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Postby Lance of LoL » Wed Jun 04, 2014 4:44 pm

(OOC: This update is a combined effort of multiple writers. You know who you are. ;) )

Qi's body tensed as the waif-like pilot threw her arms around him. In shock, his body reacted instinctively, his arm flying up, a flash of silver in his palm descending like lightning towards her back. Stopping dead, Qi's muscles burned, his eyes wide as he watched the point of his blade stop a hair's breadth from Katla's body. With her head buried in his shoulder, she didn't see the moment in which her life nearly came to an end. With a flick of his wrist, the blade vanished back into his sleeve, his empty palm reaching awkwardly to lay on Katla's back.

"It's you, I know you..." she breathed headily.

Bringing his other hand up to wrap around her wrist, he pulls Katla away from him, staring quizzically into her eyes.

“Of course you know me, why would that not be the case?” he asked, confusion replacing his previous panic. A tinge of pink rose in Katla's cheeks as she backed away uncomfortably.

"I know you already don't I?" she asked awkwardly. Qi's expression turned grim.

“Of course you do, we fought alongside one another, what's happened to you?” he asked, making a mental note to draw out Tohru's torture when he made it back to school.

"I thought we were..." she hesitated, shuffling her feet, her eyes downcast. "friends.” she finished quietly. Qi's hands tightened into fists, his chest matching the feeling before he noticed it. Releasing a strained breath, he sighed.

“Don't be ridiculous. We are both pilots of the Evangelions.” he began simply, but something about the coldness of his words, the basic facts compared to the boiling of his blood caused him to stop. Something about those words, despite being true, felt too harsh. Taking a step closer to her, he brought his hand up to her face. Gently placing his hand against her cheek, his fingers traced the line of her jaw, until he found the point of her chin and pulled her face up, their eyes meeting. “We are both pilots of the Evangelions... That's why, there is no one else who can understand us like one another.” he stated bluntly, the devilish smile returning to his face.

Before anything more could be said on the matter however, the door knocked and in stepped Kiyoshi.

“Hey Katla, oh.” she stopped, spotting the position Qi and Katla were standing in. “Um, am I interrupting something?” she asked, backing up a few steps.

“Hmm? Not at all Major, I was just dropping by to see Katla before we left.” Qi responded happily.

“Uh, alright, but won't Tokei get mad at you?” Kiyoshi asked, her suspicions about Qi's inability to socialise beginning to take a turn quite possibly for the worse.

“I have no idea what you mean Major.” Qi replied, honestly confused.

“Yeah, sure ya don't.” Kiyoshi grumbled, “Well, come along you two, we've got a lot to do before headin' back to the dorm.” her tone changed to a brighter note as she headed for the door.


Johann had been returning to his office when he saw Tokei knocking on his door. He could see the edge of her mask, something that rather concerned him as he knew her surgery had been completed and her need for the mask was now quite negligible. Drawing her attention, he had to suppress more than a little surprise when Tokei expressed an interest in talking to him. Sure he was an expert in psychology, but by that same merit, all evaluations of Tokei said this was quite out of character.

Stepping into his office, he took a seat, taking a moment to arrange his thoughts while Tokei made herself comfortable. Levity was never his strong suit, so his attempted joke about the crumbs apparently sank like a lead balloon. Sitting back in his chair, he turned his attention to her proper.

“So, Miss Akai. What did you want to discuss?” he asked calmly. There was a moment of silence. Raising an eyebrow, Johann coughed. Tokei looked up, startled. Her face was a slight shade of pink.

"You did have something in mind, right, Tokei?" he asked more casually.

"Um." she continued, but the speed of the conversation was doing little to help Johann's patience. Sighing, he started into the boilerplate of his job.

"Look, I'm a psychologist. You know that I have to keep this confidential, so just start at the beginning." he let the words hang in the air, waiting for Tokei to begin.

"Isaac gave me some chocolates the other day. Valentines Day." Tokei looked up. Johann was staring at her expectantly.

"So I started thinking about Shirou after I got the chocolates. I mean, it was obligation chocolate, like the stuff you give to a friend or whatever. Um." Tokei's face turned a little pinker, her voice sounding more childish than it ever had.

"So I was wondering if...um...yeah, I was wondering if Shirou got any, and then I was still thinking about him, and I was wondering if I liked him, as a friend or something, and-"

Johann sighed, cutting Tokei off. "You like him. Is that what you're in here to talk to me about?"

"No!" Tokei truly flushed this time, the pale white skin of her face turning a deep shade of pink. Johann smirked to himself, sometimes it really was too easy to read kids.

"That couldn't happen, it isn't possible." Tokei continued more despairingly.

"Then what is it?" Johann asked, unconvinced, but willing to humour an alternative.

"Well..." Tokei began, but the lull of silence started to creep in once more, prompting Johann to speak once more.

“I don't want to press you Tokei, but between you and me, I've read your file, I know the gist of your history and, if I may be so presumptuous, I have an idea what's going on here.” Johann tried to cut to the core of the problem.

“I understand that with what's happened to you, you might not be inclined to let people get close to you. Even go so far as to convince yourself that people shouldn't like you, but to be blunt about it, that's a ridiculously flawed hypothesis and someone with your brains should be well aware of it. You're a teenager, and while I understand your issue, you shouldn't let it define all aspects of your life. Work Harder, be safer, that's fine, but don't be miserable because of it.” he offered his advice before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a cigarette. Lighting it, he got up from his chair and crossed to the window, opening it wide.

“They'll have my head for smoking in here, but it's a pain in the ass to walk all the way outside.” he smiled warmly at her, blowing a puff of smoke out the open window.


The car pulled into the car park, Kiyoshi sighing as her and her wards jumped out. The Airport was a rather surprising distance from Tokyo 3 proper, but given half the city tended to move up and down like a slide-whistle, she couldn't blame the architects for needing to put it out of the way somewhere. It was still something of a hub, but you had to pass a good few miles of road to get there from the city, even farther coming up from the Geofront.

“So Qi, what do your sisters look like?” she asked conversationally, mentally preparing herself for two more socially oblivious killing machines. As they headed for the door, a black helicopter soared overhead, a man in similar dark uniform leaning out the side. Kiyoshi nervously acknowledged its presence, hoping desperately that she wouldn't have to draw a gun on a teenager today.

“You won't have trouble recognizing them.” Qi answered mechanically.

“Ya what?” Kiyoshi replied, snapped from her musings by his frank reply.

“My sisters. We're virtually identical except for gender, so you should have no trouble recognizing them. Though personality wise, I do believe I'm the more agreeable of my siblings.” That was more than a little worrying. Making their way through the crowds, the group waited at the exit gate for the new arrivals. After several minutes, Kiyoshi caught sight of their subjects and her jaw dropped.

Qi wasn't joking. Had she not been standing right next to him, Kiyoshi would have sworn he had somehow played this trick on her. Walking towards them were two girls, dressed in school uniforms, with paper white skin, gleaming red eyes a grey hair much like his. Coming to a stop in front of them, the two girls finally moved independently of one another. The one on the right was wheeling a bright pink luggage bag behind her and had bob cut grey hair and a disturbingly bright smile like her brother. Standing the case up, she flung herself forward, wrapping her arms around Qi's shoulders.

“Big Brother! How are you?” she squealed happily, Qi's own expression looking dire as the girl backed away. “Oh, sorry, I'm Zei Ba, nice to meet you.” she beamed. Raising an eyebrow, Kiyoshi turned her attention to the other.

The one to Kiyoshi's left stood with a black duffel bag slung over her shoulder and an open book in her hand. It reminded her of Carter, though instead of English, the title was Chinese and Kiyoshi couldn't make out what it said. She had long hair that would have trailed down to her waist, but only came to just below her shoulder blades thanks to being put up in some design involving chopsticks that seemed at odds with her inexpressive face. Glancing towards Kiyoshi, the girl looked back at Qi.

“Yes, hello little brother.” she stressed the word before raising her book again.

“This is Zei Liu.” Qi introduced his other sibling. Kiyoshi had more than a few questions about this, like why their family names were different, but between a girl that seemed closer to human than most of the pilots and one who somehow seemed more wooden than even her psychotic brother, this made her too confused to ask anything and just wanted to head home.


Carter checked his watch. He had taken the day to attend Nerv business, but the pilots should have been back by now, with the obvious exceptions. Taking his eyes off the clock, he stared up at the building in front of him. He had only formally visited the dorm a few times. It was a unique building, a mix of Eastern and Western sensibilities which seemed to work well for the mismatched group of pilots. Stepping up to the door, he allowed himself in without knocking or ringing, after all, there was a public space within and he wasn't so stiff as to wait outside until someone answered. Stepping inside, he found the common area surprisingly empty, but the incomprehensible sounds of speech emanated from the kitchen. He couldn't make out the words, but it was clear someone was home.

Making his way over, he stepped inside and paused. Before him stood Shirou, bracing himself against the counter as if it were all that held him upright and on her knees before him, Valda sat, a sticky white substance coating her hair and face, some even clinging to her hand as she pulled it away from her bright red face. There were many, many questions that sprung to mind for the older man, but taking a moment to compose himself, he cleared his throat before taking a very teacher-like posture.

“Miss Krieg, a word if you'd please. I'll be waiting in the common area, join me once you've... cleaned up.” he gave one last look around the kitchen before turning to leave. It took a few more minutes than Carter had expected, but soon enough, Valda exited the kitchen at speed, adjusting her mask hastily. He took note of the half a boot print still covering the stylised visor, but paid it no further mind as he focused on the task at hand. As she approached, she stopped suddenly. Despite not being able to see her face, he could tell what was going through her head. Putting up her hand, he stopped her mid-aneurysm.

“Let me save you some trouble Miss Krieg. You don't have to explain to me the difficulties associated with baking. For now it's another matter I wish to speak to you about.” he offered helpfully.

“It, it really wasn't what it looked like. That idiot really,” a sharp 'thunk' cut her off as the corner of Carter's book stabbed at her mask.

“That's quite enough Miss Krieg. Like I said, we have other matters to discuss.” he breathed a heavy sigh before continuing. “Now I wished to address your recent slump. Now I understand that all of you have been adversely affected by what's been happening of late, but the others seem to be coping with it better. Now normally I'd call your parents,”

“NO!” Valda suddenly erupted, taking Carter aback a bit not expecting such a volatile reaction. “I-I mean, I'll do whatever, extra work, staying after school, or whatever just... Don't call my Father... please.” Carter raised his hand again, bringing the pleading to a halt.

“Miss Krieg, please pay closer attention when people are speaking, especially if you intend to interrupt.” he rebuked her sternly. “I would call your parents, normally; but seeing as how this is far from a normal situation, I decided finding an activity that might improve your attitude would be a more constructive approach.” he finished, now more concerned about the type of parenting Lotze Krieg had been doing up until now.

“Oh right... sorry.” Valda muttered before falling silent for a short time. Soon enough though she spoke up, back to her usual volume and bluster. “Well what did you have in mind then? I hope it's something good.” Carter stared blankly in response.

“Well with any luck, it might improve your manners towards those that do you favours.” Reaching into his book, he pulled out a folded sheet of paper and held it out to her. “Japan Heavy Chemical Industries have invited a group of Nerv delegates to the unveiling of their own Anti-Angel project. I would like to suggest that Major Miki take you and some of the other pilots to the event.”

“Urgh, the Major?” Valda commented, sounding her distaste. “Wait a second? These guys, uh, JHC industries or whatever? They have their own 'Anti-angel' project?” Valda sounded almost incredulous at the idea.

“Yes, of course. Or did you seriously think Nerv were the only people trying to destroy the near immortal monsters threatening Humanity?” he asked, amused that there was any question at all.

“Well no, but I mean... The way I heard it, the Evangelion was the ONLY real method of beating those things. Regular forces have little to no effect right? So it's hard to imagine these guys having anything special.” Valda responded with that oh so familiar Krieg 'know-it-all' tone.

“While that is the 'official' stance taken by Nerv, we do make a point of showing support for other projects attempting to achieve the same goal. Since you have expressed an interest in the more mechanical side of things, I thought this would be a good outlet for you to help get back on form.” handing her the paper properly, he shut his book with an audible snap. “I'll be sure to arrange things with Kiyoshi and the other pilots. One of which being Mr. Karigane, so please pass along the message once he's recovered himself.”

With that wry comment, Carter took note of the soon to erupt Mt. Valda and quickly took his leave. No sooner had he closed the door behind him he heard the unmistakeable sound of Valda's outrage.



As the afternoon wore on, the remaining pilots had returned to the dorms. The Sun hung low on the horizon as the car pulled up. Stepping in the front door, Kiyoshi made a quick head count.

“Four, five, yeah, okay.” she muttered to herself. “Everyone, gather round, I've got some announcements.” she called out, beckoning the pilots together. Hesitating with her words for a moment, she thought on how to phrase the matter.

“Alright everyone, as you may know, Katla and Qi are back from hospital today. Now I want you all to know, Katla is in a kind of fragile state right now, so don't crowd her, and don't stress her out, got it? On top of that, Qi's sisters will be coming to stay with us for a while, so I'll bring them in in a few minutes, so be nice, alright?” Kiyoshi blurted out everything in quick succession, trying to make sure she had everything covered while being acutely aware that she was about to introduce a group of unstable teens to a smaller group of unstable teens and hope for the best.

Heading out to the car, she found the four sitting in near silence, the only noises being the gentle rustling of paper as Liu turned pages in her book and Ba humming to herself as she doodled in the window.

“Okay, Katla, Qi, if you two want to come in first, we'll get you all settled in again and then I'll come out and collect you two, alright?” Kiyoshi laid out the battle plan... It was a good plan.

“Your terms are acceptable.” Liu answered promptly.

“Woohoo, par-tay!” Ba chirped.

“Uh, okay.” Kiyoshi gulped, trying to focus on the positives of this exchange. Grabbing Katla and Qi's things from the rear of the car, they prepared to head inside, Kiyoshi a little surprised to see Qi helping to guide Katla gently to the door.

Heading inside, the trio came face to face with the others. Qi stepping back to allow others a chance to interact with Katla without his interference, he stood by the door, glancing out in the direction of the car. Giving everyone a chance to greet their returned ally, Kiyoshi headed back to collect the twins. Heading back inside, she prodded the two forward until they stood in front of the gathered pilots.

“Everyone, this is Zei Liu, and Zei Ba, Qi's sisters.” she smiled brightly. A heart beat later, Ba burst with excitement.

“Oh wow! It's soooo cool to meet my big brother's friends.” she beamed at them. Liu looked up from her book for a split second.

“It is in the best interests of everyone here to leave, me, alone.” she followed up her sister's greeting. Kiyoshi groaned.

“Alright, I'm gonna go check on rooms for you two, just wait here with the others while I get things ready, okay?” Kiyoshi insisted enthusiastically whilst internally hoping that no disaster befall them in the few minutes the pilots would be out of her sight, like always.

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Izumi had hated Raglan James Wyngarde at first, the boy who asked to be called ‘J’. The first day the pilots arrived at school all those months ago now - where he, H and Sakamoto met the “designated Sixth Child”, Izumi recalled he disliked him from the get-go, though he kept those thoughts to himself - Raglan was inherently assumptious, imperious and by appearances; more than a tad arrogant. He remembered that feeling of jealousy (Or was it envy?) seeing how popular the new upstart was. How popular he was with the girls and how easily he could talk to them.

Izumi had always been popular with girls too, except he was dogged by one small problem; he couldn’t talk to them. Simply couldn’t. He was, by the willing admission of others, probably the most attractive guy in school. He was tall for his age (6’ exactly), had long lustrous dark hair, fair features and deep blue eyes. Yet when he approached a pretty girl he would shut down completely. Externally it didn’t look like much else other than him being oddly shy and quiet, but he would feel that heat rise up in his face - how a knot would get caught in his throat which caused his eyes to water and his knees to turn to jelly. He couldn’t explain why it happened, it just did.

He’d always been rather introverted. Never talked much unless spoken to or was asked something, he was soft-spoken and thoughtful - a slower, ponderous nature lending to his build, giving him a calm, care-free and introspective persona to the perception of others. Consequently he appeared disconnected or unconcerned with events around him.

There are only two things Izumi Sumire has ever cared about. The first is basketball, the second; a secret crush.

He loved everything about the game. The feel of the pebble-grain texture of the ball in his hands, that deadly rush of last chance offence in the final quarter of the game, the sound the ball makes when being dribbled with drive and purpose, the sense of belonging out on the court and the confidence that could be found nowhere else in his life. Basketball was his world. He followed the NBA and the Japanese league meticulously and could fire off random details, game stats and other related minutiae from the top of his head at the drop of a hat. He practised religiously and enjoyed every moment of it. Imagine then the small outrage when he discovered Raglan was joining the Tokyo-3 First Junior High Lightning too.

