Thesis about Eva

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Thesis about Eva

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Postby carol » Fri Oct 15, 2021 12:20 pm

Hello ^_^
I'm writing a thesis on Neon Genesis Evangelion, and I would like to ask to those of you who are interested, some questions about the body of work we love.
It's like a questionnaire that you can feel free to reply if you want (for example you can also just answer to some of the questions and not to all of them)
I'll just leave the questions right here so that you can have an idea of what I'm working on.
Let me know if this is a possible thing to do on this forum and if someone could be interested about this.
Thank you so much

Neon Genesis Evangelion questionnaire

- How did the series and the movies impact on your life?
- When did you watch it the first time and why?
- Do you prefer the series or the movie? why?
- What’s the character you identify with the most and why?
- What do you think is the moral of the whole body of work?
- What do you think is the religious message behind the work?
- What do you think the series and the films are trying to communicate about family ties?
- What do you think the series and the films are trying to communicate about love?
- What do you think the series and the films are trying to communicate about sexuality?
- What do you think the series and the films are trying to communicate about psychology?
- What do you think the series and the films are trying to communicate about the relationship between human and technology?
- Do you think Evangelion is important and should be watched by the people? If yes, why? if no, why?
- Do you think Asuka Langeley is a positive character or a negative character? Why?
- Do you think Rei Ayanami is a positive character or a negative character? Why?
- What do you think about Shinji Ikari?
- What do you think about the relationship between Shinji and his father Gendo?
- Who do you think is a positive mentor between the adults presented by the series and the films? (Misato, Ritsuko, Gendo, Kagi,…)
- Who or what do you think is the most evil character of the series? Why?
- What do you think about the suicide of Rei Ayanami?
- What do you think the battle between the evas and the angels represents?
- What do you think the first, second and third impact represent?
- What do you think are the saddest moments in both the series and the movies? Why?
- What do you think are the happiest moments in both the series and the movies? Why?

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Re: Thesis about Eva

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Postby Berserker » Sun Oct 17, 2021 2:30 am

I believe the general sub forum would be a more suitable place for this topic. It'd get more attention there than what it's getting and be more relevant.

Each of those questions are worth multiple essays of some answers, if not one. So here's my answers to some of them in short.

1. The whole franchise basically changed my life, made me learn a lot about myself and others while also spurring interest in a lot of things like psychology, religions and myths that I never thought I'd get immersed into. It has also brought up a lot of latent aspects of mine, some positive(e.g optimist, environmentalist) and some negative(e.g misanthrope) obviously and made them prominent.
2. Watched it last year, exact month would be February. The reason would be a friend's recommendation 5 years ago from now on and finding the AMV really intriguing.
3. Both equally for what they are, even if it sounds impossible and hilarious to some.
4. Shinji and Rei for their introversion, social awkwardness, submissiveness and so on.
5. There's just too much to pick one or two from. You really can't just finish finding and comprehending the moral lessons, understandings and implications of the whole thing imo.
12. Well, it depends. From my perspective, yes, it's obviously important and everyone should watch it cause there's just too much to understand and discover, about oneself and others. But from some other people's viewpoint that I know of, not really, cause they're just too infatuated with other trivial stuffs.
13 & 14. Yes, both of them are positive characters, obviously. Everyone has their qualities and flaws, good and bad side, strength and weakness and they make no exception. That doesn't make their characters negative. They're both great, in their own way. And both of them are pretty strong and bold, gotta give them that.
15. Shinji's just, well...Shinji. There's lot we can say about him, but in the end he's truly a great guy. There's really no way I can conclude otherwise.
16. It's complicated. But whatever it is, it's for their own good I guess. Shin really concluded it perfectly.
17. Mostly Kaji and Ritsuko in some degrees. It's self explanatory for Kaji and for Ritsuko, she's really bold and diligent along with some other potential aspects and qualities of her that some fail to grasp, sadly.
18. There's....really none that I can say who falls in the typical antagonist or evil category like that of any other film or movie in every industry. My past self would've straight up written something like fuck Seele and Gendo or something, but after a while even I started to get what they had in mind and how they felt. Part of me still dislikes them for some of the acts and deeds of them and another concedes and empathizes with them unironically. It really is a great internal conflict. Don't know what this says of me.
19. I..don't quite think it's a suicide. It's more of an self sacrifice, to protect the ones who she cared for. That said, I don't really know what to say of it. It was tragic and there was not other options, not that I can see more.
20. Mankind's capability and resilience? Typical war between two parties for power and dominion? I know there's a lot of more deeper things that the battle between Evas and Angels represent, but these are what I could think of on top of my head. Obviously someone else can explain it elaborately and more meaningfully.
21. First- creation of (Lilin) life , second- apocalyptic flood, third- Ragnarok
22. Rei's "death"(both in series and rebuild), Fuyutsuki's flashback of Yui and her sacrifice(some will argue) too, Shinji's helplessness while Toji/Asuka(rebuild) getting almost butchered, Asuka's loneliness and the whole flashback segment of her memory of Kyoko and her childhood and so on.
23. Shinji getting along with Toji and Kensuke and him finding happiness and what he wants in the end, Asuka finally learning what it means to pilot the Eva along with Kyoko and successfully butchering the MPs before everything goes astray, Rei's smile segment(both in series and rebuild), tour to the marine ecological containment facility, Rei's planning on the dinner party and the village segment in Shin.
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Re: Thesis about Eva

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Postby JoelcrNeto » Sun Oct 17, 2021 9:51 am

Thread moved into “Evangelion General and Chit-Chat” subfora. A shadow topic has been left in place for guidance.

That other sub-forum is strictly dedicated to our EvaWiki, and like Berserker said, it really wouldn’t have much visibility there.
There are also some threads on this board that might help you out with your thesis.
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