Evangelion Oc?

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Evangelion Oc?

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Postby MissDeamy » Sun Dec 03, 2023 1:09 am

I hardly doubt anyone has ever made an Evangelion OC around here. Well, I have!

His name is Riru Gai and he is the pilot of Eva Unit 15 which has been designed by a friend of mine however I will not show it yet because I don't think my friend would be comfortable sharing her art here so when I draw it my self I will show it.

Basic Info:
-Riru is 14 years old
-He's half Japanese Half American
-He likes cats
-He has a fear of dying
-And lastly for now he hates his own guts

His own story and lore are still in a HUGE WIP (work in progress) mostly because I need to watch the Rebuild movies cause I am missing out on a lot of info right now and I don't want to get spoiled because I really want to get this stuff right.

Originally, I didn't want to make an original character because of how complex Evangelion lore is so trying to write an original character in the Evangelion universe is a little difficult for me since I don't have a smart brain. However, I made one eventually and I honestly worked too hard on him. I had to do so much research to make this little f*ck fit in the goddamn universe. I had to look up how many Eva units were made cause I can't use 03 obviously and I can't use 04 too and so on. I had to use the number 15 because I found out there were 13 Eva units in total and I found that info on a website called "otakumode.com" and I don't even know if that is a trusted source. So I had no idea what Number to use so I just kept the number 15 because I had to eventually choose a number.

Then I researched about the years and dates and events just AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I only did this much work so 1) I don't get any info wrong and 2) he doesn't come off as one of those cringe self-insert characters who are just there to ship themselves with any of the Eva characters.

But at the same time, I don't want people to take him seriously because this is just an OC, I didn't make him to take him seriously I only made him for fun, and in a way, to help me understand the lore better.

If anyone has suggestions on what I should and Should not do when making an original character in the Evangelion universe that would be really helpful I don't want to get info wrong just try to keep it spoiler-free since I still need to watch the Rebuild series. But remember this is just an OC, don't take it seriously.
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