But it didn’t matter later on. Raglan had become his friend by then. Probably his very best friend. A couple weeks after the “Sixth” started school, the gang had been hanging out in town late one evening and the two walked home together. Turned out their neighbourhoods were close by and they could take the same route or train line home and they ended up talking. Izumi talked probably more than to anyone else ever save his family or coach. They talked about basketball, about school and girls (and surely his own face turned a bit flush at that last one). They were naturally comfortable around one another and Izumi came to understand a little about the young Evangelion pilot. They were, in-fact, much alike. He…

“Hey, are you even listening?” Raglan asked in annoyance and Izumi awoke from his daze. “Huh?”
“I said you should go and speak to Shiori. You can’t count on me to do all the work for you.” He teased smilingly. “And beside, with the dance coming up and all…”
“Yeah…” Izumi turned and looked at Shiori Takatsuki across the yard and immediately felt himself blush. “Look, just go up to her at least - I told you man, she seemed really flattered when I talked about you.” Izumi nodded, uncertain still, but he had already made his decision. He stood up and set forth.

Izumi Sumire had fallen in love with Shiori Takatsuki from the very first. He’d been on cleaning duty one afternoon back in his first year of junior high. Having stacked all the chairs and desks he began to sweep and started to daydream. He must’ve lost track of time because the next he realised, he had already completed his chores and was staring aimlessly out the class windows, the late afternoon sun hanging by the last of its daylight. That’s when the boy noticed the girl outside sitting on one of the benches all alone. Bathed in the warm subdued hues of dusk she was smiling, humming. Izumi couldn’t hear her from where he was, but he could tell she was singing – and to his ears that silent song was the most beautiful music he (n)ever heard. Thenceforth, there wasn’t a single day that passed where he didn’t think about her.

Raglan watched his friend as he trekked across the schoolyard. The distance from where they were seated to where Shiori and friends stood chatting couldn’t have been more than 30 or 40 odd meters at best – yet to Izumi, he empathised it would’ve felt like an emotional odyssey of epic proportions – each individual step a hard slog against long ingrained inhibition. Ishi breezed up on Raglan’s right guitar case in-hand, nudging his shoulder in a friendly manner as she took a seat beside him. He only gave her a brief glance and smile, noticing the smudge of red paint on her face, before turning his attention back to Izumi. “What is it?” She asked tracing his line of sight, “Oh.”
“Yeah, just watch…”

He was halfway there now - Izumi could feel the eyes on his back like static pinpricks, undoubtedly attention drawn making his way with such apparent resolve; posture firm, gaze focused. Yes he had fallen in love with her that day but he had never acted upon it. How many hundreds, possibly even thousands, of hours had he daydreamed of something like this? Of gathering up all his confidence and declaring his affections openly to Shiori. Sometimes it was here at school, or somewhere in town, or somewhere off in the world - different times of the day or different seasons. Each fantasy was unique from the last. More than once it was some away game for basketball where she was in the stands – he made the winning shot and using the adrenaline and rush of victory, fuelled that into emotional impetus for his secret revelation. There was even one where the world had ended and they were the only two left for a time. It went on and on in only the way a secret could in the mind of a young quiet man. Yet still he never acted upon it.

Lacking whatever-it-was-it-took to confront Shiori in person he instead tried writing his feelings down onto paper. Except he could never seem get the words right. No matter how hard or long he toiled over a page it just didn’t do what he felt inside any justice. What use was a letter or the written word when it could not even scratch the surface of whatever-it-was-he-felt that transcended anything he known until now? Useless if it couldn’t convey ultimate truths. He started reading poetry to see if it’d help; Baudelaire, Blake, Keats, Shakespeare, Barrett Browning, Frost, Plath, so on, so forth. The boy even developed something of a taste for it, more than a few tomes or omnibus of collected works could be found lying around dotting his messy room at home. His sister Sei even teased him for it, playfully threatening him at times to reveal his poetry delving to his teammates. More recently at dinner onetime she wondered aloud what Raglan would say to it. She had far too much fun torturing him so.

This year for Izumi has been almost unbearable, however. In class, by some twist of fate (good or bad), his seat was behind Shiori’s. Every day he was so close to her yet he did not know if she even knew he existed. It…

He stopped. He was there now. The group had been standing in a loose circle and noticing the new arrival, it opened up into a semi-circle - expressions inquisitive. Keiko and Ritsuko giggled and said hey. Shiori, though, met Izumi’s eyes impassively but with a hint of expectation. A total stillness descended over the yard accompanied by a complete silence. Everyone had been watching Izumi. For some reason his approaching Shiori was incredibly odd to the student body present and stuck out distinctly but on an unspoken level. A couple boys who had been kicking a soccer ball halted and watched unbidden. Tohru Ichimi, who had been leaning against a fence gawking, toothpick in mouth hanging limply, waited with almost baited breath. The gossip of the girls on the bench closest C-block dried up on their lips as they turned. Raglan and Ishi, sitting on a portrack, were frozen, fixed on Izumi and Shiori as they stood locked in some kind of weird Mexican stand-off of stares.

One could’ve heard a pin drop. The long hesitation stretched out for what seemed an eternity, the only sound audible the distant din of city-life (traffic, construction and pedestrians) which felt light-years away. The tension was unbearable yet sacred and it lasted for exactly a minute and five seconds - then Shirou Karigane came along.

Completely unaware to what he was intruding upon, the pilot of Evangelion Alpha strolled across the yard obliviously. He was humming something to himself, immersed in his own world, a dorky smile plastered plainly on his face. All eyes then turned to him but in exasperation. Even Shiori and Izumi, sensing the intrusion, turned and looked at the boy. Raglan swore he could feel that big sweat drop you see in manga sliding down the side of his brow. That bumbling idiot… The Sixth scooped up a tiny, harmless pebble off the ground, stood up and then pegged it at Shirou. It struck him with a loud and satisfying hollow tock. “Oww!” He yelped as he clutched his poor head, rubbing the strike area sorely. Only then did Shirou notice everyone staring at him which instantly quelled his complains. He looked at Raglan reproachfully and hurt, who in turn only gestured for him to get out of the way. Realising he’d walked into something he shouldn’t have, the Eighth slunk away furtively – confused – but furtively.

With that, the yard returned to normalcy. Everyone, realising how inappropriately caught up they were in their voyeurism, went back to their own businesses. Shiori and Izumi looked back to each other. “Yes, Sumire?” The girl asked. Izumi’s cool mask shifted slightly momentarily belying a pained expression. It seemed the whole process was about to repeat itself but it wasn’t so. “Wanna go to the dance with me next month?” Izumi said casually, almost somnolently.


Listening to The Smashing Pumpkins on his stroll home, it was somewhere between the track change of ‘Bullet with Butterfly Wings’ and ‘To Forgive’ that he came to a sudden halt and remembered. Today was the day Katla was to be released from hospital. Glancing at his wristwatch, he gathered he still had some time left. Quickly, he about turned and made for Mizuno, the shopping village closest to Shin-Hara station, closest to home. Feeling a soft smile pull at his lips, he broke into a brisk pace. How could it have slipped his mind, today of all days?

[center]"It's... my mother, I see my mother."[/center]

[center]"I'll never tell a soul"[/center]

[center]"J, right?"[/center]

[center]"Call me Raglan."[/center]

[center]"Do you... want to have lunch with me tomorrow at school?"[/center]

[center]"I would like that..."[/center]

[center]"I'll see you tomorrow, Kat"[/center]

The memory was fleeting, followed by a pang of sadness. The smile gone. That meeting never came to pass, defeated by an ill-timed Angel attack. After that he simply didn’t know how to reapproach her. Truth was, though, that Katla’s secret scared Raglan. Scared him on some uncertain level that he couldn’t quite pin-point. He didn’t know how to handle something like that, so he avoided her for a time. For a long time. And before finally racking up his senses enough to talk to her again it was too late. Katla had her breakdown and was sent to hospital.

“Can I help you, young master?” The florist asked in a peculiar dialect as Raglan entered the gloomy store. Puffing slightly, the boy caught his breath before speaking. “Flowers,” was all he could manage at first in a strangled voice.
“Yes, well, you’ve come to the right place then, young master.”
Pulling himself together Raglan began looking over the florist’s assortments. He browsed for a while – roses, violets, daffodils, orchids, - but couldn’t see anything he felt was right for Katla. This is stupid anyway. Why am I giving her flowers? He was about to give up and leave until he stumbled upon a section that caught his eye; the flowers for Katla – flowers for the Third Child.
“These. I’ll take some of these.” Raglan said.
“Ah. Lilacs,” the florist replied coming from out behind the counter, “white or purple, young master?”
“White.” He replied without hesitation.
“White lilacs. Certainly. Of course, these aren’t proper white lilacs.” The florist smiled, holding up a small bundle. “They have the faintest flecks of purple along the blossom. See, young master?”
Raglan nodded. “I’ll take ‘em.”


Doubt struck him only meters from the entrance of the dorms. Stopping, he looked down at the purple-white lilacs in-hand. Why was he giving Katla flowers? Because he had feelings for her? As a welcoming back gift? As some kind of repayment? An apology? None, or all of those together? He sighed, his shoulders slacking slightly. Raglan was confused but he knew one thing for sure - he didn’t want to have to explain the flowers to his housemates and fellow pilots. That he did not consider before buying them; him giving her flowers in plain sight of the others was not the plan but unavoidable considering their living circumstances. Raglan bit onto his lower lip in thought, the way he does only when in private. He then made his way further down the street, past the dorms, rounding the block, making for the alley that ran behind the building shared by a few neighbouring apartment complexes and houses. There was no one there save for an old black tomcat that fled when Raglan approached. Once he was behind the dorms he found the fire escape ascension that led to the rooftop terrace - his favourite spot in the dorms. The Sixth climbed up, careful not to damage the lilacs, which was an entire challenge in and of itself, allowing him only one hand to properly navigate the stair-ladder. Halfway Raglan saw something off to his left. Looking into the open window of a unit in the adjacent building he thought he could see movement, a silhouette receding on the edge of his gaze. There was no one there when he looked though. In fact, the apartment was completely bare save for some burnt out candles and a huge elaborate painting of a red crying eye on the wall. The boy briefly mused that they probably had some weirdo art-type neighbours and continued his climb up. Weird? Who am I to judge when I’m the one scaling the fucking emergency fire exit so as not to been seen with a bloody bouquet of lilacs… Eventually he made it to the top but felt he’d lost a portion of his self-respect somewhere along the way.

Once back inside he made it to his room unseen. Closing the door behind him, he threw his bag onto the bed then placed the flowers on his desk, taking a seat. Resting his head in his palms, Raglan stared at his purchase. The boy imagined himself giving the flowers to Katla, the others standing around gawking, snickering, assuming. Valda would say something ridiculous and most likely make the whole thing about her. Qi, who would also be back from the hospital today; his leering eyes would make Raglan’s skin break out in goosebumps, making the whole thing creepy. And Isaac. Raglan didn’t know how but Isaac would stuff something up surely. Sighing, the Sixth deigned to just forget about the whole thing.

[center]"Don't worry Momma, we'll all be together soon..."[/center]

Ripping a page out of one of his notebooks, Raglan grabbed a pen and quickly started scrawling.

    Hey Kat,

    It’s been so long since I spoke to you last. I’m sorry that I wasn’t around for a while – that I stayed away. Then look what happened. There’s so much that I feel I need to talk to you about. Feels like so much has happened since you’ve been gone. Will you come and meet with me tonight? On the terrace, 9:00PM.


He folded the page neatly, got up and left. Downstairs it sounded like a commotion was starting up. He made a brief detour, sliding the note under Katla’s door, then made his way down to the living area. As he descended the stairs the Major counted him off. “…Five. Yeah, okay.” She muttered. “Everyone, gather ‘round, I've got some announcements.” The major confirmed that Katla and Qi were back from the hospital, and that Qi’s sisters would be staying here for a while. Qi’s sisters will be staying here for a while.
Qi’s sisters.

“Qi has sisters?” Raglan asked absently, aloud – completely dumbstruck. He barely managed to mentally shake off the confusion as Katla and Qi came in through the front door. A sincere smile appearing on his face, Raglan stepped forward and took Katla’s hand in an affectionate handshake.
“Hey. Welcome back,” he said, “I’m glad to see you’re doing better.”
Katla simply looked back up at Raglan in a vague sort of recognition, a slight blush marring her fair face.
“Thank you,” she replied, her grip firming slightly in his.
The boy stepped back then turned. “You too, Qi.”
Qi, who had been glancing outside towards the car, looked over at the Sixth, giving only the barest of nods. Having been the first to move to welcome the returning pilots, Raglan could feel the others’ eyes on his back, urged to say something more. Putting his hands into the pockets of his denim jacket, he smirked. “You know, you did alright out there I hear. The Mark.06 operation. The Angel.” Qi continued to look on unphased. Raglan turned, walked a couple steps back up the stairs then took a seat as the others made their own greetings. Then Major Miki came back inside followed by two more Qis. Two girl Qis. One Qi with a short bob cut, the other with long hair that ran past her shoulders.
“Oh wow! It's soooo cool to meet my big brother's friends.”
“It is in the best interests of everyone here to leave, me, alone.”
And for the second time that day Raglan could feel that imaginary sweat drop peeling down the side of his face.
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Postby BPES » Sun Jun 15, 2014 11:16 am

Valda immediately stopped what she was doing and froze like a masked deer caught in highly romantically over toned headlights. Valda could feel the heat rushing up to her face and hoped to god it wasn't showing through her mask. Silence reigned supreme as she stood, the mayonnaise jar in her hand being slowly lowered to the counter. He couldn't possibly mean? No he said it was for science...

".... Huh?" Valda's brain was working overtime, but her ability to speak had seemingly taken a dive to the deepest reddest depths of the destroyed ocean.

"Well, I mean, we're friends right? And you've been helping me a lot too, so," he trailed off, his face starting to grow pink. What the hell was that? What the hell was this? What the hell was anything?

“Right! Friends! Yes!" Valda responded in a particularly high pitched voice. Folding her arms and realising just how intriguing the pattern on the floor was suddenly, Valda spoke in her normal tone, albeit strained. "Well, I suppose... I HAVE been helping you out, it... it makes sense... yeah. Sure."

Yeah that sounds right, it was nothing particularly meaningful. It was just because he had no one else to ask right? Wait didn’t he have that whole jealous of the snake thing regarding Tokei? Was that a thing or was that not a thing? Wait no hang on, more importantly; did she just agree to go with him? Oh god she did! Shirou fought to keep the grin off his face, but to no avail.

"C-cool! It'll be fun," he said, attempting to regain composure. He seemed very pleased with himself. I mean, sure why wouldn’t he be? He just successfully asked the great Valda Krieg out to a dance and… Oh God what did she just agree to?

"But let's be clear about this! This isn't a Date! I mean I know the term is technically date, but it's not a date date. Got it!" Valda said growling, finger pointed threateningly. There were so many thoughts rushing through her head right now she could barely focus. Ground rules needed to be made, then everything else could start processing.

"Right, right," he quickly agreed. "I wouldn't dream of it, Captain."

There see, he agreed… really quickly… Hey what the hell was that supposed to mean? Should she be happy that he was obeying so quickly, angry that he wasn’t more disappointed or annoyed he was giving up so easily? I mean, She didn’t WANT him to treat it like that but then she was also the great Valda so she really shouldn’t be… This was too confusing.

"Right yeah! Keep me out of your dreams! That'd be weird!" Valda said folding her arms stiffly again and letting the palpable silence in the room. She had put far too much thought into this already, now she needed to just settle down and refocus. Whilst looking for something to stare at Valda caught sight of the oven. "OH! The Cake!"

"Ah," Shirou exclaimed, and hurried over to the oven with a toothpick. When it came away clean with no crumbs, he pulled the cake out of the oven. "Nice catch! It should be perfectly done."

"Well this is me we're talking about, of course." Valda responded glad for the much needed distraction. She noticed the unfinished icing and moved towards it. "Here, I'll help you with this."

"I can finish that," he said abruptly, setting the cake tin down a bit harder than necessary. Valda blinked and grabbed the icing almost defensively, now what the hell was his problem? She needed this distraction dammit, how dare he be so thoughtless as to try and take that away.

"It's fine, I can handle this. What, you don't trust me?" Valda snapped with hostility. She wasn’t sure what his problem was, but she had no intention of giving up on something she’d set her, admittedly in disarray, mind on.

"I do," he replied defensively, "but it is your cake."

"What do you mean it's my cake?" Valda said incredulously. She wasn't sure what was going on with Shirou today but it was playing havoc with her thought process. What the hell was this now? Since when did Shirou bake her cakes on his day off? Or Ask her to Dances? Or just anything that had happened so far.

"Well..." He began nervously before looking at her with an odd almost apologetic expression. "I was sort of dense and missed your birthday, so I made a cake."

