from what I’ve come to understand, some form of N2 mine launcher.” Deng finished.

“Where exactly did they receive the funding and access to such weaponry? Such things should not go unnoticed.” Seele 15 stated.

“It hasn’t.” Seele 01 announced. Even Deng raised an eyebrow at this. “This is merely an unexpectedly quick development of a side project. It is a year and a half ahead of its schedule.”

“So you were aware of its existence then?” Deng asked simply.

“Such things are not beyond our notice. We will make arrangements, if you wish to be of further assistance, arrange for the machine’s destruction. That is all.” Seele 01 boomed with finality.

“If that is your will, so be it.”


The walls were stark, the room was empty and the floor was bare. Even so, its sole occupant lay against the floor contently, merely waiting for a purpose to move. The only distinctions that the occupant was even still alive were the small rises and falls of his chest and that his arm would occasionally reach to the knife set just below his hand. When not training or on assignment, this was how Jié Qi spent his time. His crimson eyes stared blankly at the ceiling and he wore a small smile on his face.

The door to the room opened in a fluid motion and the man who entered found a seemingly unarmed boy standing in front of him, still smiling, still with the same blank gaze. If it weren’t for the fact that this was the child’s normal, the soldier might have been startled. Instead he just averted his gaze away from the child and spoke.

“The Commander wishes to see you.” He said simply.

“Ah, another assignment?” Qi asked simply and the soldier shrugged.

“Speak to the commander.” He said again and Qi nodded lightly.

“Of course, excuse me.” The child spoke again amicably before leaving. The soldier let the child walk by him and shut the door. It was a common phobia to let any of those children walk behind you unless you were certain you weren’t expendable. There was next to nothing to validate such fears, but that not quite nothing was still enough for most.

The Boy walked at a brisk pace, his speed steady and his destination set. His arrival was like clockwork as he had barely stopped at attention before Deng began speaking, not even facing the child.

“You are to remain on standby until further notice. When I call on you, you will deploy in your unit and destroy a certain target. The details will be provided to you to read over. Study them well, and make NO mistakes.” Deng commanded firmly.

“My unit? That is most irregular.” Qi commented aloud.

“Regardless it is necessary for this task, do you understand that?” Deng snapped back.

“If it is merely the destruction of a target, the surely demolitions are far more viable? Isn’t the unit to be saved for the enemy regarded as Angels?”

“Do not forget who it is that gives the orders here.” Deng said sending a look over his shoulder at Qi, who simply smiled.

“Then these are your orders?” The child asked.

“Indeed they are. Is that clear?” Deng spoke neutrally once more.

“Yes sir. I will follow these irregular orders.” Qi spoke without hesitance.

“Dismissed!” Deng’s voice was like ice now. Qi nodded his head and turned away from the commander.

The albino boy swiftly took his leave and began heading back to his room to wait for the information package. While it was certainly within expectations for his duties, he had not expected to be called on to utilize his unit for this assignment. An odd feeling he registered as anticipation washed over him, but he quelled the impulse quickly. It was pointless to allow such a thing to affect him, he would complete his objectives. That was all.


Uganda, Africa, 2 days later

A pair of men dressed in black suits exited their vehicle outside a makeshift camp filled with a number of wary looking men, all armed to the teeth. The two newcomers bore the intense gazes before one stepped forward. Every gun within sight was aimed on the man and he faltered, trying to keep his calm composure.

“What are you doing here?” one of the gunmen asked with hostility. The man took a breath before speaking again.

“It is to our understanding that a man named Edward Dreen runs this camp. We would like to speak with him.

“Oh? And just who’s asking for this, ‘Dreen’ fellow?” The gunman asked waving his weapon a bit as he did so.

“We represent certain, ‘clientele’ within the Chinese government.” The man spoke once more.

“Ooooooh, the Chinese government eh? Now ain’t that a surprise?” A rough new voice with an American accent joined the conversation from within the camp. Stepping into view, a tall man with untidy brown hair and some stubble stepped into view, sharpening a machete.

“Edward Dreen I presume? Ex-military, turned mercenary, thought to have committed several massacres and a number of war crimes. Correct?” The man quickly inquired.

“You know, we don’t get many of your types around here…” He spoke again ignoring the man’s question.

“E-Excuse me?” The suited man said looking perplexed.

“Suits I mean, you’re the type that always tries to avoid coming here… Though we don’t get many chinks either come to think of it HAHAHA!” He laughed viciously earning a glare from the man. “Oh don’t take it so seriously, if you get offended, I might too. And then we’d have a real mess on our hands now wouldn’t we?”

As if to emphasize the point the other gunmen around the area raised their weapons again, having lowered them since the American’s appearance.

“You’re a difficult man to find, Mr. Dreen.” The man tried again.

“Now if that were true, you wouldn’t be here would ya?” He asked with a bright grin holding the machete at the man who swallowed hard.

“Well, you could say we knew where to look.” He said again.

“Uh huh? Is that right?” Dreen commented putting his machete back in its sheath.

“Yes, and as we’ve come, we’ve brought a proposition for you.” He said again growing slightly bolder.


The other suited man looked in shock as his associate fell to the ground with a bullet through his skull. Dreen just stood with a smoking pistol and a wicked grin, looking at the other man.

“Go on. I’m listening.”


Golgotha base, China, 3 days later

Qi was waiting in the passenger seat of a truck that was supposed to deliver him and his unit to a covert staging area where he would begin operations. He was still unsure why exactly he would be using his unit for this mission, but he had been told by his operation handlers that it was necessary for the devised scenario.

The scenario was rather simple, the new machine would be stolen, taken to a nearby place where the thief would abandon it and Qi would destroy it. It would be made to look like a necessary action and then there would be little concern Due to the nature of the other machine, Qi would be expected to destroy it from long range with a rifle, an order he would comply with. His hand reached for his knife and his eyes narrowed.

There was certainly a certain art to wielding a firearm effectively, the satisfaction of hitting a target a great distance away despite the elements interfering. Even those shots where gravity would be taken into account had Qi’s interest, and respect for those who could effectively shoot like that. But it was different. It didn’t feel the same, just a squeeze and a bang, no real weight behind it.

The knife though, that was a weapon that could feel. There was always a weight to it, that pull and catch as you cut, that resistance when you stab. The warmth that came across the blade as the blood flowed onto it. Yes a knife was very different. QI looked at his prized possession intently, his eyes reflecting in its blade.

This was his weapon, the thing that fit him best. He would carry out his mission, but it wouldn’t be the same. Oh well, there was always the angels. For a few passing moments, Qi wondered if Angels felt any different to stab than humans did. It might make things interesting if it did.


Quan yin Robotics Laboratory, China

In the remote area that had been converted into a test site and research centre for the small company, daily business was being conducted as usual, though there was perhaps more excitement in the air than had been over the past few months. Every day they were getting closer and closer to showcasing their prototype machine. They had been fortunate enough to have a few breakthroughs early on in energy development, based on notes provided by their private backer.

“How’s the A.I coming along?” Professor Huang Lu asked his staff as several people furiously worked on their computers.

“Almost ready sir, almost. We just need to make a mental map. Have we found a suitable candidate?” The scientist asked eagerly.

“Yes, apparently he’ll be arriving sometime today. This is it; this is the day we get the Emperor Guan working. This will change everything for us!” Lu said happily.

“Professor, a car has just pulled up. Do you think this is our candidate?” One of the labs security officers asked. He seemed to be just as excited as the R&D staff, Lu couldn’t blame him. Everyone here had a stake in this project.

“Only one way to see. I’ll go meet him.” Lu said and began walking with the guard in tow. Everything was falling into place, soon they’d develop their machine and push out the joint American/German machine that this ‘Nerv’ organization supposedly had.

As he got outside he stopped for a moment to appraise the man who was standing next to the car. He was tall, looked to be a foreigner and had scruffy hair and stubble. He was wearing a suit as well, though it looked a bit small on him, and looked as though it’d been set down on the dirt for a while and half-heartedly attempted to be brushed down. This was hardly what Lu had expected, in fact, this was outright suspicious.

“Excuse me, are you the candidate?” Lu asked and the man turned to look at him funny. Then he smiled.

“Ah yeah, I’m a bit rusty on my Chinese.” He spoke in English, clearly American. Lu was very disturbed by that smile, it was so… cruel.

“Are you lost? I don’t think you’re supposed to be here.” Lu said again, slower this time. The guard next to him shook his head and looked at the car before frowning, noticing something odd.

“Nah, still no good. Can’t understand a thing… Oh well, how about I talk in a language EVERYONE understands?” The man spoke cheerfully and Lu turned to the guard whose eyes were widening. He followed the other man’s line of sight to see a puddle of some sort dripping from the door in the back seat of the car. Was that… blood?!

Another noise alarmed him as he saw the American reach into his jacket and pull out a sawn-off shotgun. Fear stalled his mind as the barrels were pointed right at him.



The drive was going smoothly for now, though Qi was simply reviewing in his head everything he needed to know for this operation. It was all very simple. Got to the drop-off, activate his unit, meet up with this thief, and destroy the machine.

“What do you mean the section 2 agent isn’t reporting? He was supposed to keep tabs on that guy.” The driver spoke into his phone as he drove, a generally unsafe practice. What caught Qi’s attention more was the reference to a member of section 2 failing to get in touch. Golgotha was strict, such a thing wouldn’t be tolerated. Had something happened? Perhaps the operation wasn’t going as planned?

“Is there a problem?” Qi asked politely. If it was going to affect the mission, he was better off inquiring now.

“No nothing, just some on site difficulties. Don’t worry about it.” He said offhandedly to Qi who frowned. It would be unwise to use the usual quick interrogation methods whilst he was driving. It didn’t sound like everything was going well though.



Another body dropped to the floor, blood pooling out the fresh wound as Dreen happily walked, casually reloading his shotgun, a second weapon, a machine pistol, was under his arm as he did so. He had pulled a few extra weapons from the car after he’d finished his introductions. Particularly his favourite machete which hung by his side and an RPG that he’d used to bypass the security gate. Oh how he loved jobs like these.

Turning a corner he found a scientist on his knees with his hands in the air and blinked.

“Well would you look at that. Dr. Smart guy here is surrendering. HEY EVERYONE HIDING AROUND HERE! THIS GUY IS SMART! AND HE’S SURRENDERING!” Dreen called loudly around the facility.

The scientist looked very much panicked and was shaking a lot but still kept his hands in the air. Dreen smiled at him.

“Good on you Doc, all that hard work and credentials paid off. Like I said, this guy is smart!” BANG! Blood sprayed across the wall as the scientists body slumped to the floor. “And now, he’s not so smart.”

A wicked grin crossed his blood splattered face as he marched towards his goal, a secure looking door. This was what he was paid to come get; everything else had just been a bonus. He paused as he came across another scientist trying to hide behind a desk.


“Well fuck, I’m out of ammo. Just a sec…. Oh… I’m REALLY out of ammo. Oh well.” He shrugged and dropped the empty weapons and pulled out his Machete. “I enjoy this more anyway.”


Qi stared intently at the driver as the truck came to a stop. He merely glared at Qi in response and got out of the vehicle. Qi quickly followed suit and began heading towards the back of the truck. He noted the driver trying to call someone on his phone, most likely the unresponsive operative.

“Come on come on, pick up.” He muttered angrily.

“Perhaps something has occurred?” Qi supplied only to receive another glare.

“Shut up and ready your unit. The Plug suit is in the storage case at the back, the entry plug is waiting. Go go go.” He yelled angrily.

Qi nodded and began undoing the various electronic restraints that kept his unit safely attacked to the large multi wheeler. He did wonder if anyone had noticed such a unusually large vehicle with an unusually large cargo going by. But then again, even if they noticed, most people wouldn’t ask. If of course, they knew what was good for them.

Over the next 20 minutes, Qi saw to his Evangelion and got it ready. It was a long task, but hardly difficult. Qi did wonder about the state of the operation if this much free time was to be left for preparation. It was slightly discomforting to think that this would be aborted, but it seemed the most likely outcome at this point. Clearly something had gone wrong.


“HOLY SHIT!” the driver called as a mushroom cloud formed in the distance. Qi immediately got into his Entry plug and began the start-up. This was not part of the scenario at all, this was definitely wrong.

Very, very wrong.


“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So that’s what one of those looks like huh? Guess they weren’t kidding about a similar payload to a nuke huh? HAHAHAHA!” Dreen laughed loudly as he oversaw the destruction in a heavy machine. It was large, with bulky shoulders, heavy looking legs and an angular body. Its head consisted of a main camera surrounded by armour. It was coloured mostly a deep red offset with black and covered in a green tarp, until it was violently torn off by Dreen to reveal a huge Gatling cannon attached to its arm.

“Target destruction confirmed no survivors.” An electronic voice with an eerie similarity to his own piped up. Dreen grinned.

“Oh man, gotta love this thing, Not only do I get to blow shit up, but now I’ve got a little tamagotchi that thinks just like me. HAH!” he laughed. “Man, I just haven’t had my fill… anywhere else to blow up buddy?”

“There’s a small unremarkable settlement south of here. It isn’t much, but it’s a start.” The A.I. replied.

“Ooooh, I like the sound of that!” The madman grinned and began marching the machine towards his next victims.


Qi was moving quickly, he had been given an external battery to help with the operation time but he was still cautious about the time. It would be unfortunate to leave his unit out in the open should it run out of power. The terrain he was currently running across would be difficult to extract from should that be the case.

Qi almost stopped as he heard the noise, gunfire, loud gunfire. This was getting further and further from the scenario with each passing moment. He could see the signs of smoke from over the next hill. Just a little more and he’d reach it, a little more and he’d see what was going on.

Now atop the hill, Qi surveyed the chaos below him. It was a small town, maybe fifty or so buildings in total, most of which were either rubble or burning as a red and black machine strode through the streets with a Gatling cannon on one arm and a straight blade that looked like a progressive weapon in its other hand. This was the target all right.

Remembering the scenario, even if it had already deviated heavily, Qi opened communications to the other machine, having been provided it’s secure channel codes by their informants.

“Unit ‘Emperor Guan’ come in.” Qi opened up calmly.

“What the hell? Is that a kid?” The machine turned to face Qi. “Well Ho~ly shit. Would ya look at that? Nice toy you got there kid.” Dreen complimented amicably over the comms.

“Correct me if I’m wrong but you were hired to steal that machine, correct?” Qi spoke again.

“Uh huh? How did you know that kid?”

“I believe those same employers ordered me to destroy that machine, so if you would disembark and vacate to a safe distance, I will finish the operation.” Qi replied back.

