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Postby Atropos » Mon Oct 07, 2013 4:22 pm

Shiori was humming softly to herself. She stood in the water up to her knees; the bottom of her skirt was wet.

"The Bridegroom, the Zealot, the Duchess, the Scholar, the Sorceress, the Suppliant, the Minstrel, the Rider, and the Convict," she said. "And the Four Houses—Ether, Knowledge, Life, and Reality."

She took the cards from the folds of her shirt, and selected one at random. The Rider.

"So," she sighed, "it will be you."

She plunged the card underwater, until she felt it had turned to nothing.

"You may challenge me," she said, "but I'll be the one to win in the end."

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Postby BPES » Wed Oct 23, 2013 8:05 am


The sun shone down with a scorching fury for the stock still Shirou as Valda finished changing, this was likely a situation he’d not be forgetting anytime soon.

“All right, I’m done now.” Valda stated now fully dressed once more. She looked at the sand covered mask in her hands and sighed, oh well she’d have to wash it later. “I’m gonna climb now, I swear if you get any stupid ideas about looking up my skirt, I’m going to beat the crap out of you.”

Her threat issued, Valda began making her way up the rocks, carefully, recalling her tumble earlier in the day, then again she wasn’t thinking properly at the time so it wasn’t like she should worry, it was certainly within her capabilities regardless. Reaching the top she sat down and waited for Shirou who quickly joined her up there.

“Hey Shirou, take a good look. Right now, this beach is officially ours.... well, mine, but I can share.” Valda spoke with a confident grin before giggling briefly to herself. “Now then, heh, let’s show that!”

She began her descent getting about halfway down before jumping off the rock and landing on the sand in a crouch. Standing she motioned for the other pilot to follow her before striding across the beach in search of the others. For some reason or another she couldn’t remeber exactly where they were but it didn’t matter, she’d find them sooner or later.

Much like the first time she’d walked across the beach, she was getting stares, though unlike the first time it wasn’t because she was some masked girl half running across the sands. Quite the opposite in fact, right now she was bright, cheery and confident beyond compare, the fact that her trusty mask was being carried in her hand probably didn’t register with most of the onlookers.

And why would it? They didn’t know her, they didn’t get her, they were just faces in the masses all glancing at the light of the world. Valda’s smile brightened, yes that was right, even if she didn’t need it the adulatory glances she was receiving were certainly enjoyable. Shirou was a few steps behind her at this point, she wasn’t sure if he was embarrassed or if she was moving too fast for him.

“Come on private, keep up.” Valda taunted playfully over her shoulder. And in a few moments shirou was walking at her side. It was a little presumptuous but she was in a good enough mood to allow it, besides she was trying to help him build his confidence. Being allowed to walk beside her radiant self would surely do wonders for that goal.

And it wasn’t long after they began walking together that they arrived at their destination, which consisted of a sunbathing major, Akio and his so called girlfriend not too far from her and then Isaac and Shiori at the water albeit in two different spots. Something there seemed off somehow but Valda ignored it. She also ignored the weird looks Akio was giving her, she didn’t have time to deal with stupid questions, she had an underling to assist.

All right! Everyone get over here now!” Valda bellowed starling a number of people around, including the Major who cursed before shooting a questioning glare her way. Valda ignored her and waited. Before quickly losing patience. “Double time Isaac! You’re wasting my time slow poke!

As the other un-associated people in the area went back to what they were doing, which was fine Valda wanted nothing to do with them right now anyway, the group of off-duty pilots plus one walked to Valda with unsure looks on their faces, and one passive one but that was expected of...

“Wait back up a second... Shiori? When did you get here?” Valda asked before holding up her hand and shaking her head. “No never mind, it’s not important. Glad your here, that’ll make this more even.”

“Make what more even?” The girlfriend asked and Valda smirked viscously before holding up a finger in the air.

“We’re gonna play a game of volleyball! And so we need appropriately balanced teams.” Valda explained before adding. “Shirou, net.”


“The net, go set up the net!” Valda barked sending the alpha pilot scurrying.

“So er... what are the teams?” Isaac asked looking rather nervous. Poor boy realised just what he was in for she guessed, though why he kept glancing at Akio was beyond her.

“It’ll be me and Shirou vs the rest of you.” Valda spoke confidently earning stares of disbelief.

“How is that even?” Isaac asked incredulously.

“I know, I know, even with Shirou I’ll try to go easy on you.” Valda said diplomatically. That was why it was irritating when Isaac sighed and shook his head. Oh so that’s how it was huh? Well we’ll see how he feels after a few rounds.

“Um... we don’t have a net...” Shirou quietly stated having come back from asking the major.

“Urgh, idiot. FINE! I’ll get the net, go draw the lines... you CAN do that right?” he nodded in response. “Good, I’ll be back soon.”

Taking her leave of the group she made her way down the beach once more in search of the required sports equipment. Stupid Shirou, can’t even do that right, oh well probably for the best that she do it then. The waves were lapping on the beach again and Valda took a moment to absently wonder how the operation was going, then again it was Tokei and the Snake, both of whom were quite competent. It was obviously fine, it was just a retrieval after all.

Speaking of which...

“Hey there, I see you guys have a net you’re not using.” Valda said approaching a group of older teenagers. They looked at each other briefly before the boy closest to her spoke up.

“Er, yeah... why?” he asked though Valda could tell he knew waht she wanted, how could he not. It was freaking obvious. Still humouring this fool, she continued.

“Me and my friends were gonna play but we need a net, you mind if I borrow it?” She asked, it was polite after all. Besides there was no way they would refuse her.

“Er, sure. Want some help with it?” He asked much to the irritation of his girlfriend(?) Not that it mattered to Valda, the assistance was a natural response to her requests.

“Of course.” She said simply earning a glare from the girlfriend(?). Heh she was one of those jealous types huh? Not that Valda could blame her, who wouldn't get jealous of the stunning Valda Krieg.

And with help from the boy and a few of his friends, Valda brought a net back to her friends shooting a ‘was that so hard?’ look at Shirou. Honestly she was going to have to work hard to make him a productive member of her squad. Oh well, that was just how these things went.

“Thanks, I’ll have these idiots bring it back later.” She spoke to the older teens whilst motioning to the boys in her group. That earned a few laughs before the older group took off. Turning back to them Valda put a hand on her hips. She looked expectantly at them for a few moments before sighing and walking towards the Major, falling to her knees next to her and searching through the bag she’d brought with her.

“Valda? What the hell are you-“ The major began but Valda cut her off.

“I’m getting the ball... you brought a ball right?” Valda asked accusingly and the Major sighed.

“It’s in the bigger blue bag.” She stated trying to settle back into sunbathing. Valda nodded and switched her search, pausing after a few seconds and pulling out a wooden bat with a blindfold tied loosely to it. She had to hand it to the Major, she knew fun things to bring to a beach. Though this means they’d need to acquire a watermelon. Maybe there was one with the drinks in the cooler? Well it didn’t matter right now, but Valda would make further plans.

“Ahah!” Valda exclaimed finding the ball. Now she could get back to the others and school Isaac Kenny for his foolish doubts.

“Why don’t you leave that here?” The major suddenly spoke and Valda looked at her confused.


“Your mask, you carried it over and now you’re picking it up again? You aren’t wearing it so why not just leave it here?” The major explained and Valda looked at her hand, clutching the mask. She hadn’t even noticed. Then again she’d never thought to set it down in the first place.

“Well it’s important.” Valda stated simply, clearly unwilling to leave her precious item with the soldier. The major sighed and sat up, lowering her sunglasses.

“I’ll keep it safe, so just leave it.” She spoke annoyed, she looked like she had more she wanted to say but clearly didn’t want to on the beach. Valda rolled her eyes before gently setting her mask down.

“Fine, but don’t screw up! I’ll be going now.” Valda stated with finality and turned, catching the twitch her statement had caused. But it didn’t matter, that was simply how things stood. Besides she had a game waiting. As she moved towards them, Isaac approached her.

“Look, about the teams...” Isaac began.

“Sorry, but I won’t give you Shirou, he needs to be on the winning team for this.” Valda responded effortlessly.

“No I mean about Akio... wait winning team? You don’t know that yet!” Isaac responded and Valda just gave him a look. The two continued their stare down for a few seconds before Isaac sighed and gave up. Another Victory for Valda Krieg, he must’ve realised her uncompromising wisdom.

“No, more importantly... I’m not sure Akio and I being on the same team is such a good idea...” Isaac said rubbing his arm nervously. Valda shrugged and continued walking.

“Teams are as I set them, deal with it.” Valda ended the conversation with finality.

Soon enough the group gathered had gotten into their positions, four on one side and two on the other. Valda noticed the odd tension on the other sides team and tilted her head slightly. Were they that scared of her? Well she supposed that made sense. They were up against the mighty Valda Krieg after all.


“I’ll give you the first serve.” Valda said brightly gently tossing the ball over the net to Akio who caught it uneasily. He nodded to himself before gently knocking the ball up in the air over the net towards Valda. Starting out so easygoing? How typical for him, but that wasn’t how you scored in this game. Charging forward Valda jumped and raised her arm.

METEOR!” She roared before spiking the ball, hard. Akio barely had a moment to realize what was happening before he got knocked back by a ball to the face. Said ball landing in front of him with a thud. “And that would be our point.”

“AKI!” The girlfriend went to his side while Isaac turned to Valda.

“What the hell was that?” he demanded. Valda shrugged.

“What? It was an easy set-up, so i spiked it. Not my fault he couldn’t return it.” She spoke casually as Akio stood up.

“I-it’s ok.” He said. There was a pitiful air about how he said it though, as if he somehow deserved it. That irked Valda as well.

“Well then, game on! Shirou, set up the serve.” Valda ordered and the other boy nodded, albeit it with concern. He knocked the ball over which was intercepted by Shiori and returned by Isaac.

METEOR!” Valda screamed out again as yet another vicious spike hit Isaac in the gut and doubled him over. Valda looked unimpressed. “Hey drop the ball already, catching it is a foul. Though I guess it gives us another point.”

“W-What is w-wrong with you?” Isaac spluttered out.

“The hell does that mean? You’re the one losing idiot!” Valda responded bluntly unsure as to what he was complaining about.

“I can already see the ending.” Shiori muttered.

“Don’t worry guys! I’ve got this!” Tomoko said confidently and picked up the ball. Valda quirked an eyebrow in surprise, perhaps there was a decent challenger here? The girl threw the ball above her head and launched a rather forceful overhead serve.

And then bounced off the net right back into her face.

“Okaaaay.” Valda stated before turning to Shirou with a shrug.

“Waaaaaaa” The girlfriend cried and ran to Akio.

“Maybe we should stop?” Shirou suggested.

“Why? It’s her own damn fault for trying to show off when she has no game.” Valda responded clearly unwilling to give the game up. The expression on her face must’ve been downright menacing because no one else suggested quitting after that.

“It begins.” Shiori stated before the game resumed in earnest.

In a little less than half an hour, the game ended with a one-sided victory for Valda and a number of bruises on the other team, mostly on Akio and Isaac. Tomoko and Shiori had taken to just avoiding any of Valda’s shots.

“Hah! Easy win! See Shirou, nice to be at the top right?” Valda asked the other boy. He responded positively though looked almost pained to do so. Then again perhaps he was sympathising with the losers, he’d been there enough. “Well then you let that sink in for a bit. I’m going to go and see if I can’t get us a watermelon!”

And with that Valda headed back to the major to begin her quest, and maybe pick up her mask again. She really preferred to keep it with her after all.

“Oh, and return the net too!”
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Postby MAGI_01 » Sat Oct 26, 2013 7:54 pm

As Valda headed off, Akio took a seat on the sandy beach, still reeling from all the hard hits he suffered from Valda’s overzealous spiking of the ball.

“Are you ok Aki?” Tomoko innocently asked.

“Yeah… feels like I got hit by a truck though…” He said with a small laugh. He glanced over at Valda as she walked on.

What’s with her? He thought. I don’t understand… She has avoided me and has not said a word at all ever since I came back from the hospital and now it’s like nothing ever happened... He sighed I just don’t know what to do… anymore…

He let out a sigh and looked around. It seemed that no one else was making a move to break the net down and take it back. “Well, the net’s not going to take itself back…” He stated as he got up and started to take it down by himself.

“Aki, do you need some help?” Tomoko asked.

“Nah, I got it… don’t worry… just relax okay?” Akio said as he started to have some difficulty in handling the net all by himself.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah.” He said as he started to become clearly frustrated.

Shirou came over. "I can help with that. I think it’s part of my 'training regimen' with Valda."

“It’s okay man… I got it.” Akio said as he continued to fight with the net. “Just need to undo this knot…” He pulled on it a little too forcefully, causing one of the poles to fall over and hit him in the head.


“Damn it! I can’t even do a simple task without screwing it up!” He said in frustration as he rubbed the top of his head.

"I'd say your sample size is kind of small to be making that sort of statement," Shirou said with a light chuckle. "Hang in there, Akio."

“Yeah… you’re right.” Akio sighed. “If your offer still stands, I could really use your help.”

Shirou gave an energetic nod. "Mh!".

The two set to work, disassembling the net while remaining silent.


“We are going to go take this back.” Akio said, as himself and Shirou finished taking the net down.

“Okay!” Tomoko said energetically while Isaac and Shiori remained silent. Akio sighed as himself and Shirou picked up the parts to the net and headed off. It didn’t take them long to reach the group of older teenagers whom Valda borrowed the net from.

“Thanks for letting us borrow this.” Akio said politely as himself and Shirou sat the net down.

One of person of the group nodded in acknowledgement and Akio and Shirou set off on their way back.

“Hey Shirou… mind if I ask you something?” Akio asked.

Shirou glanced at him. "Sure, what's up?"


Akio took a breath. “Well, I know there was an Angel that was in my Eva. Isaac saved me somehow, and that Tokei got hurt pretty badly obviously… and Idle said that something to do with the trauma from the incident caused my eyes to be this way now.” He paused. “Other than that nobody has really told me a thing.”

Shirou sighed and looked into the distance. "Massive damage to both Units and pilots involved. Substantial collateral damage. Several dead, even more severely wounded. I'm not going to lie; it was probably a worst-case scenario."

“So it was worse than I thought…” Akio said shakily.

"It can't be helped. I don't think anyone was expecting something so invasive. At least we should be able to plan better for something like that now," he said neutrally.

“I just hope nobody hates me now… you know since it was my Unit that did all this…” Akio said in an uneasy tone.

Shirou looked back at him with a shrug. "Rationally they shouldn't, at least not for that. People aren't always rational though."

"This... is all just so horrifying... I wish I was stronger... if I was I might have been able to...."

Shirou paused. "Perhaps. Looks like all we can do is train for the next time, so that we can be strong in the future."

Akio sighs. “Yeah… thanks for… telling me.

Shirou shrugged. "No problem."

Akio mustered up a faint smile. "Well we probably should get back now... we might make Valda angrier than she already seems to be.”

Shirou snorted. "Yeah, you've got that right. Still," he added begrudgingly, "I suppose that for someone who's tsun-tsun all the time, she's got her head in the right place... kind of."

"Yeah, you got that right" Akio laughed a bit.
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Postby Nuclear Lunchbox » Tue Dec 24, 2013 12:56 am

“Kids! One of those big fish was harassin' the fleet while you guys were stuck with the other one, think you can handle both of them?” Vander’s voice rang loud and clear through the blinking window in Tokei’s Evangelion.

Tokei was silent, working through the details of the last minute as fast as she could. She has surely gotten the entry plug into the Mk.06 before attacking the Angel, but it had cut her side with one of its lightning whips. Then everything had happened at once: the ensuing pain, the water warnings, Qi’s crazy attack, and then the Mk.06 activating and raising her unit up out of the water.

Tokei snapped back to the present, staring at the two angels circling the boat. She had finished recalling the events of the several few seconds, and felt confident enough that she was in control of her situation. She thumbed the com, sending her voice back to Vander. “Ready to go.” She glanced at Qi. He looked to be in better shape than she- her side stung to remind her of the injury inflicted upon the unit. Tokei allowed herself a few seconds of concern, before focusing on the matter at hand.

It would be a bad idea to use her proton cannon; not only would it rip apart everything in or around the water for several miles, but she simply didn’t have the power for it. With the gash in her side, it would be foolish to jump back into the water. That left one option: the railgun installed earlier in the month. Tokei grinned. It would be a nice test.

“Data recorders, on.” Tokei activated the Evangelion’s personal recorders with the keyword. Any data gained from the attack would be put to use for any further upgrades. “Activate Pylon B.”

The pylon clanked away into two halves, a wide rectangular barrel emerging from within the depths. It surfaced pointed up at the heavens, but rotated forward until it lined up with her line of sight. Unbidden, the display of the plug’s HUD changed the neon outline of her Eva- she was in an experimental unit, after all- to incorporate the addition to the Evangelion’s physique. A tap from her fingers on her control sticks gave her an overlaying target system. Two Xs appeared on her screen, each one tracking one of the two angels circling the fleet. She selected one with a tap, one of the Xs changing to a bright, cheery green as the other one grayed out and vanished.

The angel quivered like jelly as it orbited the ships. It sparked and crackled, somehow not affecting any of the water around it. Its core, a dark, strange blue, looked out of place where a bright red core would have nestled itself.

Tokei’s railgun tracked the angel with every move that it made. Two red striped along the barrel lit up, a high-pitched whining filling the air. A readout lit up on Tokei’s display.

[center]100 ROUNDS REMAINING[/center]
Tokei glanced at the angel again as it circled menacingly around the ship. The targeting system beeped cheerfully as the X lit up bright red, indicating that a successful target lock had been performed. Tokei’s eye hardened, and her mechanical orb let out the whir of a camera as she pulled back on the trigger.

There was an explosion as the lead projectile leaped off of the gun, traveling at three kilometers per second. The round struck the angel right behind its core, passing clean through the body. Tokei loaded up a second shot, unleashing it through the barrel with another mighty explosion and clank with the chamber of the next round. This one smashed into the angel’s core. The core didn’t break, but the force of impact, though muted by the water, smashed the angel into the deep. Tokei imagined that if she had been able to hear it, it would have cried. Tapping her intercom, she said, “Qi, the next one’s yours. I’m going to keep an eye on this one.” Tokei giggled a little bit at the pun before settling into a defensive crouch, all the better to steady her gaze and protect her umbilical, which had miraculously survived the angel’s slashing electrified whips. Tokei waited patiently for the angel to recover and once again come looking for some hot lead in the face.

