NGE Criterion Blu-Ray Covers (including Shin Godzilla)

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NGE Criterion Blu-Ray Covers (including Shin Godzilla)

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Postby ApolloIVtv » Fri Nov 18, 2022 9:53 pm

For all you film buffs, criterion fans, and everyone on the forum, I got something cool for ya!

I made some custom made NGE criterion blu- ray covers! They're made for original series, formatted for both the Khara and GKIDS releases, End of Eva, and Revival/Death True^2. You could put your Khara and GKids discs with these to have more easy access to them or just to have them look nice with your Blu-ray or Criterion library.

Each volume has two different artworks so that, if you were to print them, you could choose whichever one you like or have them be reversible covers. You could get them printed at any print shop and get empty criterion cases on Ebay or the criterion website.

I also threw in the Shin Godzilla one I made for good measure. Hope you fellas enjoy! ... sp=sharing


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