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Re: Apostles?

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Postby LPeyrani » Sat Feb 15, 2020 6:31 pm

View Original Postshinryujimikihiko wrote:A pity for Mr. Cannarsi. Things like this are inevitable though when someone is as obsessed with literal translation as Anno seems to be.

I recently went through a rewatch of the series, and I used the Cannarsi version. This time I wasn't looking for errors, but just trying to enjoy the show. It turned out to be impossible. I have to change my first impression and be more severe. If you don't know Evangelion by heart already, this Italian version is simply incomprehensible, besides being unlistenable and ugly. One could have kept as close to the Japanese as he did without a load of unnecessary mistakes and absurdities. I was too kind on my first round, probably as a paradox reaction to the "EvaFlixGate".

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