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Postby Blue Monday » Sun Jan 19, 2014 8:04 am

The Sixth pushed the lever, the loud clunk sounding the launch.
A titanic knell echoing into the infinite blackness of the Pacific.

Synchronisation hit him like a hammer, as if all the very surrounding ocean deep had came down on him in an instant. Raglan's posture shot up, back arcing, mouthing a wordless cry - The irides of his eyes rolled back leaving nothing exposed but the whites. If this time had been anything like the first instance he had undertaken synch or harmonics tests with the Mark.06, he would also have been spluttering at the mouth; almost frothing - But he had steeled himself that much since then. Knew it was coming. The Chaining.

Like fighting against a heightened gravity, Raglan reached out slowly, struggling to take hold of the control yokes. If he could see at that moment, he would be witness to the HUD bursting to life with a range of spectacular colours, speeding through the different start phases of launch. Still reaching; the controls a finger's breadth away yet some unseen force, some impenetrable wall, stood between. It was coming to a crescendo. The silent scream welling, beginning to gargle and rasp in the back of his throat, bared dry. It was then that Steve's remembered words came to him, in commentary, as Raglan James Wyngarde, the Sixth Child, took the reigns of Evangelion Mark.06:

"That's what sets the Mark designations apart from the rest of the Evangelion Series, Raglan. Right there in the control. The pilots control their Evangelion through synchronisation, becoming one with the weapon. But not the Mark.06, no. With the 06 you need to take reign. Pull up the very substance of the Eva and harness it with all your strength. Just like a cowboy with a bull at a rodeo. Yes, just like that, in fact! To pilot Evangelion Mark.06 you must overcome the Chaining."

Raglan's roar was deafening in the entry plug as he grabbed hold of the controls. His body slumping slightly in subtle relief, having come over the other side of the hurdle. Mark.06's head sprung to, the horn cutting an impressive figure in the murk, visor beaming violent red. Panting, he looked up. Raglan was face-to-face with the Angel - Its tentacles working frenetically, having peeled away the last of the ark's casing and outer shell, now reaching almost reverently towards the Mark.06. "You wish, jellywish." Raglan muttered cheekily. The Mark.06's arms move liked lightening in the deep, grabbing hold in one hand the creature's straining, reaching tentacles. He pulled the Angel towards himself effortlessly, its mass nothing in the hands of the Evangelion, faces gnashing against each other, sneering - The visor darkened to a disturbing shade of eminence and everything shook; the Mark.06 grumbling a deep, terrifying, stifled groan. The Sixth gave a playful yell as he then kicked the Angel away, clearing the opening. The next few moments were quick and even more surreal.

The deep swirled strongly, creating a disorienting vortex. The situation began to sink in. They had no hope down here on the ocean floor and there was no way for them to get back to the surface with what gear they had - The abyssal storm surged in intensity at the thought, and Raglan knew it was coming. Could feel it. Even though he didn't know what 'it' was. His control over the Mark.06 faltered for a bit, or more accurately, slipped from under him.

The vortex warbled and then coalesced onto a single point, shining blue. The Mark.06 was lifted off of the bottom as if by carrying breeze or currents, pulled every gently towards 'it'; the Other, yearning like a missing limb. Just as he began to lose consciousness, Raglan could see, feel, arm outstretched, fingers grasping at the blue light coming down. Everything faded to black as the Spear suddenly exploded into existence in the Mark.06's grip coming whole - Serenity (bliss) descending over the abyss once more.

Come down on me, My Sweet Angel
Poison milk from that withering breast
Come down on me, Sweet Suffocation
Poison milk from that withering breast

Your mask is drifting
See what writhes beneath

Porcelain grin is cracking, alcest to uncoil
Your laugh spreads yawning, black hole formation

Drown and the first real breath takes hold
Washed in a chill so peaceful, sink further

Hold his hand and crush it

The depth of the charm/chasm is infinite - Discover bliss and serenity in drowning

He woke at 3:00AM. A long shear of light and then a series of low concussions. He got up and went to the window but couldn't see anything aside from that perpetual inky blackness. "What is it?" She asked, although he didn't answer. Couldn't answer. She'd forgotten, as she was prone to in transient/fleeting moments. He went into the bathroom and threw the lightswitch but the power was already gone. A dull rose glow started from the window glass, reflected in the bathroom mirror. He turned the shower on, both cold and hot, all the way up as far as they would go. She was standing in the doorway in her [s]nightwear[/s] mussed uniform, hands folded in-front.
"What's happening?" She said.
I don't know.
"Why are you taking a shower?"
I'm not, [REDACTED].

I have a high art, he thought later as he was drying his hair.
And I'm still sorry about your brother, Love.

He plunged into darkness. Darkness like hanging space. The space outside of orbit. Darkness like the orphanage. Like Tagbha. He was in darkness now but was almost still aware of what went on around him. Something else was there too, as it always was in the entry plug of the Mark.06 though it went unsaid, except it was in control now. For the moment, anyway. And then it showed him: The darkness, the void, at his fingertips. At least whilst he was in the Mark.06. Just like he could manoeuvre the AT, he could manoeuvre this; the infinite opposite. The shadow.

"And this is what it can do."

The Mark.06's figure rigidly snapped to, visor burning brilliant red, Raglan coming back into focus. The Spear was in his hand now. The Spear of Eremos. He looked up towards the surface and used the shadow to engulf himself and Evas 04 and 07. The darkness was total only for a second and though he could not see 04 and 07, he sure could feel them in here. Then the silence was interrupted by a long shear of light - Sunlight.

[Soundtrack: 'Dark Defender']

Waves crashed together as the ocean set about righting itself. It had been chaos up here too, then. 04 and 07 stood atop shimmering octagons of light as they exited the shadow, the exhausted Evas still standing, but worse for wear compared to the one supporting them.

Mark.06 hung in the air like a dread moon. Water cascading and beading down it's sleek dark blue form, catching the sun's light and refracting it. The air about its head buzzed and warped but slowly quieted as the Eva began to descend. The Spear was held aloft in its right and over its left hung a massive khaki tarpaulin, which the Eva had been ensconced in within the ark, wrapped over its shoulder, hanging down its back like some sort of make-shift cape. It was a majestic, awe-inducing and fearful sight all at the same time.

Beneath the Evas, thunderous roars drew them back to battle as not one, but two of the monstrous Angel fish circled in the settling waters. Mark.06 raised its arm, its AT field pulsing outward - The vapour from the impact dispersed immediately, the scattered fleet gaining the first look at the situation as Evangelion 04 and 07 were dropped onto the decks. Mark.06 followed, floating down, dropping the last couple spaces, crunching onto the deck of an aircraft carrier oddly named Over the Rainbow. The boy who liked to call himself 'J' assessed the situation. It felt like waking from a dream in fevered sleep, coming to, not remembering exactly where you are or who you are with. “Kids! One of those big fish was harassin' the fleet while you guys were stuck with the other one, think you can handle both of them?” Vander's voice boomed across the comms unit and the action resumed in earnest.

“Ready to go.” Tokei asserted as she began firing at one of the Angels, the rounds devastating the body of the creature forcing it under the water some. “Qi, the next one’s yours. I’m going to keep an eye on this one.” Tokei giggled. Raglan looked over at Eva-07, seeming to be in an even worse condition than 04.

"Belay that, Qi - This one is mine." Raglan ordered.
And although they could not see him, they could just about hear that wolfish grin on his face.
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Postby Lance of LoL » Mon Jan 20, 2014 10:17 pm

Laying in the Sun, Kiyoshi saw the looming shadow of Valda approach before anything else. Glancing up, she smiled somewhat. It seemed the children had finished their game of volleyball. The early cries had caused some concern, but once things had settled, the Major had taken to waiting for her favourite part of any beach party.

“Time for the watermelon?” she beamed. Rolling over, she shuffled across the sand until she made it to the bags. Pulling out a pair of decently sized melons, she manoeuvred them under one arm as she dug around for a stick and a head scarf she had brought for the occasion. Getting to her feet, she wrapped her foot around the towel she had laid out and pulled it with her. Walking out onto the open sand, she dumped everything in a heap. Shaking out the towel, she laid it down so that when they cracked the melons they didn't get all sandy. Putting the fruit on the towel, she called for everyone's attention.

“Alright kids, gather round, it's time for Watermelon!” she grinned happily. As the group gathered, she looked between the children and the out laid fruit.

“I guess for those not from Japan, I should probably clear this up. Japanese people make a game of splitting watermelons called Suikawari. It's kinda like breaking a piñata. The rules are basically the same, you're just aiming at the ground. Alright, Tomoko, you're up first.” Kiyoshi offered the girl the stick before tying the scarf over her eyes. Giving Tomoko a few spins, she wobbled forward. Feeling forward like a blind person with a cane, Tomoko made contact with the side of the melon. Smiling, she steadied her footing and took blind aim for the melon. Pulling back, she brought the stick down with all her might. Shirou, who was standing by the towel, could feel the wind whip by him as the girl struck the melon with all the force she could muster. The stick slammed into the striped surface and stopped dead. A visible shiver ran up Tomoko's body as she dropped the stick and fell over, letting out a pained yelp and started blowing on her hands.

“Owwwwwwwwie! That hurt.” Tomoko whined as she pulled off the blindfold. Kiyoshi giggled at the attempt. Stepping forward, she picked up the stick and the blindfold.

“Okay, one loser down, a bunch more to go. I'll go next.” She grinned devilishly. Securing her own blindfold, Kiyoshi readied herself. With Shiori providing a couple of spins, Kiyoshi took her turn. With surprisingly sure footedness, she stepped forward, raised her arms above her head and brought the stick down with a thunderous strike. However, the melon stood firm. Like a fortress, the vined fruit took the blow with stalwart silence and gave in return a chattering of the teeth and a pain in the wrists. Kiyoshi began to wonder if she'd actually bought ripe melons, or if someone had painted a couple of rocks for her to hit. Gritting her teeth, she threw the stick aside. Pulling her pistol from who knows where, she fired blindly three times in the direction of the melon. Crimson liquid sprayed the area as Shirou fell sideways, his face now splattered with the melon's juicy centre and a handful of seeds. Pulling off the blindfold, Kiyoshi snickered.

“Well, a little tougher than expected, but first round to me.” she laughed. If there was any doubt that Kiyoshi had orchestrated the first melon to try and win, it wasn't from the surrounding teens.

In the rocks high above, Tom pulled his radio to his face.

“This is Baby Bird to Nest, come in Nest. Shots fired, I have shots fired!” he bellowed, scanning the beach with his binoculars. Throwing himself forward, Jerry levelled his rifle across the sand to try and find a target. Focusing in on the group, his eyes widened.

“It's, it's... It's Major Miki... Call it off.” Jerry groaned, straightening up. Removing his scope, he threw himself back onto his perch, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

Back on the beach, Miki blew the smoke from her pistol and grinned.

“Okay you guys, Shirou's next.” she laughed as she walked over and scooped up a chunk of the destroyed melon.


Johann stood on the deck of the ship. Watching as Unit-04 unleashed two shots into one of the fish, the creature was forced beneath the waves. His fingers flew across his tablet, the vital statistics of all three Evas blurring across the screen as he absorbed it all.

“This isn't good.” he muttered anxiously. Vander glanced back at the other man.

“We've got barely a handful of ships not damaged, two scuttled Evas and whatever the hell that thing is against two electrified fish, yeah, we've been better.” he admitted. Honestly he hadn't expected to survive the Spear's descent, so even being this far was a relief.

“No, I mean I'm not sure any of the Evas can continue this fight. Unit-07 has dropped to about 40% functionality and Qi's Synch rate is all over the board. Tokei's more stable, but even then Unit-04 is sitting at about 60%. Mark.06... Well, I'm not sure we can allow it to even try. Its core is stable, but if it makes contact it might initiate Impact. Not to mention, these readings. It's the same as the event in Matsuhiro. I'm an expert with Evangelions, but this is way over my head. We have Mark.06. I'd say our best odds would be to scramble the forces back home and retreat.” Johann reeled off, glancing between the Evas perched on the nearby ships.

“Well the kids seem determined to keep fighting, what can we do?” Vander pondered aloud.


Within Unit-07, Qi's skin burned. Heat radiated across his body, pain blossoming in his bones as the inaction of his Eva brought the extent of the damage to him. Despite his best efforts, despite years of training and the natural advantages he possessed as a pilot, his Eva knelt on the deck, crumpled and barely alive. His body felt numb to world beyond. Watching through glazed eyes as Tokei fired two powerful shots into the water. Her voice, muffled, as if travelling through water echoed about his Entry Plug.

“Qi, the next one’s yours. I’m going to keep an eye on this one.” he could hear her giggling, as if the past minutes below were not some life and death struggle. Qi tensed his muscles, preparing his Eva to move once again when Raglan's voice chimed in.

"Belay that, Qi - This one is mine." Raglan ordered. Qi's eyes widened. Raglan's tone, that order to his fellow pilot and the smile in his voice. That note of arrogance brought Qi back to reality. Muscles burning, he lurched forward in his seat, crimson eyes focused on the Angels before them. More voices joined the rabble around him. Some were real, Johann's and Vander's, worried declarations from the surrounding ships, some were echoes of memory, words Qi had hoped to forget, but he continued to cling to.

“Raglan's right Qi, hold off, we'll have 04 and 06 lay down suppression attacks until we can lure the angels back into shallow water, okay?” Johann spoke, his voice laced with concern.

“Unacceptable.” Qi hissed. Motion seemed to stop for a moment. The chattering in his ears going silent. To the Fifth Child, the world was still as he reaffirmed control over his body. The fire of pain that had numbed him now served to stoke the dying embers in his body. The fire pulsed outward, from Qi's very core. It travelled down his extremities, passing through his fingertips into his Eva. Unit-07 roared as it struggled to its feet, blood gushing from its wounds, the pressure of its motions dying the machine as red as the ocean.

“That is unacceptable.” he repeated through gritted teeth. “I will not be made irrelevant. We are the hope of humanity, the first and final line against the angels. I refuse to retreat, and I refuse to stand down.” the Chinese pilot growled. From the deck, Vander and Johann watched with open mouths as Unit-07 drew itself up to full height. Looking over his readouts, Johann watched as Qi synch rate hit 100% and continued to rise quickly. Unit-7 turned to face the others. Raising its progressive knife, it levelled it at the other two Evas.

“Since we came here, we've fought three Angels together.” Qi continued, his voice steeling itself. “Every time we've been victorious, but it has been by a margin. Survival was never due to skill or innate talent, it was luck. I refuse to allow that to be the case any longer.”

“I think he's mad...” Vander commented casually as he watched the three titanic mecha.

“So no more. No more pointless egotism and blatant ineptitude.” Qi's tone was like ice as he directed his blade right towards Raglan's machine. “We do this together.” he finished resolutely. Johann looked at his readout once more. The Fifth Child's synch had stabilized just shy of the berserk barrier. Unit-07 turned back towards the Angels. Plotting a course across the remaining ships towards the aquatic monstrosities, Qi smiled.

“Remember, these Angels can regenerate in water. Raglan, if you can use your power to force them out, Tokei and I can finish them before they heal.” Qi breathed heavily. His body shook all over, the heat of his skin meeting the chill of the cooling LCL. Tightening his grip on the controls, he stared at the creatures before them. This time they would win on their terms. Driving the controls forward, Unit-07's blade flashed around its body, the knife dancing through its fingers before the Eva took off, leaping across the ships towards the Angels.

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“Remember, these Angels can regenerate in water. Raglan, if you can use your power to force them out, Tokei and I can finish them before they heal.” The Sixth Child's smile had died on his lips. This is supposed to be my moment of proving, he though heatedly, but before he could give a rebuttal Eva-07 sprang from the deck of the ship it was on, landing onto another nearby. He scoffed, then allowed himself a grin; "Roger that, Qi." Acknowledging the arrogant tone in his own voice.

Throwing cape over-shoulder with a massive swoosh, Raglan outstretched Mark.06's left arm, palm open, fingers spread wide - He focused on the creature closest Qi. At first, he didn't think it would come but the sense was there right underneath it all. It was hard to keep concentration on the Chaining, synchronisation, but the boy persisted, a small sweat breaking out on his brow. He felt out at the Angel, reached with tender wisps with what he gathered to be his AT field, got a mental grasp of it. The Shadow was right there beneath. Suddenly a small black point appeared in front of the Angel, widening almost instantaneously from a point to a sizeable gulf. Raglan felt he could continue, let that ebony maw keep increasing forever, never sating its eternal hunger, but he gave it pause there. And with a motion and curling of the fingers in his free hand, he pushed the field forward - Like a fishing net unto its prey, it swallowed up the massive Angel in one single swoop then disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The sensation was different than just before, maybe because he also was not present in the Void. He could feel the Angel writhing in protest, smashing about, its screams of confusion clamouring as if in his own ears but fading off into nothingness with not even an echo. Before he could not let the burden upon his mind increase any more, he let the monster go. The field split the sky horizontally; the Angel, along with hundreds of gallons of red sea water, came sloshing down onto the deck of a battle cruiser two ships away from Eva-07's current location.

"T-the... There you go," was all he could muster before the Mark.06 dropped to one knee. The exhaustion and mental taxation hit him all in a single wave like a nightmarish after-thought. Sweat was now beading down off of Raglan's forehead, drenching his face and muddying his vision, which was already beginning to blur. Somewhere in the confusion a sickly nausea swelled and he almost gagged. But the Sixth couldn't let go. The cacophony of voices on the comms line brought him back from the momentary lapse, shaking it off like a dizzy spell. Raglan zoned in on the sound of Eva-04's railgun, using the Spear to help himself upright.

With a roar and fierce movement he struck the second Angel with another field, and it appeared onto the deck of the very same ship Eva-04 was on, the leviathan slamming down on the stern. The strain had been too great that he wasn't able to think straight. The nausea exploded, blood burst violently out of his nostrils and the Sixth Child blacked out.

Evangelion Mark.06 shut down.
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“Alright kids, gather round, it's time for Watermelon!” Akio and Shirou heard the Major call out as they approached. Even though he really was not in the mood to participate, Akio still grouped up with the others, not wanting to incur any more wrath from the Major.

“I guess for those not from Japan, I should probably clear this up. Japanese people make a game of splitting watermelons called Suikawari. It's kinda like breaking a piñata. The rules are basically the same, you're just aiming at the ground. Alright, Tomoko, you're up first.”

The Major handed Tomoko the stick before tying the scarf over her eyes. After being spun a few times Tomoko wobbled forward, using the stick to feel along the ground in search of the melon. After a moment she located the melon. She then steadied herself before pulling back, and then striking the melon with everything she had.