"Are you kidding me? This is the greatest thing I've ever got my hands on! And you expect me to just give it up to you and your toy there? HAH!" Dreen retorted, the mirth in his voice still present.

“Those were your orders. Disembark or I will continue without your consent.” Qi spoke with a serious tone.

“Oh man, when you say that kid, I almost believe you. Hahaha!” Dreen laughed loudly, his machine following his motions.

“Doubting me is not your best course of action.” Qi said before unlocking the code protection on his progressive knife and deploying it in his free hand. “Disembark immediately or your life is forfeit!”

“Hmm, still that thing you said… ‘Emperor Guan’ right? I like the emperor bit but it’s way too Chinese for my tastes… Say, why don’t we call this thing Tartarus from now on? Whad’ya say little mini me?” Dreen asked ignoring Qi completely.

“Designation change acknowledged. “ The A.I. responded.

“Well now that’s better. Now then kid run along, I’ve got me some mass murdering to do.”

"I refuse. Betrayal may be common for the likes of you, but I was given my orders, I will carry them out regardless." Leveling the rifle, he opened fire from the hip.


Qi blinked in surprise as the bullet bounced off the progressive blade which had been set in the path of the bullet with ease. The machine must have greater abilities than he was led to believe. Then again, from the sounds of it the A.I. was active, that was likely the reason.

“Oooooh, that was pretty scary kid. But you know? GUNS KILL!” Dreen roared as he brought the Gatling cannon to bear, it’s barrels pulsing with electricity as it unloaded round after round of magnetically launched explosive tipped shells at Unit 07.

Qi moved quickly sliding down the hill to evade and Dreen followed his movements, the rounds blowing apart the hill behind him as the followed his route. Qi fired several more times with the rifle but two shots went wide as the machine strafed and the rest were blocked again. Suddenly things got quiet as the Gatling cannon steamed.

“Ah whoops, looks like it’ll have to cool for a bit. You did good dodging all that; you sure know how to run.” Dreen taunted again.

"You and that machine aren't worth damaging my Eva for a quick victory."

"Hah, it's that important? Hah whatever kid. If it's so damn precious why don't you run back home to mommy with it. Although Shooting you in the back probably won’t be as much fun." Dreen laughed as he said that.

"It's not that it's precious, as a matter of fact I'm quite expendable. You are simply worth less than that." Qi responded as usual preparing to lunge in whilst the opportunity was there.

"Well aren't you just the most boring little brat? Come on, you're trying to kill me aren't you? A guy like you couldn't kill me in thousand lifetimes. The reason taking a life is fun is cause it's worth so much to the people who live! Can't call yourself a killer unless you get that simple fact down!" Dreen roared once more before pulling the gun up again, it sparking to life.

Qi charged in low as the bullets zipped over his shoulder and past the pylon, he was going to end this now. He brought his knife up to strike and was promptly knocked to the side by the machine’s leg. Rolling Qi regained his footing and Unit 07 ran around to avoid the cannon’s spray from catching him. His A.T. field could take a few rounds at a time, but if he was caught in the full onslaught even his Eva’s greatest defence might be overwhelmed. He had counted before though, the weapon would overheat again in two seconds.

Right on time the weapon sputtered out again and Qi made his move, firing the rest of his rifle clip at the enemy machine he clipped its leg, arm and shoulder though any major damage was blocked and threw the weapon at the Tartarus. As predicted the red machine cut the spent weapon and left it’s torso exposed.

Qi struck with his blade and hit its shoulder? The man had moved into the strike and let the knife stab into the shoulder as he barged forth, shunting the Eva and giving him room to pivot and stab at Unit 07 with its own progressive blade. Still clutching the knife, Qi pulled it, helping him move his Eva’s torso out of the way, receiving only a gash in the side as his knife screamed through the red mecha’s shoulder.

Qi rolled to a stop, one hand ready with the knife, the other holding the gash on his Eva’s Torso. He had not expected his opponent to be so reckless, nor so skilled. Taking that into account Qi circled his prey once more looking for a moment to strike.

"You claim there's fun in taking lives from others? If that's the conclusion then..."Qi's grip tightened on his knife, and he smiles. "You made a mistake remaining in that machine. As I will take a great amount of pleasure in taking that precious thing from such a miserable person."

"... heh.... hehehe...HAHAHAHA! YEAH! THAT'S MORE LIKE IT! That’s how it should be right? Now you're starting to get it. Yeah that's it, this is gonna be good. You got a name kid?" Dreen asked excitedly, clearly enjoying the prospect of kill or be killed.

"Jié Qi, I will be sure to carve it into your corpse." Qi responded moving in again.

Metal grinding against each other magnified by the vibrations of the two weapons screeched through the air as Qi matched his knife against Dreen’s blade. The two weapons sparking violently against one another.

The Tartarus suddenly took a step back from the clash causing Unit 07 to move forward with the shift in force. His knife getting brushed to the side Qi suddenly felt a sharp impact against his head as Dreen punched the barrel of the chain gun into the side of Unit 07’s head knocking it to the ground.

Qi had barely rolled onto his back before the heavy mech stomped down to try and crush him. Raising his unit’s arms, Qi caught the foot with one hand and stabbed into it with the other. But was still being pressured. The barrel of the cannon was pushed into unit 07’s face as it began to charge up again.

Pushing as hard as he could Qi managed to gain some space and rolled from under the foot, slashing a portion of it away as he did so, the cannon beginning to fire and tear up the ground moments after. Dreen moved the weapon to follow Qi but due to the shoulder damage it was sluggish. Qi’s A.T. field protected him from almost all of the rounds that did connect, most still failing to hit due to the sluggish aim. One that did hit connected with Unit 07’s leg, tearing a part of its armour off and grazing the flesh underneath.

Qi however descended and rammed his knife into the Gatling cannon, an outcry of metal and sparks seeing the weapon get ripped apart by the blade though its own rotations. The weapon was purged almost immediately and Unit 07 was choke slammed by the machine and its knife arm was pinned to the ground. Tartarus stood above Unit 07 and began trying to beat it to death with its arms, bashing against the A.T fields it attempted to break through.

"What's with your Robot? It bleeds and shit? What the hell is up with that?" Dreen shouted happily as he continued trying to break through.

"If life is a precious thing, blood is the currency by which it is measured and I already said I'm worth more than you!" Qi shouted back, his smile even wider than before.

Despite the pain being sent through to him through the Eva, Qi still pulled swinging his pinned arm, dragging it through the other blade and sinking the knife into the Tartarus’s head. Suddenly blinded, Dreen took several steps back as his secondary cameras began to kick in. As soon as they did he saw Unit 07’s right fist coming, crashing into the chest of the red machine before being pulled back for yet another solid punch. Qi kept up the physical barrage before suddenly rearing back his damaged left arm and reaching for the Tartarus’ head reclaiming the knife embedded there and dragging it down, carving a path from its head across its upper torso. Despite the blood pouring from the wound Qi lunged forward with the knife again, stabbing the Enemy machine in the cockpit. It lurched forward slightly before Qi pushed it back, retrieving his knife as he did so.

“Target… eliminated… “Qi said moving back and checking his power supply again to make sure he still had enough to get back.

"*Cough hack* Haha... hahah... ha... *Cough* you actually... got me... You're pretty nasty kid *Cough” A weak voice crackled over the communications.

“Cleary not enough.” Qi spoke, his voice raised in anger. What did it take to kill this man?

"Haha... ha... *Cough* Yeah... haha... *It was pretty fun*... I may not want to die but... Hahaha *Cough* I think I want to kill you that much more!” Dreen roared as if his life had returned to him in full force. The left shoulder of the mech opened up and launched an N2 mine high into the air but it didn’t take long for it to start visibly plummeting.

Qi’s eyes widened in shock at the action. This was insanity! He raised his A.T. field up to its maximum levels, the shield of light encasing his Eva. If this man wanted to burn himself he was welcome to it.



Qi’s A.T. field shielded him and his unit from the worst of the blast, but he could still feel his Eva charring badly as the flames engulfed him. A last hell created by a madman. It ended soon enough though, and Qi breathed heavily for a short while. Finally he looked up at the crater he was now standing in, Unit 07 barely capable of movement.

“Of course I don’t want to die, but that doesn’t mean I’m not willing if I have to.”


Golgotha Base, China, hours later

Deng sat once more in the presence of the monoliths, his expression almost neutral but his eyebrows were angled in a slight frown. The damage that Unit 07 had received was far beyond expectations. Either the machine was of greater capability than he had believed possible, or the Mercenary Dreen was a greater monster than he would care to acknowledge.

“Report.” Seele 01 boomed as usual, and Deng let his frown disappear back into his neutral expression.

“The mercenary that was hired, Edward Dreen was not compliant with our wishes and engaged my Evangelion and its pilot with the stolen machine. The Machine was destroyed but unit 07 suffered heavy damage in the process.” Deng spoke trying to keep his voice level, but the distaste of the incident seeped through somewhat.

“Somehow I’m not surprised that your unit 07 had trouble with this.” Seele 09 weighed in his tone sounded almost amused.

“It should never have been given such armaments in the first place.” Seele 15 spoke up. “Contingencies are one thing but this was…”

“A backup that overextended itself and therefore was removed. Nothing more.” Seele 04 interrupted.

“Just who was it that hired that madman anyway?” Seele 15 spoke up again.

“The decision was left to me; I had expected a madman to be the most believable choice for this scenario. He even did the clean-up work for us, although the betrayal was… unfortunate.” Seele 10 admitted, though there wasn’t any regret in his tone.

“It no longer is of concern, with this, the matter is closed.” Seele 01 spoke.

“Actually, there is one more thing.” Deng piped up the frown on his face in full view.

“Oh really? What would that be?” Seele 09 asked.

“… We never found a body in the wreckage.”
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This is an AU I have been working on for a while and decided to pick up again. Like the other AU, this one will have multiple parts that I will eventually get to. Enjoy.

Keeping his eyes closed, all Isaac could hear was the gentle rhythmic beating the train made after hitting one track after another. It was calming at first but over time started to become more and more annoying. Opening his eyes slowly, Isaac saw an older man with an obscenely large nose with his hands crossed beneath it. There was a table in from of him with a purple velvet table cloth over it as he elbows rested on top of it. To his left was a older woman with long blonde hair down to her knees that had a simple smile. The older man opened his eyes immediately and gazed over at Isaac. "Welcome to the velvet room." The man said as an uncomfortable silence followed afterwards.

"Ah...it seems we have a guest with an interesting destiny." The old man said with a laugh while waving his right hand to the side as though he just dismissed his last statement. "My name is Igor...I am delighted to finally meet you. this place exists between dream and reality, mind and matter. It is a room that only those who are bound by a 'contract' may enter..." Igor cleared his throat and continued to gaze towards Isaac. "It seems as though fate has brought you here. What is your name boy?"

Isaac looked over at the older woman to see if she would say anything, but just seemed to be waiting for him to announce himself. "Isaac Kenny."

"Interesting." Igor said as he placed his hand over the table. Within seconds, a bright light started to form under neath his hand as a stack of cards appeared before him. "Now then, let's take a look into your future." Igor moved his hand over the deck of cards which caused it to split into nine cards with one of the cards being surrounded by all of the other cards. The cards flipped themselves upwards revealing different pictures that illustrated the fate of someone.

"The Bridegroom. You are to bound to an event that will shape the world to come."

Igor flipped another card right under the Bridegroom card." The Tower....oh my. It seems an event will come to pass that will be catastrophic, unless prevented by...."

As another card was flipped from under the Tower card is showed a moon with a series of stars surrounding it. The eight remaining cards facing down surrounded the Moon. "The Moon. This card represents your fate is shared with others. Very interesting."

"In the coming days, you will enter into a contract. After which you will return here." Igor paused as Isaac felt calm despite this bad news. "You must prevent this event from happening, or the future you have right now will be lost."

"My duty is to provide and means of assistance to make sure that event does not happen." After a few moments, the older woman cleared her throat which caused Igor to look over at her and then back at Isaac. "I apologize. I forgot to introduce you to my assistant." Pointing towards the woman, Isaac revealed a devious grin. "This is Terra. She is a resident of this place like me."

Terra nodded her head and smiled at Isaac. "My name is Terra. I am here to help you through your journey"

Igor and Terra both looked each other for a moment as though they were communicating with their eyes. They both nodded as they resumed their stare towards Isaac. "We shall speak about this at another time. Until then, be safe." With that, a bright light started to form in front of Isaac's vision which made him go back into a slumber.

"Folks, we have begun our descent to Tokyo-3, where the current weather is 14 degrees celcius, and we will be in the gate in about twenty minutes, We'd like the flight attendants to prepare the cabin for arrival and we want to thank you for flying with us today.."

Opening his eyes, Isaac Kenny felt slightly started by the pilots announcement of their arrival. Isaac looked around and found himself back on the airplane. Most of the seats were empty which made pilot's announcement seem louder than usual. "Gah, what a strange dream." Isaac muttered to himself as he peered outside the window. As the plane started to descend, Isaac looked toward the city and felt and ominous feeling.

(Per..Pervangleion? Evansona...? We're just gonna call this..)

Persona: EVA

Act 1 part a: Meeting

Walking in the airport terminal was slightly chaotic and more than Isaac could of ever imagined. There were so many people walking in so many different directions. Pulling a letter out of his pocket, Isaac flipped open the folded piece of paper and started to read it to himself. "...meet me at Terminal C's exit...I'll have a sign and look like this." Isaac took out the small picture of a professionally done picture of an woman that looked like she was in her late 20's or early 30's. She was beautiful and looking at the picture for too long made Isaac blush. "Jeez, who sends letters any more? I mean, I don't even have the lady's phone number. Dad sure knows how to pick them."

After grabbing his luggage, Isaac headed towards the exit that was mentioned in the letter and found himself being carried by a giant mass of people heading in the same direction. Upon reaching the exit, Isaac found himself looking at way too many people waiting for people like him. He saw a bunch of loved ones being reunited and found himself feeling jealous towards them. I should of stayed home. This was a mistake. Isaac thought to himself as he felt a gentle tap on the shoulder.

Turning around Isaac saw the same woman with long dark hair from the picture. Damn...that picture didn't do her any justice. The woman was wearing a simple black pencil skirt with a white button up shirt. With a smile, the woman put her hands behind her back and said, "Isaac Kenny, it's nice to finally meet you."

Isaac blushed and started to brush the back of his head. "Yeah, it's nice to meet you too...uhh" Isaac started to stammer as he tried to remember her name.

"Kiyoshi Miki."

