Re-Take Fan Animation Project

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Re-Take Fan Animation Project

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Postby FelipeFritschF » Tue Mar 31, 2020 4:21 pm

This a fan animated adaptation of Doujin of the same name by Studio Kimigabuchi. It is a 4-part miniseries and an unofficial sequel to The End of Evangelion from the original anime franchise.

Over course of last year I wrote and drew all 4 scripts and 4 storyboards and am ready to start casting voices.

The basic synopsis is that Shinji awakens just at the end of episode 16, as if everything after that was just a dream. With his knowledge of the future, Shinji sets out to avert everyone's fate, especially Asuka's. However, he is haunted by visions of Asuka from the canon series.

I'm looking for voice actors/actresses who can give a performance with a wide range of emotion and sound similar to the original cast of the English dub (Specifically Spike Spencer and Tiffany Grant), not the Netflix release. This project is non-profit so there will be no salary

This project will be traditionally animated, each episode is around 22 minutes. Selected users will recieve a private message containing a link to a file containing the scripts and storyboards, as well as instructions on organizing the files.

You can check out the animation test and the voice actor auditions below. I think their Asuka sounds perfect. They're still looking for a VA for Ritsuko after the last one went AWOL, and an audio engineer for sound effects. Most fan projects like this tend to not get finished but there already is a surprising amount of work done. You can also see from the author's channel that already has plenty of other finished projects. I can only imagine this is a very ambitious fan project so please share it elsewhere and provide some feedback on the video. (how do I embed videos again?) ... -animation

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Re: Re-Take Fan Animation Project

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Postby Ambiant23 » Sun May 03, 2020 6:08 pm

It looks great

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