The stick struck the melon and stopped dead with an audible thud. A shiver ran up Tomoko’s body before she dropped the stick and fell over. Letting out a yelp, she started blowing on her hands.

“Owwwwwwwwie! That hurt.” Tomoko whined as she pulled off the blindfold. Akio let out a quiet chuckle as the Major giggled at the attempt. Stepping forward, she picked up the stick and the blindfold.

“Okay, one loser down, a bunch more to go. I'll go next.” She said with a devilish grin. Securing her own blindfold, the Major readied herself. With Shiori providing a couple of spins, she took her turn. She stepped forward, raised her arms above her head and brought the stick down with a thunderous strike. The melon was unscathed.

Throwing the stick aside angrily, she pulled her pistol out of nowhere. Akio’s eyes grew wide in fear as the Major fired off three blind shots in the direction of the melon. Crimson liquid sprayed the area as Shirou fell sideways, his face now splattered with the melon's juicy centre and a handful of seeds. Pulling off the blindfold, the Major snickered.

“Well, a little tougher than expected, but first round to me.” she laughed. “Okay you guys, Shirou's next.” she laughed as she walked over and scooped up a chunk of the destroyed melon.

If I didn’t already have a reason to not piss off the Major… I really have a one now… Akio thought as a shiver went up his spine. He glanced over at Shirou, who was still laying on the sand, his face covered in bits of melon. Akio's fear started to melt away and he started laughing at Shirou’s predicament.

“Hey man, let me go get a towel or something so you can wipe off your face.” Akio said while he composed himself. Turning away, he started to head off in search of a towel.

Still laying on the ground. A smirk briefly flitted across Shirou's face before he closed his eyes and reached toward Akio with a wheeze. "Akio... Akio!"

“Yeah, what is it?” Akio responded, turning around and walking close to Shirou.

He pulled Akio closer. "Tell... tell my father..." He coughed. "My lucky dice..." *wheeze* "are in the... in the..." Shirou exhaled and fell limp.

“What about your lucky dice?” Akio asked. Shirou lay lifeless on the sand and did not respond. “Uhhh, Shirou?” Akio asked with growing concern in his voice. Shit… maybe he actually got hurt… Akio grew more concerned with each passing second. “H-hey, this is not funny anymore… quit it alright?” He said shakily. Shirou still did not respond. “Shirou?... Shirou?!”

"Hey, Otacon, cool your jets, he's just a little shocked. Shove some Watermelon in his mouth, he'll snap out of it." The Major said in a dismissive tone.

"Aw, you're no fun." Shirou said teasingly as he pulled himself up.

Akio just sat there, not knowing if he should laugh at Shirou’s antics or be mad at him, but in the end, he was just glad that he was alright.

"Thanks for the help, but I’ll just go for a swim to get it off. Feel free to take my turn!” Akio nodded and Shirou started off towards the water’s edge.

“Well I guess I’ll go next.” Akio said as he scooped up the blindfold and stick.
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Postby BPES » Tue Feb 04, 2014 12:48 pm

As Valda approached the major in order to move onto the next stage of her plans for the beach after her, and Shirou’s, amazing and utterly one-sided victory at Volleyball; breaking watermelons. The woman in question looked up to Valda as she approached, seemingly already guessing what was coming.

“Time for Watermelons?” She asked with a smile. Valda nodded approvingly as the Major set about getting everything set up. Despite their usual differences, it seemed that this time Valda and the Major were of similar mind-sets. Valda watched with anticipation and no small amount of excitement as the Major set down the towel and everyone else gathered round, looking to the gathered items.

“I guess for those not from Japan, I should probably clear this up. Japanese people make a game of splitting watermelons called Suikawari. It's kinda like breaking a piñata. The rules are basically the same, you're just aiming at the ground. Alright, Tomoko, you're up first.” The major explained before handing the stick to the add-on and blindfolding her. Valda shook her head and held a small mocking grin on her face as she watched Tomoko stumble after being spun. She was looking forward to seeing just how the other girl would screw this up.

It was a slow advance but soon enough the blindfolded girl had located the melon and got ready to swing. Valda watched the girl swing, bringing down the stick with a good deal of force; only for it to stop dead as it hit the melon with a thud. Valda blinked a few times before Tomoko’s pained cry erupted and she started blowing on her hands, complaining.

"Okay, one loser down, a bunch more to go. I'll go next.” The major said grinning like a fool and Valda shook her head. Well it didn’t matter really, she supposed, though even she wasn’t expecting the major’s words to be quite so prophetic. The older woman didn’t take long to get herself prepped, with some assistance from Shiori, brought down the slick with the force that one should expect of a military officer; only for it to be stopped dead. Valda felt her jaw drop slightly as she stared at the melon in confusion. Had the Major found some kind of super melon?

Valda just heard the stick hit the sand before gunshots erupted, shattering the peaceful beach sounds as shards of red splattered around the ground, partially covering Shirou. Valda was utterly dumbstruck as the major pulled off her blindfold with a snicker.

"Well, a little tougher than expected, but first round to me.” She declared as if what just happened was not a big deal at all. She even blew smoke from her gun in a cocky fashion, still grinning like a lunatic, which is probably what the vast majority of startled and panicking beachgoers thought right now. She grabbed a piece of shattered watermelon whilst declaring. “Okay you guys, Shirou's next.”

Valda continued to stare, eye visibly twitching as her jaw slowly opened and closed and an ever increasing frown growing on her face. What had just transpired was startling to say the least. Not the gunshots though, no, Valda Krieg was not startled by gunshots anymore. Her family, various military schools and even life at Nerv 3 had subdued the surprise such noises typically cause. No, what had Startled Valda the most was…

“Where the hell were you keeping that gun!??!” Valda suddenly managed to ask aloud; although it seemed the Major was too distracted by the melodrama Akio and Shirou were performing. Valda was far more concerned with what had happened. Another thought immediately stuck her as she replayed the event in her head. “Wait a second, YOU CHEATED!”

“Hmm?” The cheat in question finally turned her attention to Valda before shrugging. “I don’t see it like that at all.”

“You did! You totally did! You already hit it once, you’re not allowed to go again right after! Especially not with a gun!” Valda countered walking up to the Major, hands on her hips.

“Oh don’t be such a spoilsport, it’s only a bit of fun.” Was the taunting response. Valda growled and pointed at Kiyoshi accusingly as Akio got ready to play, Tomoko happily assisting him. Clearly Valda and the major’s tiff was far too common for anyone to care.

“Spoilsport? Hardly, I actually have a sense of sportsmanship! Unlike you you damn cheater! Where did you even hide that gun anyway? I mean, what?” Valda barked as Kiyoshi sighed and took a bite out of her watermelon.

“Hmm, I don’t feel like telling you. It’s not like you need to know anyway.” The woman said giving a slight glare at Valda. Valda didn’t back down though and as the woman went to take another bite of her Watermelon, Valda slapped it out of her hand sending it to the sand below. The two just stood there for a few moments, and Valda could swear she heard someone yell ‘Oh crap’ in the distance. Finally, Major Miki took a deep breath, set down her gun and cracked her fist. “Okay Krieg, I think it’s long overdue that you got what’s coming to you.”

“Bring it on you stupid old hag!” Valda immediately shot back before Kiyoshi lunged at her with a near feral growl. The next thing that anyone else knew, Valda and Kiyoshi were screaming at each other as they rolled across the sand. Valda gritted her teeth and growled as she kicked Kiyoshi off of her and then tried to jump on her, only to get flipped back to the sand again.

The major tried to straddle Valda to subdue her but was knocked off after being viciously slapped and Valda went after her again trying to grab her in a chokehold, which she gave up on after Kiyoshi started pulling her hair. Moving around a bit Valda twisted before biting one of Kiyoshi’s arms causing her to let go and tend to the appendage. Soon enough Valda followed by tackling the woman, getting back to her feet again.

“HAH!” Valda declared prematurely before having her legs pulled from under her and twisted in a painful hold from an Irate Kiyoshi. Grabbing some sand, Valda tossed it at Kiyoshi who backed off trying to get the sand out of her eyes and cursing out Valda rather severely. Valda in turn scrambled to her feet and started attempting to wail on Kiyoshi who blindly head-butted Valda, causing both of them to recoil somewhat.

There was someone or other trying to calm things down but neither women were ready to call it quits yet, the months of tension finally coming to a head. Valda found herself moving backwards as this time she was tackled down, the pair tumbling back into their own stuff. Soon Kiyoshi reached out to grab something and soon enough Valda flailed as some tangy juice was being poured over her head by the major. Flailing wildly proved to work somewhat as she unbalanced the major enough to swing her over and tilted the offending bottle of liquid back so that Kiyoshi was the one getting soaked. That didn’t last long as Kiyoshi kicked Valda off of her and got up shaking off.

Valda took the oppourtunity to charge Kiyoshi again, knocking both of them to the sand once more and resuming the rolling power struggle. By this point, it was clear that neither were willing to quit anytime soon, though Valda squealed when she felt something cold on her back, the two having made their way over to the smashed watermelons. Quickly grabbing a chunk Valda began trying to shove it anywhere at Kiyoshi, earning a startled yelp from the woman who quickly sought to return the favour grabbing some of the cold fruit for herself.

As Valda was assaulted by the cold sticky feeling that the fruit left on her she began kicking and grabbing wildly, eventually managing to knock Kiyoshi off her. Panting she rose to her feet, before realising she held something foreign in her hand. She paused for a moment and stared at the swimwear in her hand before turning several shades of red, eyes widening.

“Valda Krieg! Give me that back or I swear I will shoot you, Fate of the world or not!” Kiyoshi boiled over with fury as she covered her otherwise exposed breasts. Valda began flailing again trying to get rid of the thing in her hands.

“Why would you even WEAR such a flimsy thing anyway!!?” Valda yelled in response, pausing afterwards to actually look at the piece of clothing. She wasn’t entirely sure, but this looked bigger than anything she had. A spike of envy and bitterness shot through her for a moment.

“We’re at the beach you stupid little! Just give me that!” Kiyoshi barked still glaring. Valda warily tossed the thing to her before looking away still flustered.

“I swear to god, if anyone looks as I’m putting this back on I will start shooting!” Kiyoshi yelled and Valda actually found herself flinching.

“Y-You heard her perverts! Turn around now or there’ll be hell to pay!” Valda decided to add her own threats, the closest she’d likely get to admitting fault in this situation. After some quick and highly tense moments of Kiyoshi getting redressed, Valda took that as her cue to storm off for a bit.

“Stay where I can see you Krieg!” The major called, annoyance lacing her voice. Valda didn’t look back, but did listen, picking a spot still within sight but far away from the older woman.

If anyone asked, Valda would claim that she was merely letting the major lick her wounds after their little scuffle. But to anyone that saw the look on Valda’s face, it’d be pretty obvious that she was mostly just sulking right now. Though anyone dumb enough to say it would probably earn the young German’s wrath.
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Postby Aggroxcraig » Wed Feb 05, 2014 11:50 pm

Isaac stood watching Shirou acting as though he got shot from Kiyoshi’s bullets. While seeing the Major pull out her fire arm to pump a fruit full of lead had startled Isaac, he for some reason felt as though it was “normal” for her to do something like this. The thought did occur to him on where exactly did she pull that gun from? The thought made Isaac’s spine shiver as he thought to himself to always be on the Major’s good side.

As Akio picked up the stick to give the watermelon a good wack, Isaac imagined Akio pretending the watermelon was his head rather than just a fruit. It probably wasn’t what Akio was thinking, but Isaac knew that the boy was upset with him. It was his fault after all. He could of been nicer or just more helpful like he had been previously, Isaac imagined being in Akio’s shoes and he couldn’t really blame him for the way he felt. Who wouldn’t blame themselves for hurting or killing others even if it wasn’t your fault? Isaac knew that he would. Isaac’s words to Akio during their fight rang in Isaac’s head as it felt like time slowed down.

“The longer you dwell on whatever happened to you, the more useless you are as a pilot. We can't babysit you over something that wasn't your fault. So get over it or go back home.”

It was harsh, but Isaac knew it had to be said. In Isaac’s mind Akio needed to get over the whole ordeal, just like how Isaac had to get over his previous mistakes. Whether it was running away from a battlefield to leave Valda alone against an Angel because he was too scared or to be hesitant to get in an Evangelion his first day here with Tokei and Shiori fighting an Angel. What if he wasn’t scared and just fought? Would they have not suffered any damage and would more people be safe? These thoughts still clouded Isaac mind, but he had to move on. If he couldn’t move on then he would be a liability against an Angel and Isaac knew the outcome of leaving or not coming to a battle. So far he has been lucky, but how long would that last?

“We were brought here to defend the world not be friends.”

It was the truth. None of the children here are meant to be friends. They are here to save the world. That’s it. If they became friends then that would be great, but that’s still not why they were here. It’s not that Isaac didn’t want to be friends, but he knew that if he were back in Arizona would he even be friends with all of the other pilots? Maybe?

Isaac’s thoughts were instantly interrupted as he felt some sand hit his legs as he blinked once and looked down to see Valda and Kiyoshi arguing with one another.

“Spoilsport? Hardly, I actually have a sense of sportsmanship! Unlike you you damn cheater! Where did you even hide that gun anyway? I mean, what?” Valda barked out with Kiyoshi still eating a piece of watermelon.

“Hmm, I don’t feel like telling you. It’s not like you need to know anyway.” Kiyoshi said while glaring at Valda. Isaac knew Valda all to well despite only knowing her for a few months and what Kiyoshi said wouldn’t go all that well with Valda. Without warning, Valda knocked the watermelon out of Kyoshi’s hand and into the sand.

Isaac felt the tension go from a heated discussion to a cat fight. “Oh crap!” Isaac remarked as he watch Kiyoshi crack her knuckles.

“Okay Krieg, I think it’s long overdue that you got what’s coming to you.”

“Bring it on you stupid old hag!” Valda shouted as Isaac saw both Kiyoshi and Valda get into a scuffle with one another.

Insides Isaac’s mind there was a part of him thrilled to see an attractive girl and a beautiful lady having a cat fight which was every fourteen year old male’s dream come true. Hell, Isaac could imagine Vander pulling up a lawn chair with a bowl of popcorn and offering all the other pilots some popcorn. The more rational part of Isaac’s mind was telling him that someone could get hurt. Getting whatever scraps of courage Isaac could muster, he cleared his throat and looked at the other pilots for some courage. “Hey! Cool it you two!” Isaac yelled nervously as he saw Kiyoshi and Valda continue to fight regardless of what Isaac said.

After a while Valda started to kick Kiyoshi off of her and stood up to reveal that she was holding a part of Kiyoshi’s swimming suit. Isaac looked over at Kiyoshi and managed to get a split second peak just in time before she could cover her breasts. Isaac’s face turned into the brightest crimson and he could of sworn he felt a trickle of blood fall from his nose. There was a conflict in Isaac’s mind. He knew that he shouldn’t stare at Kiyoshi like this, but another part of him simply couldn’t help himself. He was a pervert after all. “Valda Krieg! Give me that back or I swear I will shoot you, Fate of the world or not!” Kiyoshi shout as Valda started to flail her arms around trying to get rid of the swimming attire.

“Why would you even WEAR such a flimsy thing anyway!!?” Valda yelled in response.

“We’re at the beach you stupid little! Just give me that!” Kiyoshi barked still glaring. Valda warily tossed the thing to her before looking away still flustered.

“I swear to god, if anyone looks as I’m putting this back on I will start shooting!” Kiyoshi yelled which caused Isaac to snap to attention and turnaround from Kiyoshi. Isaac could feel how hot his face was from blushing so badly from the scene. Come on! Get yourself together!! Isaac thought as he shuffled his feet in the sand.

“Y-You heard her perverts! Turn around now or there’ll be hell to pay!” Valda ordered. Isaac could feel is back straightening as felt his heart racing more.

“Stay where I can see you Krieg!” The major called out as Valda stormed off.

Isaac watched Valda depart from the rest of the group and couldn’t help but feel sorry for the girl. If she knew that she would beat the crap out of me. Isaac thought comically to himself. Isaac’s feet stuttered as he started to think of going to talk to Valda. Maybe he could help her after her little fight with Kiyoshi. Turning his attention back to the group, Isaac cleared his throat and managed to let something out. “Kiyoshi, I’m just going to…ehhh make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid.” Isaac awkwardly let out and walked towards Valda before Kiyoshi could even let out a syllable.

As Isaac approached the german he started to think on what he could say to the girl. Things like, “Damn, Kiyoshi has a nice pair of tits!!” or “I can’t believe you got in a fight with Kiyoshi?!!” popped in his head, but it was immediately eliminated from the list of things to say. With her back turned from Isaac, the boy cleared his throat and rubbed his swimming trucks to help give himself some courage. “Hey, how's the beach?" Isaac said in an awkward tone with his face red still from the glorious cat fight.

Valda turned her head and with her eyes pointed towards Isaac liked two rifles getting ready to shoot a target. “I”m annoyed, covered in melon, my hair is sticky with lord only knows what kind of brand of cheap juice the Major likes, I just got involved in something stupidly embarrassing and my mask is still over there... How do you think it's going genius? Wait, no, don't answer that, I wouldn't want to tax your puny mind any more than it does just functioning!”

Isaac rolled his eyes. "If it's any consolation I think you won the fight against Kiyoshi. I mean she did forfeit the match.” Isaac said with a smile.

Valda stood up and used clenched his hand into a fit. ”Of COURSE I won, I always win..." an awkward pause with a clearly disheartened expression muttering 'I'm still growing though......' before. "A-Anyways, that was a stupid way to win.... urgh so embarrassing..... Wait you better not of gotten any weird thoughts or I'll drown you Isaac!"

Isaac looked at Valda for a moment and thoughts began to pop into his head…

“Oh Kiyoshi…you’re soooo big…” Valda said in a husky voice.

“Oh these?” Kiyoshi said remarking her breasts which appeared larger in Isaac’s mind. “Oh, they just came naturally like this.”

“I’m sorry that we fought like that. It’s just so hard to resist not getting close to a strong woman such as yourself.” Valda said touching Kiyoshi’s shoulder.

“Well, you’re not so bad yourself…” Kiyoshi said with her lips getting close to Valda and…

Isaac’s eyes snapped as he started to blush from his own thoughts. What the hell is wrong with you!!?. ”Weird thoughts!?! N-no! Not at all!!”

Valda rubbed her head and puffed out a sigh. ”Really not inspiring much confidence right now... Urgh, and after such a good job at Matsuhiro too..... Ah whatever. What is it with everyone today seeking out my magnificent self, not that I can blame you but don't you have other things to do?"