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Epilogue Part 4: Meeting

Standing in front of a door, Isaac felt himself pulling away from the door no matter how close he stood from it. It had been two weeks since coming back to the NERV base and being back kept Isaac on an edge. While spending time with Kiyoshi wasn't all the bad, as it was actually pleasant. They would watch movies, go to the park or just play games together. When Isaac was told that he would have to come back to visit his family he wasn’t exactly the happiest about the idea. The facility was small, but was nice compared to the ones used in the public. Each of his family members had their own separate room which made his current visit much longer than he wanted. Feeling a gentle nudge on his shoulder, Isaac saw Kiyoshi who was behind him wearing her NERV uniform.

"You should go in. I think your sister would like to see a familiar face." Kiyoshi said with a simple but calming smile to the young Isaac.

"Ok. Will you..."

"Don't worry, I'll be out here waiting. For the time being your my responsibility, ok?"

"Alright." Isaac said reluctantly as he placed his left hand on the door nob. The door handle brought a chill up his arm as it felt like it hasn't been touched for days. The handle it self had a smooth rotation as he pulled the door open revealing some beeps and other noises that Isaac was unfamiliar with. Closing his eyes, Isaac stepped in through the doorway and the shut the door behind him quickly. While he made more noise than he intended, all he heard was some bed sheets moving around along with a few soft groans. Opening his eyes, Isaac looked over at the bed and saw Katla sleeping while taking in painful breaths. She looked awful.

Isaac managed to take some steps closer to her as he was at a lose of words. Being still young and unable to control his emotions, Isaac looked frightened upon gazing at his sister. While it in all reality a few seconds since Isaac walked into the room, each step he took felt like hours as he looked at he sister. Katla's arm was wrapped up in bandages and was being held near her chest by a simple sling. While looking at her arm, Isaac could only see her bloody arm with a bone sticking out. Katla's head was covered in other bandages with one in particular obscuring her vision. Isaac cleared his throat as he got close to his sister. While she was obviously getting the treatment she needed for her injury, Isaac could only focus on how this was all his fault. Had he just behaved and been a good boy, all of his family members would be safe. "I'm so sorry Kat." Isaac whispered to himself as tears started to build up in his eyes. Feeling the enormous amount of guilt, Isaac quickly got out of the room and shut the door behind him.

Kiyoshi pushed herself from the wall and looked at the boy who just stood near the door still with red puffy eyes. Kiyoshi got closer to Isaac and tried to comfort the boy from seeing his injured sister. It was after all Isaac’s fault that she got injured. As soon as Kiyoshi got close enough, Isaac latched on to her leg and buried his head into it. Had this happened to Kiyoshi a week or two ago, she would think the boy was just another disgusting snot covered kid but after taking care of Isaac for a week the maternal instincts that deeply resided in Kiyoshi kicked in. Kiyoshi knelt down, picked the little boy up as she felt his body tremble after each sob and walked away from Katla's hospital room.

Down the hall from Katla’s room was where Isaac’s mother resides. By the time they got to the room, Isaac had calmed himself down to where he didn’t look like an absolute mess. Kiyoshi looked down at the boy and tried to show a comforting smile. “Do you want me to come with you this time?”

“No, It’s ok.” Isaac said softly as he slowly opened the door and went in. Shutting the door behind him, Isaac looked over to see his mother lying on a bed with her eyes closed. The mother has a simple smile across her face and seemed to shift every time she took a breath. Isaac took steps closer to his mom until he was right next to her when he put his hand on his mother’s long white hair. Just being around his mom made him feel better. Isaac knew that Katla and his father being injured was his fault, but being with his mom made it seem like it never existed.

Letting go of his mother’s pristine white hair, Isaac grabbed her hands and felt how warm it was to touch. Her hands have always been warm. “Mom...” Isaac said softly as he gently tugged her hand to try and wake her up. “Mommy...please...” Isaac said a little bit louder tugging her hand even more. “I didn’t mean to get Kat and dad hurt. I’m so sorry. Please wake up!” Isaac yelled as he started to sob.

Letting go of her hand, Isaac climbed up on the bed and tried to wake her up. “I’ll be good from now on! Please wake up! I-I need you mom!” Isaac yelled as he continued to tug on her shoulder ignoring all the noises around him.


Turning around, Isaac knew that voice. Owen stood in from of him was putting most of his weight on a cane. Isaac’s face looked like he got caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar as he saw his father leaning against a cane. Next to him was Dr. Johann Idle, Kiyoshi Miki and Moravic Carter. How did he not hear them come in? Isaac felt his face flush as he was frozen on top of his mother who was still ignoring all of Isaac.

“Isaac, come here.” Owen said with said with the same authority and tone he would use when speaking to a employee.

Isaac slowly got off the bed and made his way to his father. The others watch carefully with Johann making his way to Isaac’s mother to make sure the boy didn’t mess up with the system that took in her vital signs. Isaac looked up to his dad with a few tears still lingering on his cheeks. “D-Dad, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to get you hurt. I-I...” Isaac said while tugging on his father’s coat.

“Corporal Miki.”

Kiyoshi without hesitation took a step forward and saluted Owen immediately afterwards. “Yes sir?”

“I have made some arrangements for some family to watch over Isaac for a while and I need you to drop him off at the airport.” Owen said while handing Kiyoshi a simple plane ticket to Arizona.

“What!? Dad! B-But what about Mom and Kat! How come I have to leave!?” Isaac yelled to his father as he pushed himself away from him.

“Isaac, now is not the time.” Owen softly said with a commanding authority.

“I don’t want to leave! It’s not fai-”

“Isaac, that’s enough!” Owen barked. Isaac stood still and was actually afraid of his father. From all of the times Isaac has gotten in trouble never had he heard his father shout that loud before. After a few seconds Owen composed himself rubbed his brow and looked away from his son. “I need you to go outside and wait for Miss Miki. Understood?”

Isaac stood there under his father’s gaze until he yielded in cooperation. Isaac just nodded with a slight tremble and exited the room as fast as possible. As soon as the door shut, Owen let out a frustrated sigh and massaged his forehead. “Corporal Miki, I appreciate you watching over Isaac for this last week. You are dismissed.” Kiyoshi nodded, slipped out of the room and shut the door behind her softly. Owen looked over at Johann and then over to Carter. “Dr. Idle, will you please go check on my daughter.” Johann almost argued against Owen on not being done with his examination of Owen’s wife, but he felt that after witnessing that scene with Isaac it probably would be best to just follow orders.

As soon as Johann left the room, Carter watched Owen make his way over to his wife and saw for a second a moment of sadness on Owen’s face. “Owen, why are you sending your son to the United States?”

“Akio’s brother lives there and agreed to watch over him for a while.”

“How long is a while?” Carter pressed. “Need I remind you that we have all the children here now. We should be preparing them for what is to come.” Owen remained silent as he looked at his sleeping wife, gently brushing her hair and looking at her for some sort of answer. “You can’t protect him forever Owen.”

“Isaac is unstable and not prepared for what we need him to do. He’s worthless to us right now.” Owen said in a cold voice. “We’ll evaluate him in a year and decide whether he is ready or not.” Owen started to hobble away from his wife and each time his cane hit the tile floor, it seemed to get louder and louder. “Enough of this. We have work to do.”


Isaac sat in the backseat of Kiyoshi’s car with his backpack, and a duffle bag with about a weeks worth of clothing, an extra pair of shoes and few different things that he needed. After leaving the hospital, Isaac had been absolutely silent. Kiyoshi didn’t hear a single sob from the young boy over his confrontation with his father or a single bit of emotion. Isaac looked broken and unable to register to anything. On the drive to the airport, Kiyoshi tried to talked to Isaac or at least attempt to make him feel better, but was stopped by him not saying anything.

As they entered the airport, Kiyoshi carried Isaac’s duffle bag as he trailed behind her with his hands wrapped underneath the backpack straps. As soon as they got passed the security, Kiyoshi and Isaac sat in the airport terminal with a few people walking around trying to get to their flight. It was strangely a very quit day at the Tokyo-3 airport. Most of the time it was busy and pretty chaotic at times.

Kiyoshi let out a sigh and looked over at Isaac who kept his knees close to his chest while looking forward at the chair in front of him. Kiyoshi started opened her mouth to say something and was cut off by the intercom that said, “Good afternoon passengers. This is a pre-boarding announcement for the flight 89A to Los Angeles, California. We are now inviting passengers with small children, and any passengers requiring special assistance, to begin boarding at this time...” The announcement kept going, but Kiyoshi stood up and looked down at Isaac who held was clenching the arm rests with this hands.

“Isaac, it’s time to go.” Kiyoshi looked at at Isaac and waited for a response. “Isaac?” Kiyoshi said as she knelt down and put her hand on his shoulder.

Isaac looked up at Kiyoshi with his eyes swelling with years and said, “I-I don’t want to leave. Please don’t make me leave. I promise I’ll be good. I promise!” Isaac blurted out.

Kiyoshi let out a deep breath and shook her head. “I’m sorry, but there is nothing that I can do. Your father instructed me to get you on this flight. There will be family in America to watch after you for a while.” Isaac looked away while rubbing his eyes. Kiyoshi bit her lip and then cleared her throat. “I know that it might be hard to understand, but I think your father is just doing what is in your best interest.” Clearing her throat, Kiyoshi sat back down next to the small boy. “You know my Father and I didn’t get along that well ether. One of the biggest things that I didn’t realize was that my Dad was just trying to do what was best for me.”

Isaac just stared away for a while and then looked back at Kiyoshi. “Do you think my dad is mad at me?”

Kiyoshi didn’t know the answer but she just smiled at the boy shook her head. “I think your father is just worried about you and your family. I think everything will go back to normal again as soon as he get’s things figured out.”

Isaac thought about it for a while and then nodded in agreement as he grabbed Kiyoshi’s hand. Kiyoshi gave the boy a smile as she brought Isaac to the entrance of the airplane. Isaac seemed to be in a better mood as Kiyoshi spoke to a flight attendant about how Isaac was going to be on a flight to Los Angeles by himself. The young flight attendant smiled and understood and started to guide Isaac down towards the plane entrance. Kiyoshi watched him walk away for a while and then turned away. Before she could take a few steps, she felt a tug on her jacket and saw Isaac with a smile on his face. The very same smile that she saw before the accident. She went down and gave the boy a hug as the flight attendant watched the two patiently. Before they left, Kiyoshi asked for the attendant to take a picture of them with her phone. After they took the picture, Kiyoshi watched the boy leave.

Kiyoshi saw watched through the window of the terminal Isaac’s plane take off for a moment and then felt her phone ring. Answering the phone, Kiyoshi’s demeanor changed. “This is Kiyoshi.”

“Did he get on the plane safely?” Owen said.

“Yes sir.”

“Good. Report back to NERV as soon as possible.” Instantly the phone hung up which left Kiyoshi with a slightly perplexed look on her face. Owen had always been sort of cold, but as of recent he seemed even more so than usual. As the phone message ended, Kiyoshi looked at the wallpaper on her phone and smiled as she looked at the picture of her and Isaac together. Shutting her phone, Kiyoshi left the airport back to NERV.


Year 2014

“Hey!! Akio wait up!” Raglan yelled from behind while catching up to the tall boy. By the time he got to Akio, Raglan was just about out of breath as he cleared his throat before speaking again. “Sorry, I decided to do some studying this morning, but I lost track of time.”

“Sounds about right. You should really be more considerate about others. I can’t carry your sorry ass all the time.” Akio said confidently while looking at some stuff on his phone.

“Right, hehe. So, have you asked anyone yet to the upcoming dance” Raglan said.

“Nope. Maybe I’ll just go stag and play it by ear. Besides, most of the girls drive me crazy.”

“Hehe, right.” Raglan said as he put his hands in his pocket while standing next to the towering Akio.

“So, I heard Valda might of gotten asked by Daichi to the dance.” Raglan said with a smile on his face knowing how Akio would react.

“Like I care. That girl just gets in the way.”

Raglan closed his eyes and put his hands behind his back while smiling. “That’s not what you told me a last we-” Before Raglan finished his sentence, Akio punched Raglan in the arm with a significant amount of force. Rubbing his arm, Raglan continued to smile. “What’s this? Did I jus find a weakness against the great Akio?”

“Can it Rag.” Akio said with his cheeks getting red while Raglan just smile.The two boys continued to talk to one another on their way to school as another group of students were walking with each other not to far away.

“Listen, I told you it will work this time for sure! I did a reading last about it and I’m pretty sure I followed all the correct steps unlike last time.” Shiori said while hold a deck of tarot cards, shuffling them as she walked with Shirou, Qi and Tokei.

“Shiori you said that list time. Granted, your reading a few weeks ago DID come true, but I think I’ll just stick to good old fashion studying for this next test.” Shirou said while Tokei rolled her eyes from Shiroi.

“I can’t believe you put that much faith into a deck of cards...it’s impossible for a deck of cards to predict the future.” muttered Tokei while looking at her phone.

“Hey, they work! I’ll do a reading today during lunch and prove you wrong!” Shiori blurted

“Fine then. I look forward to seeing you disappointed once again over another false prediction.”

Shiori and Tokei continued to fight back an forth, with Shiori being more vocal and while Tokei was calm over the argument. Shirou took a few steps behind the two girls to talk to Qi. “Qi, do you think we should do something about this. I mean, this could get pretty out of hand.”

“I see no need to do anything. Besides, this might break out into...what is it called again? Oh, a cat fight. I was watching a show last night where men were excited over a fight between two females. As the fight progressed, the two girls started to rip off each others clothes revealing more skin and...” Qi stopped talking as Tokei and Shiori looked at the white haired boy.

“Ew, don’t be such a pervert Qi!!” Shiroi shrieked.

“T-That would be highly inappropriate.” Tokei said while rubbing her brow.

As they continued to walk to school, Shirou grinned while looking at Qi. “Well that made them stop arguing I guess.”

“I was just making a simple observation.” Qi said with a small smirk as him and Shirou shared a simple laugh among one another.

Shirou looked ahead of them and saw Valda at the corner of the street, talking on a her cell phone. Valda typically waited for everyone at that corner so they could all walk to school together. As she started to pace around the corner, you could hear her speaking in german over the phone. “Ich habe euch gesagt Hilma! Werbe Ich wahrscheinlich wieder Weinhnachten nach Hause. Naturlich vermisse Ich sie. Ich wunsche euch and Papa waren hier, aber das ist nicht. Wie alles funktioniert. Horen Sie, Ich muss um in die Schule zu gehen.” Looking back to see her friends coming closer, Valda waved at them and finished her phone call. “Ich werde daruber sprechen, sie zu einem spatern zeitpunkt!” Valda said as she shut her phone when Shirou, Qi, Shiori and Tokei approached her.