“…” Valda stood still for a moment as she felt her face heat up again, once again very thankful for her ever faithful mask hiding her expressions. She really wasn’t sure what the hell Shirou was thinking, but right now she really couldn’t care less. Feeling the frustration at the rather bizarre circumstances before her, Valda began looking for any form of out. Setting down the icing again Valda just growled and scanned for the whisk. “Whatever, I don’t care. I’ll handle the damn icing!”

“Wait but, that’d be against the whole point of it!” Shirou argued back and Valda growled again.

“Don’t care, I’d rather do it myself, especially if I’m supposed to be getting it!” She snapped back reaching for the whisk, Shirou took that moment to defend his cake, her cake, someone’s cake and moved forward. Catching the movement Valda tried to respond and the two would up colliding, with Shirou yanking off Valda’s mask while trying to regain his balance of the small impact. Already blushing, Valda stared with wide eyes as the mask fell to the floor.

“W-WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DONG! DON’T TOUCH ME!” She screeched slamming her hand down hard, and hitting the edge of the icing bowl with enough force to flip it, and its contents right at the pair. Jerking at the unexpected assault of the icing, Valda took a step onto her mask which skidded and sent her tumbling down.

Valda wasn’t sure what she was more annoyed by; the fact that she was sat on her knees in the kitchen floor whilst Shirou stood bracing himself against the counter in front of her, the fact that her blazing red face was visible for all the world to see as her mask had been flung halfway across the floor when she slipped on it, or the fact that she was covered in sticky icing, one of her eyes shut on reflex as the creamy substance trickled down over it, drops and splotches currently dotted all over her face and hair. She slowly brought her hands up to try and wipe away some of the icing, only to get the sticky substance all over her hands as well.

Silence reigned as Shirou tried very hard to keep his breathing to a minimum whilst Valda continued to slowly move, her face growing more and more red as her boundless fury, embarrassment and indignation built up. It had gotten to the point where she was trembling, ready to blow up at Shirou when she could find her voice that disaster stuck. Another noise entered the room and caught Valda’s attention and she froze like a deer caught in headlights

“Miss Krieg, a word if you'd please. I'll be waiting in the common area, join me once you've... cleaned up.” The Vice commander said taking another look around before exiting the room. Valda was already feeling rather humiliated to be seen like this, but something about his tone seemed a bit, off. It took a moment, for Valda to take in the situation once more before realization of just how bad this looked set in, and just what the Vice-commander thought he saw.

Face now blazing at that implications and the humiliation of this misunderstanding, even the mere thought was far far too much for Valda to truly process. Her and Shirou? Doing ’THAT’? A pathetic, quiet whine escaped Valda as she continued to shake on the floor somewhat. Shirou shifted slightly, out of discomfort or whatever else but it was enough. Fury now had an outlet as Valda glared at him like never before.

“Yooouuuu…” She began standing up her voice quiet but resonating pure aggression. She was pretty sure if she was going to break something if this kept up. In fact she’d like to break a lot of things right now before she exploded. Carefully walking past Shirou so that she didn’t touch the fool, she headed to the sink and began trying to wash off the icing. She was definitely going to need a damned shower after this.

It took a few minutes, but the vicious sub-zero cold shoulder Valda had started giving Shirou and the actual cold water from the tap helped soothe the boiling anger somewhat. She could deal with Shirou after, first she had to clear up the misunderstanding before the Vice-commander told someone. There was no way in hell she could endure being sullied like that.

Finally, after she felt both calmed and clean enough, Valda moved away from the sink, picked up her mask from the floor and headed to the common room so she could speak with the Vice-commander. She glared at Shirou one last time before she exited the kitchen, hastily affixing her mask to her face as she stormed towards the teacher. That was when she stopped in her tracks, trying to claw for the best and most accurate explanation as to what happened. There was no way she could let this slide, so she had to make sure it was all covered and that everything was understood. Her thought process must’ve been rather obvious as Carter Raised his hand as if to stop her.

“Let me save you some trouble Miss Krieg. You don't have to explain to me the difficulties associated with baking. For now it's another matter I wish to speak to you about.” He spoke calmly and Valda felt a flood of Relief wash over her. A soft sigh of relief escaped her lips but she still needed to be clear.

“It, it really wasn’t what it looked like. That idiot really-“ Valda tried, her voice now found but was cut off by a tap to her mask via book corner. She blinked a few times at Carter’s actions but did nothing more.

“That's quite enough Miss Krieg. Like I said, we have other matters to discuss.” Carter said sighing heavily. Valda adjusted her stance a bit, deciding to wait for the topic to come. It only just dawned on her that Carter had come to speak to her about something directly, so whatever it was must have been of some importance.

“Now I wished to address your recent slump. Now I understand that all of you have been adversely affected by what's been happening of late, but the others seem to be coping with it better. Now normally I'd call your parents-“

“NO!” Valda cut him off as he explained. He couldn’t, she couldn’t let him. She couldn’t bear the thought of her Father thinking she was performing at anything less than perfect. It was unacceptable, completely and utterly unacceptable. Carter seemed surprised by the outburst and Valda realised she’d need to follow it up with something. It wasn’t like her to plead, but this was too important not to. “I-I mean, I'll do whatever, extra work, staying after school, or whatever just... Don't call my Father... please.”

“Miss Krieg, please pay closer attention when people are speaking, especially if you intend to interrupt.” He scolded and Valda actually winced. She waited a moment quietly so that Carter could continue. “I would call your parents, normally; but seeing as how this is far from a normal situation, I decided finding an activity that might improve your attitude would be a more constructive approach.”

“Oh right... sorry.” Valda managed to mutter out, relief washing over her. She’d just have to do whatever it was and get herself back to her usual level of brilliance, no better than that. Settling the notion in her head she spoke up again, filled with her usual confidence. “Well what did you have in mind then? I hope it's something good.”

“Well with any luck, it might improve your manners towards those that do you favours.” He commented, reaching for his book. Unlike before though Valda didn’t pay his words and real mind, all she had to do was ace whatever this thing he wanted her to do. Pulling out some paper he handed it to Valda. “Japan Heavy Chemical Industries have invited a group of Nerv delegates to the unveiling of their own Anti-Angel project. I would like to suggest that Major Miki take you and some of the other pilots to the event.”

“Urgh, the Major?” Valda mouthed off not really caring to hide her distaste. Why couldn’t she go with Vander or Johann? Actually, there’d likely be driving involved, scratch Vander. Then she took in the full statement, the distraction provided by the Major’s name quickly forgotten. “Wait a second? These guys, uh, JHC industries or whatever? They have their own 'Anti-angel' project?”

“Yes, of course. Or did you seriously think Nerv were the only people trying to destroy the near immortal monsters threatening Humanity?” Carter said with a trace of humour in his tone, like he thought it was funny to ask. Valda herself nearly growled but stopped herself; it was a bit of a dumb way to say it.

“Well no, but I mean... The way I heard it, the Evangelion was the ONLY real method of beating those things. Regular forces have little to no effect right? So it's hard to imagine these guys having anything special.” Valda said explaining her position matter-of-factly. It’s the way her Father had always said it, that even humanities greatest conventional weapons were not enough. That the Evangelion was the only true method of defeating the angels and that was why Valda and Unit 02 were so important. She was the perfect pilot and unit 02, the ultimate Evangelion. That was just the way it had to be.

“While that is the 'official' stance taken by Nerv, we do make a point of showing support for other projects attempting to achieve the same goal. Since you have expressed an interest in the more mechanical side of things, I thought this would be a good outlet for you to help get back on form.” He explained finally handing the paper over properly and Valda nodded appreciatively. Getting back on form sounded like a good assessment, it was careless of her to slip in the first place. With any luck, everything should be fine from now on.

“I'll be sure to arrange things with Kiyoshi and the other pilots. One of which being Mr. Karigane, so please pass along the message once he's recovered himself.” Carter stated, his sentence and tone laced with implications and Valda froze. Suddenly the fury that had seemingly dissipated began to reform and resurface as the Teacher made his exit. Fist’s clenched and teeth Bared, Valda finally let it out in a violent bellow of outrage and embarrassment.



After a long shower where Valda let her frustration and rage seep away with the water, for the most part, Valda had been spending her time studying in the common room, blocking out all others as she went from page to page, making notes and solving problems. Her once again pristine mask rested upon her face as always, adding to her personal isolation. Naturally though this was not to last, as the infernal Major walked through the door making some sort of quick headcount before calling for everyone to gather around. Valda sighed heavily and closed her books, standing to group with the others, avoiding Shirou like the plague.

“Alright everyone, as you may know, Katla and Qi are back from hospital today. Now I want you all to know, Katla is in a kind of fragile state right now, so don't crowd her, and don't stress her out, got it? On top of that, Qi's sisters will be coming to stay with us for a while, so I'll bring them in in a few minutes, so be nice, alright?” The Major explained and Valda blinked. With everything that had happened earlier she had totally forgotten that Katla was due back today. There was a number of things Valda wanted, perhaps even needed, to say to the Fragile pilot. But most of it could wait; the Major was perhaps, for once, right. It wouldn’t do to stress the girl and send her right back to the hospital after all.

“Hang on? Sisters?” Valda questioned to herself quietly. This was news, she wasn’t aware the snake had any family let alone enough to require a plural. Valda was suddenly anxious as she thought about it. Were they like the snake? Were they not? Older or younger? She felt herself gripping on of her arms tightly as a long supressed longing began to creep towards the surface; one that was taking all of Valda’s willpower to supress.

She barely even noticed Qi and Katla enter, or that Raglan had already initiated a conversation until he moved past her again, heading to the stairs to sit. Snapping out of her odd daze, Valda decided to step forward next. Stopping in front of Katla and folding her arms Valda spoke up, slightly quieter than normal for her but still with her usual confidence.

“Katla, it’s good to see you’re doing well, everyone got worried hearing you were in the hospital.” Valda began and then took a more casual stance. “Well whatever, it doesn’t matter now. Just remember, if anyone gives you trouble. Then you send them my way, I’ll sort it out for you.”

Valda made her boast clearly jamming her thumb at her chest proudly. But then, she looked at the Snake who was barely paying any attention to her. Sighing Valda decided that some concessions had to be made; after all he had tried too. “Or you know, you can always go to the snake over there. He’s a bit off but he tries.”

“Captain popular by the stairs there has some clout, lord only knows why so him too I guess. Tokei and Shiori too, if you prefer. I’m Certain they’d help out.” Valda continued pointing out the various people in the room. Then her accusing thumb landed on Shirou and Valda’s eye twitched under her mask. “But don’t ask that idiot! Can barely keep himself together, let alone someone else. Isaac and Akio aren’t much better. Yeah best to stick to me or one of the others, ignore those guys.”

Her statement made, Valda decided to move back and give the others some room, though she did briefly take off her mask and smile just to say. “And once again, good to see you.” Before putting it back on and heading for a wall to lean on.

It was now that Valda began ignoring the others interactions with Katla again, despite her attempts to focus. She felt her eyes being drawn to the doorway Qi kept looking out of. It was strange actually; she’d never seen the snake look so fidgety, even if it was only in his glances. She felt an odd smile tug at her face at this. He must’ve been worried for his sisters, how sweet. She shook her head to try and rid the notion.

Soon enough, the Major left to retrieve the new houseguests. Valda tensed as the door opened again and three people stepped in. Valda wasn’t sure what she expected, but she was still surprised to see such a familiar pair of faces standing at the door. In fact she found herself looking between them and Qi a few times as if trying to do the obvious math in some hyper complicated manner.

“Everyone, this is Zei Liu, and Zei Ba, Qi's sisters.” The Major state the obvious as per usual, but then again given the several blank responses, perhaps it was for the best. It was then that the girl with the Bob cut perked up.

“Oh wow! It's soooo cool to meet my big brother's friends.” she sounded off jubilantly, further perplexing Valda’s already shockingly taxed mind. She was so like the snake and yet, that excitement, that smile, that voice. So foreign to the Albino she knew, what was this?

“It is in the best interests of everyone here to leave, me, alone.” The other one spoke, plainly and harshly. Somewhat more reconcilable with the snake, and yet, still foreign in the complete lack of sinister smile or cold politeness that Valda was used to.

“Alright, I'm gonna go check on rooms for you two; just wait here with the others while I get things ready, okay?” The Major said before taking off. Suddenly finding themselves alone with this somewhat surreal vision, it was clear that one of the pilots had to move. Pushing herself off the wall Valda walked forward hand on hip.

“Hello, I’m Valda Krieg nice to meet you.” Valda spoke up, albeit a tad more stiffly than she’d intended to sound. The reactions the two of them had were very different. The one with the fancy hairstyle gave Valda a blank look before stating.

“I don’t care.”

Valda shifted incensed; a tad annoyed by the attitude despite how predictable it really should’ve been with the albino girl’s prior introduction. However the other sister had a far more vibrant reaction.

“Hello Valda, its super special awesome to meet you!” She responded brightly launching herself into Valda and catching her in a tight hug. Valda’s mind suddenly blanked at the action.

Valda’s reaction was quite visible; she tensed immediately and froze stock still. This was something she couldn’t deal with, no one was supposed to touch her, let alone hug her. This was, wrong, it had to stop. But, that feeling resurfaced, that odd longing of things long past. Slowly, shakily, Valda reached her arms up to try and pull the odd girl off of her before her willpower caved.

“Heh, yeah thanks.” Valda said awkwardly before gently returning the embrace. It was painful, but warm for her. Something she wanted more than anything yet felt unbelievably guilty for accepting. The experience was all too short and yet not over fast enough as Ba pulled off and smiled. It took a moment before Valda snapped back into reality, jerking slightly before awkwardly trying to adopt a casual stance.

“W-Well since you’re here and all, just remember you can ask me if you need anything, all right? All right good I’ll just… be over there.” Valda managed to get out before making a swift tactical retreat to the farthest corner from everyone else she could, wrapping her arms around herself loosely.

Once again she was thankful to have her dear mask, because she was certain she looked like a giddy idiot underneath it, and she still wasn’t sure why.
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Postby MAGI_01 » Tue Jun 17, 2014 12:55 am

As the school day went on one thing had been sticking in Akio’s mind. Throughout the day he had heard gossip here and there about the upcoming school dance. Passing through the halls he had heard speculation on who was going with whom to who was going to wear what and so on. He didn’t concern himself with all the chatter however; there was one thing that he was concerned with: just how the hell was he going to go about asking Tomoko to the dance? He had never been to a school dance before, let alone even having asked someone out to one before. The whole thing made him uneasy. Just what would he say?

He and Tomoko ate their bentos together as they did every school day, chatting sporadically about homework and a variety of other topics. Half of the time however, he had been paying very little attention, offering only quick and one word responses.

“Something wrong Aki? You’re being pretty quiet today.” Tomoko asked.

“Oh no, it’s nothing!” He nervously chuckled. “Just thinking about something is all.”

He figured now would be the best time to say something. There was no one else around. This should be easy he thought. The fact is though; he grew slightly more uncomfortable with each passing moment.

“Hey Tomoko?” He started nervously.

“Yeah?” She said as she turned towards him.

“Well I was wondering…” He paused. “…if you’d like to go to the dance with me?” He nervously rubbed the back of his head.

“Of course!” Tomoko smiled.

“That’s great!” He smiled.

He could now breathe a sigh of relief.


“Everyone, gather round, I've got some announcements.” Kiyoshi called out.

“Alright everyone, as you may know, Katla and Qi are back from hospital today. Now I want you all to know, Katla is in a kind of fragile state right now, so don't crowd her, and don't stress her out, got it? On top of that, Qi's sisters will be coming to stay with us for a while, so I'll bring them in in a few minutes, so be nice, alright?”

Shortly after the announcement, Kiyoshi made her way back out to the car. Up to this point, he had really not interacted much with Qi at all, so he had no idea that he had any sisters. What are they like? Are they older or younger than him? He wondered. As questions continued to fill his head, Katla and Qi entered. Raglan was the first to step forward. He made his way over and greeted both Katla and Qi, saying a few words before heading to the stairs and taking a seat.

Valda stepped forward next. “Katla, it’s good to see you’re doing well, everyone got worried hearing you were in the hospital.” She began confidently before taking on a more casual stance. “Well whatever, it doesn’t matter now. Just remember, if anyone gives you trouble. Then you send them my way, I’ll sort it out for you.” She boasted.

Akio spaced off for a moment, thinking of what to say while Valda continued on. “But don’t ask that idiot! Can barely keep himself together, let alone someone else.” She said, thumbing towards Shirou. “Isaac and Akio aren’t much better. Yeah best to stick to me or one of the others, ignore those guys.” He knew what she was saying about him was true. He had been a mess and was certainly in no position to really be of any help to anyone. She briefly removed her mask, saying a few more words before re-covering her face and heading to a wall to lean on.