Isaac shrugged his shoulders in response to Valda’s question. ”I have nothing else better to do. Also, as far as I'm concerned if I never come back to a beach again I’d would be pretty content." Isaac pauses for a moment and looked out at the Red Sea as he thought about the last couple of months. How he’s tried to move on from the events of Mutsuhiro, but he never could as thinking about it was strange to him. A part of him remembers everything and some parts about fighting the Angel was just a hazy memory. Isaac just remembered feeling content, happy and at peace despite fighting a horrible monster. “You know Valda...Mutsuhiro affected everyone in one way or another. I think everyone wants to make sure you're ok.”

"Me? Of course I'm ok! This is me we're talking about here,. Yeah ok I needed to figure out a few things but I've done that, so everything is fine. Such needless concern…"Valda glared off to from the side while muttering under her breath, "I don't need anything like that…”

Isaac looked at Valda gave a concerned look. "Valda you avoided everyone for almost three months and hardly said a word." Isaac said while letting out a sigh. "I mean, I get it. That whole thing sucked for everyone. I have to see a psychologist on a weekly basis just to make sure that I'm stable and trust me those aren't fun." Isaac shuffled his feet in the sand. "I'm not trying to say that you should of just pretended like everything was fine after Mutsuhiro, but I know that I just wanted to at least know that you were alright.” Isaac said with sincere honesty even though Valda drove him nuts. She was prideful, sometimes super bitchy but overall Isaac still liked the girl and wanted to make sure she was at least ok.

Valda clenched her fist and took a step forward. ”It isn't your place to be concerned about me, you shouldn't waste your time!" Isaac kept staring at Valda still looking concerned. Seeing this, Valda’s features softened as she looked away from Isaac. "Look, Isaac. I'm fine, like I said, I needed to think through some things.... It just took longer than I would've liked. Honestly you should be more concerned with the likes of Shirou and Akio, the formers just getting his act together thanks to me, but Akio's acting like a kicked puppy. I'll probably have to sort him out soon too.”

Isaac sighed when Akio was brought up. Trust me, I made that ‘kicked puppy’ turned into a puppy in the ICU. "Yeah you probably should. I know all too well how Akio is doing and trust me when I say this he could use a friend like you right now.”

"... Friend?" Valda paused with a conflicted look on her face which was easy to read without her mask on. ”I'm nobody's friend, I lead, I inspire, I educate, I order. I help you get into shape because that's what I'm supposed to do. Friends is not a term I associate with, though we've had that conversation before.”

“Yeah…you did help me get into shape." Isaac said with a stern look. "If it wasn't for you I don't think any of us would be alive and I mean it. If you didn't say what you said to me I probably would of been too afraid to fight the Angel." Isaac looked back at the others. "I know that we aren't here to be friends and the only reason why I am actually talking to you is because we are 'destined' to save the world...but,"Isaac looked back at Valda and smiled with a gentle wind tossing his longer hair in the wind. "That doesn't mean we can't be friends though.”

Valda’s eyes widened and with a blush appearing on her face. Immediately Valda turned her head from Isaac. ”..Who the hell would want to be friends with you." Clearly embarrassed with a blush on her face. "Gah, whatever, think what you want. Urgh.”

Isaac grinned. ”Hehe, I will. I'm just an idiot after all." Isaac stopped laughing as he looked back at the others. "Anyway, I'll leave you alone Valda.” Isaad said as he took a step towards Valda with a mischievous grin on his face. “Do you need anything else before I leave? Like...maybe a shoulder to cry on or a hug? I won't judge you if you do." Isaac said mockingly with a grin while getting closer to hug Valda. "Don't hold your feelings in Valda! It's ok if you need to cry." Isaac yelled trying to project his voice at the others.

Valda stood still for a few moments then took a step towards Isaac.
Oh damn, maybe she really needs a hug. I probably shouldn’t of- Isaacs thoughts were cut short as Valda’s eyes snapped open revealing eyes of anger that Isaac was all too familiar with.

Before punching him in the gut and then kicking him to the sand, Valda yelled out, "Fahr zur Hölle du dummer Hund perverse!!!!”

Lying on the sand a few feet from Valda, Isaac painfully grinned while hunched over. “W-worth it…”

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Tokei watched the giant, quivering mass of the angel as it rose from the water, flying in an arc above the surface of the ocean. Shedding buckets of water, the Angel flew towards her in a graceful parabola… and then didn’t stop moving. Tokei’s leg shot out to the side, both of her palms dropping to the deck as she braced for the impact. In the second or so she had before impact, she snap-locked and fired a round off the railgun.

[center]97 ROUNDS REMAINING[/center]

The shell burst through the Angel with a wet squelching sound, spinning the creature in midair before it landed on the stern deck with a titanic thud. The entire ship rocked backwards, the fore of the craft rising up out of the water several meters. Tokei’s fingers dug into the deck, gouging long marks in it as she fought gravity to stay in one place.

The angel quivered like jelly as the flesh around the meter-thick hole pulsated, briefly trying to form itself back together without the assistance of the water that was its lifeblood. Tokei smiled.

Unit-04 tensed and hurled itself down the slanted deck of the ship. The impact forced the fore of the boat down, the stern of the craft rising to meet her. The angel made a movement like it was attempting to face her, just before Tokei plowed into the side of the angel. There was a wet, squishy noise.

Tokei frowned at her display. It had suddenly grown foggy, as if she were underwater. As she stared at the viewer, a wide grin played across her face.

Several shells burst out of the angel’s skin as Tokei began indiscriminately firing off rounds from inside the creature. There were brief squelch noises as each round exited, the angel flopping around a bit with every shot. With an effort, Tokei reached around and grabbed the solid core of the angel, lifting it above her head. Its mass depleted, the angel was helpless as Tokei’s railgun swiveled to touch the core.

[center]91 ROUNDS REMAINING[/center]


[center]90 ROUNDS REMAINING[/center]

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The ocean was red. This was a fact accepted by those born after Second Impact. The horror and the absence of life was natural to those who didn't know of the abundance the ocean once represented. Standing on the deck, Vander and Johann, men who knew of the blue seas, watched a scene unfold like scenes from the works of Dante. Blood spraying into the water, the red mixing with its surroundings, as if the ships, the Evas and the human beings involved were drowning in the vile liquid. Their champions becoming one with the abysmal landscape before them.

Unit-04 had been consumed by one of the Angels before tearing its way out, limbs, lumps of flesh and shattered organs acted as a pool, immersing the Evangelion as it rose from the depths of its captor, the core of the beast held in its hands, an unholy rebirthing as the Eva destroyed the monstrosity it had emerged from.

Mark.06 collapsed upon the deck, its knees warping the metal before it, arms splayed wide and head tilted back, as if beseeching a higher power for deliverance from this hellish event as its energy ran out, its pilot pushed to the brink of collapse.

But the last of the three seemed right at home in this environment. The White Eva, Unit-07, its body leaving a trail of crimson as it tore across the ships, a path of bloody violence in its wake. Despite its lack of a face, the energy of its movement seemed to convey happiness and an eagerness unlike the two had ever seen from it. Launching itself from the last ship, the power supply ejected from its back, Unit-07 soaring through the air before coming down directly upon its target, descending like a vulture to pick the meat from the bones of its defenseless victim. Slamming both feet onto the gelatinous surface of the Angel, Unit-07 raised both hands above its head, gripping its Progressive knife in both hands. Preparing to bring the blade down, the Angel squealed beneath it, writhing in fear. Unleashing a wave of electricity, a storm of blue light ran across Unit-07 as a myriad of tentacles attempted to envelop the Eva. The weapon did not pause though, the blade flashing forward, driving through the flesh before piercing the core. Pulling back, Unit-07 opened a massive gash in the Angel before plunging the knife in again, and again and again. The tentacles fell limp around it, the final sparks of electricity dying away as the pitiful beast expired long before the stabbing stopped. The metallic screech as the progressive knife tore into the metal of the ship below marked the end of the assault, the remains of the Angel dripping across the decks as Unit-07 too shut down.

"Mission Complete, Sir." Qi announced, a smile in his voice.


The day had dragged on slowly, and now that evening was encroaching, Kiyoshi felt a chilling wind blow in from the ocean. Shivering, she sighed as the day off came to a close. Picking up some things, she threw them back into a bag before standing up.

"Alright kids, time to head home. Pack up your things and don't forget to double check, I don't want to hear you forgot something when we're halfway back." she spoke aloud, gathering everyone's attention. Despite everything, the fights, the noise, some slight issues of inappropriate conduct, spreading gossip, lack of gun control and public indecency she was sure would be brought up at her next performance review, she was actually quite glad to have gotten the time off. Not just for herself, but to see the kids be themselves, without the weight of the world on their shoulders for a change, even if some of that still managed to creep in here and there.

Picking up the towels and handing a melon slice to Tomoko, Kiyoshi began peacefully loading up the van. Looking out at the ocean, she spared a single thought for the others on their mission today.

"They probably had it easier than I did." she sighed, packing away the cooler.

Episode Four: Descent. END

Episode Five: Imitation

Days passed, slowly growing into weeks. While the other pilots had been dealing with the fallout of Valda's birthday and Valentine's day, Qi had been in hospital, his body slowly recovering from his wounds since battling the last Angel. He had gotten some chocolate from the nurses, whom he suspected felt sorry for him being alone here. He had also gotten a box filled with chocolate spiders from one of his classmates, though that admittedly confused him more than anything else. Having been kept up to date on the outside world thanks to the efforts of Dr. Idle, he really didn't feel like he had missed much at all. Tokei had been receiving treatments for her damaged skin and new eye and Shirou had been given a personal supply of medkits, apparently related to his training with Valda in Qi's absence. All in all, the outside world seemed to be moving along smoothly without him.

He had not gone to see Katla in that time, partially due to massive amounts of painkillers making it impossible to make it three feet, partially not wanting to show up with more bandages than an Egyptian mummy, but with his wounds mostly healed and his day of freedom having arrived, he supposed it was time to drop by, especially since her own release was due according to Dr. Idle. Qi quickly reminded himself of his promise to kill Tohru if anything happened to Katla. He would have to find time to deal with that, especially since the time that had elapsed since might have others believing he'd gone soft, and he most definitely couldn't have that.

Packing the last of his things into a bag, he wandered through the halls. While usually the pilots were secured to a single ward, Katla's … Issues, had led Dr. Idle to leave her in the care of the Psychiatric ward. The number of events that were coinciding at this time were suspiciously appropriate as he had also gotten news of his sisters' arrival from China this day, meaning that he would be going straight from the hospital to the airport to meet them. If he didn't know better, he'd say it was good luck, but seeing as how he did, he knew that at least one of his superiors was orchestrating events to their liking. Passing into the Psychiatric ward, Qi stepped into one of the rooms, coming face to face with his fellow pilot.

“Hello Katla, how are you feeling today?” he beamed happily at the now one of two odd eyed pilots.


Within Nerv Headquarters, Owen sat at his desk, the room darkened around him, but unlike his previous meetings with his peers or superiors, the ones that surrounded him now were his closest confidants.

“It's been two weeks since Mark.06 was retrieved. What's our status?” Owen asked brisquely.

“It's stable. Despite our initial concerns about the S2 core being active, it seems the Angel was primarily attracted due to it being used to power the Arc, which was, by all accounts, a significant undertaking, even for such an unusual power source.” Johann answered, flicking through data on his tablet.

“So it is safe for us to deploy it in future without risk?” Carter asked, looking up from his book.

“As safe as any of the others. So long as we keep it away from... You know, it shouldn't be a problem. However, I would like to put it at the end of the current rotation, so we can keep it on ice a while, I want a chance to study that spear its armed with independently.” Johann continued, a hint of enthusiasm in his tone.

“What about that ability it displayed when fighting the Angels, that, Dirac Space, was it?” Owen looked over the file sceptically.

“We analysed it, it does appear to be the same type of event as when Unit-01 attacked Bardiel. It seems that with the appropriate trigger in the mental state of the pilot, the Evas will react, unlocking abilities that only something composed of Particle Wave Matter could really achieve. We're speculating that all the Evas could do this, since both 01 and 06 are of different descent. For now, we've designated these states as Forced Evolution Modes, or FEM for short.” Johann moved his hand, a hologram of his research appearing in the centre of the room, numerous graphs and equations rotating slowly in the air between them.

“Excellent work Johann. Kiyoshi, what about the military division?” Owen continued, moving swiftly from one topic to the next. Kiyoshi sighed, looking up at the holograms.

“We're getting ready for the rest of Deng's operatives, I'm reluctantly co-ordinating with Area 51 and Berlin on keeping an eye out for suspicious activity from these girls. Needless to say they don't trust them any more than we do, but since we've now had a chance to look at Unit-07's Progressive Knife up close and those girls seemingly have the same ability as Qi, I suggest we lock down Cage Eight and post an armed guard to it, just in case any of them get any ideas.” Kiyoshi spoke her mind on the matter before stepping back.

“What about Section Two? Any word on what happened with Shiori?” Owen's tone was grim at this. Vander's face was somehow grimmer still.

“The one who tried to eliminate our pilot, I've been looking into it. He wasn't one of their operatives, which is why I didn't kill the bastard with the rest of them. I mean they would have no reason to eliminate Shiori if she's one of theirs anyway, so I did some digging and... I think we have a third agency in play.” Vander's hesitance to voice the words was clear as the others stared at him.

“Do you think the Government is attempting to hamper Nerv operation?” Carter asked, his eyes following a line in his book.

“No. I won't lie, the Government are giving us a hard time, especially since with HQ amassing the majority off the active Evangelions and the nearest equivalent projects months, if not years behind us, they're getting a little worried what we might do with them, but even they wouldn't take a shot unless they were sure, and they sure as hell wouldn't start with what is technically one of their own pilots. No, I'm actually more concerned that this might be part of that Angel Messiah shit that's been spreading. Some extremist who think the Evas are standing in the way of God's will. I'll keep an eye on things as they develop, but I'm going to need Kiyoshi's division to help weed out any more nut jobs who might be hiding amongst Section Two if that's alright Sir?” Vander asked respectfully.

“Whatever you need. Carter, how are things at the school?” Owen shifted his attention as quickly as ever, his eyes falling on the Vice Commander at last.

“Fine, Vander's man keeps me informed of things on the ground level and none of their grades are suffering too much besides the obvious exceptions for when pilots have been hospitalised. I am somewhat concerned though. When Katla returns to the class, are we sure, with her mental state the way it is, what if she relapses all over again?” Carter spoke solemnly.

“Don't concern yourself with that, I'm expecting the pilots to take care of themselves at this point. What about the others?” Owen's voice was hard and cold as he spoke, a harsh look passing over Carter's face as he absorbed this response from his superior.

“I feel Tokei is adjusting better, if anything she seems to be becoming less distant since her injury than she was before it. Akio is perhaps a bit more sullen than I would have hoped, but other than those two, the others are pretty much at a developmental stage I would expect... Except perhaps Valda, but she's ahead in mental development and excessively hampered emotionally, so I'll call that tie.” Carter sighed at the final note of his report.

“Any other business to discuss?” Owen opened the floor to the gathered group. The room remained silent for several moments before he continued.

“Then you're all dismissed. Kiyoshi, don't forget to pick up Katla and Qi from the hospital and then go and collect the other two dummy pilots. I don't want you to let them out of your sight.” Owen finished.

“Don't you think it's a risk to have only me and Katla in a car with three of Deng's agents?” Kiyoshi asked tensely.

“I have faith in your ability Major, and the ability of the sniper who was just given clearance to circle the airport in a helicopter.” Owen smiled grimly. Kiyoshi sighed with exasperation as she turned to leave the room.

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Another day, Shiori thought. Another wasted day. This is not who I want to be.

It had been a feat of Herculean will simply to get out of bed. Getting dressed and going downstairs were even more difficult. The last few days had passed by like a bad dream, and now she was expected to get up and just snap to it? How, exactly, was she supposed to do that?

There was music playing downstairs—something by Bach, it sounded like. She whistled the tune to herself as she ate breakfast, trying to remember the name. Something in German…what was it? She’d remember later; it didn’t matter much in the short term.

Her thoughts drifted to her deck of Tarot cards, lying neglected somewhere deep in one of her dresser drawers. She’d have to get them out again sometime, consult them…Oh, it has been far too long.

Much had happened in the past few weeks, very little of it to do with the plan. She reflected in particular on one incident, the day after the Mark.06 incident.

It had been a warm day, not that such weather was unusual for Japan. Shiori had been irritated by the humidity. By the end of the day, if it kept up, the back of her blouse would be plastered to her skin.

She'd left the dorm early, and there come across someone completely unexpected.

“Yo, first.”

Her gaze suddenly met that of Raglan’s. His sudden appearance startled her; she wondered, in fact, if he had been waiting for her.

“Pretty warm today, huh?” he continued.

“No worse than usual, I think,” she said. “I was hoping it wouldn’t be so bloody humid, though.”

Raglan nodded. It seemed that, whatever his objective was, he was about to take action towards achieving it. “Anyway, I wanted to ask you something actually. Do you know Sumire from our class? Izumi Sumire?”

“I know of him.”

There was a brief silence. Raglan stared at her, possibly trying to come up with a suitable retort.

“You should come hang out with us sometime, then,” he finally said, “If you’re not too busy or anything that is. I don’t see you around much.”

She stopped, and glanced at him in bemusement. “The three of us, you mean? I don't see why not. But then, I don't see why, either."

"Well, it'd be good for you; you don't get out enough." He stopped and fixed his gaze on her, a wry smile playing on the edges of his lips.

"Why Sumire Izumi in particular?" she asked.

Raglan laughed. “Because he likes you, duh.”

Shiori did not know at first how to respond. She allowed her jaw to hang open, trying to find puzzle out the correct response. She finally gave up, and went with: “Really?”

Raglan nodded.

“Alright,” Shiori said, “I guess you’d better tell me more.”

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Tokei yawned, wiping the spit from her mouth before gazing back into the bathroom mirror. She held her mask in her left hand, brushing the right side of her face with the free limb. Ever since the operation out at sea, she had been accepting skin grafts for the mangled right side of her face. With the technology that Nerv had, the days of grafting skin from various other parts of her body were gone. Now, after having donated some of her cells, the incubators had grown a square 50-centimeter sheet of her own skin in just over a week. It was just two days ago that the doctors had wheeled her into the operation room and completed the first and last graft that she would ever need for that particular injury. They had cut out her face from the sheet, and effectively plastered it over the right side of her head. The skin didn’t quite match the tone of the other side of her face, but it was kilometers away from the old days where patients would have horrible lines and stretch marks on discolored skin covering their bodies. Tokei would still have to use the salve until it ran out to make sure that the new skin didn’t become infected, and she would continue to have to use the eye drops to ensure that her mechanical eye stayed in working order, but it was a small price to pay. Tokei squeezed out a dollop of the cream and rubbed it over her face, gazing in the mirror all the while. It was nice to look at her face without seeing a hideous red mask gazing back at her.

