Who created "Cruel Angel's Thesis"?

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Who created "Cruel Angel's Thesis"?

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Postby Berserkelion » Sun Aug 02, 2020 11:39 am

Who created the opening? I have sifted through various sources, including "Evangelion Chronicle" and the various credits in the official booklets. But the only names behind "A Cruel Angel's Thesis" mentioned are four:
Takahashi (vocals)
Neko Oikawa (lyrics)
Omori and Hidetoshi Sato for the arrangement

The "Refrain" booklet states that Toshimichi Otsuki (King Records) also worked on the arrangement, although he's not mentioned in the credits. Now, I'm asking this to someone who maybe knows Japanese: does any other source mention the musicians behind the opening? The keyboard player, or who worked on the percussions. Anyone. Not considering the animators, Honda and Hasegawa. I'm talking about the song, not the video.
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