The group of children merged as one group with Valda and started to chat amongst one another and were shortly joined up by Akio and Raglan. “Oh look who’s late for once. Did you wake up late this morning Akio.” Shiroi said as she chuckled under her breath.

“Well I had to wait for Rag to wake up. Sometimes it’s a burden being the leader of this group.” Akio said while folding his arms.

“Leader?! Who decided this! This another one of your ‘self proclaimed’ positions Akio?” Valda said with a smile as everyone else buckled up for what was to come next.

“Please Valda, my synchronization tests of the last couple of months have been the best. I give nothing but the best so I would like to think that the best should be in control of this group.”

“Oh boy, here we go again...” Everyone but Akio and Valda muttered under their breath as the two children started a shouting match.

After a while, the children calmed down eventually as they walked together to school. Raglan looked at all of his friends and raised his eye brow in question. “Hey, where is Katla?” Raglan asked as Shiori put her finger on her mouth, trying to remember where the white haired girl was.

“I’m not sure to be honest. I think it might be her mom’s birthday.” Shiori said while shrugging her shoulders.

“Her mom is still in a coma right?” Shirou asked.

“Yes. She’s been in a coma for...I think almost ten years. I don’t know. Kat told me a while ago.” Valda answered. As they thought about being in Katla’s situation, all of the kids felt their hearts get heavy over dealing with something like that, but was stopped as they heard a siren go off in the distance. All of their cell phones went off at the same time with a text message saying ‘Report to NERV ASAP -Major Miki’. All of the children looked at one another and nodded as a series of black cars stopped in front of them. As all the children entered the plain black cars, they headed off to NERV HQ.


Katla sat on a chair looking at her mother who was sleeping soundly on what looked like the softest bed ever made. There were a series of beeps heard in the background as Katla focused on her mothers gentle face. Over the years, her mother has aged but at the same time looks ageless as her beauty was still intact. The door opened behind Katla as a series of loud taps were heard right behind her. “Kitty, we need to get going.” Owen said in a low voice.

“I know.” Katla said still looking at her mother. After a few moments, Katla stood up and walked over to her father who was rubbing his knee. “Are you ok, Papa?”

“I’ll be fine.” Owen said looking at his wife for a few moments, and then turned around leaving the room with Katla right by his side. As they walked down the long hallway in NERV, Katla cleared her throat trying to get the courage to speak to her father. “What’s wrong kitty?” Owen said with a gentle smile that he only used for Katla.

“I was just wondering why Isaac didn’t come for mother’s birthday. I tried to talk to him about it, but he just didn’t really seem to care. I-I really miss him.”

“He has his reasons Katla.” Owen said knowing exactly why Isaac didn’t want to come home. While staying at Arizona, Isaac discovered that his real mother passed away a long time ago and that his father got married again to Katla’s mother. It was an uncomfortable conversation to have with his son about the family issue. Owen had an affair with Katla’s mother while being still being married to Aiko. He loved Aiko, but at the same time loved Katla’s mother. After Aiko passed away, Owen tried to be a single parent for a while, but found it hard after a month. Upon discovering that Katla’s mom gave birth to his daughter, the two decided to get married and raise the two children together. “Don’t worry Kitty. I have made arrangements with your brother to have him come visit us for the holidays.”

Katla smiled and turned to her father, glowing with happiness. “R-Really!? When will he get here!?”

“Soon.” Owen said as him and Katla made there way to the command center in NERV HQ.


Keeping his eyes closed, Isaac ignored all of the noise that was happening in the oddly cool classroom. Isaac couldn’t remember the last he actually felt cold. Having lived in Arizona for most of his life, he was used to the unbearable heat that controls the hot desert here in Phoenix. A series of footsteps were heard that seemed to get closer and closer. Opening his eyes, Isaac saw his friend Kyle who he’s been friends with ever since he first came to Phoenix. “Hey Kyle. What’s up man?” Isaac said in a tired tone.

“Dude!! check this out!!” Kyle said as he struggled to pull out his phone to show Isaac a video. “Look, Japan fought another one of those monsters again.” Isaac watched the video as he watched a red Evangelion with a knife stab the ever living shit out of the Angel. The video jumped to a different yellow Evanglion shooting the Angel with a rifle and was then followed up by a green Evangelion punching the Angel with no problems. The Angel it self look horrifying. It had a large body with bulky arms and would deal some damage to the Evangelions. The video jumped to two of the Evangelions damaged against a building with the damaged red Evanglion finishing off the bulky Angel before collapsing as well.“How cool is that!?!”

Isaac frowned from the video. Isaac knew exactly what he was looking at. Everyone once in a while he would have a nightmare about the giant monsters. His mistake to why he was here and not in Tokyo-3. In a sense it was kind of a blessing to be away from Japan, but it was at the cost of never seeing his family which it ok right now. He was told to never speak about NERV or anything that happened at Tokyo-3 at a young age or there would be some sort of action taken on him. It wasn’t a problem for him to never bring it up. Just thinking about the Evangelions made Isaac sick to his stomach. “Very.” Isaac said dryly as he looked away.

Kyle gave his friend a weird look. “What’s your problem man? I mean, isn’t this cool!?”

“Kyle, drop it.” Isaac said trying to keep his cool.

“Just imagine getting in one of those robots! Ah, it would be so cool to fight one of those monsters.”

“I said drop it!!” Isaac yelled as some of the few remaining kids in the classroom stopped what they were doing to stare at the boy’s outcry.

“Ok, ok jeez...no need to be an ass about it.” Kyle said putting his phone back in his pocket.

Isaac let out sigh and smiled at his friend. “Sorry, I’m just stressed about stuff.”

Kyle nodded towards his friend and punched Isaac in the shoulder. “It’s ok, hey are you still down to hangout during thanksgiving break.”

“Yeah, hopefully Sam, Max and Drew aren’t too busy.” Isaac said with a grin.

The two kids continued their conversation during the lunch break until the bell went off to have class begin again. During the class, Isaac pulled out his phone and started to look through the pictures of the Evangelion’s fighting the Angels.I wonder how Kat is doing... Isaac thought as continued to go through the pictures.

After moving to Phoenix, his relationship with Katla had never been the same. Any time Katla tried to get in contact with Isaac, he would keep the conversation short and sometimes wouldn’t answer the phone. Since discovering that Katla was simply a half sister and that her mom wasn’t actually his mom it created a void between the two. Last week Katla called him about trying to get him to come back to Tokyo-3 to celebrate her mom’s birhday.


“Hello” Isaac answered soundly slightly annoyed.

“Hey brother. How are you doing?” Katla quietly replied.


Katla cleared her throat and started to talk into the phone. “I was uh-hh just going to tell you it’s mom’s birthday next week and I was wondering if you were umm planning on coming home to visit.”

There was a long pause before Isaac answered. “No.”

“Oh, ok. How are-”

“Sorry, I have to get going.” With that Isaac hung up on his sister.


Isaac knew that he was an asshole to his sister, but he didn’t want to do anything with Tokyo, his family, the Evangelions and especially the Angels. As he looked at the Evanglions, Isaac remembered being told when he was young that kid’s his age would be the pilots for the Evangelions. Isaac felt sorry for the kids in the robots, but at least it wasn’t him.

As school ended, Isaac headed back to his Aunt and Uncle’s house while riding on his bike. It was in a suburban area in Phoenix that wasn’t too far from the middle school that Isaac went to. Skidding his bike to a halt, Isaac opened the garage door and put his bike against a wall. Walking through the door, Isaac heard his aunt in the kitchen humming to herself. “Aunt, I’m home.”

“Welcome home dear. Will you come here for a second?” Kagome said as Isaac made his way to the kitchen. His aunt and uncles place was pretty simple with family pictures hanging on the walls. As Isaac stepped through the kitchen, the sweet smell of food made his stomach. Kagome turned around to Isaac and smiled at him. “We got a call from the school about you being late to your first class...again.”

Isaac cringed and let out a sigh. He was always late to his first class and it’s always been an issue his whole life. Isaac just loved to sleep in and didn’t feel rushed to be on time for school. “Sorry, I’ll be better about it.” Isaac said, which is the exact same thing his said last month.

“Right...Also, I got a call from your father.” Kagome said carefully as Isaac’s face changed from being pleasant to annoyed. “I know you don’t want to talk about this, but we have to.” Kagome said as she motioned Isaac to take a seat. As the boy took his seat in the kitchen, Kagome turned down the heat on the stove and rested against the kitchen counter. “Your father...wants you to go over to Tokyo-3 to spend time with him and your sister for the holidays.”

“What?!” Isaac yelled as he stood up from his chair. “You’re kidding right!? You know what is happening over there don’t you!? All of those...monsters are over there! You’d be crazy to let me go!”

“Isaac, your father told me you would be perfectly safe. Besides, I’m sure for a man in his position he is able to keep you safe from those..things.” Kagome said with a fake smile as she was not ok with Isaac going over there. “ Your uncle and I think it would be best for you to spend time with your family.”

“My family is here and not over there!”

“Isaac, they’re out family too. Besides, there isn’t anything we can do about this. The arrangements have already been made and you need to start packing for the trip.”

“Woah, when do I leave!?”

“...Tonight.” Kagome said as she looked over the pot of soup that she was making trying to suppress the tears that were on the verge of coming out.

“I can’t believe this!! Gah! This sucks!!” Isaac yelled as he stomped off to his room. As Isaac started to head up to his room, he heard his aunt start to cry over their conversation. With his hand on the wooden railing, Isaac started to realize that him leaving wasn’t just hard on him. His aunt and uncle raised him from a little boy and treated him like their own son. Glancing over at a picture on the wall, Isaac saw that it was just a simple drawing he drew when he was really young. It was a crayon drawing of his aunt and uncle with him in the middle of the two. Letting go of the railing, Isaac headed back to the kitchen to see Kagome sitting in a chair with her hands cover her face. Stepping into the kitchen, Kagome lowered her hands and looked at Isaac with some of her makeup smudged. “I’m sorry...” Isaac said as he walked up to his Aunt and gave her a hug which caused Kagome to cry even more.


“Alright, do you have everything?” Izami said as he shut the trunk of the car.

“Yeah I think so.” Isaac said while adjusting his backpack straps. Isaac still wanted to argue about the whole situation, but he knew that in the end he would probably lose so there wasn’t a point to argue over him leaving. Remember it’s only for the holiday. After that I’m back home. Isaac thought to himself as he picked up his duffle bag. “I can’t believe that I have to go to school over there too. What a great vacation...”

“You can thank me later when you see all of the girls in their uniforms...” Izami said with a smile while getting hit in the arm by Kagome.

“Really Izami?” Kagome said as Izami grinned back at her.

Isaac looked at his Aunt and Uncle and smiled over their conversation. Izami walked up to Isaac and rested his hand on his shoulder. “Listen, I know that you aren’t really thrilled with the idea of seeing your dad and sister again, but try to have a good time. You’ll only be there for a few weeks and according to your dad none of those monster, or whatever they are called will be there.” Izami said with an bitter emphasis whenever his spoke about Owen.

“Ok, I’ll try.” Isaac said with a fake smile while giving Izami a hug. Turning back to Kagome (who was on the verge of being an emotional wreck) Isaac gave her a hug for a little big longer than usual. “I love you.” Isaac said as Kagome just squeezed him tighter.

“Ok, you should get going now.” Izami said while prying Kagome off of Isaac.

“We love you!” Kagome said with Izame rubbing her shoulders.

“I love you guys too.” Isaac said while walking away as he was waving his hands.

“Remember who you are and what you stand for. Brush your teeth and don’t get into any trouble! We’ll see you in a month!” Kagome yelled off again as they watched Isaac turn around, wave and enter the airport. Kagome leaned into Izami and stared at door where Isaac went into and let out a deep sigh. Looking up to Izami, Kagome grabbed his arm for comfort as they stood outside the airport for a while before heading back home.


As Isaac got on the airplane one of the first thing he noticed was how empty it was. There were of course the flight attendants and one or two business men probably dreading the idea of flying all the way to Japan. Sitting in his chair, Isaac pulled out the instructions he received from his uncle on getting to Tokyo-3. The first thing Isaac thought was strange was how the flight was actually to Osaka-2 rather than Tokyo-3. He thought for a moment on how that it was weird but he realized that the airport was probably shut down due to the Angel attacks. After arriving to Osaka-2 he was to take a train to Tokyo-3 which was one of the few ways to enter and leave Tokyo-3. Upon his arrival there should be someone to pick him up. No phone number to anyone but the fact that someone will pick him up. Giving that last instruction a weird look, Isaac folded up the piece of paper and put it back in his pocket.

As the pilot and flight attendants went through the normal flight protocol, Isaac looked outside the window and felt like he was never going to see Phoenix ever again. The darkness of the airport was haunting despite the arrangement of lights that guided the planes on and off the runway. Resting back in his seat, Isaac took in a few deep breaths as he felt the gentle movement of the plane to the correct spot to take off on flight. Closing his eyes, Isaac realized how tired he was from the day as the pilot informed them they were ready for take off. Gripping his hands on the arms rest Isaac felt the plane gain speed as it took off into flight away from Isaac’s home.

End of the Epilogue

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Persona: EVA

Act 1 part b: Meeting

April 19, 2014

So, how was your flight?” Kiyoshi said while gently resting her thumbs against the steering wheel as they waited for the light in the intersection to change.

“It was fine. I forgot how long the flight between Japan and America is. It’s been a while since I’ve been back here. This place has really changed.” Isaac said scanning the tall buildings that was made up of the city of Tokyo-3. “So, how do you know my father?” Isaac said cautiously as he felt the car start to move again.

“I work for him.”

“Ah...” Looking around awkwardly, Isaac cleared his throat and looked down at his feet that were on top of the floor mat. “So, what is he like? I haven’t seen him in years.”

Kiyoshi gave the boy a weird look. “Don’t you talk to him?”

“Well, we don’t have the greatest relationship. Our phone calls are basically him asking me a brief set of questions and that’s it. Question like, ‘How is school?’ or ‘Are you behaving yourself?’. I mean, why not ask my how my life is or at least have him tell me a story about what his life is like here. You know?” Isaac said in a mocking tone when he spoke for his father. Looking over at the older woman, Isaac saw Kiyoshi grinning at him. “Did I say something funny?”

“Oh no, it’s just that...you’re nothing like your father. I mean, your father is a good guy and works harder than anyone that I know but he’s anti social and pretty much, like you said, asks brief questions. Not gonna lie kid, I thought this car ride was going to be painful if you were anything socially like your father.” Kiyoshi said with a chuckle. “So to answer your question, I think you know more about your dad than I do.”

