Evangelion Pictures Thread [3] (Post all images in spoilers)

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Postby Oenara » Wed May 08, 2013 8:45 pm

One aspect of Asuka's character is that she frequently isn't honest with herself and a lot of what she does is motivated by other people's expected reactions, whether she admits it or not. Personally, I think Asuka would try to act out what she perceives as the feminine, submissive role (see: the Kaji scene in 22'), but she would be happier and truer to herself if she were in charge.

And that's my last word on that subject here, since it's the Pictures Thread and not the srs bsns Evangelion Characters: Top or Bottom? thread. ;)

View Original PostMoroNoKimi wrote:I wonder if I should make a separate KawoShin or sexy Shinji thread as well as the new general Eva pics thread, so those of us wanting to post that can do it and not drive everyone else insane?

No need; the spoiler-tag-and-label policy is here to ensure that people only have to look at pictures of their preferred characters/pairings. Besides, there are probably more sexy-Asuka pics than anything else.
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Postby MoroNoKimi » Wed May 08, 2013 8:50 pm

Aaaaand there we go. New Thread HERE: http://forum.evageeks.org/post/628775/Evangelion-Pictures-Thread-4-Post-all-images-in-spoilers/

Hachigouki is my waifu
Hachigouki is my waifu
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Postby TMBounty_Hunter » Thu May 09, 2013 12:09 am

View Original PostFreakyFilmFan4ever wrote:It's got Sadamoto's signature in the corner, so it's official art work.

That's actually by Takeshi Honda
It's the lazy version of his signature

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