Akio stepped forward next. “Hey, good to see you guys.” He started in a friendly manner. He noticed Qi was practically ignoring him, all while glancing out the door. Waiting for his sisters no doubt he thought. “It’s good to see you are ok Katla… and you too Qi.” He said, turning to each and smiling. Not knowing what else to say, he stepped back to allow room for the others to speak.

Before too long, the Major left to gather Qi’s sisters. He was slightly apprehensive as he always was when meeting new people. When they stepped through the door, he could definitely tell that they were siblings. He blinked a few times in shock at just how alike the three looked.

“Everyone, this is Zei Liu, and Zei Ba, Qi's sisters.” The Major introduced.

“Oh wow! It's soooo cool to meet my big brother's friends.” The girl with the bob cut sounded off.

“It is in the best interests of everyone here to leave, me, alone.” The other said in a cold manner.

They were polar opposites it seemed.

“Alright, I'm gonna go check on rooms for you two; just wait here with the others while I get things ready, okay?” The Major said before she took leave.

Things grew quiet for a moment before Valda suddenly spoke up.

“Hello, I’m Valda Krieg nice to meet you.”

“I don’t care.” The one responded coldly, clearly not interested.

“Hello Valda, its super special awesome to meet you!” The other said brightly as she launched herself at Valda, pulling her into a hug.

Valda completely froze. If it had been one of them then she would have already been screaming for them to not touch her while shoving them away. She looked extremely uncomfortable and tense, but she did neither of these things and what came next was even more surreal.

“Heh, yeah thanks.” Valda said awkwardly as she gently returned the embrace. Ba pulled back and smiled.

“W-Well since you’re here and all, just remember you can ask me if you need anything, all right? All right good I’ll just… be over there.” Valda awkwardly said before retreating to the furthest corner away from them.

Akio was confused at what had just transpired. Many questions ran through his head about what he had just observed, but now as not the time or place to be asking. As no one else made a move to introduce themselves, he bit his lip and stepped forward.

“I’m Akio Inoue… nice to meet you.”

Liu coldly stared at him, clearly not interested in the least.

“So awesome to meet you Akio!” Ba said enthusiastically as she launched herself at him, pulling him into a hug much like she did with Valda. He froze for a second before returning the embrace. “Thanks. Nice to meet you too…”

“You smell nice…”

Ba’s face instantly lit up. “Awww! That’s so nice of you to say! Thank you!” She smiled.

Across the room, undoubtedly Valda was rolling her eyes, annoyed by his outburst while Raglan busted out in laughter. It was not until then that he realized what he had just said out loud. Instantly turning red, he quickly pulled away from Ba.

“I-I uh… I didn’t mean to say that! No! I mean you do smell ni- I-I’m sorry!” He fumbled before retreating to the closest point away from the others out of sheer embarrassment.
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Postby Atropos » Wed Jun 25, 2014 9:00 pm

Shiori Takatsuki was a girl unused to disbelief. It was not because she was uncommonly accepting or particular sheltered; it was simply that she had been exposed to so many impossible or bizarre things in her life that mundane things had lost their ability to surprise her. Some said she was steely, like a battle-hardened veteran; others just said she'd lost her marbles and didn't look to be getting them back any time soon.

But now, things had changed. A boy—Izumi Sumire—had expressed attraction to her. Moreover, he had expressed a desire to draw close to her. She had responded positively—said "Yes," and nothing else—mostly out of interia. But she was, as of yet, uncertain as to how she would proceed. The world, which had so long functioned as a well-run machine, was beginning to fall apart around her; her fate, which she had presupposed to be determined on a quantum level from the moment the universe began, was suddenly wild and uncertain. She needed guidance, and she needed it soon. But from where?

As she walked back home, the power lines loomed over her like the impassable boundaries of the world. This web of electricity that surrounded her, that enabled her life to function as it did, somehow seemed strange and wrong to her.

The year was 2015.

The place was Tokyo-3.

That's as it should be, right? Why would it ever be different?

She gazed glumly at the sidewalk as she walked. Her feet tended to scrape against the cement, scuffing the sides of her shoes; she could not be bothered to care. She wanted to make the time in-between places last as long as it could.

It reminded her of something her father had once said to her. Electrons can only exist in valence shells, and they can only jump between shells when supplied with a sufficient amount of energy. There is no halfway point; the particle never exists outside of a shell.

Thus, when a particle is charged...where does it go, between the instant where it is in one shell and the instant when it is in another? Either the transition is not simultaneous, and thus violates the Law of Conservation of Mass, or it is simultaneous, and violates traditional laws of causality.

However, her father had suggested that there might be an "in-between" place: another kind of space that the electrons inhabited when they were not in one shell. Thus, when an electron is charged, he supposed, it entered that place for an indefinite amount of time—perhaps centuries, perhaps aeons—and then appeared at the other shell, without any apparent time having passed.

Shiori wondered, as she rounded the corner and walked towards the dormitory entrance, if she was doing the same thing: trying to enter a timeless state simply by avoiding places where any action was likely to take place.

"Tadaima," she said as she walked in. She left her shoes in a cubby and walked to the common room; she had no socks on, and the feel of bare skin against a smooth wooden surface felt strangely comforting.

She was halted, in the common room, by the appearance of two girls. They were unfamiliar to her, interlopers, and that was a bad sign. Another was that both bore a marked resemblance to Jie Qi.

That's right...he told me he had siblings, didn't he? she thought. These were they, then. Miki's introduction only served to confirm her own suspicions.

She did not know how to regard them, yet, and so she decided to keep them at arm's length. For now, she would seek guidance from the person she felt best qualified: Raglan Wyngarde. She made a motion for him to follow her, and then slipped into the kitchen.

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Postby Aggroxcraig » Sat Jul 12, 2014 1:26 am

Isaac rubbed his face with hands trying to was himself up as he sat in another weekly meeting with his psychiatrist Dr. Tamichi who was the beautiful blonde that was hired by NERV to check the stability of the pilots, but right now only Isaac saw her. She wore a pair of plastic framed glasses that seemed to be worn by hipsters. Isaac noticed whenever he wouldn’t say anything after she asked that she would take off her glasses and look at Isaac from a different perspective all be it slightly blurry.

“Isaac? You didn’t answer my question.” Dr. Tamichi said as she tapped her pen on the clipboard.

“Huh? Sorry, I’m still feeling groggy from being sick.” Isaac replied while feeling his head pound a bit from being awake for this long. Today was the first day he came back to school and while some students asked him how he was doing but he would reply with a groggy “I’m fine” and never really elaborate on how he was truly doing. Isaac just didn’t want to cause that much attention or be a problem. “Could you repeat the question?”

“It’s ok Isaac; I know you are still recovering from the flu.” Dr. Tamichi said with a pleasant smile.

“Like I said, how are you doing with the other pilots?”

“Good, I guess.” Isaac said quickly with nothing else to add.

“That’s it?” Dr. Tamichi said while writing things down without looking up.

“Nothing really that interesting to mention.”

“Really? Well that’s interesting, because according to a report filed by Major Miki both you and Akio had a little fight. Would you mind telling me how that occurred?” Isaac felt the Dr. Tamichi’s stare which in some way reminded him of his aunt, but in this case it was more business rather than mother like.

“I sort of provoked Akio to hit me. It was my fault regardless.”

Dr. Tamichi looked up for a moment. “Why is it your fault?”

“Ehhh, because I said things there were really…harsh.”

“Why would you provoke Akio knowing that he might be struggling? Remember his interaction with the Angel? That was probably a dramatic experience for him.”

Isaac had realized after the whole fight that he might have gone too far. In his mind Isaac tried to think why he would do something like that to Akio who was by all means someone who he would call a friend, well maybe someday. The idea of having a friendship with any of the pilots sounded great, but it seemed hazardous. Isaac will catch himself yearning for a friendship with any of the pilots, extending the hand of friendship and then taking it back with the thought of being hurt if they died because of an Angel. “I felt that Akio needs to know that if he wants to be here to pilot and to fight the Angels he needs to decide for himself. I guess a part of me wants him to leave to have a normal life too though.”

“Interesting…” Dr Tamichi said while writing some things down. “So then, why do you think you should be here?”

“No one else can do this, I have to stay.”

Isaac arrived back at the dorm and sat in the common room along with a most of the other pilots. “Alright everyone, as you may know, Katla and Qi are back from hospital today. Now I want you all to know, Katla is in a kind of fragile state right now, so don't crowd her, and don't stress her out, got it? On top of that, Qi's sisters will be coming to stay with us for a while, so I'll bring them in in a few minutes, so be nice, alright?”

Qi…has sisters? Isaac thought to himself as he heard a few of the other pilots ask the same question to themselves. For some reason it seemed odd to think that Qi might have sister even though Isaac never really took the time to get to know him. As soon as Kiyoshi brought in Katla along with Qi the first thing Isaac noticed was Katla’s short hair. It didn't look bad, it was just a huge change compared to her long hair. After a few of the pilots carefully greeted Katla and Isaac looked over at Qi who just stood by Katla while keeping his attention close to the car outside. Isaac found himself looking towards Qi before over hearing Valda’s voice. “But don’t ask that idiot!” Which idiot?. “Can barely keep himself together, let alone someone else. Isaac and Akio aren’t much better. Yeah best to stick to me or one of the others, ignore those guys.”

Isaac felt a rush of anger towards to German girl as Isaac rubbed his head while letting out a deep sigh. After Rag, Valda and Akio greeted Katla and Qi, Isaac stood up from the couch and walked up to the two. With a slightly stern look on his face, Isaac’s mind started to race as he thought about the girl and her relationship with his father. It seemed as though he was slightly relieved to see her, but his eyes scanned Katla with his mouth moving from grinding his teeth as a nervous tick. "Hey, it's good to see that you're back. Are you feeling well?"

Katla gave Isaac a peculiar look as she tried to discern some of his mannerisms. She then looked down at Isaac’s hand and appeared unsure on what to do with it. Eventually Katla slowly reached her hand forward and as their hands locked Katla had feeling come across her chest that was…familiar which confused her as well. “I’m fine.” Katla said quietly while taking her hand way immediately.

“That’s good…” There was a small pause in between the two children’s conversation. Isaac cleared his throat while looking over at Qi and then back at Katla. “Well, it’s good to see that you’re back.”

Isaac took a few steps away and soon saw Kiyoshi walk in with two girls along with her. “Everyone, this is Zei Liu, and Zei Ba, Qi's sisters.” Kiyoshi said while one of the girls perked up with a large smile on face.

“Oh wow! It's soooo cool to meet my big brother's friends.” This is Qi’s sister…no way. Isaac thought as he looked at Qi seeing the family resemblance.

“It is in the best interests of everyone here to leave, me, alone.” Ok, now that’s how I imagined Qi’s sister to be like.

“Alright, I'm gonna go check on rooms for you two; just wait here with the others while I get things ready, okay?” Kiyoshi left the group as they stood there, Isaac saw Valda take the initiative to get to know Qi’s sister. As soon as Ba glomped onto Valda Isaac couldn’t help but laugh to himself as he knew that Valda wasn’t the best as physical contact. As soon as Valda slipped away Akio then made his move towards that two girls. Liu remained aloof ignoring his presence then Akio did…well what Akio does best when Ba embraced him.

“You smell nice…” Akio said with Isaac mentally facepalming from Akio’s reaction.

Isaac sat in one of the couches watching the circus show continued knowing that he was the next act. Standing up, Isaac in his mind thought to himself to act cool and not be weird like he normal was. Isaac cleared his throat and tried to do a smooth Vander impression. “Hey wel-!” When trying to be cool, Isaac ended up being more of a fool than Akio was as he tripped towards Zei seeing her eyes slightly widen as he landed on top of her.

For a moment, he was face to face with the girl, her pale skin only serving to highlight the deep crimson of her eyes. As he continued to stare however, her face began to flush, steadily matching the shade of her eyes. With one hand pinned between her and Isaac, she slammed her free one into his face. Despite the delicate look of the sisters, the thin elegant digits felt rough to the touch, thin lines of long faded scars being the only smooth feature of this disguised talon as she gripped his face painfully and shoved him backwards.

"Get this THING off of me!" Feeling a firm hand grip his collar, Isaac's breath leaves him as he is trailed upwards off the girl and tossed backwards. Meeting the eyes of the determined helper, Qi stares back at him, a severe look on his face before turning to help his sister up.

“Hahahaha! You must be Isaac Kenny, we've heard so much about you." Ba beamed at him as Liu straightened her clothes indignantly.

"Wait...you've heard about me?" Isaac said with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh yeah, we have files on all the pilots, don't you guys?" Ba continued. "Though I gotta say, they really don't do you guys justice. Just numbers and psyche profiles and junk. I always prefer meeting people up close, you get a way better feel for them." she smiled, practically bouncing on the spot.

"Really? That's…interesting. I'm not even sure if we have access files like that...do we?" Isaac said looking at the other pilots looking for an answer as he slowly stood up genuinely curious on what his and the other pilot’s files had to say. The idea scared him.

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Postby Agentomega » Sun Sep 28, 2014 8:43 am

"... Huh?"

He did not expect that. His request was worded well enough, right? But then again, he supposed it might have come out a little suddenly and required explanation.

"Well, I mean, we're friends right? And you've been helping me a lot too, so..." Brilliant. This is probably the most embarrassing thing you've ever done.

"Right! Friends! Yes," Valda nearly squeaked. Then she seemed to calm down a little. "Well, I suppose... I HAVE been helping you out, it... it makes sense... yeah. Sure."

Shirou was dumbstruck. Wait. What. He felt a grin creeping over his features and why are you grinning? This is for normal interaction! Get that smile off your face! So he tried, but to little avail.

"C-cool! It'll be fun." He could feel his face wavering between a cordial smile and an outright beam.

"but let's be clear about this! This isn't a Date! I mean, I know the term is technically date, but it's not a date date. Got it?!" Valda growled.

"Right, right! I wouldn't dream of it, Captain." Of course it isn't a date. You don't like Valda like you like Tokei, his consciousness happily supplied. And then the other shoe dropped.

You like Tokei.

You like Tokei.

You like Tokei.


Right, I quit. By the way, Valda's trying to tell you something. Might want to get on that.

"... The cake!"

"Ah," Shirou exclaimed snapping out of his realization. He'd have to think about it later, because cake is Serious Business. He ran over to the oven with a mitt and a toothpick, and was relieved when it came out clean and nothing smelled burnt. "Nice catch! It should be perfectly done."

"Well this is me we're talking about, of course. Here, I'll help you with this." He glanced over and saw her moving toward the icing.

The recipient of a cake should not be involved in the making process! Intercept her!

"I can finish that," he said suddenly, practically dropping the cake tin on the counter.

"It's fine, I can handle this. What, you don't trust me," snapped Valda.

"I do," he back-pedaled defensively, "but it is your cake."

You're not supposed to say that out loud.

You quit, remember?

... Touché.

"What do you mean, it's my cake?"

He sighed. "Well... I was sort of dense and missed your birthday, so I made a cake."

The room was still, Shirou looking anywhere but directly at Valda. Then she moved...

"Whatever, I don't care. I'll handle the damn icing!"

That incensed Shirou. "Wait, but that'd be against the whole point of it!"

"Don't care, I'd rather do it myself, especially if I'm supposed to be getting it!"

She started reaching for the whisk and Shirou reacted, moving forward to try and beat her to it. Valda responded defensively and the two collided. Shirou fumbled for purchase on the countertop but failed and grabbed something else that clattered to the ground.

"WH-WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! DON'T TOUCH ME," the brunette shrieked, slamming her hand down for emphasis. His eyes widened as icing spattered all over Valda's now-maskless head, and the German reflexively took a step... The next few moments were a painful blur as Valda slipped, catching him in the diaphragm. He gasped, and then tried to catch his breath as silently as possible. Minimize your presence, his mind sagely advised.

"Miss Krieg, a word if you'd please. I'll be waiting in the common area. Join me once you've... cleaned up."

The implication sailed over Shirou's head and impacted somewhere near the stove's overhead fan. However, he intuited Valda was mad about something when an ominous "Youuuuuu" crept from her mouth like a thousand Eldritch horrors oozing out of Yog-Sothoth. He immediately sprang away in order to avoid the explosion... that oddly didn't come.

Well, that's worrisome. He simply froze in place, running through a list of things to say and rejecting absolutely everything. When Valda left the room and the horror faded from his mind, he started thinking again. His mind numb, the first realization was:

We are now down a significant quantity of icing.

And so he started another batch of the confectionery goodness. This didn't take as long as the first, as he wasn't trying to attend to both a cake and a fiery German at the same time. It also served to let the cake cool to an appropriate temperature for application. He'd just finished smoothing out the layer when the Major called everyone to the entry.