“Perfect....ugh I can’t believe I’m going to be here for a whole year.” Isaac groaned.

“Hey, Tokyo-3 is a cool place.”

“Yeah, I’m sure it is. I just...I don’t know. I was enjoying my life in Phoenix. It was simple and I didn’t have to deal with anything too dramatic unless it had to do with school.” Isaac said using hand gestures which made Kiyoshi smile. “Plus, I’m kind of scared to see my dad. The last memory I have of seeing him was after my mom passed away and that was when I was like four or something.”

“Hmmm, well all I can tell you kid is that maybe you can develop a good relationship with him while your here. A year is a long time.” After Kiyoshi finished talking her car stopped in front of a large apartment complex building. The building was incredibly nice and seemed to be bigger than most buildings he has seen in Arizona. “Well, this is your stop.”

Isaac nodded as he got out of the car while gathering all of his luggage. Stopping in front of the driver’s window, Isaac looked at Kiyoshi as she rolled down her window. “Thanks for picking me up. I really appreciate it.”

Kiyoshi smiled at Isaac and rested against her steering wheel. “Not a problem kid. I’m sure we’ll see each other again.” Kiyoshi said as she waved goodbye to Isaac before driving off.

Isaac returned the wave with a smile before picking up his belongings. As Isaac headed into the apartment complex building, Isaac pulled out the letter that he received and saw that his father’s apartment was number 603. Getting into the elevator, Isaac started to feel the effects of the flight across the see as he let out a yawn while listening to the calming elevator music. With his eyes closed, Isaac rested against the elevator wall and got startled awake when the doors opened on the sixth floor. Stepping out of the elevator, Isaac found apartment #603 and stood in front of it for a while. His heart was beating as he slowly rose his finger to the door bell. Isaac took in a deep breath and rung the door bell. Inside the apartment Isaac heard the doorbell go off with a set of footsteps coming closer to the door. As the door opened Isaac braced himself to see his father, but was surprised to see the complete opposite of his father.

Hello? What can I do for you?” A young girl with white hair said wearing a pair of glasses. The girl looked tired and slightly irritated to answer the door.

“Oh, Sorry I must have the wrong pla-”

“Kat, who’s at the door?” An older woman’s voice said as another set of footsteps were heard.

“Some boy. I think he rang our doorbell on accident.” Katla said as she yelled back into the apartment. “What are you selling kid?”

“W-What? I’m not selling anything and I’m not a kid. I’m just looking for my Dad. I was told that he lived in apartment 603.” Isaac said defensively.

“Maybe you have the wrong address or something.” Katla said leaning on the door frame with her hand on the door nob ready to shut it at any moment.

“Sorry, I’m just looking for my dad. His name is Owen Kenny, do you know him by chance. I was told that this was his apartment an-” Isaac said as he saw Katla’s face change instantly to being shocked. Taking a step into her apartment, Katla gave Isaac a glare as she slammed the door right in front of Isaac. Taking a step back, Isaac started to have a swarm of thoughts go through his head. What the hell?! Putting his ear to the door, Isaac heard a silent fight between the two people in the apartment.

“Katla! Why did you slam the door like that?”

“It was just some kid trying to sell some stuff. He was being annoying so I showed him that we aren’t interested.”

“Katla, that still isn’t a good reason to slam the door on them. Also, did you clean up your room? We have a guest coming today.”

“No and I don’t care! Maybe they won’t even show up or something.”

“Kitty, you know how much these means to your father.”

“Ugh!!!” Katla yelled with a quiet slam of a door was heard.

Isaac tried to listen in but heard nothing and felt the door open up. Instantly Isaac felt his heart race as he fell into the apartment as he looked up to an older woman with long white hair. She looked beautiful and had a very strong motherly presence as she gave him a weird look. “I-I’m sorry, I was just leaning on the door an-nd I-I ummm.” Isaac managed to say despite looking like a fool.

The older woman gave the boy a surprised smile that changed to an even bigger smile. “Oh my...you’re Isaac! Oh I’m sorry! If I knew that it was you I would of let you in!” She said while panicking.

Isaac was shocked that she even knew his name. “How do you know my name?” Isaac said while slowly standing up.

“Oh, I should probably introduce my self. My name is Silvia and I’m married to your father. I’m sorry..” The older woman continued to talk as Isaac zoned out and the word ‘married to your father’ kept repeating in his head. He go remarried!?!?! Isaac thought as he felt sick to his stomach. “...that girl can be rough at time, but I promise that Katla is a very nice and well behaved girl.”

“Wait, you are MARRIED to my dad!?” Isaac yelled as the older woman just nodded. “H-How long have you guys been married!?”

“Let’s see...for about 8 years. I thought your father told you. Ha! That might explain how shocking this might be.” Silvia said with a gentle smile.

“You think!?” Isaac yelled while putting a hand on his forehead. This was a huge mistake. “I-I’m just....can’t believe that he got married and he didn’t even tell me...” Isaac muttered under his breath.

The older woman gave Isaac a sad look and put a hand on his shoulder, which shocked Isaac as he looked at her. “I’m really sorry Isaac. I’m not sure why your father didn’t tell you, but I’m sure he had a good reason.” Isaac felt the sincere apology from the older woman as let out a smile and gave her a nod. “I’m glad you came though. I hope that we can develop a good relationship.” She said as she pointed at the couch in the living room. “Take a seat and relax Isaac. I’m just about done with dinner. Katla!” Silvia yelled calmly. “Will you come out here please?”

Taking a seat on the couch, Isaac heard a sliding door open as a set of feet trudged into the living room. “Uhh, what?” Katla said giving Isaac a glare.

“I believe you owe Isaac an apology...” Silvia said with her arms folded.

“...I’m sorry for not letting this stranger into our home.” Katla said sarcastically while pushing the bridge of her glasses up her nose.

“Katla, there is no need to act like a child. Plus, Isaac is your father’s son so that makes him family.” Silvia said as she was heading back into the kitchen. “Take a seat on the couch and get to know Isaac.”

“B-But Mo-”

“I don’t want to hear it Kitty.” Silvia said as she returned back in the kitchen.

As soon as Katla sat down on the couch Isaac fidgeted a little bit as he cleared his throat. “So, umm Katla what do you like to do?” Isaac said as Katla’s eyes showed nothing but pure annoyance.

“Listen, I don’t care what you do or what you like. Just keep quiet you annoying boy.” Katla said as she folded her arms and closed her eyes.

“Jeez, what the hell is your deal? I haven’t even done anything to you and you’re treating me like garbage...”

“What part of quiet don’t you understand?!” Katla yelled at Isaac who just rolled his eyes. After a few minutes a silence, Isaac heard the front door open as Katla looked up and had a smile that replicated the same smile on a kids face on Christmas morning. “Papa!” She yelled as she jumped out of her chair heading over to the front door.

Isaac sunk into the couch wishing that he was back in Phoenix. What was there to say to his dad? Gradually standing up, Isaac saw his father talking to Katla while holding a cane in one hand. He has a cane? What the... Isaac thought as he looked at the cane being curious as to what happened to his father. Isaac immediately noticed the change in attitude Katla has now that his father was home. I shouldn’t of come...this was a huge mistake. I don’t belong here. Isaac thought as he felt trapped in the nice apartment. He didn’t notice it before, but there was family photo’s of Owen, Silvia and Katla together everywhere in the living room. As Isaac felt the need to run away from this situation he didn’t feel the presence of his father coming closer.

“Isaac.” Owen said in a calm voice as he stood a few feet away with Katla at his side.

Thoughts started to form in Isaac’s head and most of them were created by the boy’s rage, confusion and a small amount his own happiness to see his dad. Isaac wanted to yell at his dad for not telling him about being married, why he had a cane, and how come he didn’t tell Isaac about his life. “Dad...” Isaac said with a hint of venom as Owen took a few steps closer to him. As Owen approached his son, he wrapped his arms around Isaac giving him a hug. This surprised Isaac as he never imagined that this could happen.

“It’s good to see you son.” Owen said as he pulled away from son, patting him on the shoulder.

Isaac stood there stunned as he heard Silvia tell everyone that dinner was ready. From the corner of his eye Isaac saw Katla give him a dirty look as she went into the small dining room along with Owen. Having grown up in America his whole life Isaac knew very little about his father. Every once in a while they would communicate over the phone, but none of their conversations were intimate as some might think. Like Isaac said to Kiyoshi, their conversations were brief and were more or less Owen asking Isaac yes or no questions. It never really bugged him too much when he was young, but over the last couple of years it was growing more and more annoying from Isaac’s perspective.

“Hey idiot, are you coming?” Katla said with a snarky tone as she stood by the door frame.

“Oh, yeah sorry.” Isaac said ignoring Katla as he joined the others for dinner.


Sitting in the dining room was a weird experience for Isaac. He was siting a few feet away from his own father which was the most unreal thing he could ever imagine. Silvia was talking Owen’s ears off as he just nodded or shaking his head to each question she asked. Katla on the other hand was eating her food while glaring at Isaac. He didn’t exactly understand what Katla’s problem was, but maybe it might be best to leave her alone.

“Isaac, is your dinner not good?” Owen said with his eyes closed as he put more rice in his mouth.

Isaac looked down at he clean plate and saw that has yet to put any food on his plate. Silvia had made a simple dish of yellow curry that had a very sweet smell to it. “Oh sorry, I was just...uhh thinking about stuff. It looks great!” Isaac said in a hurry as he started to pile some food on his plate. After putting more than enough food on his plate, Isaac took one bite and within a second was in heaven. His aunt Kagome was a great cook, but this...this was a masterpiece. “This is really good.” Isaac said to Silvia as she smiled back at him making a ‘stop it’ gesture.

“That’s why I married her.” Owen said with a small smile.

Isaac stopped eating for a moment as he put his set of chopsticks down. “Dad, how come you didn’t tell me you get remarried?” Isaac said as he watched Owen take one last bite before he answered his son.

“I thought I told you?” Owen said frankly as Isaac almost fell face first into his plate.

“Really? Dad, I had no idea about...any of this! I don’t even know who you are and what you do for a living.” Isaac said as he started to raise his voice.

Owen looked at Isaac for a few moments before clearing his throat. “After your mother died I had you move in with your aunt and uncle to give you stability with a family as you grew up. Due to my occupation with NERV, I moved around a lot and found it would be in your best interest to live with them. I would live one place for about a couple of months before moving to my next assignment. During my visit at the North Pole branch, I met Silvia and her daughter Katla. Silvia and I got married and travelled the world with Katla for a few years. Later I received a promotion that allowed me to stay here in Japan so we decided to move here and raise Katla.”

“And it never occurred to you that I might of wanted to be a part of this family?!” Isaac said as Owen’s stare didn’t wave despite the boy’s annoyance.

“That’s why your here now.” Owen said as Isaac gave him a strange look. “Your aunt and uncle talked to me about this and we decided that you should have the opportunity to decide if you wanted to be a part of our life or not. You’ll be here for a year and then you can decide whether you want to live here or in Arizona with your aunt or uncle.”

“W-WHAT!?! A whole year!?!?” Katla said as she stood up. “ I thought he was going to be here for a little while, not a WHOLE YEAR!!”

“I thought I told you about that...” Owen said as Katla nearly fell over.

“I can’t believe this...how could this get any worse...” Katla said as Silvia just smiled before realizing something.

“Oh, I nearly forgot. Isaac you’ll be sharing the same room with Katla for a while until we figure something out.” Owen said as started to drink his water.

“WHAT?!?! NO WAY!!” Both Isaac and Katla said in unison as they stood up. “I’m not staying in the same room as that idiot!” Katla said as Isaac glared at the girl.

“Idiot!? Why do you keep calling me that, you don’t even know me!!”

“That's exactly the reason to why we shouldn't be sharing a room!! Why I didn’t you tell me about this?!” Katla said to both Silvia and Owen.

Both Owen and Silvia looked at each other and said, “I thought your mother/father told you...” Both Isaac and Katla hung their head over in defeat.

“I can’t believe this is happening...” Katla said as she tugged her white hair in annoyance.


Standing outside of Katla’s, Isaac could hear the girl shuffling things around in her room while complaining about the situation that she was dragged into. Isaac tried to protest at the dinner table about how he would be comfortable with sleeping on the couch, but Silvia said that wouldn’t be necessary as Katla would be more than willing to allow him to share a bedroom till they figure out the living arrangement. This of course didn’t go well with Katla.

“...I can’t believe this. This is so dumb! ARGGH!” Katla yelled as Isaac cringed from what sound like a book shelf falling over and hitting the wall.

Isaac sighed and put his back against the wall as he saw his father walk up to him slowly holding a cane in one and and a futon under one of his arms. “Here is a futon to use till we figure something out.”

Isaac grabbed it from his father and put it up against the wall. “Oh, Thanks.” Isaac said as he looked at his dad for a while. Owen looked at his son for a moment and just smiled before turning around.

“Have a good night.” Owen said as he slowly made his way to the master bedroom.

“Yeah, you too.” Isaac let out as he saw Katla leaning against the door frame, glaring at him.

“Come on you twit. Let's get this over with.”Katla said while wearing a set of modest pajamas as she gestured Isaac to come into the room.

“Jeez, are you going to be like this the whole time I’m here?” Isaac whispered as he moved his duffle bag into the room while dragging the futon against the ground.

“What was that?!” Katla said as she looked like she was verge of giving Isaac a good beating.

“Nothing.” Isaac said as he rolled his eyes.

Looking around the room, Isaac was surprised on how clean it was. It was a fairly good sized room which was comfortable enough to have Isaac a part of the room as well. The walls of the room were bare minus the family picture of Silvia, Owen and her together. On one of the dressers was an old jewelry box that has seen better days. Katla’s room also had a small TV on another dressing and an open laptop on her desk. “Are you done looking around yet?” Katla said with a irritating sound.

“Sorry, I was just trying to figure out where to put my bag.” Isaac said as he put his hand on the closet door. “Is it ok if I put it in the clo-”

“NO WAIT!” Katla yelled as Isaac opened the closet door to get hit by a wave of clothes. Isaac panicked as he drug his body from the pile of clothing gasping for air with a bra wrapped around his head. “Get that off your head you pervert!!” Katla yelled as she jumped towards Isaac and bashed his head into the ground while snatching the bra off his head.

“What the hell was that for!!?!” Isaac barked as he rubbed his head.

