[Fic] Neon Genesis Evangelion: Little Angel

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[Fic] Neon Genesis Evangelion: Little Angel

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Postby CoolJosh2002 » Thu Jun 25, 2020 3:45 am

Hi all, I'm a new user here at EvaGeeks but have lurked around here accountless for a while.

I am writing an Eva fic and decided to post it here because I feel it would get some attention here as well as on FF.net.

So, what is my story? Well, does anyone remember an old Spacebattles forum called Little Angel on My Shoulder? For anyone who doesn't, basically it was a massive, not very well connected group of various people writing stories about how the Angels survived as Shoulder Angels after they died, with each Angel having distinct personalities that developed over the forums run. Well I decided to take the idea in an attempt to make a complete AU coherent story starting from Episode 1 and going all the way through to EoE. It starts out rather like the anime we all know and love, but as the story continues, we see some changes, mainly by the Angels being around after they "die", and how some things and interactions between characters change.

At this point, 19 Chapters are already up, with a small preview for Chapter 20 up on FF.net.

So there we go. Note that many elements from Rebuild and the Manga are going to appear in this story, so don't let the fact that changes may not be too many just yet, they'll get bigger, I promise. Bear with me as earlier chapters aren't as long or fleshed out as later ones. I'll probably go back and rewrite some earlier chapters once the Story finishes.

Also, note on Shippings, Shinji/Asuka, that's what I'm going for here. Shinji/Rei is sibling like, just to note for anyone who has shipping preferences.

I will update the forum with Chapter updates as I continue, Chapter 20 should be complete in a couple days time, just give me a little bit to get it done and write new stuff around adapted Episode stuff.


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