As the cream finished setting, Tokei raised her mask to eye-level and stared at it, debating internally. She technically didn’t need the mask anymore, but she had been wearing it several weeks in the hospital prior to discharge. It would look nice, contrasting so heavily with her white skin. While it wouldn’t have been that noticeable had she chosen to dispose of the mask, Tokei decided she would keep it. It made her feel comfortable, something that in the past only her lab coat had been able to do. Tokei covered the right side of her face with the cold steel, tightening the straps around the back. As she thought of the lab coat, she idly swept it out behind her. She was back to wearing the grey skirt and the dark leggings, with a black T-shirt on top. For once, she wasn’t wearing her plugsuit underneath. It matched quite well with the white of her skin, the grey of the steel, and the red of her eye.

Tokei walked over to the bathroom door, nonchalantly opening it and stepping through. She didn’t have any bags with her; after all, she had merely had an overnight stay while the doctors made sure that her new skin wasn’t going to spontaneously combust or something. Her sneakers gently slapped against the floor as she meandered down the hallways, idly wandering around looking for something to do. She wandered through the Urgent Care sections, the overnight zones, the burn unit (Tokei briefly shuddered), and finally the psych ward. Tokei idly used her eye to zoom in and out, focusing on little imperfections in the tile floors. As she wandered through, she caught a glimpse of Qi as he closed a door behind him. Tokei didn’t bother herself with what the apathetic boy might be doing, instead drifting over to the elevators. Tokei selected the cafeteria level.

As the elevator rose, Tokei closed her eyes and leaned back, remembering the sights and sounds and smells of that fateful day. The alarms blaring in the air mingled with the harsh red warning lights in the control room. The air smelled of cooked meat and burning steel. Through the observation glass on one side of the testing chamber, a massive charred hole rimmed with glowing steel could be seen extending out into the open air. On the other side, it could be seen how the hole had blasted its way through another observation chamber. The desks and computer systems had been vaporized, the beam pushing through and destroying everything in its path. It had been on that day that Tokei had withdrawn into herself, conducting experiments with unforgiving vigor and barely caring for herself. In the end, it had been V that had brought her food and clothing. He had cared for her until she was finally mentally ready to do it for herself once again.

The elevator door dinged. Tokei stepped out into the harsh lights of the cafeteria, making her way through tables to get to the serving area. Tokei reflected back on just how much she had changed since arriving at Nerv, going from the cold, calculating bitch of a girl she had been to a somewhat more rounded human. Come to think of it, Tokei thought, the change really happened after that accident. When she had lost her face, Tokei could no longer hide behind a cold, perfect face. She had a flaw ripped into her, something to make her more human. Having such a flaw made her feel safer, ironically enough. She knew that she could live with imperfection. It was almost as if she had forgiven herself.

Tokei shook her head briefly. It was a huge mistake, a mistake that would never be fully overcome. However, she could choose just to what degree it would define her life to. She didn’t have to be that cold, inhuman person anymore. She could feel, even open up a few chinks in her cold, mental armor. Tokei briefly smiled as she thought of the awkward conversations she and Shirou had about Evangelion physics. The feeling was so alien to her after the years. Opening up scared her. She wasn’t used to feeling that either.

Tokei took a lunch tray, helping herself to a bowl of bonito stock and tossing in some meat and vegetables. She also grabbed one of the American-style rolls, briefly thinking about home. She handed her Nerv card to the blank-faced cashier, taking her card back after the register jangled cheerfully.

The cafeteria was nearly empty, with one or two silent diners picking at their plates. Tokei took a table off to the side, taking her spoon and chopsticks to ravenously attack the broth before her. The salty taste was nice, bringing her around to her senses. She broke off a piece of the bread with her fingers, rather childishly dunking it into her soup and licking her fingers when some of the broth stayed with her hand. I don’t think I’m totally ready to open up all the way. I can’t be bright and cheerful and happy yet. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t try to open myself a little. Even if I can’t let people in all the way, I can try to let some of their light shine in. Wallowing around in pity and keeping myself shut isn’t helping anybody, least of all-

“Helping me,” Tokei said, aloud. She looked around hastily, making sure that nobody had observed her little outburst. Upon confirmation, Tokei dug back into her soup, finally picking up the bowl in both hands and drinking from it when there was too little to use her spoon. Tokei stood, depositing her tray and bowl on top of one of the rectangular trashcans. She took the bread with her, ripping off tiny pieces and popping them into her mouth as she walked.

She took some more time to wander the hospital, killing time. Only two weeks had passed since she had first been discharged with her mask, so she was still technically off school. It was a Tuesday, so she really had nothing to do. After a while, she found herself back in Psychiatrics. She walked across the tiles, hearing muffled sounds of conversation drifting out of some of the rooms. She arrived at a wooden door that she knew quite well, after having spent days in it following Matsushiro. The chrome nameplate proclaimed the name of Johan Idle to anybody that passed it by. Tokei gave a rap on the door. There was no response. Tokei did it again, a bit louder. Still nothing.

“I’m right here.” Tokei turned, seeing the doctor amble down the hallway. “Is this something urgent?”

“No, I just wanted to talk,” replied Tokei.

The doctor made a double take. “Sorry, you want to… talk?”

“Yeah. I mean, it’s not like I have anything else to do today. Besides, you’re a psychologist. Having people talk to you is your thing, right?” Tokei shifted onto one foot, glancing at Johan. She ripped another piece from the roll.

The doctor sighed, producing a silver key from his pocket and opening the door. “Sure, Tokei. Come on in, have a seat.” He walked over to his desk, before turning abruptly around. “Please don’t drop breadcrumbs on the carpet. It’s hell to clean.”

Tokei let the door swing closed behind her. “Sure, Dr. Idle,” she said.

She stepped over to the couch facing Johan’s desk, plopping into it and resting her elbows on her knees before popping the small remnants of the roll into her mouth. Johan took some extra time to settle into his chair, before resting his hands on the comfortable armrests next to him. He cleared his throat. “So, Miss Akai. What did you want to discuss?”

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Postby Blue Monday » Mon Mar 03, 2014 8:42 pm

He was in darkness for a while. And in darkness he had the first dreams he’d had in a long time that weren’t the Nightmare.

The first was prelude by glowing neon light. He was on a beach. Somewhere warm and tropical with palm trees and gentle surf - The sun still barely visible on the water’s cusp, its light wan and yellow. He stood on the shore looking out over the water, using his toes to grip into the sand, relishing the feeling. Behind him there was a kiosk, like something out of a postcard from some faraway island of the South Pacific or Indian Ocean, but it was empty. Thin, flimsy music wracked with static drifted from out of an old rusty radio on the bar. He felt calm.

Qi then appeared on his right looking out over the horizon. The boy turned to look at his comrade but, perplexed, quickly whipped his gaze back to the sea. The albino Chinese pilot was stark naked. Squirming awkwardly, the Sixth was greeted by Tokei as he turned to leave on his left. She too was naked, eyes fixed out on the horizon. Now cut off, Raglan settled for the ocean view, an incredible warmness teetering heat rising up in his cheeks.

Shamefully, he tried to steal a look at Tokei, inching his head ever so slowly, but found he couldn’t bring himself to look anywhere lower than her face. He noted that her features were restored though, as she once was without the faceplate and mechanical eye. The sound of another pair of feet through the sand made him snap his head forward once again. Krieg was there too then, lined up with the three of them.

The heat the boy felt rising within him coalesced into an embarrassing blush. He deeply wanted to look at Valda, but found it stirred only an angry and inevitable frustration – Confusion as to why she was even here in the first place and it was only then that Raglan realised that he too was naked, to which he quickly used his hands to shield his private.

His discomfort clearly visible, laughter sprang up from his co-pilots. A laughter that was much too loud for only three, seeming to emanate from the very dreamscape itself. Yet the pilots eyes never faltered from the horizon, faces still and emotionless like dolls. Raglan then noticed that the sun and ocean were altogether gone, replaced by an infinite wall of blackness hanging still like a curtain - Encompassing all of his vision top-to-bottom, left-to-right. It became harder to breathe, touching tentatively at his throat with numb fingers.

The void grew until it ate everything, even all sound, the radio music dying in a muted echo, until only the neon light atop the kiosk was left radiating out against the darkness defiantly. And when the light finally perished like postscript, the first dream ended and was later followed by a second - Though the boy couldn’t discern if it actually was a dream or something else entirely; something that was perhaps lost long ago.

He was only little now, running through a vast woodland. Dense sheets of mist drifted about obscuring the way and the cold seeped into everything; from the dew-heavy winter grass on the ground to the tops of the sprawling branches of the pale lifeless trees. His tiny malnourished frame was slick; sprayed with lines of black mud head-to-toe, blue-grey eyes fraught with tension. He was running from THEM but he couldn’t remember who THEY were. From the edges of the forest THEIR voices called to him, though the name wasn’t his own. It was one syllable too short. Then the howling started, a blood curdling and deafening crescendo, and he woke up.

Saying the hospital room was Spartan would’ve been an understatement. Aside from the bed in which Raglan James Wyngarde woke, the only other furnishings present were a low bedside table and a roller unit from which the boy assumed drips would hang; IV fluids and other such medicines. Outside the sunlight visible in the Geo-Front was goldfire; warm yellow like the tropical sun from his dream losing out to the encroaching evening hours.

The Sixth assumed it was late afternoon or early evening of the day of the operation, or possibly the day after. He felt fine. A little sleepy, as if he’d taken a feverish nap or had over slept, but elsewise perfectly fine. Sitting up, he ran a hand through his hair and chuckled quietly to himself. So that was my grand first sortie in the Evangelion, he thought. Seeing as I’m in one piece and back at HQ, I assume Qi and Akai manage to finish off the Angels themselves. With that he plopped back down, staring up at the ceiling. All of us have had this view now too, this hospital ceiling. An odd passing thought but it felt significant for some strange reason.

Closing his eyes Raglan turned his thoughts back to the events of the operation: The naval fleet. The white light splitting the sky.
Of oceans jewel red.
Evas 04 and 07 and the descent into deep.
The appearance of the twin Angels and the Six.
Evangelion Mark.06.
The Void, the power.
He opened his eyes and looked at his hands.

Smirking, he let the issue lie. He got up and fetched his clothes which had been neatly folded on the bedside table and decided to head back to the dorms, thinking he’d grab a bite to eat on the way. I’m fucking starving.

The next couple weeks went by normally for the most part. Though he wanted to go and see her more than anything, Katla was not permitted to receive visitors. Raglan kept himself busy with schoolwork (which wasn’t much helpful as none of it was particularly challenging), time spent with his friends, basketball practise and various scheduled exercises at HQ; harmonics tests, sync analyses and pilot drill simulations. Always before leaving base he made a brief detour and spent a good 10-15 minutes in the cage with the Mark.06 – Relaxing against the railing, his eyes lost in its deep blue paints, mustard highlights, eminence visor and its distinct form; thinking of the events of the operation or of things even longer since passed. If anyone else were ever present at such times they’d glimpse a rare sight indeed; a blank, daydreamy expression across the Sixth Child’s face. His perpetual façade put away momentarily, the boy actually looked his own age.

However, the fortnight wasn’t completely without note.

The morning after the retrieval operation of the Mark.06, Raglan departed the dorms for school a little earlier than usual. It was a particularly humid day so he forewent his favourite jacket (which wasn’t much suited to the post-Second Impact Japanese climate at the best of times). Once he was out of sight of the dorm entrance, he pulled aside and took out his phone to keep himself occupied while waiting. It was only after five minutes or so though that his mark made her appearance.

Shiori Takatsuki was a pretty girl but just a little on the bizarre side personality-wise. Just a little. Riiight. For a moment the boy couldn't help but think of the impromptu tarot in the dark shelter all those months ago now. The First Child had wavy hair that wasn’t too dissimilar in colour to Raglan’s own. He thought hers a subtle burgundy as opposed to his auburn, and she had vivid hazel eyes that seemed to take in everything at once, almost as if they were anxious of missing a beat. As she walked by the Sixth he pulled in alongside her, hands in his pockets, trying to smile as warmly as possible without overdoing it. He wanted to appear sincere after-all.

“Yo, First,” he initiated casually, “pretty warm today, huh?” She looked at him, smiled knowingly, and continued walking. The boy smiled back.
“Umm, I wanted to ask you something actually; do you know Sumire from our class? Izumi Sumire?”
“I know of him” she replied nonchalantly after thinking it over for a moment, followed by an awkward pause. It was as good an answer Raglan could’ve hoped for - If she had said she didn’t know him at all, it would’ve been all the more weirder. Eyes turned forward, Raglan continued with confidence, “You should come hang out with us sometime then. If you’re not too busy or anything that is. I don’t see you around much.”
Shiori halted. "The three of us, you mean? I don't see why not. But then, I don't see why, either."
"Well, it'd be good for you; you don't get out enough." He stopped and turned back to look at her to find her expression was genuinely quizzical. "Why Sumire Izumi in particular?"
Raglan laughed - At a loss; he looked at his shoes, ran a hand through his hair then met Shiori’s eyes and grinned mischievously; “Because he likes you, duh.”
At first the girl looked baffled, the small revelation being met only with silence. Ah shit, here we go, the boy thought to himself.
“Really?” Shiori asked, her face lighting up, flattered. “Alright,” she pressed on, resuming her walk to school, “I think you should tell me more.”
Falling in alongside her once more, a thought occurred to the Sixth. “Hey, Takatsuki, are you going to the dance next month?”

They walked the rest of the way to school together, holding pretence of light conversation but Raglan felt he came away having learnt a little more about the mysterious First Child.

When he relayed what transpired to Izumi himself later that day, the tall Japanese boy almost collapsed in what Raglan could only describe as sheer relief. “Thank you,” he said, voice choked with emotion, face as red as a beet with small tears starting to well in his eyes, “thank you so much!” All at the same time Izumi manage to look delighted to the point of ecstasy, incredibly nervous at what was to come and also deeply embarrassed for having put his friend to the trouble. “It’s okay. I guess I owed you anyway.” Raglan had replied, his self-consciousness apparent on his face, he realised how weird the two looked out in the middle of the hallway, other students passing and staring at the spectacular outburst.

One such student was Kei followed by her usual clique. For a moment everything seemed to slow down to a slow vibration. The boy sought eye contact but her gaze simply rolled over him. No contempt or bitterness, just a blank indifference where before there had been everything, like he was a complete stranger to her now. Outwardly he did not react and she passed on by. Stood there, he watched her go from sight down the hall. “Thank you!” Izumi exclaimed again snapping Raglan to attention, the boy now practically on his knees, he grabbed Raglan by the wrists almost reverently - He was on the verge of weeping openly now. “J-jeez, Izu-chan get over yourself!” Raglan laughed as he pulled Izumi to his feet.

Only a couple days later, Raglan was confronted by yet another bizarre conundrum. Walking home from basketball practise late one afternoon, Raglan had been talking to Akio about Izumi and Shiori, and also how Sakamoto had admitted to him that he probably had feelings for, of all people; Valda ‘Mad Dog’ Krieg. Barely touching the topic, Akio ground to a sudden halt.

“What’s up?” The Sixth asked, Akio’s expression having become uncharacteristically distant and perturbed. The two had been taking a path alongside a long, winding stretch of road, the last fading tungsten hues of the sun bathing everything a sickly orange - The only noise the constant thrum of the choir of cicadas. “You okay, man?” Raglan took a few steps forward, placing himself beside his friend, examining intently with blue-grey eyes. “Something’s been troubling you the past few days. You’ve been skittish around the others, keeping away from them mostly save for me. Shit, you practically up and left the dining room as soon as Isaac entered this morning and you haven’t been paying attention at school or at practise. What the hell happened at the beach that day anyway?”

Akio looked sullen and thoughtful for a time. He took a seat against the roadside railing. The was no one else around and the pair had yet to see a single car this way out. “I… I had an argument with Isaac, I guess.” Akio began. “It was about the incident at Matsushiro.”
“Eva-03?” Raglan asked.
“Yeah, he…” Akio tensed. “He told me to ‘Get over it or go back home’.”
For a second Raglan couldn’t comprehend what he just heard, but before he could press Akio for more, the boy went on, anger creeping into his voice (another thing uncharacteristic of the Fourth Child). “He told me to go back home, that if I didn’t get over it I’d be useless as a pilot and you’d all have to babysit me. He even said I should be grateful to him!”
Raglan was almost taken aback by the intensity of Akio’s tirade, lacking a frame of reference it was all the more confusing but it was clear his friend was hurt.
“And you know what, J? He said to my face that we weren’t friends. To my face!”
By this point, Akio was visibly upset.
“Aki, calm down, it’s okay.” He placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder in a soothing manner. “Look. I don’t know what happened at Matsushiro. I wasn’t there, I only saw it from the display at Command and I don’t know what happened between you and Isaac. I’m sure he didn’t mean those things though, okay? Just…” Raglan took a seat next to Akio, “Fuck it, I guess.” He said as he leaned his arm on his co-pilot’s shoulder, a comforting smirk appearing on his face, “Give it some time.”
Akio looked up at him, and he could tell the boy’s feelings were not assuaged but he doubted he could help at this moment – Akio was still too worked up about it all, doing some much needed venting. “Just give it a while, ‘kay?”
Akio slumped, then stood up. “Yeah, you’re probably right. I don’t really want to think about it anymore anyway.”
“Let me talk to Isaac… Don’t worry about it.”
Akio nodded, brushed his long hair back behind his ears then shot Raglan a small smile of gratitude.
“We better get going before it gets dark.” Raglan urged and Akio moved on ahead. The Sixth hung back momentarily though, watching the other head down the path, until he turned back and repeated solemnly, “He said it right to my face, J… That we weren’t friends.”
Raglan mulled those words over in his head for a time, eyes intense like bluefire in the dusk.
“Come on, let’s go home.” He said as he collected his friend, and had called it home for the first time, for better or for worse.