“For touching my..my..things!! You have no right! I don’t know what they teach kids in America, but here in Japan we don’t TOUCH other people's...uh..things!!” Katla yelled while pushing the pile back into her closet.

“Sorry, we were taught to put our clothes away so stuff like that never happens!” Isaac yelled while rolling out his futon.

“Well maybe if you didn’t come here we wouldn’t be having this situation!”

“If I knew that I would be living with someone like you I would of reconsidered staying in Arizona!”

Shutting the closet door, Katla walked straight to her bed and went under the covers. “Whatever. Just shut up and go to bed...I can’t believe this...” Katla said while pulling the covers above her head.

Changing his clothes quickly, Isaac did his nightly routine before sliding into his futon to go to sleep. Looking at the ceiling above him, Isaac could hear Katla’s soft and delicate breathing which was the complete opposite of who she was. Looking at his phone before falling asleep, Isaac looked at the time and was caught by surprise at how it was already eleven o’clock at night. Resting his head on the pillow, Isaac started to feel the effects from all the traveling he went through today. With a few blinks of the eyes, Isaac instantly fell asleep on his side.







Katla’s computer screen turned on and looked like the “blue screen of death” and then suddenly a series of text started to cover the screen. It started to filling the screen slowly and then got progressively faster after each second. The text after a while started to change and looked like a series of small pixels that made up a picture that looked like face with a crocked smile. The text started to repeat “NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW.” until the text reached the bottom of the screen, paused and ended the bottom of the screen with “/run.”

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"Alpha and Omega"

Part I

The coffee's steam had just begun to fade away as the room chilled. Nearby a clock ticked the seconds away, you could hear the inner workings of the cogs loud and clear.

Katla looked over at Valda, then slowly down to her hands, they were shaking. In the background Akio lit a cigarette and crouched down in the darkened corner til he was almost completely hidden in the shadows. The cherry glowed into vision with a deep exhale following.

Kat looked down at her cup of coffee, took a small sip of the now tepid, bitter drink and reached her hand out to Valda's, resting it atop hers. The young woman looked up at Katla, her eyes wide with fear, only the smallest of whimpers escaping her chapped lips.

The room was dark and cold, cracks littered the walls along with various political propaganda posters and evacuation warnings. In the center of the room lay the table where Valda, Qi, and Katla sat, drinking their makeshift coffee. The never-ending winter had frozen them down to their cores, but sweat still trickled down their foreheads.

Raglan and Issac were seen in the hallway through the glass pane on the door, they were arguing again. Bits and pieces of their argument could be heard coming from under the door. They were always fighting now. Shiori and Tokei slept against one another; at this point all of their bodies were giving out, they were becoming sleep deprived for so long that their body's gave them no choice--They began to collapse the second they sat down.

Shirou never spoke anymore, the poor young man only clutched to his sides, rocking back and forth in another corner of the room. Every few minutes in Shirou's chopped, incoherent speaking he would raise his voice out of fear and slowly quiet down again.

"I don't want to die....please!.. PLEASE!...I DON'T WANT TO DIE!...Please help me....please...Mommy...I'm not ready yet!... Someone..." and he would weep for a few more minutes, before his fearful speech would restart. At this point, no one heard it--In the beginning it frightened everyone, and all of the pilots would run to his side to calm him down. Now... Now everyone was trapped in their own minds with fear and worry. His cries sounded far away.

Tokei's body shook awake when Shirou raised his voice, startling her into consciousness. Katla met her eyes, trying her hardest to smile--As if to say "You can rest, no news yet". Tokei understood and rested back against Shiori. It wasn't time yet, but there was nothing else to do..

In a few hours...

All of them were going to die.

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Persona: EVA

Act 1 part c: Meeting

April 20, 2014

Katla waltzed into her room and let out a brief yawn as she looked around with disgust. This place used to be her domain. Her kingdom! Now it was inhabited by some stupid foreign kid who was trying to replace her. As she tucked in her school uniform, she looked down at the futon with Isaac still sleeping away. She knew that he was tired from the long flight across the pacific, which is why she was delighted at the thought of being able to wake him up.

“Hey idiot, it’s time to wake up.” Katla said with disdain while nudging the boy’s head slightly. All Isaac did was grab his pillow, swiped Katla’s foot away and put the pillow above his head to block the sound. Katla started to get irritated by the boy and cleared her throat. “Listen, it’s time to get up we have to go to school.” Katla said with a stomp which made Isaac jolt from under the pillow.

“Ugh, just go away. I’m in a completely different time zone and I need more sleep. Go bug someone else.” Isaac slurred as he curled the blankets around him.

Katla’s good mood just left the room as she walked over to the side of Isaac’s futon with a mission on getting the boy up. Reaching down towards the blankets, Katla snatched a hand full of the boy’s blanket and pulled it away from him. “Get u…” Katla stopped as her eyes widened from what she saw. Not only did Isaac have a…*ahem* morning issue, he was wearing nothing but his briefs. Isaac woke up and grabbed his pillow trying to cover himself. “Why aren’t you wearing any clothes!!??! In MY room!!!” Katla yelled as she threw the blankets back on the boy who tried to wrap the blankets around him.


“Do you think it was a good idea having Isaac stay in Katla’s room?” Silvia said as she prepared the two lunches.

“Oh I’m sure they’re just fine. It will be good for Katla.” Owen said while reading through the newspaper.


“I’m going to kill you!!” Katla yelled as she grabbed her messenger bag and swung towards Isaac. Isaac jumped out of the way while tripping over the blankets covering him.

“I’m up! You can leave now!!” Isaac said standing with the blanket wrapped around him like a toga.

“You still didn’t answer my question! Why weren't you wearing any clothes!!” Katla said with her bag slowly swinging like a pendulum waiting for Isaac’s answer.

“I-I got too hot last night and I sleep better with out any clothes.”

“That still doesn’t excuse your….your…issue!!” Katla yelled pointing at Isaac’s crotch. Before Isaac could answer, Katla came to her own conclusion of Isaac not wearing clothes and his…you know… and gripped her messenger strap as if it was Isaac’s neck. “Y-You pervert!!! I can’t believe you would do that in my room!!”

Isaac had a blank stare as he tried to think what she was implying. “What?…” Then it hit him. “OH! No, I-“ Then suddenly Isaac was clobbered by Katla’s heavy bag.

“I can’t believe you would be so low!!” Katla yelled at Isaac as she ran out of her room.

Isaac knowing what Katla was now thinking, looked over at his bag and saw a school uniform freshly ironed by Silvia. Isaac bolted out of the room wearing a simple white shirt, a pair of black slacks and simple hooded jacket. As he made his way towards the kitchen to see if he could catch Katla before she left, he heard the front door slam shut. Stepping into the kitchen Isaac ignored Silvia and Owen’s stare wanting an explanation on what just happened. “Sorry, I got to go to school! I don’t want to be late!” Isaac said as he headed towards the door.

Owen put down the paper and folded it. “Isaac yo-“

“S-sorry! I have to go!” Isaac said as he sprinted towards the door with the idea on trying to catch up to Katla.

“Isa-“ The door slammed shut.”-ac, you forgot your lunch.” Owen said as he let out a sigh of relief. “Maybe having them stay in the same room might be a bad idea.” Owen said to Silvia who looked at her husband with her arms folded.

“Perhaps, but what are we to do? We don’t have any more rooms to have Isaac sleep in…” Silvia said while blowing a strand of hair our of her face.

Owen rubbed his chin and then had a small smile on his face. “I have an idea.” As Owen reached for his phone he dialed a phone number and cleared his throat before speaking. “Hey, I need another favor from you…”


Isaac trailed behind Katla as he saw her turn a corner well a head of him. By the time Isaac reached the corner on the street where he last saw Katla, Isaac looked and didn’t see the girl anywhere in front of him. While standing on the corner it then occurred to Isaac that he forgot to grab his phone and his wallet at his Dad’s apartment. Not only did he forget that, he turned around and realized that he had no idea on how to get back to the apartment. “Great…now I’m lost in one of the biggest cities in the world with no money and no phone.” Isaac said with a sigh as he leaned against the wall with his eyes closed while he slowly slid to the ground.

After a while, Isaac heard a couple of foot steps that stopped right in front of him. Opening his eyes he saw a girl with short brown hair nearly one inch away from his face. “Woah! Woah!! AHHH!!!” The girl jolted backwards as Isaac backed up as close as possible to the wall. The girl lied on the ground with her hand on her chest as she looked at Isaac.

“Oh jeez! I’m so sorry!! I was just uh…sitting there and you just ummm…” Isaac cleared his throat as he offered his hand to the girl. “I’m really sorry.”

The girl pushed her school skirt down to obscure Isaac’s view and accepted his hand as she stood up. “Sorry, you just startled me. I just thought you were dead.” The girl said with obvious relief.

Isaac blinked from the strange response. “Dead? Why would you think I was dead?”

The girl gave the boy a strange look as her eyes widened a little bit from Isaac’s ignorance. “There have been a lot of deaths as of late for some reason. People lying in the streets much like…you and they were just dead. The strange thing is that the cause of death is still unknown.” The girl said with her arms folded underneath her bosom. Isaac looked at the girl and noticed that she was wearing the same school uniform as Katla. He began to wonder if this girl knew Katla. “Well, I’m glad that you’re not dead.” She said with a laugh as she thought that was a weird thing to say. The girl cleared her throat and started to walk away. “Anyway, I have to go to school I’m already lat-“

“Do you know a girl named Katla?” Isaac blurted out as it caught the girl off guard.

The girl paused for a moment and raised her shoulders in confusion. “Sorry, I wouldn’t know. Today is actually my first day of school. I just moved here.”

“Really? I just moved here too.”

The girl let out a smile. “Well, what a coincidence. Where are you from?”

“America, uh more specifically Arizona.” Isaac said happy to see someone else was new to this area. “What about you? How long have you been here in Tokyo?”

“I’m from Germany. I’ve been living here for about two weeks or so. I moved here because my Dad got a new job here.”

Isaac smiled and was pleasant to actually be lost since meeting this girl. Isaac soon realized that there was a moment of him just staring at her and he snapped out of it by clearing his throat. “Sorry, I’m just really tired. I should probably introduce myself. My name is Isaac Kenny.” Isaac said as he reached his arm out to shake her hand.

“I’m Valda Krieg. It’s nice to meet you.” Valda smiled as she shook Isaac’s hand. “Well, I’m pretty much late to school now.” Valda said while tapping her watch.

“Wait, I know that I’m suppose to go to SOME school here, mind if I tag along?” Isaac said cautiously.

Valda scanned the boy from his head to his toes and put her hand on her chin. “That should be fine, but don’t get any weird ideas. My mother used to be in the military and has trained me to take down men three times my weight.” Valda said while flexing her right arm.

Isaac chuckled and nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ll be a perfect gentleman.”

As the two made their way to school, Isaac got to know Valda even more and learned more about the dynamics of her family. Valda came from a military based family with her younger sister where they were raised with the same strictness of those in the local military. This was mostly because of her mother, but her father was like wise just as strict. In fact, her father just recently left the military in Germany to move here to Japan for a new job. She couldn’t remember what the name of the company was, but said that it was something important.

“…and that pretty much sums up my life in the last couple of years.”

“I STILL think you’re yanking my chain about being left alone for a week in the forests with nothing but the clothes on your back when you were twelve.”

Valda laughed and grinned at the remark. “It’s the truth. I constructed my own spear and killed a wild boar with ease. They taste better than they look.”

Isaac rolled his eyes as they approached the school that seemed fairly large with no students the court yard as class started about fifteen minutes ago. “I hope this is the school I’m suppose to go to.” Isaac put his hand to his mouth and let out a yawn.” Jeez, I just want to go back to bed.” As they approached the building, they heard a car engine getting louder and louder as it seemed to approach them. Turning around, Isaac saw a jet black car heading in their direction. Without thinking, Valda pushed Isaac along with her self as a black car blazed past them.

Hitting the ground with a thud, Isaac let out a gasp of air as Valda landed on top of him. “What kind of idiot drives like that in a school area?!” Valda exclaimed with her fist raised in the air towards the car.

“V-Valda…can’t…breath…”Isaac managed to let out with Valda laying on top of his chest.

“Ah! Sorry!” Valda stood up blushing from the scene while helping Isaac up as well.

The black car skidded to a stop in between two cars with what looked like a miracle parking job. The car door opened as a man with a shoulder length hair wearing a dark brown suit with a plain white button up shirt and a loose tie made his way over to the school building. His stride was casual and he had a care free grin on his face as he waved as the two children. “Sorry about that kiddies. That’s what happens when you’re late to class.” The man said as he made his way inside the school building.

“SIE FAST GETÖTET US DU DUMMKOPF!! WO ZUR HÖLLE HAST DU GELERNT ZU FAHREN!!” Valda yelled in german which caused Isaac to feel uneasy about making Valda upset at all. “I can’t believe that idiot is just going to walk away without checking if we’re ok!!” Valda said as she stormed off towards the man.

“Hey wait up!” Isaac said trailing after her. The two of them made their way inside the school building chasing after the older man. “Shouldn’t we-“

“NO! That jackass is going to get a piece of my mind. No one walks away from a Krieg when something like that happens!” The two of them trailed after the man and saw him enter into a class room.

“Hey, maybe we should just calm down before yo-“ Isaac stopped talking as Valda slowly turned around with a glare that made every bone in his body shake. “Eh…hehe go get him!” Isaac managed to raise his fist in agreement to her anger. As Valda grabbed the door handle to the classroom Isaac could of sworn that he saw the handle melt in her hand. When Valda opened the door, she took a step inside and saw the man sitting in his chair casually laid back. Valda wanted to yell at the man but as soon as she saw all the students staring at her, she just froze and seemed to shake nervously.

”You’re late.” The man said as he looked at the roll. “Name?”

“Ah, ehh V-Valda Krieg” She managed to let out. Despite all of her confidence in one on one situations, there was one thing Valda feared and that was the possibility of looking like a fool and standing in front of a bunch of people.

“Let’s see here…ah there you are. Try not to be late next time.” He said while looking at the other seats in the class room. “There is an open desk in the back.” Isaac pondered whether he should say something or to just go to a main school office, but before he could do anything, the teacher saw Isaac and grinned. “Are you a part of my class to? Name?”

Isaac took a step into the classroom and cleared his throat. “Umm, you see I don’t even know if I’m at the right school. I-“ Isaac looked over and saw Katla in the corner of the room without her glasses on and smiling to her group of friends. “Katla?!” Isaac said out loud which caused Katla to get tense as she noticed Isaac standing in the front of the room.

“Isaac?” Katla yelled out as everyone in the class room perked up.

