Official "Hello/Goodbye" Thread!

This is the place to start: Feel free to introduce yourself, have general conversations and casual discussions about all things Evangelion, including chit-chatty topics like "Sachiel is adorable" or "Which Eva kicks the most ass?"

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Re: Official "Hello/Goodbye" Thread!

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Postby Axx°N N. » Fri Jun 17, 2022 4:03 pm

View Original PostAve Omnissiah wrote:My background is one of historic education and military industrial analysis, which has shaped how I view media such as Eva. Just as there is a shift away from the Great Man Theory in historiography, I find the concept of "history from below" can be fascinating in fictional mediums as well- how does the average person experience and influence the events around them?

I first stumbled on the Wiki while working on a project involving running modeling and analysis of fictional employment of real-world systems, which I decided to apply to Evangelion in part due to the detailed portrayal of recognizable defense assets. Once I got started, I decided to share the fruits of my labor with the community that had made it so much easier, so look forward to that in the coming weeks!

This sounds like an intriguing lens to view Eva under, I'm very interested in seeing what you have to share!
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