He hesitantly approached Valda after she was done speaking with the new arrivals. She was rather upset before, and seemed to be in a strange mood now as well.

"Uh... Valda? I remade the icing and the cake is finished."

She turned her face to him, arms crossed, and even through the mask (or perhaps especially because of the mask) he could tell she was giving him a hawkish glare.

"Huh? What the hell are you talking about? ... Oh right, right... yeah. That," she said disdainfully.

Shirou was taken aback. Was it something he did?

"Just thought I'd let you know, if you wanted the first slice or something."

She looked away with a harshly muttered, "Tch, whatever..." Then she sighed and turned back slightly. "Thank you, I suppose. I guess I could indulge, but only because you went through all that trouble; normally I wouldn't bother."

"Er, you're welcome," he said, his confusion creeping into his voice. "Oh, is it alright if I let the others know about it?"

"What?! NO!" His eyebrows crept upward in reaction, surprise reaching his visage. That was an odd outburst. "I mean, yes, but... Don't... urgh whatever."

He nodded. "Okay then, I'll be in the kitchen in a couple of minutes. I'd like to get your opinion on it."

"Well, you just better hope you've done a good job then," she shot back.

With another tilt of his head, he headed toward Qi's sisters. The pair had their obvious quirks, but they certainly seemed interesting enough, and it would only be polite to introduce himself. As he approached, the feeling of a family resemblance hit him harder and he felt a pang of guilt for not visiting Qi in the hospital. Then he remembered the picture Raglan sent and that stirred up all sorts of odd feelings and thoughts toward the three of them. Of course, that kicked off a runaway thread of guilty thoughts about how he hadn't visited her either, and that he didn't really deserve to talk with her... He shook his head as though to force the thoughts out of his ears and then closed the remaining distance between himself, the sisters and Isaac.

"Wait... you've heard about me?"

"Oh yeah, we have files on all the pilots, don't you guys? Though I gotta say, they really don't do you guys justice. Just numbers and psyche profiles and junk. I always prefer meeting people up close, you get a way better feel for them."

"Really? That's... interesting. I'm not even sure if we have access to files like that... do we?"

He shrugged when the boy looked at him. "I can't say I've thought to look." He turned to the girls. "Uh, hi! I'm Karigane Shirou, pilot of Unit Alpha."

"Nice to meetcha! I'm Ba, and this is my sister, Liu," the girl said cheerfully. Liu didn't spare him as much as a glance, and continued to read her book with a disinterested expression firmly plastered on her face.

"I'm looking forward to working together. By the way..." He raised his voice and turned his head so that the others in the room could hear. "I just wanted everyone to know that there's some birthday cake in the kitchen." He turned back to face the twins and lowered his voice again. "And you're welcome to it," he said with a smile.

Ba gasped, eyes twinkling. "I've never had cake before," she practically squealed. "What kind is it?"

"Oh, mostly chocolate, some cinnamon..."

He hadn't finished going over the whole flavour profile when he was interrupted by an excited, "Great! Let's go, sis!" Liu finally paid him some attention... but not as he'd desired. She gave him a suffering glare as Ba grabbed her hand and started dragging her in the direction of the kitchen. He headed that way as well, and nearly crashed into Valda, who was standing just inside the doorway. He cringed, but the expected "Watch where you're going, Dummkopf!" never came. Stepping next to her, he realized why.

His eyes widened in alarm as they took in the sight of one messy Raglan, who had a half-eaten piece of cake in front of him, a fork in his mouth, and an expression of pure bliss that was obscured only by the bits of icing and crumbs that littered his cheeks, nose and mouth. Opposite him was Shiori, who also had a slice but appeared not to have touched it at all. His eyes darted to the cooling rack, where approximately three slices were missing. Finally, his gaze stopped to rest on Valda, whose reaction he couldn't even begin to anticipate....
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Postby BlackberryMilk » Sat Dec 27, 2014 7:22 pm

There were no sounds in the car that worked for her, the mindless humming of the girl on the other side of the car did nothing but cause more anxiety to bubble and fizz up; she could feel a heat emanating from the back of her neck already. The only reassurance the girl had was of the pilot called Qi near her.. She didn't dare look up at him.

Shifting uneasily in her seat, she became painfully aware of her thighs sticking to the leather.. I'll never get used to this heat...

When she closed her eyes, she saw her breath clouding the vision in front of her, her cheeks suddenly flush from the biting cold, condensation appearing at the tip of her nose as she burrowed it into the fur on her coat.
Her father called out to her, a smile on his face--this was it, it was time to go to Japan, time to pilot alongside her friend and protector. The white protector itself towering above, coming into focus behind her waving father. It's eyes suddenly becoming blinding beacons of purple, her vision becoming flooded from purple, to lilac, to white.

“-atla, Qi, if you two want to come in first, we'll get you all settled in again and then I'll come out and collect you two, alright?” She was jolted out of her memories, back to the crippling heat.

While the pilots piled out of the car, Kat couldn't help but pause.. She knew what was ahead of her, she prepared for months alongside her Mother, but she couldn't help but feel like she was about to jump off of a cliff into the dark waters below. Something was wrong, and she could only imagine what it was. With her Mother suddenly gone, she was unsure of her standing amongst others.

His hand appeared in her sight, almost piercing into her stream of thoughts, ending their pull on her attention. The harsh sun reflected off of his translucent skin, almost as pure and white as her unit itself. The idea put her at ease.

Ț̶̴̺̰͕͚̳̥̦̦̗͍͖̘̣̫ͤ̈̾ͨ͋̍̑͊̾ͫ̌ͫ͒͆ͪ̔́̚͞͞a̒͑̅ͪͦ̓͆ͫ͗̀̾̌ͤͨ̓ͮͫ͘͜͢҉̣̭̗̟̯̱ķͪͦ͋́͑̑ͩͣͦͫͦ̒ͭ͠͏̼̠͇̣̫e̙͙̣̜͕̞̩͚͇̝̠̺̪̼̒ͦͯ̀́ ̶̹̞̩͈͎̱̘̽̎̓̒̄͜h̀̈́̇̀ͭ̌ͧ̃ͮ̾ͦ̂̔͐̔̾ͬ́̚͏̸̧̻͈̠̱̪̫͈̺͚͙̠̳͈̯i̇̈̓̓̔ͫͧ̋ͣ̎̚͏̤̯͖̫͚̹s̼͖̲̭͕͔ͯ̾͌̍ͬ̉́̀̕͞ ̶̊ͣ͐ͤ͋̉̎͂͞҉̧̖̜̼̜h̸̨͓͔͖̬̘̙̮̙͇̮̮͙̪̗̙ͨ̀͂̒͑̑͋ͣ̂͊̀a̴̛̼̰͎͚̩̯̠̙̜̲͔̣ͬ̍ͨ́̎̽̅ͤͨͣ̎̈́ͫͯͦͣ͢n̔̋ͨ̒ͦ̽́̎ͫ̈́ͬ͒̊͌̀ͫ͏̷̖͈̫̭̦̦̬͓̰ͅḑ̛͎̬̝͍̪̞͖̞̮̫͙̤͍͚͙̣̤̰ͤ̎̽̉̏͋ͥ̌͋̚͜ͅ/̑̂ͪ̽̇͂̔̒͒̿̽̈́ͫ҉̨́҉̭̮͙̣͉̦̠̰̥̬̖̤̤̝ͅͅ

-She imagined her mother would prompt, the young girl slowly turning her head side to side to she if she could catch a glimpse at her, but she never showed her face.

Slowly she was guided up the stairs, her heartbeat in her throat about to propel itself from her body. She felt panicked, yet due to years of training she looked as serene as could be. The blinding light of the perma-summer sun outside blinded her walking in, calming and fading away once her eyes adjusted to the room. There were no smiling faces. They too were uncomfortable.

"Katla, it’s good to see you’re doing well, everyone got worried hearing you were in the hospital.” Katla was thrown once again into real-time when the young german girl declared her greeting, jolting Kat back. Her strong, self-assured words slowly built a wall around Kat, gave her something to focus on. Her strong voice cooled down to a simmer: “Well whatever, it doesn’t matter now. Just remember, if anyone gives you trouble. Then you send them my way, I’ll sort it out for you.” The pilot of Unit-02 continued pointing out everyone in the room, Katla connecting their faces with their profiles.

“And once again, good to see you.” The girl left her side to let everyone else come forward, she almost wanted her to stay by her side when little by little, the others came forward.

The first being her...step-brother...

"Hey, it's good to see that you're back. Are you feeling well?" She read his face, unsure of whether he knew or not, considering her memory loss. She chose to keep it simple and slowly reached her hand out to his, quietly letting out “I’m fine," then pulling her hand back. He didn't resemble their Father much, he shared his Mothers attributes much more. Although their artificial sense of control on things definitely was similar... their false senses of security. His stern greeting, his harsh eyes, all hid his fear and self doubt (There you are Papa...)

The others continued on, making short introductions with the new girls, awkwardly welcoming him back as well.

Already weary of all the interaction, Katla quietly slipped away to her room with a final nod to the major, who gave a warm smile back.


A few hours had passed as she ravaged through her room, tossing piles of papers, opening her drawers, shaking out books, no sign of Mother. What had the young pilot done to have this happen? How much time has she lost? She felt her anxiety beginning to grow inside her stomach---The girl stayed huddled over her books, papers clenched in her fists, sighing as she looked across the room at the wasteland of papers nearly covering her floor, when she spotted an envelope that wasn't there before. Her head perked up.

She crawled over the papers and reached for the envelope with her name quickly sprawled on the front. Everything about it was unfamiliar, the penmanship, the smell, the variation of her name that was used.. She tapped the envelope on her fingertips, glancing casually around the room. Standing up slowly, she walked over her chaos and set it upon her dresser, leaning it up against her books so her name on the front faced her. Without losing eye contact, she slowly walked backwards, climbing into her bed, and leaned her head back against the wall, studying the envelope.

She slowly started to fall asleep, nodding off, wondering about what could be inside.

Never opening the letter, she finally succumbed to sleep--dreaming about her Unit, her Mother , Qi , her father, but never about the letter.

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Postby Lance of LoL » Sun Jan 04, 2015 7:42 pm

The day wore into night, the situation with Raglan's premature assault on the cake being resolved with the typical efficiency of the group, namely a lot of yelling, threats and accusations. As they passed curfew, the pilots migrated to their rooms, silence falling over the dorm as many went to bed and drifted off to sleep.

Qi lay on his makeshift bed, staring at the ceiling, the apparatus around his wrist that allowed him to quickly produce and retract his knife, clicking quietly as he drew the blade to his hand and replaced it. The tell-tale creak of the floorboards outside drew his attention and he slowly rose from his bed. Stepping out into the hallway, the atmosphere was eerily quiet. The only light to guide him was a ray of moonlight being cast from the window at the end of the hall, creating long and ominous shadows as it struck the various features of the hallway. Walking calmly and without concern, his feet found the rhythm of the floorboards beneath him, angling in such a way that not even the slightest of sounds emanated from his footsteps.

As he reached the top of the stairs, the device on his wrist clicked, the blade launching into his palm where it caught the moonlight. Standing silently, his crimson eyes stared into the gloom below, his blade shimmering menacingly as he prepared for what was to come. Walking down into the common area, Qi's hair stood on end, his gaze shifting quickly from one point to the next, looking for any sign of another person. Sticking close to the wall, he went to the window, opening the blinds and casting another long ray of moonlight into the common area. Seeing nothing, he moved quickly to the next. From the darkness, a melodic tinkling of metal on metal caught his ear. Eyes wide, he threw up his hand as several wires wrapped around it, tangling around the knife in his hand and cutting into him, causing thin lines of red to appear against the deathly paleness of his skin. Reaching back with his free hand, he tore the blinds from the window and the shining light from behind him illuminated the bindings around his hand. Following them back, he found Liu, her long hair set loose from its usual style to fall around her shoulders. Sitting in one of the armchairs in the common area, her face stern as she pulled at the wires tied around her fingers, blood seeping from beneath them to dye her white hands red.

“Hello little brother.” she announced pointedly.

“Hi Qi.” Ba chimed in cheerily, poking her head up from behind the couch that faced away from him. Qi sucked in a breath as the wires dragged slowly through his skin.

“Hello sisters.” he replied through gritted teeth. “You know Liu, I always admired your dexterity. None of us could hope to use weapons like yours, but there is the slight flaw that it is very difficult to improve on them.” he winced. Gripping his knife tightly, the low hum of the blade filled the air followed by a loud twang as the wires encircling it were severed, falling limply to the floor. Pressing his hand against his shirt, he wrapped the bloodied appendage in the cloth, not letting go of his knife as he did so.

“You always did like to make a point of being different, didn't you little brother?” Liu continued, seemingly unperturbed by Qi's actions. “And for a time that worked to your advantage. You were abnormal, but in such a way that it allowed Father to present you to the world as Golgotha's chosen child.”

“Yeah Qi, you're the weirdo, hehe.” Ba giggled in agreement.

“How nice of you to notice.” he replied coldly. “So why is it that the director saw fit to send my dear sisters here?”

“Because of your repeated failures, of course. You've done nothing to undermine Kenny's position, you've not eliminated a single other pilot,”

“Not for lack of trying, honestly Wyngarde or Krieg would be my first choices given ample opportunity.” Qi cut in, his hollow smile once again returning to his face.

“Are you under the impression that Owen Kenny is not completely aware of who and what we are?” Liu jabbed back bitterly.

“I'm certain that he is, but that doesn't make it prudent for me to become his enemy outright. It solves nothing.” Qi sighed, flexing his fingers irritably. Finding the conversation to have run its course, he turned to head for the stairs. Without warning, Ba leapt from the couch, landing in front of him. Spinning on the ball of her foot like a ballerina's pirouette, her free leg shot out on a collision course with Qi's head. Throwing up a defence, it collided with Qi's forearm as he tried to block. He felt his bones strain from the force, the tip of her toe brushing against his hair despite the effort he put in to stop her momentum. She beamed at him.

“Don't forget big brother, there's more of us than there are of you. Get in our way, and I'll break all your bones this time, follow?” she smiled, her head cocking playfully to the side as she dropped her leg back to the floor. Glancing at his arm, the cuts were now joined by the beginnings of an angry red welt where Ba's leg had slammed into him. It didn't escape his notice that they had both struck him on his dominant arm. The smile returned to him slowly.

“Message received.” he sneered, pushing Ba aside as he headed for the stairs.


As the darkness of night swallowed Japan, dawn broke over America. On the dusty private airstrip belonging to Nerv's Second Branch, a pale young woman with curly, shoulder length grey hair stepped down from cargo plane onto the tarmac. Unlike her siblings, who all wore traditional uniforms with little to no variation, she appeared to be more in line with the appearance of a typical young person, wearing a simple white blouse, black ruffled skirt and tights finishing off with a pair of well polished black combat boots. Hanging from her shoulder was a brown leather satchel with multiple key chains hanging from the corner. Meeting her, several staff members and the General stood waiting.

“Miss Zéi Jiù, General Quine, welcome to Area 51.” he introduced himself with the seasoned timber of military command. The girl smiled and bowed formally.

“It is an honour. I apologise, my English, is not strong.” she apologised bashfully.

“Not at all, when in doubt, we have translators on base. So is that the Dummy System?” he turned to face the plane once again, indicating the entry plug being removed from the hold.

“Shì de, yes, that is the Dummy Plug. Where is the Unit it is to be used for?” she inquired earnestly.

“The Unit in question is still being constructed. Provisional Unit-08 was never intended for active use, it's more a collection of parts we used to beta test armaments before live testing them with Unit-04. It will however suffice until our usual unit is returned.” Quine explained dogmatically, as if he had memorised the speech.

“That is, unfortunate, I hoped to see the Eva when I arrived.” she smiled. The sound of an energetic pop song filled the air and Jiù blushed.

“Sorry, that is my phone.” she apologised, taking a bright pink mobile from her satchel. Typing quickly, she threw it back in her bag and smiled sheepishly.

“Yes, well, that will have to be logged with our gate staff, no mobile devices are to be used on base, security reasons of course, but that will all be explained. For now, follow Sergeant Danvers here to your quarters, she'll help you get settled in.” Quine continued a bit more unsure, the appearance of the phone apparently hampering the script he had laid out in his mind. Bowing again, Jiù took off in pursuit of Sergeant Danvers while Quine observed the unloading of the Dummy Plug.

The hours on the base passed quietly, Jiù had been led to the oldest building on the base, a rectangular, brick structure that stood proudly at the rear of the base, overlooking the newer buildings that had cropped up around it. Being left to become accustomed to her new accommodations, Jiù inspected her room. It was a plain place, military in its execution, like everything else. A simple bed in one corner, a trunk, a shelf, and a long halogen light across the ceiling. The walls were a drab blue, adding barely any warmth to the room and the only window was covered by a wire mesh on the outside. To some, this would seem rather poor housing for a supposed VIP, but Jiù held no such illusion. This room was a glorified prison, somewhere they could stick her where it wouldn't raise eyebrows and where she couldn't do any harm.