The instructor grinned and sat up in his chair. “Well, well…this just got a little interesting. Isaac huh?….Let’s see…Oh! You are a part of this class too.”

Both Isaac and Katla looked at the instructor. “What?!?!”

“Isaac Kenny…Katla Kenny…are you two brother and sister?” He said with his mischievous smile.

“WHAT?!? NO!!” Isaac and Katla both yelled in unison.

“Well…since you two share the same last name are you…dare I say…MARRIED?!?” He said with a chuckle as both Isaac and Katla both fell over with the class gushing with gossip.

“I would NEVER get married to a pervert like him!!” Katla said blushing a bit from the accusations. The boys in the room were laughing and the girls started to gossip with one another.

“Like you’re such a prized commodity!” Isaac should back as the teacher stood up and put his shoulder.

“Alright, go sit in the back with your other girlfriend.” Valda wanted to stand up and say something but saw everyone else in the class turn to direction and just fell back into her chair. Isaac made his way to his seat and saw down slowly while looking at Valda.

“Sorry…” Isaac said quietly to Valda who just looked over at him and just smiled as to let him know it was ok.

“Alright everyone, sorry I was late to the first day but let me introduce myself. My name is Vander Goethe and it’s a pleasure to meet you all.” Vander said with his trademark grin as most of the girls in the classroom started to gush over him. Katla looked back at Isaac and stuck her tongue out at him. Isaac rolled his eyes and laid his head on his desk as if it was a pillow and let out a deep sigh feeling like it was going to be long year.

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No BGM this time, and the ending is kind of abrupt, so don't be expecting too much guys. If anything this is just a fancier character analysis than normal. XD


It was blue. That was the only thought Qi had as he stared out at the endless sky. As far as he could see in every direction, blue. Just like her left eye. He could remain there, unmoving like a statue, steeped in the smell of blood for eternity, so long as he could look out at that sky. His crimson eyes drank in the horizon all around him, until they came to rest on it.

The blight that spoiled his unending view, a dark blot that obstructed him. Mark.06 hovered before him, waiting. Unit-07 raised its head, its black face staring unnervingly at the Evangelion opposite, its white wings spread wide like welcoming arms as its hands gripped twin knives dripping with blood.

"So, I see you've been busy." The voice echoed from Mark.06. It was familiar, but different. Deeper than he remembered, more sure than the weak child he had confronted on moonlit nights.

"Just dealing with some of my children. Word of advice, never agree to be cloned for an army, it's much more work than it sounds." Qi answered, a smile on his lips.

"Not all of us are that stupid. Some of us value our talents, and don't just give them away." the reply was curt, precise, Raglan's voice measured to avoid snapping at the other.

"There's a difference between valuing, and coveting. Then again, if you have nothing else..." Qi trailed off.

"Shut up!" There was a bite this time. "What did you bring me here to say?" Raglan growled, his patience clearly wearing thin. Qi gulped in the LCL.

"We've been at this ten years, and I'm tired of sharing." he spoke quietly, his words heavy, as if they might sink in the liquid he breathed. 2I won't let you have her, I won't let you have any of them."

"So you've come to finish this at last? Here I thought they reigned you in after what happened over Moscow." he was laughing now.

"This is no laughing matter. I could have tracked you on foot, killed you in your sleep, but you deserve to at least have a chance." Qi's voice hardened. Mark.06 leveled its spear at him.

"Are you kidding me?! What, do you think we're still kids, is that it? You may have been some scary bastard when we first met, but I've long since surpassed you!" The Eva began to glow with energy, wisps of darkness rising from its armour as it accessed the Dirac Sea.

"Still so naive. Do you know what the difference between us is Raglan?" Qi was the first to use a name, to put a human face to a battle of monsters.

"Oh please, let the repressed psychopath enlighten me." he answered sarcastically.

"When we met, I was driven to become more human, and through that, I learned a great many things. You however, who had begun human, and tried to become greater than the creatures that surrounded you. It was in that time that I learned about imagery, and the ways people perceive and are perceived through that."

"Is this your new strategy, bore me to death?" Raglan sighed.

"No, it's to make you understand how irreconcilable you and I are, before one of us has to die. It's simple really. Think of how you view yourself. Desperate to prove your superiority, you seem to associate yourself with the moon. I imagine not only because you lived there, but that it embodied traits you seemed to be quite fond of, mystery, aloofness, looking down on the world from a position of safety and authority. It does however, have other traits that I think suit you well. It's also dark, and cold. It has no light of its own, only reflecting what it steals from the sun. It's affiliated with silver, which is certainly pleasant, but it's not gold, is it? That's where you began to be conflicted. The distant moon, so far beyond humanity, didn't realise it wasn't the favoured sun."

"SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY!!!" Raglan roared, his Eva pulsing with fury. "If you're so damn smart, what about you? You're just somebody's puppet with the strings cut. You're not any different than when you started. All you do is kill for your new masters now!"

"You're correct. In my case, I do believe Valda got it right, if by accident." Qi smiled to himself. "She called me a snake, unaware that in my homeland, snakes are dragons who have not yet matured. That they are symbols of rebirth, and that is what I am. Both its positive and its negative. I'm the slimy snake who bewitches and deceives, but I can shed my skin, be reborn as a dragon, and that's exactly what I did when I cut my strings the first time. I may still kill people, but now I do it of my own will."

"Is that right, so where do you get off judging me? It seems that if anyone here should die, it should be you. At least I'm not liable to kill everyone around me on a whim." Raglan snarled.

"No, what you do is so much worse." Qi stated, not a hint of irony or insult in his words.

"W, what?" Raglan stuttered, taken aback.

"There's a turn of phrase in Japanese that translates quite cleanly into English. There, they talk about a person's colour, their essence that dyes everything they do, everything they own. Do you get what that means?" he asked quizzically.

"Yeah, I get the idea, it's like their style, their way of doing things." came the answer flatly.

"Yes, but in our case, the colours we represent are unfortunately not compatible. Like I said, you're dark, and unhappy with your lot. Your colour is black. You cannot accept others for who they are, their more vibrant colours. So you absorb them into yourself, staining and corrupting them until everything is your colour, your way. I however, am the opposite. Just by looking at my Eva, you should be able to tell, right?"

"Yeah yeah, I get it, your white right? Your all clean, and clear, and pretty, you're the good guy here to wipe my stain from the planet, right you condescending bastard?" Raglan muttered, his grip tightening on the controls.

"No, you've made a mistake." Qi answered swiftly.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Raglan raised an eyebrow.

"I am white, but I never said anything about being the good guy." Qi grinned, his teeth glistening in the darkness of the Entry Plug. "I am white. I have no colour of my own, others dye me in theirs. My father dyed me red, he soaked me in it until I could see nothing else. My siblings could give me no colour, they were white also. It was only when I met you people, the other chosen children, that I began to wash away the red, and collect other colours. So please, do not misunderstand. I don't plan to kill you because I'm a good person, quite the contrary. Because I now have a will of my own, I have decided that I cannot accept your colour. You will only end up dying my world and the colours I collected to your own, and quite selfishly, I refuse to share these colours with you." Unit-07 raised a knife threateningly at its opposite. "So I must ask you to accept my apologies for this, I've simply decided, to cut you out." With a flick of the wrist, both knives flashed crimson across the Eva, its white wings beating a thunderous cacophony as it charged forward. Opposite it, the dark Eva, once entombed on the Lunar surface, vanished, absorbed into the tranquil sea it called home before emerging once again above its enemy. Thrusting their blades at one another, like silver lightning striking from a clear blue sky, a rain of red erupted.[/code]

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"Eva(Geeks) is a story that repeats."
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Great reads guys! ^_^
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Director Glebe Nielson and cast talk EVANGELION; crafting a rich action block-buster, stunning visuals, production difficulties, potential sequels and more
By Acheron Elba | DEMETER ONLINE, Posted 05/03/2014

Evangelion: We Are (Not) Together [WANT] is a million dollar high concept sci-fi action block-buster production scheduled for release early next year. It pits teenagers piloting giant fighting cyborgs against mysterious monsters codenamed Angels. During the project’s post-production, Demeter Online took the opportunity to talk to the director and some of the cast on a studio lot late one clear and cool February afternoon in LA. Demeter’s own Acheron Elba (Æ) was joined by the up-and-coming Glebe Nielson (director), Keran Grey-Macklemore [Raglan Wyngarde], Sir Ewerd Clarke [Moravec Carter], Daniel Frank [Isaac Kenny], starlet Carlyse Smythe [Valda Krieg] and debutante Shiori Takatsuki (playing herself).

During the interview Nielson and cast talk about what makes Evangelion resonate with its viewers, how the film is structured, dealing with special effects, the biggest challenges of the shoot and the possible future legacy of the franchise.

Æ: After all these years what is it that makes Evangelion still resonate?
Nielson: Textually; robots, giant monsters, explosions and titties. Sub-textually; the human condition, the so called “Hedgehog’s Dilemma” and the will to live or not to live. That is Complementation. Characterisation is important too, I guess.

Æ: Glebe, so much of the charm of your debut, Agony of Judah (2008), was the excess use of black/white vignettes with muted dialogue and subtitles. Action scenes were also implied rather than shown. Whereas here on WANT, from what we’ve seen from trailers you’ve completely foregone this apparent art-house approach. What’s the ideal behind the transition and how this story is conveyed compared to your earlier works?
Nielson: To be honest I wanted to film explicitly in sepia but the studio denied me from the outset. I also was researching into an original motion picture soundtrack that featured solely Indian sitar but I was shot down there as well. I was this close [Glebe gestures with thumb and forefinger] to walking from the project, but then I read Tiffany Elle’s (writer) revised draft of the script. I was totally sold. The studio manage to convince me of the rest and the rest is gravy.
[Sir Ewerd stirs]
Sir Ewerd (Moravec Carter): Gravy?
Nielson: Ah, however that expression goes…
[Sir Ewerd nods, satisfied]
Nielson: As for how this story is going to be told - Million dollar special effects and the greatest production values can make decent cinema too. If the producers had their way though this would just be another instalment in the Transformers series.
Æ: How do you mean?
Nielson: Well, every morning I came on set there was a fresh memo saying “MOAR ‘SPLOSIONs” [sic]. But you know what they say; give ‘em an inch and they go to London-town.
[Sir Ewerd stirs again]
Nielons: Rome. I meant Rome.

Æ: I’ll take that as a comment. Actually, having mentioned London - How is she (London Berelend) [Tokei Akai]?
Nielson: Which one is London again?
Frank [Isaac Kenny]: He means Tokei.
Nielson: Oh. Well she looks like she’s doing better now. That last rehab stint really screwed with filming for the act two final disaster set piece though. We actually just threw a wig on Daniel (Daniel Frank) [Isaac Kenny] and slipped him into London’s costume for the frames needed. Final product is seamless. You can hardly tell it’s just tissues shoved down the front of the plugsuit in the chest. Actually gave me an idea for another project I now have in mind for Daniel.
[Daniel glows at the mentions of his name]
Nielson: But of course with London’s little incident with the car and paparazzi last week I’m just thankful that happened after principal filming already finished.
Æ: I find your genuine concern for your cast truly touching.
Nielson: “Man was but built from clay.”

Æ: Daniel, you must be pretty excited I’m sure. This is something of a breakout role for you, your last 10 pictures having been romantic comedies. What does WANT demand of your acting chops aside from sappy monologues and dry gags?
Frank [Isaac Kenny]: Well, when you put it that way, not a whole lot.
[Daniel scratches his head and looks perplexed for a bit]
Frank [Isaac Kenny]: I do get to yell a lot, and I get hit from Carlyse (Carlyse Smythe) [Valda Krieg] a lot too. Also probably more nude scenes for some reason – Glebe can talk me out of anything I’m wearing, I guess.
[Having been holding it in for some time, Keran breaks out in laughter and high fives Sir Ewerd. Daniel looks at them innocently and Carlyse also laughs lightly]
Frank [Isaac Kenny]: Actually I’m surprised I kept it on at all for the beach scene. As soon as I saw my wardrobe for that section, the swimmers, I thought for sure there’d be more last minute script revision with me winding up losing my trunks or something.
Æ: Absolutely fascinating. Anything else you can share with us about your experience with the shoot?
Frank [Isaac Kenny]: Michael Pentecost [Owen Kenny] is an absolute pleasure to work with. After our first couple takes together on the first day he took me ‘round back and laid it down. Something about “stepping it up” amongst the big boys now and how I should show a “modicum of substance” in front of the cameras. I think the whole thing was an analogy. I’m still trying to work it out.
Sir Ewerd [Moravec Carter]: I think Michael’s knows his stuff, son.
Æ: I think he does too.
[Daniel Frank smiles and concurs]

Æ: Also aside from issues with London Berelend I heard there were also trouble keeping a hold on actor Victor Rustin [Akio Inoue].
[Nielson starts recoiling in horror, closing his eyes and inserting his clenched fist into his mouth, biting onto it]
Æ: Okay…
Grey-Macklemore [Raglan Wyngarde]: What Glebe means to say is yeah; Victor has been a complete arse, mate [Keran’s strong Australian accent contrasts greatly with the other cast gathered]. Complete arsehole. One day we’re half done filming a scene between him and myself and we were supposed to wrap it up the following day. Only issue was coming onto set the next morning, we found out Victor had eloped with Glebe’s wife to some island in the Indian Ocean and we couldn’t get in contact at all.
[Nielson’s eyes still closed, tears start welling in his eyes]
Æ: Jeez, what an arsehole.
Grey-Macklemore [Raglan Wyngarde]: Complete arsehole. There was one scene where our two characters are having kind of a D&M, Victor’s character venting some steam and I’m trying to calm him a little. But that’s not even Victor! It’s CGI!
[Nielson is openly wailing now]
Grey-Macklemore [Raglan Wyngarde]: Even when he was on set, he never came out of his trailer. We had to CGI him into half his own scenes in the movie! And even when he did come out, all he did was chat up the female staff and eat food from the craft service.
Æ: But still, how awesome is that guy, right?
Grey-Macklemore [Raglan Wyngarde]: So awesome! I can’t think of anyone else more good looking. Best looking, best acting motherfucker. Couldn’t even imagine all the kinds of crazy pussy he gets.
Æ: Well, I think we can ascertain one in particular.
[Nielson moans in anguish]

Æ: Speaking of CGI, what can we expect of the special effects in WANT?
[Nielson is still snivelling, blows his nose. Sir Ewerd pats him on the back]
Sir Ewerd (Moravec Carter): There, there. She can’t hurt you anymore Glebe. She’s moved onto better pastures.

