Renting a movie theater to watch End of Evangelion

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Renting a movie theater to watch End of Evangelion

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Postby SEELE-01 » Thu Apr 08, 2021 12:30 pm

As you heard. Pandemic has hit hard.
In my city there is this little independent cinema that used to play art movies and in general, hipster-y films. There is a philosophy university in the city so that helped it stay afloat.
And then COVID started. They can't open the cinema for a year and now that you can, nobody wants to go.

They have just two rooms, one of 100 and one of 50 seats and since they can't even fill them up, they are offering a great opportunity: for a mere $500 MXN (25USD) per movie, they will let you put anything you want as long as no more than 15 people enter the room.
I didn't think much about it until BAM, it hit me!

So now me and a couple friends are planning on renting the room to play Death and End of Evangelion back-to-back :emogendo:
The cinema even opens the candy shop (thats where the real money is in cinemas anyways) for you and your friends...
If everything goes as planned, I may end up watching 3rd Impact on the big screen :w00t:

Then the real fun began: someone suggested renting it once every two weeks or so to watch classic anime films. So far we are fantasizing on Akira, Sailor Moon R, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Ghost in the Shell, basically the entire Ghibli catalog, Advent Children, Madoka Magica and whatever else we can think of as long a we can. I'm sure once they can operate normally again they'll suspend the renting, but until then :shifty:
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