Valentine’s Day also came to pass. That morning when he arrived at school Raglan was almost crushed under a veritable avalanche of cards and small notes that had been secretly slotted into his locker overnight. Face impassive, he picked at the pile where it had landed on the ground and started cramming letters, one-by-one, slowly back into the locker, but that was only the start of it. Coming to class, he was greeted by what could only be described as a mountain of chocolates and confectionery gifts waiting for him on his desk. The boy could only sigh, hushed whispers of gossip, snickering and odd comments reverberating all around him. “Mr Wyngarde, looks like you’ll have to find another desk today, or find a place to, ah, store your stash for the time being,” Moravec Carter said bemusingly as he entered the room, which was of course followed by a small flurry of laughter. The class stood and bowed, “Be seated, please.”

He took a girl from class out on a date that night: Ishi Kuruma. "Hey, you want to go out sometime?" He asked on impulse in the hall. She was vibrant and lovely with dark suggestive eyes. In reply she asked if he liked rock music and he had responded with a coy grin. They sneaked into a bar and saw a couple bands play and even danced for a bit before getting thrown out. After that, they grabbed dessert crepes and strolled along Jiyūgaoka-koen chatting endlessly for hours. The boy had such a good time he forgot himself for a while.

"Look, J, I know you're not really interested in me." Ishi began after the first ever lull in conversation of the night. Raglan looked at her reprovingly but she only smiled back unharmed. "I noticed Kei was there when you asked me today. I think you have other things on your mind as well." They came to a stop under a tree - Tucking his hands into his pockets he said "I had a really good time tonight, Kuruma. Thank you."
"I know. I did too." She hugged him and then he hugged her back. [s]There wasn't a second date.[/s]
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Postby BPES » Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:03 pm

The days that had passed since the beach had been rather hectic for Valda as she finally was out of the funk that had dominated her personality for quite some time. She was rather surprised to hear about the unexpected complication of the salvage operation and that the spare had been even halfway useful. She rolled her eyes at the thought; as if that idiot needed any more reasons to think he was actually worth more than he was. From the sounds of it he barely suffered any damage due to Tokei and the Snake protecting his sorry behind, and it showed too since Qi was still in hospital.

Valda had made a brief visit to the hospital again, though once again settled for standing by the door instead of actually going in to see them, not that Katla, also still in the hospital, was permitted any of those kinds of visits anyway. That had been a particularly sour note for Valda and a few of the others, as they still didn’t really know what had happened. Valda made a mental note to try and keep Katla closer to her person after she got released.

“That doesn’t mean we can’t be friends though”

“Urgh, get out of my head Isaac.” Valda muttered as she recalled her newfound friend’s words. It was certainly a strange experience for her. Once, she had told Isaac she didn’t have friends, that she didn’t need them, but there was something in th way that thy talked now. It was casual, and he would be annoying as usual, with a deliberate playfulness that she responded to with a somewhat subdued anger. She had also found herself investing a bit more time into scolding him for any stupid mistakes he made in classes.

Though if there was anyone whom she had invested a lot of time into it was Shirou. He was a spineless, pale, pathetic child whom Valda lamented agreeing to train up. They had started with easy stuff, she would wake him up in the morning, loudly, get him involved in warm up stretches and drag him out jogging with her. They would do whatever they had to do, be it school or work at Nerv and then she would drag him to the Nerv Exercise facility. Valda never used it for herself typically, because she had her own methods. But in order to get Shirou in shape se showed him how to use the machines there, and set up a schedule. One he continued to complain about barely an hour into each session. Though with every complaint, Valda just made him work more.

Maybe that was why he needed those med kits that both the Major and Vander had been dropping off. Heck even Johann showed up with one and made comments about how the schedule may be a bit much to start. Valda disagreed, it was expected of military men, Shirou needed this.

Though he wasn’t the only one whom Valda had paid extra attention to. With her own birthday coming up, she had found out that she’d missed Shiori’s, which was a few days prior to the beach. Naturally Valda didn’t desire to look callous so she had taken the girl out on another day out. She wasn’t sure if Shiori enjoyed it as much as she did but she hoped so. It’d be a tragedy if her benevolence was wasted.

She caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror, her black mask in place on her face as always. Of course, she wasn’t the only one with a mask nowadays. Tokei was also wearing one now, though that probably wouldn’t be true for too much longer as she had been going in and out of the hospital getting treatment. Soon her face would likely be good as new. That was actually kind of a pity; Valda would’ve liked to have engaged in a discussion about their respective face gear and their designs. Valda thought Tokei’s mask was rather cool.

Though on the topic of masks, there was one mask that wasn’t physical and rather poorly crafted to boot. Akio had been distracted and rather moody since the beach which Valda attributed to Isaac’s comments. He never went into detail about exactly what had been said, but Valda didn’t need to know. She was sure Akio would bring it up when they talked and she wasn’t disappointed, he told her about what happened and she reprimanded him, explained what Isaac was saying and put Akio right back on track. She’d been meaning to get him in on the training she’d been giving Shirou but had yet to do so yet. Soon though, she’d certainly get him to work.

“Maybe I should see if any of the others need my boot camp?” Valda mused. Come to think of it, it wasn’t that long ago she had been holding another impromptu lesson, the day after her birthday. That was certainly a memorable day.


Valda was excited as she woke up and set about her usual morning rituals. Today was the day she’d been waiting for ever since the beach; Valentine’s Day, the day that also marked her birthday. Valda hummed to herself as she went to take a shower. She was expecting a lot out of today, gifts, excitement and love filing the air. Of course, Japanese customs on this day were different then back home in Germany, but Valda wasn’t going to complain. She enjoyed this day for it’s meaning, forget the commercial origins, this day was about feelings.

Of course, Valda was far too good for the idiot boys around her and hadn’t really got her eyes on anyone, so she’d not get a chance to enjoy it personally on her dear 15th, but she’d get to watch it unfold around her. She wouldn’t dare admit this, but there was no room for the Soldier Valda Krieg on this day. A goofy smile crossed her face as she imagined some scenarios before she blushed and started flailing.

“No way~ That’s waaaay too embarrassing.” She half yelled burying her face in her hands. Despite how flustered she got, she really did hope to see some good things come out of this day. Stepping out of the shower Valda rushed getting ready for school, actually excited to be going for once; in no time at all though her mask was on her face, before she was seen by any of the others. She could still feel the idiotic grin on her face; god that would be truly embarrassing to be seen like that.

As she walked to school, earlier than usual for her, she could already see the signs of romance filling the air as some other students began to get into cute little couples, shoulder to shoulder. Valda felt a sharp pang as she witnessed the proximity and quickly turned away her frowning, unsure of her own feelings on the matter. She didn’t want to waste too much time contemplating it though, so she pushed it to the back of her mind and went on her way.

If people were surprised by her early appearance on that day, they had either gotten really good at hiding it or were too distracted by the various shuffling and handing out of gifts. Raglan had gotten quite a lot, though Valda wasn’t too surprised. Much as he was irritating, he was notably popular.

“Good morning Valda, you’re early today.” Ayaka spoke approaching Valda and handing a small plain bag with some sweets in them.

“Huh? For me?” Valda asked surprised taking the bag. They were clearly home-made, but the sheer plainness of the bag indicated an obligatory gift. Looking around Valda noted a number of bags of the same design in all present students’ hands. “Ah making rounds huh? Thank you.”

“Huh? Uh o-oh, n-no problem?” Ayaka stuttered. Valda blinked wondering why the girl looked so surprised. The girl quickly regained her composure and quickly pulled out something else.

“Oh and this, happy birthday.” She said and Valda tilted her head.

“You knew?” Valda asked accepting the small box curiously, when she looked up, Ayaka was giving her an odd expression.

“Well, I AM the class rep and… frankly you weren’t subtle in mentioning it the past few days.” The girl explained and Valda could feel that hateful embarrassment flare up. It was certainly true she’d dropped hints, but that was more aimed at the other pilots. Then again, Ayaka DID sit right next to her.

“Well thanks again then.” Valda responded after a few moments, trying not to sound too surprised. Ayaka took that as her cue to leave, spotting some new entrants to the class. Valda settled down and opened the gift, supressing her reaction as she saw an adorable little penguin toy. How Ayaka knew about such a gift confused her though.

“Matto told her, he’s the one for advice on all things Valda in this classroom.” A new voice spoke up and Valda snapped to attention as sharp green eyes stared at her.

“Umm, sorry who were you again?” Valda asked only vaguely recognizing the girl in front of her. She was another tall girl but had a distinctly European look to her despite her brown hair.

“Name Umbra, I sit in the front corner. Next to Katla… how is she by the way?” Umbra asked, with what seemed to be genuine concern. Valda shrugged and sighed.

“Getting better, that’s all I know.” So what brings you over here then Umbra?” Valda asked finally noticing an air of nervousness around the other girl who was now looking out the window, before setting some fancy chocolates on her desk. “… What?”

“Look, I realise we don’t really know each other but, I thought maybe…” Umbra continued sheepishly.

“… What?” Valda repeated still trying to comprehend the gesture.

“… I’m asking you out.” Umbra replied now annoyed.

“… WHAT?” Valda said snapping to attention again at that. “What are you ga-…… “

“…. “



“Ouch, looks like you got shot down again.” Matto suddenly injected himself into the staring contest, taking the time to poke Umbra in addition to his comment.

“GET LOST!” The green eyed girl growled at Matto whom merely bathed in the hostile attention. Valda deadpanned behind her mask unsure and unwilling to deal with the events before her.

“Look, Umbra, sorry but I’m not interested and…. Wait, again?” Valda suddenly asked stopping looking to Matto for clarification.

“Oh yeah, Umbra’s been shot down by every girl in school, and the next school over. Heck she even accidentally got two girls in class C together.” Matto replied.

“Really?” Valda asked now looking to Umbra, who was face palming.

“Shut up shut up shut up.” Was Umbra’s response; Valda stopped and looked around the room, seeing several people looking over at them and chuckling. Clearly this was as common an occurrence as Matto’s masochism. Valda felt embarrassed for the girl, but also incredibly annoyed.

“Look here Corner Girl, I don’t know what you think today is but it is NOT a place for shameless antics like this!” Valda growled with a fury usually reserved for Isaac’s mega perv moments. “Now I am going to accept this chocolate on the principle of the day, but I swear if you think it means anything or expect anything in return you’re horribly mistaken!”

“Wait, shouldn’t you reject it on principle then?” Umbra muttered but Valda silenced any further comments with a glare as she took off her mask and took a piece of the chocolate. All the power in her glare disappeared after taking a bite of the object, Valda’s face turning green quickly.

The next thing anyone knew, Valda was making a mad dash to the nearest bathroom to upchuck her breakfast and whatever foul poison she’d just ingested. Back at the classroom, there was a scuffle as Ayaka and a few others tried to confiscate and dispose of the now utterly humiliated Umbra’s chocolates.


Returning a period later after a rest in the nurses office, Valda sat through classes waiting to see what other interesting occurrences would come up during the day. She was going to murder Umbra if she missed out on something good thanks to that poison, but there was still lunch to look forward to. She was certain that there would be a number of occurrences during that time that would let her enjoy the day more.

Prepared for this, Valda spent most of her class time fidgeting and doodling random hearts and other such nonsense rather than taking notes, something she would viciously deny doing if caught. Fortunately the only people around her were gloomy Kuro, Diligent Ayaka, Matto who… ok he was looking her way, he’d have to be dealt with and some other… empty chair behind her? She was sure that someone was supposed to be there but for the life of her couldn’t remember who. Ka-something or other? Didn’t matter.

When the bell did ring Valda was as excited by the typical clatter as most others were. Straight away she saw someone grab some chocolates from her desk, only for them to give them to Shiori, who sat next to her. Valda wrote the action off and looked elsewhere before noticing that another plain chocolate box was placed in front of her.

“There you go.” Said a girl with Glasses and a warm smile, her red hair held in place by a hairband; Valda recognised her as someone who sat in front of the snake but the name escaped her.

“Oh thank you uh…?” Valda shuffled in her seat. The girl did look a tad hurt but shook her head.

“Satsuki Takahashi, guess you’re too busy saving the world to remember huh?” She said jokingly. Valda folded her arms and nodded.

“Mmm, pretty much, but don’t worry, I’ll remember it now. I’ll save the world including Satsuki Takahashi.” Valda boasted earning another confused look.

“You’re… friendlier today you know that?” Satsuki commented bluntly causing Vlada to flush.

“I-I don’t have a clue w-what you’re talking about. I’m no different than I usually am.” Valda said refusing to look at the smiling girl. What was wrong with being friendly? Wait come to think of it… That really WAS unusual for her wasn’t it? She normally didn’t bother, urgh god she was never gonna live this down if anyone noticed.

“Sure sure, well I’m going to give Carter-Hakase his share and for your missing friends too.” Satsuki said walking to the front with a little wave. Valda sighed and turned away, wondering if this was all today was going to amount to. Soon though Valda was distracted by several girls commenting on chocolates and turned back to see Kyouya Iori, the class chef handing out chocolates. Valda felt her eye twitch. Tradition said it was the girl’s day to give, what the hell was this?

Marching over to the scene, Valda put her hands on her hips and looked rather intimidating. Kyouya, to his credit, met her appearance with a smile. Valda noticed he had a small pile of received gifts himself.

“Ah Valda, I was hoping you’d come over, would you mind trying one of my chocolates?” He asked friendly, his hair tied back as always. Valda huffed in response.

“You DO know its valentine’s day right? And not White day?” She commented and Kyouya nodded.

“Yes I do, and I won’t deny it’s a bit untraditional. But I’m making white day specific gifts so I wanted to test my valentines chocolate recipe. Please, I’d appreciate your thoughts.” He said handing an undeniably delicious looking treat to Valda. Sighing Valda took her mask off again and took a bite of the offered gift. Her face said it all as awe set in.

“That was, that was damn good! WOW! Nothing like that crap that Umbra made.” Valda shot back happily.

“Gee thanks” Umbra muttered from the small gathering.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, ah but there is something else I have for you.” Kyouya said earning a genuinely surprised look from Umbra. Next thing she saw as him place a box carefully on his desk. Valda stared at it curiously, forgetting whatever traditional transgressions had been committed by the class cook. “This is a gift from a BIG fan of yours who would rather remain anonymous. Apparently it’s your birthday today.”

“Huh? Yeah it is, someone told you?” Valda asked confused as Kyouya revealed a beautiful cake slice. Valda’s eyes widened as she looked at it, very worried she was about to start drooling. “Ok what the actual hell?”

“Well let’s say he wasn’t sure what to get you, and I offered my services. That’s all I can say really.” Kyouya stated as Valda nodded her approval. She would get to the bottom of this, but after the cake.


The joyous outcry from across the room drew everyone’s attention as Satsuki stood by a boy with brown hair, blue eyes and glasses who had the decency to look a bit embarrassed, but more than that he seemed happy holding a rather obvious heart shaped box. Soon there were playful jeers and congratulations thrown at the two.

“Good for her.” Valda said with a little giggle smiling brightly. Then she seemed to remember there were several people around her and immediately flushed bright red scrambling to put her mask back on. She really REALLY hoped nobody noticed that.

“Hey, Valdaaaa~” Matto sung sliding next to her with expensive chocolates in hand. “I also brought chocolates for you even though it’s Valentine’s Day.” He said clearly expecting Valda to reprimand him. However she was still too busy trying to not get noticed for her previous actions to really think about it.

“Oh, that’s ok, I’m sure you’ll get it right next time. Gotta go.” Valda said before taking off out of the room. Matto stood dejectedly.

“B-But… Punishment?” Matto pouted earning some sighs.

“Give it up dude, she’s already gone.” Kaimu commented next to his friend.

“Fine, here you take these, no one will notice if I give them to you anyway.” Matto said before walking back to his desk in a sulk.

“You didn’t have to say it like that.” Kaimu whimpered, ignored by all.


Valda walked onto the roof, not long left of lunch, and looked around. It was surprisingly empty at the minute; an oddity given it should’ve been a prime confessing spot. But she didn’t care too much, right now she needed to make a phone call. Leaning against the fencing, she held her breath and listend to the quiet ringing from her cell phone, waiting for.

“Hello? Valda?” the tired voice of Lotze Krieg set Valda on edge a bit.

“Guten Morgen Vater.” Valda greeted.

“I was going to call you later, couldn’t wait huh? Well that’s fine.” Her father responded and Valda sighed in relief.

“I didn’t mean to bother you; I guess I was just… eager.” Valda confessed looking out over the school grounds.

“Don’t worry, so how’s your day going? Plenty of adulation I would assume?” Lotze asked playfully.

“Ahah, yeah you could say that. More than I was expecting really. But I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, who wouldn’t want to celebrate right?” Valda responded, her ego shining through but her voice still a bit quieter than normal.

“Haven’t gone chasing after any boys have you?” Her father asked sternly and Valda balked.

“W-what? NO! No way, not a chance. These guys, not even worth mentioning. Not like that at least.” Valda commented quickly.

“Hmm, I see. Well try to keep it that way. It’s a pity I couldn’t arrange for you to come back for today.” Lotze stated and Valda nodded.

“Yeah, but That’s what Commander Kenny is like, keep everything within his own controlled little bubble.” Valda commented disdainfully.

“Valda, it should go without saying but, do NOT trust Owen Kenny. He’s a devious, and Dangerous man. If he does anything suspicious, I want you to tell me, understood?” Lotze spoke with a serious tone, though Valda could hear a darker tone when the commander’s name was mentioned.

“Don’t worry; I’d never trust that guy. I mean, why are we still here? Surely joint training shouldn’t of lasted this long?” Valda asked seeking anew topic.

“The Angel’s arrival prompted an, unusual circumstance, so for now it’s best that the exercise is extended until such a time where it is deemed unnecessary. On this we all agree.” Lotze commented.

“Right ok, well they need me here anyway. Can’t do a thing without me.” Valda boasted thinking of Shirou in particular.

“Of course, it’s only natural. Let no one tell you otherwise. Especially not Kenny and his lapdogs. But enough of that, I’m afraid the gift I’ve been preparing for you isn’t ready yet.” He sounded deeply apologetic.

“Ah that’s fine, I don’t mind at all.” Valda urgently voiced.

“Haha, good girl. It’s something for Unit 02, when it arrives; unit 02 will be that much stronger. I hope you make appropriate use of this Valda.” He said with a warning tone.

“Yes, I’ll make sure I do, thank you.” Valda gratefully responded. Trust her father to come up with something like this. It was probably because he worked so hard on it that it was delayed. Nothing less than perfection was acceptable to him.

“Happy Fifteenth birthday Valda, but I need some more sleep.” Lotze stated.

“Yes, all right, good bye. Love you.” Valda said hurriedly, not wanting to keep him awake too long.

“Good bye Valda.”