Leaving her satchel on the bed, she wandered down the hall to a vending machine she had passed on the way in. The hallway was broad and tiled, lending a cold and draughty quality to it as she moved. The windows, taking up a large section of the exterior wall, had been a staple of the aged building, but had been replaced at some point, now being made of a type of variable glass that adjusted to light intensity. Right now, with the blazing Nevada sun glaring at the base from the horizon, they were a translucent white colour, the light filtering through it in long, dusty streams that cast an unhealthy glow down the corridor and lending yet another layer to the alien and unwelcoming atmosphere of the building. Stopping at the machine, she turned over the five dollar note in her hand before deciding on tea. Feeding in the money and punching the number, she waited patiently as the machine whined and clunked through the process of making her drink. After moment, she pulled the warm cardboard cup from the slot and, holding it in both hands, brought it to her lips.

Jiù's face contorted. The tea was awful, terrible, loathsome even. She couldn't come up with a word to describe the watery concoction in her hand as she turned to look out the window. Bringing the wretched drink to her mouth once more, she took a tentative sip to try and decide if she could keep it down. As she did so, the corridor suddenly grew dim, a long shadow blocking the sunlight streaming through the glass. Reacting, the shading began to fade from the glass as Jiù stood there, the cup in hand. Hitting the ground with a sad thunk, the cup spilled searing hot liquid across the girl's leg, but drew no reaction as her crimson eyes absorbed the scene in front of her. The sight of a white giant, its body blocking out the sun as it marched towards the base.


When light once again returned to Japan, the dorm was abuzz with activity. Kiyoshi stood in the living area, waiting for the various pilots to collect themselves. Inspecting the damaged blinds, she glowered.

“Whoever did that is paying for it.” she muttered to herself as Valda came in from a run. “Krieg, front and centre.” Kiyoshi ordered irritably as she moved to the bottom of the stairs.

“Shiori, Shirou, both of you get your butts down here, I've got to talk to you.” she shouted impatiently as Qi wandered down the steps. Waving at the Major, she took note of his hand, thoroughly wrapped in bandages.

“What happened to you?” she inquired suspiciously. The Fifth child blinked.

“Oh, I” he glanced towards the broken blinds and smiled. “I suppose I should confess Major. I was downstairs after curfew. I thought someone had left the television on, but when I went to head upstairs I snagged my wrist on the blinds and pulled them down. I got a few cuts from the tangle, but nothing serious and I'll happily pay for the damages.” he explained jovially. Kiyoshi growled in frustration.

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Postby Atropos » Fri Jan 09, 2015 3:10 pm

Raglan entered the kitchen with a look of mild concern on his face. “What's up, Takatsuki?” he asked.

She hesitated, and looked down. Although she knew exactly what she wanted to say, she found that trying to put it into words, to express it, was not only difficult, but insurmountable. Thankfully, Wyngarde spared her the trouble.

“Oh,” he said, grinning. “Is this about Sumire?”

She looked up at the name, and met the boy's gaze.

He went on. “He asked you today, right? To the dance?”

“Indeed,” she said, nodding.

He shrugged. “What's the problem?” he asked. “I bet it'll be fun.”

She felt her cheeks growing hot, and looked away. “I… don't know how to dance.”

There were sounds of a commotion coming from the living room. Shiori was grateful for them: they covered up the awful silence that had come to rest.

It was Wyngarde who broke it. “That makes things tricky,” he said, nodding, and assumed a thoughful pose—the thumb of his right hand pressed against his chin, elbow supported by the left hand. She felt as though he were studying him, like she was a puzzle he was trying to figure out. He seemed to have come to a conclusion, as he said suddenly, “Dances are symbolic, right?”

She cast him a sideways glance.

“Well,” he explained, “dances, feasts, parties – there’s always some kind of symbolism, isn’t there? And you’re into that kind of stuff, always talking about fate, signs, especially with your tarot. What I’m saying is perhaps it was meant to be.”

Thinking it over, Shiori ran a finger offhandedly along her lip. The boy had made an interesting gambit, based on what he knew of her. That he would do so, make an honest effort, and not simply reiterate the tired platitudes she had heard a million times from friends who sought to fix her strange persona, meant that he truly wanted her there. That, she thought, was worth any embarassment.

“Yes,” she said. “I think I will go.”

Wyngarde smiled. “Great! I'll tell Izumi.” He turned to leave, but stopped before passing the doorway. “Look,” he said, “I can, umm… I can maybe teach you a few things. You know,” he said, pantomiming shashaying across an imaginary dancefloor. “Just a few things,” he went on. “They’ll play mostly poppy stuff. Dance music, but slow music too. You’ll have to know how to...” He held up his hands and swayed back and forth. Shiori giggled, holding up a hand to cover her mouth, as he blushed furiously.

She gave a small bow of the head. “Thank you,” she said. “I'd appreciate that.”

He smiled bashfully. “Sure.”

Shiori opened her mouth to speak, but her words caught in her throat. Wyngarde noticed, and pressed her: “What was that?”

“Will you... go with me?”

His expression turned from shy amusement to complete bafflement.

She quickly clarified. “With Sumire and me, I mean.”

He nodded, and laughed. “Oh, a double-date? Sure, why not.”

“Good,” she said, smiling. “I’m glad. And Wyngarde?”


“Thank you,” she said, and bowed.

He smiled. “No problem, Takatsuki.”

With that, she left.


The next day brought with it rain. After waking up to find the sky outside gray and choked with cloud, Shiori very nearly rolled over and went back to bed. But she could not, of course—there were duties to perform, and things she had to take care of.

The arrival of Qi's siblings had unnerved her. They bore a striking resemblance to the boy, not only physically but in their mannerisms. As she had never been too fond of Qi himself, this was an absolute nightmare for her.

Besides that, there was schoolwork. Her month-long absence had set her back significantly, and still she had not fully caught up to where her teachers expected her to be. In math and science, it wasn't so bad, but she had missed entire units of study in English and history. She had to work almost from dusk until dawn to make up for it.

And finally, there was Eva piloting. Dr. Idle had told her that Unit-00 was nearly functional again, and that meant she would more likely than not be forced to fight when the next Angel attacked. She shuddered at the thought. Her first battle had nearly killed her, and she wasn't looking forward to another one.

But behind all her facades—the girl, the Eva pilot, the student—was a greater mission: her duty to SEELE. They had not communicated with her since her return to Tokyo-3, and she was becoming concerned. Had they, perhaps, abandoned her? What would it mean if they had?

She was in the midst of a slow-motion crisis, so prolonged that while experiencing it, one would never realize it was a crisis at all.


She was in the middle of a page of schoolwork—English verbs in the past tense and imperative mood—when she heard Captain Miki call from downstairs. Leaving her work unfinished, she left her dorm room and proceeded downstairs.

They were all downstairs—Valda, Miki, and the Qis. She reflexively stiffened when she saw them, but thankfully their attentions were elsewhere.

She proceeded towards the Captain, and bowed. "Good morning, Miss Miki. What do you require?"

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Postby MAGI_01 » Wed Jan 14, 2015 8:44 pm

As the evening wore on, a situation developed due to Raglans early assault on Valda’s cake. There was a lot of yelling and finger pointing, but the situation was soon resolved.

As things started to settle down, Akio hesitantly approached Ba. He wanted to apologize for his outburst he had earlier, but was having trouble forming what he wanted to say exactly, just so as to not further embarrass himself.

“Hey, Ba…” He nervously said.

"Oh, hi there Akio." she smiled brightly in greeting.

“I-I…” He rubbed the back of his head nervously. “I’m sorry… you know for the outburst earlier.”

"Hmm? Oh that, don't worry about it. I spend a lot of time with my siblings, so it's nice to have someone to notice these things"

“O-okay.” Akio said with a sheepish smile. He paused to think for a moment. “If you don’t mind me asking… how many other siblings do you guys have? I know now it’s you, Qi, and Liu, but I’m just a little curious is all.” He asked. “I have two older brothers myself.”

"Oh, that's cool. We have two other sisters, Jiù and Shíyī." she beamed "They got sent over to America and Germany to help out with their experiments and stuff."

“That’s pretty cool.” Akio said happily. “One of my brothers is in the American military, and the other works at Nerv MIT.” Akio explained. “I can’t imagine what it’s like to have so many siblings.”

"It gets old, really fast." she giggled. "I mean, Big brother's alright, he just sorta leaves me alone, but four sisters sharing a bathroom can be pretty AAAAAH, ya know?"

“Oh yeah, I can imagine it gets pretty crazy some times.” Akio laughed.

"Umm, yeah, crazy, that's the word for it."

Akio chuckled. Looking at the clock, he noticed that curfew was not long off. “Well, our curfew is pretty soon, but I’m a little tired, so I think I’m going to head to my room a little early.” He paused. “But anyways, it was nice getting to know you a little better.” Akio smiled.

"You too, night." She said, waving cheerily.

“Good night!” Akio said happily.

Wishing the others a good night on the way, Akio made it to his room and flopped onto his bed, quickly succumbing to sleep’s sweet embrace.


Morning came and the dorm was buzzing with activity. Akio awoke a little early and started with some light exercise in his room, figuring Valda would very much approve of it considering that she was going out of her way to help him improve and be stronger. He heard the Major calling for Shirou and Shiori from downstairs, as he wrapped up the set of crunches he was doing. He wiped his brow and made his way downstairs to grab a quick shower and bite to eat before the day went into full swing, passing Shiori, Qi and the Major gathered in the common area as he went, giving them a quick “Good morning” as he passed.


As he pulled on his school uniform, his thoughts turned to Isaac and just how he would approach him to apologize for his actions at the beach. “I won’t be surprised if he’s still kind of pissed at me” He mumbled to himself. Letting out a sigh, he started combing his hair. “Still, I’m going to apologize, I owe him as much… even more since he saved me.” He paused. “I just hope he forgives me.”

Finished getting ready, he started to head towards the kitchen.
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Postby Blue Monday » Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:55 am

9:31PM on the rooftop terrace. The boy sat atop the bench, head resting in his hands whilst staring at the white lilacs placed on the lip of the outer façade where they lie in wait. Exhaling in a disappointed manner, he sat up and looked at his watch. 9:32PM. Overhead the moon hung weightily like some spectral observer of time immemorial. An ever present reminder glooming down on his mind telling of his lot in life. A whistle from some nearby nightwork constructions could be heard in the distance. Raglan stood up, dusted his pant legs and left. His face set in an unreadable expression, he looked at the flowers once more. The petals bristled in the wind, waiting, destined to be forever secret.

10:18PM on the steps outside a high-rise apartment complex in Ashigarajuku, a big black tomcat curious to company nuzzling his arm. Kei was startled to find the boy nearly dropping the plastic bags full of groceries. She gathered herself after a second and her gaze turned to sceptical, cool contempt. “What do you want?”

Inside the rice cooker ticked as it began to heat up. The easy sounds of FM radio spilling out through the neat and tidy apartment. Kei busied herself in the kitchen, Raglan sitting on the sofa, running the back of his thumb over his lower lip in thought. The girl peeked over her shoulder discretely. “What’s got you bothered?”
“Hmm?” Raglan awoke from his reverie.
Kei began cutting portions of chicken, turning back to focus on the task at-hand.
“Oh. Nah. Nothing, really.” He began to leaf through some of the magazines scattered on the coffee table. Various assortments of fashion and women’s magazines aimed at the late-teen to early-20s demographic from what he could surmise. Back in the kitchen, Kei lumped the chicken in with the onions, simmering, the frypan hissing to life. The boy was compelled to talk further by the stiff silence. “Well, it should be nothing. It’s something I certainly have no right to be upset about.”
Raglan was sure that Kei knew what he was talking about. No further words were said for the next 15 minutes. Dinner was delicious yet humble in the most competent of ways. The host offered coke in a glass bottle to drink – the first sip probably being the highlight of his day. That, and Shiori’s sincere smile, he thought to himself.

Relaxing, Raglan closed his eyes. Kei’s place was strangely comforting, the only sound the soothing hum of the air-conditioning. Why did he feel so at ease here away from the dorms? It felt almost like something of a break, which troubled him. Before he’d come to Tokyo-3 he’d always looked forward to meeting the other pilots. Being amongst his peers, his compatriots. People who would be in the same situation as him. People who would understand. Yet somehow the others didn’t quite live up to the expectations. They couldn’t be who he wanted them to be and that was his fault. Wasn't their being themselves enough? Why would he yearn for others when he was alone then do nothing but try and escape when in their company?

10:41PM he opened his eyes. Kei was staring at him from the other side of the sofa with what could only be described as a tempered annoyance. “I want you to leave now.”

11:38PM. He was back in his room. Laying on his bed he smiled grimly. “At least the cake was good.”

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Postby Aggroxcraig » Tue Jan 20, 2015 1:01 am

Sun gazed into the window of Isaac's slightly messy dorm room. It's been a while since the last time he did a proper cleaning of it, but figured that he could procrastinate it until it got to the point where it really needed it. Isaac rolled over and let out a yawn with a smile on his face. It had been a while since he had a really good night of sleep. "It's been a whiiiiiii-*yawn*-le since I've had a nights sleep like that before." Looking around his room, Isaac started to wonder why it was so bright in his room. Normally in the morning it was a little darker than this. Opening his phone Isaac saw that he didn't have any messages or texts. "What was I expecting?..." he muttered as he looked the time and then felt his heart skip a bit. "8:23!!!" Isaac yelled while jumping out of the bed. When his feet started to become aware of the situation, Isaac tripped over the blankets that covered his body and feel over. "How the hell did this happen! Oh god Carter is going to kill me if I'm late again and if Kiyoshi hears about it..." Isaac just imagined a chibi version of Kyoshi shooting him in the head with the other chibi pilots watching the scene holding signs and laughing at him.


Isaac jumped into the cold shower and let out a small yelp as he washed his body breaking his personal record on taking a shower. Normally Isaac would take his time and at least be in the shower for a good fifteen minutes, but there was no time for that.


Quickly, Isaac turned off the shower and jumped out and slipped on the floor with his head hitting the corner of the bathroom counter. Blood started to pour out and got everywhere. Panicking Isaac used his own white tower to help clean up the mess and ended up wrapping it around his head to prevent the blood from getting ever where else. When Isaac tried to get up from the ground he grabbed the towel rack and right when Isaac was about to get up from the ground the rack snapped off taking some drywall as well with it which made him fall back into the sink.

Isaac's elbow hit the pipes just right causing water to shoot out everywhere in the bathroom. Thinking quickly Isaac removed the towel from his head and covered the bleeding faucet ignoring the blood starting to drip from the corner of his forehead. "Oh god...what have I done?" Isaac said as he saw the bathroom in terrible shape.


Jumping out of the bathroom into the hall naked, Isaac was applying deodorant and brushing his teeth at the same time. It was quite the feet if anyone saw it, but the entire dorm was probably empty because school started in four minutes. Clawing his dorm room door open, Isaac threw his tooth brush and deodorant across the room and quickly snatched the roll of bandages he had in his room and began to wrap it around his head.


Isaac clumsily went down the stairs while trying to put his shoes on and his belt through the loops on his pants. After finishing tying his shoes, Isaac picked up his backpack and bolted out of the dorm building towards the school.


Isaac opened his phone and while sprinting to the school dialed Kyoshi's phone number. The phone started to dial twice before going to the voice mail. "You've reached Kiyoshi Miki, leave a message".

Isaac cleared his throat before talking. "Hey Kiyoshi!!" Isaac said while gasping for air at the same time. "How are you doing? I'm doing good and I'm going to hopefully be on time to class! So don't worry about that as I'm sure that you a ton on your plate." Isaac kicked the school door open while holding the phone, but to Isaac's mistake he forgot that the door was supposed to be pulled open. There was a loud thud as Isaac ran into the door. Thankfully there was no one around except that Kiyoshi heard him mutter a couple of curse words at the same time. "Sorry, I uhhhh ran into *ahem* the classroom door." Isaac said while running towards the his classroom. "so, I just wanted to wish you good luck today on...on doing well today at work! You do a lot for us and I just wanted to say thanks for everything." Isaac saw his classroom door. "alsothebathroomiskindofamessbecauseIsortofwasinahurryandtheremightbewatereverywherewiththetowelrackpulledfromthewallandIkindasortadiffentlyhaveaheadwoundokthanksbye!!" Isaac yelled right as he walked into his class.