Æ: I’ll take that as a comment. Moving on. Keran and Carlyse, your two characters are kind of rivals from what we’ve seen in the pre-release media. What’s it been like working together? Have you had any real-life friction on set or is all the contention merely fictional?
Grey-Macklemore [Raglan Wyngarde, gushing]: Oh man, Carlyse is a powerhouse. She brings such an energy and impetus to the role that she really makes ‘Valda’ Valda if you know what I mean.
Smythe [Valda Krieg, reciprocating]: Yeah, likewise, Keran is a sheer delight. He has such a stillness and presence on film that is really profound.
Æ: …
Grey-Macklemore [Raglan Wyngarde]: …
Smythe [Valda Krieg]: …
Æ: …
Grey-Macklemore [Raglan Wyngarde]: GET STUFFED YOU BITCH!
Smythe [Valda Krieg]: EAT SHIT DOUCHEBAG!
[Both stand up, pointing at each other]
Grey-Macklemore [Raglan Wyngarde, turning to Æ]: Friction you say? Well I can tell you there was some friction alright! Friction between Carlyse and Sir Kingsly over here [Keran nods to Sir Ewerd, rubbing his hands together in a suggestive manner].
Smythe [Valda Krieg, incensed]: You shut your mouth, that’s defamation! And after I let you do those perverted things to my feet too!
Grey-Macklemore [Raglan Wyngarde]: What the fuck?! She’s making that up! That’s a lie!
[Sir Ewerd comes and takes Smythe by the shoulders, calming her down. Keran fixes the collar of his shirt and thumbs his glasses back up the bridge of his nose. He turns again to Æ]
Æ: …
Grey-Macklemore [Raglan Wyngarde]: They're talking about a bigger part for me in the sequel you know. I obviously can't say much of anything right now, we haven't even gotten the script yet, but I'm am worried they're going to kill me off.
Æ: She’s right you know.
Grey-Macklemore [Raglan Wyngarde]: Huh?
Æ: You’re a douchebag.
Grey-Macklemore [Raglan Wyngarde, honestly]: Oh yeah, without a doubt.
[Actor Johnny Chow walks into the room in full wardrobe as Jié Qi and stabs Keran in the stomach with a knife]
Chow [Jié Qi]: I warned you this day would finally come Sixth Child.
Grey-Macklemore [Raglan Wyngarde, dying]: Chow, you fucking psycho! It’s not real!
[Chow leaves as swiftly as he came and Keran passes out from massive blood loss]

Æ: I’ll take that as a comment. How would you describe the tone of the film?
Nielson [having recovered]: I think it’s cautionary in tone, and…
Æ: You know what, I really don’t give a shit to what you have to say any more...
[Nielson stops dejectedly]

Æ: And finally Shiori what are your thoughts?
Shiori: Honestly Acheron I’m just happy to be here.

Evangelion: We Are (Not) Together opens in theatres on 13 January 2015
"Eva(Geeks) is a story that repeats."
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Postby MAGI_01 » Wed Mar 05, 2014 2:49 am


That was absolutely fantastic dude!
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Æ: I’ll take that as a comment.

"Eva(Geeks) is a story that repeats."
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I have not laughed that hard in ages, oh god, just, what the... I can't even.

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Oh dear God. :lol: Not sure if I "got" it, but it was funny nonetheless.

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I laughed pretty hard. Good job on that one! :lol:

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Just a little near-future AU(?) I came up with (based on an exchange in this post) to tide y'all over to my actual post. Yandere!Shirou, extremely dark, rated very M. Seriously, we're talking nightmare fuel, potentially existential-crisis-causing dark. I even got the heebie-jeebies, and I'm the one that wrote it. You have been warned. Some of the other characters might be sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiightly OOC.


(Recommended BGM: Virtue's Last Reward - Chill and Rigour)

It started innocuously enough. A few missed meals, an hour to himself here or there... Everyone expected that Shirou would behave like that for some time, given what happened. He had been the first to see it, after all. The poor boy was very likely traumatized. There were adults that would have reacted in poorer fashion than he had, so a little loss of appetite and desire to be alone was actually better than precedent. His therapist (the one he had seen after his mother's death) routinely reported to the good Major that he was progressing with treatment at a steady pace, and was likely to recover some normalcy in a few years. "Well, as normal as life can be after Second Impact," the doctor quipped.

Then one day, Shirou asked to see her books: an assortment of titles covering topics from Physics to Theoretical Metaphysical Biology. He carted the books to his room, and was not seen until the next day. However, he was beaming when he emerged. It was possible to do something after all, it seemed. When asked about his sudden change in disposition, he could only reply "Oh, just a spot of good news is all." Everyone was baffled, but pleased that he seemed to be more jovial. Even his therapist had deemed he'd managed a faster turnabout than he had in the past.

Later, Shirou was seen talking to Doctor Idle, though none know the topic. After handing over a large stack of calculations and diagrams, Johann was stunned and rather pleased that the boy had potentially designed a prototype for an extremely effective Anti-Angel weapon. It went without saying that his request to occupy one of the smaller labs to build a miniaturized proof of concept was approved almost instantaneously. Numerous components and test subjects (in the form of lab rats) were brought in on large trolleys. If one was to peak in, open books and strewn-about papers covered virtually every countertop in the room.

Then Shirou began missing meals again, and his time in the lab stretched as the days went by. A careful observer of brief hallway interactions would note that his face was becoming gaunt, dark circles appearing under his eyes. He often carried new books into the room, each esoteric and seemingly more disconnected than the last; Wave Theory, Fluid Transfer Mechanics, Acoustic Principles, Morphic Resonance... None could guess how they related, save Idle.

Major Miki was informed that Shirou had missed a check-in with his therapist. Nothing terribly unusual; everyone forgot appointments now and again. Shirou rarely came out of the lab anymore, and had in fact purchased a temporary mattress such that he could sleep on the premises. Only after he'd missed an entire day of food had Valda stomped into the lab and dragged him out. He'd eaten very hastily, eyes fixed to a datapad he'd managed to smuggle under the lab coat. When she'd forced him to make eye-contact, he let out a strangled yelp and then bolted, locking himself once more in the lab. She'd stormed after him and after several failed attempts at re-entry to kick his sorry ass did she turn to leave. His muffled voice still carried through the door, however. "I-I'm s-s-sorry, Valda. I j-just need a little t-t-time is all. P-p-perhaps we c-c-could try again l-l-later?" Suffice it to say, Valda was conflicted for some time to come.

A week later, his therapist called Kiyoshi. The boy had missed another session, and that was cause for alarm. The Major strode in the direction of the labs purposefully, and would have entirely missed the young man had she not bumped directly into him. It was only after she reached out to pull him up that she recognized him because...

"Jesus Christ. Shirou, what the hell happened?"

His hair was dyed a jet black, cropped shorter than usual and styled into a neat bob. His skin was starting to become more pale from weeks without sun, and this only served to accentuate the dark circles under his eyes. And by the heavens, his eyes were hollow. He was startled at first, but a serene smile formed on his face.

"Oh, nothing major, Major." He chuckled. It was wrong. He stretched out a hand to accept hers...

"Holy crap. Is that... blood?"

Red splotches stained the sleeves of his otherwise pristine lab coat.

"Ah... yes. Experimenting with lab rats sometimes gets a little... dicey. Moreover, I can't tell if it works unless they're paired..." he trailed off, starting to mumble incomprehensibly.

She yanked him to his feet.

"Shirou, this has to stop. Now," she ordered.

"Oh, of course," he agreed with a nod, "I'm just about done with the experiment anyway."

"Good," said the Major with a relieved sigh. "Your therapist said you missed another appointment, so we've taken the liberty of scheduling one tomorrow for you."

"Sure, that's fine," he replied. "I'm sorry for disturbing you. Now, if you'll pardon me, I need to get some supplies for the final run."

The Major nodded, and continued on to the command center.

Shirou's pockets clacked each time he took a step. No-one questioned it; he'd been prescribed anti-depressants, so it was only natural he might carry his medication with him. Removing the thick book from under his arm and letting it fall to a workbench with a thud, he flipped to a page with various tables and began setting the contents of his pockets on the table.

"Water... carbon... ammonia... phosphorous... salt... saltpeter... sulfur... flourine... iron... silicone... and other elements. These all contain the necessary materials."

He opened each jar, and consumed a large quantity of each of the contents. Some liquids, some pills... These would surely be enough to account for any variance in construction. He knew that in this quantity, they were beyond lethal. But he knew his device would work. And if it didn't, he was better off dead anyway. It would take some time for the ingested materials to reach toxicity levels that his body couldn't handle, so there were more than ample opportunities to fix the machine between runs anyway. He approached the cylinder, and began removing the racks that had once held rodentine occupants. Once finished, he accessed the control panel, altered the settings, and then stepped into the chamber. There was a time delay, so he had plenty of time to think...

Too much red dripping dripping rag doll neck wrong wrong wrong

He nearly threw up, although he held it in. It was uncertain if this was the body's reaction to his thoughts, or the things in his stomach. Regardless, it wouldn't work if the materials weren't properly integrated. He was used to it, the nausea. Developed a good suppression. The enclosure was tight, the darkness stifling, the walls encroaching...

He'd read too much. The books on biology and cognition didn't paint a pretty picture. Her death had been a gruesome one to begin with. The coroner reported that she'd been bleeding for quite some time, but it was the broken neck that had killed her. The more Shirou read, however, the more he realized that it didn't matter. He was beginning to understand consciousness. He simulated it in his head, death. Then he'd simulated her death.

Pain pain red hot pain dripping down arms too much liquid. Wet pooling around feet. Squish. Squish. Light-headed. Too slippery, too hard to stay upright. The tug of gravity, the
LURCH CRUNCH. Panic. Can't feel can't move can't breathe can't struggle can't do anything eyes casting about the room why WHY help...

But he'd gone further. The human brain can last for five to ten minutes without oxygen, so despite having been pronounced dead...

Eyes close, body burning numb. Darkness. FIRE. FIRE FIRE FIRE. EVERY NEURON FIRING, CLAWING AT THE WALLS OF THE BODY NEED OUT DON'T WANT TO DIE. Retinas burning with every color and none of them at the same time, despite closed eyes. Silence so loud with the entire spectrum that it's cacophonous and deafening. HOT COLD PRICKLING SOFT HARD SMELLY SWEET SPICY SAVORY SALTY CHEWY LIQUID SOLID CRUNCHY

And that was to say nothing of the memories. As the hippocampus died, all the neurons would fire and the last dregs of the torn consciousness would remember
everything. Every joy, every sorrow, every betrayal... Only the mind is good at retaining the negative, due to the evolutionary drive to move away from bad states. It's only natural that the good isn't remembered as easily because good is the ideal state. There's no erroneous classification to create feedback from with a good mental state, so the fleshy neural network remains the same.

So, alone and trapped within her body, she would have remembered all of the worst things. Experienced a living hell in the split second before... before...


But that was just physical death, he mused in the pod. The AT Field was proof that there was something beyond the body. That's why he'd done this experiment. Doctor Idle had approved the development of this device... which he'd theorized to produce an Anti-AT Field. Scaled up, it would be quite effective in not just neutralizing an enemy AT Field, but then subsequently destabilizing the body into its primordial ingredients. That was how he had gotten the experiment approved, at any rate. However, he'd made modifications that the good Doctor didn't know about.

The first thing he did was train ten of his hundred rats how to use a maze algorithmically. That is to say, he constructed various mazes based upon the same types of logical flows, albeit with different layouts. These ten rats were rewarded with cheese each time they completed a maze under a certain amount of time. When all of the rats could accomplish a unique test maze (generated anew after each repetition) under the time limit, he disposed of them, and then put ten rats into his modified device. The first phase would deconstruct the AT field of the rats inside, just like he'd originally intended.

However, the alterations enabled the second phase: the rats were then reconstructed based upon the reverberations of the first set of rats' morphic signatures. After the first run, only five of the reconstituted rats had been able to solve the maze algorithmically, and they were set aside. He re-calibrated the device, trained the remaining five to a suitable standard, and repeated the procedure with all ten. On the final run of his trials, all the rats were able to solve the maze. Despite having the same composition as the prior iteration, five of the rats could technically be considered to have died nine times. The last three runs had been complete successes, with no errors whatsoever in any of the test subjects. Moreover, there appeared to be no abnormalities in their interactions, but he wasn't really sure about rat social structures to begin with.

He was satisfied. It would work. It would work. It wou-

In the command center, a small alarm went off. Kiyoshi let out a sigh as she saw that the circuit breaker had tripped in the section Shirou's lab was in. Honestly, that boy... She pulled out her phone and punched in a number.

"... Yeah?"

"Valda, Shirou's gone and done something in the labs. You've had more luck with him, would you mind checking it out?"

A brief silence on the other end, followed by a string of expletives in German.

"Yeah yeah, I'll see what the idiot is up to."


The dark was about the creepiest part of the whole thing. It was somewhat ridiculous, just how modular the power grid was around here. She supposed that it could be useful, if someone ever tried to shut the place down remotely, but it was a pain in the ass tromping about with a torch. The shadows cast eerily about the corridor, and the only sound was the "clop, clop" echoing off the walls.

Valda wasn't entirely sure why she decided to come. The idiot had run away from her last week, the coward. And what for? She had been nice, making sure he ate. He normally followed her orders before. She was his Captain, damnit. How the hell could he turn away? Why... why would he not want to be with her, some tiny part of her subconscious asked. They'd been closer before... before that happened... She shook her head. All she had to do was check up on the idiot. She could figure the rest out later. In her musings, she had arrived. Thankfully, the doors remained on emergency power for some time after outages, so employees weren't trapped. The panel slid aside with a hiss...

Foul. That was the only word that could describe the odor that met her nostrils. It was putrid, like shit and iron and vomit and... she was getting nauseous just thinking about it.

"Shirou," she called out heasitantly.

Her light passed over the cylinder at the far end of the room, and she paused. There, at the foot of the instrument was a pile of slop, oozing liquid that seemed to be LCL, or something like it. Like a pile of crap that was soaked in blood, and then unceremoniously plopped inside that thing Shirou had been working on.

As she saw it, her arm drooped subconsciously, and she saw a trail of the stuff. It looked like... bare footprints. And there... there was a foot. Two feet. Her eyes widened, heart racing. The light traced up the bare legs, past the flatter-than-expected nether regions, over the developing buds of flesh on the chest to an unblemished face... A face with a feral grin that glinted like the scalpel in her right hand.

Valda took a terrified breath, but before she could run, Tokei had crossed the gap, brought the instrument down and Valda saw red...

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