With that last statement the line disconnected and Valda let out a contented sigh. There wasn’t long left of lunch so she decided to head back down to the classroom, finish off that cake and see if she could spy any more goings on.

What she got instead was some half-assed offerings from Isaac, and into a conversation with Kyouya and Ayaka about home-made sweets that lead to Valda making a bold declaration.


After school on the 15th of February, the dorms occupied by the pilots had a number of guests, all located around the kitchen where Valda was holding cooking lessons. This was most prominently aimed at a despondent Umbra and a eager Matto. There were a few others as well, some of Shiori’s friends and a couple of the boys who showed up with Kyouya who promised tips for white day.

The Major wasn’t entirely pleased at the disturbance but let it go when she realised how serious Valda, supported by Kyouya and Ayaka were about teaching the others. She did however make a note of supervising after the fire alarm went off.

“What the hell was that?” Valda roared pointing to the smoking pot.

“I dunno, it just sorta caught fire or something.” Umbra said shrugging

“Ok, so, we’re going to SHOW you first, since explanations didn’t seem to work.” Kyouya commented shaking his head.

“Umbra, teach me how to do that.” Matto asked only to get smacked by Valda.


“I can already see how this will end…” Kuro stated. Before looking at the chaos that was developing as Matto continued to pipe up, Valda continued to fume and several other conversations picked up in the kitchen. “….Badly.”


Lying back down on her bed Valda sighed and played with the object in her hand. It was one of the gifts she had gotten on her birthday, one from Claude back in Germany. Vander had been the one to hand it over, apparently having inspected the thing for bugs and other such devices. Valda couldn’t really blame him given Claude’s attitude but she was still a little annoyed. Though she supposed the most surprising thing was how tasteful the necklace was given who sent it. It just didn’t seem like the kind of gift he would give.

It was probably her favourite gift too, as it brought an odd feeling of nostalgia, almost like she’d seen it somewhere before. But she couldn’t place it and instead took to just holding it in her hands for small periods of time, trying to claps the feeling it invoked. It was probably a futile effort on her part, but it didn’t matter. It was addictive and it helped pass the time since she had called off training for the day. The snake was out of the hospital today, as was Katla, so everyone was getting set for that. Besides it gave her more time to adjust her training plans for Shirou now that Akio was getting involved properly. The attempt the day prior had been a mess as Valda had to teach Akio how to use stuff whilst barking orders at Shirou. It should be easier now but she still needed to get a solid regime down for them.

Putting the Necklace on properly, Valda decided to head downstairs and make something to eat. Maybe she’d be nice and set something aside for Katla and the snake since they were just out of the hospital. She then quickly crossed the snake off and decided she might make something aside for just Katla. The Red eyed boy could get his own damn food.
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With a clogged sounding flush of a toilet, Isaac opened the bathroom door as he crawled out moaning in pain. “Oh God…when will this stop.” Isaac muttered while making his way to his bedroom as he held his stomach. It had been a while since the last angel attack and on Valentines day Isaac has been sick with influenza. Since then Isaac has been making non-stop visits to the bathroom for about a week. His body was achy and he was a sweating mess as he shivered down the hallway to his room.

“If I ever find out who gave me this, I’ll kill them. I’ll get in my Evangel-“Isaac paused as he dry heaved for a moment and held down the urge to throw up. He was successful for once. “-lion and pummel them to death.” Isaac said realizing that he just had a Valda moment.

As he crawled into bed Isaac started to think about what has happened recently. After the beach it seemed like he developed a greater bond with the pilots, except with Akio. Things between him and Akio didn’t seem to get worse or better. Isaac felt some regret on the way he handled the situation, but knew that if anything it would make Akio into a stronger person…hopefully. Isaac pulled the bed sheets over his body to try and warm up when a chill ran up his spine.

Rolling over to his side Isaac looked over at the large metal bowl Kiyoshi gave him when she found out he was sick. Isaac tried the best that he could to try and not be a burden, but then again he was her responsibility. Not too far from the bowl was a small bag of chocolate that Isaac wanted to give to Katla for Valentines day. It wasn’t anything special, but Isaac felt obligated to give the girl something even though there were some questions he wanted to ask Katla about her relationship with his father. Just as he looked at the bag, memories of Valentines day began to fill his mind on how it was a disaster.


Isaac looked outside of the window and nervously tapped his fingers on the desk. Just calm down. You’re just going to give some valentines chocolates away…even though you didn’t get any. Isaac thought to himself and he felt like the biggest loser in the classroom. Isaac wondered why he didn’t get anything from his fellow classmates and he reminded himself that he doesn’t really know anyone in the classroom that wasn’t a pilot. It probably didn’t help that he was always late to class most of the time nor did he associate with anyone else in the class. Isaac looked over at Raglan’s desk and saw what looked like a mountain of Valentine gifts from all of the girls from the school. At one point It got so bad that there was a line going from his desk to outside of the classroom. Both Shirou had managed to get some treats from various girls from class and Tomoko hung on to Akio all day as if he was the last male on earth.

“God…I hate valentines day.” Isaac muttered to himself as he banged his head against the desk. It was so loud that everyone looked at him giving him a weird look and then continued socializing during the lunch break.

Isaac let out a deep sigh and looked into his backpack and saw four simple bags with chocolate in them that Isaac spent a significant amount of money on. Normally Isaac would just get a big bag of candy to give away to everyone, but since he didn’t know anyone in class he didn’t see the point. He remembered when he bought the bags of chocolate, the sales clerk who gave him a weird look which he didn’t really understand. Letting out quick breath of air, Isaac mustered up the courage to give away at least one of the bags away. Looking over at Valda, Isaac saw that she didn’t have chocolates on her desk. Hmmm? That’s weird. Isaac thought to himself as he stood up and and took out a bag of chocolates and placed it on her desk. “Happy Valentines day Valda.” Isaac nervously said with a smile.

Valda let out a sigh as she opened her mouth to educate Isaac regarding Valentines day in Japan. “Thank you Isaac, but you know, traditionally boys don't give anything to girls until white day, right? I'll accept this as a birthday gift though.” She said cheerfully.

Isaac stood there and nearly fell over in embarrassment. He just imagined what everyone was saying about him behind his back.

“Who is that guy?”

“Typical American.”

“What an idiot.”

“Well, happy birthday then!” Isaac managed to let out while nervously laughing.

Valda cleared her throat. “Not only is it my birthday, but today is also the fifteenth anniversary of the valentines treaty that settled the conflicts after the Second Impact. In fact…” Valda continued to talk about the treaty about the second impact. As fascinating as it was to Isaac, all that he wanted to do was to hurry up and give away the last three bags of chocolates. However every time the tried get away from the lecture by Valda, she would scold him down to indicate that she wasn’t done yet.

After Valda was done with her lecture, Isaac decided to wait till after school to give the other chocolates away to avoid looking like a bigger fool. As soon as school way over, Isaac headed over to hospital at NERV to go visit Katla to try and give her the small bag of chocolate, but when he arrived he was told that she wouldn’t see any visitors or accept any gifts. Feeling defeated, Isaac went back home to the dorm later and decided to give Tokei and Shiori their chocolate.

Later at night, Isaac managed to get enough courage to give away the remaining chocolates that he had. Isaac held on to the bag of chocolates in his hand and knocked on Tokei’s room. Isaac heard Tokei’s footsteps come closer and closer to the door which caused him to panic. The desire to run away from doing this started to become greater with each passing moment. Why am I doing this? Tokei probably doesn’t like me or really know me! What if she tells me to ‘buzz off’ or something?! Why didn’t I think to just leave the chocolate here and and then I wouldn’t have to deal with talking with her. Tokei is nice…I think? I don’t even really know her….what if she doesn’t know who I am!? God, why am I-

“Isaac, Can I help you?” Tokei said to the now crimson boy who realized that she had been trying to get his attention for a while now. She was wearing her mask that covered half of her face and a comfortable looking dark green sweater.

“Uh yeah! I was just..ummm” Isaac looked around to try make up an excuse, but decided that it might be best to just give the chocolate to Tokei. “Here. I know that it’s not normal for guy to give girls chocolate in Japan for Valentines day, but I’m from America where it doesn’t matter so I thought to myself, ‘hey, why not do something for the other girls?’ because, you know it seemed like a good idea at the time. I found out today that I was wrong and now I feel like and idiot about the whole thing.” Tokei looked down at Isaac and looked slightly shocked.

Tokei took the chocolate from Isaac’s hand as though she was removing a burden from his shoulders. “Thank you.” Tokei said in a slightly awkward tone as she looked Isaac straight in the eyes.

Isaac brushed the back of his head and just smiled. “You’re welcome.” The two just stood there for a few seconds as Isaac shuffled his feet together until he cleared his throat. “Well, I’ll let you go now. I have some stuff to do.”

“I see. Well, good night.” Tokei said as she shut the door in front of Isaac.

Isaac let out a sigh of relief. Just one more…just one more Isaac thought to himself as he grabbed the bag meant for Shiori and went to her room. Isaac knocked on her door and started to play with the bag of chocolates trying to what to say to the girl. Since the beach they would briefly talk to on another but none of it was really interesting. It was just simple “How are you doing?” type of conversations. Isaac looked to see what time it was and saw that it was about eleven o’clock at night. SHIT!!! Why am I doing this so late?! Isaac thought as he remembered being in his room, pacing back and forth trying to get the courage to hand of the two remaining chocolates.

Shiori’s door opened with a very tired looking Shiori with her school uniform still on. “Isaac? What are you doing here?” She questioned.

“I…I’m so sorry! I realize that it’s really late and I should of done this much, much, MUCH earlier but I just wanted to give this to you for Valentines Day.” Isaac said as he offered the bag of chocolates.

Shiori’s eyes seemed to change from haggard to awake with the sight of the bag. “Thanks Isaac.” Shiori said with a smile as she took the bag from Isaac’s hands. Shiori looked in the bag and her eyes shined at how appetizing the pieces of chocolate were. “They look delicious.” Shiori looked up and nervously laughed. “I’m sorry, but I don’t exactly have anything to give you in return.”

“It’s ok. I don’t really expect anything in return.”

“Hmmmm, since you gave these to me I’ll return the favor and do something nice for you in the future. Kay?”

Isaac smiled back and nodded. “Sounds like a good pl….uuhhh…” Isaac paused and hunched over and grabbed his stomach. Then Isaac lurched forward and then covered his mouth while he tried to look for something with urgency.

“Isaac? Are you o-“ Isaac turned around and threw up into one of the conveniently placed garbage cans in the hallway. “..k?” Shiroi said as she looked at the bag of chocolates with a sad look as she threw them away knowing that they were probably tainted.

“Ugh…what is th-” Isaac managed to say before throwing up again into the already filled garbage can.

“I’m going to go get Major Miki. Just hold on.” Shiori said as she ran down the hallway.


Isaac’s brain continued to process how he’s been sick for about week which to him has felt like an eternity. Just nothing but throwing up and…other unpleasant things. It also didn’t help that he’s been getting all of the homework that he’s missed out on which looked like a sky scraper to Isaac’s fever induced vision. Rolling on to his other side, Isaac grabbed his remaining blankets to cover his head so he could conserve some heat which eventually led him to falling sleep

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Postby MAGI_01 » Sat Mar 08, 2014 2:22 am

Akio walked with Raglan as they headed home late one afternoon after basketball practice. Raglan had been chatting to him about Izumi having a rather large crush on Shiori, and how Sakamoto admitted that he had some feelings for Valda. After Raglan had dropped Valda’s name, Akio suddenly halted as his gaze dropped to the ground.

“What’s up?” Raglan asked.

Akio remained silent. He felt a certain uneasiness.

“You okay, man?” Raglan took a few steps forward, placing himself beside Akio. “Something’s been troubling you the past few days. You’ve been skittish around the others, keeping away from them mostly save for me. Shit, you practically up and left the dining room as soon as Isaac entered this morning and you haven’t been paying attention at school or at practice. What the hell happened at the beach that day anyway?”

Akio took a seat on the railing lining the side of the road. He sat for a moment in thought. “I… I had an argument with Isaac, I guess.” He began. “It was about the incident at Matsushiro.”
“Eva-03?” Raglan asked.

“Yeah, he…” He tensed. “He told me to ‘Get over it or go back home… he told me to go back home, that if I didn’t get over it I’d be useless as a pilot and you’d all have to babysit me. He even said I should be grateful to him!” Akio said, his voice laced with anger.

It was as if everything he had been keeping pent up inside since the argument and subsequent fight three days earlier had finally started to come out, all of his anger and frustration at the entire situation, but also the pain that Isaac’s words inflicted on him that day.

“And you know what, J? He said to my face that we weren’t friends. To my face!”

“Aki, calm down, it’s okay.” Raglan said as he placed a hand on his shoulder in a soothing manner. “Look. I don’t know what happened at Matsushiro. I wasn’t there, I only saw it from the display at Command and I don’t know what happened between you and Isaac. I’m sure he didn’t mean those things though, okay? Just…” Raglan took a seat next to him, “Fuck it, I guess.” He said as he leaned his arm on his shoulder, a comforting smirk appearing on his face, “Give it some time.”

Deep down Akio knew that Raglan was trying his hardest to assure him that things would be alright, but he was so worked up now that his friend’s words did little to calm him. He looked up at Raglan. “Just give it a while, ‘kay?”

He slumped, and then stood up. “Yeah, you’re probably right. I don’t really want to think about it anymore anyway.”

“Let me talk to Isaac… Don’t worry about it.”

He nodded, brushing his hair back behind his ears and giving Raglan a small smile of gratitude.
“We better get going before it gets dark.” Raglan urged. He moved on ahead. Raglan hung back for a moment until Akio stopped and turned around. “He said it right to my face, J… That we weren’t friends.” He said solemnly.

Raglan stood for a moment longer before catching up with him.

“Come on, let’s go home.”


As the school day came to a close, Akio packed up his things and started to head for home. The discussion with Raglan a few days earlier had helped somewhat, but he still felt miserable. The whole situation with Isaac still left him feeling bitter and he didn’t even want to think about what happened at Matsushiro anymore. He made his way off of the school’s grounds and out onto the sidewalk, walking a ways before a certain voice came calling from just a little ways ahead of him.

"Akio." Valda's voice drew attention as she approached masked as always. Stopping in front of him she put her hands on her hips with authority. "We need to talk."

“O-oh ok.” Akio said with a bit of surprise in his voice.

"Look, I didn't really notice it before because I was, sorting a few things out..." Valda began slowly, as if trying to carefully put the words together, but soon she followed up with her usual aggressive tone. "But it became clear as day at the beach. What the hell is wrong with you? You're acting like a kicked puppy!"

Akio sighed as he lowered his gaze. “It’s just… a lot of stuff has been bothering me since the whole incident at Matsushiro…” He said in a melancholy tone.

"Urgh, yes Isaac said as much. It was pretty bad, but it was resolved back then. You should be happy you got out of that." Valda retorted with a shrug.

“I know that but…” Akio sighed. “I just feel so horrible about it…” He paused for a moment to mull things over in his head. “Do you know what happened at the beach… what happened between me and Isaac? Did he tell you?”

Shaking her head, Valda shifted on her feet and folded her arms. "No he didn't. So, what happened then?"

Akio took a deep breath thought for a moment. “Well, we got in a fight... started out as an argument about him not being forthcoming when he visited me in the hospital about the incident.” He started. “It escalated... he started saying that I'm lucky he even saved my life and how you all have no time to babysit me over how I feel... and that I should just go back home if I can't get over it.” He said with a tinge of bitterness. “One thing lead to another and I ended up hitting him over it.”

"You hit him? I mean I know I usually hit him a lot but I do that with good reason." Valda said shaking her head. She put her hands on her hips again. "But you know, he's actually right this time. That angel caused a lot of damage; it took you hostage and went on a rampage. Isaac went to great lengths to save you." Valda spoke seriously. Then she scratched the back of her head and sighed. "I got too caught up in the fight and forgot you were in there for a bit, if it weren't for Isaac, you'd definitely be dead. But... if all you plan to do, is whine, moan and act like a kicked puppy rather than doing something about it, then you really are just dead weight. We haven't got time to deal with that, we came to fight monsters and save the world."

There was a long pause. “I know what we are here for, but after all that… I just feel so powerless...” His voice trailed off. “I don't know what to do. I'm scared okay?” He said with sadness in his voice. “I’m just a spineless wimp like you said when we first met...”

Valda turned her head away for a moment before returning her focus to Akio. Her tone was somber as she spoke next. "...Then go home... It's natural that you're scared." She paused, as if unsure of her next action, but then she placed a hand on Akio's shoulder softly. "Even though I was there with you, you still suffered through something terrible. Of Course you would be scared after that, and no one would blame you if you went home, if they tried they'd have to deal with me." Valda said before squeezing his shoulder reassuringly, her voice becoming more determined. "But... if you want to stay... if you want to fight, and get payback on those damned monsters. Then I'll help you, I'll make you strong enough that they'll regret having ever crossed you!"

“You'd really do that for me?” Akio said after a few moments, “Believe me; I want to get payback on those bastards for all the suffering they have caused. He said with anger slipping into his voice. “I want to fight, but...” He trailed off.

Valda sighed again, though this time she sounded a bit annoyed. "Oh come on, I've already started working on Shirou, and the perverted Rookie with zero training, Isaac Kenny, has started shaping up. What's your excuse?"

“Heh, my excuse huh... that I can't seem to do anything right... that I'm just a weakling compared to the rest of you…” He said in a self-demeaning manner. “If you can call all that an excuse then I guess that’s it.”

Akio felt a slight impact as Valda slapped him upside the head before saying in a mocking voice. "Hello? Isaac Kenny? I mean, c'mon! If he can man up it should be simple for you. "She shook her head before muttering. "If it's not one of you acting like this it's another."

Akio sat silently in thought for some time. “You know what... you are right. If Isaac and Shirou can do it... then why can't I?” He said with slight determination in his voice.

"That's it! Now quit moping, and be sure to turn any of those lingering thoughts of that day into motivation!" Valda said with a boisterous laugh, though it died quickly as she looked away. "Oh and uh... you probably should apologize to Isaac. He did save you from that mess despite how green he is after all."

“Yeah... I still feel pretty bad about causing that fight... it'll be the least I can do considering that he saved me...” He said sounding guilty. “To be honest I didn't know how close I came to not coming back.... I didn’t even know that if it was not for him that you probably would have killed me… of course not that you wanted to, it's just the nature of what we do right?”