Moravec Carter stood in front of the class and looked over at Isaac who looked like an absolute mess. The bandage on his head was poorly wrapped, part of this shirt was tucked out and he was grasping onto the door frame as if it was the source of his life force. Isaac looked up at the clock and saw the time. 8:31. Isaac let out a sigh. 1 minute late Isaac thought. "... Mr. Kenny, take your seat." Carter said as he dismissed the boy. Isaac slowly took his seat while trying to tuck his shirt in. As soon as Isaac sat down, the boy put his head to the desk and fell asleep.

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Postby BPES » Tue Jan 20, 2015 6:51 pm

Valda sighed as she paused during her morning run, or rather her morning walk it would appear. Last night had been a weird one with Katla’s return, Qi’s siblings, everything that happened with Shirou and the cake, oh god that damnable cake. When Valda had seen Raglan stuffing his face with it a thousand thoughts ran through her head, that worthless spare… And she had initially flipped and begun her typical tirade, but upon realising that Katla had just got back, and there was new faces in the building Valda had uncharacteristically backed down.

“You know what? It doesn’t matter. Shirou put a lot of effort into that, I hope it’s good. I’m going to go to bed.”

To be honest, Valda wasn’t sure what was wrong, Raglan had messed up and gone ahead without permission, he should’ve had more forethought. Valda needed to correct his bad attitude before he went and got even more arrogant. But as she walked her route lazily she wasn’t entirely sure. Yawning Valda decided to take a small break and sat on a bench. Despite her hasty retreat to her room, sleep had evaded her most of the night, distorted dreams afflicting her whenever she did catch some sleep.

“Dammit this is all that girl’s fault! What the hell was that yesterday? Gah why did I let her get away with that? Arrrrgh what the hell is wrong with me?!” Valda barked to no one in particular before sighing heavily and ruffling her hair in frustration. She both knew what was troubling her and yet had no idea, like every time she tried to think about the answer she’d immediately forget it. Though maybe that was for the best?

Getting back up again she began starting up her run again, doing it properly this time. As if this thing yesterday wasn’t bad enough, she also had dealing with the Major to look forward to courtesy of the vice-commander. Then again it was much better than the alternative Valda supposed. Besides who knows, this project was supposed to appeal to her sensibilities wasn’t it? Maybe it would be fun?

Arriving back at the dorms, Valda had barely stepped through the doors before the Major called out for her looking as irritable as ever. Sighing Valda moved towards her and waited, hoping this would be over quickly. Qi appeared briefly, with wounded hands and claiming to have caused a bit of damage. Come to think of it Valda thought she’d heard some commotion the night prior but with her general restlessness had passed it off.

“Can this hurry up Major, I’ve got things I need to do today you know, like school and stuff?” Valda complained despite knowing they were waiting on others. Man she could do to sleep more, but she’d catch hell for skipping school especially after everything the Vice-commander had said before. “Ah screw it, I’m grabbing a coffee for now.”
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Postby BlackberryMilk » Mon Feb 16, 2015 3:43 am

Her clock had just ticked over to 1 in the morning, when she awoke suddenly, hearing a clatter down the hallway.. Although she wasn't sure if she had imagined it or not, she continued to lie still in her bed. Her dreams did tend to blend into her realities these days, so it was of no concern to the girl--It was normal.

Katla sat herself up, beginning to undress so she could sleep properly, she had fallen asleep so quickly, she was still in her discharge clothes from the hospital. They were kind of enough to bring some of her belongings so she didn't have to meet the pilots in her dried, bloody dressings.

In her bed, she slowly unbuttoned her top to reveal her tank top underneath, pulling off her skirt, slowly grazing the still deep, colorful scar tissue. Just as she reached down to pull off one of her stockings, another series of loud crashing noises was heard from the main living area down the hallway.

I know that was real...The young pilot, pantsless and in a rush, jumped towards the door and cracked it open as quietly as possible. She peered down the hallway through the opening and calmed her breath to focus on her surroundings. Whatever it was, it had already ended as Qi walked down the hallway towards his room. As her eyes widened in curiosity, the floor creaked underneath her. Qi nearly slowed to stop for just a moment, then continued on his way; Kat shut the door immediately after, her breathing returning in a rush.

What was the boy doing? And at such an hour? She knew him to be full of secrets.. Maybe that was his appeal? Maybe the two porcelain pilots each had their own secrets? Mama.. She fumbled with the thoughts in her head as she returned back to her bed, balancing on one leg at a time, taking her socks off. That's when she noticed the letter, still propped up on her desk, her name written hastily on the front with what could only be a boys handwriting.

She stretched her arm out as far as it could go from where she was sitting on her bed, fingertips just grazing the note, toppling it over into her small hands. She grew excited to have a mystery note be the first thing to greet her back.

Hey Kat,
It’s been so long since I spoke to you last. I’m sorry that I wasn’t around for a while – that I stayed away. Then look what happened. There’s so much that I feel I need to talk to you about. Feels like so much has happened since you’ve been gone. Will you come and meet with me tonight? On the terrace, 9:00PM.


"R-Raglan..." Reading the note over and over, she flipped through the catalogue of pilots in her mind, finally having a brief flash of his file, and his picture. The boy with the warm brown hair, and equally warm smile. She smiled back to his black and white picture when she suddenly noticed the time.

"RAGLAN!" the girl whipped her head towards the clock on her desk, and to the note again. In a silent whirl wind she clutched the note, and jumped over to her desk. Finding pencil and paper, she wrote for what seemed hours, until the sun started to slowly turn the darkness of her room into a cool, almost violet color.

Over and over she erased or scratched through the lines on her paper,

[s]"Raglan, Hello.. It's me, the pilot of unit..."[/s]
[s]"Hi! <3 <3 Sorry Im such a silly.."[/s]
[s]"Salutations, I'm here to return your message with..."[/s]

Nothing seemed to work--The only thing coming to mind was the flashes of his warm smile filling up her vision. Raglan...

She knew what she had to do..

When she finished, Katla gingerly rolled the paper up, slightly rushing because small noises of awakening pilots could be heard. She was tired, eye's burning, and hair falling into her face, but she was content with her note in the end.

Slowly creeping out into the hallway, she peered into each pilots room, searching for his, when the same warm fuzzy hair poking out underneath the blankets could be seen. The third child smiled, as she gingerly placed the roll next to a stack of his books, and his music player.

Good morning Raglan Wyngarde

C̴̜̭̙̱̩̫̬̟̹̫͒̉̑͂̾͐̂́͘͝ŗ̴̨̙̜͇̖̺̳͙͉̏͂͑̿̈́͆̎̚͠͝ĕ̷̡̨͚̥̞̟͎̲̞͈̔̒̔̀̌̔̐̈̇ȩ̶̢̼̫̯͕̫͓̩̘̐͛̈́̍̄̔͛̌͘͝ṕ̷̹̬͎̯͕̮̜̤̳͇̅̔͌͛̿̆͝͠͝ ̴̡̛̺̙̦̠̭̳̬͖̫̔̓̒̓̀́̎͘͝ĭ̶̢̪̪̩̬̹̺̪̹͕͑̎͒̔͑̈́̒͐͗n̴̡̨̛̞͕̝̭̞͈̭̄̅̇̽̈́́̔̕̕ͅț̵̨̢̰̟̖͓̜̺̙̾͊̄͐̃͂͂̋̚̕o̵͖͚̠̯͚̤͉̻͎̪̒̎̾͐̀̿̏̇͌͝ ̷̨̯̝͍͙͔͖̥̬́̐͐̔͌́͐̾͘͝ͅh̸̨̜͍̜̯̠̖͔̯͊̉̌́̈̃̿̒͗͜͝ḭ̵̢͈̻̘̝̼̲̮̣̄̊͐̔̓̀̾̑́͝s̶̨͍̪̥̰͓̭̟̞͍̈́́̈́͒̅̏̚͠͠͝ ̸̨͉̲͖̘̮̮̲͙̣͆̐́̀̒̋̌͗̔̆b̷̛̻͙̻͕̫̞̭͈͔̮̋̀͊́̃͒́̚͘ĕ̸̢̝͕̯̮͓̬̱̭͍̀̐̑̎̐̑͐͝͝d̴̡̼̖͖͙̞̼̥͇̃͊̽͐̏̈́̍̿͜͝͝,̸̡̨̡͓͉͈̯̲̦̠̒͂̑͑͋̋̈́̋̕͠ ̵̧̢̤̱̗̩̠͓̥͙̇̈́́͐̍̀͂̅͝͝ḟ̶̻͖̳̤̩̝͍͓̫̐̌͊͌͑̈́̀͘͝ͅę̸̛̛̟͚̞̙̲͍̰̟̗̍͊̀̆̑̅͗͠è̶̡̛̤͖͙̼̜͍̮̰̈̈́̌̀̌̓́͜͝l̷̡̼̱͚̥̰̦̰͉̲̈́̐̏̂́̾͂̂͝͝ ̸̞̬̭̥̺̗̜̻̦̍̑̐̍̊̂͌̍͠͝ͅḩ̸̢̩͔̤͇̠̲͑͒́̇͊̾̂̈́͝͝ͅͅi̸̠̜̺̪̥͕̼̞̒̾̈̄̆̑̆̔̍̕ͅͅs̷̨̫͍̰̬͖̘͇̱͆̈́͌͆̉͗͘͝͠͝ͅ ̶̼͍̙͙̥̳̮̙͛̅̈́̈́̀̂̽̉͜͜͝͠s̷̡̛͔̗̲̬̙̼͇̙̈́̿̍̇̽̓̍͗ͅk̷̡͙͍͈̙͙̱̺̹̗͌̎̀̏̑̽̈́̒̉̍ĭ̵̧͉͓̰̭̟̘͍̫̈́͌͊͊̿̓̏̆͜͠N̴̡̨̩͓̰͎͍̭̘̰͋̍͒̆͗͒́̚͘͝G̵͇̣̥̫͚̠̤͈̫̃̀̔͐̾̀̿̌̿̕͜Ē̴̻̮̞̼͙̩̻̭̮̱̇̊͋͆̊͒̐͠͝Ṯ̸̬̼͓̭̞̲̦̳̓̃͂͐̔̀̀̄̔̕͜ ̴̣̱̖̣͇͚̙̖͚͊̀͌̈́̈́͌͐͋̇̈́͜O̵̭͇̖̥̲͎͈̿́͛̆̌̆̉͂̔̈͜ͅͅU̶̧͔̼̣̬͎̬͔̗̦͋̋̈̐̀̃̐̓̐̀T̷͔̟͍͓̖̝̣̹̻͈͊̋̂͋̎͐̀̉͝͝ ̶̡̺͚̭̼͓͓̯̤̱̈́̑̑̽̓͗̎̉͠͠Ǒ̴͚̪̯̩̖̱̘̪̼̋̄̏̒͐̔̀͝͠ͅF̷̢̛͔̺̦̼͚͈̰͒́̂̅̔̉͌̌͜͠ͅ ̸̛̩̖̲̭̰̹̩̞̖̥͌̀̽̉̓̓̀̂̚h̵̢̙̳̞̫̞͚̔̂̿̅̊̓̔̀͘͜͜͝ͅi̵̖̼͔͚͖̯͍̰͕̊̒̿̽̓̑͒̂̚͜͠s̶͇̠͉̱̣̠̪͔̙̖̆̈̃̑͗̎̈́́̌̿ ̶̛̬̻̻̱̪̣̙̬̬̠͗͗͐̌̒̅̕͠͝R̸̢̛̝̗̬̱͇͍͖̟̽̈́̍̑͆̏̆͑̍ͅǪ̶̙̦͔͇̞̼̹̖̈́̄̔̏͂̓̈́̚̕͘ͅỞ̸̡̗̟̜͉̳͇̩̹̮̽̎͐̀̊̐͌̕M̵̡̨̛͍̠̱͈̭̜̲̃̐̄̑̌̉͜͝͝͠ ̴̨̡̨̞͕̟̲̲͓̈́̂͛̋̑̌̽̚͜͠͠Ŷ̴̨̤̫̜̦̳̟̺̞̖́̆̈̃̓̊̿̑͝O̸̡̦̥̱̰͍̪͖͇͔͒̐̿̐̈́̆̀̊́̓U̵̡̼̲̪͎̥̙̼̇̀̽̄̂͛͒́͜͠͠ͅ ̷̣̩̘͈͓̹̪̟̟̓͊́̈́̀̀́̒̀̑ͅF̴̛͓̥̬̼̤͔̬͑̍̈́͐́̊̎̋͜͜͝ͅL̸̛̲̫̹̫̱͓͉͈̥͎͛͌̆̽̈͒̏̍͝I̸̢̹̭͖̺̞͕͙̠̓̐́̊̎̎́͗͝͠ͅT̸̢̨̛̺̗̥̪̳̞̫̯̿̓̇͗̇͋̍̕̕H̵̲͖̥̠͙̲̪̖̖͆̇̐̍̉͐͐͜͠͝͠Ŷ̴̢̨̨̨͎͚̫͖̞̗̓̽̓͌̇̌͝͝͝G̸̯̮̮̻̻̻̪̣̠̼̋͐͑͗̿͑͆̒̈͝I̴̛̝̠̻̼̲̠͈͕̮̋̄̈̀̒̇̓̀͜͝Ŗ̶͓̬̬̝̼̯̙̰̦̇̒̅̈́̄̈́̀́̋͂L̷̛̟͍̜͚̜̪̝̤̞̂̒̀̿̐̿̈́͆͘ͅ

She returned to her room, collapsing onto her bed, and immediately fell asleep with a smile on her face. When she finally succumbed to her rest, a jittering dark figure crouching in the corner of her room flickered in and out.

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Kiyoshi's eye twitched irritably as the handful of pilots milled about. After having been woken up early due to an apparent emergency, coming down stairs to find the blinds torn from the window had not improved her mood. Now having to wait on the pilots while Qi explained what had happened last night only made Kiyoshi's outlook more sour.

"Good morning, Miss Miki. What do you require?" Shiori greeted formally and Kiyoshi glanced at her.

“One sec, Shiori, I need the others too.” she replied shortly as Valda approached.

“Can this hurry up Major, I’ve got things I need to do today you know, like school and stuff?” Valda bitched as usual. Kiyoshi's jaw tightened and she forced herself not to cold cock the child before answering.


“Ah screw it, I’m grabbing a coffee for now.” Valda continued self-absorbedly wandering off into the kitchen. Kiyshi had to remind herself that shooting people was illegal before taking a breath and turning back to find Shirou heading down the stairs.

“Finally. Alright, you two, kitchen.” she ordered, ushering Shiori and Shirou after Valda.

Sighing, Kiyoshi observed the trio for a moment while she considered how to proceed. Nodding to herself, she began.

“Okay you three, here's the deal. Japan Heavy Chemical Industries have built this mecha thing to fight the Angels. It's a waste of time, but it's important that we make a good show of supporting other groups who are trying to do what we do. So this is how it's gonna go; You three, are coming with me as representatives of Nerv. Shiori because she's the first child, Valda on the advice of Idle and the Vice Commander, and Shirou because I needed to find a third and you've got the least baggage.” Kiyoshi explained somewhat bitterly. “Any questions?”

"So, what do we do as representatives?" Shirou asked curiously.

“Usual stuff, say hello, be polite, don't insult anybody and show that we hold no animosity towards dumbasses wasting their money on useless projects.” Kiyoshi waved off as if it were obvious, checking her watch. “Anyway, the thing is tomorrow afternoon, so we'll go over it more later, for now, go get ready for school.” she finished, heading for the door.


Getting into her car, Kiyoshi slumped back in her seat, staring at the roof. Sucking in a heavy breath, she clipped on her earpiece and dialled head quarters.

“I can't believe, something like that happened.” she breathed, disheartened.

The previous morning, Area 51

Jiù stood in awe as the white giant marched across the barren landscape. Steam billowed from its body, casting a myriad of heat hazes through the air, making the monster appear indistinct, almost ephemeral. The long whine of alarms filled the air and from some other part of the base, and artillery fire lit up the air above her, sending long streaks of pale orange light into the air towards the giant.

Coming to the fence that surrounded the base, the giant passed over it in a single step, bringing with it the understanding that the military forces had only achieved the illusion of security. High fences and firearms may have dissuaded the average voyeur from attempting to even approach the base's barren surroundings, but now, with the towering colossus baring its fangs at them, they were lost. The mass of fire levelled against the creature was proving useless, a rain of broken shells falling to the ground around it as they failed to even touch the giant.

Stopping its advance, the giant took a broad stance. It's gleaming white form, still surrounded by the haze, seemed to quake. The sound of the alarms was then drowned out as the giant threw back its head and let out a piercing screech. The sound digging into her ears like nails on a chalkboard, Jiu recoiled as she watched the windows rattle from the unearthly declaration. As the sound faded, the white façade of the giant cracked open, a pulse of red travelling along glowing veins that stretched from its core, outward, cutting uneven channels through its torso and shoulders, its previously blank face now covered with the vicious glow, revealing a pair of crimson eyes that turned to look at her.

