examples of Shinji being Nice to Rei (or others)

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examples of Shinji being Nice to Rei (or others)

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Postby orcot » Thu Jul 23, 2020 2:23 pm

What are some examples of Shinji being nice to Rei (or others), that do not involve life saving situations or being a creep.

Whilst it can be said that Shinji is right to Rei, most conversation Shinji has with Rei seem to involve Shinji's feelings. One could argue that what Shinji felt for Rei during his first Eva sorty was pitty, likewise helping Rei out afther the fight with ramiel where extreme life threatening circumstances. The manga event where Rei burns her hand shows that same empathy under less extreme conditions and might count.

But I'm looking more for events of Asuka inviting Rei to the party and when Rei refuses to attend, she let Rei pick the restaurant eventough Asuka had big plans (in episode 12, 7 minutes in Asuka invites Rei to Misato's promotion party eventough kensuke and toji organized it and offcourse at 14:10 Asuka's big gourmet plans and again inviting Rei and offcourse 21:10 the end at the ramen stand Rei likes).

I'm looking for him being yust friendly without alterior motives. It's weird to have a better example of Asuka doing this then Shinji. Shinji breaking into Rei's appartment and starts cleaning is yust weird. Shinji saying that Rei looks like a mother likewise is weird especialy with his father/mother complex.

Meanwhile Rei had been ad Shinji's hospital bed most of the times he got injured. Also when Shinji got beaten she basicly stopped the fight by telling that their was a angel invasion. Shinji had a cellphone of his own and EVA-00 was out of service why they would first contact Rei is beyond me, MIB should allready be looking for him as these things are urgent and I doubt Rei's assignment was to get Shinji to Eva-01 yust to be present as a back up pilot. Also in the Manga before Rei get's burned she invites Shinji for tea eventough she clearly would like to be asleep at the time.

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