Valda froze for a moment before sighing heavily. "I made a mistake. I let myself get too wrapped up in the battle itself, urgh such an embarrassment." Valda admitted sounding reluctant. Then she shrugged and just spoke casually. "I just wanted to kill that angel so badly, did a fair number on it too, and I sort of forgot you were there. But then Isaac reminded me and I stopped. He handled the rest." she waved it off after that, but continued her small tirade. "of course, while I doubt they'd be dumb enough to, if the angels ever try something like that again, I'll be able to rescue whoever it is by myself, no problem!"

“I really do owe Isaac a lot then. I don’t know how but I will make it up to him for what I did.” He paused. “I really do hope that sort of thing never happens again.... but if it does... hopefully we will be ready for it.” He said with a weak smile.

Valda puffed herself up a bit. "Of course we will, I'll make damn sure of it. Now then I've got to get back to work, got to get Shirou's training Regime sorted. He's kinda pathetic so I'll have to start him off easy." She scoffed.

“Speaking of training… when do you want me to show up for training?” Akio asked.

Valda crossed her arms and held a finger to her chin in thought. "I'll uh, I'll think on it a bit, I've got stuff set up for Shirou but that's it... I'll tell you when." She stated nodding to herself.
“Alright.” Akio said with a nod. “And thanks Valda.” He said with a smile.

"Hah, I've said it before." Valda started boasting. "It's my job to look after my subordinates. You don't need to thank me for that. But you're welcome." Despite her words she clearly sounded pleased with the comment.

Akio nodded with a smile. They both started to walk home although; Valda was walking at a bit of a quicker pace than he was and had opened up a slight lead ahead of him. The gap didn’t stand for long though as he caught up with her and attempted to keep up with her pace as best he could as they walked home.


As Akio made his way to school he was in a much happier state than he had been since the beach trip. Not only had Valda’s talk with him a couple of days earlier had helped to pick up his spirits today was also a special day. Today was Valentine’s Day, as well as Valda’s birthday which she had spared no expense in mentioning over the past few days. He had gotten her a small, but thoughtful gift (At least he thought it was) for not only her birthday, but to also say thanks for helping him out.
Immediately upon arriving at school he was confronted by Tomoko who wasted no time in handing him his gift… a big heart shaped box of chocolates. Akio felt heat rising in his cheeks as students passing by offered their congratulations and made some playful comments to them. Even though Tomoko had been his girlfriend for a while now, he still felt quite embarrassed, more so when she gave him a light peck on the cheek.

Thanking her warmly he walked with her to her class, giving her a hug before taking his leave and making his way to his own when he was stopped by a rather cute and energetic girl with long brown hair and bright eyes. He had no idea who she was, which made it extremely awkward when she handed him a bag of chocolates. The plainness of the bag meant that more than likely that it was just an obligatory gift, but he was puzzled as to why she was giving this to him. She introduced herself: Miyuki Nakahara. She chatted to him shortly about a variety of topics before taking her leave, giving him a wink and saying that she’d “See him around.”

Walking into class his attention was immediately caught buy the mountain of gifts that had accumulated on Raglans desk. It was no secret that Raglan was extremely popular and this just went to prove that. He let out a small chuckle as he made his way to his desk. As the day went on he also received obligatory gifts from Ayaka and Satsuki and he thanked both kindly. He also noticed that along with most everyone else that Valda was also in quite the chipper mood.

As the school day came to a close, Akio was once again approached by another girl he didn’t know. She introduced herself: Shizue Ito, and feelings of awkwardness returned as he received yet another plain bag of chocolates. Up until a short time ago, when he met Tomoko, he had never really had received this sort of attention and he really didn’t know what to make of it. As their conversation ended (Which had been mostly one sided) she took her leave. He rubbed the back of his head nervously before heading for home.

That evening he went with Tomoko on their (and his) first actual date, which mainly consisted of visiting the arcade and going for some ice cream. He was uncomfortable and felt a bit awkward, but it ended up being an enjoyable night nonetheless. He saw Tomoko home, the two sharing a hug before he started off for home himself.


Akio moaned as he tried to sit up in an attempt to get out of bed. He flopped back down as his muscles screamed out in pain. Yesterday had been his first training session and boy was it a mess. The almost constant yelling directed at not only himself but also Shirou, along with the brutal routine that Valda had started him on was hell, but he knew if he was going to get stronger that this is what he would have to do, and with Valda personally helping him, he was going to give it his hardest. The last thing he wanted to do was disappoint her after she was putting so much effort into helping him out.

Still, it didn’t make him feel any less sore. In a last ditch attempt to get out of bed with minimal pain, he rolled to the edge of the bed to try to ease himself out, which would have worked if he didn’t fall to the floor on the first try. He slowly hoisted himself up onto his feet. “Hmm I wonder if anyone else is up?” He stood for a moment in thought. He still had yet to apologize to Isaac about the fight at the beach. With Isaac still being quite ill he had been putting it off, waiting until he was well to do so, but it was still fresh in his mind. The silence was quickly broken by his growling stomach. “I probably should grab something to eat.” He said with a laugh before heading out into the common area.
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Postby BlackberryMilk » Sat Apr 12, 2014 4:47 am

Background Music

She held her sides tightly, humming to nothing but the tune in her head--A small repetitive song she overheard hiding in between the beeps and drones of hospital life. In small, rare moments of clarity, the reality of where she was snapped her into place with a painful rip, but to keep the calm, and for lack of a better term...sanity, she made small looping songs to fill her mind with noise. It drowned out everything, this was it's upside..

Katla knew she was going to be released soon, and a dread washed over her. She was aware a certain happening had brought her there, but she wasn't entirely positive of what it was. She could only imagine though, the bandages taking up her arms, the cocktails of anti-depressants and anti-psychotics, being monitored through an obvious two-way mirror, and regular visits with Dr. Idle.

"Oh Mother... What have you done this time.." She stared down at the floor, mindlessly pulling at her short white hairs. She loved to rub her hair in opposing directions, the hair twisting and rubbing in weird places on her scalp and fingers.

"This isn't a hairstyle I'd chose for myself that's for sure.." She brushed her pale thin fingers through her hair one last time, and sighed. Any moment her Father's driver would appear, the discharge papers signed and settled; Off to meet the other pilots, off to pretend like she lived a normal life, off to pretend like she wasn't off her rocker.

The beeps were soothing, and a new song began to form with the sounds of the heart monitor of the patient next door, the percussion clanks and thuds of the lunch cart outside in the hallway, the chimes of orderly keys jostling on their rings.. And she began to rock herself.

"-Excited? Oh my darlin' this is going to do you some good! The sunshine, the flowers, being around children your age!" The sudden obtrusive voice caused her to jump and become wild eyed.

"WH-When did you?!..." She continued staring at the large American nurse, who smiled holding a paper cup with her medications in her rosy thick fingers.

"Here you are dear..." the cup was to her mouth almost immediately, with another to follow, filled with tepid water. The pills always got stuck in her throat, no matter how much water she drank.. She was use to it now.

"Well I'm off! Your ride home should be here any minute! Oh Sweet Katla... I've grown so attatched to you. Remember to visit me, and write me! I'll make you those blueberry cake squares you love so much! And Lizzy and Becca will remember what you told them about those books! I saw them writing down that note just the other day!"

Who... Who is this woman? ...How does she know me?

"I'm going to miss that smile, and those warm hugs..." She began tearing up, and she wobbled slowly back out of the room.

The back of Katla's neck began to heat up in the confusion, until she started breathing slowly, calming herself.. and listening for those beeps and clanks to sync up in perfect time again. As a silent but growing polyphony began to grow inside the walls of her mind, a sudden noise came from outside of her existence, it wafted into the notes of her song, like it floated up from the deep.

"-atla, how are you feeling today?”

She opened her eyes slowly, and saw a pale boy in front of her, long white hair surrounding his pointed jawline--Red eyes almost giving off an unearthly glow. They looked like they would be cold and untrusting, but for her.. the moment their eyes met, they became warm.

The structures of his face suddenly felt like a reoccurring dream--she knew his face, and she would see it often, but never close enough to see it clearly, and never long enough to remember who he was. In the cold and cruel walls of her mind, he was comfort to her, he was safety to her..

Before she could be snapped back to those moments of clarity and reality, she found her arms around him, and her face was buried into his soft white hair, the smell engulfing her senses.

"It's you, I know you..."

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Postby Agentomega » Sat May 17, 2014 4:45 pm

Valentine's Day. It was a strange thing for Shirou, having been exposed to both Japanese and European traditions before being whisked away to Eden. Hardly anyone there exchanged chocolates, and he wasn't certain whether it was because of social practice or the scarcity of superfulous commidities on the research platform. Moreover: their class consisted of children from an exceptionally varied background, so he hadn't the faintest idea as to the norm. Therefore, he'd taken this uncertainty into stride and placed the chocolate he'd purchased into his locker and waited.

This course of action was proven prudent by the misfortune of Isaac, who was cheerfully corrected by Valda with regard to the proper ettiquite. Shirou winced, and inwardly empathized with the boy; he'd experienced the same thing his first year in Japan, and elementary schoolers didn't exhibit quite the decorum or restraint that kids their age did. Although... he thought, reflecting upon some of the antics they'd gotten up to in the past few months.

The sudden action caused his nerves to flare in pain, so he pulled one of the standard-issue medkits from his desk, poured out a couple of aspirin and swallowed them. Valda had been working him hard the past month, and while he'd made some progress, it wasn't readily apparent. His strength had been passable to begin with as climbing had been amongst his hobbies, but endurance wasn't his forte. Their first session he'd been winded in the first fifteen minutes, but that naturally didn't deter his fiery "Captain."

Although he didn't realize it, he was getting better. It was 45 minutes into their last session before he'd wanted a break, but Valda took that as a sign that they had to continue until an hour and a half was over instead. Unbeknownst to him, the next session would involve increasing weights.

His train of thought was interrupted by Ayaka, who gave him some obligation chocolate and a message that a first-year was out in the hallway looking for him. He quirked his eyebrow, thanked her for the chocolate and proceeded to exit the classroom.


The boy before him was well known, albeit for unflattering reasons. Shirou didn't care overmuch about how the gossip was portrayed, but there were certain features that clearly marked the boy for who he was, primarily...

"Bonjour, Monsieur Karigane."

"Hello. You're Vairemont, right?"

... the pointy ears and the use of gratuitous French.

Vairemont Écarlate stood taller than the blond, although there were few people in the school who didn't. That said, Vairemont was almost comically gigantic compared to Shirou, standing at a whopping 185 centimetres. Vairemont's chocolate-brown hair was long in front of his ears and short elsewhere, but he kept it in a neat cut. His features were rather stern looking, but Vairemont usually gave off the air of a gentle giant.

"Bien sûr," he replied with a nod. "If you would, please come with me; someone wishes to give you chocolate."

Shirou naturally misinterpreted this. "It's not you, is it?"

"Mais non," Vairemont exclaimed, shaking his head and holding his hands up. "Mon amie wishes to give it to you, as well as confirm something."

Shirou gave Vairemont an incredulous look, but followed him anyway. Rather than going to the first year classrooms, the elf-ish boy headed to the science room. Sliding the door open, he beckoned Shirou in with a bow and an arm.

"Après vous."

At the lab bench sat a blonde girl with a fair complexion. Her bangs came down to her eyebrows, two straight locks fell to her collarbone and framed her face, the back tied into two simple pigtails that extended to her shoulderblades. Atop her nose perched a pair of rectangular glasses with thin lavender frames that cutely accentuated her auburn eyes. What captured Shirou's attention the most, however, was the pair of nekomimi.

The girl glanced up from the bubbling concoctions in front of her and stood, revealing the lab coat she wore over her uniform.

"My sincerest gratitude, Vaire. Salutations, Karigane-senpai."

"Rhoe Amarillo, I presume?"

"Precisely. No doubt you have heard the rumours about us?"

Shirou nodded slowly, not sure what to make of the direction of conversation.

"Designed to slander and embarrass. I have my reasons for this appearance, but I digress. I would like for you to report the qualia experienced when consuming this," she said, gesturing at a nondescript brown... thing. "Specifically those that pertain to olfaction and gustation," she finished.

Shirou blinked and gave an inquisitive look at Vairemont.

"Ah, she would like you to test this chocolate, s'il vous plaît."

That's chocolate?

His look of distaste was slightly apparent. "Ah, to expound, my father is a confectioner and my mother was a chemist. I am proficient at both. However, I should note that this is not my final iteration, nor is this intended any significant meaning specifically for you. Ergo, the appearance is unprocessed."

Shirou broke off a piece from the hunk of chocolate and popped it in his mouth. His reaction was almost instantaneous, as his face clearly changed from slight skepticism to a brilliant grin.

"Mph if pha-"

"It would behoove you to delay your response. I require in-depth qualitative data, you see. Savour it."

The boy took his time, carefully chewing the little bit of delight in his mouth and letting it melt on his tongue. When he was finished, he let out a content sigh.


"That was fantastic. It wasn't too sweet, had a nice crunch and melted in my mouth. I could also taste the cinnamon, and something else... but I can't quite put my finger on it."

"A small quantity of espresso," said Rhoe with an approving nod. "I believe I can proceed to the final batch, which I shall anonymously deposit in Umbra's locker anon."

Shirou's eyebrows shot toward his hairline. "Huh. I wasn't expecting that. Well, good for you; I hope it works out. If that's all, I guess I'll go back to class?"

"There is one hypothesis of mine I must needs confirm or reject before you depart," she replied, covering the test chocolate in saran wrap and placing it in a box. "Perchance, are you the Dungeon Master for the campaign 'Battle-Axe Shadow Saga'?"

"Erm, yes. But how did you know?"

"I noted that our session schedule coincided approximately with the occurrence of your transfer, matching consistency with time-zone variance. In addition, I had overheard you discussing Dungeons and Dragons with your companions. It was the most probable explanation, given limited information."

"You mean, you hoped that was the case," quipped Vairemont.

"Ehem," coughed Rhoe, a pink tinge to her cheeks. "At any rate, I am Treble and he is Blues."

Varemont nodded. "Enchanté, Rock-dono."

Shirou scratched the back of his head. "Ehe, Shirou is fine."

"Due to the veracity of my hypothesis, we would like to posit the proposition to partake in the campaign in person if it is agreeable."

"Sure, sounds good," agreed Shirou. "I think we can meet at my place at the usual time."

"A superlative happenstance. As a token of appreciation, please accept the final test batch, Shirocchi."

Shirou took the box and bid the odd pair a farewell. They might seem odd, he mused, but they're friendly enough.

Later that day, Shirou was pondering what to do with the chocolate Rhoe gave him. It was a sizeable piece; he was rather curious why anyone would make a test batch that large. Still, he couldn't consume it himself and it would be a shame to let such a brilliant concoction go to waste. Between the many thinly veiled reminders about Valda's birthday and the impromptu cooking lesson in the dorm, inspiration struck him and he was out the door with a grocery list in hand.

He returned shortly after the others had finished, so he quickly placed his new stock in appropriate locations and left the kitchen. It was far too late to consider baking anything that evening, so he nodded to himself and planned to finish it the next day. However, Valda had other plans, and the surprise training completely destroyed his stamina for the day. Finally, he decided that absolutely nothing would prevent him from getting around to it another day later.

When he was certain no-one else was going to come in, he snuck back into the kitchen with his standard issue laptop and box of chocolate. Baking was an easy enough task, so long as one precisely followed the directions, and there was a simple chocolate cake recipe he was sure even Umbra couldn't fail. Well, almost certain. Perhaps I'm overexaggerating, he thought. That aside, a birthday cake would be perfect. He owed the 'Captain' for his training the past month, and he had too much chocolate. It was a sure-fire way to kill two birds with one delicious and moist stone.

He started a small saucepan of water boiling while he measured out the rest of the ingredients. Placing the hunk of chocolate on the scale, he whittled away at it until it was an appropriate weight. The main body went into a glass bowl, lain atop the steaming saucepan. He meticulously stirred the molten confectionary until there were no more chunks, and then removed it from the heat and set about combining the other ingredients while it cooled. The batter became a rich, dark brown as he mixed in the cooled chocolate, and finally he was able to spoon it into a 22x33 centimetre cake tin.

And into the oven at 190 Centigrade for 20 minutes.

He was in the middle of whisking the buttercream when his thoughts were interrupted by an unexpected arrival.

"What the hell are you doing Shirou? I didn't expect to see you in an apron." Valda's voiced sounded off suddenly, amusement laced through her words. Her usual masked self stood, hands on hips but still remained mostly casual. "So, making something for the dischargees?"

"Um, well, not quite," he replied, attempting to hedge his way around admitting it was a birthday cake.

"Hmm? Well whatever. Have you got the timer set correctly? Did you make sure you got all the ingredients right? Oh you're on the icing? Hmm..." Valda queried repeatedly, having settled into checklisting Shirou's current activity.

"Well yeah. I'm following this recipe for the cake, and that one for the icing," he said, gesturing to his open computer. "It's a bit like science. Baking, that is."

"Yeah I can see that..." Valda agreed nodding her head. Clasping her hand in a energetic pose. "Well well, I'm impressed. Still I need to use the kitchen too... Well I'll be over here, if you need my help then by all means you may petition for it. Heheh."

"I'll keep that in mind, but that would sort of defeat the purpose," he said with a grin. "Ah um, that is, it's a bit of a challenge," he said with a forced chuckle. Man, I almost spoiled the surprise.

"Hah, that's a good mindset to have. Good to hear it. With that mindset and my guidance, you'll be getting stronger in no time. Let's hope Akio picks up that attitude too." Valda chuckled, failing to note Shirou's "odd" behaviour.

With that, the kitchen plunged into near-silence, interrupted only by the rhythmic click of the whisk against the edge of the mixing bowl and Valda's search for food.

Say something! This feels weird.


Well, what should I talk about? Training?


No way. Something fun maybe? What sort of stuff does Valda like?


Ok, alright... well what about...

"So, about the dance coming up..." he trailed off, uncertain of exactly what to say.

"Huh? Oh that thing? What about it," Valda replied, doggedly shuffling through the cupboards and fridge for various items. Does that even work with mayonnaise? He shook it off.

"Well, I'unno. I haven't been to one before. They don't really do that sort of thing on Eden. How about you?"

"Well I've never really been at schools long enough to really experience it properly, but it's a nice idea. I haven't even picked out my dress yet! Wonder what style I should go for? Hey do you think.... no nevermind, I'm not going to ask you for fashion advice," she said, shaking her head lightly.

He snorted. "That's probably a good idea. But yeah, I guess if neither of us have gone before..." he said, searching for words. "Well, I mean, for pure science..." he coughed. "Want to go to the dance with me?"
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