Jiu stared back at the giant, its gaze pinning her to the spot. It was irrational, she knew, there was no way it could be looking just at her, but the terror that spread through her told a different story, and when the giant reared back for another roar, she swore. Diving to the floor, she covered her head as the monstrous creature let out another noise, this one, far more primal, more guttural than the last, creating a shock wave that ripped across the base. Soldiers that had been standing on the ground, firing impotently at the beast, were suddenly blown off their feet, flung several meters through the air. As the wave blew through the building, the very foundations rattling as the windows cracked. For an instant she thought that would be the worst of it until the windows exploded inward, showering her with crystal like shards.

The bellow subsided, the earth no longer shaking beneath her. Carefully brushing the glass away from around her arms, she planted her palms and pushed herself up off her belly. Angling the toes of her shoes towards the floor, she managed to get her body up and away from the glass without noticeable injury. With practised ease, she kept her hands planted and hopped with her legs, pulling her knees to her chest to get them beneath her. Having navigated the potential cuts, she finally stood up straight and looked out the gaping hole where the window had once stood. Feeling a trickle of warm, sticky liquid snaking its way down her forehead, she reached up and wiped her brow, coming back with her pale hand covered in red. Eyes wide, she felt across her forehead, but found no cut, reaching back until she found the source of the blood at the back of her skull, he once pristine hair now feeling clumped and sticky to the touch. Pulling it around her shoulder, she saw the further strands being dyed the rusty red of her blood and frowned. Finding no glass in the wound as far as she could tell, she sighed, throwing her hair back over her shoulders before turning her attention back to the battle.

The base was silent. The alarms had died some time ago, any competition it had with the giant's mighty roar, clearly a mistake on their part. The gunfire too had died down, as if the creature's shout had sunk them all into submission. The giant's head turned, looking left and right with its crimson eyes. To Jiu's surprise, it turned away from her building.

The base at Area 51 had expanded somewhat over the years, but its basic layout was very much the same since its inception. The Homey Airstrip was laid out in the eastern portion of the base, running south to north and stopping abruptly at the southern bank of Groom Lake. For some reason, the giant had lost interest with the facility itself, and was instead now heading for the lake. Taking off at a run, the layer of glass on the floor caused Jiu's footing to slip at the corner of the hallway, sending her left leg stretching painfully to one aide as she fell on her front. Getting her hands under her before landing, they hit the glass and she gasped, feeling half a dozen cuts open up in her palms. Growling, she pushed herself up painfully. Being sure to watching her footing from then on, she keep to areas where the glass hadn't coated the path and rushed for the stairwell.

Making it outside, she saw soldiers beginning to rush back and forth. Picking the last of the glass from her palms, she looked around for some way to pursue the giant. Spotting a jeep stopped up next to one of the hangers for the airstrip, she took off towards it.
“Hey, you, stop.” Turning to look at the source of the call, two soldiers were approaching from the other direction. No doubt they were the obligatory escort, sent to ensure she stayed out of trouble, but there was no time to humour them. Looking back towards the jeep, she saw a soldier load supplies into the back of it before disappearing around the side of the hanger. All she had to do was reach it before they reached her, and she could follow the giant. Piling on the speed, the soldiers yells drowned out behind her. Pumping her arms in rhythm to the pounding of her feet against the ground, she clenched her hands, feeling the sting of the cuts as she continued to charge with all her might.

Nearing the jeep, Jiu reached out, her hand gripping the edge off the vehicle before vaulting over it and landing awkwardly on the driver's seat. Dropping down into it, she found the vehicle was already turning over, thankfully already in use by another. In a swift series of motions, she released the brake, pressed the clutch, shifted the vehicle into gear and before she knew it, the jeep shot off across the tarmac in pursuit of the giant. Taking a moment to look back, she saw her escort run up, panting for breath as she shot away from them, a third soldier looking on in shock as his jeep disappeared without him. Allowing herself a moment to smile at this, she turned back to find that the giant had, while it was out of her sight, made it to the edge of the lake.

Assessing the situation, she found the giant's behaviour unusual. With the base behind them, why would it approach a salt flat with nothing of interest? Furthermore, why was it now crouching over the silted surface, as if expecting to find something in the salt and the mud. Before she could ponder further on this though, the surface of the lake opened without warning, revealing an immensely broad well, leading into the ground beneath them. From her approach, Jiu couldn't tell anything more than that there was an opening where one had not been before, light cast from the open pit surrounded the giant, the beast letting out a grunt as it inspected the gap. Before it could act on its investigation however, both Jiu and the giant heard the distinct sound, like the howl of cannon fire from below and the rattle of clattering rails getting closer and closer. Suddenly, a black mass rose sharply from the hole, slamming into the white giant before continuing into the sky above. The giant, being launched backward from the impact, came falling towards the tarmac that Jiu was occupying. In a panic, she wrenched the wheel sideways, her jeep whining against the tarmac as it pulled to one side, barely avoiding being crushed as the giant crashed into the ground behind it. Bringing the car to a halt, Jiu spun in her chair to inspect the scene.

The giant was getting to its feet, the black thing that had struck it hitting the ground just beyond the hole from whence it had come. As the giant returned to its full height, the thing opposite did the same, standing up straight from the impact, its gleaming black frame flexed as it tested its new body. It was tall and lean, its body coated in a seamless fabric that looked somewhere between cloth and plastic, a pattern of hexagons interweaving between the heavy plates of armour that surrounded its forearms, chest, pelvis and shins. Its head was bulbous, having two large projections, like the eyes of a fly to either side of its head that met in the middle. Eight luminous green eyes glowed across these projections, giving the black thing an eerie, insect like quality, it's shoulder pylons lighting up with a similar glow before the figures reading '08' lit up on its biceps.

Deep below Area 51's public façade, Nerv's Second Branch was in full operation. General Quine stood in the command centre, surveying the situation above.
“Provisional Unit-08 is online. Dummy System operational Sir. How should we proceed?” one of the bridge crew inquired.
“Well at least Deng can do something right.” the general muttered before continuing. “Whatever that thing is, angel or demon, I don't care, show it it messed with the wrong god damned military!” he ordered passionately.
“Affirmative, initiating combat mode.”

Up above, Unit-08 charged, slamming blow after blow into the bewildered giant. Stumbling backward, the giant retaliated, going for a punch of its own, but Unit-08 launched itself into the air, avoiding the blow before crashing down onto the giant's shoulders. Finding purchase on the white behemoth, Unit-08 clawed and swiped at the giant, chipping away more of its white exterior, revealing the red pulse within. The battle seemed entirely one sided to most, including those in command, but as she stared at the clash of titans, Jiu couldn't help but feel the air grow cold around her. The giant's movements, so slow and deliberate, were not because it couldn't go faster, and were not because Unit-08 was forcing it back, it was because it simply didn't care about them. It was giving the effort it felt appropriate for flies buzzing about its face, and soon enough, this fear was confirmed. Unit-08 brought a hammer blow down on the giant's head and the creature fell back onto the tarmac, Unit-08 straddling its shoulders as it collapsed, pinning its chest beneath its knees. With a roar, the Eva's face plate rose, the bulbous projection curving up and away as a gaping mouth filled with jagged teeth was revealed beneath it. The Eva's head launched forward, preparing to take a bite out of the giant's head, but as soon as it was near enough, the giant's hand shot out with speed unlike anything it had shown until now. Slamming a palm into the side of Unit-08's head, the giant drove it sideways, rolling with it and driving its head into the runway next to it. The giant's free hand flashed with movement and before Jiu could process what happened, it drove its hand through Unit-08's thoracic diaphragm and into its chest. Getting to its feet, it dragged Unit-08 up with it, hoisting the Eva into the air on the one arm that was still inside it. The Eva screamed in pain. There was no other word for the sound it was making, it was screaming, no matter how loud, or how strange the voice of the Eva, it was a very human scream. There was a cracking noise from within the Eva and the Angel looked at it. Throwing it aside, Unit-08 tore from its arm, leaving its blood and strips of flesh dripping from the appendage, but most important of all, a bloody, quivering piece of red organ remained in the giant's grasp. Inspecting it, the giant's crimson eyes widened as it turned to stare at the fallen Unit-08.

Light began to glow from the hole in Unit-08's body, the fallen Eva breaking apart as the S2 Core within it went critical. Jiu watched with horror as the light began to engulf all that was around it until she too was consumed.

Present, Japan

“Miki, reporting in.” Owen looked up from his desk as the second audio only marker appeared in front of him. To either side, Johann and Vander looked at it.

“Line secured, go ahead Kiyoshi.” Johann nodded, tapping away at his tablet.

“First off, I have to ask Sir, are we sure we want to go ahead with this JHC thing? Surely after last night-”

“We must present a strong front Major. Despite recent set backs, the Evangelion project is still the most viable option for combating angels. Until such a time as that becomes unnecessary, we will continue with our duty. Now then, Doctor, what is the current situation in Nevada?” Owen moved brusquely on.

“At approximately 6am Eastern Standard Time, Provisional Unit-08 engaged an unknown enemy at Nerv's Second Branch. Despite having the Dummy System online, the Eva fell. As it stands however, it is presumed the opponent did not survive the encounter. Unit-08 was being used as a test bed for a new power source for the Evas. When the enemy breached its core, Unit-08 went critical, producing a field of unknown properties that has destroyed every above ground structure in an 89km radius.” As Johann spoke, the room darkened, and a hologram depicting the base in Nevada and the subsequent destruction caused by Unit-08's detonation.

“The subterranean parts of the Second Branch remained intact however, and they made contact after about an hour when they re-established communications. We still don't have a clear picture of casualties or any more information on who or what the aggressor was, but it's likely that the Americans will be taking a very seriously stance against us now that they don't have any more Evas and we've got their front liners.” Johann finished, looking towards Owen.

“That's not a problem, so long as Galton is there to be the voice of reason, her and Quine can argue amongst themselves until it's all over.” Owen observed calmly.

“Sir... Should I inform the pilots?” Kiyoshi's voice entered the conversation, sounding unsure. The room was silent as he considered his answer.

“No, we've allowed far too much instability on their part as it is. For now, keep it from them. If they find out, we'll mitigate the damage from there. Anything else?” when no one answered, he nodded. “Dismissed.”


At school, while the students settled themselves for the day, Vice-Commander Carter stood at the head of the room, his eyes on the twin girls next to him. Their faces were eerily familiar to him, for as much as they resembled their brother who sat at the back of the class, smiling as always, they also reminded him of a time long ago, during the day of Second Impact. Drifting back to that day now, he could feel the pit drop from his stomach at the sheer despair he had felt back then, the day that Jason had-

“Professor.” Liu spoke up, snapping Carter from his reminiscence.

“Yes Miss Zei?” he answered, returning to his usual firm tone.

“Should we not be beginning?” she turned to look and the clock and Carter followed.

“Yes, yes we should.” he affirmed, picking up his roster. “Everyone, to your seats.” he ordered, and the murmur of the students settled down. “First thing's first, I'll do the roster and-” the door across from Carter slammed open and Isaac Kenny stood, seemingly clinging to the frame for dear life. With practised ease, Carter took a breath.

"... Mr. Kenny, take your seat." he commanded, and Isaac did just that.

After reading through the roster, everyone accounted for with the exception of Katla, who was still on home rest, Carter turned to the two siblings next to him.

“As I'm sure you've all noticed, we have some new students. These are Zei Liu and Zei Ba from China, they're the sisters of Jie Qi. Given how well things went the last time I allowed students to introduce themselves, you two will have to excuse me when I tell you both just to take your seats.” The girls nodded in reply, taking two seats side by side at the front of the class that had somehow remained absent until now.

The day passed uneventfully until lunchtime rolled around. The students moved about, talking amongst themselves as usual. Some less than pleasant comments were levelled at the new students, ranging from wondering if they were as weird as their brother, to more intolerant comments regarding their nationality. Despite his usual willingness to aide those like him against bullying, Qi remained seated during the affair, instead only moving if it looked like Liu or Ba were about to do something to the aggressors. It wasn't all bad though, as expected of the more open-minded amongst his schoolmates, many were quite welcoming, which tended only to make Qi more nervous when they drifted closer to his sisters. As one girl leaned close to Ba, Qi was on the edge of his seat, his hand gripping the edge of his desk so hard it threatened to snap.

“Is that blood? Cool.” Qi's head snapped round to find the person who had addressed him. Standing in front of his desk, a girl with back length black hair stood stood staring at his bandaged hand, which had turned somewhat red with blood.

“Yes it is, I should probably change the dressing.” he commented in passing, taking in more of the girl's features. She had one long streak of hair to one side that had been dyed pink, with black make-up around her eyes and lips. Her uniform, much like Tohru's was kept in a state just close enough to orderly to be given a by ball from the teachers.

“I think it's awesome.” she continued. “Like when you scared the crap out of Ichimi before.” Qi blinked slowly at this.

“Ai Akishou, seat twenty-nine, if you don't mind me asking, what exactly prompted you to strike up a conversation with me?” he cut right to the point, attempting to avoid dancing around the conversation, lest he be too slow to catch his sisters before they did something violent.

“Uh, well, it's... You know that dance thing coming up?” she muttered, trying not to be overheard by anyone nearby.

“Yes, why?” Qi's reply came as bluntly as ever, knocking Ai off guard once again.

“Well, I was thinking, well it's just a stupid dance or whatever, but it might be kinda less stupid, if you and me... Look, will you to the dance with me or not?” Ai blustered, trying to regain some semblance of dignity.

“Why would you want to go with me?” Qi asked, honestly confused as to why anyone would invite him to a social gathering that didn't involve fighting or electric rodents.

“Because you're cool and you nearly knifed Ichimi just for messin' with your friends.” she continued, now rolling with the verbal punches Qi sent her way and ignoring the embarrassment of answering them.

“Okay then, I'll go with you.” Qi agreed, smiling, drawing the attention of several students who were trying very hard and failing to look like they weren't listening in.

“You, you will?” Ai sputtered.

“Yes... Is there something wrong, I assumed that's the answer you were hoping for.”

“Uh, yeah, um, look, we'll sort out the details later, here's my number.” Ai forced a scrunched up piece of paper into his hand before turning and heading for the door. Putting in concentrated effort to not run out, Ai's cheeks flushed red beneath her make up as she slammed the door shut behind her. Qi pulled open the scrunched paper to reveal a number in black ink, Ai's name signed beneath it with a small heart next to it.

“Huh, what a strange girl.” he mused to himself before turning his attention back to his sisters.

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Postby MAGI_01 » Sat Aug 29, 2015 4:06 pm

Lunchtime rolled around and everyone moved about in their usual fashion, save for Akio, him choosing to just eat lunch in the classroom today rather than up on the roof. After a few bites he began to stare out of the window, slipping in to a daydream for a few moments before the slamming of the classroom door startled him out of his state. He quickly looked around to see what all the commotion was.

“Wow, did she really just ask him out to the dance?”

“Didn’t see that one coming!”

“Well, Ai is kinda weird herself you know?”

Amongst the gossip he caught sight of Qi staring down at a crumpled piece of paper for a moment before turning his attention elsewhere and from the sounds of it, he’d just been asked to the dance by Ai Akishou. A girl in class he’d really not had much interaction with, but from the sounds of it she is quite smitten with Qi. Akio allowed himself a quiet chuckle before turning back to his lunch.

”Knowing how Qi is, he probably has no clue what he is in for he thought to himself. Then again, I really don’t either… his thoughts trailed off.

He had never been to a dance before and had no idea just what to expect so he had some mixed feelings on the matter. Of course he came out and asked Tomoko to go with him, but even with the dance still a ways away he felt a little intimidated. As he finished up with lunch, he noticed there was still a bit of time left before class would be starting back up and decided to go take short stroll down the hallway to stretch his legs.

Exiting the classroom he started on his way down the hall.

”I wonder if Qi’s sisters are as weird as he is. They don’t seem to be, at least at the moment.” He thought to himself. As two students passed him by, he could not help but to overhear their conversation.

“Yeah did you hear?”

“About Nevada, yeah it’s all over the news. They are calling it a small scale impact.”

“Scary shit I tell ya.”

”What the hell?! Akio thought as he started to feel uneasy.

“What do you mean a small scale impact?” He asked aloud.

“What you didn’t hear? A huge part of Nevada just disappeared overnight. Nobody knows what’s going on, but the people on the news are calling it that.” One of the students said.

“Oh…” Akio said quietly before continuing down the hall.

”Nobody mentioned a thing about that to us!” He thought. ”Nerv’s Area 51 base is there… could it be an…” He shook his head. But if it was, wouldn’t they have told us? Just what the hell are they hiding from us?! He felt a pain in the pit of his stomach. ”Do the others know yet? Or should I even tell them? He pondered as he sat down on the stairs. He held his head in his hands and let out a dejected sigh.
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